Derek and Danielle

Chapter Eight

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

As well, this work of fiction depicts sexual activities between teenagers, siblings and otherwise. As such it may be illegal to view this story where you live, and you should cease reading at this point if that is the case.

After the siblings finished their supper (their parents weren't quite finished), Derek and Danielle both had to wash their plates side by side at the sink. He tried not to notice the casual contact his arms and hands made with Danielle as they would trade the soap, or the scrub brush, to give their dishes and cutlery a quick rinse before putting them in the dishwasher.

Even so, realizing the new kind of brother-sister relationship they had made him shift uncomfortably, trying to hide the semi boner in his pants. He breathed a little easier as Danielle moved away to open the dishwasher. This let him bend over to put his plate and cutlery in the bottom rack, hiding his current problem as he waited for his hard-on to settle back down.

He stood and looked over at his parents, who were just finishing up and talking quietly. "Mom? Dad? Can we go upstairs now? I wanna play some games."

"I've got some homework," Danielle chimed in.

Samuel nodded. "That's fine, you two; go on if you want."

At the base of the stairs, Derek reached out and snagged his sister's arm. He pointed up and mouthed, "Game room."

Danielle nodded, and they trudged upstairs silently. At the door to the game room, Danielle whispered, "I gotta go get that stuff off my laptop, or Mom and Dad might find out and freak out over it."

Derek nodded. To calm his nerves, he tried to think about a new game he might want for the Xbox 360. He tossed in Halo, turned on the TV, and then turned the volume up just enough to cover casual conversation.

The click of the door latch startled him, but it was just Danielle. "God, I'm so jumpy!" he harshly muttered.

"Tell me about it. Remember before? I was listening to some music on my laptop to try and calm my nerves, and then you opened the door, and I damn near jumped out of my skin!" she remarked.

By this time the siblings were standing near each other beside the couch in the room. Derek slumped onto it, trying to relax. Danielle followed suit.

Derek, feeling fatalistic, groaned, "So what do we do? Huh?"

Danielle shook her head. "I wish I knew. But your idea of just stopping and putting all this in cold storage – it's never gonna last. You know it won't. I mean, geez. We live with each other. I'm gonna check you out even if I don't mean to, and you'll do the same. We've got to deal with it."

"It's weird. It's like… before today, I had this brand-new toy, you know? A fun toy we could both play with. And now, it's like, reality, boom!" he gestured with his hands, mimicking an explosion.

"Yeah. And… look, to be totally honest? I'm kinda jealous of Sara. You and her can be normal and show off that you like each other. Can you even remotely imagine taking me out on a date? For a romantic dinner? Or…" Danielle gestured, as though trying to grasp for words. "Like, giving me your school jacket or your class ring? Or being all cute in the cafeteria like I saw a couple older students doing in the corner, feeding each other food and stuff like that."

She laughed bitterly. "We can't even hold hands in public. If we want to do anything, we've gotta sneak around like a couple of criminals." Her eyes glistened as she pressed her lips together.

Derek, not feeling much better, said, "You looked this stuff up. How bad can it get if we're caught? Honestly, Danielle, how bad?" He leaned closer, urging her to get it over with.

Danielle rubbed her face, then looked at him. "Oh, Derek. The least of it is we'd probably get split up. You or me might have to go to another relative's. Worst case, we might actually be charged, put on trial, and thrown in jail." Her hands shook as she curled one up into a fist and laid the other on the back of the couch.

Derek's heart slammed in his chest as he wiped his hands on his pants. "But… it's not like, I dunno, abusive, between us."

Tiredly, Danielle said, "That won't matter to the cops, I'm pretty sure."

"Okay. So… we're attracted to each other, can't show it, all sorts of bad stuff can happen. No pressure, then," remarked Derek sarcastically.

Danielle let out a short laugh. "No, no pressure. Not like the saving-the-planet-Earth thing like in Star Trek Four. Remember?"

Derek nodded. They'd seen a re-run of that movie recently on one of the movie channels. "Yeah, or, like, saving the universe, I'm sure."

Danielle leaned closer and put her hand on Derek's knee. "Okay. D'you wanna do this? Because I know I want to. Even with all the weird social shit, I still want to do things with you. Things you or I might not want to do with someone else. Or things we want to find out about first. Like I said before, we can be, like, practice partners."

Derek had to admit to himself that since he'd realized consciously an attraction to Danielle, he'd been curious about the possibilities. Even so … "I think so," he said slowly. "But we gotta be careful. And we need to be totally honest with each other. Remember?"

"Yeah. I remember." Danielle took her hand off Derek's knee. She took a deep breath. "Look, I'm all wound up and shit. I'm gonna lay down for a while, okay?"

"Yeah. I'm gonna just play some games for a while, take my mind off stuff," Derek said as he gestured at the TV screen.

Danielle stood up, then leaned down and planted a quick kiss on Derek's forehead. She smiled wanly and said, "We'll figure it out, okay?"

"We will," promised Derek. Danielle left the room and quietly closed the door.

Even though Derek had thought playing some games would take his mind off things, frankly, he couldn't quite seem to stop feeling a little horny. Maybe, though, he could kill two birds with one stone. He shut the console off, went to his room, grabbed his phone and called Rick. When Rick answered, he said, "Hey. I'm still up for some running. You wanna?"

"Sure. Come on over, then. I'll meet you."

It wasn't long before Derek was jogging in the late evening light, feeling the slightly chilly breeze against his face as he ran, clad now in a T-shirt and knee-length jogging shorts.

About half-way to Rick's, he saw his friend approaching at a jog. They smiled at each other as they came to a brief halt. Derek extended his fist, and said, "Hey. Thanks for comin' out."

Rick bumped fists and casually said, "No problem. Once around the neighborhood should do it, you think?"


When Derek made no move to get started, Rick frowned. "Derek? Running time, huh?"

Derek looked around and leaned in a little closer. "Afterwards, you wanna… y'know?"

Rick's eyes widened, then he grinned. "Now that, I call a good reward!"

"Shut up," Derek said laughingly as he began to jog again.

Rick followed suit, and pretty soon the boys were running flat-out, pausing occasionally to catch breathers.

A half-hour later, the boys were at Rick's house, having practiced more of their running (sometimes sprinting, as relay running required the next runner in sequence to get up to speed quickly). They decided that being as they were in front of the house, they'd call a halt.

Rick noticed his dad's car was gone. "Wonder where he went. Maybe to go see Mom; he said something about figuring out visitation times."

"You really wanna go stay with your Mom?" wondered Derek.

Rick shook his head. "Not really. She's actually kind of busy all the time. I know Dad gives me my own space, too, but with him if I wanna talk to him, or hang out, he's got time for me, you know?"

"That's cool. Mom and Dad don't really have much time for us, me and Danielle, but it's not like they go out of their way to make that happen."

Rick opened the front door with his key and shrugged. "For me, Mom's just obviously busy, y'know, in a way Dad isn't."

Inside the house, the boys kicked their shoes off. Rick said, "I dunno about you, but I'm thinking walking around to cool off would take too much time. Tell you what, I'll run in and use Dad's shower and you can use the one near my room."

Derek, surprised, raised his eyebrows. Rick explained, "The way it's set up, Der, there's two doors for his bedroom. One locks, the other one doesn't. So Dad can lock up his bedroom but leave the bathroom open in case I gotta run in there or something."

"Okay. Got any towels?"

Rick led Derek to the bathroom and opened a little cabinet beside the shower stall. Some fresh towels were inside, and Derek grabbed one. Suddenly, he realized, he had the perfect opportunity to proposition Rick.

He grabbed Rick's shoulder before his friend could leave. "Hey, Rick? You remember what we talked about?"

"Sorry, you lost me. Say that again?"

Derek said urgently, "Remember?" He was almost telepathically trying to get Rick to say it without needing to be forward and ask the question out loud.

Rick's face cleared in dawning realization. "O-o-ooooh! That!" He grinned.

Derek nodded, a little bit nervous about whether Rick would be okay with his idea. He quietly said, "You wanna, um, shower together? It saves water, right?"

Rick laughed. "Somehow, I doubt that about the water! But sure, okay. C'mon, let's do this before we get second thoughts."

Rick closed and locked the bathroom door, and began pulling off his clothes. Derek noticed a kind of hungry look got in Rick's eyes as he removed his own clothes, and found his hard-on was beginning to stiffen very quickly.

At first, Derek reached out, only to have his hand lightly slapped away by Rick. "Ah-ah, not yet. We'll do it inside the shower, after we clean each other up, huh?"

Rick turned to the water taps, letting Derek admire his friend's back, butt, and legs. Rick had well-muscled legs that met a toned butt. He also, Derek noted, had a bit of hair on his legs. Rick finished adjusting the water, turned around, and caught Derek staring.

Derek blushed. Rick waved it off. "Hey, don't worry, man. C'mon, like what you see now?"

Rick's hard-on was at full mast; seeing it made Derek's hard-on get even stiffer. He rasped, "Yeah." After clearing his throat, he said, "We better get in the shower, huh?"

So saying, the boys got into the large shower stall. Rick got under the showerhead first, sighing in relief as the water cascaded over him. Derek gulped at the way the glistening water made him want to reach out and touch every part of Rick. Rick impatiently said, "Hey, shampoo time, huh?"

That snapped Derek to action, as he located the shampoo bottle and had it in his hand. Rick had turned so he was facing Derek, and wiggled his eyebrows as he pointed at his hair.

Derek, his hands shaking slightly, managed to squeeze out a dollop of shampoo without dropping the bottle before he was ready to put it back down, and then reached out hesitantly. Rick nodded, breathing quickly. Derek put his hands on Rick's scalp, rubbing the hair in slowly, running his hands through Rick's hair. Rick closed his eyes. "Mmmm. Feels good, man. Keep doin' that."

After a bit, Derek was massaging the shampoo at the back of Rick's head. "Get my neck, huh?" Rick asked.

Derek let his hands move down, uncertainly massaging the back of Rick's neck. His wrists were beginning to protest a bit, so he said, "Hey, you should probably wash all that off now, okay?"

He let his hands fall to Rick's shoulders and gently pushed Rick under the showerhead, then took his hands off Rick's shoulders (with some difficulty, since Rick's skin felt comfortably warm under his hands and he would have liked to touch Rick some more), reluctantly washing his hands under a stray stream of water that missed Rick's head.

On a lark, Derek grabbed the body wash, and lathered his hands up as Rick stepped out from under the water, his head now clean of shampoo. Rick looked at Derek's hands, then smirked as he said, "Full service, huh? I'll return the favor when you're done. C'mon, time's wasting."

Rick tugged at his erection, moaning quietly in anticipation.

Derek wasted no time lathering up Derek's shoulders and arms, approvingly feeling Rick's muscles. He moved to Rick's torso after doing his friend's underarms, spending some time feeling Rick's chest, enjoying the reaction he got when he rubbed his friend's nipples, just like Danielle had reacted with pleasure the other day.

If he had to contrast them he'd have to say that Danielle's maybe felt a bit larger, and of course she had boobs.

Derek reluctantly let his hands move down Rick's torso, moving over his friend's toned stomach. Running his hands over Rick's body like this was proving to be an exercise in pleasure and agony, because every moment he touched some part of Rick, he wanted so badly to jack off right there.

Derek jerked his head. "Turn around. I'll get your back now."

Obligingly, Rick did so, and Derek began lathering up Rick's back, loving how his friend's strong back felt under his hands. He definitely wouldn't mind learning some massage techniques if it let him do more of this!

All too soon, Derek had to stop. He said, "Hey. Uh, do your legs too, or what?"

Rick shrugged, saying, "Sure. Gimme a sec while I wash off, though."

He got back under the showerhead, and Derek got some more body wash ready to go.

After Rick stepped out, Derek said, "Turn around." He wasn't sure yet if he wanted to wash off Rick's dick or if Rick would call a halt.

He rubbed his hands over Rick's muscular butt slowly, trying to memorize every moment of that touch. Inevitably, however, his hands were finished, and he hesitated near Rick's butt crack. Rick said encouragingly, "S'ok. Do it, buddy."

Derek let his fingers slide between Rick's ass cheeks, slowly rubbing up and down. He brushed his finger over Rick's opening, provoking a gasp. "Don't stick it inside, it'll burn."

Derek cautiously finished up with Rick's ass, then knelt down to begin on Rick's legs. God, those legs, was all Derek could think as he ran his hands over them. Especially his thigh muscles.

Finally, Derek was finished with the back part, and said, "Turn around, okay?"

He hadn't quite moved his head back enough, and was accidentally smacked on the cheek by Rick's engorged penis. Derek stared, then he had to laugh at the ridiculousness of it. His first time, and he got a dick in the face!

But the soaping…

Rick nodded. "C'mon, you know you wanna touch it."

Did he ever! Derek reached out and began lathering up all around Rick's dick, taking gentle care of Rick's balls before finally grasping Rick's member. A groan of delight accompanied that as Derek lathered Rick's rather thick cock. It took all Derek's willpower not to begin masturbating Rick as he took his hand off and said, "Done."

He stood up and rubbed his knee. Shower floors were hard!

By now completely clean, Rick said, "Your turn, man. C'mon, switch places, okay?"

Excited, Derek let the warm water cascade all over him as he tried not to touch himself before Rick got to it. He let his breathing steady out as much as he could before he stepped back a bit, turned around, and said, "Shampoo time."

Rick's answering smile accompanied the amazing feeling of his hands in Derek's hair, massaging Derek's scalp very pleasurably.

Derek reached out, hesitantly putting his hands on Rick's hips to steady himself as he kept his eyes closed to keep the shampoo from getting into his eyes.

All too soon, Rick was done, and the gentle pressure on Derek's chest signaled him to move under the shower head and wash his hair off.

As Derek stepped back out, rubbing the water from his eyes, Rick was already reaching for his shoulders. Rick's expert fingers felt marvellous as they rubbed and scrubbed every square inch of Derek's chest, stomach, and back. Rick's hand running up and down his spine was especially nice; maybe Rick and Derek could massage each other some day? Derek liked the idea, but had to put that aside as the gentle push on his back reminded him to wash off the upper part of his body.

Finally, the lower half.

Derek found his anxiety rising as Rick's hands massaged his glutes. Thankfully, Rick paused before he put his hand between Derek's ass cheeks and said, "Derek? You want?"

"Just… nobody's ever touched me there before," he admitted.

Rick was right-handed, like Derek. Derek felt Rick's comforting hand on his left shoulder, rubbing gently. "Look, you know I'd never hurt you, okay? I promise."

Derek bit his lip. "Okay," he said resolutely. "But slow, okay?"

Rick carefully let his hand slide – slide down the most intimate part of Derek's body. As Rick slowly rubbed, Derek found his sexual energy rising again as his nervousness began to fade away. Rick's finger lightly brushed past Derek's asshole, prompting a frisson of anxious delight through him. Was that, Derek wondered, what Rick had felt?

Derek swallowed, grateful that Rick was now doing his legs. He tried to imagine him and Rick fucking, but somehow it didn't quite have the same thrill as him and Danielle in bed together. But Rick would be able to do one thing Danielle could never do, and Derek found to his amazement that the thought did turn him on a little.

He'd automatically turned around at Rick's guidance, so it was to some surprise that he felt Rick's hands resting on his balls. He looked down and nodded. "Go ahead."

It took all of Derek's willpower not to shoot his load when Rick began lathering up that part of his body. Just Rick's hand stroking Derek's erection a couple of times to lather it had him almost begging to stop. Luckily, Rick was finished, letting Derek wash himself off and get himself back under control.

The anticipation, though, was starting to rise, as he knew what had to come next—

Rick said, "Hey, shut the water off; we don't need it for the next part."

Derek did so, then suddenly felt very foolishly brave. Recklessly, he said, "Kiss me."

Rick, floored, stared at Derek. He gasped, "What?"

"Come on, do it."

Rick's hands quivered as he slowly reached out to put them on Derek's hips. In turn, Derek reached out for Rick's shoulders, and opened his mouth, tilting his head to avoid hitting Rick's nose.

When their lips met, he suddenly knew why Danielle had called their own kiss "sublime". It was as though the planet Earth had suddenly dropped away, leaving only him and Rick together, all by themselves.

Rick was actually a pretty good kisser!

Rick lightly touched Derek's tongue with his own, prompting some tongue-touching as the boys' hands began to wander. Derek pushed his body up against Rick's, rubbing his erection against his friend's.

Finally, the boys had to come up for air. Rick, breathing hard, gasped, "Jesus! Derek, that was..."

Derek, also breathing hard, said, "Awesome as hell?" He put his forehead against Rick's.

"I'll say!" exclaimed Rick.

The boys stepped back from each other, and Rick said, "Wait a sec. I looked up how to do this."

Puzzled, Derek said, "Wha—" as Rick got on his knees, wrapped his hand around Derek's cock, and experimentally began licking it with his tongue. Derek's eyes widened and he could only stare incredulously as Rick carefully engulfed Derek's cockhead in his mouth. The warmth of Rick's mouth, licking and sucking, was too much for Derek and he blurted, "Shit! Rick—oh fuck—" His eyes squeezed shut as his orgasm rocketed through him.

Rick had barely gotten a couple of inches into his mouth when Derek blasted a load of cum down his throat. Surprised, he jerked his head back, only to get several more globs sprayed across his face as Derek tried to avoid collapsing, grabbing the bar bolted to the wall.

Rick was staring in awe at Derek. Derek, for his part, weakly grinned. "Um, sorry about that."

Rick got to his feet and chuckled. "Man, I can't believe I got a face full of your load. Kind of hot, actually. Next time I promise to swallow it all."

Derek couldn't believe it; his dick got slightly harder again at the thought. Then he wondered—

"This may seem weird, Rick, but … can I?"

Hesitantly, Derek moved closer, extending his tongue. Realizing what Derek wanted, Rick nodded slightly. Derek leaned in and licked some of his own jizz off Rick's cheek. He tasted it experimentally, then swallowed. It tasted okay. Emboldened, he leaned in and carefully licked all of his cum off Rick's face, swallowing it all.

Rick said, "Wow. I didn't know you liked your own spunk!"

Derek chuckled. "Neither did I!"

Then, realizing he was leaving Rick high and dry, he said, "Uh, I'm not sure yet I want to give you a blowjob. Is it all right if I jack you off?"

Rick nodded. "Go for it! You have no idea how horny I am right now."

Derek positioned himself so he had his left arm around Rick's shoulders, and reached for Rick's throbbing member. He began pumping, prompting Rick's eyes to close as he let the feelings overwhelm him. All too soon, though, Rick's body stiffened, and he gasped—

Derek felt Rick's penis pulse in his hand as he watched, stunned, as a huge rope of cum splattered across the opposite wall of the shower, followed in rapid succession by several more spurts that coated the wall and floor. The last shot dribbled a sizable glob onto Derek's hand, and he wasted no time licking Rick's essence off it.

Rick's sperm tasted different – a bit sweeter, actually, than Derek's. He began to wonder if he should have tried for that blow-job after all. Maybe next time, he thought to himself.

Rick was sagging against Derek, trying to get his breathing under control. "Shit! I have never come so fucking hard. Not even the last time when we jerked it together."

"Cool. Well, I guess… we should clean up again?"

Rick nodded. "Yeah. Let's make it quick; my dad'll be home any minute if he isn't already."

With that, Rick turned the water back on, and cleaned himself and the shower walls off. Then Derek cleaned himself off, and shut the water off. The boys exited the stall, and Derek got an idea. He reached for a towel off the rack bolted to the bathroom wall, and tossed it over Rick's head. He began drying Rick's hair, prompting the other boy's laughter. "Dude! Come on," Rick said between chuckles.

Derek began gently wiping Rick's face, and said, "You enjoyed that. Admit it."

Rick grudgingly admitted, "Yeah, I guess. Hurry up and do the rest of me, then."

Derek needed no urging to have a chance to touch Rick's body again while drying him off. Before long, he was done, and Rick reciprocated without any urging, leaving Derek with a head of flyaway hair, like Rick's was. Rick wiping off the rest of Derek's body felt nice, though.

Rick quickly combed his hair after that, then said, "You're on your own for hair; you're not touching my comb, man."

Derek grimaced, then ran his hands through his hair to try and force it into a reasonably neat condition as he looked in the mirror to judge his handiwork. Finally, he decided enough was enough and said, "I gotta get dressed."

Rick nodded. As he started putting his underwear on, he grinned and said, "I like your dick, man."

"You do, huh?" bantered Derek as he began putting on his own clothing.

"Yeah. We're, like, the same size. Yours is thick too, like mine. If I could give myself a BJ I bet it'd feel like yours."

"What'd it feel like in your mouth?"

"Kind of… I dunno. It's like sucking and licking a flexible meat sausage, I guess." Rick grimaced. "Not a real great comparison. Honestly? It's kind of neat. You're my first BJ, you know."

"Huh. Well, that's cool of you." Derek said, "Maybe next time I can try it with you?"

"You would? That'd be awesome." Rick grinned. "You just gotta remember not to use your teeth. You kind of try to suck like you would a popsicle stick. All lips, no teeth."

By now, the boys were done. Rick opened the bathroom door and stuck his head out. He looked back and said, "It doesn't sound like Dad's home yet. C'mon out. You wanna stay, play a couple games?"

"Whew, I dunno." Derek thought about Danielle and decided maybe he'd better be home in case she wanted to talk again. It wasn't really fair to her, he thought, that he could do stuff with Rick, but she had no one else to turn to – except for her brother. "I better book. Maybe we can hook up after my date."

Rick nodded. "Yeah, you can tell me all about it."

Derek, by now in the hallway with Rick, frowned. "I thought you thought you were, like, gay?"

"Well, I think mostly. I guess I could bang a chick if she was really into me and I was really into her, but otherwise?" He gestured between them. "Well, you kind of know what I like doing."

"Huh. Well, that's cool. I'm gonna take off, all right?"

"Okay." Rick looked like he was going to extend his fist for a bump, then said, "Would you mind a hug? I know it's, like, all emotional and shit, but I think we're kind of close enough for it." He hesitated, then muttered, "But I'll understand if you don't want to right now."

Derek thought for a second, then figured it wasn't worth worrying about. "C'mere, man." He extended his arms, letting Rick step into his embrace. They wrapped their arms around each other. He rubbed Rick's back and said, "There ya go."

Rick released Derek and said, "Thanks. 'Preciate it. See you tomorrow; just call me, okay?"

"Sure. Seeya."

Derek left Rick's house, noticing that the driveway was still empty, and began walking home, a grin on his face. Sex, Derek thought, was a lot of fun.

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