Holiday Dinner (Part 1)

Holiday Dinner
(Part 1)

Absolutely way in hell...not gonna happen...and I really fucking mean it!”

Ted leaned back in his chair, the bemused look on his face slowly fading away as he realized when she used such crude language, she was genuinely getting upset and deadly serious.

No, it's perfectly fine. I don't want to be a bother,” he murmured softly.

For chrissakes, Ted, you would hardly be a bother. If you think I'm going to let you sit in your place alone for the first big holiday since...since...the accident, then you don't know me as well as you think you do. Besides my mother and my two aunts would kill me then send my cousin Vinnie to drag you over anyway...and trust don't want my cousin Vinnie looking for you.”

He looked up at her standing with her hands on both hips, glaring down at him sternly. He could clearly see her hardened nipples outlined through her bra and blouse, apparently prodded outward by the intensity of her feelings. That sent a flush of arousal through him he had forgotten he could experience.

Abby had been his research assistant for about eighteen months, during which time they worked together surprisingly well. Their thirty two year age difference, and their growing closeness, lead him to consider her more like the daughter he never had than a student or helper. Then, three months before, Alice, his wife and companion of nearly forty years, was killed by a drunk driver. He was a basket case for weeks thereafter. Abby was there for him the entire time and he would be eternally grateful.

OK, OK, what can I bring?” he asked throwing up his hands in surrender, realizing there was no way he could win the argument or avoid going.

A nice bottle of Chianti would be the best and easiest,” she responded, the scowl on her face morphing to a warm smile.

I thought a white wine went with turkey,” he replied, noticing for the first time the way her black yoga pants rode up between her thick thighs.

For chrissakes, Ted, we're Italians...make it Chianti, a good one,” she laughed before turning to leave and calling back over her shoulder, “see you at 2:00 tomorrow.”

In all honesty, he was seriously anxious about going to her home, mostly for fear of embarrassment. One night about six months before, when celebrating the publication of the first academic paper they jointly authored, and after a drink or two more than either of them could really handle, she made some passing mention that her family were home nudists. Alice thought it was amusing and he never thought much about it again...until this invitation. The idea of seeing his twenty four year old assistant, not to mention her entire family at their very first first meeting, completely naked was both daunting and unquestionably arousing.

Even though he knew from the address that her family lived in the most exclusive part of town, he was still surprised when he pulled up to the enormous house. After being admitted by a hulking security guard, he drove through the opening gate, down a winding and heavily tree lined lane and into a large parking area behind a half dozen other cars. Suddenly, the two bottles of Chianti encased in the faux wicker baskets he carried seemed wildly insufficient.

At the front door, he hesitated a moment before reaching for the bell, wondering if there was still time to escape back to his empty house. Almost as soon as his finger pressed the button, the door swung open wide and Abby stood beaming at him.

She was totally nude save for some fluffy slippers on her feet.

He gulped, unable to keep himself from staring, seeing her nakedness for the very first time.

Abby's body was far from the that of the idealize woman. She was close to his height and by anyone's definition...full figured...not fat really, just a big girl. Her ski slope tits dangled down, topped with fifty cent sized dark brown aureoles with erect nipples as big as the tip of his little finger. The unkempt black triangle between her legs matched the mid back length hair on her head, with just a barely visible, slightly darker hint of the beginning of the crevice that continued down between her legs.

Ted!” she exclaimed, stepping closer and wrapping her arms around him, oblivious to standing nude out in the open on the front porch. “I'm so glad you could make it.”

Her soft tits pressed tightly against his chest. He stood there dumbfounded, not sure what to say or do with his hands. When she stepped back, he proffered the two bottles of Chianti, flushing visibly as her tits swayed and brushed across his chest.

Come in...come in...and thank you,” she declared happily, moving to the side for him to pass.

When he hesitated a moment, she finally noticed the disconcerted look on his face.

Oh,” she murmured sheepishly, blushing slightly, “I guess I forgot to tell you we are all usually naked around the house.”

Well, you did mention it once a while back in passing,” he offered, stepping into the house as she closed the door behind him, “I guess I'm just a little taken aback by...uh...actually seeing”

She looked at him deadly seriously for a moment, put the two bottles of wine down on a nearby table and burst out laughing.

I can see this would be a bit of a surprise, but trust me there's nothing you haven't seen before, maybe just a lot more of it in one place at the same time,” she grinned, cupping both of her tits in her hands and jiggling them around before playfully pirouetting in a complete circle twice. “Now come meet my family. You can stay dressed if you're more comfortable or put your things over on that table.”

When in Rome...,” he muttered and started taking off his clothes as Abby looked on with an impish grin.

She didn't even pretend to look away, watching him intently as he dropped his briefs and added them to the pile of clothes. Her nipples definitely stiffened the longer she stared at his limp cock.

We're from Sicily, by the way...but close enough,” she laughed again, hooked her arm in his and lead him into the kitchen, her plump right tit gently bouncing against his upper arm with every other step. That, and the fact Abby kept quite deliberately glancing down at his dangling dick, caused his cock to tingle and visibly harden.

Mama...everyone...this is Ted,” Abby announced gaily as they entered the kitchen to a blast of warm air and an overwhelming mixture of cooking and baking aromas that instantly had Ted practically drooling.

Abby unhooked her arm from his and put her hand on his back at the top of his ass, nudging him forward to meet the short heavy set woman rushing their way.

Ted, this is my mother, Olivia,” Abby said proudly, her hand still resting on his ass.

Her mother wore an apron, covering her ponderous breasts and wide hips. As soon as she was close enough, she gave Ted a firm warm hug and a quick tender kiss on each cheek.

So nice to meet you,” he responded as she said something to him in such heavily accented English he wasn't sure he understood.

After a moment, Olivia turned back to her preparations, her ample bare ass jiggling beneath the apron with every step. Two other women approached and Abby introduced her aunts, Celia and Lucy. Like Olivia, Celia was short and stout although clearly a few years younger. Lucy, on the other hand, was petite and slim. Abby explained that Celia was Olivia's sister while Lucy was a sister-in law. In any case, all three of them were somewhat younger than him.

After the obligatory hug and kisses on both cheeks, Celia turned back to help her sister, while Lucy lingered to talk with Abby and Ted. Like Abby she was totally naked save for some slippers, but with small perky tits and closely trimmed honey brown cunt hair. She appeared to be in her late thirties or early forties.

He quickly found out Lucy was married to Abby's youngest uncle who was doing an overseas tour in the Navy reserve. She too casually placed a hand on his hip just above his ass. As they talked, it seemed to Ted both Abby and Lucy slipped a little closer to him while nonchalantly placing a hand around each others waists. He was starting to believe the heat growing in his body was not entirely an unintentional consequence of the warm kitchen.

Like Abby, Lucy made no effort to hide her repeated, lingering glances at his not quite flaccid cock. He made a mostly genuine effort to keep his eyes locked on their faces, while unable to keep from occasional furtive glimpses at their erect nipples and hairy pussies.

Lucy giggled first.

You know, Ted, there's no need to pretend to not look at our tits and pussies and asses, since we have no problem at all looking at your quite lovely cock and ass,” she laughed gaily. “No one around here is shy, everyone always checks out everyone else and besides, we both really like the look of your dick...even while it's still so soft...don't we, Abby?”

Abby grinned at him while pulling Lucy a little closer and tighten her hand already on Ted's ass. His cock visibly twitched, causing them both to giggle even more.

She's absolutely right, Ted,” Abby cooed, stepping close enough for her soft warm thigh to lightly press against his, “no one in the family is shy in any way at all around here...with anyone else...about pretty much anything.”

They giggled again, put their arms around his waist, to rest their hands on his opposite ass cheeks and lead him into the next room to the boisterous yelling at a football game on an immense TV. Three very large men and a skinny young boy, all totally nude, were screaming at each other and the action on the screen.

Papa...Papa...!” Abby called out, placing her hand on the shoulder of the man nearest to them when they entered, “this is Ted I was telling you about, the man I work with. Ted, this is my father, Antonio.”

Antonio turned his attention to them and stood, towering over Ted by at least a good seven or eight inches and easily outweighing him by a hundred pounds or more. When Ted extended his hand, Antonio engulfed it in his own up to Ted's wrist before pulling him close for a tight hug.

Welcome, precious daughter has many good things to say about you,” he said in a surprisingly soft voice in heavily accented English, “please feel free to completely enjoy all the hospitality of my home that my entire family gladly offer you without reservation.”

As he spoke, the other three men stood. Abby introduced them in turn as her Uncle Joey, his son, the infamous cousin Vinnie, and Lucy's son Jason, home for the holidays from his freshman year at college. Each in turn gave Ted a warm tight hug before returning to the game.

As this was going on, Abby and Lucy both pressed a little tighter against his hips, while nonchalantly brushing their hands over the asses of each of the men in turn. As big as the three of them were, Ted was somewhat surprised to see they each had very small, scrunched up cocks and balls almost hidden under the rolls of their stomachs. Even the teenager's dick, while noticeably larger, didn't compare to his.

Ted had never considered himself much more than average in that department and certainly never bothered to measure himself, but he was obviously larger than any of the men in this house. He was also getting a little stiffer with the warmth of the two women's hips solidly pressing against him and both their hands now quite purposely fondling his ass.

Would you like something to drink?” Abby asked, directing him toward a wet bar in the back of the room, turning in such a way her stiff nipple pressed into his upper arm.

Yeah, a beer would be fine,” he replied, feeling her erect nipple burning into his skin.

Domestic or imported?” she asked without moving, smiling impishly as he squirmed a little.

Imported is fine,” he responded with a low moan.

Italian or German?” she continued with a devilish grin, flattening her entire spongy tit firmly against his arm.

Ger...German,” he managed to croak, his dick twitching noticeably harder.

Abby continued grinning at him for a moment, holding her tit against his arm before turning to the small refrigerator under the bar. She bent over to look for the beer he wanted, her legs spread, her hips gently swaying and the crease between her legs gaping open to reveal the glistening moist pink folds of her inner pussy lips.

Ted gasped, his eyes locked on Abby's gaping cunt and puckered asshole. It was only in recent weeks he even felt the need to jerk off again after the tragic death of his wife. He certainly had no direct contact with another woman besides watching some internet porn.

Now his dick involuntarily hardened. Abby stood and turned back to him, smiling wickedly while unabashedly focusing her gaze on his swollen prick. She handed him the beer, her hand lingering on his while standing close enough the tip of his cock touched her belly just above her pussy hair.

Now is there anything else I can get for you or we, my Aunt Lucy and I, can do for you, Ted,” she cooed huskily, firmly placing her hand back on his hip with her thumb almost touching his pubic hair.

Before he could manage to say anything, Lucy giggled again, leaned close until her erect nipples pressed against his other side and slowly dragged a finger down between his ass cheeks toward his balls. His now fully erect cock twitched again, the head brushing a little way across Abby's stomach. She looked down and grinned impishly.

We have a little time before dinner,” Lucy murmured huskily, the tip of her finger swirling lightly over his asshole before reaching down toward his balls again, “let's give our new friend here the nickle tour of the place.”

Abby pressed her hips forward just enough Ted knew it was no accident his cock bent slightly and he twitched again. She smiled and took his hand, turning to walk toward an ornate hallway leading to other parts of the mansion.

Before they took more than a couple of steps, a tall skinny girl came running down the hall, her long, light brown hair flying in all directions, her tits little more than the caps of her dark brown nipples, her protruding mound smooth and apparently hairless. At first glance, Ted thought she was a young teenager or even younger.

She stopped a few feet from them, directly staring for a moment at Ted's engorged dick before speaking to Lucy.

Dad's on the computer,” she said excitedly, “says he only has a few more minutes.” go get the others,” Lucy answered excitedly, giving the young woman a gentle pat on the ass, “oh...that's Ted, a friend of Abby's.”

Lucy hurriedly walked in the direction from which the girl came.

Nice to meet you,” the girl said absentmindedly while looking intently at Ted's rigid dick, then turned and headed in the direction of the kitchen.

That's Jason's twin sister, Karen,” Abby said with a laugh, cupping one of her tits in her hand and shaking it provocatively so the nipple brushed his shoulder, “she hasn't quite developed one of the family's most distinctive traits yet...and I'm starting to think the poor girl never will.”

Abby then stopped and stood looking at him a moment, glancing back and forth from his eyes to his throbbing dick, a pensive expression on her face turning to one of a determined decision. Slowly she raised her hand that still held his and placed it firmly on her left tit. Ted's entire body tensed, feeling the hard nub of her nipple pressing into his palm. He looked at her in disbelief, confusion and growing lust.

Papa did say to enjoy all the hospitality the family has to offer,” she murmured huskily while wrapping her fingers around his throbbing dick, casually brush off a droplet of precum that bubbled to the tip with her thumb, “and Lucy and I were getting to the point of thinking you didn't quite realize all we have, and want, to offer.”

But...Abby, I...I can't...I...,” he stammered,feeling the vein in his cock pulsing against her palm, “It's just...not....”

Hush,” she murmured softly, putting a finger on his lips for a moment before taking his other hand and drawing it up between her legs, pressing it against her damp pussy hair. “Of course you can and I've wanted this for a very long time. Now that you are able, you can...and you will.”

Before he could say another word, they had to step to the side as first Karen, followed all the other members of the family, came rushing by. Bringing up the rear, Abby's mother, still wearing her apron, glanced at Ted's dick in her daughter's hand as she passed and smiled brightly.

I suppose we should follow along and see what's going on,” Tabby said softly, gently squeezing his dick and turning to follow the others.

They went to the end of the hall, turned down another and then into what was an office or library. Lucy sat in front of a giant computer monitor, gently squeezing both her tits and thumbing her erect nipples. On the screen, a man in a tightly fitting white t-shirt who looked like a slighter younger version of Antonio or Joey smiled happily back at them, not even trying to talk over the loud buzz of conversation in the room.

Abby lead Ted over to one side where they could get a good look at everyone at the same time. Karen sat next to her mother, holding her tits and strumming her nipples in exactly the same way. Jason sat on the other side, openly stroking a very hard five inch cock.

That's Uncle Frankie, Lucy's husband,” Abby explained leaning over to whisper in his ear and taking the opportunity to flick her tongue into it as well. “He must have gotten a few minutes of satellite time on his ship.”

Ted looked at Abby in shock and surprise. She just grinned back at him, squeezing his dick again and shaking her head to indicate not to say anything just then. The noise in the room quieted down, giving everyone a chance to say hello to Frankie. As they finished, they filed out and soon Abby and Ted, who were out of camera range, were the only ones remaining with Lucy and her two kids.

He watched in unbelieving fascination as Frankie urged his wife and kids to touch themselves and each other for him, telling them how much he missed them. They could see just the top of his elbow moving up and down faster and faster.

Lucy reached over and took her son's cock in her hand while Karen got on her knees and buried her face in her mother's pussy. When Jason tensed and whimpered he was close to cumming, Karen got up, straddled his hips and slid down over his rigid dick. Lucy was fingering herself and smiling happily watching them when the screen went blank, ending the call, followed almost immediately by Jason filling his sister's pussy with his cum.

They sat breathing heavily for a few moments, before Jason got up and headed for the door, smiling brightly at Abby and Ted as he passed them. Ted looked directly at Abby, his confusion and astonishment written all over his face.

I guess you might want a few answers,” Abby said softly, once again pulling his hand down between her legs.

Yeah, I have a question or twelve,” he groaned, feeling her wetness seeping over his fingers even as she slowly stroked his throbbing dick.

Let's get another beer and we can talk, there's still some time until dinner,” Abby replied, taking his hand and leaning forward to flick her tongue into his ear again.

As they started to leave, Lucy came up behind them and, seeing Abby's hand on Ted's cock, reached around his waist to take his dick in her hand as well while her daughter cupped both of Abby's tits. Abby just laughed, turned and dragged a finger through the nineteen year old girl's bare, sticky pussy slit.

You're not trying to sneak off with him now all by yourself, are you?” Lucy accused her with a chuckle, giving Ted's balls a gentle squeeze.

Of course not, Auntie Lucy,” Abby exclaimed in mock innocence, her middle finger sliding into Karen's pussy up to the second knuckle. “He'd hardly get the full story from just me.”

Yeah that would be nice to get the full story,” Ted gasped, squirming with both Abby and Lucy's hands on his cock and balls, “starting with exactly with went on in here a few minutes ago and what I'm supposed to be doing here.”

Lucy sent Karen for more beers while she and Abby lead Ted to a small secluded alcove. He and Abby sat on a two person settee while Lucy went to a single chair across from them. She immediately pulled one leg up and sat in such a way her pussy slit gaped open, the pink moist inner flesh glistening through her honey brown pubic hair in the soft light. Ted's cock instantly hardened even more, helped along by Abby's gentle strokes.

When Karen returned with the fresh beers, she took the other seat, positioning herself the same way as her mother, casually giving Ted an unobstructed view of her spread pussy lips, a few droplets of Jason's sticky jism still leaking from her.

Lucy took a deep sip before beginning to speak.

To answer your second question first, since that's really the easiest and should be obvious. We want you to fuck us...all of us...from sweet young Karen here up to and including Abby's mother Olivia...and from Jason to Antonio if you are so inclined,” she stated flatly, looking Ted directly in the eye, “not all at once, of course, although you're more than welcome to try when the nightly family play time begins around 8:00.”

Ted sat there flabbergasted, not knowing how to respond to such a straightforward and explicit statement. He squirmed a little in Abby's hand, feeling a familiar tingle of an orgasm start to grow in his crotch. Across from him, Karen smiled slyly, split open the pink flesh covering her clit with two fingers of one hand and started swirling a fingertip of the other around the small protruding nub. Her mother simply smiled at her before returning her attention to Ted.

As you probably gathered, we are a family that plays together...or quite bluntly...we fuck each other...all of us,” Lucy continued with an absolutely wicked grin. “Even so, we are always looking for others who can fit into, so to speak, our lifestyle. That video call was my husband's irregular check in with the family during his now eight month long deployment. We miss him and he misses us...every one of us.”

Lucy stopped and wistfully looked off into the distance for a moment, her free hand falling between her legs. Ted couldn't believe he was watching a mother and daughter he had only met an hour or two before openly masturbate in front of him while his long time assistant was giving him a hand job that had him very close to cumming himself.

I've wanted you from the first day I walked into your office,” Abby murmured into his ear without missing a single stroke of his throbbing dick, “but I respected your relationship with Alice. Now that she's...uh...gone, I want you to know how I feel. Meeting, and being accepted by, my family is very important to me. I think you passed that test, so now it's time to decide how we proceed next.”

Abby nodded her head toward Karen who was moaning lowly and thrashing around wildly while furiously fingering her pussy. The teenager tensed, groaned loudly and slumped back in the chair. Ted's cock twitched again in Abby's hand.

After a moment, Karen opened her eyes and grinned at Ted, a few droplets of her pussy juices joining the semen clearly dribbling out of her cunt and down toward her asshole. Next to her, Lucy grinned happily, nodding her approval to her daughter before turning back to Ted and Abby while slowly sliding two fingers into her own pussy hole.

A droplet of precum bubbled to the tip of Ted's rigid cock.

I think his little head has made a decision,” Lucy chuckled, moaning softly while making a wet squishy sound pumping her hand in and out of her dripping pussy, “so, my darling niece, since you are the one introducing him to the family, you get to go first. Where do you prefer he cum inside you this very first time...your hand...your pussy...your mouth...or your ass”

My mouth...oh god yes...cum in my mouth,” Abby exclaimed excitedly, slipping off the couch to her knees and crawling between Ted's thighs.

She took his rigid dick back in her hand, holding it straight up while she began licking his balls. She rolled her eyes up to lock on his, slowly licked her way up his shaft, swirled the tip of her tongue around the throbbing head then wrapped her lips around the tip. She held it there for a moment before slowly lowering her head, taking his dick into her mouth and throat until her nose pressed firmly into his thin pubic hair.

Ted gasped, his legs beginning to quiver. It had been years since Alice gave him a blow job and there was no comparison with the expert way Abby was milking his cock. Abby slowly pulled up her head until just the tip of his dick was between her lips and sucked him in again as deep as she could, the head of his cock visibly punching out the side of her throat. She started bobbing her head up and down faster and faster.

Oh god...I'm very close,” he gasped, flailing his hips against her face, giving her warning to pull back before he started shooting his cum into her mouth.

Abby bobbed up and down even faster.

Don't you dare swallow all his cum without sharing with Karen and me,” he vaguely heard Lucy assert, sounding like she was speaking from inside a barrel.

Ted lost all sense of anything but the incredible pleasure exploding in his groin and engulfing the rest of his body. The orgasm that finally gushed into Abby's mouth seemed to go on for hours although, of course, it probably lasted far less than a minute. To him, it seemed like he shot gallons of his creamy cum into Abby's mouth and down her throat.

After a few moments, when his breathing and heart rate returned to something approaching normal, he blinked his eyes open. Abby still knelt between his legs, smiling brightly with a string of his semen stretching from both corners of her mouth to splatter on her tits.

Lucy and Karen knelt on either side of her, kneading both of Abby's ponderous tits and happily grinning at him too. He could make out a drying patch of cum on both of their lower lips. Seeing he was again aware of them, Abby turned and kissed Lucy passionately, swirling their tongues outside of their mouths before repeating the kiss with Karen. Apparently they wanted to reenact sharing his cum for him to see.

Wow...I've never...never in my life...felt that,” he finally muttered, realizing that Abby still held his deflated cock in her hand.

Just wait to when Celia and Olivia get their hands...and mouths...on you,” Lucy laughed, giving his balls a gentle squeeze.

Dinner's ready,” they heard a soft voice call out from the doorway.

They looked up to see cousin Vinnie grinning happily down at them, his rock hard four inch cock in his hand and a long string of his thick cum stretching to the floor.


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