He Likes to Watch.



I met Ken about an hour ago. It's lunch time and we're sitting in a booth in a pub in London's West End, on our third of fourth pint of bitter, and we're slightly pissed, at that pleasant stage of relaxation when tongues are loosened and forbidden thoughts slip out. We're talking about our ex's.

"The only really nice thing my ex ever did for me," I say, "was to make some strip-tease videos. They were pretty cute, and I still wank off to them."

"Oh yeah?" says Ken. "Raunchy stuff?"

"Pretty innocent to start with but later they progressed to where she was lewdly displaying her tits and then her hairy snatch."

"She didn't shave it? My ex did. Totally bald, like a little girl. I never liked cunt hair. She was a fucking slut, Tony."

"That's kinda harsh."

"Don't get me wrong. I love sluts. She was my slut, but she'd do anything with anyone."

"So she was getting it on the side?" I ask.

He laughs "Getting it? Shit, I was providing it. We used to advertise on those dating websites for bisexual guys to come and enjoy a threesome."

"Any luck?"

"We had to beat `em off with a stick. We were pretty selective, but when we'd exchanged photos and picked the right guy, we'd have some great times."

"I can relate to that. I used to fantasize that my wife would do a strip tease for another bloke while I watched, then she'd suck him off and l'd let him fuck her. But in reality, she was too straight laced for that kinda stuff. Videos was as far as she would go."

"Shit, Tony, you're just like me. We're voyeurs. I loved watching my wife being fucked. In fact, I liked watching it better than doing it."

"You're a fucking pervert, Ken."

"Too true. Bit of a slut myself. I took a lot of pics of her sucking blokes off and getting bonked, great wanking material. She was a dedicated exhibitionist and she loved to show off. It all meshed perfectly with my obsession about watching, and I often wish we'd never broken up. Hey, you wanna see some of those pics? Let's drink up. I live just round the corner and I've got beer in the fridge. Gotta take a piss first, though."

* * *

We're in Ken's flat, sitting in front of his computer, cans of beer in our hands. He opens a file folder and the screen is filled with a close up of his ex, sucking on a big black dick. "Holy Shit!" I say. "That's a monster cock. Who's the lucky guy?"

"George, one of our `guests', and one of the best, too." He clicks to another pic, this one showing Ken and the black bloke standing face to face, the tips of their cocks touching and kneeling between them, his ex, trying to get both cocks in her mouth. She's slender and sexy, with a look of pure lust on her face. "But here's my favourite," he says. In the next shot, she's lying on her back on the bed, legs splayed and George is kneeling between her thighs, his big black dick buried half way in her cunt. "I've wanked off to that dozens of times," says Ken. Then we look at a scene in which she's was on her hands and knees with Ken's cock in her mouth while George fucks her from behind. "She loved a dick a both ends," he said.

"Who wouldn't?"

The next picture was totally different and came as a bit of a shock. "Oops," said Ken. "You aren't supposed to see that." The screen shows a young girl, about eleven, achingly beautiful, with big dark eyes, a huge smile and the promise of sexuality yet to come. She's standing, holding her blue dress up under her chin, showing off her white cotton schoolgirl knickers. (For those of you from the USA, knickers are panties.) Lewd doesn't begin to describe it. She was blatantly displaying her underwear in the most provocative way, and was clearly enjoying it.

"My God! That's so fuckin' sexy!" I said.

"You like her?"

"She's adorable."

"You into little girls, then? Looking at their knickers?"

"Come on, Ken, who wouldn't be turned on by a pic like that. Where'd you find it, on the internet? I've downloaded lots of little girl pics myself She's hot stuff."

"Actually, she's my daughter, Julie." Oh, shit! My face fell and I started to stammer an apology, but Ken interrupted. "Relax, Tony. She IS hot. She's like her Mum, a total exhibitionist. She never misses a chance to show her knickers off."

"And you like to watch, I suppose."

"Every time."

"Your own fucking daughter?' I smiled. "You dirty old dog. You ARE a fucking pervert."

"I am," he said. "Now, you're gonna like these." He opened more pictures, the next showing her totally naked, lying on the couch, legs apart, showing everything, and one shot from floor level, looking directly up her skirt. "I wank to these on a regular basis. It`s not just me she likes to show off to. Sometimes when we`re in Hyde Park, she does cartwheels and stuff showing off her knickers to all the dads who are walking with their daughters. Needless to say, I`m always trying to get a look at them, too, the daughters, I mean." Then he clicked to a shot of her sitting naked on his knee, straddling his thighs, her back to him. One of his hands fingered a nipple and the other was between her legs, his middle finger buried as far as it would go. "How about this?" he said.

"Holy shit! That is SO hot! I wish I had a daughter like her. I'd be looking up her skirt and fingering her, too. She looks like she's enjoying it."

"She loves it. She's just like her mum. No inhibitions whatsoever."

"So it doesn't bother you when she shows off to other guys?"

"On the contrary, I kinda enjoy it. I suppose it's all to do with me liking to watch." I realise my dick is getting hard and I glance over at Ken. I can see a bulge in his pants. I want to reach over and touch it, but I hesitate. Ken sees me looking at him, and he leans back, his pants tented. "I wouldn't mind having a wank right now," he said. "Looking at you, I think you're about ready too." I stand up, turn to face him and he pulls me towards him, pressing his face against my crotch. He runs his hands over my bum, then grasps my dick, giving it a squeeze. "Undress for me," he says. "I wanna watch while you strip." His eyes light up when he sees my white briefs. "Get them off and then let's go into the bedroom," he says.

* * *

Half an hour later, we're lying on his bed, sexually sated. Ken's a great cock sucker and he loved it when I fucked him up the ass. "Next time you can do me," I say. "after I've sucked you off." We drift off to sleep.

We're awakened by the sound of the front door slamming. "I'm home, Daddy," I hear a little girl call.

"Shit, it's Julie," says Ken, pulling up the sheet to cover our naked bodies. The bedroom door bursts open, and there she stands, the girl in the pictures, Ken's sexy eleven year old daughter in the flesh, a grin on her face. Even though she's wearing her school uniform, she still looks sexy. It must be the white socks. Uniforms with dark tights leave me cold, but the white socks drive me crazy.

"Hello. You guys having fun?" she asks. "I'll leave you to it." With that she shuts the door. Ken and I get dressed rapidly.

"She wasn't freaked out, was she?" I ask.

"No problem. She knows I'm bi, and I have boyfriends over. She's cool." In the living room, Ken introduces her to me. She gives me a firm handshake and a nice smile. After some small talk Ken asks her about homework.

"I've got maths," she says. "Fractions. I can never figure out fractions."

"I'm brilliant with fractions," I say. "You want some help."

"Sure," she says, and Ken gives me an approving nod. "I've got to cook dinner. You're gonna stay, Tony?"

"Sure, thanks." Julie and I go into her bedroom.

Half an hour later, homework's done, and Julie has a new understanding of fractions. It was exciting, sitting close to her, working on the problems, the clean smell of her hair and the warmth of her body getting me back into a sexy mood. Now, back in the kitchen, she says, "Tony's cool. He talks to me like an equal."

"Tony's hot," says Ken.

"Make your minds up," I say. "I can't be cool and hot at the same time."

"You're a cool hunk," says Julie.

"You think he's good-looking?" asks Ken.

"A total stud," she says.

"I hope you don't mind," says Ken, "I showed Tony those pics I took of you."

"The one like this," she says, taking hold of her skirt by the hem and lifting it up as high as it'll go, exposing her white cotton knickers. I'm instantly hard again, my eyes bulging out of my head.

"That's the one," says Ken, and Julie swishes about, swinging her hips from side to side. "See what I mean, Tony, she's just like her mum, showing off whenever she can. Show Tony your bum, sweetheart." She turns her back to us and flips the back of her skirt up so we can see her tight little buttocks covered in white cotton. "God, I love white knickers," says Ken.

"Me, too," I add.

"Daddy won't let me wear any other colour," she says. "But I've got some undies that are sexier than these."

"Hard to imagine," I say.

"Talking of hard," whispers Ken, "I'm gonna email all those pics to you, so you can wank to your heart's content.

"You don't mind me wanking to your daughter?"

"Not a bit." He grins. "The idea turns me on actually. Let's eat."

He's cooked a chicken tika masala. "England's national dish," I joke. It's delicious. Afterwards, we retire to the living room where they sit on the couch, and Julie sits on Ken's lap and leans back on his chest. I'm sitting opposite in an armchair. He puts one arm round her waist and the other on her thigh. Her lower legs fall either side of his thighs and I can see her white knickers underneath. They both know I'm looking up her skirt, but we're all smiles and chat, like nothing`s happening. Ken strokes her thigh, and each time he moves his hand, it goes a little higher. Soon he's touching her knickers, between her legs, rubbing his middle finger up and down where her slit lies underneath. He gives me a wink and his other hand goes under her skirt and pushes it up to her waist. Julie's looking at me looking at her and she smiles then she closes her eyes and leans her head against her dad's, letting out a contented sigh. My cock is hard. I link my fingers together to cover my bulge and sit, enjoying the show. Then Ken says, "Julie, I think Tony would like to see you in that outfit we bought at Marks and Spenser the other day. What d'ya think?"

"Oooh, yes," she says, eagerly. "You guys want to watch me get changed?"

"No," says Ken. "I want it to come as a sudden surprise." She goes into her room. "This'll blow your mind," he says. "You said you'd downloaded pics of little girls off the internet? Well, you've never seen a pic like the one you're gonna see. I'm gonna get my camera ready and I'll email you the results, along with those other pics you liked. There's nothing like a little girl in white knickers, until you've seen what you're about to see." Moments later, Julie comes back into the room. My jaw drops. She's dressed in a little, sheer white lacy crop-top, through which I can see her nipples, a white suspender belt and stockings, and a pair of white bikini briefs. She stands with her legs apart, throws her arms wide and sings, "Dah, dah!" Ken starts snapping pictures.

"Holy shit!" I say. "You're fuckin' gorgeous. Ken, I think I'm falling in love." He laughs.

"I knew you'd like that. Ain't she hot? I could just eat her. Sweetie, I think it would look a little sexier with the knickers off." She obligingly puts her thumbs into the hips of the briefs, slides them down and steps out of them and stands in front of me, legs apart again. I can clearly see her sexy little hairless slit. "Go and sit on Tony's knee, darling. Give him a kiss." She kisses me on the lips, not just a peck, but lingering for an all too short few seconds. I put my arms round her as she leans into me.

"Daddy loves it when I show off," she whispered in my ear. "I like it, too."

"He says you like to show off in the park."

She laughs. "It drives the blokes crazy. You can see them drooling, the dirty old men."

"I'm a dirty old man, too."

"So's Daddy," she says, grinning at him. "I've seen all those pictures he has on his computer, the ones with Mum and all the other guys, doing sex and stuff." She turns to Ken. "Daddy, can we do a picture like that one of you and George, you know, where she's holding both your dicks?" I'm pretty astonished at her forwardness, but then this whole day is pretty weird, not that I'm complaining.

"Sure," says Ken. "Let's get naked, Tony."

"I afraid I have a hard-on," I say.

"I know," says Julie. "I could feel it sitting on your lap."

"I'd be insulted if you didn't," says Ken. "Don't worry, Julie's seen my stiff dick before. You don't mind, do you, darling."

"I love your dick, Daddy." We undress, Ken eyeing me appreciatively. My cock stands out, and Julie grins. "Nice dick," she says, "Just as nice as Daddy's." She sets the camera on an end table as Ken and I stand face to face, the tips of our dicks touching. It's exciting to feel his dick against mine, even more, knowing that Julie's taking it all in. She crouches down behind the camera, lines up the shot, then scoots round behind us, kneels down and takes both our dicks in her hands. She puts her tongue out, licking our dicks and waits for the camera to count down. The flash goes off, but she doesn't let go of our dicks, just starts to gently stroke them. Ken glances down at her, his smile getting bigger.

"You like this, don't you?"

"Mmm, two big dicks. I do like it. Can I suck you guys?" Does she imagine for a minute that we'd say `no'?

"Suck Tony while I watch," says Ken and steps over to the camera as she takes the end of my dick in her lovely little eleven year-old mouth. She's pretty good at it for a beginner, at least I assume she's a beginner. Ken walks round us, snapping shot after shot of this daughter, still in her suspenders and stockings, sucking me off. Soon I have to pull out, so as not to cum. "Fuckin' brilliant!" says Ken. "Thank you, sweeheart, those will be great pics. I'll be wanking myself stupid."

"Daddy wanks a lot," she says.

"So do I," I reply. She sits down on the couch, her legs splayed, leaning back, her hands behind her head. She looks so inviting, her body language saying `come and get me'.

"I could just eat her," I say to Ken.

"Why don't you? Julie, would you like Tony to kiss your vagina?"

"You mean my cunt?" she asks lewdly. "I'm all yours, Tony." I drop to my knees and place a kiss on her little slit, then I run my tongue up her crack to where her little clit is still growing. She lets out a contented hum, and from the corner of my eye I can see the camera flash going off every couple of seconds.

Suddenly, Ken says, "I've always felt that I wanted to be present when you lost your viginity, I just didn't thing it would be so soon. I hoped I might be the one to have the privilege, but now I think I'd rather watch and let Tony have the honour. How do you feel, Julie? Will you let Tony fuck you?"

"Oh, yes! Now, please! Put it inside me, Tony." I lift myself up on my knees and put the tip of my cock against her slit. She's wet. I guess sucking my dick has got her excited.

"If it hurts, tell me and I'll stop," I say, and slowly push inside her.

"Sweet! Fuckin' sweet!" says Ken, firing away with the camera. "This is a fuckin' keeper." I thrust in and out of her and she moans, her eyes closed, her hips rising to meet mine. I don't feel any resistance so I guess Ken took care of her hymen ages ago.

"Look at me, Daddy," she pants, "I'm being fucked. It feels incredible.'

"You look marvelous, darling, the sexiest thing I've ever seen!" She's panting and giving out little moans of pleasure. Her face is too contorted to register a smile, but I know she's enjoying it. "Don't stop," calls Ken. "I think I'm gonna cum just from watching!" For me, the pleasure is so intense that I know I'm right on the edge.

"I'm cumming!" I shout.

"On her face, her face!" calls Ken, and I pull out just in time to send several big spurts of cum on to her face and chest. The camera is clicking away as fast as Ken can hit the shutter button. Julie takes hold of my dick and milks the last drops from it, then licks the end. Then she licks all the cum on her face that her tongue can reach. She grins at us.

"That was fuckin' awesome!" she says. "Thank you, Tony. Will you fuck me, Daddy?" We look across to Ken who has collapsed on the couch. There's cum all over his belly.

"Sorry darling. I just couldn't help myself. Watching you getting fucked made me cum without touching myself. You'll have to wait until I recover."

"Until WE recover," I correct him.

"Exactly," he says. "Then I'll fuck you, sweetheart."

"And I'm gonna watch."

The End.

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