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Friday After School
Andy Mann

Man I love Friday's. It's the end of the school week, and other than football on Sunday afternoon, I've got the whole weekend free. I've only got a little bit of maths and geography homework and as they are my two best subjects, I can leave them until tomorrow and get through them easily.

I say bye to my mates Andy and Liam as I turn down my street and head for home. Home. It's just my Mum, Dad and me. My folks are in their forties, Dad is forty six and Mum forty nine. They had me late in life, having tried for years but nothing until they had given up and on a romantic week in Venice, I was conceived and here I am twelve years old, enjoying life and ignoring the idiots at school who try to take the piss cos my folks are a lot older than theirs.

Me? I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Danny. Mum says that I'm cute, but don't all mothers? I'm around average height, about 4 foot 8 inches (142cm) and 80lbs (37kg) soaking wet. I love my ginger hair, even though it gives the bullies another thing to have a go at me about, but I think it makes me stand out from the crowd. My green eyes sparkle so I'm told by the girls who want to be my girlfriend, and I'm finding it more and more difficult to ignore Katie Hastings, who is like THE prettiest girl in my year. I was told by Lucy Green that Peter Dixon told his girlfriend Janet that I had the biggest dick in our swim class and she told her best mate Katie and now Katie wants to go out with me! Life is hard!!

So here I am, opening the front door and dumping my school bag in the hallway, kicking off my new black shoes that still hurt my feet. My grey socks nearly came off as well, but stayed on, just, so I reached down and pulled them up. I took off my purple school blazer and hung it on the bottom of the banister, leaving me in my white shirt, purple, black and yellow tie and grey trousers.

"MUM! DAD! I'M HOME!" I yell out, knowing that they should be around somewhere. The cool thing about my parents being older when they had me is that they have made a real success of themselves and my Mum now only has to work part time and my Dad owns his own security alarm business so always takes Friday afternoons off.
"We're in the front room Danny," I hear my Dad shout. "Why don't you come on in?"

I shrug to myself and go to the lounge to say hi, as I normally do when I get in from school. As I walk in, I was surprised to see that my Uncle Harry, Auntie Jackie and two other couples were sat around on the sofa and chairs, with glasses of various drinks in their hands.

"And here he is," Uncle Harry says to the others. "Here you go Danny, here's a coke."
"Thanks Uncle Harry," I say, taking the glass of pop.
"Come and sit down over here, Danny," my Auntie said, patting the seat by the side of her.

I did, being the polite young kid that I was. I was introduced to the others, them being Sam and Diane who are customers of my Dad's and Jeff and Helen, who are my Aunt and Uncle's neighbours. They all looked to be around the same age as my parents, and I guessed that I was going to have to play the `trophy boy' routine for a while to please my folks. It's something that they like me to do every now and then. I think that they are so happy that they did finally have me, that they show me off whenever they get the opportunity.

"Well he is a little cutie isn't he," said the blonde haired Diane, leaning over as if she was going to pinch my cheeks.

I leaned away from her to avoid it, but that pushed me into the ample bosom of my Auntie. Oh yeah, Auntie Jackie is a fairly big woman. Not overly fat, but you know she is in the room. Her breasts though are huge. The only way I can describe them is that they are like two footballs stuffed down the front of her bra. She laughed as I bounced against them and she let her hand and arm worm around my torso and held me against her by my belly.

I was told to drink up, and as I'm not normally allowed coke as it sends me a bit hyper, I drank the whole glass in two gulps before my Dad realised what Uncle Harry had given me. I grimaced slightly as the coke had a bit of a harsh kick to it, and as my Uncle took my glass off me to refill it, I saw him pour in the coke and top it up with a big measure of my Dad's vodka. He handed it me back and I glanced at my parents, wondering if they had seen what my Uncle had done. My Dad was grinning at me and nodded as if to tell me to take another drink so I did.

We sat chatting about football, their work and my school work for the next twenty minutes or so, and I started feeling lighted headed after my Uncle, Jeff and my Dad refilled my glass a couple of times each. I started to feel warm and reached up to loosen my tie.

"Are you warm honey?" my Mum asked.
"Uh huh," I answered, not sure if I could actually say yes I am.
"Well why don't we make you more comfortable," she said. She had been sitting on the floor, next to Diane, and moved over towards me on her knees.

Mum knelt in front of me and undid my tie and threw it to one side. My Auntie hugged me back towards her, rubbing her hand on my belly. I was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable, as the feeling of it was starting to make me go hard. I felt her pull the bottom of my shirt out of my trousers and suddenly her hand was underneath the material and was rubbing against my flesh.

I looked up at her, my eyes struggling to focus, and I wanted to ask her to stop when I felt the buttons of my shirt start to be undone. I refocused back in front of me and saw my Mum's hands undoing the buttons.

My slim, hairless chest was suddenly exposed to the room. My Auntie pushed me forward and helped my Mum take my shirt off, leaving my upper body in full view of the room. My Mum leaned in and shocked me by kissing my nipple. I groaned in pleasure as I felt her suck it into her mouth and run her tongue around the now hardened nub of flesh.

As she was doing this, my Aunt kept up her circling motion of her hand on and around my belly button. I moaned and leaned back into her, allowing myself to enjoy the feelings coursing through my befuddled mind. As my head tilted back to rest on her breasts, she leaned forward and kissed me on my lips. I opened my eyes again to see her smiling at me. I smiled back as she moved her mouth towards mine once more. She touched her lips against mine and I felt her tongue press against my closed mouth.

I wondered for a moment if this was right, should I really be kissing my Auntie like this when I felt a second mouth join my mother's on my chest. This one felt rough though, and I gasped as my stiff prick was touched by a hand. This allowed my Aunt to press home her tongue and I whimpered as my body's pleasure zones were being exercised.

"That's it Jeff, feel how hard his cock gets," I heard my Dad say, egging on the grey haired man who was obviously the one groping my dick.
"Mmmm, it's nice and stiff," came a muffled reply through my nipple as the man responded to my Dad.

My little pre-teen body was in heaven as I was kissed, nibbled and felt up for the next few minutes. Mouths replaced mouths on my upper body, and I felt different hands take their turn in feeling my cock and cupping and squeezing my small balls through my trousers.

"Let's get him undressed," my Mother said finally as I was lifted up off my Aunt to a standing position.

I let my gaze drift around the room and was surprised to see everyone expect my Aunt naked. I stared at the snatches of Diane and Helen, noticing that both had trimmed their bushes and I could easily see their slits. Jeff and Sam were sat by their wives, both with hard ons poking up from their laps. Sam was a bit longer than Jeff, but not as thick. Both had huge forests of hair around the top of their dicks.

I felt Uncle Harry's hands at the top of my trousers as he undid my belt. I looked down at him, and he was staring at my tented trousers, licking his lips. I wobbled slightly as he popped the button on my trousers and pulled my belt apart. I steadied myself by moving my hands onto his naked back, feeling the hair on his skin. He flashed a grin up at me as he slowly ran his hand over my crotch, massaging the zip against my straining boy flesh.

"You enjoying this Danny?" My Dad asked, as he circled his hands around my waist from behind.
"Uh huh," I stuttered out as I felt him kiss my ear before licking it and putting his tongue inside it.

My whole body shuddered as my brain responded to the new feeling. I felt my zip get pulled down and my uncle slipped his hand inside my trousers, feeling my cock through my white cotton briefs. I moaned out loud as I felt him stroke my shaft, teasing the head through the material.

"Come on, get those trousers off him," I heard Helen say. "David (my Dad) has been teasing us with pictures of him in his speedos for too long."

Really? My Dad has been showing pictures of me around? My thoughts were stopped in mid flow as I felt my trousers slide past my knees and gather in a puddle on the floor. My legs were lifted at the knees in turn so I stepped out of them. As each foot was lifted, my sock was pulled off and passed around. I looked over at the naked adults as they took turns in sniffing my socks, the men rubbing themselves and the women sliding fingers inside their slits.

Now even though I was only twelve, I knew that I was going to be in the middle of an orgy. I had read about them on the internet, and even found videos of them as my parents hadn't installed any form of netnanny. I was regularly wanking myself off to clips of well hung men ramming their cocks inside women, and indeed other men. I liked watching all sorts of dirty videos and wasn't fussed if it was man on woman, two women or two men going at it. I guess that I was going to experience these things that I have been watching and dreaming about. The thought of it made my cock get even stiffer.

"Hold his arms out and turn him around," my now naked Aunt Jackie asked my Dad.

I complied with his hands as they pulled my arms up and I felt his knee poke between my legs, rubbing my bum cheeks on the way past as they spread my legs slightly. I was in a standard star jump position and my Dad moved me so that I slowly span on the spot. No matter which direction I faced, there were naked men and women gazing at my near naked body.

"Look how his prick pokes up against his pants," Sam said. "I can't wait to see it."
"We are sure that he is okay with this aren't we," Diane questioned. "I mean, I don't want to force him to do anything he doesn't want to and then him complain to a teacher or someone."
"You're okay with this aren't you son?" my mother queried, coming up to me and running her hand across my chest, her nails scratching my skin slightly.
"Yeah," I squeaked as her hand found its way to my cock.
"Shall we get you naked now?" she asked, licking my belly button.
"Okay," I whimpered.
"Who wants the honour?" she asked the rest.
"I think that it's a mother's job to dress and undress her child don't you all agree?" Helen said.

A chorus of affirmatives followed and my Mother slid her hands up and down my thighs, rubbing them softly. As she slid them upwards, she moved them inside the leg holes of the white material, pausing to rub my hips in a circular motion. She moved her face into my crotch and took a deep breath through her nose. Her hands moved around my back and pulled and pushed my cheeks as if she were kneading the lovely bread that she makes. I felt dampness soak the front of my briefs and I looked down to see my mother's mouth sucking in my stiffness into her, wetting the cotton material. I let a gasp out once again as she dragged her teeth along my shaft.

Releasing my cock, she leaned back, gripped the material at the sides of my waist and with a slow, teasing motion, pulled down my briefs exposing all of my nakedness to the eight adults in the room.

"Oh my, isn't he adorable," Helen gasped.
"He's absolutely perfect," Jeff agreed.
"He is the ideal little boy toy," David confirmed.

I beamed in pleasure as my ego was being stroked, just like my body as three pairs of hands found various parts of my skin.

"So who gets him first?" Auntie Jackie asked.
"Well I think he should find out what it's like to fuck a cunt to begin with don't you?" Jeff advised.
"In that case, it really ought to be you Shelly," Diane said, once again offering my mum the first one to teach me something new.
"I agree," my Dad said.

My Mum laid down on the thick rug that we have in the centre of the room. I was guided to my knees by the side of her. I looked down at her naked body, disbelief still working its way through my brain at the situation.

"Now then Danny, why don't you have a feel of your Mum's boobs?" Uncle Harry said to me.
"Okay," I gulped, reaching forth my hands to the mounds of breast. Even though my Mum is nearly fifty, she still has a well fit body. As much as my school peers take the piss about her age, she still gets second glances from men in the street. I feel her tits and give them a squeeze. My first feel of a tit and it's my Mum's.

"Lean in and give it a suck Danny boy," I heard Sam urge, so I did. I leaned in gave the left one a lick with a flick of my tongue. It didn't taste of much so with a shrug, I put my lips over the erect nipple and sucked, getting a gasp of delight from my Mum. Guessing I had done it right, I moved over the right one and sucked it in to my mouth. I felt my right arm get taken in the hands of someone and moved down my Mum's body. My hand was placed between her legs and rubbed against her slit.

"Tease her snatch Danny," Helen whispered into my ear as she let her own hands rub my naked chest.

I moved my hand up and down on her pussy and again at urging of the room, I slipped a finger inside.

"Oh fuck Danny, that feels good," Mum groaned out. "Eat me out son."
"Huh?" I asked, wondering why she wanted me to take her for some food.

I heard a couple of snickers from the rest before my Dad moved towards me and moved me around so that I was straddling across my Mum's body, my face above her snatch, my dick and balls just about reaching her mouth. Dad pushed my head down and my face was right in her slit. I grimaced to myself slightly as I opened my mouth and put my tongue out and gave her a lick along the length of the crack. I heard Mum moan and felt her shudder as I hit a harder spot towards the top. Even with my limited experience from porn, I knew that I had touched a good spot for her so I kept licking it, over and over again.

"Oh Jeez, Danny, that's it baby," Mum whimpered out.
"Look at his tongue go," Diane said.
"Mmm, I can't wait to feel that on my clit," Aunt Jackie said.
"Time to get you ready for your first fuck kiddo," Dad said as he moved behind me and snaked a hand underneath my body. He took my semi stiff cock in his hand and gave it some slow strokes, pulling my foreskin back and forth over the sensitive head. I could only moan my pleasure into my Mum's cunt lips.
"Get him inside me," Mum gasped out, her body trembling under mine.

Hands pulled my body up and repositioned me above her naked form. I was lined up so that my cock was resting against her slit.

"Push into her then Danny," Uncle Harry urged me.

I looked around the room to see the expectant looks on all their faces and with a slight sense of reluctance, I eased my virgin prick inside my mother's cunt, the very cunt which I had emerged from twelve years earlier. The warm, velvety feeling of her insides played around my stiff penis as I pushed my four and a half inches into her. Once I felt my balls rest against her, I eased my body on top of her. My head came up to just past her boobs and at my father's urging I began to suckle on the left one.

My mother's hands grasped my bum cheeks, pulling me into her, and then urging me to pull myself away. Being the inexperienced fucker that I was, my first outwards movement went too far and I slid out of her, to the groan of disapproval from her. Sam reached down and guided my cock back inside her and soon I got the hang of how far to pull out before thrusting back inside.

Now, despite being the biggest in my class, I know that my cock must be a lot smaller than my Dad's but even so, my Mum was groaning and whimpering as I picked up a steady thrusting motion. I guess it was the taboo, the naughtiness of the situation that was so turning on my mother as she panted and suddenly I felt her fingernails dig painfully into my bum cheeks as she shuddered and let out a satisfied groan. Wetness spread over my groin and at first I thought she had peed on me, before remembering that women do produce juice when they cum as well as men.

"How was he Shelly?" Auntie Jackie asked.
"It was great to feel his prick sliding inside me," Mum replied, lying still on the floor.
"Who's next?" Dad asked the three women as he pulled me up and out of my mother's cunt that I was still thrusting into.
"Dad! I wanted to cum!" I whined.
"I know you do son, and you will but we all want to experience you so take your time," he replied.
"I'll have him now," Diane said, laying on the rug next to Mum.

As she had been fingering herself throughout my mother fucking escapade, I was simply placed on top of her and my throbbing prick slide straight in.

"Oh fuck that feels so naughty," she moaned as my mouth found her breast. Again, her hands found my bum cheeks, obviously a favourite thing for the women, and I was soon pumping myself into her fifty year old cunt.

"Hold his cheeks apart for me Di," I heard Uncle Harry say as he got on his knees behind me.

As I thrust myself into the woman, desperately wanting a release that was being surprising long in coming, if you'll pardon the pun, I felt cool air on my now exposed hole. I shivered in pleasure as I felt a finger trace down my crack, resting against my pucker. The fingernail scratched across the surface of my back door entrance and I whimpered into the bosom of the older woman.

The finger lifted away, I heard an opening of a glass jar and the digit was back, sliding up and down and around my little hole. It felt slimy, as though it was a snail crawling over me. I lifted my head up off Diane's body to say something when suddenly I felt a stabbing pain in my bum and I let out a loud yelp.

"Look how his hole stretches around my finger!" my Uncle announced. The other three men had gathered around my rear end and they oohed and arhed.
"Hurts!" I garbled out, stopping my fucking of the woman, with my cock pressed as far into her snatch as it would go as my body reacted in self-defence to the intrusion of my anus.
"Just keep fucking Di and you'll get used to it," Sam told me. "You'd better anyway cos bigger things than Harry's finger are going up there!"

And there it was. My mind already knew that I wasn't the only one going to do the fucking, but it was now in the open that these guys were also going to fuck me. I gritted my teeth and pushed backwards, dragging my slightly wilting cock across the fleshy insides of Diane and impaling my bum onto my uncle's finger. I started up my rocking thrusting motion again slowly as I tried to get used to the feeling inside me. My dick returned to full mast as I felt Uncle Harry's finger graze across something deep inside me.

"Aw fuck!" I groaned out, my body shuddering at the new pleasure.
"I knew he'd enjoy it," I heard Dad say.
"God he ass is so tight around my finger," Uncle Harry commented. "I can't wait to get my cock inside him."

I felt my cock begin to pulse as it tried to shoot spunk into Diane's womb, but still having not yet reached puberty, I wasn't firing anything. The sensations though still rocked my body and as I grabbed hold of the woman's body beneath me as I rabbit fucked her hard, I felt her fluids leak past my dick. As I lay panting on top her, my uncle's finger was withdrawn and pressed against my lips.

"Lick my finger clean boy," he told me, and with a bit of prodding, I opened my mouth and let him slide his digit inside. I held my tongue still as he finger-fucked my mouth, cleaning my anal juice off his finger.
"Right little slut isn't he," Jeff commented in. "Eating his own shit spit."
"Yeah, it's not like you don't want to," Helen chided him. "Go on, eat him."
"Go on Jeff," my Dad said. "Get his ass slick for Harry."
"Me?" Uncle Harry said, sounding surprised. "I'd have thought you would take his cherry Dave."
"As much as I want to," Dad started, "I know that you have been desperate to fuck him since he was six and you were the one who talked us into getting things in place for today. Therefore I think you should have the honour."

By this time, I was laid on my back on the rug, recovering from my first orgasmic experience whilst being inside another human being. I was a bit shocked to hear the blasé way that Dad and the others were discussing who was going to fuck me first. I had come to terms with it in my head and as I thought about it, I could feel my cock begin to swell back to full fitness again.

"Shit, look at him," Sam said, getting everyone's attention to my rising flagpole. "He must really want it."
"Do you son?" Mum asked me.

I nodded.

"Tell us out loud what you want," she urged.
"I want Uncle Harry to put his dick inside my bum," I mumbled. Now that I had taken time to think about it, I did want the men to fill my hole.
"Sorry dear, what was that?" Mum asked again.
"I said I want Uncle Harry and the rest of you guys to fuck me," I said loudly, my volume control not responding to my brain and my voice squeaking slightly as I said it.
"That's what we thought dear," she replied.
"Up you get then kiddo," Uncle Harry told me, as he pulled me up so I was in a kneeling position, facing his crotch. I flashed a confused look at him. "Well, you better get it wet otherwise it will hurt like a bitch when I slide it in you."

I glanced around and saw Sam motion to open my mouth and I realised that I was supposed to suck his cock to get it wet. I turned away slightly before I felt my two hands grip my head from behind.

"Oh no you don't," Auntie Jackie told me. "Now open your mouth and get Harry's cock inside it."

I opened my mouth to argue, which really was a stupid move I guess as Uncle Harry pushed forward as soon as I did and my mouth was full of his cock. I gagged as his fleshy member hit the back of my throat, before he pulled back.

"Now make an O with your lips and get that tongue working," Sam told me as he knelt by the side of me so he could watch in closer detail.

I did as he said and soon had Uncle Harry's hands replacing Auntie Jackie's as he guided my head back and forth. I could feel a build-up of saliva in my mouth and it soon started to leak out the side of my lips as the man sized member pushed its way in and out. Strong hands grabbed my waist and Sam moved me around so that I was on my hands and knees, with Uncle Harry still thrusting into my mouth. I felt Jeff's hands spread my bum cheeks apart and his hot breath played across my pucker. I felt a weird wet sensation on it and realised that he was doing to me what I had done to my Mum earlier. He was licking my hole. I moaned in wonder as I felt the tongue press to try to enter my hole and that caused Uncle Harry to tighten his grip on my hair, almost painfully. Suddenly Uncle Harry pulled his cock out of my mouth out and my face was slapped with it a couple of times.

"Okay then Dan, turn round and get ready," Uncle Harry told me.

I scooted around, looking back over my shoulder to see a dick that looked twice the size of mine easily pointing away from my uncle's crotch. In reality it was about seven inches, not nine, but you know what I mean! I felt the head push inside my crack and rest up against my hole.

"So how should I do him?" Uncle Harry asked.
"I think you should ease it in and then fuck him hard," Helen said. "I've seen that in videos and would love to see it in real life."
"Yeah, ram it into his boy cunt and fuck him senseless," Mum agreed.

I started to crawl forward, not liking the sound of it but was pulled back by my Uncle's hands.

"Oh no you don't, my little tiger," he told me. "You told us you wanted it, now you're gonna get it. Hold him still guys."

Two more pairs of hands held my body as Jeff and Dad held me in position. Pain shot through my lower body as my uncle pushed the whole length of his cock inside me in one hard thrust.

"AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" I cried out. My body fought against the strong hands holding me in place but they were too strong.

"Aw fucking Jesus Christ and Mother Mary, he is so fucking tight!" Uncle Harry exclaimed as he rested inside me. He stroked my lower back, as if trying to sooth me, which actually did help slightly. He held his position for a few moments and I began to relax my body as it got used to the log that had been rammed into my back passage.

"Ok tiger, here we go," he said as he pulled backwards, easing his cock outwards, stretching my hole until only the thick mushroom head was inside me. I squeaked out in pain again as he pushed forwards again, shoving himself back to being balls deep inside me. Back and forth he repeated the motion, grasping my hips as he gyrated into me, trying to find my special spot with his cock.

I began to feel like I really needed a crap and a piss as he kept up the motion, but my dick had other ideas and it was completely rock hard, a fact not missed by the watching adults. Helen reached forwards and took my member in her hand and started to wank me off, in opposite timings to the thrusts of the man buggering my ass.

My mouth was wide open as I grunted and groaned and panted, sweat pouring off my preteen body. Sam got his cock in position and eased the head into my open oral orifice, holding my head in place. The hands holding my body in place released their grip and I was rocked back and forth, impaling my young body on the dicks at both ends.

I felt tingling throughout my body and knew I was going to experience another orgasm and started to squeak trying to tell them. I had no chance of moving the cock from my mouth though, so I just carried on trying to lick and suck while my climax hit me, the whole of my being spasming. Uncle Harry groaned as my ass twitched and constricted around his cock and with a couple of hard thrusts, I heard him shout that he was cumming inside me.

He leaned forward and kissed the back of my neck, rubbing my back gently before pulling out. I gave a sigh as I suddenly felt very empty, a feeling that didn't last more than ten seconds as Sam took his now slick cock from my mouth, turned me on the spot and rammed himself into me. He was about the same length as Uncle Harry but not as thick and he slid inside me fairly easily, my gaping hole now slick with my cousins that would have been.

"Oh god you're right Harry," Sam said. "His ass is unbelievable."
"Do you like the cock up your bum Danny?" my Dad asked me.

All I could do was whimper and nod as the man inside me started his fucking. As he was sliding in and out of me, Auntie Jackie positioned herself in front of me. She sat on the floor and shuffled up so that she was almost sitting underneath my head and arms. She took my head in her hands and pushed it downwards towards her fanny that was exposed as she spread her legs open.

"Eat me out Danny," she told me. "Eat your Auntie's snatch."

I pushed my tongue out and gave her slit a lick just as Sam thrust hard into me, making me jolt forward. My whole face was mashed into my Aunt's vagina and her hands held my head there as she moaned out in pleasure. She grabbed my hair at the side of my head and began to make me sort of slide up and down her lips with my nose and mouth. I sort of got the hang of what she was demanding and so eased my arms into a position where I could achieve it.

"Look at him go now," Diane said.
"He really loves licking snatch," Mum added. "He did a real good job on mine."
"Not a bad cock sucker either," Uncle Harry commented.
"Well I think after Sam has finished in him, he should fuck Jackie," Dad said. "Then he can do Helen with Jeff fucking him, a real Walker sandwich, and then while he cleans Jeff's cock with his mouth, I'll take my turn with his bum." Walker was Helen and Jeff's surname if you didn't guess!

I was getting so hard listening to what plans were being made for me that I couldn't help myself and my body reacted in the way it new best. My dick started throbbing and flapping around underneath my body where it was pointing against my belly and my ass did its job for the second time on a cock as it tightened around Sam's dick making him groan and grab my hips.

"Cumming inside your boyslut Dave!" he yelled out as he pumped hard into me. He let out a low growl, stopped thrusting and then almost crushed me as he slumped down on top of me, forcing my face once again into the willing embrace of my Aunt Jackie's slick vagina.

He gave a kiss and a lick of my ear before pulling out of me. Dad quickly grabbed my body to stop it falling down and pulled me up and across Aunt Jackie's girth. It was quite difficult to get into a position where I could get my cock into her slit but I ended up having to arc backwards and I was there.

"Oh his little prick feels divine," Jackie moaned out as I slipped inside her.

Talk about a dent of the ego here! I tried to start humping her but kept sliding out because of the angle. I could see everyone getting a bit frustrate with me and I stuttered out a mumbled apology.

"Sometimes I get Jackie to sit on me and ride me," Uncle Harry told everyone, wanting to take the focus off me I guess. "I think it would look really hot seeing her flabby ass bouncing up and down on the boy."
"You love my flabby ass Harry," Auntie Jackie giggled out.
"That's why I married you sweetheart," he replied.

I was told to lie back on the rug, my prick standing up to attention. The large shape of my Aunt slowly lowered herself on top of me, my cock easily sliding into her slit this time. I whimpered first in pleasure as I felt the foreskin tease itself backwards as it entered before squeaking slightly in pain as the full weight of my heavyset Aunt sat completely on top of me. Think Dawn French in the Vicar of Dibley and then add a little more weight and that's my Aunt Jackie.

She soon got into motion though and was soon bouncing up and down on me, driving my cock inside her and squashing me against the rug. My Dad came up and knelt by the top of my head.

"Open up son," he said simply. "Let me feed you Daddy's cock."

I opened my mouth as he put a cushion underneath my neck, arching my head backwards to give him access to my mouth. He teased his cock head around my lips for a few moments before pushing forwards and sliding into my mouth. Without being told, I formed an O shape again with my lips, knowing that my Uncle had liked it and got a grunt of approval from my Father. I moved my tongue around as he pushed forwards.

"Oh god my son," Dad moaned. "You're turning into a good little cocksucker!"

He started pulling out and pushing back in again, each time a little further. My Aunt kept up her bouncing on my dick and I felt myself begin to shake as another climax hit my tender body. I mumbled and grunted as I felt my balls try to shoot once more, even though they were yet to produce bullets.

Aunt Jackie started to shriek and I was drenched by a gushing flow of liquid from her fanny.

"Jeez Jackie, you shoot a lot," my Mum said in awe as the fluid puddled on my chest, my belly and soaked the rug beneath me.
"Oh yeah Sis, I forgot to say how much Jackie cums," Uncle Harry apologised.
"I think it's hot that you're drenching your twelve year old nephew in it," Helen said.

As my Aunt heaved herself up and off me, Helen leant in and started licking around my cock, balls and belly, lapping up the female cunt juice.

My Dad meantime was getting deeper into my mouth and I gagged slightly as he touched the dangly bit at the top of my throat. He reached down and picked my body slightly up off the floor, giving him a straighter angle.

"This is going down your throat son so take a deep breath," he told me.

I gulped in and, with a forward thrust he was past my mouth and in the tight confines of my throat. I heard him gasp out as my throat constricted around his hard member and he started fucking my throat. I felt hands on my body once more, several pairs actually as my nipples were tweaked and twisted, my balls and cock were played with and fingers entered up my bum hole again.

I had to release my held in breath and started to panic when I couldn't get anymore. My worried moans must have been misunderstood as pleasurable ones as my father continued his assault on my vocal chords. I started to see spots as my vision began to constrict and just as I thought I was going to faint, I heard Dad grunt loudly and I felt a spurt of liquid go down my throat. The hands on my body continued their various tweaks and strokes and I shuddered heavily as my brain went into sexual pleasure overload.

My airways were suddenly opened again as my Dad pulled his spurting cock back into my mouth, telling me to swallow his load. I sucked and swallowed as spurt after spurt of his hot cum pulsed from his piss slit. Slowly it finished off to a dribble and he sighed as he sat back onto his haunches, sliding his still semi hard cock from my mouth.

"Good boy," he said to me, patting my head. "How's the throat?"
"Sore," I croaked.
"You want something to drink?" he asked.

I nodded, giving my aching vocal chords a rest. He surprised me by spinning me around, roughly pulling the fingers out of my bum so I was laid facing him. He moved up to straddle my chest and put his cock back to my mouth.

"Open up then and drink," he said.

Surely not, I thought, but as the first dribble of his piss hit my lips, I knew it was either open and drink or it would go all over me, the rug the floor, and Mum would be upset. I took a breath and opened, allowing Dad to aim the stream of his urine into my mouth.

"Fuck me that's sexy," Jeff whimpered, as he stroked himself watching me drink my Dad's offering.
"Watch what you're doing dear," Helen chided him. "If you keep going and spunk, you'll miss screwing his ass."

A round of laughter followed as Jeff released his cock and looked lustily at my bum. He put his hands on my cheeks and started feeling them gently.

"Lick off the dribbles Danny," my Dad told me as he finished his pee.

I stuck my tongue out and licked all around the tip of his cock. I looked up at him for approval as I finished and he leaned forwards and gave me a kiss on the lips.

"I need to go as well," Diane said, getting up to go out of the room to the downstairs loo.
"Well, just squat over him and let him have some more," Mum said.
"It will make a mess on the floor," Diane argued.
"Grab a towel from the toilet and put it underneath him," Mum replied, which she did and I found myself lying back on the floor, a towel underneath my head, staring up at the lowering snatch of the woman.

"Hold me steady Sam," she told her husband, who jumped up and took her arms as she positioned herself a few inches from my face.

I gazed at the vagina right in front of me, and with trepidation I lifted my hands to it and pulled the slits apart slightly. I was rewarded, if that's the right word, with a torrent of piss which I nearly missed my mouth with. I lifted my head up and locked my lips around her cunt, swallowing as much as I could. I felt warm piss streaming down my cheeks and neck as I struggled to keep up with the heavy flow from the woman squatting above me.

Finally it slowed down to a dribble and then nothing. I was told to lick her clean, which I was in the process of doing when she suddenly giggled and let out a small fart from her bum. It smelled rank and I tried to pull away but my head was held in place by my mother, who not content with making me smell it, moved my mouth over Diane's bum hole and told me to lick it. Knowing I had to, I gave it a swipe with my tongue, grimacing at the expected taste but was surprised when it didn't really taste of anything. Harry's cock tasted nastier so I gave a few more licks.

"He's really getting into his water sports isn't he," Uncle Harry said, confusing me as other than swimming, I don't do any water sports.
"Wonder if he likes scat," Sam asked.
"No, he's not doing that," Dad said. "I had to do it when I was his age and there isn't any way I'm making Danny do it."

Hmmm, something that Dad didn't want me to do sexually. I made a mental note of the word scat so I could look it up later.

"Okay, time for the Walker sandwich," Mum announced.
"How's that work?" I croaked out, still suffering with my sore throat.
"Well son, Helen is going to lie down and you are going to mount her," Mum told me. "Then, while you are fucking her, Jeff is going to mount you and screw your sweet little bum."
"Oh. Okay." I said simply. To be honest, I was now getting used to having stuff up my bum, and Jeff's cock was only going to be the next thing.
"Good boy," Jeff said, moving in and giving me a full kiss. He squeezed my arm slightly, making me yelp so that he could get his tongue in my mouth. He picked me up and let his hands run over my body, resting them on my cheeks before pulling them apart. I felt a couple of fingers slide inside me, putting some more of the slimy lotion in and around my hole.
"That's him lubed for you dear," Helen told Jeff, who released me and turned me around. Helen took her turn in kissing me and running her hands on my body. Jeff took hold of my hands and moved them over his wife's body, feeling her tits and belly before heading south and slipping some of my fingers inside her.
"Oh god, that feels good," the woman moaned.
"Lie down then dear so we can get this going," Jeff told her.

I was positioned once again so that I slid my cock into the older woman and I sighed as the feeling around my cock seeped into my mind. I leaned forwards and laid on top of the woman. Helen was just about my height so she moved her hands to my head and pulled me in to a kiss. I started humping back and forth, pushing my four and a half inches as far into her as I could. I picked up a steady pace and soon had her moaning through my lips.

Hands gripped my hips on one of my outbound motions and I felt what I assumed to be Jeff's cock press up against my hole. I took a deep breath and tried to relax as I felt my pucker stretch to try to accommodate the wider girth of his member. I felt a tear of pain in my bum as the thick head suddenly popped through my body's defences and I grunted as he pushed forwards, sliding the full length of himself inside me, pushing me back into his wife.

He paused for a few moments to allow me to get used to him, before starting his fucking motion. I tried to start mine up again at Helen's insistent groaning but we just couldn't co-ordinate it.

"Here's an idea Jeff," my Mum started. "Why don't you position yourself just up slightly and let Danny do the work. He can fuck in and out of Helen's snatch whilst impaling himself back and forth on your cock."

A few comments of approval came and so that was the position we assumed. It took me a couple of tries to get the rhythm and then the feelings were immense. Fucking while being fucked. Jeff groaned every time I humped backwards, sliding his cock deep inside my ass. I whimpered as I felt the man meat push past my prostate causing my dick to throb. Helen moaned as I pushed my trembling prick back inside her.

All three of us were panting after a few minutes of this, me more than the two adults. Sweat was pooling on my back and I could feel it starting to dribble down my bum cheeks. In a way I was pleased as it added a little extra lubrication to Jeff's thick prick that I was fucking myself onto.

Without warning, Helen grabbed my head and mashed her lips to mine, kissing me frantically as her whole body shook. I felt her cunt squeeze my dick and that sent me over the edge and as I came for the umpteenth time, my pucker twitched and milked Jeff's cock as his own orgasm started and he grabbed my hips, pushed me forwards impaling me completely into Helen and fucked me hard for around a dozen long hard thrusts. I felt him shake and he collapsed onto me, crushing me in between the two adult bodies.

I heard a couple of clicks and heard my Aunt say that she always wanted a picture of a decent sandwich. Laughter erupted again as I struggled to try to free myself but found that any move I made shifted Jeff's cock around inside me. It caused him to groan and in fear that he would want to fuck me again I announced that I needed to go to the toilet.

"Oh, little Danny pee!" Mum announced. "I think we'd all like a bit of that. Let me get a bottle."
"No Mum," I croaked out from beneath Jeff. "I need a poo."

That caused Jeff to move quickly and I found myself with that empty sensation once again as his cock left my hole. I sighed at the feeling before getting up to gingerly walk to the toilet. I felt something dribble down my inside leg and wiped it. I looked at my hand and saw it was white. It was the mixture of the three men's cum that was now expressing a desire to leave my body, after the pounding I had just received from Jeff.

I felt my stomach tighten slightly and I speeded up my walk into a half trot and sat down on the toilet. Without going into details, let's just say that Mum came in with a flannel and helped me get clean.

I wobbled slightly back to the lounge to see that the pictures and ornaments that are normally on the table by the window had been moved and the table was now pulled forwards slightly.

"Right then son, it's Daddy's turn," my Dad said to me, a big grin on his face. "Let's get you up on here."

I was lifted by Sam and Uncle Harry onto the table, lying on my back with my hips resting right on the edge. Dad came up to me and stroked my legs as he parted them, lifting them up and pressing them backwards so that they were by my sides. The whole of my backside was exposed for everyone to see, not that they hadn't already!

"Lube him back up Shell," Dad said to my Mum.

She reached for the jar and having put a big dollop on her fingers, slid them into me, making me groan again. I was really getting used to my hole being stretched out like this.

"Dad, please, do me," I gasped out, hating myself slightly for sounding like the bum whore that I was turning onto.
"I think we've cracked it now, Dave," Uncle Harry said.
"I knew he was going to enjoy it when I saw him teasing his hole with a candle," Dad replied, embarrassing the heck out me. I mean, shit! Dad had seen that? I thought I was alone and was experimenting wanking off to a gay porn vid!
"Stop the chatter and fuck him Dave," my Mum said. "This is what we've worked him up for."
"The ultimate taboo, gay father son incest sex!" Helen cooed. "Come on Dave, ride your son like the little cock whore he's going to become."

All the talk was getting to me. Whether they meant it to make me feel cheap I didn't know but what it was doing was making me horny. Very horny. My dick was back at full stiffness and I tried shuffling myself towards the cock that bred me inside my mother.

"Ready or not son, here we go," Dad told me.

I grunted loudly as Dad pushed his cock inside me. This was it as they said, the ultimate taboo. Yes sons having sex with their mothers and daughters with their dads was a taboo, but a dad ramming his hard cock in his underage son's ass? Surely it didn't get more socially nasty than this?

"Fucking hell son, even after Jeff you're still so tight," Dad commented.
"Ow Dad, you're hurting me," I complained as his thick cock stretched my hole past the previous intrusions. I hadn't really seen my Dad naked before so had never looked at his cock but it felt huge as it pushed its way inside my poop chute.
"Sorry son, but you will get used to it," Dad promised me, easing himself in slowly, taking his time so he could enjoy the experience.
"This is so fucking horny!" Uncle Harry said to no-one in particular. I turned my head towards him to see him back at full hardness, stroking his dick as my Dad started his fuck of me in earnest.

I felt myself move backwards as the tablecloth slid over the polished wooden surface before being pulled back towards him. My cock was achingly hard and I tried to reach down to touch myself but couldn't work my arms past my legs that Dad was still holding down.

"Dad, please let me wank!" I begged.

Dad paused his buggery and looked down at me, a broad smile plastered across his face as he took in my wanton look, my sweaty slim body and my hard four and a half inches.

"Tell you what Danny boy, you grab your legs by the knees and hold them in this position and I'll wank you as I fuck you," he told me.
"Better still, I'll hold him for you so you can power fuck him and he won't slide across the table," Sam said, moving in position to grip me with his stronger hands.

As my Dad restarted his fucking, he took my cock in his hand and teased back my foreskin, exposing the tip of my dick head. He ran his thumb over the top, grazing his thumbnail across my piss slit causing me to shudder in delight.

"This is too much," Uncle Harry said loudly and I was shocked to see him pull my Mum up from her chair and move her so that she was bent over the arm. "In the ass like the old days sis?"
"Always with you Harry," Mum replied and she let out a loud moan as I saw my Uncle push inside her bum.
"Oh wow!" Diane exclaimed. "You two have had sex before?"
"Oh god yes, ever since we were kids as well," Uncle Harry replied. "Our Dad was into sex with us and it's great that we can pass on the family tradition to Danny."

My mind exploded at the idea of my Gramps having sex with my Mother and Uncle and as Dad pumped himself hard into me, his stroking of my own dick sent me over the edge as I came hard. My body flopped about on the table, Sam nearly losing his grip on my legs as I tried to impale myself further and deeper on my Dad's dick.

"I'm cumming in you son," Dad yelled out, letting go of my cock to grip my hips and ram himself hard into me over and over. "I'm breeding my own son!"

He shuddered and held me still as I felt his hardness throb inside me before he slumped forwards onto my chest, his face at the level of mine and I lifted my head so I could kiss the man who had just spermed me.

Sam released my legs and I snaked them around my Dad's hips and he lifted me slightly so he could put his arms around me. We traded our tongues, moaning and gasping as the after effects of our orgasms racked through our sweaty bodies.

Finally he released me and I slumped back onto the table, my body bent at the hips as my legs dangled off the edge. I sighed in contentment and watched as my Uncle finished off his own sodomizing of my Mother with a yell.

I felt a warm cloth between my legs and looked up to see Diane wiping my body. I returned her warm smile.

"Now are you okay with all of this, Danny?" she asked, a bit late really if I wasn't.
"It was frigging awesome!" I told her. "Can we do it again sometime?"

General laughter broke out as any tension that may have been present in the room at Diane's question evaporated.

"I think that can be arranged son," Dad said, just as my stomach let out one almighty rumble.
"I think we should head out and let them have their tea," Helen said.
"Well it is nearly nine o'clock," Sam replied.

Shit! We've been doing this for nearly five hours? No wonder my eyes were getting heavy.

"Come on tiger, let's get you semi dressed so you don't burn any important parts while we order in," Uncle Harry said, slipping my legs into the holes of my briefs.
"No put him in these," my Mum said, handing him her panties.

I shrugged and Uncle Harry changed the underwear over and my private parts were covered up by the red lacey material of women's lingerie.

"Oh god, he's so cute," Helen said. "I've got to have a photo of him like that!"

They all agreed and I posed for a couple of shots before being handed my school shirt to cover up the rest of my body. They all got dressed themselves and as Helen and Jeff left with Uncle Harry and Auntie Jackie, I got four big kisses and hugs.

Diane and Sam finished their own drinks while they waited for their taxi to pick them up and again, kisses were given.
Finally it was just my parents and I. Mum had served up the Indian curry that had been delivered and we sat down to eat, putting the telly on like we would normally do on an ordinary Friday night.

But this was no ordinary Friday night. It was the one where my sexual awakening was complete.


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