Derek and Danielle

Chapter Thirty-Six

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At the kitchen table, Derek watched as Danielle pulled the reheated pizza slices out of the microwave above the stove and sauntered over to the table; she wasn't wearing her bra, so her breasts moved more in ways he liked. She had already gotten drinks for the two of them while the microwave worked.

She put her plate at her spot, then purposely leaned over in front of him as she put his plate in front of him, giving him a nice view down her T-shirt. He grinned and reached up, pulling her head towards him for a kiss.

When she withdrew, she smirked at him. "See anything you like, sexy?"

"Two things, sister-girlfriend," joked Derek.

Danielle laughed, stood up and posed seductively, grabbing her breast and saying, "You want a piece of this bod, do you?" She was wearing her volleyball shorts, the kind which showed off her butt and legs. Derek wondered what kind of people were designing high school sports uniforms these days.

"You look like some kind of magazine ad, or something." Derek shook his head and chuckled.

Danielle grinned and sat down, slid her chair closer to the table, and hooked her leg with Derek's, rubbing her lower leg against his calf. "Well, it's not like there's a shortage of seductive poses to find in magazines and stuff," she pointed out as she ate her pizza slice.

Derek began eating as well, and the comfortable silence descended as they ate their lunch. When he finished his slice, he leaned back and sighed. "Why didn't they ever tell us sex uses up a lot of energy? Shit, I thought track took up enough of that! And hell, my legs. They ache, man." Derek rubbed the inside of his thigh. Sex made him realize he had muscles he didn't even know he had.

Danielle laughed. "Tell me about it! I'm gonna just tell all my friends at school I ran too much over the weekend. My legs kind of ache, too."

Danielle got a serious look on her face. "Look, about fighting earlier. I wanna say I'm sorry, again, okay? As soon as I slapped you I knew I'd crossed a line and I was all like, 'oh shit, I've just hit Derek!' That's why I was crying earlier; you were really pissed off after that. I saw it in your face." She put her hand on his leg.

Derek nodded, his expression somber. "Yeah, I get it. I just needed – wanted you out of my face so I could just get some space, you know?" He put his hand on hers and said, "I'm not mad, I promise."

"Thanks," said Danielle. She withdrew her hand slowly and set her palm on the table. "But you've got a point, Derek. I know I'm all 'I'm saving myself for my brother', but I can't do that forever or people'll start rumors. It's just – I am not gonna ever touch a guy, like, sexually, except you, okay?"

Derek frowned. "So…?"

Danielle licked her lips. "It's not easy. I don't really even like the idea – it's not gross, it just doesn't really excite me. But I'm gonna try and kind of make it with a girl."

Derek beckoned and moved his seat back. Danielle came up and sat down on his lap, and Derek held her, one arm around her lower back and the other on her leg. He looked Danielle in the eye and said, "I shouldn't have needled you about that. That wasn't fair of me. You don't have to do this, you know."

Danielle lightly kissed Derek and said, "No, I need to do this. You know what Mom said? I can deal with being, like, a 'lipstick lesbian' if it means people at least think I'll go out with someone. And that brings me to an idea and I hope you're okay with it."

Derek rubbed Danielle's back encouragingly. "Go ahead, Dani."

Danielle rubbed Derek's shoulders. She pensively looked him in the eye and said, "Okay. Do you remember when I said I thought Katie might want a three-way? Well, what if we invited Evan, Rick, and Katie over here? And I try to make it with Katie while you boys do whatever?"

Derek, flabbergasted, whistled. "When it comes to big ideas, you sure don't stop at just one." His hands shook as he tried to fathom the idea. "The only thing is, Katie doesn't know Evan's kind of fooled with Rick and me once."

Danielle let out a frustrated groan. "I don't want Evan's cock near me, and he'd have to be if he's gonna do it with her while I'm there. Maybe we can work something out, like he watches while we do it, and then he can do her after. We talked on the phone once, and she kind of hinted she liked me."

"There's only one problem, though." Derek held Danielle close as he looked at her. "How do we explain you and me being naked in the same room, even if it's with different people?"

"Yeah, that is kinda a problem. How 'bout I'll drag Evan and Katie off for his private little lezzie show and you and Rick can… y'know?" Danielle brushed her hand through Derek's hair.

"Why are you okay with me and Rick, you know, together in my room doing it and stuff?" asked Derek. "Not that I mind, but still. It can't be that easy for you."

Danielle sighed. "Honestly? If it had been before you and I did it, I think I'd have been upset about it. Now? Not so much. And haven't you wanted to get fucked by him?"

Derek flashed back to Rick seductively telling him how he'd love to have Derek ride his cock, and imagined himself being impaled on Rick's tool, feeling Rick's sperm inflate a condom as he came inside Derek.

"This soon, though?"

"Derek, try not to seem less enthusiastic than you really are. I can feel your hard-on against my leg, you know," Danielle said as she stuck her tongue out.

"Hey, don't stick that out unless you're gonna use it," joked Derek.

"Oh, believe me, I know, little brother. Who sucked your cock nice and clean this morning, hmm?" She raised her eyebrows expectantly.

"Mmf," grunted Derek. "Okay. We gotta play this carefully. Like, we need condoms and shit. And should we tell everybody or keep it kind of like, half-secret? I vote we just tell everyone 'cause it could go really bad otherwise."

"Me too. Why don't you call your friends and get it all set up? I'm going to get my bed stuff out finished up. I don't remember if I ever moved the sheets and cover out of the washing machine," Danielle replied.

"Okay. Geez, I'm gonna be a nervous wreck asking Rick and Evan for this," said Derek as he bit his lip. He kept his eyes on Danielle as she got off his lap. She smiled encouragingly and gripped his shoulder. "You can do this, okay? C'mon, you've gotta admit the variety will be kind of interesting."

"More for me than you, though," admitted Derek as he stood up slowly.

"Hey, don't worry about it. I'll just pretend it's you fingering me when Katie does it." Danielle shrugged.

"Maybe we should call this off. Isn't there, like, a story you've read where someone calls out the wrong name when they come?" Derek asked, worried about the possible consequences.

Danielle bit her lip, and seemed to mentally run through a list of possibilities. She thumped the table softly as she thought, her eyes cast down to the floor. Finally, she seemed to decide. "You know what? Let's just do this anyway. Who knows when we'll get the chance to have crazy sex again?"

Derek said, "Are you sure?"

Danielle nodded firmly. "I'm sure. You call Rick and Evan. I'll call Katie."

Upstairs, in his bedroom, Derek looked at his phone, his thumb hovering over the speed dial for Rick. Luckily, Rick's messages to him had been of the "stuck doing boring-ass homework" variety and not "why are you ignoring me?", so Derek could probably fudge a little about what he'd been up to and not get caught out.

Finally, he decided and pressed the buttons and then put his phone to his ear.

"Yo, Derek! What's up?" Rick's grin could be heard through the phone.

Derek said, falsely casually, "Not a whole lot. Listen, though. I have this idea and I want you to hear me out, okay?"

"Shoot," said Rick.

"One: The 'rents are out of town. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Shit, yeah! Do you wanna…?" asked Rick, his voice containing barely-held anticipation.

"I do. Look, you got condoms and shit?" asked Derek.

"I got a metric fuckton of 'em," laughed Rick. "My dad finally caved and just tossed me this bag from the store a couple days ago. He says, and I quote, 'Be safe, all right? And we will not discuss this further.' Well, in there is a box of Magnums and some K-Y."

Derek whistled. "How'd he know you might need the big ones?"

"I made him think it was, you know, teen male ego," Rick laughed. "I remember Dad just said, 'It's on you if they fall off'. I got him good and said, 'Who's talking about me?'"

Derek laughed. "You didn't! Now your dad probably thinks I'm some fourteen-year-old freak of fucking nature."

"Whatever. Anyway, yeah, I got the stuff. You said 'One', though. What's 'Two'?" Rick's end sounded like he was getting ready. Derek heard a drawer slam.

"Two: I think it's just me, but I think Evan and Katie want a three-way with a girl," said Derek, presenting Danielle's analysis as his own.

"You sure?" Rick paused, and then gasped. "No. Dude. Your sister didn't ask you to call him, did she?"

"Actually, she talked with Katie and she got that kinda vibe. It just kind of came up when I said I was gonna call you. Look, Rick, it'd be a favor to her if she didn't feel like I was kicking her out of the house while you and I go at it," implored Derek.

"Okay. It's kind of weird, I guess, but I can live with it. She wants Evan and Katie in her room?"

"Basically, yeah. They can work out the details, but why not? The 'rents are out and it's the only time we can be sure the field's clear," urged Derek.

"Okay, fuck it. I'm coming over now. We can get started and not worry about the other lovebirds," said Rick.

Derek grinned as he ended the call. Evan was up next.

"Okay. Let me get this straight. Your sister with the huge tits wants to make it with my girlfriend and all I have to do is watch?" Evan seemed to be all-too-eager.

Derek lamely said, "Um, she said she was gonna call Katie and set it up so I thought I'd, you know, give you the heads-up."

Evan blurted, "Cool! And your parents are out of town? Shit, I am over there like lightning. Lemme just get hold of Katie and meet her at your place."

Derek said warningly, "One thing, Evan. You put a hand, you so much as even breathe on my sister and she says no—"

Evan said in a hurt tone, "Derek, you think I'd do a thing like that?"

"Well, I'm just warning you, you know. As her brother," said Derek with an air of finality.

"I swear, okay? And I'll tell her, too."

"Don't forget it. Now call your girlfriend." Derek hit the END button without waiting for Evan to answer.

Danielle, who'd been hovering at the door, said, "Hey. I don't need you to defend me, but thanks anyway."

Derek looked up and stood up from his bed. "How'd it go with Katie?"

"She loves it! She's just thrilled with the idea of putting on a show for her boyfriend." Danielle smiled. "I told her I'd never been with a girl before and she's all, 'Oh, neither have I! We'll figure it out together.' She's a really great girl, you know. I can see why Evan likes her – she's just so 'get out there and go for it', y'know?"

Derek said, "Yeah. Listen, Evan seemed a little too happy about it. Can you live with him trying to get in a grope or two? I told him not to touch you, but he might still… y'know."

Danielle sighed. "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. He's kind of cute, but he is not putting anything inside me. Even if I have to let him cop a feel before he watches our peep show."

Derek reached for Danielle. "Thanks, you know. I really didn't feel like I wanted to ask you to leave just so Rick and I could… whatever, you know?"

"Why do you think I came up with the idea of a couple separate sex-a-thons?" Danielle said, smirking.

"Smart," conceded Derek.

The doorbell rang. Danielle rushed up and pecked Derek on the cheek. "Good luck, okay?" she blurted.

"Yeah, I will," said Derek pensively. He looked down at his clothes and decided his tight T-shirt and knee-length shorts would do the trick. He left his room with Danielle and said to her, "After I come up here with Rick, wait by the door for Evan and Katie. Listen, even if Rick and me, you know… if Evan touches you wrong, you can come get me."

Danielle nodded. "I will – but only if between me and Katie, we can't get him in line ourselves."

Derek grinned. "My spitfire-sister. You'll kick his ass."

She mock-growled with a raised fist as she retreated into her bedroom, and Derek ran downstairs to fetch Rick.

At the door, Rick grinned widely, a backpack slung over his shoulder and his coat already over his shoulder. He was clad in a long-sleeved shirt that clung to his body, showing his chest and shoulders. He had casual pants on, and Derek could just see the bulge Rick's penis made in his pants.

The two boys hugged, then Derek invited Rick inside. As Derek closed the door, Rick kicked off his shoes and put his coat in the small closet reserved for the purpose. He pointed upstairs questioningly. Derek grinned and grabbed Rick's hand, dragging his boyfriend upstairs.

Inside Derek's room, Rick dropped his backpack and kissed Derek hungrily; Derek matched him as he felt Rick's muscular embrace and ran his hands down Rick's well-muscled back, groping his firm butt. As they came up for air, Rick said, "You wanna just…?"

Derek shrugged. "Why not? Unless you really wanna make out first, but I think I'm pretty much ready."

Oddly, he was. Having had sex with Danielle the night before, he somehow felt more ready, even if this sex involved him as the receiving party. He would have another "first time" in a different sort of way. It also wasn't lost on him that it seemed that he and Rick, if they were down to fuck, would spend way less time on preliminaries than he and Danielle. Not, at the moment, that he was complaining.

Rick ran his hand down Derek's chest, trailing down Derek's stomach, and reached for Derek's cock, causing Derek to hiss in pleasure as Rick firmly groped it, stroking its length. Derek reached down as well, feeling Rick's erection already straining to get out of his pants.

Derek decided to not waste time, and tugged at Rick's shirt. Rick got the point, and stepped back. In one fluid motion, he had his shirt off, followed by Derek's T-shirt. Rick's pants joined his shirt in a heap, and he shortly after had Derek's off as well, along with his boxers.

Derek and Rick took turns sucking and licking each other along the neck before Derek took the plunge, and moved down Rick's well-muscled chest to suck and lick his nipple, immediately evoking pleased hums and moans as Derek reached down and plunged his hand inside Rick's underwear, stroking his engorged, meaty cock.

Rick said, "My turn," and Derek stood, luxuriating in the feelings he was getting as Rick licked and sucked his way down Derek's body, starting with his neck, and ending with Derek's erection. He engulfed Derek's hard-on in his mouth, causing a pleased groan from Derek as he ran his hands through Rick's hair.

It was obvious how excited Rick was, because he only sucked Derek's cock for about a minute before releasing it and standing up. "Sorry, man, but I just…" He yanked off his underwear in no time.

Derek nodded and got to his knees. He began fitting Rick's dick in his mouth, relaxing his jaw and being careful not to use teeth. He slid his tongue all over Rick's cockhead, prompting Rick to breath, "Yeah, that's right. Good, keep going that, man."

Slowly, slowly, Derek let Rick's penis invade his mouth until finally, he hit the halfway mark with Rick's dick bumping the back of his throat. Derek wanted more of it in his mouth, damn it. But it just would not physically fit!

He settled for bobbing his head back and forth, and using his hand to massage Rick's balls. Rick's hand almost unconsciously found its way to Derek's head, and he had a light grip as he began fucking Derek's face.

"C'mon, look at me."

Derek rolled his eyes up, looking at Rick, so high up—

And suddenly realized why it was so hot when Rick or Danielle looked up at him.

He was in control. He was pushing himself inside them, and they were acknowledging that role, accepting him into them almost subserviently.

And now he, Derek, was letting Rick fuck one of his orifices. Rick, seeming to realize this, held the back of Derek's head in a strong grip as he looked down and whispered, "Take it! You like me fucking your face, huh?"

Rick's penis thudded against the back of Derek's throat as he closed his eyes, letting the feeling of cock-in-mouth become his entire reality. All too soon, though, Rick slowed down, then released Derek's head as he pulled out, his dick shiny with Derek's spit.

Derek got up, his knees protesting. He swallowed nervously, then looked at Rick. "Dude. That was fucking hot."

Rick grinned. "C'mon, let's fuck!"

Derek got on his bed, having put down a towel earlier, and lay on it, his legs parted. Rick rummaged in his backpack for some condoms and lube. He also produced a couple of rubber things that looked too small to be real condoms, and he wiggled them in Derek's face before putting everything on Derek's beside table.

"Finger cots. My dad uses 'em to protect his fingers when he needs to fix the lawn mower or whatever and doesn't want to use bigass work gloves. I'm gonna use them so I can finger you," Rick announced.

Derek gulped and ran his hands along the bedsheets. Was this, he thought, what Danielle had felt when she was underneath him? When he had held her hands down, allowing him inside her with no way for her to easily stop him?

He marvelled at how much trust his sister had placed in him.

Rick was going to finger him first. That, he decided, he could handle, since Danielle had done it before and so had Rick. If he just focused on that…

Rick had finished lubricating a rubber-covered finger. He got on the bed, kneeling near Derek's ass. Rick pushed Derek's legs up in the air, exposing his butt more easily. "Keep 'em spread, Der," instructed Rick. Derek grabbed the inside of his knees to hold his legs in position as Rick's slick, wet finger began intruding into him. Unlike before, where there had been resistance, Rick's finger, already lubricated, slid in and out of Derek, preparing him for what was to come.

Would Rick's cock slide inside him that effortlessly? Or would it find so much resistance they wouldn't be able to do it? Derek had no idea, and the uncertainty made him worry and his erection flagged a bit.

Rick's middle finger joined his first, opening Derek some more. He gulped as the larger intrusion made his sphincter want to contract more.

Rick said, "How're you doing?"

"Pretty good. It was just weird, at first, 'cause you had lube and all."

"Cool. I'm gonna try something, okay? You know your prostate and all that?" asked Rick.

Derek nodded. "Kind of."

"I'm gonna try and find it. Tell me when you feel like you suddenly want to take a dump or if you get a supercharged hard-on."

Rick rotated his fingers, and began stroking them along the front of his insides in a kind of 'come here' maneuver. Suddenly, they pressed against something inside him and he jerked slightly. "Press there a bit more."

Rick wiggled his fingers around that area and Derek had a hard time not gasping loudly as his hard-on strained for release. "Shit, oh, fuck! Rick, please!"

"I think you're ready now, huh?" Rick slowly let his fingers leave Derek's body, leaving him feeling strangely empty inside, his asshole feeling slick and wet. Rick pulled the finger cots off and tossed them in Derek's garbage can. He then put on a condom, the act of rolling it down on his erect cock seeming strangely erotic to Derek.

Rick pushed Derek's legs even further back and said, "Keep your ass up in the air for a sec."

Derek tried not to move as Rick quickly let a dollop of K-Y (which felt a bit cold) fall onto his opening. Rick re-capped the lube, tossed the tube onto the bedside table, then shifted and said, "Okay. Lower your butt a bit. Are you ready?"

He looked at Derek earnestly, his hand gently stroking Derek's thigh, his other hand holding his penis at the base. Derek decided he had to trust Rick not to hurt him, or he'd never get anywhere.

He nodded, once. "Do it, Rick."

Rick smiled, and pressed his cock against Derek's anus. The sudden feeling of near-flesh against flesh in such an intimate manner sent an almost-electric tingle up Derek's body. The slight pressure at his opening brought home to Derek that this was real. His stud of a friend was about to fuck him – own him, almost, in a way few others would or could in this world.

He nodded at Rick, who pushed harder, forcing Derek's opening wider, sliding in, causing the first slight tinges of pain to go through him. But oh my fucking god, Rick is inside me

Derek looked up at Rick's face. His eyes, half-lidded, looked down at himself entering Derek as he breathed slowly, but heavily. "I'm gonna push in more now, okay?"

Derek gulped and nodded.

Rick pushed in another inch, and now the sudden sharp pain made Derek yelp. Rick froze, his hands gripping Derek's thighs. "Derek?"

"Just… push more slowly, okay?" begged Derek.

"Okay. Sorry, man."

True to his word, Rick began making the gentlest of thrusts as his stiff pole slowly invaded Derek's insides more and more.

Derek could feel his asshole beginning to yield more, and he knew he was almost ready. He reached up and gripped Rick's arms. "I'm ready. Go in, all the way."

Rick licked his lips, shifted his knees astride Derek a bit, then steadily, relentlessly pushed the last few inches inside Derek.

Derek, for his part, felt himself getting filled up – pleasantly, wonderfully filled up as Rick finally buried himself fully inside him. He tried clenching down a bit on Rick's cock, and was rewarded with a pleased hum from Rick.

Rick took a deep breath. "Okay, I'm in. I'm gonna start fucking you now. All right?"

Derek nodded and bit his lip, anticipating what was to come. Rick hooked his arms under Derek's legs, keeping them separated and in the air, and reached for Derek's hands, locking fingers with him as he firmly pushed Derek's hands down against the mattress. Derek licked his lips and looked up at Rick, trying not to show his nervousness at the way his asshole felt so stretched and with his legs spread, the insides of his knees held by the crooks of Rick's elbows, he felt so vulnerable—

"Get ready, Derek. I've dreamed about fucking you like this," Rick rasped.

Rick pulled out almost to the edge, then slid himself back inside Derek, causing Derek to gasp as the amazing feelings started emanating from his asshole. Rick began pumping steadily in and out, and with every thrust, Derek was transported into a pleasurable sexual haze.

Rick leaned down, his face close to Derek's so they could begin kissing. Derek gripped Rick's hands as the waves of pleasure flooded his mind.

As Rick pulled back to get better leverage, Derek barely heard himself babble, "Fuck me – please, Rick, fuck me hard—"

"With pleasure," Rick purred as he began impaling Derek so hard with his magnificent cock that the bed began hitting the wall.

Derek, unable to coherently voice his thoughts, transported into a world he'd never been into before, could only stare blankly at Rick in awe as Rick's eyes squinted shut, pounding into Derek with all the force he could, each thrust punctuated with the smacking of flesh against flesh. And soon, the momentum began to build for Rick as his thrusts grew faster – more erratic – and finally, Rick's low moans escalated into repeated grunts as he stiffened, then released his load into Derek in short, sharp thrusts.

Even through the condom, Derek could feel the warmth at the tip of Rick's cock inside him. He barely noticed as Rick released his hands and finally, spent, collapsed on top of him in one last thrust, having wearily released Derek's legs as well.

Just as the previous time when he'd rubbed against Rick, Derek found himself holding Rick in his arms, luxuriating in the feeling of a man – well, not quite a man, but another male – on top of him, someone who'd been intimate with him in every way possible. He closed his eyes and buried his head in the crook of Rick's shoulder as he tried not to let his feelings overwhelm him.

Finally, however, Rick's hard-on softened to the point where he couldn't stay inside Derek, and Rick slowly disengaged from him to pull out with a wet smack.

Derek just lay there, panting as he stared up at the ceiling. Rick got off the bed, carefully peeling his condom off and then placing it in a small empty bag, and dropping the lot in the garbage can. He knelt next to Derek on the bed and ran his hand through Derek's hair. "Was it good for you, man?"

Derek grinned, laughing a little. "Shit. How about was it good for you? But yeah, my ass feels so thoroughly fucked."

Rick pushed himself up a bit and kissed Derek slowly and gently. He softly broke the kiss and said, "Thank you, Derek. You gave me something important today: You. Your trust. Your body. C'mere, sit up, okay?"

Derek reluctantly let Rick help sit him up on the bed so his ass was centered on the towel, and his legs dangled off the bed. Derek shifted as the uncomfortable throbbing coming from his asshole made itself felt.

Rick quickly knelt again, taking Derek's cock into his mouth. In the charged sexual atmosphere of the room, it didn't take long for him to shoot his load into Rick's warm mouth.

Utterly sated, Derek collapsed on the bed. "I don't wanna move," he declared.

Rick said, "So… uh, not up to fucking me later?"

Derek muttered, "Some other time. But if you want me to ride you later, I will."

Rick grinned at the thought. "C'mon, let's shower while your sis is occupied."

Pro forma, Derek said, "Try and avoid mentioning Danielle and sex in the same sentence, huh?"

Even so, as the boys went into the hallway, Derek trying not to let the lube drip out of him, they heard some rather loud female groans and an excited Evan saying, "Keep sixty-nining all night long and I'll bust three nuts just sitting here!"

Rick thumped his hand against Derek's chest, grinning. Derek, bemused at Evan's obvious voyeuristic tendencies, followed Rick into the bathroom.

Derek got in the shower, and he complained, "My butt feels kind of wet and sticky now."

"Get the shower on. We'll get you cleaned up, okay? I'm sorry. I should've thought—" Derek cut Rick off with a kiss.

Derek said, "Relax! Look, we had a good time, that's what counts, right? And come on, tell me you did not enjoy fucking my ass."

Rick bit his lip as he wiggled his eyebrows. "You should've felt it, man. God, you were so tight. It was like fucking the warmest thing, ever. Like, a fleshlight times infinity!"

Derek laughed as he turned the shower taps on and then turned back around. "Oh, so I'm a sex toy, huh?"

Rick rolled his eyes. "C'mon, I didn't mean it like that."

"Dude!" Derek put his hand on Rick's chest. "I'm just busting your balls, okay? I know having sex with me is more than just jacking yourself off with that thing because you're horny and you want to dump your load in something. This is different – way different! So let's cut the crap and soap me up already."

Rick, bar of soap in his hand, advanced on Derek as he said, "I like the way you think."

Rick got Derek very clean, in particular helping to clean his butt. At that point, Rick suggested, "Next time I fuck you, try clamping down on my dick a bit. That should help."

Derek nodded as Rick continued cleaning him, after which he reciprocated with Rick. They finished with a final quick rinse, and Derek shut the shower off and exited with Rick; the two boys began toweling off, Derek taking a moment to marvel that Rick's cock had been inside him earlier. As he wrapped the towel around himself, securing it at the waist, he waited until Rick did the same, then came up and hugged Rick, feeling the warmth from Rick's body. He drew back slightly and said, "Rick? Thanks. You're special to me, you know? You're the only one who's ever been inside me, and the only one who will be inside me. I don't know how to say it, but there's a connection between us nobody else has."

Except Danielle, temporized Derek. But it was true that Rick was the only person he would ever let fuck him. He wouldn't spread his legs even for Evan unless they sat down and talked for a long time and even then, he wasn't sure he'd agree to it.

Rick blushed and held Derek's hips. "Derek, I should be thanking you. You … Derek, you spread your legs for me. You let me inside you. That's just… I know I asked if you wanted to fuck me, but the truth is, a part of me was hoping you'd say no." He looked away, somewhat ashamed. "You gave yourself to me, man. I can't help but admire you for that."

Derek grabbed Rick's shoulders and said, "Hey! C'mon. You just weren't ready. I'm not gonna make you, honestly. We can just have it like this. I swear, I'm okay with it."

Rick leaned in to kiss Derek, getting in a little tongue, before they broke apart at the knocking at the door. Rick bellowed, "Geez! What are you, a fucking SWAT team?"

Danielle's voice yelled, "No, but I am a girl who's done with Katie and now wants a shower because she made me come twice and she's now banging Evan for all he's worth on my goddamn bed."

Derek was torn between horrified fascination and bursting out laughing, only for Rick to solve the problem by laughing loudly as he bypassed Derek to open the door, presenting a bathrobe-clad Danielle who looked like a raincloud was over her head. She socked Rick on the shoulder and glared at Derek, who was trying not to giggle at Danielle's plain pronouncement.

Mockingly, she said, "Ha-ha, very funny. You guys haven't had someone practically give soccer commentary on your sex positions."

She shut the door in their faces, prompting helpless laughter from Rick and Derek as they high-fived. "Oh shit, Der, Evan's got an enemy for life now!"

Derek slung his arm around Rick's shoulder and led his boyfriend towards his bedroom, still giggling as he closed his door. Suddenly, some very loud grunts and groans could be heard down the hall, mixed with Katie's whimpering moans.

Rick sighed. "Cuddle with me?"

Derek said, "Sure. Get under the covers."

Derek arranged himself so his head was resting on Rick's chest. He laid his free right hand across Rick's stomach, and let Rick's heartbeat in his ear lull him to sleep.

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