Hands On Dad (Part 2)

Hands On Dad
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story Holiday Dinner”. That began an ongoing conversation with NB in Arizona about his experiences.

(Part 2)

Can we go online later and look for some...things?” she asked, walking into his office upon getting home from school.

He looked up in surprise before giving her a bright smile. The rule was she could walk in without knocking if the door was open and he had lost track of the time. He immediately saw her eyes find the soiled black lacy thong laying crumpled on the edge of his desk.

Sure, Kitten, just give me a few minutes,” he responded with his face flushing, “there's something I need to finish first.”

OK, Daddy, take all the time you...uh...need,” she smirked, her eyes glancing back and forth from those panties to his face.

Not that... not now anyway” he replied, making it seem like she was implying he needed to jerk off first by looking at the panties and then back to her.

Aha,” was all she said, smiling knowingly.

He picked them up, leaned back in his chair and held them to his nose for a moment before turning back to her.

I do that at night when I go to bed,” he continued, pretending to misunderstand her. “How about you?”

Her mouth dropped open in surprise and her face turned a bright red. He broke into a wide grin before getting up and wrapping his arm around her.

Don't worry about it,” he said holding her close, “I told you there's nothing to get embarrassed about. Everyone masturbates...I still see pretty good...and you don't seem to need glasses either...yet.”

She blushed again, giggled and pressed in under his arm as they walked out to start making dinner.

That quasi acknowledgment they both knew the other routinely masturbated put them more at ease later that night when they did a little online shopping.

They sat on the sofa, their hips and thighs pressed together paging through different websites on his laptop, ones she seemed to know by designer's names. Some of them sold very skimpy and revealing outfits. Even Amazon, it seemed, carried some pretty slutty dresses.

Oh, I like that one, Daddy,” she exclaimed excitedly, her nipples stiffly pressing against the fabric of her tank top. “What do you think?”

He gulped and took a deep breath, giving himself a moment to compose himself.

It was called a bodycon dress...bright red...long sleeved...a neckline that plunged well below the bottom of the blonde model's tits...the back open from her neck to just above her ass...a hem so high it just barely covered her pussy...and so tight it looked practically painted on.

Where's the rest of it?” he joked, feeling his dick stiffen to press against his running shorts.

Oh, Daddy, that's all there is,” she responded with a giggle and lightly pushed on his arm. “It's supposed to be a sexy party dress.”

Where's the bra?”

You don't wear a bra with a dress like that,” she informed him with a wicked grin, “no panties either or else there would be lines.”

Your mother would have a heart attack if she saw you in something like that,” he gasped, looking over at her to see her staring at the visibly growing bulge in his shorts.

I wouldn't wear it for...Mom,” she cooed softly, reaching over to squeeze his thigh.

You know that dress practically screams 'Fuck Me', don't you?” he exclaimed, hoping to shock her with crude language he never before used with her.

Yeah, it sorta does, doesn't it?” she replied, nonplussed by his comments, her eyes sparkling as she looked back and forth from his face to his throbbing dick.

You're going to give me a heart attack,” he moaned lowly, recognizing he wasn't about to deter her.

Maybe,” she giggled, “but probably just a bigger boner.”

For a moment he just stared at her in disbelief, not sure he heard her correctly. She stared right back at him, licking her lips with the tip of her tongue before laughing gleefully.

Well, you are sexier than any of those models,” he mumbled, not sure what else he could possibly say.

Thank you, Daddy,” she cooed as she leaned forward to give him a peck on his cheek, the stiff nipple of her left tit rubbing against his arm while the right pressed into his chest. She didn't move her hand from his thigh.

It was all he could do to keep from grabbing her tits and pussy right then and there.

She went to get them both a cold drink, giving his throbbing dick a chance to soften. When she returned, he noticed her nipples were still stiff and there was a small wet spot in her powder blue panties. His dick twitched again and he was pretty sure she saw the similar stain in the front of his shorts.

The next website she opened featured a dizzying array of lingerie, each item seemingly tinier and more revealing than the last.

Why even bother?” he chuckled, pointing out a thong that was literally little more than two lacy, less than finger width, straps of fabric, one for around the waist, the other for down between the legs.

It's sexy,” she answered softly.

That doesn't cover anything at all,” he exclaimed, shaking his head.

Yeah,” was all she said smiling impishly. “Some undies are meant more to be taken off.”

He was truly shocked seeing some thongs with sexually explicit messages written on them like “I Put Out For Santa” and “It Ain't Gonna Lick Itself”.

Really?” he asked with a questioning look. “You and your friends like things like that?”

Why not?” she replied. “It's only words and besides no one can even see them...with clothes on.”

He looked at her sternly for a moment, trying to decipher what she was intimating.

I doubt a fifteen year old boy would even understand some of that,” he finally remarked, “or have any idea what to do.”

You'd be surprised, Daddy,” she murmured with a dreamy smile, “kids my age and a little older know a lot about sex and some of them do it all the time at parties and such.”

His jaw dropped open and he stared at her dubiously. She seemed to know a lot more about sex than he ever imagined, since he still thought of her as his naive little girl.

What?” she asked upon seeing the strange look on his face.

Please...don't...that's not an image I want in my head,” he said holding up his hand to stop her from saying any more.

But it already was burned into his consciousness, the image of his daughter writhing beneath some boy as he buried his face in her young pussy...and he savored it hungrily. She just smiled at him, knowing that seed was planted and would only grow and grow.

He let her purchase three new thongs.

No writing and they must at least cover all of your pussy,” he insisted, again using a crude word to which she didn't object.

After finishing the purchase, she asked him for another massage. He sent her off to shower first with a gently slap on her mostly bare ass cheek. As soon as she disappeared down the hall, he went back to the website featuring the sleazy dress, ordering two...one red and the other black.

He went to his own room and changed into a pair of loose fitting boxers. He picked up a pair of her panties and was about to jerk off but thought better of it. He was intrigued by the idea of her seeing his dick really harden.

She lay on her back on the bed with her ankles crossed and knees splayed wide. The slightest hint of pink glistened between her legs.

Ready, Kitten,” he asked softly, sitting down next to her, his dick already twitching looking at her flattened tits, erect nipples and protruding mound. She demurely smiled back at him.

Do my front first tonight, Daddy,” she murmured softly, uncrossing her ankles and spreading her legs, “and really rub the lotion in...everywhere.”

Sure, Kitten, anything you want,” he said lowly, warming some lotion in both hands.

She trembled slightly and let out a muted moan when his hands first touched her shoulders. He repeated the routine from the first time he massaged her front, slowly rubbing the length first of her right arm with her hand resting against his chest then tenderly kissing her fingertips when he reached them.

As he reached for her left arm, the fingers of her right brushed over the outside of his thigh while dropping back on the bed. His cock instantly hardened, threatening to spring out of his boxers until the head caught on the bottom side of the fly flap.

He looked down to see a good portion of his rigid dick fully exposed. She saw it too, staring at the throbbing vein, unblinking, gnawing pensively on her lower lip. He picked up her other arm and massaged it in the same way until he kissed those fingertips.

You OK, Kitten?” he murmured softly, moving his hand down from her shoulders to brush lightly over her flattened tits and stiff nipples.

Oh yes, Daddy, that feels so good,” she cooed, flicking her eyes to look at his for a moment before returning her gaze to his uncovered dick.

He continued down the outside of her legs and then back up the inside of each one until his fingers almost, but not quite, brushed against her prominent mons. He had her roll on to her stomach, massaging down her back and up her legs until his hands tightly grasped each of her ass cheeks.

Roll back over, Kitten,” he instructed her gently, shifting his own hips slightly.

Her eyes remained locked on his dick as he began rubbing each of her tits in turn while kneading the inside of her thighs, moving close enough to her pussy he could feel the warmth radiating against his hand. He lightly touched her mound, his dick throbbing so hard it ached.

He stopped himself reluctantly, bending to kiss her gently on the forehead and climbed off the bed. His stiff cock swayed back and forth beneath his boxers, almost poking her in the face as he stood.

Thank you, Daddy, that was wonderful,” she cooed, standing to give him a tight hug, her soft, warm oily body pressing against him, his stiff dick pressing against her stomach and her firm tits against his chest.

The broke off the embrace and she grinned at him a moment, stooping to pick up the panties she wore earlier and handing them to him. He looked down at them and then back up at her.

Sleep well, Daddy...I'll see you in the morning,” she giggled.

Good night, Kitten,” he smiled, crushing the panties in his hand and bringing them to his nose, “I'll see you then too.”

With that he turned and walked out of her room and down the hall to his own, holding his cock knowing she knew he knew she would soon be masturbating remembering his touches and she knew he knew she knew he would be jerking off too, thinking about her.

Good morning Mom...Daddy,” she cheerfully called out to them from the hallway as she entered the kitchen the next morning, wearing a sheer nightie and plain cotton panties.

He looked up from his coffee seeing her dazzling smile as she approached.

Morning, Kitten, you are looking very chipper this morning,” he greeted her, squinting at her for just a moment before winking and grinning broadly.

I feel great,” she giggled seeing the wink while getting a glass of orange juice from her mother, “and it looks like a beautiful, hopefully even better than yesterday. Don't you agree, Daddy?””

Of course, Kitten, I always hope we can have a better day today than yesterday,” he relied huskily, a shiver running down his spine, his dick twitching at her innuendo.

His fifteen year old daughter just grinned wickedly, a sultry glint in her soft brown eyes.

Daddy, can I go to a party tonight?” she whispered in his ear, hugging him from behind, her small tits pressing into his shoulder blades. “Mom already said it's OK since you two are just going out to a movie anyway.”

He flopped his head as far back as he could to look up at her, cocking a questioning eyebrow while trying to hide a wicked grin.

A party, huh,” he asked looking at her sternly, “didn't I tell you about putting that image in my head?”

Uh...yes...but...but it's..just a party...with my...friends,” she stammered, her face flushing as she averted her eyes.

Well, in that case,” he replied, breaking into a bright smile and winking at her, “I guess you should go...and have a lot of fun.”

He was making dinner when the phone rang, his wife answering and clearly annoyed by whoever was calling.

Wouldn't you know,” she told him after hanging up, “the one time we have plans for the evening and I get called in.”

While she was on call once a quarter, in the six years she worked at that facility, that was the first time she was actually required to go. His daughter came into the kitchen just as his wife was explaining the situation.

I can skip the party and stay here with you, Daddy,” the teen murmured softly when her mother left to change clothes.

No, Kitten, you go ahead and tell me all about it when you get home,” he responded, lightly running a hand over her firm ass, “and you look really sexy, the boys will be going crazy over you.”

She just beamed and gave him a quick hug, accepting her mother's invitation to drop her off even though the party was only a block or so away.

He was on his third beer when he heard the front door open. She walked in and flopped down on the couch next to him without saying a word. He waited a moment before saying anything.

How was the party, Kitten?” he asked, finishing his beer and turning to face her. “I didn't think you would be home this early.”

Oh, it was OK, I guess,” she responded somewhat despondently, “pretty boring actually.”

You look tired, Kitten,” he said lowly after waiting a few moments in silence, reaching over to massage the back of her neck with one hand.

A little,” she responded, pressing her neck back against his hand and turning her head to look at him. “Can you give me a massage before I...ma...uh...go to sleep?”

Sure, Kitten,” he quickly answered, dying to get his hands on her body again after thinking he would have to wait until Monday evening, “go take a quick shower.”

Naw, I'll shower in the morning,” she replied.

He looked at her intently for a moment, smiled and rose, extending his hand to her. He followed her to her room where she began immediately shedding her clothes upon entering.

She pulled her shirt up over her head and flipped it into the corner, before unzipping and stepping out of her skirt. When she reached around her back with both hands to unhook her bra, he stepped up closely behind her.

Allow me,” he whispered into her ear, fumbling with the clasp of her bra even as she shivered slightly.

She turned to face him, letting the bra fall off her arms and to her ankles, her nipples already rock hard. He felt an overwhelming urge to take her into his arms, kiss her passionately and ravish her completely. His dick pressed quite visibly out through the front of his lose fitting boxers.

Thank you, Daddy,” she cooed, her eyes gleaming in what he chose to imagine as lust.

She hooked her thumbs in the waistband to remove her panties and he put his hands on hers at her hips to stop her.

Keep your panties on,” he murmured huskily as she looked at him quizzically.

Why, Daddy?”

Well...the last time I massaged you...I almost accidentally touched you...your pussy,” he explained hoarsely, intentionally using that word to see how she would react, “so the panties might allow me to rub you better without...er...touching you...um...down there.”

OK, Daddy, if that's what you want,” she muttered lowly looking him directly in the eye with a devilish grin, “but I don't need to keep my panties on...not when I'm with you.”

His dick twitched again when he caught the faintest whiff of her arousal. By the time he finished, he was seriously hoping the scent of her sex permeated those panties and even filled her whole room.

She fell onto the bed face down, giving him room to kneel next to her, while continuing to watch him as he slowly rubbed the oily lotion into her arms and back and legs. She trembled slightly and moaned when he kneaded her ass cheeks and dragged his thumbs through the crack and across her puckered asshole.

He barely reached the small of her back when she rolled over, looking up at him with wide limpid eyes.

Do my front tonight too, Daddy,” she murmured, pressing a hand against his bare chest, “all over.”

He very slowly massaged her right arm, kissing her fingertips when he was done. When he released her hand, it slid down his side and across his hip. He made no attempt to conceal the hump growing in his shorts. She made no effort to pretend she wasn't staring at that bulge peeking out through the flap.

So what did you do at the party?” he asked, finishing the left arm and shivering as her hand brushed against his bare thigh.

Not much, listened to some music...talked...danced a little.”

Anybody I know there?" he continued, kneading both of her firm tits in his hands.

I don't know...just some other kids from school,” she moaned lowly.

Boys and girls?”

Yeah...boys and girls,” she answered a wicked smile creeping across her face. “Is that why you wanted me to keep my panties on...because boys were there?”

I can't help it, Kitten,” he finally responded pensively after a moment, “I just can't get that...that...image out of my head when you go to a party.”

What image, Daddy?” she cooed, her eyes betraying her innocence.

Of boys...touching you...doing things to you...,” he answered softly.

Do you think I'm a slut, Daddy?”

A slut...what do you mean...slut?” he replied, surprised by her use of the word.

You know what I mean,” she laughed, punching his arm and continuing to gaze at his hard on pressing out from his shorts.

No, Kitten, I don't think you're a slut at all, just a very sexy girl that turns all the guys on...every one that ever looks at you.”

You're just saying that because your my Dad,” she giggled.

No, Kitten, I'm saying that because I'm a guy.”

She just looked at him curiously so he turned his attention back to rubbing up both sides of her right leg until his finger almost brushed against her panties. He could feel the heat radiating from her pussy on the side of his index finger. She squirmed a little and he ever so briefly touched the gusset of her panties...the fabric damp and slick.

So did you jump around like your having a fit to what you call music that sounds like twenty five cats having a fight inside a barrel?” he giggled, trying to focus her attention away from the barely perceptible touch.

Oh, Daddy, you're so old fashioned sometimes,” she laughed spreading her legs even wider as he started massaging her left foot, “besides I only did a slow dance with one kid...and I could feel his boner.”

He stopped rubbing her in the middle of her thigh, surprised by that statement. He looked down at her intently but her gaze was focused on his rigid cock trying to stand straight out in his shorts.

Is that so, little lady...you felt some guy's boner?” he finally managed to say.

I didn't feel it with my hand, just pushing against me when we danced,” she smiled.

Did you want to feel his boner in your hand?”

Really, Daddy!”

Why don't you show me what you mean. Do you remember that game we used to play when you were little, the one we called Like This...or...Like That?”

Yes, Daddy.”

Let's play now.”

Alright,” she answered after a moment, looking at him in a bit of confusion.

He climbed off the bed and reached out for her hand to join him.

Show me how you danced with him,” he instructed her, opening his arms.

She looked him in the eyes, glanced down at his very prominent hard on and stepped close, putting both her arms around his neck. The scent of her sex wafted up to fill his nose.

So when you felt his boner, was it Like This?”

...he held his throbbing cock firmly against her belly...

or Like That?”

...he ground his rigid dick against her body.

Like That,” she moaned softly, burying her face against his bare chest.

And what else did he do,” he whispered into her ear.

He...he...touched my...bottom,” she cooed huskily.

Like This?”

...he softly dragged his hands down her back and over her firm ass...

or Like That?”

...he grabbed her cheeks firmly in both hands and pulled her to him tightly.

Like That,” she moaned.

He held her close for a moment before taking a step back and looking at her intently, the top of his cock still almost touching her torso just below her tits.

What else did he do, Kitten?” he asked quietly.

Nothing, Daddy, I didn't want to do anything else...with that kid,” she replied softly, looking him directly in the eyes again.

But you've done more with others, haven't you, Kitten? What else have you done or has a guy done to you.”

One time...a different kid...touched my...boobies...at another party,” she stammered, her lower lip quivering.

It's OK, Kitten, it's alright for you to let a guy touch your tits if you want,” he murmured. “Was it Like This?”

...he gently cupped her small tits in both hands...

or Like That?”

...he tugged both of her stiff nipples.

Like This, Daddy, but inside my bra,” she moaned hoarsely.

That's fine, Kitten,” he gasped, feeling his cock head twitch, certain he was staining the front of his shorts and the skin beneath her tits with his precum. “Did he touch you anywhere else?”

Down...down there, Daddy...between my legs,” she said so softly he wasn't sure at first he heard he correctly but the look in her eyes told him he did.

He hesitated, knowing full well he was about to cross a line from which there was no retreat or return. She was breathing raggedly as he slipped his hand down over her belly.

Like This?”

...he cupped her entire mound in his hand over her panties, feeling her heat and wetness against the palm...

or Like That”

...he slipped his hand under the waistband, across her peach fuzz like pubic hair to split her throbbing pussy lips with his middle finger.

Like That, Daddy...oh yes...yes...just...Like That,” she cried out pressing her moist, sticky pussy back against his hand.

He pulled his hand out from inside her panties and held her close as she continued to moan. Taking a few steps, he backed her onto the bed, her legs hanging over the side, her thighs spread invitingly open.

I don't care if you do things with some boys or even if you are still a virgin,” he declared looking down on her, his dick throbbing so hard he though he might rupture a blood vessel, “but I do care that you only do things that you really want to do.”

She looked up at him, her face flushed and her breathing erratic but didn't say a word. When he reached to pull her thong off, she stopped him with her hand, a frightened look in her eyes. It occurred to him she thought he was about to fuck her.

I just want to take them with me,” he said softly.

She nodded OK and lifted her hips. He pulled them off and brought them to his nose, inhaling the intoxicating aroma of her sex, flicked his tongue into the soaked gusset and openly rubbed them over his throbbing hard on through his shorts. By the time he was done, a wan smile grew on her lips.

Can I have a goodnight hug, Kitten.”

She stood and got on tip toes to hug him and give him a fleeting kiss on his lips. He thought, but wasn't sure, he felt her tongue flick against his lips for a brief second.

I love you, Kitten and even though I don't have much willpower, I would stop anytime you say so and would never want to do anything you don't want.”

He turned to leave, turning at the door to squint his eyes before winking at her.

See you in the morning, Kitten.”

She just squinted back at him and giggled.

If there was any doubt in her mind that he jerked off in those panties, he dispelled them as soon as he gave her a hug in the morning.

I put the panties you gave me last night on top of the laundry pile,” he grinned, whispering in her ear and giving her ass a gentle squeeze, “in case you want to put them back on.”

No way!” she blurted out in shock before seeing his grin and giggling with him. “That's really nasty, Daddy.”

To tell you the truth,” he confessed drinking his coffee, “it wasn't the particular guy at the party I was thinking about last night. Rather, I fantasize about any guy doing stuff with you every time you go out, touching you, kissing you...down there and even more.”

She looked at him intently, an odd expression on her face and hesitated a few moments before responding.

I have some fantasies too, Daddy,” she said softly.

Maybe we can explore some of them sometime, do some role playing or something,” he said, probably much too eagerly.

Yeah...maybe we could,” she answered with a mysterious smile and headed out the door for school.


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