Derek and Danielle

Chapter Forty

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After Derek and Danielle finished their late supper, he took their soup bowls and spoons and deposited them in the sink. Before he could turn around, he felt Danielle's arms wrap around him, her ample breasts pressing into his back as she rested her chin on his shoulder. Her hands were warm against his stomach.

"Love you, you know," Danielle said into his ear.

"Yeah, I do know." Derek smiled and put his hand over Danielle's hands. With his other hand he reached behind him and rested it on her upper thigh. "Wanna cuddle on the couch?"

Danielle kissed his neck, and softly said, "Sure. Here or upstairs?"

"Here. We can throw on a movie if you want." Derek reached up a bit further and gently squeezed Danielle's butt, then turned his head to peck her on the cheek.

Danielle disengaged from him, letting him follow her into the living room. They quickly moved to close the window blinds, then rummaged through the DVD collection. It soon transpired neither of them had the same idea about any of the movies:

"We've seen that before."

"Comedies are supposed to be funny! This one's just pathetic."

"Pathetic? How about that thing you call a drama? More like dull."

After more of this kind of arguing about movies for a few minutes, Derek finally threw up his hands and looked at Danielle. "Let's just cuddle, all right? We're obviously not gonna watch a movie we both like."

Danielle sighed. "All right."

As she stood up, Derek shut the drawer in the entertainment center cabinet and then put the remote back near the TV stand. He went to the couch facing the TV, and lay down, letting Danielle carefully rest on top of him so her lower body rested between his legs, and her head rested near his shoulder.

"Let's talk for a bit, okay?" asked Danielle as she rubbed Derek's chest and adjusted her bathrobe to cover them both. He tried not to think too hard about Danielle's firm breasts pressed up against his chest.

"Sure." Derek rubbed Danielle's back, then said, "What about?"

Derek turned his head so he could see Danielle better. She was gazing at him; some undefinably turbulent emotion was in her eyes.

"Just – I really am in love with you. I realize that. It's not just that I can't stand the idea of another boy touching me. It's that being with Katie, it was kind of like masturbating. It was nice to get off with her, but… with you, the more we're together the more right it feels to be like this. In your arms. Or feeding each other soup and giggling over it. Cooking together. All those little things. And when we're in bed, having sex, doing it with each other? I know it sounds dumb to say, but I really do feel completed."

Danielle sighed, and rested her head on his shoulder. She mumbled, "I just wish you felt the same way. I must sound like some crazy clingy girl now."

Derek kissed Danielle on the top of her head. He inhaled, smelling her shampoo. "If it helps, Danielle? It feels really good when we're in bed together. It always feels just… I dunno, it feels just right. But I don't know if I can say I'm a hundred percent there yet. I mean, I know I have feelings for you, but… shit, I don't know. If we weren't related everybody would practically be pushing us together, I bet. 'Oh, they're perfect together, Sam! Have you seen them playing games upstairs or jogging together? With their blond hair they could practically be twins!'"

Danielle giggled at Derek's attempt to mimic their mother. "And how about Dad?" She proceeded to try and mimic a baritone: "'And Rachel, they do their homework together all the time. She's a good influence on our son!'"

Derek chuckled. "That was terrible, Dani. You sounded like Dad after breathing helium!"

Danielle shifted and leaned her head towards Derek, who tilted his head down for a kiss. After a little tongue, the siblings broke the kiss and looked into each other's eyes.

"This is nice," said Derek softly.

"Mmhmm." Danielle snuggled against Derek, resting her head against his chest. "I love feeling your heartbeat, y'know. So strong and steady. S'late, I could use a nap."

Derek reached behind himself and shifted carefully so as not to jostle Danielle as he rested his head against the pillow on the couch. He decided he'd just close his eyes for a bit, too. "Gonna snooze for a little bit too, okay?"

Danielle's breathing had already steadied out; Derek pulled up the free part of his bathrobe hanging off the couch and wrapped it over Danielle's bathrobe. He held his sister in his arms as he let his eyes flutter shut.

Derek looked around. He could barely see in the semidarkness of the room. He was on an unfamiliar bed, which he found to be circular after carefully crawling around to feel its extent. He experimentally bounced on it; the springs were just the right stiffness, and the covering he was on felt soft and fluffy.

As he leaned back against the down-filled pillow, he sighed in bliss. At least the bed was comfortable, even if the room didn't look right.

But just then, he sensed that someone was in the room with him.

He could just make out a vaguely human shape at the foot of the bed. He blurted, "Who's there?"

"Shhhh," said the shape. It reached out a hand, gently touching his calf. At first he tried to pull his leg back, but the shape's touch was warm and soothing, and against his will, he found himself relaxing.

He closed his eyes, letting the feelings overwhelm him as the other person took his equipment in hand; very soon, something warm and wet wrapped itself around his cock—

Derek's eyes snapped open, and he looked down to see, to his relief, that it was Danielle's mouth on his organ that had triggered his dream. She slowly lifted her mouth off him, looked up and smiled. "How's that for a wake-up call, huh?"

She had moved his legs so he was sitting up, and she was on her knees on the floor. Derek didn't know (and didn't particularly care) where his underwear had gone. Her right hand was wrapped around the base of his cock, and her left was rubbing his leg.

He laughed in relief. "Hey. I had this weird dream! Some total stranger was giving me a BJ!"

Danielle smirked. "Well, I'm hardly a stranger, am I?"

"Nope." Danielle began stroking his erection. "Oh, fuck, your hand feels so good."

Danielle then wrapped her mouth around his cock, taking in as much as she could. Derek revelled in the warm, wet feeling sliding up and down his erection as Danielle carefully rubbed his balls.

He closed his eyes and let bliss flow through him as Danielle (by now rather an expert on Derek's anatomy) skillfully tugged and sucked him to completion, reducing Derek to helpless spasms as he moaned, "Cumming—oh fuck—", spurting into Danielle's mouth, leaving him gasping for breath at the end.

Danielle quickly shifted so she was straddling him, and leaned down to kiss Derek, letting his juices flow over his tongue as he alternately kissed Danielle and swallowed his essence, culminating in a light make-out session.

Soon, however, Derek realized he needed to clean up. His cock, by now only semi-hard, was feeling a bit sticky. He lightly held Danielle's hips as he said, "I'd love to keep going, but we should clean up, huh?"

She nodded, got off of him, and the siblings went upstairs to shower and get ready. Derek, noticing the lightening sky on the horizon as he left the living room, realized he and Danielle had ended up sleeping the night cuddled on the downstairs couch.

As they ascended the stairs, Derek said, "Hey. You realize we slept the night?"

"Huh." Danielle shivered a little bit. Derek realized the mark of progress it meant when he only felt a slight quiver of fear at the thought.

He said, "Scared? I mean, I am, a little bit, but not as much as I would've been before."

At the top of the stairs, Danielle reached for his hand and locked fingers with him. "Yeah. I mean, I know we're alone and all and our parents aren't coming home 'till tonight, but still. I guess maybe we could've come up with an excuse, but…"

"Yeah. We gotta keep being careful." It was practically a catechism for Derek by now.

"Well, c'mon. Let's shower. You owe me a fingering, little brother."

Derek ran his free hand down Danielle's stomach, past her waist, running his fingers gently through her bush, and sliding them across her opening. "Here's a down payment," he said huskily.

Danielle's groans of pleasure accompanied him as they awkwardly made their way to the bathroom to make good on the rest of Derek's "payment", Derek's finger inside his sister the whole way.

Derek stood in the shower, his erection straining at full mast after having held Danielle's back against his chest to steady her as he worked her insides to a screaming orgasm, leaving her shuddering in delight as she came down from that incredible high. He rubbed his dick against her, wanting desperately to enter her.

He whined, "Danielle, please."

She seemed to know what he wanted, because she shut the shower taps off, bent over so she was resting her hands against the shower wall, and said, "Go for it. Fuck me as hard as you want."

He lined his cockhead up against her opening, sliding in inch by delicious inch as her body took him in, practically milking pre-cum from his cock as he buried himself in his sister. Danielle's pleased moans only made Derek's erection even harder as he began pumping in and out of her, determined to make the most of the few hours he had left.

Her body seemed to play his like a well-tuned fiddle, tightening around him when he thought he might flag, Danielle's gasped words encouraging him to keep pounding away; it seemed like only a few moments (in reality, probably five or ten minutes) before Derek, helpless to hold himself back, blew his second load of the morning into one of Danielle's orifices. His hips snapped forward once – twice – thrice … then he just swivelled his hips a bit as the remaining bursts of pleasure left his penis.

Derek was breathing hard as his body relaxed from the breakneck pace he'd set when fucking Danielle. For her part, she wasn't breathing as hard, but she still was recovering her equilibrium. She said, "Need you to pull out. Clean me up. Okay?"

Derek reluctantly let his cock slip out of her, then knelt down, burying his face against Danielle's cunt and spreading her firm butt cheeks to allow him easier access. His nose took in the musky odors of his own jism mixed with Danielle's wetness, while his ears picked up Danielle's low, throaty moans of pleasure. She reached down, accidentally bumping his chin with her finger as she began rubbing herself. Derek's erection actually began to reawaken a bit as he expertly tongued his sister's pussy, cleaning her as well as he could. The fluids mixed together in his mouth, giving his jism a bit of a sweeter taste.

Derek gave Danielle's ass a final grope as he withdrew his mouth, standing up and swallowing as he did so.

Danielle resumed the shower, and the two siblings finally were able to soap, wash and dry themselves without too much sexual tension remaining.

Derek was seated on Danielle's chair in her room. She perched herself directly in front of him, wedging her butt against his crotch. He looked over her shoulder to see both their faces in the mirror. His hair, neatly combed, contrasted with Danielle's still-stringy hair. He was dressed in a casual T-shirt and jogging pants, as was she.

It didn't hurt, Derek thought, that Danielle's shirt was just a bit small and showed off her frontal assets rather nicely.

But right now, she wanted something else. She handed him her hair brush, and said, "Hair. Me. Brush now."

"Like the other time?" asked Derek.

Danielle nodded, and Derek got to work, carefully brushing Danielle's hair in the style he knew she usually liked: with straight hair, and to the back. As he put the brush against her skull, she reminded him, "Don't push down too hard; it hurts."

With her advice, Derek, while not an expert in styling female hair, was a bit more experienced now than he had been a few months back. He could see Danielle's small smile in the mirror. She'd had it on her face since he'd begun doing her hair, using long, even strokes as he carefully tamed her hair from the showering. He leaned up against her as he put the brush on her mirror and table combination, then rested his hands on her shoulders. He said into her left ear, "You like?"

Danielle critically eyed Derek's work in the mirror, then gently touched her head to his. "Thanks. Maybe I'll get you to help curl my hair one day."

Derek laughed. "That'll be the day, huh?"

Danielle mock-sternly smacked his knee. "And who was combing his own hair and not letting me get at it?"

"It takes like twenty seconds, Dani. Sheesh. My hair's not a… thing of luxury, or something," protested Derek.

Danielle pouted briefly. "Still. Let me have an excuse to style your hair one of these days, okay?"

Derek slid his hands down Danielle's arms, then wrapped them around her waist. "I wish we could take a picture of ourselves like this. We look pretty hot, don't we?"

Danielle smiled and turned her head to peck him on the cheek. "We do. Too bad the camera won't get your best part." She wiggled her eyebrows.

"I don't need to show that off. But imagine if I looked like Khrushchev and had a dick like that." joked Derek.

Danielle, in the same bad pretend-baritone from the previous night, mugged with exaggerated facial expressions as she said, "'I am Derek Collins! I will bury you with my massive cock!'"

Derek burst out laughing, throwing his head back as he tried to keep him and Danielle from falling off the chair, Danielle joined in, leaning back against him as she shook in laughter.

After the twins subsided, Derek said, "C'mon, what the hell. Let's find a camera. We'll keep the pictures only on our laptops, okay?"

Danielle hesitated and bit her lip, regarding her brother in the mirror. "Are you sure you wanna do that? Look, I'd be okay with it, but you might regret it later and want me to delete the pictures."

Derek breathed out his nose, contemplating as he rested his chin on Danielle's left shoulder and rested his hands on Danielle's thighs. "Which laptop has the webcam?"

"Both of ours do, I think, so we'll just use mine. Is that okay?" Danielle rested her hands on each of Derek's knees.

Derek decided he'd better go through with it or he'd lose his resolve. He lifted his head off her shoulder and said, "Okay. Grab your laptop and we'll snap a couple pics."

Danielle pushed herself off the chair. Her grateful smile at Derek told him how much she'd wanted something like this. He made the connection and asked, "How many of your friends have shown off pictures like that to you?"

She set her laptop on the table, adjusting the screen a bit before sitting down against Derek again. "A lot," she replied glumly. "It's a little depressing watching them all being so happy, making faces in the camera with their boyfriends. And they're all like 'Dani, when are we gonna see your boyfriend on Facebook?'"

Derek rubbed her back. "Even if we can't put these up like they are, ever, you could, like, put a black box over my face and make people guess."

Danielle froze up. "No. God, no. Don't even joke about that. All it'd take is someone seeing your shirt and recognizing it. 'Brother fucker' I may be, but I'm not gonna have the whole goddamn school teasing me about it."

Derek snorted. "And I guess I'm a 'sister fucker', huh?"

Danielle planted a kiss on his lips. "You're my sister fucker, brother-boyfriend."

"C'mon, let's take some pics while it's still early, okay?" urged Derek as Danielle's laptop sat at the operating system screen, waiting for her to launch the webcam program.

At first nervously, the siblings took pictures for the camera. As they got used to the idea of seeing themselves on the computer's screen, they began relaxing and even dared to snap a photo of the two of them kissing.

After Danielle saved that last picture, Derek said somberly, "That's us, huh?"

"Yeah. That's us. We look like we're totally in love," mused Danielle softly.

After a few moments, she came to herself and briskly swung into action, saving the pictures to a specially encrypted folder. She then made copies for Derek on a personal thumb drive. "Get those saved somewhere on your computer, and give me this back. I've gotta wipe it."

And so saying, she powered down her laptop and got off the chair. Derek stood up, and said, "Hey. You wanna make breakfast or go out, or what?"

Danielle snapped her fingers. "You know what? That place we go to? I think they've got a breakfast menu. I like that girl, Hannah. She doesn't intrude, y'know?"

"Yeah, let's do that. It'll probably be the last time we can go out, you know, as lovers. Christmas is coming up and there's that indoor volleyball tournament in December."

Danielle rolled her eyes as she handed him the thumb drive. "Not looking forward to the extra training. Anyway, move it, that thing's a hot potato while you've got it in your hands. And for God's sake don't try joking with me about losing it. You think that joke you made about me being on the rag last year was funny? I'll show you your sister really losing her shit," she growled.

Derek backed away. "I promise, okay?! I'll guard it like I was in the fucking KGB."

"Or the CIA."

"Yeah, or the CIA."

Derek quickly made his way back to his bedroom, noticed his bedsheets he'd never cleaned up, and remembered to start laundry before they left for breakfast. He gripped the portable drive in his hand as he got his laptop up and running. As he waited. he looked at his desk as though for the first time.

It was set into a niche in the wall, and was near the door opening into his room. Right now, his desk was sparsely covered with some books for school, and the shelf that overhung the desk at about standing eye height had a few odd books on it – mostly his old notebooks from previous years in school.

His laptop currently sat at the center of the desk, waiting patiently for him to do something. He began by inserting the portable drive and after debating about where to copy the pictures, decided to secret them somewhere it wouldn't normally occur to someone to look. Even so, he decided to ask Danielle how to password-protect them.

After the copying was done, he removed the drive, then hesitated. He went to the folder with the clandestine pictures full of material as red-hot as any state secret, and viewed the last one again.

He and Danielle were caught in a lip-lock, their eyes shut as they kissed deeply. His face was tilted a bit towards the camera, Danielle's away. But he could see what she meant. If he didn't know who the blond boy and girl were in the picture, he'd assume they were any ordinary pair of teenage lovers.

But he knew the truth: that picture was proof positive of a much deeper relationship than should ever exist between brother and sister.

It was with an uneasy feeling in his stomach that Derek shut the laptop off and went to deliver the portable thumb drive back to Danielle.

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