Hands On Dad (Part 1)

Hands On Dad
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story Holiday Dinner”. That began an ongoing conversation with NB in Arizona about his experiences.

(Part 1)

He convinced himself it was just an accident that first time, one of those things that sometimes happen in a family when everyone is absorbed in their own thoughts or activities and just not paying attention.

Yet, for the longest time, it was always the first thing that came into his mind as he restlessly lay in the darkness, his dick stiffening and aching the more he tried to think of something else...anything else...before once again surrendering to his fervid need. Much more happened since then but that first time was the one burned into his mind and his psyche....

He backed into his nearly twelve year old daughter's room through the already half open door, carrying an armful of her laundered clothes, thinking she was elsewhere. He turned and stopped in mid step, seeing her standing in front of a full length mirror wearing only a pair of plain white panties...panties that gloriously emphasized her firm round hips by partly disappearing into the tight crack of her developing pearl shaped ass.

So enthralled was he by that sight it took him a full minute to realize she was otherwise naked and was watching him in the mirror, smiling mysteriously while twirling her barely protruding pink nipples in her fingers.

"Oh, hi Daddy," she murmured softly and without embarrassment when he finally caught her reflected eye in his. “Come look, I think my boobies are finally starting to grow.”

She excitedly and innocently proclaimed her newest, most natural, achievement while his eyes settled on the pink nubs squeezed out between her fingers.

She was his little girl and...he suddenly realized in the most visceral way...she was growing up.

He wasn't exactly a stay at home Dad but he did work almost exclusively from his home office and was usually there save for an occasional business trip. Combined with the fact his wife liked working the weekday 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM shift in a hospital about an hour's drive away meant he was the one there most of the time during the week when their daughter wasn't in school.

By default, he went to the recitals and soccer games...sat through the PTA meetings and the teacher conferences...helped with the homework and fielded the occasional awkward question...sometimes wiped away a tear and more often laughed or giggled...cooked the meals and did the laundry.

He loved every minute of it.

Ever since she was a little girl, they had always been playfully touchy feely around each other...tickling in the tub until, at six, she decided she was a big girl and could shower by herself...cuddling on the couch watching TV or reading a book...splashing and dunking in the pool...gently hugging before climbing into bed...kissing tenderly on the forehead before turning out the light.

They always dressed casually around the house, running shorts and a t-shirt for him, yoga pants or shorts and a sleeveless top for her. In the warmer weather, he would wear just his boxers and often, up until then at least, she wore only her panties. Of course, there were also the occasional yet unintentional encounters when they walked in on each other in the bathroom or bedroom. She had seen his dangling flaccid cock and she had seen her hairless protruding mound and tight slit. Nothing was ever made of such incidents, usually relegating them to accidents to giggle and tease each other about.

So, Daddy, what do you think?” she asked unabashedly, pinching her barely budding pink nipples so he could see them better.

Well...uh...Kitten...er...I guess...uh...you're...mmm...really starting to really...uh...grow up,” he managed to stammer, his eyes glued on those developing tits with the pile of laundry in his hands concealing the growing bulge in his shorts.

Do you think I need a bra? I think I do. I need to get some bras, maybe some lacy ones, like the other girls in my class,” she went on excitedly, not at all concerned her father stood looking at her growing tits as well as the way her ordinary cotton panties outlined her protruding mons.

Maybe you should talk to your mother,” he managed to mumble, putting the clean clothes down on her bed and turning quickly enough he hoped she didn't notice the way his shorts bulged or the tiny wet spot staining the front.

He hurried away from her, retreating to his office where he knew she wouldn't disturb him when the door was closed. Without even realizing he did it, he found his rigid dick in his hand, the vision of his preteen daughter's budding nipples and protruding mound overwhelming him. With just a few hard strokes, his sticky cum erupted through his fingers to splatter on his shirt and shorts.

The next day he mentioned to his wife that she should talk to their daughter and perhaps take her shopping for some intimate undergarments. While she was at it, could she also have the birds-and-bees talk with the girl, an uncomfortable discussion he was sure he couldn't get through without embarrassment...or arousal.

Two weeks later, he found out he could escape neither.

She was sitting next to him on the couch watching a movie they had both seen before. His arm rested lightly on her shoulder as she nuzzled her head under his arm.

Can I ask you something, Daddy?” she cooed, bending her neck to look up at him with her wide brown eyes.

Sure, Kitten, you can ask me anything,” he replied, looking down and tightening his grip on her shoulder ever so slightly.

Well, today we had health class and they separated the boys and girls. Then they talked about us growing up...and our bodies changing...and...and...sex and stuff.”

It's important you understand those things, Kitten,” he responded, hugging her even tighter.

I know, Mom told me a lot of the same stuff, but not all of it like they did today.”

OK, so what didn't you understand?” he said with a deep sigh after a moment, realizing there was no way he was escaping the coming disquieting discussion.

They talked about sex but in different ways, like with a boy and girl or a girl with a girl or boy with a boy and even all alone. They showed us how to put a con...cond....”

A condom.”

Yeah, a condom on a banana like it was a boy's...,” she hesitated and blushed.

A boy's penis...to protect yourself from disease and help keep from getting pregnant.”

Yeah,” she added softly, “but no one would say how far a girl could go with a boy.”

That all depends, Kitten, on the girl,” he answered quietly, looking down and noticing for the not first time that night the way her barely budding tits poked out against her shirt, “but in general I would say only as far as a girl wants to go because it is her body.”

Oh,” she she said quietly after a moment's thought.

Did your mother talk to you about birth control?”

Yeah, she did.”

Fine,” he whispered in response, fervently hoping the discussion was at an end.

There's something else,” she chimed in after a few moments of silence, “what about having sex with another girl?”

That's fine too. There's lots of different ways to love others and have sex, so you should feel free to experiment. That doesn't mean you only like girls.”

She seemed to think about that for a few minutes and he was about to tell her to go get ready for bed when she turned to him with another quizzical look.

They also talked about mas...mas...touching yourself...down there.”

Masturbation...the word is masturbation,” he said, feeling a familiar twinge in his own groin, “it's a perfectly normal thing to do and almost everyone does.”

Really?” she exclaimed, a smile growing on her face.

Yeah...really,” he responded with a toothy grin, “in fact, when I was growing up they used to tell us not to do it or we would go blind.”

They did? What did you do?”

I didn't listen,” he laughed and opened his arms to give her a hug, “and I didn't go blind either.”

She laughed along with him but he was sure he saw a devilish glint in her eye.

Thank you, Daddy, you helped a lot,” she declared, standing next to him and giving him a warm hug and fleeting kiss on his lips.

He held her close for a moment, letting his hand rest on her taut ass before sending her off to shower and bed with a gentle swat. He sat silently thinking about that discussion drinking a beer until he heard the shower stop.

Then he walked into her bedroom to kiss her goodnight just as she pulled a sheer nightie over her head, getting yet another quick glimpse of those budding pink nipples and the prominent mound clearly pressing against her thin cotton panties.

The next morning, he found those panties entangled in the sheets on her bed as he got ready to do the laundry. When he picked them up, he thought they were slightly damp. He raised them to his nose, nearly overcome when he initially inhaled the scent of his young daughter's sex mixed with just a hint of her piss in the slightly stained gusset.

My god, she played with herself in these last night, masturbated herself to an orgasm before kicking them off,” he groaned to himself.

Without a thought, he took a few more deep whiffs of that intoxicating aroma, pressing the soiled panties to his nose with one hand while pushing down his running shorts. He stroked his throbbing cock with the other until his cum sprayed on his daughter's sheets. When he was finally done, he wiped up the remainder with those panties before taking everything to the laundry.

At that moment, he resolved to pay a lot more attention to her developing body and sexuality.

He stood leaning against the door frame to her bedroom, patiently waiting for her to notice he was there. He was in no hurry at all.

She sat with her back to the headboard of her bed engrossed in something on her tablet. Her knees were pulled up and pressed together with her ankles splayed open.

He had a perfect view of her powder blue panties pulled up tightly into her pussy slit and the little spot staining the gusset.

Oh, hi Daddy,” she said cheerfully when she finally saw him standing there, making no move at all to conceal the panties covering her exposed pussy from him. “What's up?”

You're room is a real mess...again...or should I say...still,” he grinned at her, picking up a pair of her lacy panties that lay crumpled on the floor and lifting them to his nose.

You say that every time you come in here,” she laughed, dropping her legs so he could see the way the nipples poked out from her nicely developing tits through the thin fabric of the shirt she was wearing. “And why do you sniff my panties every time too?”

I told you a million times, so I can tell how much detergent I need to use to get them clean, especially the ones that are older...and stained a lot more,” he grinned back at her and slingshot the panties in his hand at her like a rubber band.

She giggled and ducked before throwing the bra she must have taken off when she came home at him. They both laughed heartily as he stepped closer and sat own next to her on the bed.

In the little over three years since he first saw her nipples beginning to bud, he made a point of being playful with her in every way he could imagine. He openly sniffed her panties and bras, examining them and her other clothing carefully in front of her, telling her he was checking to see if they were worn out or needed extra washing.

He kidded her, asking if her butt was lopsided or she was just standing that way on purpose, swatted her ass when sending her off to do her homework or get ready for bed and conditioned her to not lock her door or be surprised when he walked in on her unannounced or without knocking.

She usually just laughed and called him silly. He just gave her a goofy grin, knowing he would soon see her at least partial nude again like he did almost every day.

Ever since she started grade school, she played soccer in one season and competitive swimming in the other. As a result, she often came home a little sore and he was happy to oblige her with a deep massage. She was comfortable enough with him to only wear panties when he massaged her.

How are the legs today?” he asked, reaching over to gently rub her calf.

I'll need a massage before I sleep,” she answered, smiling at him, “you always make me feel so good.”

Sounds good, I'll get the lotion while you take a shower. By the way, this came today and I thought you might want to see it.”

He handed her a small package he'd kept hidden behind his hip, sitting back with a bright smile as she tore it open.

Oh, Daddy, thank you,” she exclaimed, pulling a lacy black thong from the package, one he knew would barely cover her prominent mound and would disappear entirely in her ass crack, “just like the ones we saw online.”

She leaned forward to give him a kiss on his cheek, giving him an unobstructed view of her stiff nipples down the front of her shirt. He sat back with his dick twitching in his running shorts as she dumped out the rest of the package, one more black thong, two more a dark blue and one each powder blue and lime green. He was partial to the dark colored ones since he could better see any crusted pussy juices or other secretions after she wore them. The lighter colored ones had the advantage of making any wet spots clearly visible when she had them on.

He sent her to take a shower, telling her to get him in his office when she was ready.

After closing the door he reached into his desk and pulled out a pair of her soiled panties he always kept there. He deeply inhaled her scent while stroking himself, quickly hardening until he shot his cum into those panties, something he did each night before massaging her to keep himself from shooting unintentionally on her.

He barely finished when she knocked on the door. He opened it to see her standing with a towel wrapped around her body just above her tits.

I'm ready, Daddy,” she cooed softly, turning to walk back into her own room, her ass swaying provocatively.

He followed closely behind her with a bottle of lotion in hand, relieved he probably wouldn't get hard again while with her. She stopped at the side of her bed, turned and smiled devilishly at him. Without a word she dropped the towel around her ankles, standing there wearing only the lacy black thong.

Do you like it, Daddy?” she asked huskily at first turning from side to side before pirouetting around in a full circle, her tits flopping freely. “I love them, they're so sexy.”

Yes, you look amazing in them, very...uh...grown up,” he answered, already feeling a faint tingle in his balls, “but you might want to make sure your mother doesn't see them.”

Oh I won't, Daddy, I'll wear them just for you,” she giggled, stepping close and giving him a quick tender kiss on the lips before laying down on her stomach on the bed.

For a moment he just gawked at her essentially bare ass, the back string of the thong disappearing between her taut round ass cheeks as he had imagined. He started at her neck, gently but firmly rubbing the lotion into her smooth skin, feeling her muscles slowly relax, letting his fingertips brush over the sides of her flattened tits. He stopped when he got to the small of her back.

It might be a good idea to take these off so I don't stain them with the lotion,” he cooed softly into her ear, snapping the side string of the thong against her hip.

OK,” she muttered lowly without hesitating or looking up at him, just raising her hips.

He hooked his fingers in the sides of the thong and slowly pulled it down over her ass and thighs. The lacy fabric stuck between her tight pussy lips for just a second, causing his dick to twitch again.

As he usually did, he started at her right foot and slowly worked his way up until the sides of his finger almost brushed against the sides of her mons. She groaned contentedly, spreading her legs enough he got a glimpse of the pink inner flesh glistening with her wetness.

He stopped and went to the left foot, repeated the slowly movement toward her cunt even as she groaned again. Then he started firmly massaging both of her ass cheeks, dragging one thumb then the other up through her ass crack from just above her pussy until it finished at her lower back. Each time he passed over her puckered asshole, she moaned again. Finally he stopped with both hands resting on her ass.

That feels so good, Daddy,” she moaned softly, turning to look at him.

I'm glad, Kitten, to do anything that makes you feel good,” he responded, kissed her tenderly on the cheek and quickly left the room with her still laying naked on her bed before she could see his bulging hard on.

He couldn't get into his office fast enough. The office was simply the converted bedroom next to hers, one with the advantage that, by turning an air vent in the wall in her room around, he was able to watch her bed...watch her routinely masturbate herself to a body quivering orgasm almost every night. He'd made a point of positioning her on the bed so he was looking up directly between her spread legs.

She was still on her stomach when he stepped up to the vent and peered into her room. The difference was she had one hand underneath her and down between her legs. For a few moments, she continued that way, her hips churning more and more until she flipped over on her back.

With her knees drawn up, she gently slapped her pussy a few times before dragging her finger up through the moist slit to circle around her clit. As she pinched a stiff nipple, her finger moved faster and faster. She moaned lowly and thrashed her hips, taking the hand from her tit to stuff two fingers as deep as she could manage into her pussy.

His own hand moved faster on his throbbing dick. He watched her back arch and let out a deep groan before stifling his own cry with the back of his hand. He kept stroking himself even as he went limp until she stopped fondling her pussy and tits.

Over the next few months, she became more comfortable with him massaging her while she was completely nude. For his part, he became less concerned she might notice the way his shorts bulged while he touched her. He even went so far as to smear some of his cum in her panties, but she didn't seem to notice.

She started wearing more revealing clothes. He loudly pretended to be outraged to his wife, calling some of the outfits trashy. His wife simply told him to leave it alone, that's what girls her age were wearing these days and making a scene would only make her want those things even more.

In private, he made jokes with his daughter, telling her the outfits would drive the boys crazy and she should have pity on them. Then he would smile and lightly pat her ass so she would take it as a joke.

She beamed, telling him he was only saying that because he was her Dad. He hugged her tightly, reminding her that he was also a guy. Her smile glowed.

One day, he was standing at her dresser, putting away her underwear and examining a lacy bra carefully when she came in after school. She hugged him from behind, pressing her growing tits firmly into his back. He turned and looked at her critically for a moment with the bra still in one hand.

I think we need to get you some new bras,” he stated flatly, “we'll have to check how to size them correctly.”

OK,” she responded, casually pulling her shirt off, unhooking her bra and letting it fall to the floor around her ankles, “show me what you think.”

She stood there topless, the pink in her nickle sized nipples morphed to a light tan, an impish grin creeping across her face.

Uh, get the lotion,” was all he could think to say as he sat down on her bed with his dick throbbing in his shorts.

She fished the bottle out of the nightstand and stood in front of him, the outside of her thighs barely pressing against the inside of his knees.

After warming the lotion in his hands, he cupped her right tit, rubbing the lotion all over and twirling the nipple with his thumb. She squirmed a little and the nipple stiffened. He moved his hand to the underside, hefting her tit, surprised by its weight. He then did the same with the left breast. He knew from the way she squirmed and the slight aroma of her sex that she was aroused by his touch. His cock throbbed in his shorts wondering if she knew that he knew.

DD at the very least,” he joked, still holding the full weight of her left tit in his hand.

Oh, Daddy, it's barely even a B,” she giggled but not pulling away as he gently thumbed the nipple again.

When he was done, he suggested they go online soon to find some bras and matching panties that fit her better, again quickly escaping to his office while she changed her clothes.

Later that night, she asked him to massage her. When he got to her room, she was already laying on her stomach naked, with her legs spread wide enough he could see a hint of the pink inner flesh of her pussy. His cock stiffened in his linen pajama bottoms, the only thing he was wearing, even before sitting down next to her. He was rubbing the last of the lotion into both her ass cheeks when he impulsively decided to make a bold move.

Roll over and I'll do your front too,” he said as casually as he could with his heart pounding, expecting her to object.

Instead, she turned her head to look up at him with a wan smile for a very long moment and then rolled over on her back. For a few seconds, he just stared at her pancaked tits and the light peach fuzz of hair topping her pussy he didn't even realize was there.

He started at her neck and shoulders, slowly working down one arm at a time with her hand resting on his bare chest. When he reached her fingers, he brought her hand to his mouth and lightly kissed her fingertips.

With her arms done, he turned his attention to her chest, cupping and fondling each of her tits in both hands, tenderly rubbing his palms over her erect nipples. She squirmed a little at the each touch, letting out a low moan. His cock was rock hard, visibly pressing out against the thin fabric of his pajama bottoms.

He looked up at her face. She was staring at that growing bulge.

Close your eyes, Kitten,” he laughed, blushing despite his excitement with his hard on just inches from her face.

Oh, Daddy, why's that?” she giggled, as he dug his fingers into her right thigh just inches from her protruding mound.

Sorry, Kitten, but that's just what a sexy woman can do to a guy,” he muttered lowly but making no attempt to conceal the throbbing bulge.

You think I'm sexy, Daddy?” she cooed, unconsciously reaching up to gently swirl her own left nipple in two fingers.

Yes, Kitten, I think you're the sexiest girl I know,” he gulped, “and this is how guys react to a sexy girl.”

I know,” she murmured softly, her eyes still locked on his rigid cock pressing out from his pajamas.

You know, do you?” he responded in mock horror, giving her other nipple a playful tweak, “I guess we'll have to talk about what you know, but right now there's something I really need to go do.”

He bent forward and kissed her forehead before standing. Her eyes never left his erection swaying from side to side as he moved.

OK, Daddy,” she called out just as he reached the door, “see you in the morning...I hope.”

His cock twitched and he just knew there was a precum stain on the front of his pajamas. With that statement, he realized she knew he was hurrying off so he could jerk off.

He peered through the vent watching her masturbate with his throbbing cock in his hand. She hadn't moved from where he left her, slowly fingering her pussy with one hand and squeezing and rubbing her tit and nipple the same way he had a little earlier. His cum erupted imagining her remembering his hands fondling her tits.

You know, Kitten," he said to her the next morning after giving her a warm hug before she left for school, “if you want the massages to stop, they're stopped.”

No," she replied almost instantly with a sly gleam in her eye, “I like them...a lot.”

Me too," he responded without a thought.

Yeah, I saw," she giggled, not even trying to pull away from his playful swat on her ass.


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