Derek and Danielle

Chapter Thirty-Eight

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Danielle's Diary

(The first page is written in strong, vertical printing)

This is the property of Danielle Esther Collins.


This means you!

(Danielle's clear, loopy handwriting begins)

So, this is my new, fresh diary. My old one sucked. It was practically falling apart. Mom gave me this one, a nice one with a hardbacked rainbow cover, for my birthday.

So let me tell you, dear diary, about what you're here for. You hold every secret of mine. This makes you kind of important, I guess, since I can't exactly go telling Mom I think Kyle, the boy in my class, is kind of cute. She'd probably start setting me up on a date when I don't even know what you'd do on a date.


Hey, I hear Derek playing on the PS2. Gonna go join him.

(some pages later)

Derek's bed was creaking again today.

It's just been a week, but now every afternoon before Mom & Dad come home, when he gets back from school he's in his room, the door closed, his bed creaking. Then about five or ten minutes later, it stops.

I know because I can hear it when I walk past, and something funny's going on because I got home just before he did one time, and when he thundered upstairs like a herd of elephants and bumped into me, he blushed like I've never seen him do except when he gets caught doing something he shouldn't.

Then he rushed around me and went into his room and slammed the door.

What the hell is going on with him?

Boys are weird. Especially brothers.

(a page later)

Oh my god.

I think I know what he's doing!

I don't even wanna write it.

I feel all weird inside. Like I want to see more, but Christ, I'm his sister.

Seeing your brother naked when you're thirteen …

Okay, fine, I wrote it. Maybe I should tear this page out. Mom would kill me. Dad would probably be hugely embarrassed.

(the page is partly torn from the binding at the bottom; the writing resumes on the next page)

You know what? Screw it, I'll leave the page in.

I think he's masturbating in there when the bed creaks. 'Cause when I heard his bed stop creaking, I waited a few seconds and then stuck my head out the door and looked up and down the hallway, only to get the shock of my life as I saw him sneaking down the hallway, butt naked, to the bathroom.

I must have jerked back into my room so fast after that it's a miracle he didn't hear me!

It was weird, though, seeing him naked for the first time since I was about six – I mean, okay, just his butt, but still. I got this funny feeling in my stomach.

But it wasn't, like, gross.

I better not think about this anymore.

(the remainder of the page is left blank, as is the facing page)

I don't like feeling like this. It's been like two weeks since I saw you-know-what, and it just pops into my head at random moments.

Usually when I'm near him.

Like today. I was just eating dinner, like we do every night, and he's on my right at the dinner table. The table's a square that expands to a rectangle, but that's not super-important.

What is, is that I was just eating, and he accidentally bumped my knee with his when he reached for the salt. He looked at me, and mumbled, "sorry" – just casually and all. But just that touch. Oh, god, I started wondering what he'd look like from the front.

I ignored Derek for the rest of dinner and he made some nasty joke about PMSing when I wouldn't look at him after he asked for the ketchup. At least Mom made him clean the table by himself for that.

But I can't stop wondering. About… touching him.

Fuck. My hands are shaking just from writing this.

Danielle's Story

Danielle lay on top of Derek after the two went upstairs and got comfortable in her room; both were on her bed, getting comfortable. Derek leaned his head up to kiss his sister, and said, "So what's the story about you and Katie?"

Danielle ran her hand through Derek's hair and leaned her head in for another kiss. When that ended, she said, "Well, you know Katie and I went into my room, and of course Evan was there too."

As she told the story, Derek could almost imagine himself watching a movie of them in his mind's eye.

Katie stood in front of Danielle, Evan seated in the corner off to one side. The black-haired girl, who was probably a couple inches shorter than Danielle, shifted uncertainly as she fiddled with the collar of her T-shirt and bit her lip, looking away. Danielle, staring back, noticed she had dark brown eyes.

Finally, when Katie didn't move to close the gap between them, Danielle slowly stepped forward and said, "Katie?"

Katie looked up. She hesitantly stepped forwards, so that there was barely a few inches separating the girls. She reached out, her hand hesitating for a moment before she gently clasped Danielle's upper arm. She softly said, "Can I touch you?"

Danielle nodded, her mouth going dry as she tried not to hear Evan's slight moan as he quietly unzipped his pants. Focus just on her. On Katie.

Katie's right hand hovered over Danielle's left breast; Danielle nodded slightly, and she felt the lightest of touches, Katie's fingers and thumb gently groping and kneading. Her fingers were skinnier than Derek's, and her grip felt less powerful and certain. Danielle closed her eyes and muttered, "Stronger. Rub more. And you can use your other hand."

Katie's palms rubbed Danielle's nipples as she groped Danielle's breasts more firmly. Danielle, trying to imagine it was Derek doing this to her, bit her lip as she imagined her brother pulling her shirt off, burying his head between her mounds as he would lick and suck at that part of the female body guys seemed just fascinated by.

Katie's left hand dropped away, prompting Danielle to open her eyes. Katie reached for Danielle's hand and tugged gently at it. She smiled warmly. "C'mon. You can touch me, too."

Danielle uncertainly lifted her right hand, then let it hover in between them as she wondered what it would feel like. Would Katie's breast be round and firm like hers, or would it feel different? Softer, more yielding? Katie smiled and tugged Danielle's hand again, pressing it gently against herself.

Katie's breasts were obviously smaller than Danielle's. But she had firm, prominent nipples Danielle could feel even through her bra. As she brushed her thumb over Katie's nipple, she elicited a pleased hum as the other girl moved in closer, their breasts now in contact, squeezing their hands between them.

As though drawn by a cord, Danielle leaned forward, her hands dropping to Katie's waist as she did so. Katie's mouth met hers as they kissed. Evan's slight whoop hit her hears, but she focused on her mouth touching Katie's.

It wasn't unpleasant, but it didn't excite her as much as with Derek. With Derek, her nerves jangled; her nipples got so hard; her body wanted his in all the ways possible. Here, it was just… nice.

A slight rhythmic slapping in the background told Danielle Evan was masturbating to the show. She half-heartedly gave him the finger, prompting a laugh. He sounded a bit like Derek, actually, when he laughed.

Katie's hands drifted under Danielle's shirt, the contact of skin against skin startling her into breaking the kiss. Katie stepped back, saying, "Sorry! I didn't mean to."

Danielle shook her head. "It's okay. C'mere again."

Before long, the girls were shirtless and braless. Evan, staring in awe at Danielle's breasts, said in a small voice, "Can I? Please? Just once?"

Danielle looked at Katie, who shrugged. Danielle guessed she'd better let Evan get it out of his system or he'd be intolerable while she was "with" Katie. She straddled Evan's knees and said, "Just this once. After that, hands to yourself or I'll break your fingers."

Evan just snorted at that last, and Danielle added, "Or I'll get Derek to break your fingers."

That got Evan's attention, and he nodded.

Derek's hand, which had been lazily wandering up and down Danielle's back while she propped her chin on her hands, which were on his chest, stopped.

Danielle said softly, "Are you jealous?"

Derek mumbled, "A little. I shouldn't be, I mean, it's not like you and I can ever be… y'know, official."

"Well, the less said about Evan's fumbling, the better. I thought he was going to blow his load right there after five seconds of groping me. I finally told him to stop so I could get back with Katie, and he wasn't that happy about it, but he did back off when I told him to stop. So there's a point in his favor."

"Not much," remarked Derek sourly.

Danielle chuckled and kissed him on the nose. "It's kind of sweet that you're all like 'rawr, stay away'. I kind of envy the other girls I know who have boyfriends when their guys get all protective and shit. Even if I also tell you they're a waste of your time to actually go punch out, like with that guy Randy."

"Any time, Dani."

"Anyway, moving on…"

Fairly soon, Katie and Danielle were totally naked, and Danielle noticed with some interest that Katie had shaved "down there". In turn, Katie was interested that she had trimmed, not totally shaven.

As Katie ran her hand through Danielle's public hair, she said, "Feels kind of nice, you know. But Ev likes it totally shaved, 'cause he says the hairs tickle his nose."

Danielle giggled, only to suddenly choke into silence as Katie slid her hand between her legs. Slowly, gently, Katie probed her insides, Danielle's body welcoming the gentle intrusion.

Danielle tried reciprocating, but Katie gently kissed her and said, "This is for you, okay? Just go with it."

She tried ignoring Evan's remarks as she "went with it", standing in the middle of her room, holding Katie as the other girl expertly pushed, and probed, and stroked, bringing Danielle to the first-ever orgasm not brought on by herself or Derek.

As she came, she gripped Katie's shoulders as she gasped, the overlapping waves of pleasure rushing through her body, leaving her pleasantly drained of energy. She was dimly aware that her body had a slight sheen of sweat thanks to Katie's handiwork.

Evan, apparently finally having had enough of stroking himself and watching the party, began making out with Katie as Danielle sank onto her bed, letting her breath slow down and get under control. She lay back, letting her legs hang off the edge of the bed. She noticed Evan's cock was a bit smaller than Derek's, but still pretty respectable.

After a few moments, Katie pulled back from Evan, and whispered into his ear, garnering a huge grin from him. She then bent over, pushing Danielle's legs apart, then bracing herself with her hands on the bed, placed on either side of Danielle's hips. Danielle gasped in shock as Katie's tongue began probing at her insides. Evan got to his knees and began eating out Katie, causing the room to be filled with heated moans and the wet smacks of busy mouths and tongues.

It wasn't long before a gasping, writhing Danielle came again, holding Katie's head against herself, her hand fisted in the other girl's hair as she rode out her orgasm.

As she finally came back to herself, she slowly released Katie's hair, and sat up, apologizing. Katie grinned and gently squeezed Danielle's thigh, signalling it was okay.

Danielle, however, had had enough and felt like she needed to get clean and have a break. She muttered, "You guys keep going. I gotta have a shower."

"That's pretty much that," said Danielle with an air of finality. "After I showered, I went downstairs to have some water and just chill for a bit. I guess I did a lot of thinking, too."

"About what?" asked Derek as he brushed Danielle's hair away from her eyes.

"Us, mainly. And Katie. It felt okay, I guess, but being 'on display' – I had to kind of remember to ignore what Evan was doing. But being with a girl isn't the worst thing. I guess if I had to do it I could date someone from school, just so people don't start giving you and me funny looks."

"Hmm." Derek grinned. "So, Danielle. For science, I guess we should compare, right?" His hand trailed down to her butt, gently groping and massaging as he wiggled his eyebrows.

"Oh, I think so too. I think I need to test out your fingering skills again, hmm?"

Derek slid his hand past her hip, in between them and began rubbing her between her legs.

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