Derek and Danielle

Chapter Thirty-Nine

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Danielle's Diary

I finally figured out what they meant when I heard a girl say "schlick" at the school the other day, 'cause she said you use your fingers.

So I tried it.

Oh. My. Fucking. God!

No wonder Derek does this kind of thing even if he should know better. It was like rockets went off in my head and this wave of warmth just flooded me.

I will not admit to panicking slightly after. No. I did not.

Even if I may have rushed to the bathroom right after to shower.

And then smelled my bed to make sure I didn't leave some kind of horrible mess.

(a few pages later)

I'm a fucking freak.

No, seriously. I am.

It's been, like, a month since I figured out what "getting myself off" was.

And when I do that thing, I try thinking of boys. Kissing them, and… well, I've heard a few things and some movies don't exactly hide the details much about the "and more" part.

Like that cute guy Kyle… only…

I don't want to write it. It'll become real if I write it.

I feel so freaking gross.

(the ink color has changed)

It's been bugging me since last night. I'm writing this at six thirty in the fucking morning because I couldn't sleep. I kept imagining him. Kissing, touching…

And I come so fucking hard when he pops into my head when I masturbate.

I want to kiss my brother.

I want to touch my brother.

My brother turns me on.

Oh Christ, I want Derek Aaron Collins.

(the bottom half of the page is torn out, and a wet spot is at the end of the line containing Danielle's confession of sexual interest in her brother. The entries resume on the next full page.)

I did not just sniffle like a baby and write a love note and then tear it out of this book.

I totally did not.

Look at me. I'm trying to lie to myself in my freaking diary.

Maybe if I'm just not around Derek as much it'll help. He doesn't even seem to mind that I don't join him for games as much anymore, now that he's hanging with his friends more often.

Maybe this thing I have will go away.

It hadn't been long before Derek's fingering had progressed to other things, and the siblings had rapidly gotten naked, determined to fuck each other's brains out.

Derek was pounding into Danielle, his hands gripping her hips as she let out harsh grunts with each thrust. However, his legs ached, and he had to pause momentarily to shift his legs slightly. Danielle, breathing heavily, sweat dripping off her forehead, looked down at Derek.

Sweat ran down Derek's hair onto the pillow as he caught his breath, looking up at Danielle, who rocked back and forth on top of him, sliding herself up and down on his stiff erection.

Derek groped Danielle's breast, tugging gently at her nipple before he pushed up with his hips, signaling that he was ready to keep going. Danielle barked, "Fuck me! Hard! C'mon!"

Derek's response was to snap his hips upward, prompting Danielle's jaw to drop in awe as he filled her insides. He wasted no time resuming his rhythm, clamping his hands on her hips firmly so she wouldn't fall over. Danielle put her hands on his chest to steady herself, and the two siblings abandoned themselves to the world of frantic sex, the only noises being the repeated slap of skin against skin, and grunts and moans as they each enjoyed each other's bodies.

After some time, Derek's horizons narrowed to the feelings from his cock as he felt the surge build up within him. He dug his fingers in, gripping Danielle's hips as he pumped hard and fast, barely noticing Danielle throwing her head back, gasping loudly as Derek's forceful pumping reverberated through her.

The first blast left Derek's cock almost before he knew it, and he let out his breath in a deep grunt as his hips drove his cock into Danielle's hot, wet opening, spilling his seed into her. Several pumps later, Derek's orgasm fizzled out, leaving him shivering in pleasure as he released Danielle's hips, letting his hands rest on her thighs.

Danielle almost purred in satisfaction as she leaned over to kiss Derek, her hair falling over to create a curtain around the siblings as they reveled in their forbidden act. As they gently broke their lip-lock, Danielle sighed in contentment. "Jus' wanna lay here for a bit."

She cuddled up on top of him, carefully stretching her legs behind her so Derek stayed inside her, letting him wrap his arms around her as he inhaled the scent from her hair, brother and sister resting on her bed after some very torrid sex.

Derek closed his eyes and murmured, "Wish we could do this all the time."

Danielle sighed, her chest heaving against his. "We'll find a way. I'm sure we can."

Derek felt the texture of her skin as he lightly massaged her back, rubbing gently in circles as she murmured "there", or "over a bit", working the kinks out of her strong back as her steady breathing evened out, her chin just touching his shoulder. Occasionally, Danielle would squeeze the walls of her vagina around him, helping keep his semi-hard cock inside her.

After some time – Derek had no idea how long they'd been in her bed – he said, "Danielle?"

She pushed herself up to look at him, brushing her hair over her ear as she pecked him on the forehead. "Yeah?"

Derek responded by pushing against her, his erection beginning to stiffen again. Danielle grinned in response and said, "Want another wild ride? Or do you wanna do something different?" Danielle was already swiveling her hips, tugging Derek's erection to full mast.

Derek responded by wrapping his arms around Danielle and flipping them over so he was on top. She gasped in pleasure, spreading her legs to allow him better access. He lifted himself up, his hands on the bed on either side of Danielle's shoulders, and began pumping in and out of her. "You want this, Danielle? My cock?"

"Fuck yes I do, Derek! Now shut up and fuck me," said Danielle through gritted teeth as she grabbed his shoulders.

Derek wasted no time pounding into his sister for all he was worth.

A sweaty and sticky Derek finally groaned, "Enough's enough, Dani. We've done it twice this afternoon and that's not even counting all the other times. And we need a shower. We stink."

Danielle, breathing heavily under Derek, reluctantly nodded as she sniffed the air. Derek pushed up on his knees and slowly pulled out from Danielle, trying not to let his fluids spill out from her as he withdrew, making a slight wet pop as his cockhead came out of her. His cum-covered organ began deflating as the relatively cooler air began wafting around him, and his legs protested as he got off the bed, letting his dick swing as he slowly walked to the door.

Danielle's groans followed, as she awkwardly got off the bed, her hand between her legs. With her free hand, she gestured. "Go! To the shower, c'mon."

Luckily the twins got to the shower before Danielle 'dripped', and they spent a considerable time cleaning each other thoroughly, partly orally in addition to the usual use of soap and water.

Sated and refreshed, the twins began the process of cleaning their bedrooms.

Derek, clad in shorts and a bathrobe, groaned as he looked at his cell phone. "Shit, three missed calls from Rick. He's gotta be wondering if I'm gonna dump him," he groused.

Danielle, who had just swept past with an armload of bedsheets, popped her head in and said, "What?"

Derek looked up. "It's just Rick. Look, are you okay with me talking to him for a bit? I don't wanna seem like I'm ignoring you."

"Go ahead. We've got all night and I'm hungry anyway. I'll get something started downstairs," Danielle replied as she left to get the laundry started.

Derek decided to leave his bedsheets in a large clump by his laundry hamper. He sat in the chair near his desk as he called Rick back.

Rick's voice seemed almost hesitant. "Derek?"

"Yeah, it's me. Look, um…" Derek wasn't sure what to say.

"Yeah, about today. And why I wanted to go instead of sticking around." Rick also seemed uncertain. "Uh, look, I kinda liked it, but…"

Derek frowned. He rested his elbow on his desk and shifted in the chair to get more comfortable, wrapping his bathrobe around himself. "But what? I mean, it wasn't bad, was it?"

"No! No, not that, man. It was seriously awesome, I swear, Derek." Rick took a deep breath. "It's just, can we not make it a public show next time? Having girls around – I was thinking back and it just felt weird."

"Hey, no prob, Rick. I promise, we'll just keep it between you and me next time, okay?" said Derek, a bit relieved that Rick wasn't going to make a big drama out of it.

Rick's voice got confidential. "Listen, I know you're bi and everything? And, uh, I couldn't help but notice the others."

"So?" Derek bit his lip; he wasn't sure what Rick was going to ask, and he wasn't sure he wanted to know.

Rick blurted, "If Danielle wasn't your sister, would you do her?"

Derek's brain locked up. He gulped, and tried to formulate an answer, but his brain didn't seem to want to slip out of neutral. He tried licking his lips, willing his brain-engine to provide him with some kind of smart-ass witty retort.

After what seemed like an eternity, Rick's distant voice said, "Der?"

Derek abruptly started laughing. He couldn't stop; the sheer bizarreness of being asked that question when he'd been secretly doing his sister was too much, and he tried gasping out an answer, only to choke off as more laughs escaped him.

Finally, Derek subsided, and Rick said, the perplexed tone clear even through the speaker, "I didn't think it was that funny. Look, I was out of line. Forget I asked, okay?"

"Okay, question forgotten," said a relieved Derek. If he'd had to say 'yes', would that get Rick wondering about them? If he'd said 'no', would Rick have gotten suspicious and wondered anyway? The Kafkaesque maze that opened before Derek at the thought of trying to navigate that minefield made his stomach churn uneasily.

Derek said reassuringly, "It's just – that's not the kinda question I usually get asked, you know."

"Yeah. Anyway, um, subject change," said Rick, clearly relieved to get back to safer topics. "You wanna… y'know, do it again soon?"

Derek, although having been distracted with Danielle, suddenly realized he felt empty inside. He clenched his butt cheeks, savoring the memory of Rick opening him up, pushing inside him, filling him…

"After school. Monday. I don't care where, okay?"

Rick chuckled. "You horn-dog. You sure you don't wanna come over tomorrow?"

Derek swore he heard Rick unzip his pants. He looked out the window, and to his surprise, realized it was totally dark out. It was Saturday night, and he only had maybe twenty-four, probably less, hours before his parents got back. And he and Danielle needed to do some talking…

"Believe me, I'd love to, but… Mom and Dad'll be back and I wanna make sure the place is totally cleaned up so they don't ground me," said Derek resignedly.

Rick didn't say anything, and Derek, suspicion mounting, said, "Are you jacking off over there?"

Rick moaned. "Fuck, man, I'm boned up so hard right now."

Entranced, Derek listened as Rick poured out what he wanted to do to Derek. "… wanna bend you over my bed and fuck you so hard you forget your own name when I come inside you…"

Rick went on in this vein, the slight slaps Derek could hear getting louder and louder, Rick's breathing getting heavier, crescendoing until he grunted, "Unh!" and let out several sharp, rasping gasps as he came.

Derek had to shift, adjusting his hard-on and wondering if Danielle would mind jerking him off. He said, "That was hot!"

Rick, clearly pleased, said, "Hell yeah. Oh man, I came all over my stomach. You shoulda seen this!"

Grinning, Derek said, "More of that on Monday, huh?"

"You know it. I'm gonna clean myself up now, okay?"

"Don't let me keep ya, sexy," Derek replied. The beep in his ear told him Rick had rung off, and he put his phone down on his desk and stood, massaging his hard-on through his underwear.

He went downstairs to look for Danielle, who was standing over the stove, her bathrobe tied at her waist. Her hair was done up in a ponytail, and she was stirring something in a pot. She looked, and then beamed when she saw Derek's erection curving his underwear as he tried hiding it with his bathrobe. "So, brother, is that a barge pole in your undies or are you happy to see me?"

"Wellllll… happy to see you, and just had Rick phone-sex me," admitted Derek as he carefully came up behind Danielle and put his hands on her hips. Even through Danielle's bathrobe, he could feel her firm butt cheeks against him as he rubbed himself up and down between them.

Danielle purred, "Really? We'll have to try that sometime."

Derek set his chin on her shoulder and loosely held her around the waist as he said, "Any chance of a more up-close-and-personal kind of sex?"

Danielle hesitated for a moment, then shifted the pot off the hot element, leaned over to shut off the stove, and said, "C'mere." She turned around and grinned wickedly, then pulled Derek out of the kitchen and into the ground-floor bathroom.

"Shut the door," she ordered.

As Derek did so, she pushed him against it, and reached into his underwear, prompting a groan of relief as she began stroking him. With her left hand, she yanked his underwear down so she could freely jack him off.

He was so keyed up, it wasn't long before he grunted, "Gonna come – need a towel…"

Instead of that, Danielle knelt down and quickly began bobbing her head up and down, sucking the end of Derek's cock. This sent him over the edge, gasping in relief as he unloaded in his sister's mouth.

Danielle swallowed, then quickly stood up. She smirked. "Better?"

"Much!" replied Derek.

"Good. C'mon, I need to feed us both, so let's get back out there."

Back in the kitchen, Derek, no longer on 'the edge', leaned against the counter as Danielle finished preparing the soup. He looked her up and down, thinking how lucky he was that such a beautiful girl liked him.

Danielle caught his eye and smiled. "What's on your mind?"

"Just you." Derek smiled lazily. "You know you're hot, right?"

Danielle laughed. "Only you and every other boy in school."

Derek leaned in. "I'm special, though, right?" He poked her shoulder.

Danielle playfully shoved Derek back. "You're my brother. 'Course you're special!" She intently stirred the soup as the first wisps of steam began to rise from the liquid. As she concentrated, she spoke again. "But seriously, it's because you're my brother that you… y'know, this whole thing even has happened between us."

Derek sighed and crossed his arms. "What about 'us'? I mean, can we even call this an 'us', really? Or are we just… I dunno, are we just being horny?"

Danielle frowned as she looked up at him. "What're you saying? That we're just using each other?" Her jaw quivered as she continued. "Using each other! Jesus, Derek, d'you think we're just dogs in heat or something?"

Derek sighed and let his arms drop. "I didn't mean it like that!"

"Yeah, well, if you'd stop to remember we have a lot in common, you'd realize there's more to you and me than just the fact that we can fuck whenever we want," groused Danielle as she reached over to turn the oven element off again now that the vegetable soup was boiling. "Get the bowls," she ordered curtly.

Wordlessly, Derek got two bowls and two spoons and set the table. Danielle poured out the soup for each of them and then let the pot cool on the stove, leaving the wooden spoon in the pot for the time being. She sat at the table in her usual spot, adjusted her ponytail, then put her hands in her lap, her jaw working before she set her shoulders, sighed, and looked up at Derek.

He tentatively extended his hand out, his palm up as he rested it on the table. Danielle clasped his hand, her hand warm and strong as she gripped it. He said softly, "We'll work it out, won't we?"

"We will. Look, I'm glad we're at least going out to dinner once in a while. Even if we can't do stupid schmoopy things like this." She dipped her spoon in her bowl, then carefully spooned up some soup and extended it towards Derek. Her eyes stayed on him as he moved his head closer to the spoon.

He grinned, opened wide, and managed to let Danielle feed him without dripping too much on the tablecloth. He decided to reciprocate, spooning up some of his soup and carefully holding it out so Danielle could capture it in her mouth. Entranced, Derek watched as her lips closed around the end of the spoon, carefully moving her head back as her eyes stayed locked with his, and only breaking the gaze after she daintily swallowed the soup.

Derek released Danielle's hand and brushed his thumb at the corner of Danielle's mouth, catching a little soup that she hadn't yet caught with her tongue. After he licked his thumb, he remembered she hadn't rinsed her mouth out, and said with great relish, "How d'you like the… extra flavor?"

Danielle laughed. "It made the soup taste a bit saltier, I admit." She shifted so their knees touched. "You mind, Derek?" She glanced meaningfully at their legs.

Derek shook his head. "C'mon, more soup, hmm?"

"Open wiiiiiide," said Danielle, who tried (mostly) to not giggle as she spooned up more soup for Derek. As silly as this whole exercise was, thought Derek, he didn't mind it at all.

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