Derek and Danielle

Chapter Nine

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

As well, this work of fiction depicts sexual activities between teenagers, siblings and otherwise. As such it may be illegal to view this story where you live, and you should cease reading at this point if that is the case.

Sara called Derek that Saturday night. When he picked up the call, he heard her say, "Hey Derek!" in a bright tone.

He thought her voice sounded kind of cute, even through the phone.

"What's up, Sara?" inquired Derek.

"Aw, not a lot. Just calling to ask you where you wanna meet or go to tomorrow. And you said I could call you, so here I am."

"Yeah. Um, I kind of cheated a bit and asked Danielle what you liked." Derek scrambled for the piece of paper Danielle had slipped under his door some time earlier. "She wrote you like the Olive Garden at—just a sec."

"Oh, that's nice of you! Don't worry, I know the address already; did you want to come here first, or I dunno, meet at the restaurant? It's about a ten minute walk from where I live, if you're wondering."

Derek decided. "Why don't I come visit you first? I think maybe your parents're going to want to size me up, aren't they?"

Sara giggled. "It's okay. Just my mom. Her boyfriend's a trucker, and he's away right now. So, what time?"

"Say, eleven thirty?" Derek shrugged, then felt a bit foolish as Sara couldn't see him as he got comfortable on his bed.

"That works." Sara told him the address and then said, "So how's your weekend been so far? Mine's been kinda boring. Just homework and my mom and I figuring out Thanksgiving travel plans; we're gonna try and get a really low airplane rate by booking super-early."

"Cool. We're just staying at my place, my family, that is. Not travelling anywhere." Something occurred to Derek and he said, "I feel kinda dumb asking you this now, but is there any food you shouldn't eat? You know, allergies?"

"You're sweet, Derek." He could swear he could hear the smile in her voice. "No, I'm just really crazy about the salads at the Olive Garden, so I'm glad you're taking me out there. But thanks for thinking about that."

"Okay. Uh, what do you wanna do after, since we're making plans right now?"

"Hmm." Sara began thinking out loud. "How about… no, too far. Um, what about—I've got it! There's a park we could go to afterwards? It'll be nice and quiet."

Derek had the strong impression that if he and Sara had been face to face she would have bitten her lip slightly at that last sentence. He said, "Sure. We'll do that."

Sara had been about to say something else, but a muffled yell in the background cut her off. "Damn! Sorry, Derek, my mom needs my help with something. See you tomorrow?"

"Okay, no prob. See you then," promised Derek.

The line went dead, and Derek shut his phone as well. He decided to plug it into the charger for the night, since he didn't want his phone to go dead at the wrong time.

After double-checking that he'd wrapped up all his English homework, he decided to just veg for a while before going to bed. After all, he had a big day tomorrow.

Derek came down to breakfast to see Danielle already there, eating a bowl of cereal, clad in a large T-shirt and casual shorts. He grabbed an empty bowl and spoon, then sat down at the table to get some cereal.

She looked up, smiled a bit, and said, "Hey. You okay?"

Derek nodded. "How about you? You holding up?" He looked at his sister, trying to see if she was upset or not.

Danielle sighed. "Yeah. I just have to… y'know, not think too much or I end up thinking about all the stuff that could happen."

The siblings got a bad shock as their mother said from the entrance to the dining area, "What stuff, Danielle?"

Derek's hand shook as he tried to pour the milk. He flicked his eyes over to Danielle and saw her spoon shaking just a bit. Her voice a bit strained, she said, "Nothing, Mom. I just was telling Derek why I don't want to date yet."

Rachel came over to the table and patted Danielle on the shoulder. "Honey, are you all right?" She put her hand on Danielle's forehead. She irritably jerked back. "'M fine, Mom. Honestly! Look, I just don't want to get pregnant if I forget my Pill or something, okay?"

Their mother sighed. "Sorry, sweetie. I worry, you know." She moved away as Derek tried to not look nervous, focusing just on eating his cereal. When he overheard the clunk of the coffee canister, he checked to see that Rachel still had her back to them.

He tugged Danielle's arm and mimed wiping sweat off his brow.

She raised her eyebrows and mouthed, "Damn!"

Danielle spooned up the last of her cereal, and cleaned her dishes at the sink. She turned to Rachel, who was just starting the coffee. Derek couldn't hear what Danielle and his mom were talking about, but assumed she needed something that wasn't his business.

Danielle left to go somewhere, probably back upstairs. Derek heard the coffee machine begin to slowly brew the coffee. "Are you okay?" he heard his mom say as she sat down at the table.

He looked up. His mother was looking at him, her expression neutral. He shrugged. "Yeah, fine. I mean, a little nervous about meeting Sara, but nothing else is wrong."

She smiled. "Well, that's good to hear. Make sure you dress well, all right? I don't want my son showing up to meet his girlfriend in rags, you understand?"

"Mom," he whined. "We're not going out steady or whatever you called it that one time. Not yet, anyway."

He had the distinct impression his mom was trying not to laugh. Parents, he mentally groaned.

"We called it 'going steady' when your dad and I first met," she said. "But make sure you clean up and don't embarrass her, and—"

Derek quickly jumped up and took his bowl to the sink. "Yeah, yeah, I get the idea, okay?"

He would probably get 'reminded' of a half million things if he'd let his mom continue. She relented and said, "Fine. I'll back off now, okay?"

Rachel's smile prompted Derek's smile as he said, "Trust me. I'll do okay."

"Better get going, then," as she stood up to get some coffee. Derek escaped the kitchen and went upstairs. It was only about nine in the morning so he still had some time to kill.

As he passed by the entertainment room, he saw Danielle had the Xbox out and was playing a game. He came over, flopped on the couch next to her, and said, "Doing good?"

"You better believe it! I'm wasting the Nazis in this Medal of Honor game."

Derek watched as she finished the St. Nazaire mission, then at the cut scene, she breathed a sigh of relief and set her controller down. "I so thought we were busted downstairs!" she hissed.

Derek licked his lips and looked around nervously. "Tell me about it! Christ, we were lucky."

With an obvious effort at changing the subject, Danielle said, "So what've you got planned with Sara? Do I need to defend her honor, brother?" She mock-punched Derek's shoulder.

Derek chuckled. "Nah. Just lunch and then maybe walk around somewhere, hang out."

"Good," replied Danielle. She leaned in confidentially and said, "Listen, she likes guys who give a little tongue, if you get a chance to kiss. But don't maul her mouth, okay? She had some guy do that and she said it felt like kissing a wet sloppy rag."

"So, kind of like…?" Derek gestured between the two of them, and she nodded, clearly remembering the kiss they'd shared the other day.

"Okay. I think I have the idea then." Derek thought for a moment, then took the plunge. "Listen, my friend Rick? I think he's kinda… into me."

"Really?" said Danielle, a touch enviously.

"Yeah. Last night, we, um…." Derek wasn't sure how to explain it.

Danielle laughed. "God, you horndog, you. What'd you guys do, huh?"

"Wow, someone doesn't know the meaning of TMI," bantered Derek.

She made a 'come on' motion with her hand. "Spill."

"If you must know," said Derek haughtily, "Rick and I shared a shower."

"And?" Danielle shifted to face him more fully.

"Well, he sucked my dick and I jerked him off," admitted Derek.

Danielle whistled. "What's next, an orgy?"

"Hell, no. That'd get so out of hand, and getting busted by someone isn't on my list of things to do, that's for sure."

Sobering up, Danielle said, "Listen, you realize if you date her, like, exclusively, you can't go just fooling around on her any time you want. I hope Rick knows that."

Derek scratched the back of his neck and muttered, "And you and me?"

She paused and thought. She ran her hand through her hair and thought for a few moments. Finally, as though it were being dragged out of her, she said, "I guess we can't make ourselves special cases, can we?"

Derek shrugged. He wasn't exactly sure what he could say or do now.

His sister grabbed the game controller and said, "Well, I'm gonna blow up some Nazis. You can stay or whatever."

Derek stood. "I think I'll get ready."

"Okay." Danielle nodded briefly at him. "Say, make sure you tip decently there, okay? You don't wanna look like a cheapass, all right?"

"Yeah. I got it covered."

"Tell you what, if you need more money, come swing by my room real quick," Danielle said.

"Okay. Seeya later."

Derek left as the next mission started.

Derek, dressed in a light grey long-sleeved collared shirt and his nicest black slacks, stood in front of the door to Sara's house. It was kind of like Rick's: a modest one-floor house with a decent lawn and driveway. It seemed to be pretty spacious. As he waited, he eyed his good black shoes. No scuff marks showed from the walk over.

Sara anwered the door, wearing a blue skirt and a light blue sleeveless buttoned shirt. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail. She had high heels on, and Derek had to struggle not to immediately check out her legs as he smiled and said, "Hey. How's it going?"

"Pretty good. Why don't you come on in, okay?" Sara smiled widely and stepped aside to let Derek in. As she closed the door she lightly put her hand on his arm and said, "C'mere, let's go see Mom."

"Sure," he said as he tried not to look obvious about wiping his hands on his pants. He noticed Sara's shirt showed off her arm muscles quite flatteringly, as she led them down the short hallway to the living room. She sat at one end of a large couch, gesturing to Derek to take the other end.

An older woman, who resembled Sara a bit, walked in carrying two glasses of water. She smiled as she offered one to Derek and said to Sara, "Do you want the other glass?"

Sara shook her head and Mrs. Logan (Derek assumed) sat down in a comfortable chair situated near him. "So, Derek, right?" she asked.

Derek nodded. "Yeah, that's right. Um, Mrs. Logan, or…?" He gestured uncertainly.

"Actually, Ms. Logan. Anyway, so what do you do in school?" She eyed him with some curiosity.

Derek cleared his throat, then took a sip of water. "Well, I'm a track runner, and I'm starting senior school – ninth grade, you know."

"And out of school?"

Sardonically, Derek thought, finding out I like my sister and she likes me, as he twirled the water glass in his hands.

Out loud, he said, "Well, I read a little; I like playing games as well. Like, Xbox and stuff. We have a pool at my house, so I swim for fun, too."

"What about hobbies?"

"Mom," said Sara insistently. Derek looked over at her. She was leaning forward, blushing as she was gesturing at her mother to stop. He had to admit, it was starting to feel a bit like the third degree.

Ms. Logan drank some of her water and then leaned back in her chair. She smiled. "I admit, I remember your grandmother, Sara, asking my prospective boyfriends all these questions and I would be so embarrassed. I'll stop now, I promise.

"Anyway, I just wanted to see who's taking my daughter out on a date. I assume you'll be back before suppertime here? That's at around five or so."

Derek and Sara both nodded. Ms. Logan extended her hand, which Derek shook. "Well, then. Nice meeting you. Have fun and be safe, all right?"

"We will," chorused the teenagers.

At that, everybody in the room began laughing. Derek felt his tension vanish as he put his glass on the side table and rose from the couch. Sara did so as well, and she said, "Just need to grab my purse, okay?"

"Sure. I'll wait for you by the door?" Derek inquired.

Sara nodded and left the room. Derek moved over to the front door as Ms. Logan collected the glasses of water and went somewhere else. Distantly, he heard the slight clatter as the cups were, presumably, deposited in the sink by Sara's mother. He busied himself studying the wood panelling on the door.

Sara's heels clicking on the floor alerted him to her return. She said, "Let's go, huh?"

Derek grinned and opened the door. "After you, of course."

Sara smirked as she exited the house. "Chivalrous, too, huh?"

As Derek left and shut the door, he said, "Well, being nice never hurts, does it?"

"Maybe not. Well, like I said the restaurant's about a ten-minute walk away. We're close to this little mall, the Hycroft – you know it?"

Derek nodded. He'd gone by there a few times, mainly to check out some track shoes at the shoe store.

As the twosome began walking, Derek looked up and said, "Nice day."

Sara nodded. "Yeah, not too bad. Still kinda warm, but not like sweat-through-your-clothes warm."

After a few moments of walking, Derek, looking for a way to keep the conversation going said, "So. Volleyball. How'd you get started?"

Sara launched into a story about seeing people play the game when she was about ten, and being so excited she tried to join in.

"Looking back, I guess most of the teenagers there were more having fun at my expense than having fun with me, since I tripped and ended up losing for the team of girls more often than not. But a couple of them were nice, and kept encouraging me. They were probably tourists, 'cause I haven't seen them since, but that's what got me interested."

Sara reached out for Derek's hand. Pleasantly surprised, he extended his hand, and they locked fingers. She gently squeezed as she said, "So what about you and track?"

Derek went on to talk about how he'd watched races on TV and then read this book about a guy whose major goal as a teenager was to break the five-minute mile.

"I thought the best was four minutes?" said Sara as she frowned, trying to remember.

"Oh, yeah," explained Derek. "But that's, like, people – adults – who've trained for years. Teenagers can't do it, most of us just aren't tall enough so our legs don't have the stride. Plus, we just don't have the experience. My junior school coach explained this to us when one guy asked if we'd be able to do the four-minute mile."

Derek liked the feel of Sara's hand in his as they walked. The conversation began meandering to stories of funny events during team games, and all too soon, they were at the Olive Garden.

Derek let go of Sara's hand as he held the door for her. She walked in ahead of him. He couldn't resist sneaking a peek at the way her skirt hugged her butt.

Sara must have had eyes in the back of her head because when he rejoined her at the "Please wait to be seated" sign, she winked and said, "Like what you see?"

Derek coughed, surprised. He felt all the heat rush to his face as he tried to think of something not too crude to say back. The person coming to them put a halt to Derek's thoughts as he politely said, "For two? Very well. This way."

They ended up with a table near a window, on the side away from the direct glare of the sun. After they sat and got their menus, then accepted the offer of some water, Derek leaned forward over the table to whisper, "You got me with that one!"

Sara smirked. "It's a gift. My mom likes making jokes to her boyfriend when he comes over. She tries to dress up for him and stuff."

"I'll say it's a gift!" replied Derek. He looked around. The restaurant's interior was predominantly dark walnut brown in color, with lighting that wasn't too harsh. The overall atmosphere felt comfortable and relaxing.

Sara giggled. "It's a little embarrassing. Mom purposely dropped a fork in front of him once and I had to kind of make my escape. I'm not sure they really heard me, though. I just did homework in my room the rest of the night."

"My parents aren't really like that. I guess they know it'd just make me and Danielle go 'ew' and stuff."

A different person than the original man who'd seated them came to the table at this point. She said, "Hi. I'm Stephanie, your server. I see you've got some water already; do you want some drinks or are you going to order your food, as well?"

Derek looked at Sara. She said, "Just a Seven-Up, please?"

Derek then ordered a Coke. He flipped open the menu and noticed that the entrée salads were fairly reasonably priced. He spotted the bacon Caesar that Sara was supposedly fond of, then skipped down to the sandwiches. After thinking for a bit about what he could fit within his budget, settled on the toasted BLT.

After they got their drinks, the teens ordered their meals, and then settled in to wait. Luckily, Derek noticed, the restaurant wasn't too busy even though it was Sunday. He assumed there wasn't a church nearby.

"Oh, hey, did you know my cousin tried to teach me to skateboard?" asked Sara.

Derek laughed. "No! Tell me."

Sara launched into the story, complete with near-misses with parked cars, numerous spills onto the pavement, and a general conclusion that she sucked at being able to skateboard anywhere.

"Meanwhile, my cousin Kevin, he's doing all this stuff like he was born doing it. I took him to the skate park and he just tore it up like you wouldn't believe! They have this thing – the half-pipe, I think? Geez, Derek, you should have seen the stunts he pulled." She shook her head in amazement.

Stephanie, the server, returned with the salad for Sara and the sandwich and a smaller salad for Derek. Sara scooped up her fork and took a healthy bite of her salad, and closed her eyes as she chewed. After swallowing, she opened her eyes and said, "I don't know why, but oh my God. This particular salad – I ordered it just out of curiosity last year and it was so delicious. Now, when I come here with Mom and Jim – her boyfriend – I order it each time."

Derek picked up his sandwich and took a bite. He raised his eyebrows and nodded at Sara. She made a kind of questioning thumbs-up, to which Derek enthusiastically responded with a thumbs-up with his free hand. She grinned in response. "If you take me here again, I won't complain, that's for sure," she remarked.

Sara and Derek finished their meals fairly quickly after that, and decided against dessert. When Stephanie brought the bill, both Derek and Sara reached out and grabbed it, prompting a joking argument.

"I asked you out, so I should pay up, right?"

"But it's the 2000s. The guy doesn't have to pay, right?"

"But I want to!"

"Well, so do I!"

Derek, by now wondering if it was going to escalate to an actual fight, said, "Look, what if we split it, but I get the tip, too?"

Sara appeared to be thinking for a bit, then nodded. "Okay. Next time I'll get the tip, though. Fair?"

Derek smiled. "Fair enough."

The two of them paid, and left a decent tip for the server. As they exited into the sunlight, Derek said, "Hey. Um, I forgot to ask if you were gonna bring that story?"

Sara blushed. She giggled nervously and looked in her purse. "Actually, I did bring it, but I wasn't sure how to kind of bring it up with you. How 'bout we go to that park and we'll talk about it?"

It was Derek's turn to extend his hand. "Sure. Let's go, then."

Hands clasped, the teens walked towards the park, which was another five minutes away from Sara's house; they had to cross the street and head into a different residential neighborhood.

A tree-covered passageway opened into the park proper, an expanse of grass with some trees planted here and there for shade. They spotted one tree that had a wooden park bench under it, and made their way to sit down. Derek let go of Sara's hand and sat at the right end, and waited to see where Sara would sit.

His heart started to pound a bit as she sat next to him, their shoulders and legs in contact. He could feel his cock begin to stiffen and frantically tried thinking of anything but that.

Sara rescued him a little when she pulled out some papers from her purse and said, "Here. I typed this up some time ago."

Derek said, "Ok. Um, could I put my arm around you? We can read it together if you want."

"Sure! C'mon, I'll put my arm around you, too, if that's okay." Derek nodded, and she snuggled in a bit closer to him as he put his left arm around her shoulders, her right arm snaking around his shoulders. He held the papers with his right hand, her left hand holding them as well. He silently began reading the story.

He found it was pretty interesting – maybe some cliché elements, but they didn't make him want to wince painfully. He murmured, "flip the page," and kept reading.

In the end, he felt he'd read a pretty half decent story. He said as much to Sara, who smiled, clearly relieved. "That's good. I mean, I don't expect it to be perfect, but if it's a good start maybe I'll send it to an editor. I hear a lot of stories get rejected anyway, though."

Encouragingly, Derek said, "Well, never know – one day you'll write one and you'll get published. Yeah?"

Sara smiled while biting her lip. "I hope so. I really do." She shoved the papers back in her purse.

"How'd you get the idea to do this?"

Sara shifted a bit, letting Derek's hand settle back on her shoulder. He kind of liked how her shoulder muscles felt under the fabric. She, like Danielle and the other girl volleyball players, weren't super-muscled or anything, but they kept in trim.

"Well, it was when I was reading some fantasy novel – probably Mistborn, come to think of it, and I wanted to try something similar. So I began writing these stories in a personal journal of mine. Eventually, I got the nerve to show one to Mom, and, well Mom being Mom said it was nice. I was sort of happy, but I couldn't really be sure until you came along. So thanks, Derek." She kissed him on the cheek.

A little startled, Derek froze, then relaxed. He turned to look into her eyes, and as though that were a signal, they leaned closer, tilting their heads and letting their lips come into contact.

Sara's lips felt nice, and Derek, remembering what Danielle had said, lightly touched his tongue to hers as he tried to follow her lead about how deep he should kiss her.

Although he didn't exactly plan it, his hand wandered to her leg. She made a pleased noise as he touched her, and emboldened, he began running his hand up Sara's thigh.

Derek knew his pants were tenting out a bit, but he couldn't be bothered to care as they gently broke the kiss. Sara brushed a stay lock of hair out of his eye and put her hand on his cheek. "That was nice, Derek," she breathed.

She let her hand settle on his thigh, running her hand along it. Impressed, she said, "Nice legs. Track runner, huh?"

Derek nodded. "Yours are nice, too. But hey, can we have less talk, more kiss?"

Sara pulled Derek's head towards her. "Be my guest."

After about half an hour, Derek concluded making out while not in the dark at a party was nice, but also a lot more frustrating. He was going to have to take care of the 'problem' in his pants pretty quickly when he got home.

He hadn't quite dared a quick trip under her dress in public (although there was only one other person currently in the park, seated under a tree in the far corner), but he'd gotten a couple of chances to touch her breasts, which felt firm and perky under his hands. Mentally, he couldn't help but compare them to Danielle's, deciding that they both felt similar, except for Danielle's somewhat larger breasts and nipples generally.

Sara sighed. "We should probably get home." She ran her hand through his hair. "You're a good kisser, you know."

Derek blushed. "Thanks. This is only like my second time."

"Was I better than her?"

Alarm flashed through Derek as he stammered, "W-who?"

Sara shoved his shoulder playfully. "Oh, come on, did I actually make you forget whoever you kissed before? Boost my ego some more, huh?"

Derek, relieved, realized she couldn't possibly have known about Danielle. He said, "Just some girl at a party. It wasn't very good. It was too dark and we were in a hurry."

Sara stood up. "Well, let's head back, okay?"

Derek ran his hand down her back, travelling down past her waist. When she made no move, he ran his hand down the curve of her butt, squeezing gently. He smiled. "Nice ass."

"Glad you think so. Okay, c'mon, horny boy. Hands off now, huh?"

Regretfully, Derek stood up, carefully adjusting his pants. Sara eyed the sizable bulge, and Derek didn't think she realized she was licking her lips a bit.

He said, "Well, let's go back and make sure your mom is happy you're back on time, right?"

Sara nodded, making sure her purse was with her. She wrapped her arm around Derek's and said, "Lead on, my fine gentleman."

"As you wish, my lady," he responded in the same mock-posh accent.

Sara and Derek parted ways at her house. They decided to talk later on about another date when they had the time, and said their goodbyes with a final kiss.

As Derek walked back, he realized there was a slight stickiness in his underwear from all the precum, and teased himself with thoughts of the people he'd been in intimate contact with the last week: Rick, Danielle, and Sara.

Another half hour brought Derek back home. At the front door, he quickly checked to make sure he wasn't 'showing', then went inside to find the expected welcoming committee in the living room. He quickly said, "It went fine, thanks for asking."

His parents laughed. Danielle smiled.

"Good to hear it," his dad said. He put his hands on his knees and said, "We were just waiting until you got back. Your mom and I are going to meet the consultant again, okay? We're sorry to be rushing off this weekend so much, but it could mean a big contract down the road."

"S'okay," said Derek.

"Yeah," said Danielle. "We'll be fine."

"Now, there's leftover stirfry in the fridge if either of you get hungry," his mom said.

Derek wandered upstairs to his room as he waited for the noise of his parents' car to signal their departure. Sure enough, a minute later, he heard the car start, then vroom off.

As though that were a signal, Danielle knocked on the doorjamb. "How'd it go?"

Derek laughed. "What, Sara didn't call you and regale you with the details already?"

"Busted." Danielle hung her head in mock-despair. "But c'mon, what's your side of the story?"

"Well, lunch was good. We went to this little park after; I read her story."

"Aaand?" prodded Danielle.

Derek smirked. "Oh, a bit of something may have gone on."

Danielle rolled her eyes. "C'mon, Sara told me in graphic detail how much she liked your body. I finally shut her up by saying 'that's my brother, okay?' and she was all like, 'fine, whatever, but he's cute, okay?'"

He frowned. "What about that Jason guy?"

"Pfft. As far as she's concerned, he's like, yesterday's news. So what was it like? Hmm?" Danielle raised her eyebrows expectantly.

"Making out with her was pretty nice," admitted Derek. He sighed. "But I kind of got a problem I need to take care of."

"I can imagine." Danielle fidgeted a bit. "Look, could I ask to watch you? You know?"

Surprised, Derek replied, "Uh, I guess. Why?"

"I'm just… I dunno, really curious. I've never seen a boy masturbate. I was kind of thinking about it today and I couldn't get it out of my mind, and you came home all horny from being with Sara. I mean, I'm sure Mom and Dad ignored it, but I couldn't help but get kinda turned on seeing your lips still a bit puffy from all the kissing you guys did."

Derek found his dick was pulsing with need even more now, and finally roughly said, "Okay, you can watch. I gotta do this now."

He unbuttoned his shirt, tossed it on the nearby chair, then whipped off his pants and underwear in one motion. He looked up and saw Danielle's jaw drop as she stared at his erection. "Jesus! How big is that? I mean, I felt it before, but seeing it – whoa!"

Derek shrugged. "Never measured. We can now, if you want?"

"Hell yes, let's measure your cock, Derek."

A bit thrown by Danielle's stridency, he watched as she rummaged through his desk drawer and pulled out a ruler. His prick felt like it got even stiffer as Danielle came over and stood beside him. Derek accepted the ruler and carefully laid it exactly side-by-side with his penis. He followed the numbers, and had a little surprise when he read off the results. "Almost eight inches? Is that right?"

"Hey, you've got the damn ruler."

Derek whistled. "I kinda had the idea other guys had smaller dicks, but it didn't really kind of click in my head, you know? I read somewhere the average is like six, and I figured it was just bang-on average."

Danielle shook her head. "And I can't even tell people what a huge dick my brother has."

"Hey. Don't knock it, Danielle. You've got some pretty big tits, yourself. Now imagine me telling my buddy Rick I think sis has big knockers."

She looked down in surprise, and then nodded. "Yeah, guess you're right. I mean, I kind of knew in my head they were? And guys like to stare when they think I'm not looking. But hell, look at Tricia Rand, remember her last year? Boobs out to here. And she's in our school again this year."

"Hmpf. Anyway, I gotta jack off, like now." Derek laid out on his bed cover, propped a pillow behind his forehead and began tugging at his engorged cock. He closed his eyes and imagined Sara's body – how firm her legs and ass felt, the way she kissed…

Unbidden, the images in his head shifted, picturing Danielle instead. He was imagining her taking her shirt off, pulling him to her bed – he was on top of her, her legs spread as she begged him to slide inside of her…

His need rose higher, and he could feel himself falling over the edge—

"Oh, fuck! I'm cu—" Derek's speech was reduced to loud incoherent grunts as he sprayed a geyser of cum over his head, wetly smacking the wall. The next few blasts covered his chest and stomach, and as his orgasm petered out, he lay back, stunned, breathing heavily.

Danielle entered his field of vision, her jaw agape. "That's the way it works? And jacking off makes you come that hard?"

"I wish. This is a special case, you know. I was just so wound up from today, I had to let it loose somehow."

"And how!" Danielle looked around for a towel. "We better clean your wall before it sticks. Just stay in your bed. I'll wipe that stuff off."

Derek let his head fall back to the pillow as Danielle made short work of his deposit on the wall. She wrapped the towel up so she could pick it up later, and tossed it to the floor near the doorway.

"Thanks. God, it felt like I was being slammed into the bed!" Derek ran his finger through his fluids on his chest, and licked, tasting experimentally. His flavor seemed a bit different.

"The hell?" blurted a shocked Danielle.

"Oh, hey. Um, sorry about that," he said bashfully. "I, uh, kind of got converted when I got the impulse to lick my jizz off Rick's face."

"That's interesting," mused Danielle. "Could I…?"

He said, "Sure."

She came over, tentatively traced a finger through the slightly sticky fluid on Derek's chest, and licked it. Her eyes widened, and she said, "That's actually not bad. I always had the idea swallowing some guy's cum would be gross, but I gotta admit, it's not a bad flavor."

"I dare you to lick all the cum off me, then," Derek said.

"And if I do?" Danielle smirked.

Derek wondered what he would do for Danielle he wouldn't normally, and she ended up taking the decision out of his hands as she said, "You have to shave my legs for me one day."

"That doesn't sound so bad."

"It will when you realize how careful you have to be. Or you'll nick my skin." Danielle smirked. "And it will take a while."

Derek groaned. That sounded so boring. Sitting there, having to shave his sister's legs? Even getting to touch them repeatedly wouldn't be much of a reward, since he wouldn't be able to relieve the hard-on he'd get until later.

But he said, "Fine. Deal."

Danielle wasted no time getting on the bed and running her tongue along Derek's stomach and chest. He actually found it pretty hot, and wondered if this was why people used whipped cream sometimes.

A few erotic moments later, Danielle was done. She swallowed the last bit, and leaned in to kiss Derek on the mouth. Tasting himself on his sister's tongue was like an electric jolt to his hard-on, which began to stiffen again.

When they broke the kiss, Derek said, "Can I see you get yourself off, Danielle?"

She grinned. "C'mon, let's change rooms."

Derek realized he and his sister were going to have a very interesting night.

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