Derek and Danielle

Chapter Thirty-Seven

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Derek didn't really sleep per se, as it turned out; he remained comfortably in a kind of half-asleep state, letting Rick's steady breathing and heartbeat lull him into a kind of limbo. Unfortunately, nature's call intervened and he reluctantly lifted himself off Rick's chest and sat up, preparing to get off the bed. Rick sleepily muttered, "S'wrong?"

Derek put his hand on Rick's chest and said, "Relax. I just gotta go to the bathroom, okay?"

Rick lightly grasped Derek's wrist and brought the back of Derek's hand to his lips, planting a light kiss on his hand, then his knuckles. "'Kay. Be quick, huh?"

Derek nodded as Rick released his wrist, and kept his towel around himself as he quickly made it to the bathroom, relieved to see that nobody was using it. The mirror was still a bit foggy from Danielle's shower, but he didn't know where she was.

However, all of Derek's attention was abruptly taken up with the necessaries of bodily functions, and he discovered a slight disadvantage to having just been penetrated anally. He quickly showered, cleaning himself for a second round with Rick.

Some minutes later, Derek slipped back inside his room, and was greeted with the sight of Rick seductively eyeing him as he slowly stroked his erection. All thought of discreetness went out the window as Derek let his towel drop, his by-now full hard-on swinging slightly as he approached the bed.

"Missed me already, did you?" teased Derek.

"You know it, buddy," replied Rick. "Come here, huh?"

Derek got on top of Rick and leaned in for a kiss, ensnaring his lover's lips as they rolled about on the bed, hands roaming everywhere. In between kisses, he breathed, "Whaddya wanna do?"

Rick halted as he rolled on top of Derek and put his hands on the bed near Derek's shoulders. "Sixty-nine?"

Derek grinned. "I like that number."

Rick wasted no time shifting around so his hard cock lightly smacked Derek's cheek, and lowered his mouth onto Derek's erection. The warm, wet, slick feeling of Rick's mouth transported him as he belatedly remembered to get Rick's dick in his mouth too.

Derek ran his hands up and down Rick's strong legs, then reached up to cup Rick's balls and hold his cock steady as he wrapped his lips around the head of Rick's cock, swirling his tongue around it as he tasted the beginnings of what promised to be a steady flow of precum. As he moved his head up, pushing his mouth further up Rick's cock, he felt the smooth texture and the firm muscle of Rick's penis as he thoroughly explored what he could with his tongue swirling about it, garnering appreciative hums from Rick, his mouth securely wrapped around Derek's as his head bobbed slowly up and down.

A slight pleasantly musky smell from Rick's body reached Derek's nose as he managed to get about half of Rick's erection in his mouth. His smell contrasted with Danielle's from the night before; where hers was a bit sharper, his wasn't quite as noticeable, and was mixed with the different taste of his skin. Derek soon forgot even this as he focused his attention on Rick's erection, licking and sucking as he bobbed his head up and down.

The ache in his neck, however, after a few minutes of this, prompted Derek to let his head fall back to the pillow, gasping, "We gotta change positions. My neck, Rick." Derek gently stroked Rick's erection, keeping it at full mast as he rubbed spit and precum all over the shaft.

Rick reluctantly let Derek's cock slide out of his mouth, running his hand along Derek's erection as well.

It was as they got off each other and looked to the side that Derek realized he hadn't closed the door, and he saw that a visibly aroused Katie was watching them, rubbing herself as she moaned softly. Evan had clearly just joined her, staring in amazement.

Rick had frozen, standing beside the bed, while Derek had just sat up. The boys looked at each other, and then at Katie as Derek stood next to Rick.

Derek could see Katie's bathrobe was open, and she was naked underneath. Unlike Danielle, she had a completely shaved bush, and her breasts, while smaller, had similarly-sized perky nipples and pink areolae.

Evan slipped behind Katie and began rubbing against her as he softly said, "Don't mind us, huh?"

Rick tore his eyes away from the obviously horny couple, and lay on the bed. He held his dick in his hand and said, "You wanna?"

Derek hurriedly grabbed another condom packet, and slowly unrolled it down Rick's shaft, feeling the other boy's penis pulse in his hand as he began preparing Rick. Derek let some spit dribble onto the head of the condom before he got on his knees, straddling Rick near his waist, holding Rick's cock upright as he prepared to ride Rick. Rick put his hand on Derek's leg. "Are you sure? We've got lots of lube, you know." Rick looked at Derek earnestly, his hazel eyes filled with concern. "I don't want you to get hurt, Derek."

Derek shook his head. "I'll be fine," he said, his voice filled with bravado as he shifted his grip behind him, and shifted his knees down a bit as he rose up. Uncertainly, hesitantly, he let his butt down – down a little more – and Rick's cockhead was just a bit below his opening. He adjusted – positioned himself – took a deep breath as the slick head teased him, made him want to take Rick into himself.

Rick was holding his hips. He bit his lip and whined, "Please."

Derek's answer was to push down on Rick's erection, breaching himself as he sank down, slowly down, the mostly unlubricated condom providing that delicious friction that hurt so good

Derek hadn't realized his eyes had fluttered shut until he felt Rick's hand stroking his cock slowly, and he realized he had actually bottomed out, his butt cheeks pressing against Rick's hips. Derek was now thanking random deities that he'd been loosened up by Rick previously, because if they'd done this the first time, Derek knew he'd never have been able to enjoy sex like this with Rick.

In conscious memory of what Danielle had done with him the other night, Derek reached down to his hips and grasped Rick's hands, locking fingers with the other boy and pressing his lover's hands down onto the bed. He began swiveling his hips, rocking up and down on Rick as he savored the feeling of Rick's member sliding in and out of him, pushing him to further heights of ecstasy as he slowly began speeding up the pace, feeling how the bed bouncing gave just that extra bit of momentum to let Rick push deeply into Derek on each stroke of Derek's body.

Sweat dripped off Derek's forehead as his body flexed in ways he wasn't used to, but it was so freaking good—the only thing he cared about was the wet smacking sound of Rick's and Derek's skin with each stroke of Rick's member, and the groans and moans that suffused the room.

The fact that some of those sounds were Katie's barely registered as Rick, his eyes squeezed shut, his jaw clenched as he pushed up against Derek, tightened his grip on Derek's hands and in a half-whine, half-moan, ground out, "I'm gonna—fuck, so close—"

Derek, his anticipation rising, let go of Rick's hands and steadied himself, bracing his hands on Rick's muscular chest as his lover grabbed his hips, his fingers digging in as he slammed his cock into Derek, almost jackhammering into him as Rick's thrusting crescendoed, culminating in a beautiful, guttural, "Ugh!" as Rick's cock spasmed, letting Rick release himself inside Derek.

Both boys, sated and breathing heavily, could do little but tiredly remain where they were as they became aware of the threesome taking place not four feet away.

Danielle was lying on the floor. Katie, her face buried in Danielle's vagina, was on all fours as Evan pounded into her, having flipped her bathrobe over her back. Danielle's eyes were squeezed shut as she rubbed up near her clit, her other hand holding Katie's head in a firm grip as the other girl ate her out.

Derek, enthralled, reached down and began stroking himself, rocking slightly on Rick's semi-hard cock. Rick's hand eased Derek's away as Rick, staring at Evan burying himself inside Katie, murmured, "That's kinda hot." He pushed himself into Derek, prompting Derek to squeeze his anal muscle around Rick's cock.

Rick's strokes soon brought Derek to the edge, prompting Derek to briefly stall Rick, slowing his strokes down. He leaned down. "I wanna come when Evan comes!"

Rick grinned and pulled Derek down for an intense kiss, only letting up when Evan's grunts became louder and more strident. Derek nodded down at Rick, whose warm hand on his cock rapidly woke it back up to full mast. Derek's breathing soon became fiercer and more ragged, and he just barely managed to hold himself back until Evan's first loud grunted, "Oh!" hit his ears.

Derek's jism blasted out of him a second later, his rapid-fire orgasm smearing Rick's chest and face with his warm juices as he tried not to fall off Rick as his orgasm raced through him, leaving him breathless and gasping harshly a few moments later.

Evan, for his part, had collapsed on top of Katie. Danielle was fingering herself along with Katie's assistance, and his sister's loud gasps portended her own crashing orgasm—

As though Derek's thoughts had been made manifest, Danielle began loudly moaning at that exact moment, her body spasming repeatedly as she gave in to the sexual energy of the room.

Not long after, five very sated teenagers slowly disengaged from each other and looked at each other, blushing at the small orgy they'd just been involved in.

Katie broke the silence first as she looked around and said, "I don't know about you guys, but that was kinda hot." She wrapped her bathrobe around herself, and brushed her hair back as she smiled tentatively.

Evan grinned and plopped a wet kiss on Katie's cheek. "Color me sold, Kate!"

Danielle couldn't quite meet Derek's eye as she wrapped her arms around herself. Derek, for his part, suddenly found looking at his sister to almost be actively dangerous, and looked at the floor, retreating to safety in his mind.

Rick, drying off Derek's cum with a towel, didn't notice, but Katie did. She reached out to the siblings and said, "Look, guys, get over it, huh? It's not like you two haven't seen your body parts before."

Danielle chuckled nervously. "Um, not quite like this, okay?"

Rick put his hand on Derek's shoulder. "Hey, relax, okay? If I can stand to be around Danielle when she's naked, so can you, right?"

Danielle and Derek burst out laughing, and simultaneously bopped Rick on the head. He ducked, and rushed behind Evan, yelping, "Save me from the wrath of the Collins!"

Derek tried being serious, but the sight of Rick's condom-covered penis flopping around as he dashed ruined the effect and he began laughing again, trying to stand upright. "Rick! You look ridiculous, man."

Evan turned his head and said to Rick (still behind him), "I think Derek's gotta point, man. You can't look serious with that condom hanging down, you know."

Katie moved to look behind Evan, and began giggling as she held onto Evan's arm.

Rick sheepishly moved back into the open, pulling the condom off of himself as he did so. He sighed and theatrically moaned, "Oh, how I am wounded by you all!" as he tossed his condom in the garbage.

Danielle stood up straight and said, "Look, we better clean up, okay? You three boys use Mom and Dad's shower – it's bigger than ours. Katie and I'll use the bathroom down the hall."

Evan whined, "Why? C'mon, I wanted to shower with Katie!"

"And leave me cooling my heels? I'm not fucking showering with Rick and my brother, thank you." Danielle scowled. "And you owe me one, anyway. I kept getting distracted with that sports commentary on my sexual abilities with girls."

Rick burst out laughing, pointing at Evan. A grin threatened to break out on Derek's face as he said, "Sis has a point, dude. We could hear you down the hall talking about busting three nuts."

Evan turned beet red and mumbled, "Okay, so I got a little excited."

Danielle said, "Then it's settled. C'mon, let's get cleaned up."

The boys trooped off to the larger shower stall, arranging themselves so Evan was between Derek and Rick. As the spray of water cascaded over them, Rick said, "Der, you do Evan's front; I'll do his back."

Before Evan could protest being soaped and shampooed, Derek was already lathering his hands, then passing the bar of soap to Rick as he put his hands on his friend's shoulders. "Rick and I, we've done this with each other, okay?"

Rick, soaping Evan's back, speedily convinced him as he hummed in pleasure. "Feels nice…"

Derek wasted no time soaping his friend's chest, a bit less well-defined than Rick's, but still more muscular than at the beginning of the school year when they'd first gotten to know each other intimately. Evan had pretty sensitive nipples, Derek found out. Remembering that Evan was ticklish on the sides, Derek tried to be careful as he ran his hands down Evan's torso, rubbing the soap suds across his slim stomach.

Derek could see Rick's hands trailing down past Evan's waist and he said, "Heads up, Ev."

Evan, a little startled, yelped as Rick began soaping his butt. He said, "Hey, don't go up my hole, okay?"

Derek, now in possession of the bar of soap and lathering his hands again in preparation, said, "Rick'll be good. Right, Rick?"

Rick, having knelt down, was running his hands up and down Evan's ass crack. He said, "'Course I'm good. You see the horns poking out of my head?"

Derek grinned. "Maybe not, but my ass got poked twice by one of yours down lower."

Rick jokingly gave Derek the finger and said, "I'd tell you to sit on this and rotate, but you might not even feel it now."

Derek just chuckled and knelt down as well. He looked up at Evan and said, "Okay if I do your dick?"

Evan nodded, prompting Derek to make short work of his friend's crotch, generously lathering Evan's balls, and running his fingers through the small patch of pubic hair beginning to make itself noticed on Evan's body. He felt Evan's cock stir a bit in his hand as he cleaned the shaft and cockhead, but didn't linger as he did Evan's legs, toned from his track practices. Truth be told, his legs felt similar to Rick's, as he noticed the fine, light hair on Evan's thighs and calves. His hands bumped into Rick's occasionally as the two boys did the front and back of Evan's legs.

Finally done, Derek stood up and stepped around Evan. Rick grabbed the shampoo and squirted some into his hand, quickly lathering Evan's hair. Derek jealously wondered what Evan's hair would feel like, but contented himself with doing Rick's hair as he stood behind his lover.

With the ease of practice at the subject, Rick and Derek soaped and shampooed each other quickly, and not long after, all three teens were cleaned up and ready to dry off as Derek shut the taps off.

Evan, a clean towel around him, said, "Hey, Derek, Rick. Um, I wasn't sure how to say it earlier, you know, in front of the girls. But, uh. Well, just—it was kind of hot, watching you guys fuck, y'know."

Rick, having just finished drying his hair, playfully snapped his towel at Evan and said, "You just wish you were riding this fat cock, dude." He grasped his cock and balls for emphasis and winked.

Evan snapped his towel back at Derek and said, "I'll pass, thanks. But, Derek, aren't you like, super-loose now or something?"

Derek was toweling his upper body off as he replied, "Yeah, a bit. Kinda hurts a little, too, but it's … like, it hurts good, you know? Like I want to take a dump but not quite."

Evan grunted and fell silent as he finished drying himself. Derek quickly checked the bathroom, making sure there'd be no evidence of what he'd been up to. He realized uneasily that if his parents decided he and Danielle were partying when they shouldn't be, it was a short step from that to finding out other things he wanted kept secret.

Finally, the three boys began reluctantly getting their clothes on, Rick's being in Derek's room and Evan's being partly in Danielle's and partly in Derek's (he had taken his underwear back off when he'd begun doing it with Katie in Derek's room). Derek, for his part, threw on some clean casual clothes: a T-shirt and jogging pants.

A clothed Danielle and Katie joined the boys, and the teens all trooped downstairs, and stood uncertainly in the foyer by the front door.

Evan was the first to break the silence as he said, "I guess we should get going, huh?"

Katie said, "Yeah. We're gonna go out and eat somewhere."

Danielle extended her arms and hugged Katie. She smiled uncertainly and said, "Thanks. You know, for… yeah."

Katie kissed Danielle's cheek. "It wasn't a problem. Honestly."

Rick and Derek briefly bumped fists and hugged Evan goodbye; Derek in particular was starting to feel a bit weird, and from the way Rick was shifting next to him, he knew Rick was probably going to have a few second thoughts, too.

Evan and Katie disappeared shortly after, leaving Rick, Danielle and Derek to look at each other. Rick quietly said, "Danielle? Did you… y'know, watch us?"

Danielle turned pink and muttered, "Not exactly. I mean, I was getting some water downstairs and then heard some noises. I came back up to find out everybody'd moved to your room. At first I was embarrassed seeing you guys, but Katie distracted me."

Rick chuckled. "I'll say." His expression turned serious as he said, "Anyway, look, um… it was fun? But a little weird, too? Seeing girls watch me and Der, I mean."

"But it wasn't a problem with Evan?" inquired Danielle as she tilted her head a bit.

"No. I dunno why, I guess 'cause he's a guy and all," replied Rick. He took a breath and said, "Look, I gotta go. I want to, y'know, clear my head a little."

Derek suddenly had the uncomfortable feeling of being squeezed between two rocks. He quickly leaned in and kissed Rick, saying, "Call you later?"

Rick smiled and ran his hand through Derek's hair before bringing him in for a hug. "Sure. See you, okay?"

"Okay." Derek forced a smile, then as soon as the front door slammed shut, he breathed an immense sigh of relief.

"Jesus Christ, Danielle! I was just waiting for one of them to ask if you and I wanted to fuck, or something just as embarrassing," Derek said as he came up to Danielle.

She reached out for him, hugging him tightly to herself as she nuzzled his neck, seeming to comfort herself from contact with her brother. Derek found himself relaxing as well, smelling her familiar scent as he buried his nose in her hair, which she hadn't bothered to tie back. Derek rubbed her back, feeling the tension even through her casual T-shirt. She was wearing some comfortable yoga pants.

Danielle said into his ear, "Yeah. Thank God they didn't make too much noise about it."

She slowly withdrew from their hug and looked at Derek, her brown eyes mirroring her apologetic expression. "Listen, I lied a little to Rick. I actually wanted to watch you guys. I know it's not what I said before, about giving you guys a clear field, but… well, I ended up in your room and the rest of it you can kind of figure out."

Derek nodded upstairs. "I'm not mad. Let's cuddle, okay? And do you want to tell me about you and Katie?"

Danielle smiled softly. "I'd like that. My room?"

"Okay." Derek and Danielle, hand in hand, walked up the stairs, each thinking about the strange, wonderful weekend they'd experienced.

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