Derek and Danielle

Chapter Four

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

As well, this work of fiction depicts sexual activities between teenagers, siblings and otherwise. As such it may be illegal to view this story where you live, and you should cease reading at this point if that is the case.

In Derek's bedroom, Rick was giving Derek a hand-job. Derek moaned as Rick's warm, expert hand tugged on his engorged penis. Rick's other hand moved down Derek's chest to gently rub his nipple, which only heightened the pleasure.

Then Rick grinned wickedly as he took his hand away from Derek's chest and brushed Derek's cockhead with his thumb, swiping off some of the precum and sending a jolt of pleasure through him. Rick then brought his thumb back up , and rubbed Derek's nipple with his slick thumb. That brought pants of pleasure as Derek gasped, "Oh man, do that. Keep it up!"

Suddenly his bedroom door opened, showing Danielle in her nightgown. Rick, oddly, didn't seem that startled and kept tugging at Derek's cock. Instead of being disgusted or appalled, his sister came closer, reaching out to gently grasp the back of his neck and pull him in for a kiss—

Derek suddenly awoke to a still-dark morning, as he felt a wetness flooding his boxer shorts. He shuddered as the last stages of his orgasm subsided, leaving him drained and surprised. He thought, it seemed so real!

As he remembered the details of his wet dream, he disgustedly threw a pillow over his head and groaned. I'm a freak, he thought. Who dreams of kissing his sister while his friend jacks him off?

It was with some relief that he didn't see Danielle that morning before he took off for school.

Rick and Derek looked at each other as they were just about to go into the school's front doors. In a low voice, Rick said, "You okay?"

Derek said, "Yeah. We're cool."

Rick let out a sigh of relief as he opened the door to let them both in, followed by a throng of other students coming in to get to their lockers before the first class. Just before the two split to go find their lockers, Rick put his hand on Derek's shoulder and said, "Thanks. I appreciate it, you know?"

Derek smiled and bumped fists with Rick. "Hey. Don't worry about it."

At lunch, Danielle caught up with Derek as they were leaving the English class they shared. She tugged his sleeve, and he turned around. Trying to keep the morning's dream out of his mind, he looked around a bit nervously as he forced a grin, saying, "Oh, hey!" Then, remembering, he asked, "So, you talk to Sara?"

Danielle tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and said, "Yeah. Come meet us after school, okay? We'll hang out. But I'm gonna warn you right now, that's probably going to mean…"

Derek rolled his eyes and groaned. "Shopping. Jesus, how you and mom can spend an hour only to buy, like, one shirt I will not understand, at all."

Danielle lightly punched Derek's shoulder. "Learn to live with it, okay? Anyway, I gotta go. See you after school."

As she walked off, Derek casually looked to see how many other guys were checking her out. That day, Danielle was wearing her tank top and a pair of tight pants that hugged her butt. As Derek began walking to find Rick, he noticed one guy craning his neck too hard, was walking in his direction. Too late, Derek couldn't move to the left or right, and they bumped into each other. Derek just glared, pro forma, and then kept walking, barely noticing the guy's "oh, shit" expression as he realized who he'd been staring at.

After swinging by his locker for his brown-bagged lunch, he found Rick not long after, and they began walking aimlessly around the school as Derek told him he had to bail on any plans for that night.

"Man, that sucks," groaned Rick. "Are you sure you can't get out of it?"

"Well, for one thing, Mom would probably yell at me for bugging out on Danielle in the middle of shopping, because she can lose track of time and before you know it, she'll be calling us when the mall closes and be all like 'Oh-Em-Gee, I had, like, no idea!' and she'll have totally missed supper. Plus, she said she'd try to help me hang out with Sara."

Rick nudged Derek. "Good idea, but I still don't think putting up with girls shopping is a great price to pay for a possible date."

Derek shrugged. By now, they were outside the school; the sun was shining through a break in the clouds, and other students were also outside, enjoying the last remnants of summer.

In a lower voice, Rick said, "Listen. Um, I feel kind of weird saying this, but if she doesn't put out, y'know, call me, okay?"

Derek blushed even as he noticed Rick was also turning a bit red, too. "Okay. Um, I'll keep that in mind."

Rick said, "Actually – can we talk for a bit?"

Derek looked around. They were near the football bleachers, and only a couple other people were seated on them about fifty feet away. He gestured, and the two boys sat down in the first row. "What's up?"

Rick rubbed his hands nervously and said, "Even though I was treating it like a bit of a joke before, I… kinda wanna figure out where we're at. Are we friends, or what?"

"Well, we did kinda become closer friends yesterday, I guess," Derek mused. "But I can't see us being, like, boyfriends just because of that, you know? I'm sorry if it disappoints you. I mean, I think I could be bi, but then again I get hard-ons thinking about anything at all, it seems."

Rick nodded. "Yeah, I get you. I mean, I think I'm gay, mostly, but I still sometimes like looking at girls."

Derek began unpacking his lunch. After the nth bland meal in a row at his new school, Derek had had enough. He had brought two halves of a roast beef sandwich and an apple. Rick groaned. "Oh, damn! I didn't bring anything."

Derek chuckled and handed over one of the sandwich halves. "That's why I'm giving you this out of the goodness of my own heart."

The two ate their lunches quietly, remarking that try-outs for the track team were next week. Derek said, "We better try practicing races again. I've been slacking off the last few days with my running routine."

"Mm-hmm. Call me on Saturday or Sunday," replied Rick as he swallowed the last of his sandwich.

The warning bell rang, prompting the teens to rush back to the school building.

After school, Derek met Sara officially for the first time. She smiled as she shook hands with Derek. "Sara Logan," she introduced herself. "And I know your last name already."

"Yeah. Um, where're we going, do you know?" inquired Derek as he waited for Danielle to come back from her locker.

"Hmm. Dani said we were gonna just check out the mall, kind of wander a bit," Sara said as she adjusted her purse.

"Cool. So, I guess, what do you like to do when you're not in school?"

Sara's smile was definitely more attractive close up. She said, "I like to ski when I get the chance in wintertime. Summer, hang out at the beach. Stuff like that – well, when I'm not playing volleyball. What about you?"

Danielle burst out the front doors, apologizing for having forgotten her purse in her locker. She said, "Did you get bus change, Derek?"

"Shit, I forgot. Sorry," said Derek.

Danielle waved her hand. "S'okay. I got some extra from Mom. Here." She handed some change to Derek, then looked at Sara, who nodded.

"'Kay. Let's go, huh?"

At the bus stop, Sara sat on Derek's left and Danielle sat on Derek's right. Sara said, "So. About what you like to do…?"

"Right. Well, I like playing console and computer games, and of course running for track. I sometimes like hanging out at the beach, too, in summer. Winter sucks for doing anything outside."

Sara began responding, but whatever she said didn't register, because Danielle shifted and her thigh pressed up against Derek's. Even though he was wearing cargo pants and she had a skirt on, the sudden contact was enough to completely undo his concentration. He swallowed nervously and rubbed his hands on his pants, trying to keep his focus on Sara. Danielle probably didn't even realize anything was going on, and he wasn't supposed to react like this, damn it. Not to his sister.

Luckily, the bus roaring up next to them saved Derek from needing to respond, and he gratefully stood up quickly, relieved that he didn't have to try and endure an uncomfortable situation. It wasn't even Danielle's fault, Derek thought. How could she know?

Shopping proved to be as interminably boring as Derek predicted, though he tried, for the sake of wanting to date Sara, to stay interested and talk to her when Danielle wasn't occupying their time asking if her outfits looked nice. Even if he felt really stupid standing in the middle of a women's clothing store.

He discovered Sara liked to write, but most of her stories were in a private journal and not, she said, suitable for anyone to read. Intrigued, he said, "What if you were to show one to me? Then you'd have a better idea."

She blushed, looked down, and said, "Well, I did show a short story to Mom, but I think parents are kind of expected to praise their kid's work, so… I dunno. I don't have any brothers or sisters to show it to; it's about a teenage girl who discovers this, like, secret pool near this vacation resort – kind of a quiet slice of the Earth in the midst of this big tourist trap, you know? So, showing an adult might not give me an idea if I've written her correctly."

Derek grinned and said, "Soooooo….."

Having trailed off expectantly, Sara relented. "Okay. Tell you what. I know you haven't said if you like creative writing, but you did say you liked to read fantasy type literature. So you'll be my guinea pig."

Danielle interrupted to show off a grey vest with a white undershirt combination, and Derek nearly did a double take at the cleavage he could still see. His sister had a definite rack, all right. He fidgeted as she twirled around and said, "Nice? Horrible?"

Sara smiled and tugged at the material. "Wow! It looks nice! You could wear that vest with about anything, I think. Maybe some black jeans."

Danielle looked Derek in the eyes and said, "How 'bout you?"

By now, he was starting to wonder if Danielle knew something. He tried to quit tapping his finger against his thigh and managed to say, "I guess it looks nice."

Danielle critically eyed herself in the mirror, then said, "Hey. Sara, why don't you try this on?"

The girls went into the fitting room, and Danielle came out a few moments later in her original clothes. She nudged Derek's elbow and said, "How's it going?"

"I dunno. She seems interested, I guess. Haven't exactly asked her out yet."

Danielle lifted her eyebrows. "Huh. Well, maybe she isn't as much into Jason as I thought she was. For a while there it was blah-blah-Jason-blah." She flapped her hand, mimicking the motion of a motormouth.

Sara came out, smiling. "I like it! What about you guys?"

Derek whistled. Danielle laughed, saying, "Cut that rug, babe!"

Sara nodded. "If you don't mind, Dani, I'm gonna get this for myself, 'kay?"

Danielle shrugged. "Be my guest; I've already picked out a couple other things, not that dear brother here particularly cares, right?" She playfully shoved Derek back a bit, and Derek, grinning, shoved her shoulder, causing Danielle to gently carom off the rear wall.

Danielle overcorrected, accidentally stumbling into Derek. "Oh, crap!" she squeaked, as he automatically reached out to steady her.

Unfortunately, the way they'd accidentally struck each other pushed Danielle's front against Derek, and all he could think about for two seconds was the way her breasts felt against him. He'd reached up for her arms, steadying her, so Danielle carefully regaining her footing let him regain his senses. "You okay? Shit, I didn't mean to shove you that hard. I'm sorry!"

Frustrated, Derek thought to himself, every time I try to pretend I can be normal around her, shit like this happens.

Danielle just waved off his apology and said, "I'm good. Okay, let's go actually pay for stuff now. C'mon, Sara. C'mon, Designated Pack Mule."

Derek chuckled. "You're going to owe me one, then."

She rolled her eyes. "Okay, fine, I'll do all your chores tomorrow or something."

At least, Derek thought, being loaded down with bags would hide the hard-on he kept feeling was just on the verge of fully sprouting.

Sure enough, Derek had indeed been laden with a large shopping bag. On the bus ride home, he was seated in the bus's window seat next to Sara, and Danielle had run through all the money allotted her for clothes shopping. His sister was across the aisle, briefly chatting on her cell phone with their mother. To Sara, Derek said, "Hey. Um…"

Derek, trying to steady his breathing as he asked the all-important question teenagers ask of other teens, coughed and spoke more firmly. "Would you go out for a lunch with me?"

A slow smile spread across Sara's face. "So you're asking me on a date?"

Blushing, Derek said, "I guess I am. I also guess this way you can show me that story you're talking about."

To his surprise, Sara briefly rested her hand on his knee. "Okay. Sunday good?"

Stuttering, he replied, "Y-yeah. Good."

"Okay." Sara started blushing. She leaned in and said quietly over the bus noise, "I kinda have a confession. I asked Dani for your cell number when you were in the bathroom."

"Well, I guess you can just call me then. On Sunday." Hurriedly, Derek said, "Or on any other day." He hoped he sounded cool enough.

Sara smiled. "Sure thing. Oh, that's my stop! I gotta go."

The bus pulled up next to the stop a moment later, and Danielle waved at Sara as the brown-haired girl dashed off the bus with her purse and clothes. Then she shifted over to the vacant spot and said, "Hey. I just finished talking to Mom. She and Dad have to go to some party and won't be back 'till like, super-late, so they'll leave money for us to order in."

Derek nodded. Such events weren't that unusual. "I'm cool with pizza, unless you have another idea." He noticed to some relief that Danielle wasn't making body contact this time.

Danielle shrugged. Changing the subject, she said, "Success, huh?"

Derek nodded. "I guess so. Sara and I'll go for lunch on Sunday."

"Cool," Danielle said. Strangely, Derek thought, her smile didn't quite reach her eyes. Could she be jealous that Sara might have a boyfriend?

"Hey. What can you tell me about her?"

The bus by this time had pulled up to the stop near the boulevard the Collinses lived in, and the siblings got off the bus. As the bus moved away, the street quieted down and Danielle mused, "Well, I dunno if she told you, but she's got this kind of creative writing thing going on, only she's really secretive about it. And she's not too picky about her music. She likes a lot of that Latin dance stuff, actually. Oh, and she really likes those bacon Caesar salad thingies at this one restaurant. I'll write down the info for you. Definitely take her there."

Derek shifted the bag he was carrying, and fell to quietly thinking during the short walk home. Maybe he'd get Sara a CD when they met? At least he wouldn't have to worry about money for the date. Mom would probably be thrilled, he thought.

Supper was quiet and uneventful. Derek helped himself to some pizza slices, then dashed upstairs to munch pizza and play some console games. Danielle was who-knew-where in the house; probably doing homework.

Later, Derek, in his boxers only, was relaxing in bed with his laptop, instant-messaging with Rick and Evan, while checking out Sara Logan on Facebook. He wondered if it would seem a little forward to send her a friend request, so he settled for Poking her, instead.

The knock at his door surprised him, and he put his laptop aside and said, "Come in."

Danielle, clad in a T-shirt and shorts, leaned against the doorjamb and said, "Hey. Um. Can we talk for a while?"

Puzzled and a bit wary, Derek sat up, put his feet on the floor and said, "Uh. Sure, I guess?"

She bit her lip and seemed to be pondering what to say. Derek couldn't help but notice his sister's leg muscles as she shifted a bit.

Finally, Danielle said, "How sure are you about Sara? Like, do you want to just date casually, or what?"

Nervously, Derek laughed. "Um, I have no idea, honestly. And isn't that kinda personal? I mean, you're not the one dating her, right?"

Sheepishly, Danielle admitted, "Yeah, I know. Look, it's just, girls gossip, right? She was on the phone with me a while ago telling me way TMI about what she thought of you and how she thought seeing you up close made Jason the quarterback less appealing."

"Well… thanks, I guess, for the back channel info," said Derek lamely. Seemingly of its own accord, his leg started bouncing as he wondered if that meant he was being measured against some imaginary standard.

"Anyway, I came in because I sort of wanted to apologize for the joke I made about your 'experience' the other day. You'll do fine with her, I think."

Later on, Derek would never quite be able to figure out why he didn't just shrug it off with a half-hearted remark. Things might have been very different.

But instead, he said, "I think maybe you were right, I'm gonna look like a dumbass with her." He spread his hands and said, "But who'm I going to go to for help?"

Derek could see Danielle swallowing nervously. She cleared her throat and said, "Me."

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