Hands On Dad (Part 6)

Hands On Dad
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story “Holiday Dinner”. That began an ongoing conversation with NB in Arizona about his experiences.

(Part 6)

How'd I do, Daddy?” she murmured huskily.

She was laying on her back on the carpet in front of his desk, her knees pulled up and spread wide. With one hand, she held her pussy lips apart while rubbing circles around the protruding clit with the other. She had already cum once fingering herself while he watched and was getting close to climaxing again.

He knelt between her knees, close enough the outside of his thighs pressed firmly against the inside of hers. His cock was rock hard in one hand, just inches above her glistening slit, with the top of her knuckles occasionally brushing against his dangling balls while she masturbated for him.

In his other hand, he held the pungent soiled panties to his nose, inhaling deeply a couple of times then pulling them far enough away to flick his tongue into the crusty and sticky crotch. A thin string of his precum stretched to her fuzzy pussy hair, joining the remnants of his sperm caked there from the night before.

And you masturbated in them this morning before school like I told you?”

Yes, Daddy, “and...and...”

And what?” he asked, looking down to reposition is cock so his precum dripped on the finger rubbing her clit then on to the pulsing nub too.

I got so turned on feeling the sticky panties rubbing against my pussy all day, I had to go cum again in them during school...in the girl's room.”

His cock twitched as she said that, spitting yet another droplet of precum on to her cunt. Even so, there was something more he couldn't quite put his finger on as he kept sniffing those panties.

You did something else, didn't you...besides cumming in them another time?”

Well...I did...kinda...,” she stammered, beginning to giggle.

Kinda...what?” he demanded with a broad grin, reaching down to tweak one of her stiff nipples.

I...it's what...I didn't do...I didn't wipe myself...the last two times I peed,” she answered, squirming while gently squeezing his balls, “so the panties would smell even better for you, Daddy.”

Now, that's really nasty, Kitten,” he smiled wickedly, slipping his hand down between her legs and ramming a finger into her wet cunt, “you are really becoming a trashy slut.”

Just for you...Daddy...anything for you,” she groaned loudly, flailing on his hand while two successive orgasms flooded through her body.

The package came this morning,” he told her as she stroked his cock and licked his balls.

She stopped suddenly, looking up with wide eyes.

Let's open it up now,” she exclaimed excitedly starting to stand.

Finish what you started, then we can see what all came,” he moaned lowly, pushing her head back down toward his throbbing dick.

She eagerly sucked him in until he grunted his cum into the back of her throat.

WOW...you really look sexy,” he proclaimed, idly fondling his half hard dick while she modeled yet another thong so small it barely covered all of her pussy slit and practically none of her thin cunt hair. “Put the dress back on...the one you're going to wear on Friday night.”

You really think I'm sexy, Daddy, or are you just saying that because you're my father?” she asked, sliding the mini tube dress over her head to pull it over her bare tits and straighten it out over her hips.

He gasped quietly, his dick instantly hardening watching her smooth the snug fabric over her body,

The top edge barely covered her small nipples, accenting the small bulge of the upper half of her tits. The bottom hem ended so abruptly the under side of her low slung ass cheeks would be visible if she bent forward even slightly. In between, the glossy material clung to every part of her body so tightly he could pick out individual pussy hairs if she didn't wear panties.

No, Kitten, I'm telling you it's sexy because it's fucking hot!” he exclaimed thumbing a drop of precum from the tip of his cock. “Guys who see you in that are going to be stripping you with their eyes, begging to get to know you and running home to jerk off thinking about you.”

Why do you say that, Daddy?” she asked, pirouetting in little circles a few feet in front of him.

Because that's what I would do if I saw someone looking like you in the mall or a restaurant. You'd be surprised the guys I fantasize about fucking you.”

Oh really? Like who?”

How about your three uncles or some of my golf buddies?”

Seriously? Do you think some of them would want to...to...fuck me?”

Maybe...you are damn fuckable looking right now.”

She pondered that for a few moments in silence before looking at him with imploring eyes.

I don't think I could do that, Daddy,” she finally explained softly, “it might be a real problem if any one else in the family found out. I wouldn't want to really do anything with Ashley's father like we role played either since she's my friend.”

Then that's your decision to make, kitten. It is your body so you can do anything you want that makes you feel good,” he responded, “and don't do anything that doesn't.”

She pulled off the dress and draped it on a hanger before turning back to him, naked save for the red thong she wore under the tube dress. She looked down at him pensively as she stepped closer, idly pinching her right nipple.

Can I ask you something, Daddy?”

Sure, Kitten, you know you can ask me anything.”

If you had the chance, would you fuck one of my friends or even my cousin?”

That depends, I guess,” he answered breaking into a wide grin after a moment's thought. “Think I could get away with it?”

Oh, Daddy!” she giggled and sat down on his lap, throwing her arms around his neck and ramming her tongue into his mouth.

And what if when we are out and I see a cute boy,” she asked, breaking of the kiss and wiggling her ass against his throbbing dick, “can I flirt with him?”

Of course, Kitten, I expect you to flirt this first time when we go out on our scouting trip,” he answered flicking his tongue across a stiff nipple, “and after I fuck you the first time and the pills kick in, I would want you to not only flirt with but to fuck any boy you want.”

Daddy, I don't want to wait...not one more minute,” she murmured, pulling him to the floor and stripping off his boxers. “I'm begging you, Daddy...fuck me...please...please fuck me...please...please!”

She hungrily sucked in his cock and squeezed his balls before crawling up on top of him. As she rammed her tongue into his mouth, she thrashed and ground her pussy against his throbbing cock, her juices coating his dick and dripping on to his balls. He could feel her hot breath on his neck as she continued to plead.

Give me your cock, Daddy....fuck me, please, please...fill my cunt with your cum, Daddy...my pussy is yours, Daddy, just fuck me...please...fuck me!”

He was ready to explode with only the thinnest thread of resolve to hold back keeping him from ramming his cock into her wanting pussy right then. He flipped her over and dove down between her legs, sliding three fingers into her cunt and roughly sucking her clit into his mouth.

She howled two orgasms and soaked his face with her pussy juices before clamping her thighs around his head and slumping back.

That was wonderful, Daddy, but I still want you to fuck me...to slide your cock as deep as you can go into my cunt,” she announced after catching her breath.

Soon, Kitten, soon...when the chance you can get pregnant are gone.”

You said I should use a condom even with the pills when I fuck other guys.”

That's right, Kitten, you don't want to take any chances.”

But I never used a condom with a real person,” she smiled evilly, “only a banana in class, giggling with all the other girls.”

It was starting to dawn on him where she was going when she continued.

So why not teach me how to put the condom on a real cock...your cock, Daddy...and then let me feel how a real cock...your cock, Daddy...feels inside my pussy with a condom?”

You sure, Kitten...I wanted your first fuck to be so special...with my cum filling your cunt and leaking out down your legs.”

Please, Daddy, please,” she responded huskily, “we can still do that next week...even go on a date if you want.”

Are you really sure, Kitten,” he repeated, his own resolve on the knife edge of dissolving entirely.

I don't only want you to fuck me right now, Daddy, I need you to fuck me...I'm begging you, Daddy...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me...now!”

He hugged her tightly to him before pushing her up enough he could look her in the face, knowing he was about to cross yet another line that could never be uncrossed.

In the desk drawer,” he moaned hoarsely, “go get a condom out of the box in the lower right one.”

Oh thank you, Daddy, I want this so bad,” she shouted in excitement, giving him a quick kiss before jumping to her feet and scrambling over to his desk.

A few seconds later, she stood over him with three packets of condoms still attached together in one hand.

I think I'll only need one, Kitten, I'm not a sixteen year old boy,” he laughed, motioning her to kneel next to him. “You are sure about this, right?”

Daddy, I've never been more sure about anything ever before,” she moaned lowly, dropping to her knees close enough for him to slip a finger into her wet warm cunt. “I'm so ready to feel your cock in my cunt...please, Daddy...I'm begging you again...fuck me now...please...please.”

His cock was throbbing in his hand as he held it straight up for her. He wasn't at all sure he could hold off cumming when she slipped the condom over his rigid dick.

OK, tear it open and put it over my cock,” he instructed her, biting the inside of his lip and trying to think of anything but the surging tingle growing in his balls.

She fumbled with the three packets, finally separating one but unsuccessfully able to tear it open, her excitement causing her to tremble wildly.

Use your teeth, Kitten, to tear it open,” he groaned, feeling her spongy g-spot swelling against the two finger he buried in her cunt.

She ripped the package open, spit it to the side then held out the rolled condom with a confused look.

Like this, Kitten,” he said softly, slipping his fingers out of her pussy and placing the condom on the very tip of his throbbing shaft. “now just roll it all the way out down the length of my cock.”

She inexpertly pushed the condom down with both hands around his cock. She was right that she did need some real world practice. Two drops of his precum spurted into the top even before her hands reached the base of his dick. He knew he wasn't going to last much longer before erupting.

Ready, Kitten?”

Oh, Daddy, I am so ready,” she practically shouted in her excitement.

I want you to slowly lower yourself down on me,” he instructed her, holding his rigid shaft upright with one hand, “just take your time and stop whenever it is too much.”

She straddled his hips, balancing herself with one hand on his chest . As her pussy got closer, he rubbed the tip of his cock back and forth in her slit, concerned he should have used some lube for this very first time. The sticky film that coated the outside of the condom told him she was more that ready and extremely wet.

He positioned the head of his cock at the tight hole leading to the deepest recesses of her cunt. She looked down at him, her eyes ablaze with lust.

Fuck me, Daddy...fuck me...please...now...fuck me,” she whimpered pressing her hips down so the lips of her cunt encased the head of his cock.

She let out a little yelp, adjusted her position slightly then pressed down again. He steadied her with his hands on her hips but didn't push back against her enveloping pussy.

Her cunt engulfed his cock like a warm, wet, perfectly fitted glove. A few seconds later, he bottomed out in her pussy and her clit was rubbing against his pubic hair.

Oh, Daddy...Daddy...so good...so full...oh...good...Daddy...so good...Daddy,” she moaned as she slowly began reflexively grinding her pussy against his throbbing dick.

He was on the verge of erupting himself. He moved one hand until he could rub her pulsing clit. Her eyes practically bulged out of her head and she let out an ear splitting howl. Suddenly she thrashed and flailed uncontrollably on his cock, shrieking one orgasm after another.

He shot so much cum into the condom, it was leaking out the bottom edges even before she collapsed on his chest panting raggedly.

Are you alright, Kitten?” he asked gently, hugging her close.

That was wonderful, Daddy...better than I ever dreamed,” she muttered lowly, craning her head to look up at him. “Did...did you like it?”

Very special, Kitten, I never thought this was even possible,” he murmured, leaning forward to flick his tongue over her lips.

Her tongue explode out of her mouth into his as she pushed her hand down over his belly. His half hard dick, still encased in a cum fill condom, was sprawled on his belly.

She pulled it off his dick and squeezed the spent semen over his cock and balls, slid down and licked the sticky jism up with her tongue before sucking him completely into her mouth.

He stiffened again quickly, moaning he was getting close. She took his throbbing dick out of her mouth and looked up with a devilish grin.

Fuck me again, Daddy, please...in my pussy...again...please,” she pleaded.

He reached for the other condoms laying next to them, pulling the packet open with his teeth and watched her slide it down over his rigid dick.

Get on your knees, Kitten, I want to fuck you from behind this time,” he groaned, rising to his own knees with his cock and balls swaying back and forth.

His fifteen year old daughter readily complied, kneeling in front of him with her legs spread wide. She lowered her head to her hands on the floor and looked back at him.

For a moment he just marveled at her puffy, gaping pussy lips and the small pink bud of her tight asshole. Then he leaned forward and licked her several times for her clit to her asshole, pressing the tip of his tongue into her throbbing cunt hole as deep as he could manage.

He straightened up before rubbing the head of his dick up and down in that tight slit. He could feel another orgasm welling up in his balls.

Oh, Daddy...in me...put your cock...in me...fuck me...Daddy...please...fuck me...again...please....please...oh, Daddy...please...fuck me...fuck your cunt...fuck me,” she pleaded mournfully, pushing her ass back against him.

He pressed the head of his cock against her cunt hole, sliding into her much easier than he expected while holding her hips. He thrust in and out a couple of times when she gasped, her entire body stiffening.

Oh god...Daddy...there...right there...oh fuck...yes...don't stop...DADDY!” she screamed and gyrated wildly.

He realized the head of his cock was hitting her g-spot with every thrust. He felt her pussy tighten on his dick even as he just pressed into her, letting her uncontrolled flailing do most of the work. He did reach around with one hand and strummed her clit while pushing his thumb against her asshole with the other.

Her orgasms surged one after the other like waves crashing on a beach in a violent storm. After the third or fourth time her cunt contracted hard on his dick, his cum erupted, filling the condom as he too thrashed wildly for a few moments.

They both collapsed down with him on top and his deflating dick still in his daughter's warm, throbbing cunt. When he finally rolled to the side still breathing raggedly, his dick slid out of her pussy, glistening with her juices and practically exploding with his spent cum.

She sat up, looked at his deflated dick and grinned wickedly. She pulled the condom from his dick, bent forward to kiss the tip then squeezed the spent cum from the rubber on to her tits, rubbing it in and down over her belly to her pussy. She finished then licked each of her fingers clean.

Yummy, Daddy, your cum feels and tastes so good,” she cooed, flicking her tongue into his mouth.

You know when it's going to taste even better, Kitten?” he replied, pulling her down for a deep tongue lashing kiss, his hand snaking down her body to split her sticky pussy lips once again. “When I lick it out of your cunt after I fuck you without a condom in a few days!”

Oh god, Daddy...I can't wait...I want your cum...in me...and on me...in every way,” she groaned as he gently pushed her down on her back and buried his face between her trembling legs.

She shrieked two more orgasms with her clit in his mouth and three fingers in her cunt.

They soaped each other up completely in the shower, giggling and tickling. His dick was half hard again as he followed her to her bed.

Stay with me, Daddy,” she pleaded sitting on the bed and holding his hand.

I can't, Kitten. What if your mother comes home?”

Please, for just a little while...please.”

He got his phone, setting the alarm for at least three hours before he expected his wife to return home from work. They drifted off to sleep with her nuzzling in under his arm and her hand on his half hard dick

The incessant beeping of the alarm woke him with a start. It took him a moment to remember he was in his daughter's bed...and he had fucked her twice for the first time the night before. When the light from her bathroom brightened, he realized he was alone in the bed.

She walked from the open door to the bed silhouetted in the light, the outline of her slim body in sharp relief to the light behind her. He started to rise but she leaned forward to give him another hungry, passionate kiss, her hand finding his stiff cock.

I...I need to go, Kitten,” he gasped as she broke off the kiss and took his cock into her mouth.

Not yet, Daddy...please not quite yet,” she pleaded, taking his dick from her mouth and looking at him plaintively. “Please fuck me again..one more time.”

She brought her hand to her mouth to reveal another condom packet, tore it open with her teeth and slipped down over his cock. He pulled her down on top of himself for another deep kiss, then rolled her on to her back.

In the dim light, he could see her pussy slit gape open when he pushed her legs up and apart. He glanced up to see her furiously pulling on her erect nipples. Slowly, he pushed his throbbing dick forward, sliding easily into her wet warm cunt until he was once again as deep inside her as he could possibly go.

Daddy...Daddy...Daddy,” she moaned, thrashing her hips up to meet his cock.

Play with yourself, Kitten...rub your clit while I fuck you,” he gasped, slowly increasing the pace of his cock pumping in and out of her tight cunt.

She let out a low yelp when her finger first found that sensitive nub. She strummed it furiously, rubbing against his cock at the same time.

He humped her even faster and harder, another massive orgasm surging up from his balls.

She shrieked, her back arching, her entire body tensing as the first wave of her orgasms coursed through her body.

His legs quivered as his cum filled the condom buried in her cunt.

She clamped her pussy around his cumming cock, howling as her orgasm seemed to last until his deflating cock slid out of her and they collapsed together panting raggedly.

Oh, Daddy...that was so...wonderful,” she gasped when her breathing returned to normal.

Yeah, Kitten...you really are a great fuck,” he murmured, giving her a hug then rising from her bed, “but I really need to get out of here before your mother comes home.”

She reached out and slid the cum filled condom off his limp dick, again squeezing the jism out on to her pussy hair and rubbing in in all over her puffy mound.

I want to feel your sticky cum in my panties again all day tomorrow at school,” she grinned.

You really are becoming a trashy slut. I love it,” he smiled back at her, giving her one more kiss then shuffled off to his own room.

The next morning, he was alone in the kitchen when she practically knocked him over, throwing her arms around his necks and furiously humping his thigh.

Oh Daddy, I can't wait for you to fuck me again,” she cooed in his ear while groping his cock and balls through his shorts.

Whoa, Kitten, we can't do this while your mother is in the house,” he objected even as his dick stiffened in her hand.

When she didn't stop, he dragged her into the adjacent laundry room and closed the door. He ran his hands all over her body as they kissed passionately. She dragged his shorts down below his balls and stroked his rigid cock frantically. When he bought his hand up between her legs her panties were wet, sticky and crusty.

Kitten...stop Kitten...what if your mother...,” he protested to no avail.

My pussy...your pussy...is on fire, Daddy...covered with your cum from last night,” she moaned lowly into his ear, “and my cum from masturbating twice already this morning remembering the way your cock felt inside me.”

She kept one hand on his dick and pulled her skirt up, holding it there with her chin as she lowered her soaked panties.

Cum on your pussy again, Daddy, so I can feel your sticky cum rubbing against your cunt all day long.”

He leaned back as she positioned the head of his throbbing dick right on her clit, his cum gushing through her pussy hair and dribbling down the slit between her legs. With the final spurt, she pulled her panties back up, pushed the gusset into her cunt with a finger and gave him a last tongue lashing kiss before heading to the door to catch the bus to school.

He stood there stunned, the last few drops of his cum dripping to the floor between his feet.

That Friday evening, she was ready to fuck as soon as his wife left for work...but he had entirely different plans.

She walked into his office wearing a smile and a tank top that ended right above her her pussy hair. She carried a pair of soiled panties in one hand and an opened condom packet in the other.

I wore these all day for you, Daddy, with your cum coating my pussy and never wiped myself when I peed...er...pissed either,” she grinned holding the panties out to him, “and I am so ready for you to fuck me, I even have the condom opened.”

He took the panties in one hand and pulled it to his nose, deeply inhaling the pungent mix of aromas. He curled his arm around her waist, pulling her close and giving her a deep passionate kiss, his hand falling over her ass with a fingertip probing her asshole.

Tonight, Kitten, we have something else to do. We're going on our scouting trip to see how you like looking like a slutty tramp with lots of guys stripping and fucking you with their eyes.”

As he talked, he fondled her tits, pulling the shirt aside to suck her nipples and dragging his finger between the lips of her puffy moist slit. She groaned and reached for his cock but he pushed her hand away.

Not now, Kitten...not yet,” he whispered into her ear, nipping the lobe lightly with his teeth, “you can't cum until we come home.”

But...but...Daddy...please...fuck me...please...Daddy,” she whimpered.

First you have to show me how slutty you can be and get guys to want to fuck you,” he replied, rising to his feet and turning her toward the door before giving her a sharp slap on her bare ass. “Now go put on that tube dress without a bra or panties so I can see how trashy you can look.”

He was sitting on the sofa inhaling the musky aroma of the soiled panties she gave him earlier, rubbing his half hard dick through his jeans when she came into the room. The tube dress clung to her tightly, accenting every curve of her body. The hem barely covered the downturn of her ass and without panties would probably completely expose her pussy when she sat down or bent forward.

You look absolutely gorgeous, Kitten,” he gasped upon first seeing her, “every guy we see tonight is going to eye fuck you.”

She blushed and twirled around to give him a better look. The dress and the way she moved screamed “Fuck Me!”

Go put on that black thong, the really little one with the mesh you can see through,” he murmured even as his dick stiffened in his jeans, “and we'll get going.”


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