Hands On Dad (Part 7)

Hands On Dad
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story Holiday Dinner”. That began an ongoing conversation with NB in Arizona about his experiences.

(Part 7)

He chose to drive about an hour from their house to an entertainment district he knew would be crowded on a Friday night, one where most likely they wouldn't run into anyone they knew. His cock stayed half hard the entire time, glancing over to see the way the seat belt accentuated her tits by pressing tightly in her cleavage and the way her dress bunched up around her waist, exposing the black see through thong barely covering her pussy lips.

During the drive, they had a chance to talk. He impressed upon her the point of this excursion was to see how comfortable she was flaunting herself in public, knowing guys, and maybe even a few women, were looking at her...stripping her with their eyes and fucking her in their imaginations.

This evening is a scouting trip to, among other things, figure out what types of guys attract you,” he repeated to her. “If you are comfortable enough, we can go somewhere again next week...but on a hunting trip...hunting for guys to fuck you.”

Do you really think men I don't know would want to fuck me, Daddy?”

You look so delicious, Kitten, they're going to be drooling all over themselves as soon as they see you...and getting hard ons, too.”

And you are alright with me fucking some guy I don't even know?” she asked, looking at him intently.

I'm fine with you fucking anyone you want...as long as you come home with me at the end of the night,” he laughed, giving her thigh a gentle squeeze.

Well, I wouldn't want it to be an old man or someone who's really fat.”

You mean like me?” he laughed, again squeezing her thigh.

You know what I mean, Daddy,” she exclaimed.

They rode on in silence for a few moments before she spoke again.

What could I let someone do to me, Daddy?” she asked rather plaintively.

Anything you like...you can do to them...suck them or jerk them off or take a cock in your cunt,” he answered with a wicked grin, “but always only what you want and I'll be watching over you to keep you safe.”

And if I don't like something?”

We leave, that simple and we'll keep looking.”

What if he doesn't want you there?”

That's a deal breaker,” he responded sternly, “you are not going into someone's car or hotel room alone. Period.”

Do you really want to watch me suck a cock and get fucked, Daddy?” she asked wistfully, her eyes like saucers.

He didn't say a word, just looked at her and grinned wickedly before taking her hand and placing it on top of his throbbing cock, gently pushing his hips up against her hand. She looked down at her hand then up at him, a bright smile breaking on her face as her tongue flicked over her lips.

I'm so lucky,” she murmured softly, gently squeezing his rigid dick, “all my friends only have their dumb boyfriends, who don't know anything, to do stuff with...but I have my Daddy to show me...everything.”

They again rode in silence for a few minutes before he asked her about any boys at school in whom she was interested.

There are two I kinda like,” she answered, looking at him with a coy smile, “especially now that it is OK for me to...to fuck.”

So tell me about them...and what you want to do with and to them,” he grinned, reaching over to lightly brush a finger over the outside of her panties.

She held his hand tightly against her panties with a low moan. He could feel the heat radiating from her pussy and the slight dampness in the thin fabric. His dick stiffened even more although he wasn't sure she could see in the dim changing light as they drove.

Do you remember Mike, Daddy? I went out to a few dances with him last year.”

Yeah, vaguely, Kitten. So why don't you go out with him now?”

He has a girlfriend now, Daddy, but I would fuck him now if he asked.”

Aha, so that was one of the fantasies you mentioned. Let me tell you something, Kitten, when he finds out you want to fuck him and are ready to do so, his having a girlfriend won't be an issue.”

You think not, Daddy?”

I know so, Kitten. He may stay with his girlfriend but he'll come around for your pussy and that will win out every time.”

She thought about that for a few moments before looking over to him with a bright smile.

Before I might have fucked him if he asked, Daddy, but he never did,” she finally said, “but now maybe I'll do the asking.”

That's my girl,” he replied, softly patting her crotch again as she obligingly spread her thighs for his hand “So what about the second guy you mentioned?”

His name is Mark. He asked me out last year when he was a junior and I was a freshman but I told him then I wasn't allowed to date older guys.”

Why was that, Kitten? We never put that restriction on you.”

I was a little...afraid of him,” she responded quietly, “some of the other girls said he would be very aggressive and when he gets a girl in his car on a date, he pressures them to fuck...even rapes those that refuse.”

That sounded like a sound decision on your part then.”

But he really is very good looking,” she continued, turning to grin wickedly at him.

Oh so what does that mean?” he asked glancing at her.

I'm going to ask him out for next Saturday night...after the pills kick in.”

They were both giggling when he pulled into the large, mostly filled parking lot.

By the time he found a parking spot and went around to open the door for her, she was looking at him a bit apprehensively.

I don't know, Daddy, this dress is really short,” she whimpered softly. “Are you really sure about this?”

Oh yes, Kitten, I'm really sure,” he answered looking down at her with a devilish grin, her panties drawn up into her already damp pussy slit, “You're going to be giving guys hard ons all around this place.”

He reached into the glove box of the car and handed her a pair of aviator sunglasses, showing her how to shift her eyes without moving her head to watch people. Then he held out his hand as she climbed out of the car, stopping a moment to adjust the dress that was pulled up around her ass. She curled her arm into the crook of his elbow and they strolled toward the crowded pedestrian promenade.

The entertainment distinct was a maze of walkways filled with restaurants, shops and clubs, some catering to the family crowd, others to singles and couples. He stopped at the entrance and smiled, giving her a warm hug while letting his hand linger on her ass.

You don't need to do anything, Kitten, not even acknowledge the looks you get,” he whispered in her ear as she pressed herself against him. “We're here for you to be seen, get some idea of how guys react and find out the different types that interest you.”

She looked at him uneasily for a moment then broke into a bright smile.

Let's go see how many cocks I can get hard looking at me, Daddy...besides yours!”

The promenade was as crowded as he expected and she almost immediately drew the attention of nearly every guy they passed as well as quite a few women. He watched carefully, taking note of the leers...the nods of approval...the looks questioning their age difference...and most of all the undisguised lust.

He cock stiffened, realizing the impression she was making. When he felt her hand tighten on his arm, he knew she felt the eyes on her...stripping her...wanting her.

They passed a group of young men, wannabe thugs by the look of them. Two separated from the group to follow them as they continued to wander through the crowd.

He saw an unexpected chance to flaunt her.

Let's look at the stuff in the window over there,” he said to her softly, pointing to a nearby lingerie store, “and just follow my lead and you'll get to see your first real boners of the evening.”

She looked up at him questioningly but he just grinned and stopped in front of the store window.

Now point out a few things for me,” he instructed her, putting his hand around her waist.

The two guys following them stopped about twenty feet away, making no effort to conceal the way they stared at her.

As she began talking and pointing, he turned to look directly at them, slipping his hand down to rub back and forth on her ass so the hem of the dress rode up and they could not see any panties. He grinned at them and raised his hand to his nose, dramatically sniffing his middle finger before leaning forward to whisper in her ear.

Turn to your right and smile at the two guys standing over there by the wall,” he told her, giving her ass another obvious squeeze, “and I think you'll see your first hard ons tonight.”

She turned and looked right at the two guys, removing her sunglasses so they definitely knew she was staring at them. Then she smiled and squeezed his ass before turning back to the window. He looked over, licked his lips and winked at them before leading her further down the promenade toward a restaurant he wanted to try.

You were right, Daddy,” she murmured with her arm still around his waist as they walked, “I could see they both had boners, even in those loose fitting pants they wore...and I really liked seeing I did that.”

Soon after they arrived at the restaurant, one he specifically chose because it was so popular and he expected it would be crowded. He was not disappointed. They had about a forty minute wait for a table, time he planned to use by standing near the entrance so everyone entering or leaving would get a good look at her. He stood next to her with his arm around her waist, his hand lightly resting on her hip.

Can you feel the eyes on you, Kitten, eyes that are stripping you...lusting for you...wanting to fuck you?” he whispered in her ear, concealing his own hard on behind her hip.

Yes, Daddy and it's making my pussy tingle,” she smiled back at him.

He pointed out different guys asking her what she thought. It became pretty obvious she preferred them tall and slim and clean cut.

Two young couples stood near them with both guys watching her intently. He told her to look at the one wearing the university sweatshirt and lick her lips. Right at that point, the two couples were called to their table, the guy's date pulling his arm forcefully to break his stare.

At last they were seated at a small table with a good look at the rest of the room. She spotted two couples sitting with their small kids directly across from them. The guys faced them while their wives looked in the opposite direction.

That guy on the right is kinda cute...pretty hot actually,” she told him, motioning with her head toward the two couples.

Raise the sunglasses and smile while looking right at him,” he told her glancing in that direction.

When she did that, the guy cocked his head ever so slightly, smiling briefly.

Now, spread your knees so that guy can see your panties,” he whispered to her.

Really, Daddy?”

Yeah, really...nice and wide.”

She spread her legs, pulling the dress up as she did so. The guy across the way clearly noticed, his eyes widening and locked on her exposed crotch.

When I touch your pussy, Kitten, close your eyes for a second and bite you lower lip, but don't close your legs,” he instructed her, reaching down and gently placing his hand on her knee.

He could feel her tremble slightly as he slowly moved his hand up the inside of her thigh, moving his fingers in tight circles. The closer his hand got to her cunt, the further she spread her legs. By the time his hand reached her crotch, he could feel both the growing dampness soaking her panties and the exposed outside edges of her puffy pussy lips.

She gasped lowly and pushed her hips out against his fingers, turning to look at him with a startled expression. He glanced over at the guy, winking when he saw the guy's stunned expression and mouth agape. He pressed the moist gusset even deeper into her pussy slit and started to remove his hand. She clamped her thighs around his hand, smiled up at him and brushed her hand over his stiffening cock.

Not yet, Daddy...keep touching me...oh please...don't stop,” she moaned and quivered, somehow controlling herself as a sharp quick orgasm surged through her body.

The guy across the way looked like he was about to have a heart attack.

The waitress, a twenty something with big tits, outfitted in the establishment's uniform of jean shorts and a crop top t-shirt, took their order while fawning over his daughter. He kept his hand down between her thighs the entire time, amused to see the way the waitress' nipples visibly stiffened looking down the front of his daughter's dress.

I bet you her panties are soaking wet,” he murmured in her ear as the waitress walked away with their order.

You think, Daddy?” she asked quizzically.

Oh...I know so,” he grinned, pressing the wet fabric of her panties a little deeper into her pussy slit, “she was practically drooling over you. She would go down and lick your pussy so fast you wouldn't believe it if you only asked.”

As the waited for their order, the two couples across the way gathered up their stuff and rose to leave. The guy looked directly at her and she smiled and licked her lips before blowing him a kiss. They could both see his hard on pressing out the front of his pants.

You do know he's going to go home and fuck his wife harder than he has in a very long time,” he whispered into her ear after they were gone, “and be thinking and wondering about your pussy the entire time. Probably even have to jerk off again later after he fills her cunt with his cum.”

She let out a satisfied moan as he felt her thighs tighten a little on his hand just as their order arrived.

The waitress brought the food, again fawning over his daughter and giving her a clear look down the front of her crop top. He just grinned watching the show.

She does have big tits,” she commented after the waitress left.

Like to suck them?” he asked with a wry smile. “I bet she would tear off her shirt and spread her legs for you so fast your head would spin.”

I don't think so, Daddy, I don't feel that way about other girls.”

Well it is something you should consider if you are going to really explore and enjoy your sexuality completely. You really don't want to rule out half of your chances for a some good sex by definition, do you?”

Would you have sex with a guy, Daddy?”

Of course...and I have,” he answered lowly, watching the surprise growing on her face. “I've sucked more cock than you have even thought about yet...and will happily fuck anything, even boys...and I like it a lot.”

Daddy!” she exclaimed with a shocked look on her face.

The place was clearing out as they finished their dessert. The waitress, who made several solicitous stops by their table as they ate, stopped to chat with them again as they prepared to leave. The entire time she made no effort at all to hide from him that she was stripping his daughter with her eyes.

She's going to go home in a little while and masturbate herself silly imagining what it would be like to bury her face in your sweet pussy,” he told his daughter as they walked back to the car with their hands on each others ass, “just like I am when we get home.”

Before or after you fuck me again, Daddy?” she cooed, snuggling under his arm and pressing herself against his side.

Which would you like best, Kitten?” he replied, gently squeezing her ass cheek as his cock stiffened again.

Both, Daddy...I want you to lick my pussy until I cum on your face...then I want you to fuck me...then lick my pussy until I cum again.” she murmured as the reached the car.

He spun her to face him, leaning forward to give her a deep tongue lashing kiss. Her tongue met his as her hand groped for his hard dick. He groaned and slipped his hand under her dress, sliding his fingers under the small thong to split her warm wet pussy lips.

Oh, Daddy, that feels so good,” he groaned into his mouth, her hips flailing against his hand.

His finger found her cunt hole, slipping inside his daughter's pussy up to the second knuckle. She tensed and yelp, another quick sharp orgasm coursing through her body. He held her tightly until she stopped quivering, removing his finger from her pussy and brushing it across her lips. Her tongue flicked out before she sucked the finger into her mouth.

Maybe licking a pussy might be more fun than I thought,” she grinned as she climbed into the car and he closed the door behind her.

He opened the door on his side but before getting in, he loosened his belt and unzipped his pants. He sat behind the wheel and started the car then looked over at her with a wicked grin.

I need a blow job right now, so be a good trashy slut and take my cock into your mouth,” he said as he reached up and put his hand behind her head. She grinned right back at him and leaned toward him.

By the time they exited the parking lot, she had his pants and boxers down around his knees.

By the time they got to the freeway entrance, her spittle coated his cock as it repeatedly punched the back of her throat.

By the time they reached cruising speed, he was pumping her mouth and throat full of his creamy cum.

She leaned back against the door looking at him with a wicked grin. His deflated dick dangled down between his legs as he drove. She wiped a few stray remnants of his cum from her chin with the back of her hand.

Spread your legs, Kitten, and play with yourself while we talk about what we saw and learned tonight,” he told her.

She slipped her hand inside her panties, her knuckle clearly punching in and out of the flimsy fabric as she strummed her clit. Before saying another word, he reached over and pulled her dress down around her waist, fully exposing both of her tits. She smiled at him and slid two fingers deep into her pussy.

They talked about the guys they saw. She told him the way he communicated with some of them caught her off guard. He told her that was a way of keeping them from backing off, to let them know they are welcome to her pussy.

The more she talked about the guys he noticed, as well as a few he had not, the more excited she got and the faster her hand moved in her cunt. She had another quick orgasm but he insisted she keep touching herself until she was right on the verge of another climax.

Daddy...Daddy...I need you to fuck me...Daddy,” she moaned loudly, roughly pulling one nipple while pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt.

They were about half way home. He pulled off the freeway into a closed shopping center, finding a place in the back of one building that mostly concealed the car. As soon as he turned off the engine, she threw herself on to him, groping for his still uncovered and deflated cock while kissing him passionately.

Despite the heat of the moment, the console between the front seats posed an uncomfortable problem. He broke off a kiss and told her to climb into the back seat. She grinned, turned to pull a condom from her purse, climbed into the back seat and flopped down on her back with her knees raised. He quickly slipped the condom over his erect dick and crawled up between her legs.

This the way you kids in high school fuck out in the desert?” he grinned at her, sliding his hard cock easily into her wet cunt.

I don't know, Daddy. I haven't fucked a boy in his car out in the desert...yet...that's next weekend.” she replied coyly, wrapping her legs around his back as his cum erupted into the flimsy rubber deep inside his daughter's pussy.

The rest of the ride home, he drove with his pants and boxers bunched up behind his feet and she didn't bother to pull the dress back up over her tits or down over her pussy.
They got out of the car as the garage door closed and he stopped her before entering the house.

Get out another condom,” he demanded, blocking her way and stroking his dick hard once again, “and put it on my cock.”

Sure, Daddy,” she murmured, pulling the packet from her purse and slipping the thin rubber all the way to the base of his rigid cock.

As she stood back up, he reached out and grabbed the front of her dress, tearing it to shreds as he ripped it from her body.

Daddy!” she screamed as he pushed her backwards until she lay across the hood of the car.

You said how excited you got when those wannabe thugs were stalking us.”

I was scared, Daddy.”

But you thought about them, didn't you...how they could take you...both of them.”

Yes...I did,” she whimpered, her lower lip quivering.

He reached down and tore off the panties too, roughly ramming his hand up between her legs. She whined but didn't pull away, the lust flashing in her eyes.

So now I'll show you how a thug fucks...especially when such a little girl doesn't want to get fucked,” he practically screamed and rammed his cock hard into her waiting cunt.

He lost all control, viciously ramming his rigid dick as hard as he could manage into her tight cunt. She shrieked and dug her fingernails into his shoulders, surprising him with the passionate way she responded to him.

After a few hard thrusts, he flipped her around, pulling one leg up and rammed his cock back into her from behind, calling her a slut and a cunt. He pulled her head back by her hair until her chin pointed toward the garage ceiling.

Oh god...Daddy...fuck me harder!” she gargled sliding a hand down between her legs to rub her clit and his cock furiously.

And you're a cock loving cum hungry fucking slutty cunt, aren't you...wanting to fuck all those guys?”

Oh, yes, Daddy...a fucking cunt...your fucking cunt, Daddy...your slutty whore...oh god...more, Daddy...fuck me more,” she screeched, pushing her pussy back against his thrusting cock as hard as he was ramming into her. “In my pussy, Daddy...in my mouth...filling me with cum...oh Daddy....fucking your little girl's cunt...your slut's cunt...filling me...oh god...Daddy...Daddy...Daddy!”

She shrieked one climax but he kept pounding her until her cunt clamped around his throbbing dick with her second orgasm. With that his cum exploded, filling the rubber deep inside his daughter's pussy.

He slumped down over her, both of them panting raggedly until regaining their composure after a few moments. He pushed himself up, the cum filled condom stretching away from his deflated dick to fall to the garage floor. She turned around looking at him strangely.

I'm...I'm so...sorry, Kitten...I didn't...I lost my mind...for a minute,” he stammered unable to even look her directly in the eye.

Why are you sorry, Daddy?” she asked quietly, straightening the torn dress draped over her shoulders like an open raincoat.

I didn't mean to hurt you,” he answered looking at her reddened and swollen pussy lips

You didn't hurt me, Daddy,” he cooed, stepping close and giving him a kiss on his cheek. “I don't care if it hurts when you do something to me. If you are doing it, Daddy, it's always a good hurt.”

She turned and walked into the house, leaving him standing in the garage. He scooped up the used condom and torn panties, throwing them on to the floor of his car before following her to her room.

Her door was open, the torn dress crumpled in a pile near the bed. She looked up at him and smiled from where she lay on the bed, her knees pulled up as she strummed her clit and pinched a stiff nipple. While there was no way he was getting hard again anytime soon, he sat down on the bed next to her, kissing her softly as she fingered herself faster and faster.

Thank you, Daddy, that was so much fun tonight,” she moaned, her hips beginning to flail against her hand. “Can we do it again next week?”

Sure, Kitten, but tomorrow we'll order you a new, even sexier dress.”

Can I get some new panties too, Daddy?”

No, Kitten, you can't...because next time you aren't going to wear any panties.”

He felt another twinge in his cock as her back arched and she loudly moaned a final orgasm for the night.


Today's the day, Daddy,” she whispered excitedly in his ear, running her hands over his shoulders and across his chest.

What day is that, Kitten?” he grinned, turning to face her and running his hand up the back side of her thigh to squeeze her ass under her skirt.

Oh, Daddy...you know. Today is a week and a day since I started taking the birth control pills...so tonight you are going to fuck me without a condom...I'm going to feel your cum filling my pussy,” she exclaimed breathlessly.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot,” he teased, tickling her with both hands.


How could I forget, Kitten...it's one of the most important days of both our lives.”

He leaned forward and kissed her, their tongues momentarily touching outside their mouths. He slipped his hand up between her legs, finding her lacy panties already damp.

Yes, Daddy, I did masturbate in them a few minutes ago and probably will again at school...at least once,” she murmured and grinned at him before turning to catch her bus.

She hurried through dinner with her parents and excused herself claiming she had a lot of homework. He knew better, of course, struggling to keep up appearances with his wife even as his cock twitched knowing how she was getting ready for him. He had already jerked off once after she came home from school, watching her finger herself after she handed him the moist lacy panties reeking of her sex she pulled off for him in his office.

He forced himself to wait until his wife left the house for work, listening as the garage door closed and seeing her car disappear down the street. Without turning from the window, he stripped off his clothes and let them fall in a bundle at his feet. His cock was fully erect, throbbing achingly when he turned to walk to her room.

As he turned, he saw his beautiful fifteen year old daughter standing at the entry to the hallway, dressed in only a sheer nightie that only emphasized her nakedness beneath, a demure smile curling her lips.

I'm ready, Daddy...I'm so ready.”

He scooped her up in his arms to carry her to her room...and her bed. They kissed passionately until he got there and stood her up next to the bed so he could gently remove the nightie. As he did, she was groping his balls and stroking his throbbing cock.

They had developed a routine where she would suck him until his first shot of cum filled her mouth. Then he would lick her pussy until he was hard again, fuck her and lick her again until she could cum no longer. Since this was her night, she made one change in that routine.

I want all your cum in my pussy tonight,” she told him as he lay her on the bed, “so fuck me and fill my cunt...your cunt.”

She spread he legs wide then pulled her pussy lips apart inviting his cock to plunge into her. He crawled up, rubbing the precum leaking head between her pussy lips twice before ever so gently sliding inside her wet warm welcoming pussy.

Oh, Daddy...you feel so good in me,” she shrieked as he bottomed out as deep as he could inside her.

She locked her ankles behind his back as he humped her harder and deeper, his cum flooding her cunt after less than a half dozen thrusts. With the last spurt inside her, he slid down to bury his face in her dipping pussy, stopping for a brief moment to marvel at the rivulet of creamy cum leaking from her gaping hole down toward her puckered asshole. He licked up as much as he could, even sucking some from her pussy as she flailed on his face, adding her own juices to his jism.

He crawled back up to her, leaning forward to ram his tongue into her mouth, even as some of his own cum drizzled on to her face.

Much faster than he ever imagined, his dick was rock hard again. He rammed his dick back into her cunt then rolled on his back so she was riding on top of him. Instinctively she ground her cunt into his cock and rubbed her pulsing clit, almost immediately tensing and trembling as another orgasm surged through her body.

He lasted through two more of her climaxes before again filling her cunt with more cum than he thought possible. With one final screech, she slumped down on his chest, practically purring her contentment.

So, Kitten, how did that feel?” he murmured before giving her another tongue lashing kiss.

Wonderful, Daddy...just wonderful,” she replied smiling up at him, “your cum felt so warm and amazing shooting inside me.”

With that she slid down his sweaty chest, lightly biting his right nipple before holding his deflated dick in her hand and licking it like an ice cream cone.

I'm ready now, Daddy,” she grinned before sucking in his balls and squeezing his cock.

Ready, Kitten?”

For all the cocks I'm going to take in my pussy,” she answered before slipping her lips around the head of his dick. “Did you know there are over three hundred boys in my class alone...and then there are the juniors...and the seniors...and...!”


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