His Daughter's Knickers

If you grew up in England, you'll know that when we Brits talk about "knickers", we're referring to panties, and the word "vest" is a cami, an undergarment for both boys and girls. Underpants are worn by boys only. Boys only wear knickers if they like to cross dress. Come on, admit it, all you guys have tried on knickers at some point in your lives, your wife's, your girlfriend's, maybe even your sister's. You sneaked them out of the hamper, didn't you? And I'll bet you sniffed them, too. It doesn't mean you're gay.

My name's Tony, I'm in my late twenties and bisexual. I moved in with Charles a week ago, after knowing him for only a month, and the sex is pretty hot. He's a total bottom and just loves to suck me off and let me fuck him. We live in a small single storey cottage in a country village in the Southeast of England. He's a few years older than I, with longish dark hair, a smooth body and painfully handsome. Like me, he was married, and is now divorced.

He has an 11 year old daughter, Emily, who could steal your heart. She's very slender, with the narrow hips and flat chest of a little girl. Her black hair reaches down almost to her waist, and with her big, dreamy dark eyes, she's irresistible. She'll break a lot of hearts when she grows up.

Charles works at the branch of a bank in the village and I work for an estate agent, selling houses. It's a thin living for me, but we get by. I have a lot of spare time so I usually pick up Emily after school. It's July and the school holidays are about to start. In September, she'll be moving to the senior school. She can't wait. "I want to be with the big girls," she likes to say.

Today, I pick her up as usual and make the short drive home. We're chatting about school stuff and she says, "We had gym today." Gym is, of course, P.E., mostly track and field at this time of year.

"Give me your gym gear when we get home. I'll stick it in the laundry. Did you shower?"

"No, I thought I'd wait until I get home."

Emily and I have been getting along really well.She's something of a flirt and a bit of a tease. Whether by accident or on purpose, Charles and I are given frequent views of her white cotton knickers. She's careless about how she sits, often with her legs wide apart which I find very erotic. I'm aware that she's young and vulnerable, but in a year or so, she'll be turning into a woman. She's bright and affectionate, and likes to hug a lot. She's been clingingly close to her Dad since the divorce and when I asked her if she missed her mum, she said "Not really. My mum was sick and it made her nasty. I like having two daddies. I know you`re not my dad, but Daddy`s last boyfriend was really nice to me and I loved him enough to call him `Daddy` too."

Charles had told me about the divorce. "Emily and I were in the public swimming pool, and I was throwing her up in the air. I put my hand between her legs to lift her. It was just a convenient handhold, nothing sexual. I threw her up and she splashed back down and come up laughing. `You touched my pee pee!' she said, and my wife overheard it. That was the breaking point in our deteriorating relationship, and she made a huge thing about sexual abuse. It was all bullshit and at the custody hearing Emily denied that she'd ever said it. Given my wife's abuse of pills and alcohol, I got custody. She gets to see Emily once a month."

We arrive home and it will be about an hour before Charles gets here. Emily goes to her room and I take her leotard out of her school bag, bring it to my face and inhale the sweet aroma of fresh sweat from a little girl's body. Before I toss it into the hamper, I peer in and see all our underwear lying there. I pull out a pair of her white knickers and hold them up. Even without a little girl in them they look sexy, and they smell just like her leotard. Then, in the bedroom room that Charles and I share, I strip down to my white boxers. In the evenings, Charles and I hang out in our underpants in this unusually hot weather. When I'd asked him "What about Emily seeing us near naked?", he'd replied "She's used to seeing guys in their undies. My last boyfriend and I always wore just briefs around the house. She doesn't think anything of it."

I'm thinking about what to cook for dinner as I walk into the bathroom. There's no lock on the door. Charles had said that it was safer that way in case anyone had an accident and we couldn't get in. As soon as I step in I see that Emily is lying in the tub. There are no soap suds, like you'd see in the movies, nothing to conceal her naked body, glistening with water. She has tan lines where her bikini goes. She just lies there, everything revealed, her slit clearly visible, with no pubic hair at all. She doesn't make any attempt to cover herself or even draw her knees up. She simply smiles at me.

"I'm sorry!" I blurt out. "I didn't realise you were in here."

"That's alright." She links her fingers behind her head and I'm staring at her, desperately trying to think of an excuse to stay, but I can't and turn to leave. "You can leave the door open," she calls as I step out. "It's too hot in here."

I got back into my room feeling a funny kind of tightness in my chest, and I can feel that my pulse has picked up. Showing her knickers is one thing, but total nudity is perhaps a bit over the top.

When Charles comes in I say, "I need to talk to you about something. You should hear it from me before you hear it from Emily. I blundered into the bathroom and she was in the tub. I don't want you to think I was spying on her or anything."

He laughed. "Nonsense. Obviously it was an accident. Did she seem to be embarrassed?"

"No, she was quite cool about it and didn't even try to cover up."

"Yeah, she can be a tease at times. Relax, she likes you and I trust you. Where is she now?"

"In her room."

"Let's have a quickie." He grabs my hand and pulls my into our bedroom. We embrace and kiss and I pull his clothes off him.

"I need to be fucked," He says. "My arse is aching for it. Stick your lovely dick inside my, please. I'm begging for it." I love this kind of slutty talk, but He's not kidding. He really needs my dick, but he knows I love to suck him off, so he lies back on the bed with his cock sticking up out of the leg of his briefs and I take him in my mouth. He pulls my head off him just before he cums and lubes up my dick. After pulling of his bries, I lift his legs up to his chest, he lets me penetrate him up to the hilt. It's a fantastic feeling, filling him right up, slowly thrusting up his arse and kissing him every few seconds. He's lost in the eroticism of it all, becoming more and more aroused until, without touching himself, he cums, big blobs of semen on his face and chest. I lick the cum from him, then pull out and quickly stroke my cock to climax, squirting cum all over him. I have that let-down feeling of post-sex, but I know it'll soon pass.

Later, at dinner, Emily is wearing a white cotton dress. It's very short, only just covering her bum. Charles whispers to me "She loves that dress. It's really old, way too small for her and it's been washed so often you can see her knickers right through it." It's not as though I hadn't noticed. Her knickers are full cut, reaching right up almost to her navel and she doesn't have a vest on, so I can see her tiny nipples. After dinner, it's still light outside and we go out into the garden, which has a small lawn surrounded by enough trees and shrubs to screen us from the neighbors. Charles and I are sitting in lawn chairs drinking beer and watching as Emily runs around involved in some incomprehensible game. Every so often she does a cartwheel, the dress falling to reveal her knickers and bare chest.

"She likes to do that," says Charles. "She's just showing off. You've probably noticed how she always seems to manage to have her knickers showing."

"I have."

"Actually, I think it's kinda cute, a bit of a turn-on, in fact. I used to love looking up the skirts of little girls when I was a schoolboy and I've never grown out of it. I know she's my daughter and it feels kinda incestuous, but it seems harmless to me."

"I'm definitely an upskirt guy myself," I say, "and little girls are so cute. Little boys too." He reaches over and gives my dick a squeeze. Whether Emily sees this or not, I can't tell.

Charles has told me that Emily knows all about homosexuality and is comfortable with it. He's provided lots of sex-ed material for her to read and he's able to talk about sex comfortably with her. She's not old enough to have acquired all the prejudices of society

"If Emily were a boy, you'd be trying to suck his dick," he chuckles. "And although you're a fuckin' stud in my bed, I know she's safe with you." Then Emily comes over to us and sits on his knee, puts her arm around his neck and kisses him on the lips.

"I love you, sweetheart," he murmurs.

"I love you, Daddy, and Tony, too." She looks over to me and gives me a smile and, as always, parts her knees just a bit. I smile right back at her.

We go indoors and in our bedroom, I rip Charles briefs off and he lets me ram my dick down my throat. Then I fuck him, long and hard, filling him right up, pounding his arse until we both cum together.

* * *

It's a couple of days later and I get home late, just before dinner. "I gotta show you something," says Charles, his face alight, dressed as usual in just his white briefs. "Tony, you have to look at this." In the den, he has a camcorder plugged into his computer. "You're not gonna believe it. Watch." He clicks on `play' and the screen lights up, showing the garden with a rug spread out on the lawn. Emily comes into the picture wearing her new school uniform, comprising a white short sleeve blouse, navy blue skirt, white knee socks and black shoes. Charles had bought it all a few weeks ago in preparation for the start of term at her new school.

"I want to show you my uniform," she says to the camera, and parades around like a model on a runway. "Do you like it, Daddy?" She swans around for a few seconds more, does a pirouette which make the skirt flare out, then sits down on the rug and starts to take one shoe off. Of course, she has her legs wide apart displaying her white knickers in her all-too-familiar fashion. She takes her time, then slowly pulls the other shoe off, then leans back propped up on her hands. Smiling, she says, "Daddy, I think you're looking up my skirt, you bad man. I bet you are as well, Tony. You naughty boys." She scrambles to her feet and steps a little closer to the camera. "You like looking at my knickers, don't you? Look at this." She lifts the hem of her skirt up under her chin, provocatively displaying her knickers, and part of a cotton undergarment above. She sways her hips from side to side, lewdly, while staring at the camera.

"Holy shit," says Charles. "The little witch is really flaunting it!" He doesn't seem to be distressed by his daughter's exhibition. Meanwhile, back on the screen, Emily turns her back to the camera, bends down and flips her skirt up over her back letting us see her bum covered in white cotton. She wags her bum back and forth, and waves at us with her hand between her legs. Then she sits down again and removes her socks, giving us another display of her knickers.

Back on her feet, facing the camera, she says, "Did you like that? Do you wanna see some more, Daddy? I think you do." She unfastens the button on the side of her skirt and pull the zip down. Then, very slowly, she slides the skirt down over her thighs down below her knees, lets it drop and steps out of it. "Dah-dah!" she cries, throwing her arms out. Then she spins round so we can see her from all sides. "Are you watching, Tony?" she says.

"I'm getting a hard-on here," says Charles. "How about you?" He gropes my through my pants and feels my rigid dick. "Of course you're hard. How could we not be?"

Then Emily starts to unbutton her blouse, five buttons in all, taking her sweet time, and I can see she's wearing a white vest which has a lace strip across the top and thin shoulder straps. She holds the blouse wide open and lets it fall from her shoulders. It drops on to the rug. Then she parades around some more, striking different poses, showing off her little-girl undies, her hands on her hips, then behind her head, then does one of her cartwheels. "Fuck me!" says Charles. "I've never been turned on by a schoolgirl this much before. What'd you think, Tony?"

"She's stunning," I say. "Incredibly sexy."

"There's more. Just watch."

She pulls her vest over up her chest, showing off her little nipples, "Do you like my titties, Daddy? They`ll be growing soon.", She pulls the vest over her head, her long hair gets caught in it and she shakes her head to free it. All the while she has this big eager smile on her face. She's clearly having fun. "Do I look nice, Daddy? Do you love your little girl?"

"Here it comes," says Charles, as she turns her back on the camera, hooks her fingers in the waist of her knickers and pulls the back down to show us her bum, small, firm cheeks, paler than the rest of her body. She bends down so we can almost see her private parts, but then she pulls her knickers up again and turns to face the camera. Then she hooks her fingers into the front of her knickers and starts to inch them down, below her navel.

"Shall I, Daddy? Shall I, Tony? You wanna see me take them off?"

Charles is staring at the screen. "I've seen her naked lots of times, but she's never looked as sexy as this," he says.

There's a long moment while I pray that she'll pull her knickers all the way down, but then she says, "I think I'm being a naughty girl, Daddy. Naughty girls have to be spanked. Are you gonna spank me, Daddy?" Then she pulls her knickers back up and walks out of the frame.

"Incredible," I say. "You know why she used a camcorder rather than just give us a live show? If she were doing that in front of us, you'd have stopped her. This way, she gets to finish her act. Are you gonna let the little tease get away with this?"

He grins. "Definitely not. She has to be spanked." Then he calls her "Emily!"

She comes into the den from her bedroom. She has on a pale blue sundress that has straps over the shoulders and white ankle socks. "Yes, Daddy?"

"You left the camcorder on my desk."

She smiles. "I know."

"And we played your video."

"Oh dear," she says in a mock little-girl voice. "I've been a bad girl, haven't I?"

"You have. You have to be spanked."

"If you say so, Daddy. I've been very naughty."

We all go into the living room and Charles and I sit on the couch. "Now I'm going to take you across my knee and spank you," he says. Emily obediently lies across his thighs and he pull her dress up as high as it will go, and gazes at her knickers. "How many spanks should I give her, Tony?"

"Um, I think six should do it."

"Three on the left cheek, three on the right?"

"Sounds about right to me," I say.

"Is Tony gonna spank me too?" she asks with a giggle.

My face lights up as he looks at me. "Seeing as you've been so naughty, yes, he has to spank you."

She's grinning, caught up in the game. "Please don't hurt me, Daddy," she says, hardly able to stifle her laughter. She's lying with her head to Charles' left and her feet to his right. He places his right hand on her left thigh and slowly slides it up and as his palm reaches the edge of her knickers, I can see his fingers ride over where her bum hole is. He strokes her buttock for a few seconds, then puts his hand on her right thigh and slides it upwards. His thumb goes right between her legs.

"Are you gonna take my knickers down?" she asks.

Charles looks at me. "Shall we?" I`m dying to say yes, but she`s his daughter, not mine. I hesitate and chicken out.

"It`s up to you."

"Alright, not this time," he says, "but if you're a naughty girl again, we will." I like his use of the work "we", and his thinly veiled hint of games to come. He still stroking her bum and then he gives her three gentle slaps with his hand. "You bad, bad little girl," he's saying, then three more slaps. "Now it's Tony's turn."

She climbs of his knee and moves down the couch to me, with a big smile on her face. "Do you think I'm a naughty girl, Tony?"

"Oh yes," I say. "You have to be properly spanked." She lies across my knees and I'm glad I still have my pants on because my cock is rigid. I'm sure she can feel it with her hip. I lift her skirt right up over her back and follow what Charles has done, stroking her thighs and bum. He's grinning as he looks at me, clearly not bothered that his lover is doing lewd things to his daughter. Then I give her six gentle taps.

"Oh, that hurts," she cries in a fake voice.

"See what happens to naughty girls," says Charles. "Come here, sweetheart and let Daddy kiss it better." She gets off my knee, stands with her back to Charles and bends over. He lifts her skirt up and puts several kisses on the back of her knickers. "There, is that better?" She now laughing out loud and we're both grinning. She sits down on her dad's knee and puts her arm around him. He hugs her and says, "I love my little girl, and so does Tony." I nod in agreement.

"Thank you, Daddy. I love you both." Then, it's time for dinner.

* * *

Later, we're in bed, resting after a long fuck and suck session. "I don't know where she gets it from," he says.

"Gets what?"

"Her exhibitionist streak. Her mother was never like that. Mind you, I'm not complaining. I love watching her when she shows off. And admit it, Tony, she gets you all excited."

"She's just looking for attention and for affection," I tell him. "I have to confess, I could look at her in her knickers all day long.

"Then you get all aroused and fuck me savagely like you just did. That's why I don't object when she flaunts it because I get to reap the benefits of your excitement. I could see your cock was hard when you were spanking her, which is why I dragged you into the bedroom. That was a beautiful fuck we just had. The only thing I ask is don't ever put your dick in her. I know she's not old enough to get pregnant, but full blown sex is out of the question. She's way too young." I reach for his dick but it's still soft. Still, it won't be soft for long, then I'll fuck him the way he likes, long, and slow.

* * *

It's Sunday morning and we're lying in, playing with each others cocks, each bringing the other near to orgasm, then backing off and starting all over. "Don't make me cum," I ask Charles.

"But you love to cum."

"But I don't like that empty feeling afterwards. I like to stay horny." He takes his hand off my cock and sits up on the side of the bed.

"I need to talk to you about Emily," he says. "Things are getting out of hand."

"What did she do?"

"It's not her, it's me. I may be taking things too far."

"How do you mean?"

"Last night I came into the bathroom and she was in the tub. Of course when she was younger, I used to see her in the tub all the time, in fact I used to wash her, until her mother put a stop to it when she was about 7 or 8. That was all part of her mother's child abuse accusation. Last night was the first time in years I've seen her totally nude. She's growing up really fast and though she looks like a little girl, she's not acting like one."
"What did she do?"

"Nothing, really, it's what I did. I said I needed to pee and she said `Go ahead, Daddy, I don't mind.' As you know from where the toilet is next to the tub, see could see my dick not two feet away, and I had the best part of a hard-on. She was staring at it while I peed and it was turning me on."

"Yeah, I know how you like to show off your big dick. So do I."

"Then I shook the drops off, rolling my foreskin back and forth."

"She thought you were having a wank?"

"No, she knows better than that but she grinned and said `If you shake it any more, I'll think you're masturbating.' So I tucked it back into my briefs and sat on the edge of the tub. She had her knees up and had let her thighs fall outwards, resting on the sides of the tub and I couldn't take my eyes off her body. She's gonna be so beautiful."

"She already is."

"And we were having the usual father-daughter conversation about nothing serious, which I was trying to drag out because I didn't wanna leave, and suddenly she said, `Will you wash my pee pee, Daddy?" I told her she was quite able to wash it herself, but she said that I'd washed her pee pee when she was younger, and it had felt really nice and why wouldn't I do it now? I know I should've got out of there, but she had mesmerised me and I just couldn't stop myself. I soaped up my hand and put it between her legs, but the water washed all the soap off. So she put her hands under her bum and lifted her hips up so that her slit was out of the water, and I could soap it thoroughly. All the time she was smiling at me, as if it were perfectly normal for a dad to be fingering his daughter's parts."

"Did you finger her?"

"Yes. I know what you're gonna ask and no, I met no resistance. Her hymen broke weeks ago, when she had a sharp pain in gym class and I took her to the doctor. My finger went right in and she was breathing real fast. Then I came to my senses and took my hand away. `That was nice, Daddy, thank you,' she said, like it was no big deal. I didn't know what to say so I just got out of there. I'm becoming a fucking child molester."

"No you're not. The whole question of abuse and molestation swings around the issue of compliance. If she's willing, and she's obviously eager, then I don't see any abuse. If you reject her, I think you'll do more harm than good. She just loves you, and wants to show it. I bet there's millions of dads out there who do sexy things with their daughters but all we ever hear about are the horror stories. Relax, Charles, I think you're a great dad. This is just a phase she`s going through. When she hits puberty, everything will change." I pull on my boxers and go to make breakfast.

* * *

It's Sunday evening and we're watching TV. Charles is sitting on the couch and Emily is lying with her head in his lap. He has a boner and she's lying with her cheek right against it. I'm in the armchair, off to one side. He's stroking her body with his hand, from her chest down to her stomach and back up again. Each time he strokes upwards, her too-short white see-through dress rides up and each time he strokes down, he somehow manages not to pull the dress down. The result is that soon her she's showing a couple of inches of her white knickers. As she's lying with her legs towards me, I have a grand view of her crotch. He keeps on caressing her while I pretend to read a book, which serves to conceal my erection. His caresses get lower and lower until at the bottom of each stroke, his fingers are between her legs. Her eyes are shut and she looks like she's asleep, but I know she's faking it. Now he leaves her chest alone and concentrates on touching her slit. His middle finger is moving in little circles and I hear her sigh deeply.

Then the TV announces that the show I've been waiting to see is about to start, and Charles comes down to earth with a bump. He takes his hand away from her and says, "Come and sit on my lap so Tony can see the TV." She sits astride his lap with her back to him and I come and sit beside them. My show starts and she leans back on his chest, her legs outside his and closes her eyes. She's sitting right on top of his dick and clearly she can feel how big it is. He puts his hands on either side of her chest and gently fingers her little nipples. He closes his eyes and now I can watch them without being obvious about it. He repeats his up and down stroking motion just like before, and her dress rides up again. Soon one hand is between her legs and the other still fingers her nipple.

I'm absolutely fascinated, watching daddy fondle his little daughter, loving every minute of the show but wishing it were my lap she was on, and my hand giving her such pleasure. I can see her pulse in her neck, and it must be somewhere over one hundred. Her breath comes in little short pants, then his hand is moving in larger, faster motions, rubbing at where her clit is under her knickers. She starts to let out little moans and his hand comes up to the top of her knickers then slides down inside. His eyes are now open and he knows I'm watching, but he continues until she lets out a big groan, and falls sideways towards me. He pulls his hand out of her knickers, sniffs his fingers, and smiles.

Emily pulls her dress down and stands up her face and her chest flushed.

"Daddy . . ." She's not sure what to say.

"Are you alright, sweetheart?"

She hesitates. "I'm O.K. I think I'm gonna go to bed. Goodnight, Daddy."

"Tony will come and tuck you in," he says. "Goodnight, darling."

"Sure," I say. "This show's over in a few minutes." I haven't seen a single minute of the TV show, I was too enthralled by the live show beside me. Emily goes into the bathroom to clean her teeth and Charles pulls his rigid dick out of the leg of his briefs and starts to stroke it. I just have time to lean over and put my mouth over the tip when he shoots a big load of cum. God, how I love the taste. I swirl it round my mouth then swallow it.


"Jesus, I was so fucking turned on," he says. "I couldn't stop myself. I guess she's had her first orgasm."

"Congratulations, dad. You made your daughter cum." He has a guilty look. "I'm proud of you," I say. "You made a little girl very happy, and your lover jealous. But I don't mind as long as I get to suck you off afterwards." He grins.

"Go and see that she's O.K."

Emily is already in bed when I go into her bedroom. It's a hot night and the sheet is down to her waist. If she's not naked under there, then she wearing only her knickers. I sit on the edge of her bed.

"You know your Daddy loves you, and he`d never want to do anything to hurt you."

"I know. He loved me just now. Were you watching?"

"Of course. I couldn't tear my eyes away. Did he make you feel good?"

"Oh, Tony, it was marvelous. Like a big wave breaking over me, a huge thrill."

"He loved it too, and I loved watching you."

"Tony, why do you and Daddy have such stiff dicks all the time? No other guys seem to have erections every minute of the day."

"It's like this. Girls and women are more aroused by touch and tender words, but men get turned on by what they see. That's why they go to strip shows and women don't. We're excited by visual stimuli. So when we're around a pretty girl all day long, especially when she's a flirt and likes to show off her underwear, then we get excited. But I think you know that. You like to get us all worked up, and there's nothing wrong with that. You may not be aware of the power you wield, your ability to drive guys like Daddy and me crazy. But you need to be careful around strangers. If you send the wrong signal to the wrong guy, you can get in trouble."

"So should I stop showing off my knickers?"

"Oh, absolutely not! Not with Daddy and me. We love it. That video you made was the sexiest thing I've ever seen. We'll never tire of looking up your skirt. But keep it in the family."

I stand up, by boner tenting my boxers. I lean down, lift up the sheet and peer underneath. She has her white knickers on. As I drop the sheet, she reaches up and gives my cock a squeeze. "You men!" she says. I lean down and kiss her on the lips.

"Nite nite, Emily. I love you."

"Goodnight, Tony, I love you too." She rolls away on her side and I get out of there before I do something illegal.

* * *

It's early the next evening, still warm outside as the sun sets. I'm sitting as usual in my tiny boxer underpants, thinking about why Charles allows me to do things to his daughter that would outrage most dads. I think is the same urge that makes him want to be fucked so brutally so often. It's his feelings of submission and allowing the violation of his body that makes him want to have my dick in his mouth and up his arse. The total giving over of control is a huge turn-on for him. That's why he likes golden showers and will drink my piss, if it's dilute enough. It's a kind of "do anything you want" thing, his feminine side in spades. Although I like to be a bottom from time to time, Charles definitely wants me to dominate him, and letting me fondle this daughter is part of his surrender.

When he comes into the living room wet from his shower, a towel wrapped round his waist. He starts to say something to me, when Emily, wearing a pink short dress, comes running out of her bedroom, runs past Charles and yanks the towel off him as she goes past. She's laughing as she runs out into the garden, singing, "Daddy's got no clothes on, Daddy's got no clothes on!"

"The little fox!" he says, with a grin. "Come on, lets grab her." We run outside, and start to chase her round the lawn. She's pretty nimble and hard to catch, dodging us and laughing. "Daddy's naked, Daddy's naked," she sings, waving the towel in the air. Charles' dick is bouncing up and down as he runs after her. Then we have her in the corner of the garden and just as we think we've got her, she throws the towel down and darts past me, yanking my underpants down to my ankles as she goes past me. I trip and fall on the grass, laughing. "Tony's got no clothes on," she sings as Charles tries to catch her. Now my dick is waving up and down as I take my underpants from round my ankles. Charles come over to me, reaches out his hand and pulls me to my feet.

"Fuck it, I give up," he says and we go and sit on the lawn chairs. Emily walks up to us with a big grin on her face.

"Look, my two daddies with nothing on! You ought to be ashamed."

"It's you who should be ashamed," says Charles.

"We're just having fun, Daddy. Tony's having fun, aren't you." I give her a big smile. She kneels down with her forearm across his knees and put her chin on her arm, gazing at his cock. "You have a nice dick, Daddy." She looks over at me, where I'm lying back, my cock beginning to get hard. "Tony has a nice dick, too."

"Little girls shouldn't be looking at mens' dicks," he says. "You're a very naughty girl."

"Oh, dear," she says with fake remorse. "Are you going to spank me again."

"Of course. Bad girls have to be spanked."

"Are you going to take my knickers down?"

"Remember what I said last time. I'll have to take your knickers down and really spank you!" He stand up, takes her by the hand and leads her back indoors. I follow, almost panting with anticipation. In the living room, he sits on the couch. "Lie across my knee, you bad girl," he says and she obediently lies across him. Her hand is under her hip and I figure she probably got hold of his dick. I sit down by her feet. Charles lifts up her skirt and bunches it right up under her armpits. Then he slowly pulls her knickers down to her knees. I'm looking at her bum, and I can see her little rosebud arse between her cheeks. Charles hand pushes under her body and I can see his fingers appear between her legs. His middle finger briefly touches her arse, then retreats out of sight. It's obvious he's fingering her slit. He glances at me an smiles. "How many spanks should we give her?" he asks.

"Well, she's been a very naughty girl, much naughtier than last time. I think she should get twelve." This time he doesn't bother stroking her thighs, he puts his hand straight on to her cheeks and starts to caress them, sliding frequent down into the crack of her arse. She squirming around and giggling, obviously loving every minute of it.

Then, taking his time, he gives her twelve little slaps, while she's saying, "Ow! Ow!" in a fake voice.

"Did that hurt?" he asks.

"Not much," she admits.

"In that case Tony has to spank you." As she gets up from his knee, I'm just able to see her take her hand from his dick, which is now rigid. She shuffles over to me, her knickers still round her knees, her gorgeous little slit perfectly visible to us.

The whole spank scene is repeated, this time with her over my knee, her feet resting on Charles thighs. I feel her hand grip my dick as I'm caressing her bum and fingering her slit. Charles looks on, quite unperturbed, knowing that my finger is going in and out of his daughters crack. I draw the game out for as long as I can and then take my hands away.

"Daddy has to kiss it better," she says, and still across my knee, she shoves her bum up in the air, and Charles leans over and covers it with kisses. Then she stands up and takes her time pulling her knickers up. Then, like a curtain coming down at the end of a hit show, her dress falls and she sits beside us.

"Tony and I have to go into the bedroom," he says. We'll see you in a little while.

In the bedroom, Charles sits on the bed and takes my cock in his mouth for a few seconds. He comes up for air, and says, "This is the moment I've been waiting for." He falls back and lifts his legs up. I push my saliva covered cock up his arse as far as it will go and start to savagely fuck him, pounding as hard as I can.

"God, I love it, I love it. Fuck me! Fuck me, you fuckin' pervert."

I'm so turned on by the performance with Emily that I cum all too soon.

"You'll have to do me again later," say Charles. I will, I will.

* * *

It's about one a.m. and we're wakened by a knock on the bedroom door

"What is it, sweetheart?" ask Charles.

"Can I come in, Daddy?"

"Yes, come in, darling."

She comes in and closes the door behind her. Charles switches on the bedside light. "I had a bad dream and woke up scared," she says.

"It's all right, honey, come and lie down with me." Instead of lying on his side of the bed, she climbs up over the end and I move over to let her snuggle down between us. There's just a sheet covering us up to our waist, and as she scootches down the bed, the sheet is pushed down to below our knees. We're naked. At the same time her nightie rides up above her waist, but she doesn't bother to pull it down. Charles puts his arms round her, and spends a few minute whispering comforting things to her. Then she rolls on to her back, having recovered from whatever had upset her. I prop myself up on one elbow so I can look at her body, her slender boyish hips and lovely thin legs and she's smiling.

"Can I sleep here tonight, Daddy?"

"Yes, darling, of course you can."

"I can go and sleep in her bed," I say.

"Oh please stay," she says, "I want to sleep with both my daddies."

To my relief, Charles acquiesces.

"Have you two been making love?" she asks out of the blue.

There's a short pause. "Yes," says Charles. "Earlier we were."

"Did Tony suck your cock?"

Charles is taken aback and doesn't know what to say. "Yes," I chime in. "I sucked him off. He likes that."

"What does it taste like? Is it nasty? Does it taste of pee?" As Charles' cock has been sucked clean, it's only going to taste of skin and saliva.

"No," I answer. "It doesn't have much taste. It's not the taste that's important. I like to suck him because he gets so much pleasure from it."

"Can I try it?" Before we can answer, she has slid her body down and is now lying sideways across the bed, with her head just above his dick. She takes it in her hand and slowly starts to stroke it. "Oooh, this is nice." Charles is speechless. I climb off the end of the bed and go round to Charles' side and kneel down beside him.

"Let me show you what I do." I remove her hand and take his dick in mine. I slide his foreskin all the way back. "This is the glans."

"I know all the names," she says.

"And then I slide his foreskin forward like this and I put my tongue under it and rub it round his glans. It drives him crazy." I lower my head and give her a little demonstration.

"Let me! Let me!" Now she's giving him a world-class hummer, her little head bobbing up and down. I crawl across the top of the bed and push my cock into Charles face. Naturally, he can't resist it and takes it in his mouth. I swing my upper body round so that my face is in Emily's crotch and plant a kiss on her slit. Then I attack her with my tongue, pushing it up her vagina and then dragging it up to her clit, up and down, up and down. We're doing a classic three-way suck off

Charles can't take the teasing any longer. He pulls her head off his dick, holds her under her armpits and drags her up beside him. I roll away. Then he slides down the bed and buries his face between her thighs. Emily pulls off her nightie and puts her hands on the back of his head, pulling him into her. My face is down by her mid-section and I have a close up look of her daddy tonguing his little girl vigorously and her hips are jerking up and down. I daren't touch my dick or I'll cum. Her daddy eats her out for a minute or so and then he lifts his body up and lies between her legs, his upper body propped on his arms. My face is only inches away as I watch his lovely dick slide into her wet slit. Just an inch or two, then with gentle thrusts it goes in a little more, bit by bit until it's fully home. Each time he pulls it out I can see her moisture glistening on his shaft. It's hard to believe that this little girl can take six inches of her daddy's dick, but it's all in there. She's whimpering and gasping as he pumps faster and faster, until with a groan he collapses on top of her. He's cum. He's fucked his daughter.

"Oh, Daddy, Daddy," she's murmuring. "I love you, Daddy."

He rolls off her and lies on his back. "Oh God, what have I done?"

"You've made me happy, Daddy." She lays her head on his chest and waits while her breathing returns to normal.

I roll on to my side, facing away from them, and with less than a dozen strokes, I shoot my load on to the sheet. Now I'll have to sleep on the wet spot.

* * *

I wake up to find the room flooded with daylight. I'm bursting for a piss and I roll out of bed, and rush to the bathroom. I fling the door open and my jaw drops. Charles is standing in the tub with the shower running and Emily has her arm round his neck and her legs round his hips, impaled on his cock. She's moaning and he's gasping, pumping his dick in and out as she bounces up and down. I stand watching for a second and then I know I'll piss in my underpants if I don't empty my bladder. I watch for a minute or more, transfixed, while I take a piss, bending my iron hard dick down to point it at the bowl. As I'm shaking the drops off, Charles lets out a loud groan and falls against the shower wall, Emily still wrapped around him. Clearly, he's cum.

"Don't stop, Daddy, please don't stop," she whimpers.

"I can't, Honey. I'm through!" he gasps.

"More, Daddy, please. Give me more."

Charles looks over to me, standing in front of the toilet, my stiff dick in my hand. "Here, Tony, finish her off." He lifts her off his cock and stands her upright. I step over to the shower and pick her up, my arm under her knees and the other round her back. I carry her into the bedroom and drop her on the bed. I fling myself down with my head between her thighs and look at the wetness dripping from her little girl's slit. I stick out my tongue and lap up the mixture of cum and pussy juice, dragging my tongue up and down her slit. She moaning, just as she was when Charles was fucking her, fucking his own daughter.

"Do it, Tony! Do it!" she cries, and I roll on to my back and pull her on top of me. She brings up her knees and sits with her pussy on top of my dick and rubs herself up and down on me, then she lifts up, grasps my cock and puts it inside her. It slides in with no resistance at all, lubricated not only by her juices, but Charles' cum as well She bounces up and down vigorously, crying, "Yes! Yes! I love it! It feels so good!" The she lets out a long cry and falls on to my chest. Two or three small thrusts of my hips and I'm cumming, pumping my load of cum into the cunt of my lover's daugher, his eleven year old little seductress.

* * *

Charles comes in to the bedroom. Emily is lying on her back, her legs wide open, my cum dripping from her slit. She holds out her arms, Charles lies down beside her and enfolds her in his embrace.

"Are you alright, darling? God, what have we done?"

"You've made me love you, both of you."

Later, we're all out in the garden, and she's doing cartwheels, showing off her white knickers.

The End

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