Do it to my Daughter.



I'm in my therapist's office. He's trying to treat my flying phobia, without much success. "How are you doing?" he asks. His name's Larry and he's a family friend. I've known him for years.

"I'm worried about my daughter," I say. Penny, is ten and though I say it myself, the most beautiful girl in the world. Of course, I would say that, I'm her dad.

"I thought she was fine, straight A's and happy," he says.

"She is fine. Thing is, she's been in the habit of showing off, and it's kinda getting out of control."

"How d'you mean, showing off?"

"Her underwear. She's always displaying her panties."

"Little girls do that. It's not unusual."

"But she's doing it all the time."

"Does it bother you?"

"Well. . ." I hesitate. This isn't going to be easy to talk about. "I kinda enjoy it. I know that sounds weird, but I'm starting to feel that she's sexy, even though she`s only ten. I must be some kind of pervert."

He laughs. "Relax, Tony. I've been sharing intimate stuff with lots of guys for years now, and just about all of them like looking up the skirts of young girls. You're not in any way unique. All men are into schoolgirls, believe me. I like `em myself."

"This all started about a year ago, when I suggested that every morning, in the shower, she should push her soapy finger up her vagina, and then up her butt and then she'd never have any nasty stains on her panties. One morning after her shower, she said it had hurt and there was some blood. I asked her to let me see and she sat on the toilet lid with her legs apart and I spread her pussy lips to take a look. She didn't seem to mind at all, and sure enough, she'd broken her hymen. I couldn't resist the opportunity to push my own exploring finger up there asking her if it still hurt. I suddenly realized my heart was pounding and I was getting a huge hard on, so I backed off and told her to get dressed. I've tried to put that incident out of my mind but the memory keeps creeping back, and I feel guilty."

"Do you think it had a lasting effect on her?"

"Only that her panties at the end of the day are just as blinding white as when she put them on." He grins. "But she's so young, still a child," I add.

"At ten, she's growing up fast. She's probably aware that you like looking at her and she's playing into it. You're no pervert, no more than anyone else."

"But I feel so fucking guilty."

"You should feel guilty if your actions hurt someone else, but is she showing any embarrassment, any reluctance? Is she still close to you?"

"Closer than ever, always hugging and kissing me. Especially since the wife left us."

"Enjoy it while it lasts. She'll soon be a teenager, into boys, and she'll drift away from you. Does she show off in public?"

"That's part of the problem. The other day we were in the park and she was hanging upside down from the monkey bars. Her dress fell, exposing everything and it`s not the first time she`s done it. There were several dads there with their kids and they were all staring at her."

"Did you feel threatened?"

Again I hesitate. "This is gonna sound weird. No, in fact I felt that they were paying her, and by extension, me, a compliment. I felt. . .I guess I'd call it pride."

"Can you picture the same scene, Penny hanging upside down and nobody looking?"

I laugh. "Inconceivable."

"Of course. How could they not look? I'd look. My eyes would pop out of my head. Let them look. Just keep her safe. There's only one rule: don't let her get hurt. The instant she shows the slightest discomfiture or reluctance, just apologize and back off. She'll be fine. You're no pervert, Tony, no more than any other red-blooded male."

I'm not sure if he understands how pervasive the problem has become so I invite him over for dinner next Friday. "You can see for yourself."

"So I get to see Penny's panties?" he asks, with a smile.

"Sure. I trust you."

"I can't wait!"

* * *

It's Friday, early evening, and Penny has done her homework. Larry has just arrived and we're sitting on the couch in my living room. He's known her since she was a baby and she likes him a lot. They're talking about her school friends. "All the kids in my class are into computer games and spend all day texting each other. They're so boring, and the older guys aren't interested in younger girls."

"So does that mean you're a bit of a loner?" asks Larry.

"I guess so," she says, then turns to me, "but I've got my Daddy." Larry smiles. "He's cool," she adds. She's sitting sideways on the couch in her school uniform, her back to one of the arm rests, her knees up under her chin. We can both see the crotch of her white cotton panties, and I'm sure she knows it. "I'm gonna get changed," she says, standing up.

"What you gonna wear?" I ask.

"What would you like, Daddy?"

I'm tempted to say "nothing" or "how about just your underwear?", but I say, "What about that yellow gingham?" She knows I like it, because it's very short and in the right light you can see her panties through it.

"O.K." She leaves the room.

"I see what you mean when you said she likes to show off," says Larry. "She sure doesn't mind me staring at her panties. Are you O.K. with that?"

"I'm fine. I'm proud to have such a sexy little girl."

"I can see how you enjoy looking at her. She's certainly got me interested." Penny comes back in her yellow dress. It's sleeveless, with a collar and a V neck and buttons all the way up the front. She still has on her white ankle socks but her sneakers are now gone. She goes and stands over by the window, the sunlight shining through her dress and we can see the exact shape of her body.

Larry says, "I've got an idea, Penny. Come over here." She steps up to him and he unfastens the bottom three buttons of her dress. "Now turn around." He reaches round her, takes hold of the bottom corners of her dress, brings them back around her hips and fastens them behind her. Then he put his hands on her hip and spins her back round. The dress is open in an inverted V up to her waist, exposing her white cotton panties.

"What do you think, Tony, does that look hot or what?"

I'm amazed, firstly at his boldness, but more so at how lewd she looks, exposing her underwear for us to see. "Fantastic!" I say. "You look really sexy, Penny." She gives me a big smile and comes and sits on my knee. I give her a kiss on the lips. "Sweetheart, I've got to go and finish cooking dinner. Sit on Larry's lap and let me get up." She sits sideways across his thighs and puts her arm round her neck and he puts his arm round her waist. I get up and go into the kitchen, where a big pot of chili is simmering. I start to slice vegetables for a salad when I realize that I have a huge hard on and my pulse is pounding. My daughter is sitting on my friend's lap and he probably has his hand up her skirt by now. The idea is tremendously exciting and I feel a bit dizzy. Thinking about Larry and Penny is hotter than looking up her skirt. I must be a real fucking pervert. I linger as long as I can in the kitchen, looking for things to do, so as to give Larry time alone with her. When I finally return to the living room, I have to put my hand in my pocket and hold down my erection. She's fallen backwards on the couch, her knees slightly parted across Larry's thighs, her dress rucked up so we can see all of her panties. He has one hand high on her thigh. I give him a smile to let him know it's O.K. "Let's eat," I say, and she rolls of the couch and stands. I can see Larry's hard-on inside his pants. Penny must have been able to see and/or feel it. I don't mind a bit, in fact my pulse starts up again.

We're sitting at the kitchen table, tucking into my tasty chili when Penny drops a big blob of it on the front of her dress. She takes a spoon and scrapes it off, but it leaves a big brown stain. "You need to take care of that before it dries," I say. "Take your dress off and put it in the washing machine. Set it to cold wash." Larry and I stare at her as she undoes the three remaining buttons, opens the dress wide and lets it fall off her shoulders. In just her panties, she's exquisite. I look at Larry and his eyes are popping out of his head. I start getting that excited feeling again as Penny goes into the utility room.

"Fuck me!" he says, his voice hoarse with emotion. "I think I'm falling in love."

I smile at him. "You see what I mean about showing off. She never misses a chance," I say. "That chili thing was probably a deliberate stunt, not that I mind." Penny comes back and sits back down. "If I spill any more, you guys can just lick it off me," she says. I'm a bit shocked at this, but Larry just laughs.

After dinner Larry and Penny go back into the living room while I take my time doing the washing up. My cock gets hard again when I think what he might be doing to her. When I do join them, she's lying on her back on the couch, her head in Larry's lap. If he has a hard on, and how could he not, she can hardly miss it. I give them an approving smile, and sit at the other end of the couch with Penny's calves across my thighs. I look down to where her panties are pulled up tight into her crack, giving us a perfect camel-toe. We can see the shape of her pussy perfectly. Larry's looking too. I start to massage her feet, and Larry gives me a questioning look. I glance down at her thighs and back at him and he gets the message. He puts his hand just above her knee and slides it up and down. She lets out a contented sigh. After a while, he starts to stroke her tummy. I've done this often and it seems to send her asleep. I put my own hand on one of my nipples and look at Larry. He smiles, puts his hand up her dress and starts gently caressing Penny's unformed boobs. Her eyes are closed. My cock is unbelievable hard, tenting my pants and Larry can see this.

At one point, Penny gets up and goes for a pee. "She's driving me crazy," says Larry, looking down at the bulge in his pants.

"Me, too."

"Are you O.K. with this? I mean touching her and everything?"

"Until she shows any reluctance, yes. I'm getting off, watching you. I must be some sick fucker."

"Not bit, Tony. Enjoy it while it lasts." Penny comes back and lies down again, this time her head on my lap, her cheek against my hard-on. I've given up trying to conceal it. She closes her eyes and I stroke her chest and kiss her on the lips. I let the kiss linger, more like a lover than a dad. Larry, who's arranged her legs across his, strokes her thighs, his hand going up to the edge of her panties. If he touches her any higher, I don't think I'll stop him. Penny can do that if she wants. The tension is killing me, and half of me wants Larry to feel her crack and the other half feels guilty, but not very guilty. I'm kind a hoping he will, but he's hesitant. Finally I say, "It's bath time."

"But I wanna watch my show," she says. She's referring to some mindless reality TV that passes for entertainment these days.

"There'll be time after your bath," I say.

"Will you come and soap my back?" she asks. Does she think I might actually say `no'?

"Of course, honey. We'll be in in a minute."

She goes into the bathroom and Larry lets out a huge sigh. "I think my cock's gonna burst," he says, and I laugh.

"Me, too." We go into the bathroom where the tub is filling. She doesn't seem to mind that Larry's there. She pulls her panties down to her knees and sit on the toilet and takes a pee. The sound of her tinkling water is getting me going again. She's smiling at Larry as though peeing in front of a non-family member is nothing extraordinary. Larry's transfixed and his erection is obvious, as is mine. Penny doesn't bother wiping herself, but just steps into the tub and slowly sits down, her knees under her chin. Then she slides down until her head rests against the top of the tub. Then her knees fall apart, showing off her pussy. Larry's jaw drops and he's practically drooling. I can feel precum oozing out of my dick and I can't let this moment go unrecorded. I slip out of the bathroom, run to the den and get my camera. Back in the bathroom, I stand at the foot of the tub and take aim. "Smile, Penny," I say, but she's already got a big grin on her face. I take four of five shots of her, lying there, legs splayed invitingly. "Is it O.K. if I email these pics to Larry?" I ask.

"Of course it's O.K. Do you think I'm pretty, Larry?"

"You're stunning," he says. "The sexiest girl I know." She giggles at this. She sits forward and I hand the soap and sponge to Larry.

"You do it," I say. He soaps her from neck to the top of her butt, clearly excited. Then Penny takes over and soaps her own chest then lifts up her hips and sponges between her legs. I feel like I'm going to cum. Finally she steps out of the tub and Larry grabs a big bath towel and wraps her in it. Then, as I stand watching and smiling, he rubs her all over, arms, legs, body and finally a couple of quick passes between her thighs. Then she wraps her hair in a smaller towel, and proudly naked, walks into her bedroom. We watch through the open door and she pulls her nighty from under her pillow and puts it on. She has two, this one is white, the other, pale blue. It's perfectly see-through, absolutely sheer and hides nothing.

We all go back into the living room to watch her show. We sit on the couch and Penny lies face down on the floor just in front of the TV. We're not looking at the screen, we're staring at her exposed butt and we can just see her crack. Larry is gripping his cock through his pants. We spent the next hour just gazing at my lovely near naked daughter, and I'm getting more excitement from the fact that Larry is there than from her nakedness. When the show ends, we all go into her bedroom and she climbs into bed. I give her a goodnight kiss on the lips, even longer than before and invite Larry to give her a kiss, too. He leans over the bed and touches his lips to hers. I can see her responding, and wonder if there's tongue involved. I kinda hope so. Larry breaks away, and we say "goodnight" and leave.

Back in the living room, we collapse on the couch. "Holy fucking shit!" says Larry. "She's such a sexy little tease. Look at this cock. It's like an iron bar."

I simply can't help myself, so sexually aroused as I am. I reach out and take hold of it. Larry doesn't try to stop me, but says, "If we're gonna have sex, I can't be your therapist."

"Then I'll just have to stop paying you. You can take it out in trade."

"With you or Penny?" he asks.

"Both, Larry, both." We laugh and I pull his pants down.

Minutes later in my bedoom, we're naked, head to tail, sucking each other's dicks. I never though Larry was bi, but he sure is eager. "I need you to fuck me," I groan and hand him the lube from the bedside table. I lie on my back, thighs up to my chest and he pushes his glorious hard cock up my ass. It's been too long since I was last fucked and I realize how much I've missed it. He's pounding my ass and I'm telling him how good it feels. For a moment I relive that instant when Penny, in the tub, spread her legs for Larry to see and the memory is so arousing that without touching myself, I cum all over my chest and stomach. Seconds later, Larry cums in my ass, and we both lie back to catch our breath, two very happy guys. We talk about my sexy daughter for a while, then Larry showers and goes home.

* * *

It's the following morning. I step into the bathroom, dressed in just my boxers, with my usual morning hard-on. Penny, who never locks the door, is just stepping into the shower. I stand at the toilet and take a much needed piss. "Come and join me, Daddy. I can soap your back." I step into the stall and slide the door shut. "Wow, your dick is hard," she says, staring at it.

"It's always like that in the mornings."

"It was hard last night, wasn't it. And Larry's, too."

"That's what you get for showing off your panties and getting naked, and showing off your bare butt while you watched TV. That's what we guys like, and we get hard."

She takes the soap and sponge and starts on my back and down to my butt. I wonder if she's going to wash my dick. I feel her hesitate, and then her hand goes round my hip, across my stomach and grasps my rigid cock. She gives it a dozen or so strokes, bringing me to the edge of orgasm, then hands me the sponge.

"Do me," she says, and I smile, thinking about those two words.

As I soap her I ask, "Do you still wash your pee-pee the way I showed you?"

"Yes, but you can do it today if you like." Wow, I'm in heaven. I get my hand all soapy and put it between her legs and slide my middle finger all the way in. "Your finger's bigger than mine," she says. I push it in and out until I can no longer pretend that I'm washing her, then I take it out and put my other hand on her butt hole. I feel her relax and I push my finger in and do the same fucking motion. Then I take it out and wash my hand thoroughly. "I bet Larry would like to do that," she suddenly says.

"I'm sure he would. You like Larry, don't you?"

"I do. I like him a LOT!"

"He likes you a lot, too. He liked seeing you in the tub."

"With my legs apart?" She laughs. "I thought he would."

"We both liked it. You're a very sexy girl, Penny."

"Is he coming over again?"

"I'm gonna call him as ask him to come after work."

"Yippy! Do you think he'll wanna take a shower?"

I laugh. "You wanna soap his back, don't you? And maybe wash his dick, too."

"Is it as big as yours?"

"Exactly the same size."

"How do you know?"

"I've seen it. After you went to bed, last night."

"Did you play with it? Did he play with yours?"

"He did."

"Like this?" She takes hold of my cock and starts to stroke it, this time a lot quicker. I reach down and put my hand between her legs, but then, before I can properly arouse her, I shoot a big load of cum on to her chest and stomach.

"Oh, that's awesome!" she says.

"Sorry about that, Penny."

"No problem, Daddy. When you squirt on me like that, it just means that you love me, doesn't it?"

"I love you more than I can say, my darling."

We rinse off and towel ourselves dry. I follow her into he bedroom and watch as she puts her white panties on. "This is my reverse strip-tease, Daddy. Enjoy the show." She dons her cami top, blouse and lastly, her uniform skirt. She sits on the bed, knees up, putting her white socks on, giving my that Oh-so-sexy look up her skirt. Having just cum, my cock is still soft under towel round my waist, but I still enjoy the display.

When she leaves to catch the school bus, I lie on my bed, thinking about her. I feel quite guilty about fingering my own daughter. Somehow I know I wouldn't feel so bad if it'd been Larry doing it. Then it wouldn't be incest, it would just be child fondling which isn`t so bad. I picture Larry fingering her, while she strokes his hard dick. My cock gets stiff again, and I stroke it. I wonder what she'd think if she could see me.

* * *

It's lunch time, and I call Larry. "Got a minute?" I ask.

"For you, always."

"Penny and I were talking this morning in the shower."

"You were in the shower with her? You lucky fucker!"

"I put my finger in her pussy. She seemed to like it. And she was looking at my hard cock. She likes cocks, Larry. By the way, I think she has a bit of a crush on you."

There's a pause. "I don't wanna do anything to hurt her," he says.

"I know that, Larry. As long as you don't break her heart. Just do whatever you can to make her happy."

"She made my happy last night. So did you, you sexy hunk. When am I gonna get to fuck you again?"

"How about tonight?"

"I'll cancel my last appointment and get over there about four, O.K?"

"Perfect. Penny will be glad to see you."

"Not half as much as I will be to see her. Will she be wearing those white panties?"

"I don't let her wear anything else."

"You're my fuckin' hero."

* * *

Penny's home when Larry arrives. He parks in the driveway and she runs out and throws her arms round his neck and her legs round her waist, and kisses him on the lips. His hands are on her butt, under her skirt, and as she slides down, her skirt rides up, showing her white panties. Both of them are obviously aware of this and they just smile at me. We go inside. "Let's go swim," I say,

"I don't have my swimsuit," says Larry.

"We don't bother about that," I say. "We just skinny dip." My pool has a high fence which affords perfect privacy. I grab some towels from the closet and my camera from the den. Out in the backyard Larrry sits on a chaise and watches as Penny squats to take her shoes and socks off. With legs wide apart, she's showing acres of white cotton and I click off half a dozen shots. She smiles at me, stands and lets her school uniform skirt drop and steps out of it. I continue to take pictures and she does the reverse of this morning's exhibition, unbuttoning her blouse to reveal her little white cami, then pulling her panties down to mid thigh.

"Da-dah!" she sings, legs apart, arms wide open.

"Fuck me, what a vision!" says Larry. He's almost drooling. I take pics as fast as the camera will let me. Penny slowly pulls her cami over her head and shakes her hair free, then fingers her nipples, provocatively. Then she brings her legs together and her panties fall to her ankles. She steps out of them, and stands there, looking at us. I drop my pants, pull my shirt off, and watch as Larry drops his pants. He looks so hot in his white briefs, bulging at the front with his erection. He hesitates.

"Get `em off," I say. "Penny's dying to see your stiff dick." He pulls his briefs down and shows off his big dick. Penny's staring at it, hungrily. I take some picks of him, then drop my boxers, showing off my own cock.

"You guys are a couple of dirty old men," says Penny.

"We are," I say, and we all jump in the pool.

Five minutes later, I'm sitting on a lounge while Penny does some naked posing for the camera. Larry stands nearby and watches her intently. I get some nice close-ups of her wide open thighs, her pretty little pussy on show. Our cocks are still rigid, despite having been immersed in cold water.

"Sweetheart," I say, "why don't you come and sit beside me and do to Larry what you did to me in the shower this morning?"

"I thought you'd never ask," she says and sits down.

"Step over here, Larry. Penny wants to stroke your dick." His iron hard cock is practically poking her in the face as she reaches up and takes hold of it. I work the camera as fast as I can, getting dozens of close ups of his dick, her hand and her eager smile. She enthusiastically jerks his cock, rolling his foreskin right back and then forward again. At one point she kiss the tip of his dick and I think she's going to take it in her mouth, but no, she just continues pumping it.

"I'm gonna cum soon," says, Larry.

"Careful, sweetie, he'll cum on your face." She ignores me, continuing to work on his cock, inches from her face and then a stream of cum arcs out and lands on her cheek. She doesn't flinch. More squirts land on her nose and chin, and the last few on her chest.

She laughs. "Wow, Larry, you were horny, weren't you." She puts the tip of his dick in her mouth and milks the last few drops, then licks her cheek as far as her tongue will reach. "Mmm, cum doesn't taste bad, Daddy." I'm speechless, on the edge of orgasm myself. My heart feeling as though it will burst. I've never been so excited in my life. The camera caught it all, the perfect cum shot on my daughter's face. I'll be jerking off to that picture for the rest of my life.

I know what I'm going to do with these pictures, at least the ones of her undressing and in her undies, and the more innocent naked ones. I'll get swamped with emails, with comments like "I'd love to finger/lick/fuck/fondle/fill-in-the-blank her" which will really turn me on. I'll send replies like "You should see the ones I didn't dare publish. Today my fuck-buddy friend came on her face and I've attached a pic. Feel free to wank yourself silly." Guys all over the world will be jerking off to visions of my daughter and the thought of it gives me a feeling of pressure in my chest and my pulse is racing.

We dress in our underpants and go indoors. Larry and Penny are in the living room while I cook dinner again, and just like yesterday, I hope he's doing something kinky to her. When I eventually get into the living room, he's sprawled on the couch and she's sitting on his hips, her panties rubbing the bulge in his briefs while she plays with his nipples. "Let's go eat, guys."

After dinner, back in the living room, we're all sitting round admiring each other. I'm kinda getting used to seeing Penny in her panties, but the sight of Larry, hard in his briefs has my attention. Penny can hardly take her eyes off him, and at one point, tries to pull his underpants down.

"Not allowed!" I call. "You're only allowed to use your teeth." He stands in front of her as she tries to pull his briefs down with her teeth. She grips the waistband, but it keeps snapping back. Then she pulls one side, then the other and eventually his cock pops out. She kisses the tip and puts her lips over the end. I'm clicking the camera frantically, getting it all on record. Then she goes back to tugging down his underpants and they fall to his ankles.

"My turn," says Larry and he sits her down on the couch and kneels between her legs. He manages a little better and soon her panties are at mid thigh. I can smell the aroma of sex coming off her. When her panties reach her ankles, Larry buries his face between her thighs, and I jump around, trying to get all the tongue action on camera. Her head is thrown back, her eyes closed and she's loving it. I can see his tongue working on her slit, probing and sliding up and down it and working on her little clit. I lean in for some ultra close-ups. He comes up for air, his face wet with her pussy juice. Penny's hand goes down and grips his cock, pulling him towards her. I smile at him, knowing what's coming. She puts her hands on his butt, and I reach in, take hold of his dick and guide his it so the tip is against her slit.

"Do it to her, Larry. Fuck my daughter."

I've never been so turned on as I watch his dick slowly penetrate my lovely little girl, and it`s all being recorded. Her legs are spread as wide as they will go and she's gasping with excitement. How much will she be able to take? He pulls out a little way, then gently pushes in again, repeating the action until his cock is buried inside her to the hilt. His teeth are clenched, his eyes shut as I stare at my daughter's cunt being fucked by my friend. In and out he goes, faster and faster. I pull my own underpants off and position my cock just above her face and grab the camera again. I point it at her face as she opens her mouth and suddenly, I'm over the top, shooting a huge load of cum on her face, my finger clicking the camera. Some lands on her extended tongue, some in her hair, most on her cheek. Then, with a grunt, Larry cums, ramming his dick violently into her. Her body shudders and I'm hoping she's cum too.

My lovely ten year old daughter has lost her virginity, while I watched. I guess I've come a long way in a few days, from a guilty dad who thought about touching his little girl, to an obsessed pervert who likes to watch her being fucked by somebody else. This can't be normal. I'll have to get a new therapist to help me with this problem.

I wonder if I can find one who likes little girls. It shouldn't be hard.



The End.

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