Hands On Dad (Part 5)

Hands On Dad
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story “Holiday Dinner”. That began an ongoing conversation with NB in Arizona about his experiences.

(Part 5)

So how did the doctor's appointment go?” he asked his wife and daughter as they walked into the house. “Get pinched and poked and prodded in all the right places?”

Oh shush, you're embarrassing her,” his wife scolded him crossly as their daughter blushed and hurried off to her room.

I was just asking about my daughter's well being,” he protested.

In your typically crude way. She's just fine,” his wife answered, “had a complete exam and everything is just fine.

Complete, huh?”

Very thorough...and leave it at that,” she said in exasperation, giving him a punch in the shoulder before going to change for work.

He just grinned, knowing full well he'd get the full story from his daughter a little later...a very detailed and explicit report.

As usual, he didn't bother to knock, just pushed open the door and walked into her room after his wife left for work. She was leaning back against the headboard of her bed wearing just a loose fitting tank top and a pair of lacy yellow panties. From the way the fabric bunched up between her pussy lips, he was sure they were the same panties she wore all day.

She looked up with a bright smile as he approached the bed, leaning over to give her a lingering, tongue lashing kiss. At the same time he slid his hand over her pussy, fingering her damp slit through those panties.

With a low moan, she wrapped her hand around the back of his head and pushed her pussy against his hand. He could feel her growing warmth and wetness seeping through the thin fabric.

His fingertip found the hard throbbing nub of her clit. She flailed even harder against his hand, moaning into his mouth, her thighs quivering uncontrollably as an orgasm surged through her body.

Oh...Daddy...I'm...I'm cumming...for you...Daddy...my cunt...yours...finger me...oh god...yes...more...fuck...more...DADDY...DADDY...MORE!”

He kept his hand pressed tightly against her mound until the last vestiges of her climax faded away. The panties were soaked when he gently pulled them down over her hips and raised them to his nose.

She giggled and freed his cock from his boxers watching him inhale the aroma of her sex. She stroked him slowly twisting the head the way he showed her he liked, flicking the first droplets of precum away with her tongue.

So how did it go today...at the doctor's?” he asked idly fondling one of her erect nipples while continuing to sniff her panties.

Just fine, I can start fucking for real a week from the day after tomorrow.”

Is that so?”

Yep, that's so and I intend to start exactly on that day too...right about this time.”

Oh really? Have a guy already picked out to fuck...a week from a day after tomorrow?”


He know you want to fuck him?”

Oh yeah.”

Think he'll do it?”

I'm pretty sure...I have all the next week to convince him”

Is that so...and how do you plan to do that?”

By giving him all the blow jobs he wants,” she murmured before sliding her mouth down over his cock until her nose pressed into his pubic hair.

That might be a good start,” he moaned, a familiar tingle growing in his balls.

Then I'm going to show him my pussy is even tighter than my mouth,” she went on taking his dick from her mouth and pressing two of his fingers into her cunt.

Well, yeah that's a pretty good inducement,” he answered, panting rapidly and fingering her wet warm pussy.

And then I'm saving the best thing of all for last.”

Oh, and what's that?” he groaned, a droplet of his precum dripping down the side of his hard cock.

I'm going to tell him if he fucks me in my pussy, without a condom so I can feel his warm, sticky cum filling me up before leaking out and down my legs, then he can fuck me in my ass the next time and as many times as he wants.”

With that, she rolled over on to her hands and knees with her ass in the air, reaching back to spread her ass cheeks. Her pink puckered asshole stared out at him. Two more drops of precum seeped from his cock. He bent forward and slowly licked her asshole, swirling the tip around the tight opening.

That, Kitten, is definitely a winning argument,” he surrendered, finally admitting to himself that all resolve to not fuck his daughter was gone, “and now I'm going to fuck your mouth and throat as hard as I'm going to fuck your cunt and your ass...a week from the day after tomorrow. tomorrow”

He flipped her on her back, straddling her chest and sliding his cock into her welcoming mouth. She dug her fingernails into his hips, gagging and flailing with his cum flooding her mouth and throat.

Tell me all about what else the doctor did and said,” he told her as she lay cuddling under his arm, “especially the ways he touched you.”

Why do you want me to tell you about that, Daddy?” she giggled, swirling a fingertip around one of his nipples.

Because I'm a pervert that likes to hear every detail about how another man touches my little girl's tits and cunt,” he grinned back at her, splitting her already sticky pussy lips with his finger, “or every way she sucks and fucks some boy.”

Does that make me a pervert too, Daddy?”

No, Kitten, you're just my darling slut...my cock loving cunt. So what did he do?”

“”He had me breath in and out while he listened with the...that thing around his neck...”

The stethoscope.”

Then he felt up my tits and told me how I need to check them myself every month on the first day of my period in case I get a lump.”

Did you tell him your Daddy checks and feels up your tits almost every night?” he chuckled, squeezing her right tit tenderly.

No, Daddy...Mom was standing right there. Then he stuck a finger inside my cunt and felt around before saying everything seemed good.”

He's right about that, it feels really good to stick my finger into your pussy,” he laughed, doing just that and massaging her spongy g-spot until she moaned loudly.

You do it so much better, Daddy,” she cooed, thrashing back against his hand, “oh so much better...don't...don't stop...Daddy...oh so good...fuck...make me cum...DADDY!”

He kept pumping three fingers as hard as he could into her warm sticky pussy until she clamped her thighs around his hand, her signal that she was done cumming for the moment. She eagerly returned his tender kiss before starting to slide down his body aiming to take his rigid cock into her mouth.

What else did he say, Kitten?”

Not a whole lot but Mom got kinda mad on the way home,” she answered, looking up from licking his twitching cock head.

Why's that?”

She thought the way he was talking he expected I would be fucking every boy I see.”

Well, you will...won't you?”

Oh yes, Daddy, I want to fuck everyone I can and tell you all about it...after you fuck me...and cum inside me...the very first time...but I didn't tell Mom that!”

He grinned happily, pulling her head down over his throbbing cock, marveling in how improved her cock sucking technique had become in a very short time. She hardly even gagged when his cum gushed down her throat.

I took my first pill this morning, Daddy,” she told him gleefully as she flopped down next to him on the sofa, “so I'll only be a virgin for one more week and a day.”

Yeah and I've been thinking, there are a few things we need to get straight between us before you get to that point.”

What do you mean by that?” she asked.

Some ground rules going forward, so there's no misunderstandings in the future.”

Like what?”

We need to be completely honest and open about what we like and don't like, want and don't want to do. Stuff like that.”

OK, then I have something right off,” she said looking at him seriously, “I don't want to role play any more.”

That's fine, Kitten.” he responded, a bit surprised, “but do you mind telling me why?”

I want you to do things to me, not pretending I'm someone else,” she answered readily, “and I want to do things with you, my Daddy, not some make believe person.”

I can agree to that since there are things I want to do with you where I prefer it is not pretending.”

Such as, Daddy?”

Like being a lot more crude and vulgar when talking to you, cumming on your face and tits while telling you what a slut and whore and cunt you are...things like that.”

I have no problem with you doing any that to me as much as you want and any time you want, Daddy, but with one condition,” she said, a wicked smile spreading across her face while she very deliberately reached down between her own legs.

So what's that, Kitten?”

Only after you promise to make love to me...one week from tomorrow...as soon as Mom leaves for work...and you cum inside my cunt without a condom...let me feel your cum shoot into me...and drip out when you are done. I've been thinking about this since the first time you saw my tits growing and I saw your cock get hard.”

He sat their staring at her for a few moments, realizing in that moment that she had really thought about what she was saying...and asking of him. In a way he felt proud she was beginning to understand the extent of her pussy power over guys. When he didn't say anything, she continued while lazily rubbing circles around her clit and smiling at him.

I only have one chance in my whole life to get fucked the first time, Daddy...only one...and I want that cock sliding into my cunt to be your cock, not some kid I hardly know. After that first time, I will be as nasty and dirty as you want me to be...fuck anyway you want...do anything you want me to do.”

His cock stiffened as she talked, bulging visibly from the front of his shorts. She noticed, looking back and forth from his hard on to his face, smiling brightly.

Would you like me take care of that for you right now, Daddy,” she smirked.

Yeah, but let's get a few other things settled first,” he responded, slipping off his shorts and taking his throbbing cock into his own hand.

Whatever you want, Daddy,” she murmured, removing her own panties and turning to lean against the armrest of the sofa with her knees spread wide, giving him an unobstructed view of her pussy and the finger strumming her clit.

They agreed to let each other have special requests for things they wanted to do and to honor them as best they could.

He wanted to watch her masturbate....

.She wanted him to get her a dildo.

He wanted to fuck her in the ass....

.She wanted them to be physically and verbally nasty with each other.

He wanted to cum in her panties and have her wear them to school....

.She wanted to get some sluttier clothes and wear them in public.

He wanted to watch her get fucked by other guys....

.She wanted him to watch other boys fuck her.

By the time they finished this recitation, two droplets of his precum dribbled down the sides of his dick and a third bubbled up through his piss slit. She grinned and slid two fingers into her pussy, pulling them out and sucking them into her mouth.

Then she crawled over to him and, without a word, wrapped her panties around his cock and stroked him slowly with both hands. She locked her eyes on his as she jerked him off. He lasted less than a minute before his cum erupted, splattering on his belly and soaking the panties and her hands.

When his cock deflated, she wiped up the spent jism on his stomach with the panties, grinned at him again then smeared that sticky sperm all over her pussy and tits. She handed the panties back to him, leaned forward to ram her tongue into his mouth and turned to walk to her room.

I'll see you in the morning, Daddy...I hope,” she laughed, squinting briefly then winking before disappearing down the hall.

He heard her howl her first orgasm even before he got to the office and climbed on the bench to watch her through the vent. She didn't stop with that first climax, bringing herself to a second, yet more intense, orgasm with her fingers on her clit and in her cunt...making no effort whatsoever to muffle her increasingly loud shrieks.

The next morning, right after his wife headed to sleep for a few hours on her day off, she offered to give him a blowjob as he sat drinking his coffee on the patio.

I'd love a blow job, Kitten,” he responded without adding that she could always use a little more practice, “but we have to be careful. Let's wait until your mother goes to lunch with my sister later this afternoon.”

But...but, Daddy...I'm so fucking horny...I want your cock...cumming...in my mouth now...right now,” she pouted, reaching down to rub his stiffening cock, pressing her tits against his face.

Not now,” he replied, brushing her hand aside and giving her ass a gentle slap, “go masturbate if you're so horny.”

Well...OK...if you insist,” she grinned wickedly, flopped down in the chaise lounge chair next to him and slipped her hand down under the waistband of her Daisy Mae shorts.

What are you doing?” he exclaimed excitedly.

Masturbating...just like you told me to do,” she answered with a devilish grin, slowly rotating her hips against her hand.

Not out here!”

Oh...Daddy, I'm so close already,” she moaned, her fingers moving ever faster inside her shorts, her thighs beginning to quiver.

What if your mother....” he started to protest as her back arched and she let out a sharp cry.

She had a penchant for cumming quickly when she masturbated or he fingered or licked her, but that was ridiculously fast. She lay silently for a few moments before getting up. She didn't bother to zip her shorts back up, the top of her fuzzy pussy hair peeking out tantalizingly as she stepped over to him and brushed the finger she just took out of her pussy across his lips.

I guess that will hold me...until lunchtime,” she cooed, outlining his lips with her tongue before turning and going back into the house.

He didn't have to look down at his shorts to see the small stain where the tip pressed out stiffly against his shorts.

He didn't realize she was sneaking up behind him as he skimmed the pool until her hands reached around his waist and slipped under the waistband of his shorts.

Mom's gone,” she whispered into his ear while squeezing his hardening dick, “so can I suck your cock now?”

He turned to see she was only wearing a pair of lacy black panties, her light tan nipples erect. As he bent forward to kiss her, she pulled down his shorts, holding his cock in one hand and gently squeezing his balls in the other.

Why don't we suck each other?” he suggested with a devilish smile, leading her to a nearby chaise lounger after stepping out of his shorts.

She stood over him as he lay down on his back, reaching up to finger her warm wet pussy through the lacy panties.

What do you want me to do, Daddy?” she asked, slipping the panties down over her legs to settle around her ankles.

Straddle my face and lean down to suck my cock,” he instructed her to get into the classic 69 position with her on top.

She did as she was told, hovering over his face while taking his throbbing cock into her mouth, The pungent aroma of her cunt and asshole almost overwhelmed him. Even as his tongue slipped through her pussy lips and swirled around her puckered asshole, he began shooting his cum into her mouth.

What she lacked in technique, she made up with enthusiasm. He didn't even have to remind her to swallow his cum, not that he could have made himself heard with her dripping cunt grinding into his face.

When his cock started to deflate, he flipped her over on to her back and pushed both of her legs as far back over her head as he could manage. She looked up at him with her eyes ablaze with lust.

Fuck me, Daddy...fuck your slutty cunt...please, Daddy...please...please...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me,” she begged, her dripping pussy gaping wide open between her quaking thighs.

Had he been hard enough at that moment, he probably would have lost all control and rammed his cock into that inviting and welcoming cunt. He even told himself maybe he could just slip his dick in far enough to give her an idea how it felt. He realized he was deluding himself and once inside her tight cunt, he would continue fucking her until he shot every last drop of his cum deep inside her pussy.

Yes, Kitten, I am going to fuck you...in your pussy and in your ass...with my tongue,” he proclaimed dropping down to run his tongue through her puffy pussy lips.

He fingered her cunt while rimming her asshole, sucked her clit and dragged his teeth up the short length of that sensitive nub, massaged her g-spot with two fingers and gingerly probed her tight asshole with another.

She squirmed and shrieked, one climax after another surging through her body. By the time she finally slumped back, his cock was again rock hard.

Because her mother was due back at any time, he had her put her panties back on then hold them out from her pussy while he jerked off. His cum splashed against the hood of her clit and into her cunt hair and panties. Then he had her pull them up and pressed them against her pussy mound.

Now go get dressed and leave those panties on for the rest of the day,” he told her, giving her a kiss and tender slap on her ass.

His cock throbbed throughout dinner with her and his wife, knowing his daughter was sitting across the table wearing those panties soaked with his sperm.

You know, Kitten, I want to make your first fuck a very special event. Maybe we can go out...like on a date...for dinner or something that night...before coming home and...and ...making love.”

They were sitting in his office when she came home from school. She was sitting with her back to the door, her legs spread wide and her panties pulled aside playing with her pussy for his viewing pleasure.

At any moment, he expected his wife to walk in to let them know she was leaving for work. He had every intention of having his cock deep in his daughter's throat as soon as the garage door closed.

Why don't we just stay home and jump right into bed as soon as Mom leaves?” she asked, smiling impishly before slipping a finger into her pussy and then licking it. “I don't even want to wait that long until you stick your dick in my very ready cunt.”

Well I was kind of hoping to show you off some, have you strut around in some of the sexy clothes, have other guys looking at you, wanting to get their hands on you. Then come home and make love.”

I like that idea, Daddy, but why wait to next week for that. Let's go out before then.”

Because I want look for other guys, older guys, to fuck you and you won't be able to hook up with someone before your pills take full effect...and I fuck you first.”

There's always condoms,” she smirked, pumping two fingers in and out of her pussy fast and hard.

Yeah, maybe a scouting trip is a good idea,” he mused, squeezing his throbbing cock through his shorts watching her. “See how slutty we can dress you and how comfortable you are with knowing guys are stripping you with their eyes.”

Hmm, Daddy, I like that idea...and of guys stripping me with their hands too!”

About that time, his wife stuck her head in the door to announce she was leaving for work. He got up, disguising his hard on by slipping the head under the waistband of his shorts and covering it with his shirt.

When he returned to his office, his daughter had changed into a tank top and thong. He came up behind her, reaching over her shoulders to cup both of her tits in his hands.

Let's see what we can find online. Ever since I got you those thongs, I keep getting pop up ads for some of the trashiest outfits I've ever seen,” he told her, sitting down at his computer.

Oh, let me see,” she exclaimed excitedly, pulling another chair over to sit next to him.

I have a better idea, Kitten, come sit on my lap while we look for some really slutty outfits for you...the kind that will make guys drool and get hard just looking at you.”

She grinned at him for a second before peeling off her t-shirt. She sat in his lap with her back to him and her legs spread wide on the outside of his. She squirmed a minute until he could feel his stiffening cock settling in between her ass cheeks. From the way she wiggled, apparently she could as well.

He pulled up a web site with outfits and lingerie he would never imagine her wearing even a few weeks before. Now he and his daughter were looking for the the sleaziest outfits they could find...for him to fuck her in and for her to attract other guys to her welcoming and wanting cunt.

As she scrolled through the offerings, he leaned back, cupped her tits and thumbed her stiff nipples. She moaned lowly and ground her increasing warm and moist pussy against his cock. He nuzzled into her neck, flicking the tip of his tongue around her ear lobe.

Oh, Daddy...finger me, Daddy...please...fuck my pussy with your fingers...Daddy,” she whimpered, grinding her hips against his throbbing cock.

Play with your pussy for me, Kitten, finger yourself inside your panties,” he murmured into her ear, looking down over her stiff nipples to the light blue panties covering her cunt...panties he knew were already spotted with her pussy juices.

She slipped her hand under the waistband, splitting her dripping slit with a fingertip before settling on her clit. He watched her knuckle move faster and faster, her breathing becoming more ragged until her back arched and she let out a loud howl.

After her orgasm faded away, he pushed the soaked gusset of her thong into her cunt, soaking up as much of her juices as possible. She wiggled around to face him, offering to suck his rigid cock. Instead, he had her jerk him off until his cum splattered on her tits and dripped down to her pussy. As he watched, she smeared it all over herself before licking her sticky fingers clean.

They went back to looking at outfits. He let her order three different colored g-strings and a tube dress that barely covered her nipples at the top and her ass cheeks at the bottom. With the open weave mesh running up the right side, it was obvious she would not wear a bra or panties beneath the silky clinging fabric.

Her excitement about the purchases was contagious. With his cock again stirring, he took her hand and lead her to the floor in front of his desk, laying down on his back and have her again straddle his face. He pulled the cum soaked panties to the side to lick her pussy until she again shrieked a series of orgasms.

He rolled her to the side on to her hands and knees, crawled up behind her and jerked off again, this time his cum shooting into her ass crack and the outside of the panties covering her mound.

They laid together on the floor, talking about going out dressed like a slutty tramp to look for guys to fuck her. He started to harden again when she asked him if he thought she could get fucked with her trashy clothes on.

He pushed her on to her back, spread he legs and crawled up close enough the tip of his dick pressed against her drenched panties. He told her to finger her clit while he rubbed the head of his cock up and down in her pussy slit through the thong from her asshole to her swirling finger. When she gasped and groaned another climax, he pulled her panties down to shoot yet another load of his cum over her cunt and into the panties.

They were both totally spent. He helped her to her feet and gave her a warm tight hug.

Don't take a shower tonight or take off those panties. I want you to masturbate in them in the morning and then wear them all day at school,” he told her before she turned to go to her room. “I want the aroma of cum and your sex on those panties when you bring my cunt home from school tomorrow for me to smell and taste.”

Your cunt, Daddy, will be wet and ready for you as soon as I get home tomorrow,” she murmured into his ear, giving his deflated cock a gentle squeeze and ramming her tongue into his mouth.

He was starting to doubt he could last another week without fucking her. Right then he decided to give her the choice of using a condom or waiting to take his cock bareback the first time. He would make it clear it really was entirely her choice how he slid his dick deep into her cunt when his fifteen year old daughter gifted him with her virginity.


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