Derek and Danielle

Chapter Forty-Two

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Danielle's Diary

July 15th.

I'm fourteen years old today! Woohoo! :-)

Derek and I just had our combined birthday party, and now he's in the swimming pool with his friends. Sara and Denise have just gone to get changed, but I said I had to run upstairs for a sec, because as soon as I thought of him taking his shirt off, I nearly froze up. I made some excuse after Derek suggested some swimming. I'm in the bathroom right now, and I just cracked the window so I could see him in the pool without blushing like a little girl.

God, seeing him and his friends shirtless, and the way those swim trunks stick to them…

Why am I thinking about him like that? Why can't I get him out of my FUCKING HEAD?!

I can't stay much longer. I need to just suck it up and try and have fun without thinking of putting my hands all over Derek.

(the page is wrinkled, as though the diary were hurriedly closed up and stuffed in a private spot. The writing is less messy on the next page.)

Mom asked me if I was okay when I rushed through the kitchen and dropped my bathing suit. I ended up blushing and making some excuse about boys, and she just gave me that "isn't-she-cute" smile and said I'd be fine. I caught up with Sara and Denise in the pool changing room and we all decided to leave at the same time.

Well, the boys sure took notice (well, Rick didn't quite seem as interested, but that could be because Derek was busy dunking his head at the time)!

I could swear Evan's eyes just about popped out of his head when he saw me in my white bikini top that shows off my boobs, and my bikini bottom makes my ass look good (I think), and Derek sure didn't seem to mind the way we all looked. Rick just smirked and dunked Derek and Evan while we girls laid out on the deck chairs to do a little tanning before swimming.

Denise, Sara and I gossiped for a while; we kept checking out the boys (Sara wants Derek, I think, and so do I, but I didn't tell her that), but then Evan would have to cannonball dive and splash us as we're lying there, tanning ourselves. Revenge was called for immediately!

I think we all ended up splashing and dunking each other. My ears still feel a little water-logged, and it's close to my bedtime. And I had to squeeze all that pool water out of my hair and walk back into the house with a big towel around my head like it was a turban or something.

Maybe I should get a haircut; Mom says long hair looks nicer, though.

But every time I bumped into Derek, I kept wishing I could touch him longer. Every time I accidentally touched him, I want to keep those times in my head forever.

We were in the shallow end, having a pool fight. I was on Sara's shoulders, and Rick was on Derek's. Evan and Denise were the referees.

So I've locked fingers with Rick and we're doing the whole test-of-strength thing, when Sara accidentally shifts a bit and makes me lose my balance. Grrrrrrrr.

Well, I faceplanted the water, and I'm blinking, trying to get my bearings because it's so blurry under water, and right in front of my head is Derek's crotch.

It was like a gift from heaven or something; I could see a bulge, and oh God, it was all I could do not to reach out and just put my hand right there. But I did pretend like I was flailing around, and managed to grab his leg before getting my feet under me and pushing upright, apologizing (as if!) for unexpectedly grabbing him like that. But he has pretty strong legs, and I liked the way his thigh muscles felt in my hand.

My clueless brother just shrugged it off and high-fived Rick and Evan.

And now I want to imagine Derek and me in the pool change room, peeling our swim clothes off and touching each other. What does his dick look like? What does he look like naked? It's bad enough I got to see him shirtless up close (he's skinny, but his chest is coming in a bit now) and now I have extra special temptation.

Him and me in that change room, OMG I am so horny now!

(The last sentence is shakily written, as though in a hurry or due to nervousness or excitement. The next entry is in tiny printing, written unevenly as though written on a soft surface.)

Dear diary,

I'm hiding under my bedcovers with my cell phone giving me enough light for this.

I'm still shaking from my 'session'.

I nearly screamed, too. I only managed to stop that by grabbing my bedsheets and biting down on them.

I hope Derek can do this for me one day.

Holy shit I am so freaking tired now, I just want to go to bed.

July 16th.

I had to try and look Derek in the eye this morning at breakfast. I think he doesn't notice anything's different. He seems to like the shirt I got him, though; he was wearing it when he came down to get some cereal. He asked (in that kind of cute nervous way) if I liked the perfume he got. (It wasn't real expensive, and I wanted to make it easy for him because I've seen him when he has to get something for Mom on Mother's Day. It must be a guy thing to get flustered when you're buying something for a girl, I guess.)

To be honest? It was sweet of him to remember what I liked when I asked, but he doesn't realize how much I'd want it the other way.

I can't believe I'm this fucked in the head. I want to be his girlfriend, for Christ's sake. I want him to give me his class ring and all that stuff I hear other people doing when they're in a long-term relationship.

It can't happen.

It won't happen.

So why do I keep pretending I could even do this?

How did I end up wanting Derek so badly like this? I must be crazy.

September 14th.

Now that I know about the way the bathroom window works and lets you be almost invisible, I've taken to checking just in case I can spot anyone spying on me from upstairs.

It's so ridiculous. Hoping Derek's like me? As if.

But today, before supper, I saw Derek at his window – watching me and Sara!

I shouldn't get my hopes up.

I really shouldn't.

Besides, Sara's been talking my ear off about the boys she likes, and between telling me she thinks Derek's kind of cute, but Jason, that quarterback at our school, is cuter, I guess she's gonna end up grabbing my brother at some point anyway.

I will not be jealous.

I will not be jealous.

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