Hands On Dad (Part 4)

Hands On Dad
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story “Holiday Dinner”. That began an ongoing conversation with NB in Arizona about his experiences.

(Part 4)

He stood at the half open door for a moment, taking a few deep breathes to collect himself. He then stepped into her room, only dimly lit by a bathroom light. He moved forward quietly, trying not to make a sound as he approached the bed and the still figure laying under just a cotton sheet.

She was on her side, facing away from him. For just a moment he stared, his throbbing dick pressing out firmly against his worn boxers.

He remembered the times after she first started sprouting tits when he would sneak into her room late at night like this, pull back the sheets to stare at her changing, sleeping body and jerk off into her soiled cotton panties.

Tonight, she wasn't really asleep...she was waiting for him...and she wanted him to be there...to do what it was they were about to do. The sound of his heart pounding in his ears was deafening.

He slowly reached down to gently pull back the sheet, stopping briefly when she momentarily stirred. Ever so carefully he continued until the sheet lay bunched below her feet.

Her powder blue panties accentuated the curve of her hip, the sheer white nightie drawn up toward her tits to leave her taut belly exposed. He adjusted his rigid dick in the boxers so the waistband confined the throbbing head close to his body. She stirred again and rolled on to her back toward him when he tried to brush a strand of hair from her face.

Mr. Jensen? Is that you?” she asked seemingly groggy, her eyes blinking open.

For a brief moment he looked at her, her tits flattened against her chest, the tan nipples stiff and pushing through the sheer fabric of the nightie, the roundness of her mons outlined by the thin panties with the way she had one leg pulled up and, yes, even a hint of moistness darkening the crevice that continued down between her legs.

Shh, Marie,” he whispered, sitting down on the edge of the bed, “I just wanted to make sure you were alright, so be quiet so we don't wake Ashley next to you.”

OK, Mr. Jensen,” she murmured softly as he brushed her hair from her face, his hand lingering on her cheek.

So don't be afraid, I want to make sure a beautiful girl like you feels good for a little while,” he cooed, brushing his fingertip up one arm and down the other.

That does feel very nice,” she shivered and looked at him with wide, wanting eyes.

There are lots of ways to make you feel really good,” he continued, leaning close enough to her ear he could flick the tip of his tongue against the lobe.

She let out a low moan he took as approval and dragged his hand down her side and as far over the outside of her thigh as he could reach before bringing it back to rest on her belly half way between her tits and pussy. He looked at him again with her face flushed, her breathing rapid and shallow.

That does feel really good, Mr. Jensen,” she mumbled, unconsciously spreading her thighs.

He kissed her cheek and then her neck as she quivered, his hand moving closer to her left tit. She turned her head toward him and their lips met. He outlined her lips with his tongue as his hand crept closer to her tit.

Oh, Mr. Jensen,” she moaned into his mouth before her tongue shot out to meet his.

Their tongues lashed together, first in his mouth and then in hers. He slipped his hands under her nightie, groping her tits, crushing the stiff nipples into his palms.

Take off the top,” he instructed her huskily when they momentarily broke the kiss to take a breath, at the same time pulling off his own shirt.

She pulled him back down, her tits pressing against the bare skin of his chest, her tongue eagerly seeking his again. He licked his way down her body until he could take one, then the other, erect nipple into his mouth. His hand slid down her belly, cupping her mound through her panties.

Her pussy was on fire and her panties soaking wet when she thrust her hips up to welcome his hand.

Her pushed her panties down and dragged a finger up through her throbbing pussy lips. She groaned again, even louder, pulling his hair as she flailed against his hand. He gently held one nipple in his teeth and lashed his tongue back and forth.

His cock was achingly hard, spitting a droplet of precum into his shorts with every twitch. When his fingertip found the tight hole leading to the depths of her cunt, she grappled with his shorts, pulling them down over his balls to wrap her fingers around the head of his cock.

He looked up at her, her face flushed, her breathing ragged. Before he could say a word, she thrust her hips against his hand again repeatedly.

The tip of his middle finger plunged into her tight, wet, warm hole to the first knuckle. She gasped, looking at him with wide, startled eyes.

Are you OK?” he asked, afraid of hurting her psyche as much as injuring her pussy.

Oh...yes...please...please...don't...don't stop...Daddy,” she grunted, thrusting her hips again, her entire body quivering.

That was all he could handle. He rammed his finger into her cunt as far as he could manage, hooking it to find her swelling and spongy g-spot while rubbing the throbbing nub of her clit with his palm.

She howled her orgasm, her face beet red, her back arched. His cum erupted into the palm of her hand and pooled on her stomach.

That initial climax built and passed quickly, much like the way she did when he secretly watched her masturbate. He wasn't done, leaving his finger buried in her tight warm cunt as she slowly regained her breath. He kissed her again passionately then as he began sucking each of her nipples, he massaged that squishy gland deep inside her pussy.

She looked startled for a moment before almost involuntarily matching the cadence of his finger with the thrust of her hips, her fingers squeezing his still hard cock.

DADDY...DADDY...DADDY...,” she howled, “DON'T STOP...DON'T STOP...DADDY!”

All pretense was gone. He was finger fucking his fifteen year old daughter to yet another orgasm as she was jerking off his throbbing cock.

At last her body relaxed and she slumped back on the bed with her thighs clamped around his hand. She moaned lowly when he withdrew his finger from her still pulsing pussy, raising it to his nose. He inhaled the intoxicating aroma of her cunt and cum, looked over at her with a wicked grin then slowly sucked her sticky cream coating his finger into his mouth.

He was kissing her again, spreading her own juices across her lips with the tip of his tongue, when he noticed the pool of his jism on her stomach. He dipped a fingertip into that drying cum and sucked it into his mouth. As she watched in surprise, he dipped up another bit and offered it to her.

Take a taste, Kitten,” he urged her.

She looked at him skeptically then slowly sucked his finger into her mouth.

Now that wasn't so bad, was it?” he asked with an impish smile. “Maybe your friend Lucy knows something you didn't...until now.”

She smiled sheepishly at that, her nipples still erect. He leaned forward, scooped up a big glob of that jism with his tongue then turned and rammed it into her mouth. She tensed at first, startled by his move, then hungrily returned his kiss. It took him three more tries to clean up the rest of the cum and share it with her in passionate kisses. By the time he was done, she was again panting rapidly.

Please, Daddy...please...do it again,” she whimpered, her eyes pleading even more fiercely than her words, “please...fuck me...fuck me...with your fingers...again...please.”

His dick twitched again as he easily slipped two fingers into her warm wet cunt and she screamed another orgasm.

As she was leaving for school the next morning, he told her he really liked the way she kissed. She smiled wanly and replied that she liked it too. The entire time, he firmly grasped her ass in one hand and pressed his hard on against her hip.

After watching her disappear around the corner, he went to his office and jerked off into a pair of her panties that were already crusty with his cum. Then he turned on his computer and ordered two dildos, one thin and smaller than his dick made of glass, the other curved and cock shaped with a prominent vein, a good eight inches long and five around.

The sexual tension was palpable at dinner the next night. He could only hope his wife did not pick up on the nervous strain between his daughter and himself. The girl rushed through her meal and excused herself, claiming she needed to finish her homework. He did what he could to help his wife get ready for work without seeming to push her out the door.

She came to kiss her mother goodbye, standing next to him as his wife tenderly kissed them both and walked to the garage.

She slipped her hand into his as the door to the garage closed and they heard the engine sputter to life.

She stepped in front of him as they heard his wife pull out of the garage.

She threw herself into his arms without a word as the garage door closed...and they were alone again for the rest of the evening.

They kissed passionately, their tongues lashing together in and out of both of their mouths. She locked her arms around his neck, pulling him closer as she began grinding her pussy against his bulging hard on. He grabbed her ass with one hand while sliding the other up under her shirt. Her bra less nipples were rock hard and so was his cock pushing against her stomach.

He slid his hand up between her legs, pushing her soaked panties into her pussy slit and rubbed her clit hard. She howled, bit his ear and grabbed his hard cock through his boxers.

He ripped her panties off and rammed his hand back between her legs. She pushed her pussy down and his thumb slid into her throbbing cunt, his index finger probing her asshole. She shrieked as her pussy juices gushed through his fingers. Pushing her shirt aside, he hungrily sucked her nipples, pulling them with his teeth as she continued to cum on his hand.

Leading her to her room, he flopped down on the bed with her on top of him...kissing...groping...humping each other. She slid off to the side and pulled his boxers down far enough she could wrap her hands around him, spontaneously stroking him up and down. He rammed a finger deep into her warm, wet pussy.

You can be as slutty as you want, Kitten, with my finger in your pussy and your hands on my cock,” he breathed into her ear. “Tell me...tell me what you want, my little slut.”

Oh yes...Daddy...I'll do anything...you want,” she groaned loudly, cumming yet again on his finger.

And be my cunt...my cock loving slutty bitch,” he panted, reaching down to hold her hand and rub the tip of his throbbing dick through her fuzzy pussy hair, his precum oozing out to cake in that thin thatch.

Yes...yes...anything...do anything...you want...to my...to your...cunt...,” she howled, an even stronger climax surging through her body.

His own cock throbbed. As she began to recover from her orgasmic high, he kissed the top of her head and gently pushed her down...down until his rock hard dick brushed against her cheek.

She looked up questioningly. He grinned, taking his cock in his hand and brushing it across her face, stopping with the head resting against her lips. She smiled back weakly and flicked the tip with her tongue and ever so slowly wrapped her lips around the throbbing head.

Oh fuck, Kitten...don't stop...suck my cock...oh god...yes...suck Daddy's cock!”

Her blow job technique left a lot to be desired but in the moment he didn't care. That was something she could easily improve with practice. Right then all he could think about was his fifteen year old daughter was sucking his cock as enthusiastically as she could. He lasted half a minute at best.

He practically saw stars when his cum erupted into her virgin mouth for that very first time.

Instinctively, she tried to pull her head from his cock when he started to shoot his jism into her mouth, but he held her head in place.

Swallow it , Kitten...every drop,” he moaned, flailing wildly, “like a good cum loving whore.”

She rolled her eyes up at him...and did.

Yummy, maybe Lucy is right,” she cooed when his dick deflated in her mouth, smacking her lips and visibly gulped down his cum, with a single string stretching from her chin back to his balls.

She crawled up on his chest and gave him a tongue lashing kiss, sharing whatever remained of his cum in her mouth with him. He grabbed both her ass cheeks in his hands, grinding her dripping pussy against his wilted dick.

So tell me, Daddy,” she murmured huskily, propping herself up with both forearms on his chest, a mixture of his cum and her spittle dripping from her chin, his limp cock still pressing against her grinding, warm, moist cunt, “when are you going to fuck me...fuck me for real...with your cock...in my cunt...and fill my pussy with this tasty cum?”

He could hardly believe what she was saying or how brazenly she was saying it. She smiled even brighter and kissed him passionately again when she felt his stiffening cock twitch between her legs.

I'm not going to fuck you,” he stated flatly a half hour later as they sat naked together on the couch sharing a cold drink.

But...but why not, Daddy?” she asked in surprise, looking at him with her lower lip quivering. “I want you to be my first...the first cock to fuck me...to be inside me.”

I just...can't,” he responded.

Are you trying some reverse psychology on me,” she retorted, “where you keep saying no so I want you to fuck me even more?”

No, that's not it at all, Kitten.”

Then, what is it, Daddy?” she pouted, reaching to fondle his flaccid dick. “Why won't you fuck me?”

If I start fucking you, Kitten, I won't want to stop...I won't be able to stop,” he murmured lowly, his cock stiffening in her hand.

I wouldn't want you to stop,” she murmured.

But ...but then I would want to fuck you...all the time,” he exclaimed.

I don't care,” she cried, squeezing his balls with her other hand, “you can have my pussy all you want...put your cock in my cunt any time and any way you want.”

Maybe we should try some role play using lots of dirty language,” he suggested, pleased that she was using such language while practically begging him to fuck her.

I have a better idea,” she giggled, “let's role play where you force me to fuck.”

Right now I have an even better idea,” he panted raggedly pulling her close and sliding his hand down between her legs. “Why don't you kneel right here and suck me off again until I cum in your mouth again.”

Of course, Daddy,” she cooed falling to her knees between his thighs and looking up at him as she licked the head of his dick like a dripping ice cream cone, “all you have to do...ever have to do from now on...is just ask.”

He leaned back, moaning lowly as his cum shot into her throat. He kind of liked the idea of her begging him to fuck her.

You should talk to your mother about birth control,” he told her as she sat back on her heels in front of him wiping the remnants of his cum from her lips with the back of her hand. “Maybe tell her all the other girls are having sex and you want to be protected if you decide you want to as well.”

What if she says use a condom?”

She won't, at least not exclusively,” he answered, scooping a couple droplets of his cum from her tit and holding his finger out for her to suck. “She's a nurse, so she'll tell you to do both, the pill to prevent getting pregnant and condoms to prevent catching something nasty.”

Will you fuck me if I start taking the pill?' she pleaded, softly fondling his balls.

I told you, I'm not going to fuck you,” he replied, pulling her head closer so she could lick his balls.

Even if I'm on the pill and use a condom?”

I told you, the condom is for disease and I don't have any. The pill is for when a guy fucks you and cums inside your pussy. So you don't need, and shouldn't ever use, a condom when giving a blow job...to me or any other guy.”

He sent her off to shower with a swat on her bare ass. He drank a beer thinking maybe he could convince her they could have it both ways if he started by fucking her in the ass. He finished the beer and went to jerk off spying on her masturbating.

By the way, when you're out and about this week, pick up some condoms,” his wife said to him as they sat sipping coffee on the patio before she headed off to sleep after work.

Why?” he asked, suddenly completely alert and looking at her intently. “Don't tell me you have your eye on another new intern you plan on fucking in an empty room at the hospital again....”

.About ten years before, she had come home pretty drunk after a night out with some of her nursing colleagues. He helped her to bed and when he went to remove her panties, they stuck between her pussy lips...her very puffy, cum covered and leaking cunt.

He was shocked and aroused by this discovery. He pulled off the panties and stared own at her...her tits flattened...her pussy gaped open slightly...her inner thighs glistening with streaks of dried cum. His own creamy jism splattered all the way up to her tits as well as joining the mysterious stranger's seeping out of her cunt.

Have fun last night?” he asked her quietly the next day as she sat nursing a coffee.

Quit shouting,” she hissed, looking up at him with blood shot eyes.

I'm guessing you had a really good time,” he said softly, reaching under the table and flipping the soiled panties on to the table right in front of her.

What...what's this?” she asked sheepishly, looking back and forth from the panties to him.

Your panties...the ones I obviously was not the first to take off you last night,” he replied icily, “the ones that kept some other guy's cum from completely leaking out of your cunt and down the inside of your legs on your way home.”

She just stared at him a moment, her lower lip beginning to quiver.

I'm...sorry...so...sorry,” she sobbed, tears welling up in her eyes.

He waited patiently until she composed herself, pouring them each a fresh coffee before speaking.

So what happened?”

The dam broke, the words of her explanation pouring out like water from a fire hose.

They were at a bar across the street from the hospital. A couple of new residents, straight out of medical school, joined them for a drink. Before long, she had a very pleasant buzz.

An accidental touch when she stumbled coming back from the rest room lead to even more intimate contact. Before she knew it, she was walking back to the hospital with both of the interns, groping and kissing as they went. They found an empty room and she fucked one while sucking off the other before they changed places and both shot their cum into her mouth and pussy again.

He just stared at her blankly as she spoke, not saying a word. He wasn't really angry with her. If anything he was enormously turned on but saw no need to let her know that at the outset.

I'm so sorry,” she whispered again when she was done explaining, “I don't know if you can ever forgive me or I can forgive myself.”

It is something that may take some doing,” he said softly, betraying as much hurt in his voice as he could muster.

Anything...anything I can do..if you would just forgive me.” she murmured, stepping up behind him, grappling for his belt and zipper, “I'll do anything...and everything...you want.”

He smiled to himself, hearing exactly what he would have wished for.

The make up sex over the next few weeks was the most intense and adventurous of their lives. He felt no compunction to tell her to do things he had only fantasized about doing before...and she did not hesitate for even a moment to fulfill each and every one of his desires, no matter how perverse she would have thought in the past.

Her mildly submissive streak turned into something much more intense. Along the way she found she actually liked being fucked in the ass almost as much as he obsessed over taking her that way.

And from time to time, like right then, he had a perfect opportunity to remind her....

No, they're not for me,” she said, staring at him with a bemused look, “I can go get my own anytime I might feel the need for them. You're the one going to the store.”

Yeah, but it makes it so much more fun if you did ask me to get some for you,” he grinned, reaching over to tweak one of her now stiff nipples.

You're incorrigible,” she replied, a weak smile breaking across her face.

He took her hand and put it on top of his stiffening cock, leaning forward to give her a tongue lashing kiss. She returned the kiss and without him saying a word, slipped down between his legs and wrapped her lips around his cock. He put his finger under her chin, raising her face to look at him.

Let's continue this discussion in our bed,” he said softly.

They walked past their daughter's still closed bedroom door, giggling and groping each other like teenagers. In the bedroom, he twirled her around face down on the bed, ripping off her panties and spreading her ass cheeks with his hands.

Fuck, yeah!” she shrieked when his rigid cock plunged deep into her bowels with one hard thrust.

So why do I need to buy you some condoms, anyway,” he asked as they cuddled together.

Not for me...for her,” she answered softly, reaching down to fondle his balls and deflated cock.

What do you mean...for her?”

I'm taking your daughter to get birth control on Monday and figure she needs some condoms too,” his wife answered, twirling the head of his dick just the way she knew got him hard again right after cumming inside her.

Why? Don't tell me that geeky kid she's been seeing recently started fucking her.”

No, at least she says she hasn't had sex with a boy yet. But she isn't going to get out of high school a virgin either. She'll give into peer pressure or her own blooming sexuality sooner or later. So it's better to be prepared.”

Yeah, I suppose you're right...it's just she's my little girl...and now, you've put this picture in my head...some guy....”

Don't start,” she giggled and squeezed his dick, giving him every indication she meant just the opposite.

Come to Daddy,” he grinned and pulled her on top of him, sucking in one nipple and biting it hard enough to make her wince.

Shh, you'll wake her up,” his wife giggled.

So what? Weren't we just talking about birth control and condoms...so she can fuck?”

Yeah, I suppose you have a point,” his wife laughed again and straddled his hips.

His hard cock slipped easily into her already dripping cunt. He continued biting her nipples while she rocked up and down on him, her finger furiously rubbing her clit and the side of his dick at the same time. Her back arched and she let out a loud shriek as she began to cum, squeezing her cunt tightly around his dick to suck yet more of his sperm into her.

They nuzzled together for a short time before his wife drifted off to sleep. He gently removed his arm from under her head, slipped out of the bed and walked down the hall to his daughter's bedroom.

She looked up, smiled at him and rolled on to her back when he gently brushed his hands over her shoulder and down her back. His cock was hard again looking down at her as she reflexively spread her legs.

Mom asleep?” she cooed, reaching to pull his cock out of his boxers.


Did you fuck her?”


Yummy,” she groaned, taking his throbbing cock into her mouth.

It turned out finger fucking her while she sucked his dick that morning only made her hornier and more insistent. It didn't help that he felt like a drug addict hungrily looking at his next fix every time he laid eyes on her.

With his wife in the next room, she walked up to him and pulled up her t-shirt, flashing her bare perky tits and their erect nipples. Later, as they watched TV, she sat across from him, spreading her legs to give him a look at her panties poking out from beneath her shorts.

When he didn't respond, she pulled her panties to the side, clearly showing him her puffy pussy before dragging her finger up through her slit and sucking that finger into her mouth. She was doing it for his pleasure but it was really nerve wracking with his wife in the house.

He made some lame excuse for her to go outside with him, out of all possible earshot of his wife.

You got to stop taking chances like that,” he scolded her in a hoarse whisper, “otherwise, we might get caught.”

I want to get fucked,” she responded flatly.

You have to control yourself when your mother's around,” he replied.

So, I still want to get fucked,” she continued, reaching to squeeze his half hard cock.

OK, OK, I understand but we can't do anything while she's in the house,” he answered after taking a deep breath and pushing her hand away. “Why don't you think of some role play we can do when your mother next goes to work.”

How about the one where you force me to fuck you?” she grinned wickedly, again grabbing his hardening cock, “or I rape you.”

Not that,” he exclaimed, more loudly than he intended and again pushed her hand away, “but I have a few ideas.”

You know Mom is taking me to get birth control, don't you?” she asked casually pulling on one stiff nipple.

Stop that,” he said, slapping her hand down, “and yes I know.”

How long do you think it will be after I start the pills that I can fuck?” she grinned wickedly.

I have no idea, so ask the doctor I suppose,” he replied in exasperation, “but you'll have to use a condom too even when your on the pill.”

Yeah, I know...nasty diseases and all that.”


So how long until dinner?” she asked, smiling impishly again.

Oh a half hour or so I imagine,” he answered starting to walk back into the house.

Good, plenty of time.”

Oh, for what?”

I'm going to go finger fuck my cunt until I cum...at least once,” she happily announced, turned and walked away with her ass swaying provocatively.

He just stared watching her go, his hard dick tenting his shorts.


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