Derek and Danielle

Chapter Sixty-Two

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By the time the movie ended, the teens felt like they could move again. Danielle said, "Who's up for pie and ice cream? I can grab some if it's not all of you guys."

"Let's all go," urged Melissa.

Upstairs, they could hear the swelling mellow tunes of music, and to Derek's surprise, Aunt Tina and Uncle Kevin were already half-asleep on the couch. His mom and dad were seated on one of the chairs near the Christmas tree, his mother in his father's lap, and they were talking to Uncle Darren, seated in the other one.

The awake adults looked up. "Hey, can you kids come over here for a sec?"

Uncle Darren waved them over, his hand movements clearly a bit uncoordinated.

"Listen, would you guys mind if you all just stayed the night and went home first thing tomorrow? I mean, Melissa, you can see your parents aren't exactly in a driving mood right now and I'm not sure Sam or Rachel wanna drive either." Uncle Darren hefted his beer to make his point.

Melissa grimaced. Derek knew the feeling. Christmas Day was tomorrow, and he really wanted to just have a lazy morning and wake up when he wanted. But then again…

"We're sorry, but we thought you all might not mind since you're getting along so well now," said Rachel.

Derek, not sure what to make of this turn of events, just shrugged and mumbled something that might have passed for, "okay", as did the other teens.

Jack said, "We were just gonna get dessert and then chill downstairs."

"Okay, that's fine. Work out your own sleeping arrangements; we'll all sleep upstairs here, and we'll see you in the morning," Uncle Darren announced.

In the kitchen, Derek started realizing what they might be able to get away with, and again, Melissa's and Jack's offers threatened to send his dick to full mast. Only by staying at the raised countertop, keeping his attention on the bowl next to the ice cream bucket as he scooped out some ice cream, was he able to keep himself from losing his concentration.

He cast a sharp eye around, and noticed the muscles under Danielle's jaw working, and Jack's hand shook just a fraction as he put a slice of pie on a plate. Melissa's nostrils were flared just a bit as she took the plate from Jack.

On this occasion when they went back downstairs, by mutual unspoken agreement, the foursome entered Jack's bedroom. His bed was in the far corner furthest away from the door. A closet jutted out from the other corner and made a spot which a desk and chair had been put in, sitting nearest the door. A couple of bookshelves were nestled up against each other, making an "L" against the corner nearest the hallway.

Jack had an easy chair and a beanbag chair sitting in the space between the bookshelves and the bed. He carefully sprawled on his double bed, and Melissa went to sit cross-legged on the floor near the bed. Derek sat carefully on the beanbag chair and set his bowl next to him, then spooned up some ice cream. He stuffed the ice cream in his mouth, hoping someone else would bring up the sudden opportunity handed them by the adults who'd overindulged at the dinner.

Jack broke the ice first. "As far as sleeping goes, I've obviously got my bed, but you guys are gonna have to figure out who gets the foldaway couch in the entertainment room and who gets the beds in the storage room."

Melissa spoke up first. "I wish I could stay in here, Jack."

"I dunno, Mel. If we get caught being woken up at six o'clock or whatever in the morning…" Jack trailed off, fiddling with his fork as he did so.

Derek spoke up. "Me and Danielle, we'll take the two twin beds, okay?"

Melissa shrugged. "Sure."

Finally Derek could stand it no longer and set his bowl down on the floor next to his chair. "Guys? What're we gonna do about—you know?"

"Wait'll they go to bed," advised Jack. "Then play it by ear, if you two really wanna… whatever."

For lack of anything more to say, the foursome finished off their desserts, and Danielle announced, "I'll take all this stuff upstairs. You guys done?" She stood up, her empty ice cream bowl in hand. Derek handed her his bowl, and Melissa passed over her plate. Jack said through his bite of pie, "Still eating."

Danielle nodded and took off. As soon as she closed the door, Derek felt the electricity in the room mount higher. He could almost feel a kind of animal magnetism in the air, but none of the trio made a move toward one another yet.

Jack tried to eat a couple more bites of his pie, then set his plate aside and fidgeted on his bed.

Derek finally couldn't stand it and started pacing the floor between the computer desk and the beanbag chair. Melissa finally stood up and stopped him, putting her hand on his chest. "Derek, please stop. You're making us nervous."

At that moment, Danielle burst back in. She hissed, "I was just upstairs. Derek, Mom and Dad're already in the guest room upstairs and Uncle Darren told me to say goodnight to all of you when he went to bed. The lights're off and I could see some more beer bottles by the chairs."

Derek's mouth went dry. "Holy shit."

The four teenagers looked at each other uncertainly. Derek finally could stand the tension no longer and reached out for Melissa, who slid neatly into his embrace and reached up to kiss him. Derek, shocked at first, froze, then relaxed as he felt his erection swell. He allowed Melissa to deepen the kiss as he reached around Melissa's back, sliding his hands down the sleek material of her dress to her ass, pulling her against him as he squeezed and groped Melissa's firm, slim butt.

Soon, Melissa could take no more of it and pulled back from the kiss. She breathed, "Tell me what you want, Derek."

Derek groaned, "Suck me, please."

As Melissa knelt in front of Derek, he looked over to see Jack standing behind Danielle, his arms around her as his hands roamed up to her breasts. To all appearances she looked like she was into it, but Derek, from experience, knew the slight set of his sister's jaw meant she would rather have had her brother's hands on her.

Melissa's hands stroking him through his pants got Derek's attention, and as she felt along his length, her eyes widened as she looked up at him. Her hands trembled a bit as she undid his pants button, then slowly slid his pants and underwear down, letting his cock spring free. Her gasp caught the attention of the other two teens, and Jack let out a low whistle, while Danielle tried not to be too obviously interested.

"You don't shave, Derek?" inquired Jack.

"There isn't much hair, though," Derek replied.

"Still, I like it," Melissa noted as she eyed Derek's cock with mixed anticipation and uncertainty. "You're really big, too."

Even so, she showed no hesitation as she wrapped her mouth around Derek's organ, slowly bobbing her head back and forth, taking a little more of his length each time. The hot wet slickness enveloping his erection, coupled with Melissa swirling her tongue around it in a way Danielle had never quite done, was enough to transport Derek to near-heaven as his eyelids fell shut and he moaned softly in appreciation.

After a few minutes, Danielle's voice caught everybody's attention: "Melissa, can you eat me out?"

Derek saw that Jack's shirt was now off, but Danielle's dress was still on. He was groping her ass and trying to slide his hand between her legs. Jack's face fell as he reluctantly stepped back, but as Danielle quickly slipped out of her dress, tugging off her bra and underwear shortly after, he grinned widely at seeing Danielle's body on full display.

Danielle lay back on the bed, positioning herself so she could spread her legs and give Melissa full access. Melissa sucked hard at Derek's cock before slowly withdrawing her mouth, then stood and got out of her dress as well. Her breasts weren't as large as Danielle's, but they were pert and firm with brown nipples and areolas.

She got onto the bed and knelt over, exposing her ass while she leaned down to begin licking and fingering between the folds of Danielle's opening. Soon, his sister's low moans filled the room, and Derek could stand it no longer. He called, "Melissa, can I fuck you?"

She lifted her head, turned to look at Derek and nodded. "Yeah. I'm on the Pill."

Derek didn't need to ask twice. He got on the bed and lined up his still-slick cock against Melissa's opening, rubbing the head against her glistening slick pussy, feeling the heat coming off of her as he pressed inside, feeling his cousin's insides for the first time.

Danielle was a bit tighter, but Melissa was warmer, and soon, Derek was nearly buried all the way inside Melissa, but as he pressed forward, he met resistance and she twitched and grunted. She lifted her head and called back, "Careful, okay? You push any harder you'll break me open or something."

Derek resigned himself to sliding back and forth within Melissa, feeling how her insides tugged at his cock, wrapping around him and almost demanding his release inside her.

"Hey, Jack?" Derek called out.

Jack came up near Derek. Jack was now naked slowly stroking his thick erection. Derek reached out and ran his hand over Jack's balls, feeling their weight in his hand as he rubbed. "No hair, huh?"

"You should try shaving down there sometime," Jack said, trying to control his breathing.

"Wanna fuck me?" Derek said as he grinned, still sliding in and out of Melissa while stroking along Jack's cock, feeling the warmth emanating from it.

Jack bit his lip, and Derek wheedled, "It'll feel just as good as the last time with Melissa, honest. Just close your eyes and remember what it felt like."

Jack's cock twitched in Derek's hand, and Derek's grin grew wide. Hook, line and sinker, Derek thought. He let go of Jack's organ, and the other boy wasted no time finding a condom and lube. Soon afterward he was prepared, and Derek, his knees pressed against the bed to brace himself as he held Melissa's hips and slid in and out of her, felt a thrill of anticipation at the thought of Jack's thickness breaching him—

Jack's hand on his shoulder, and a sudden slick touch against his asshole warned Derek, and he quickly slid as far inside Melissa as he could, bracing against her as she pushed back against him while her tongue busily swiped at Danielle's clit.

Derek felt Jack's cock invade him. He gritted his teeth at the fullness he felt, invading him, stretching him. He tried to keep his breathing steady as he pushed his hips back just a bit, slowly taking in Jack's length. The other boy panted, "Oh fuck Derek, you're so tight!" Jack's hands shifted and tightened their grip on Derek's hips as he bottomed out, then began slowly sliding in and out of him.

It was all Derek could do to keep a rhythm as Melissa clamped down on him each time he thrust into her while feeling Jack withdraw from him, then pump into him as he withdrew from her. Derek let his eyes close, letting the incredible sensations of fucking and being fucked overwhelm him, his body on automatic as his hands roamed over Melissa's body.

The pace of sex grew swifter and more torrid as sound of sharp, wet slaps filled the air with Derek fucking and being fucked, accompanying Danielle's heightening gasps as she grunted, "Melissa—please—"

Derek's own rising urge came out as harsh gasps, "Melissa—get ready—", and as he pounded harder into her, Danielle's thrashing on the bed accompanied her strangled grunts, and memories of tasting Danielle as he ate her out flooded Derek's mind. His cock stiffened just a bit more as his toes curled, the familiar release building up just that final bit more—and Melissa suddenly lifted her head and let out a sharp wordless gasp, her body spasming as she clenched down on him.

At that, the first wave of pleasure flew through Derek without warning, and his eyes snapped wide open as he gasped, "Oh fuuuuuuuuuck—!" A moment later, Derek could feel his cock emptying its load into Melissa as he gripped her hips, keeping himself buried within her as he gasped, his asshole clenching down on Jack's cock as well, which put his cousin over the edge as he growled, "Derek!" and finished inside him, punctuating each blast from his cock with a harsh, sharp thrust inside Derek.

As Derek came down from the incredible rush he'd felt at this very forbidden act he'd just been engaged in, he slowly rubbed Melissa's back and whispered, "Thanks. And Merry Christmas."

That set them all chuckling, and Jack wrapped his arms around Derek, wiggling his hips as he tickled Derek's ear with a, "And Merry Christmas to you."

Jack slid slowly out of Derek, and the sudden emptiness inside him made him wish he could get fucked again. It was not lost on him that Rick fucking him made him feel the same way, and a momentary flash of guilt went through him, knowing he ought to be celebrating Christmas this way with Rick. He promised himself he'd give Rick an especially good time the next day.

Derek reluctantly let his cock slide out of Melissa, and as he stood on the floor near her, he looked down at his glistening cock, still slick with his and Melissa's fluids. He envied those people he'd heard about who could suck their own dicks, and resolved to try again and see if he could do it.

For now, though, his mind quickly turned to clean-up, and the other teenagers were of similar mind. Danielle hopped off the bed and quietly announced, "I'll take the first shower. I'll only be a couple minutes.

She grabbed up her clothes and ducked out of the room.

Melissa, by now standing up and letting out pained groans as she worked out the kinks in her back and rubbed her knees, which had taken the brunt of her bracing herself against the bed, looked down at Derek's slick organ and smirked. "Shame to waste that," she breathed. She quickly knelt in front of him and took him into her mouth, gulping slightly as she licked off the remains of their sex, swallowing their fluids as she went.

As promised, Danielle, fully clothed, burst in a few moments later, the only evidence of her shower slightly wet hair where she hadn't been able to keep it out of the spray. Derek mumbled, "Lemme go next."

And so, fifteen minutes later, four rather visibly tired teenagers looked at one another in Jack's bedroom, sharing tentative grins at their memorable Christmas Eve. Melissa said, a bit tentatively, "I hope you both have been sufficiently thanked."

Derek and Danielle looked at each other, then at their cousins, and simultaneously let out amused snorts as they grinned. "I'd say we have," gasped Derek as he grinned.

With that, the twins trooped off to the spare bedroom. Derek groaned. "Now I gotta undress again."

Danielle was already slipping back out of her good clothes. "No pity for you," she whispered back.

However, as Derek stood in his underwear, preparing to go to bed, Danielle came up to him and extended her arms. "Hug?"

Derek reached out and swept up his sister in a hug. "C'mon, you need to ask?" he said into her ear as he held her. As Danielle wrapped her arms around him, he let himself relax as her familiar body pressed against him. This felt just right, he decided, with his sister against him.

Derek rubbed Danielle's back, then pulled back a bit to look into her eyes. "Are you okay with tonight?" he wondered.

Danielle made a face. "I don't know. It was fun at the time, but I guess looking back it feels a bit weird." She put her hands on his shoulders and gazed steadily at him. "Can we not do anything like this for a while?"

"Sure, yeah, of course," promised Derek.

"It's selfish, but I just – right now, I just want you to myself." She sighed. "And I know that's not fair."

"We'll figure it out," replied Derek. A yawn escaped his mouth, and his eyes drooped. "Dani—"

She pressed a kiss to his lips. "Goodnight. You're all fucked out."

If Derek counted the quickies he'd had with Danielle, he'd come three times that day, which, he allowed, was pretty impressive when he considered none of them had been from just jacking off.

"G'night, big sis." He stuck his tongue out.

Danielle ruffled his hair. "Shut up, little brother."

Derek still had a half-grin on his face at that silly routine as he lay in bed in the darkness, letting sleep overtake him.

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