Holiday Dinner (Part 2)

Holiday Dinner
(Part 2)

When they entered the dining room, Ted was greeted once again by hugs and kisses all around, as well as a few knowing smiles. Somehow everyone seemed to already know about, and openly approve of, Abby sucking his cock with Lucy and Karen watching. It dawned on him they might simply be assuming that or even more happened, a level of sexual openness he never even knew existed, much less fully comprehended or ever experienced.

After a few minutes of everyone milling around, Olivia directed them toward the table before retreating to the kitchen with Celia. When Ted looked questioningly at Abby, she wrapped her hand round his cock again, bent over to flick the tip of her tongue across the head and lead him to their places. All around, Ted could see the other members of her family smiling brightly.

Antonio took a seat at one end of the long table already generously covered with a wide variety of dishes, several types of rolls and bread and bottles of red wine. Tabby took a seat on one side to the left of her father and had Ted sit next to her. Jason took the seat on that same side but at the end, leaving an empty chair between them.

Aunt Celia wants very much to get to know you much better,” Abby murmured into his ear while reaching down to fondle his still limp cock under the table, “much, much better.”

On the other side of the table, Karen sat to her grandfather's immediate right, then Joey, Lucy and Vinnie. After they brought out the turkey and the remainder of the food, Olivia sat at the other end and Celia slid in next to Ted. She looked at him with a bright but impish grin and casually reached down to give his cock a gentle squeeze.

When Ted flinched unintentionally, Abby giggled next to him and added her hand to her aunt's. They both grinned even more broadly feeling his dick slowly stiffen again.

A moment later, passing platters of food around and filling glasses with wine focused everyone's attention. A low buzz of conversation filled the room, with nearly everyone talking with their hands as much as their mouths. Antonio was especially expressive, nonchalantly cupping his daughter's or Karen's tits or brushing his hands across their arms or cheeks when making a point. They in turn often reached over and stroked his small hard dick.

Ted couldn't tell from where he was sitting but was pretty sure everyone else was touching and groping each other the way Abby and Celia were groping him. He finally came to the realization that was the expected behavior and, when he reached down between Celia's legs, she smiled and eagerly spread her thighs wide. She was surprisingly warm and wet, causing his dick to stiffen even more.

Ted had to admit, these people knew how to thoroughly enjoy a meal. They took their time, never rushing, with the wine flowing freely. When someone needed a few minutes to digest what they already eaten, they would sit back to casually chat with, grope and be groped by the person on either side of them or playfully shout something or other to someone across the table

At one point, Ted watched in awe as Karen and Lucy leaned toward each other, exchanging a tongue lashing kiss right in Joey's face while obviously stroking his cock together under the table. A moment later, Tabi and Celia had their hands on his dick together again, stopping with uproarious laughter when he began moaning he was close to cumming in their hands.

No cumming at the table during a meal,” Abby whispered into his ear while pulling his hand down between her legs so his finger split her moist pussy lips before finding the hard nub of her clit, “family rule...but it is completely acceptable to bring someone right to the edge. The challenge is not going past.”

What happens if you do...and someone cums?” he asked, surprising himself with the explicit question.

Just then, Jason let out a low groan on his other side. Ted and Abby looked over to see him leaning back in his chair and writhing wildly with Celia furiously stroking his throbbing cock. His belly was covered with several gobs of his watery semen.

They get to wash the dishes,” Abby laughed, pushing her wet pussy harder against his hand. “I guess Celia really wanted to make sure she had nothing interfering with enjoying you after dinner.”

Celia turned to them with a bright smile and licked the remainder of Jason's cum from her fingers. Ted squirmed around uncomfortably, making every effort to avoid having to help Jason.

When the meal finally wound down, Ted joined the others taking the dirty dishes into the kitchen. Before he could turn to help with the remainder of the things on the table, Abby took his hand and lead him into the family room. Some of the others were already there, spreading out on the various chairs and couches. She went to get them both another glass of wine and before she could return, Celia walked up behind him, caressing his cock and balls with her large soft tits pressing into his back.

As he turned, his quickly stiffening dick slapped against her side. Celia reached for him, holding his cock tightly while dropping to her knees to suck him into her mouth.

Now, now Aunt Celia,” Abby chuckled from behind him, pushing her tits and erect nipples against his back, “don't get too greedy...I'm perfectly happy to share him...cock and cum and all...but wait until playtime. Give us a chance to digest dinner.”

Celia stood and grinned at them both before turning and walking away. Before they could do anything else, Lucy stepped up between them, placing one hand on Ted's cock and the other on one of Abby's tits.

Why don't we finish the tour and then we can meet everyone else in the playroom at 8:00,” she murmured softly, turning to give each of them a tender kiss on the cheek.

Sounds good to me,” Abby responded instantly, “but that's not for another hour and a half.”

Yeah...I know,” Lucy grinned wickedly, “and if we start now, we just might just be able to join the others on time.”

Abby and Lucy laughed, leading him down yet another different hallway.

This is the guest bedroom wing,” Lucy explained when they turned down yet another ornate hallway. “I stay here with my kids.”

How many bedrooms are there,” Ted asked in wonder, starting to realize this house was a lot bigger than he imagined when he first arrived.

Six in this wing, each with its own bath,” Lucy continued, smiling slyly, “but we only need one...the king sized bed right...for us.”

Us?” Ted asked in confusion.

Abby giggled and after a second Lucy did as well.

I told you, I stay in this wing with my our our king sized bed...the three of us...together...the one we all share with Frankie when he's home. He and I both fuck my kids along with everyone else in this family.”

Ted stood staring at them both, his cock stiffening completely in Abby's hand. Lucy leaned over and rammed her tongue into his mouth.

Before they could do anything else, a loud groan caught their attention. Abby turned and pushed a slightly ajar door behind her open and stepped aside for Ted and Lucy to see.

Antonio sat on the bed, leaning back on his arms, his eyes closed, moaning lowly. Jason knelt between his grandfather's thighs, stroking his small but now rigid cock while eagerly licking his balls and asshole.

Ted gasped in surprise, having never seen one man suck another before in person. His cock throbbed even more. Abby grinned and squeezed him a little tighter when she noticed.

Well I suppose that's one way to get out of doing the dishes,” Lucy chuckled, cupping both of her own tits and strumming the stiff nipples with her thumbs, “and god knows I get so fucking turned on watching two guys suck each other, especially when one of them is my own son.”

Antonio let out a particularly loud groan and flopped on to his back. Jason bobbed his head up and down on his grandfather's cock faster and faster until, with one final yelp, Antonio shot his load of cum into the teenager's mouth. By then, Lucy was furiously rubbing her pussy with one hand and viciously pulling on a nipple with the other.

You know, Auntie Lucy,” Abby smirked, turned and pulled Ted into the next nearest bedroom, “since I already gave Ted a blow job, I guess it's your turn next. Where do you want him to cum inside you the first time?”

I want to ride his cock while you sit on his we can both kiss and cum while he shoots his jism into my cunt,” Lucy gasped, throwing herself down on the bed still fingering her now dripping wet pussy.

Abby gently pushed Ted down next to her aunt and crawled up beside him while Lucy straddled his hips. Abby reached down to hold his dick straight up until her aunt settled all the way down onto him and began rocking back and forth slowly.

Ted gasped lowly until Abby slid down on him, muffling his groans with her pungent pussy. Both of them were already cumming on his cock and face while they kissed passionately when his jism exploded into Lucy's cunt.

Abby lead Ted down yet another hall into a large, dimly illuminated room. She stopped at a wet bar near the door and poured them each a glass of wine before directing him to one of the sofas nestled along three walls. The center of the room was filled with what looked like a very large thickly padded mat on which Joey was enthusiastically fucking Olivia from behind while she sucked Vinnie's little cock.

Ted and Abby sat down and she immediately took his dick in her hand, placed one of his hands on her soft tit and leaned over to kiss him passionately. Even though he had cum in Lucy's pussy a short time before, Ted felt the unmistakable twinge of a growing orgasm deep in his balls.

This is the playroom Lucy mentioned,” Abby murmured into his ear after breaking off the kiss. “Most of the family gets together here every evening and any and every possible combination. As our guest, you are free to do whatever you want...with anyone you want. The only rule is don't do anything to another that still hurts in the morning...unless you like that sort of thing and both agree, of course.”

I feel like I've wandered into an alternative universe,” he murmured softly, twirling Abby's stiff nipple in his fingers, “a universe that I didn't imagine even existed in my wildest dreams.”

Want to escape?” she asked gleefully, flicking her tongue deeper into his ear and squeezing his balls tenderly. “No one here will tie you down to make you stay...unless you want them too, of course.”

Ted turned his head and looked at her intently, confusion, indecision and lust all flickering through his eyes and across his face. After a moment, he slipped his hand down between Abby's legs. She accommodatingly spread her thighs, giving him ready access to her slick warm cunt.

I think I'll stay for a while,” he gasped, his sticky fingers sliding into her pussy even as his own dick stiffened yet again in her hand.

Then we're going to fuck you into next week...all of us,” she cooed into his ear, sliding down to take his growing cock into her mouth.

At that moment, a loud shriek drew their attention to the mat in the middle of the room. Joey was furiously ramming his cock in and out of Abby's mother's pussy from behind and slapping her ass hard after every other thrust as she screamed loudly.


My god, he's hurting her,” Ted exclaimed, snapping his head toward Olivia and Joey.

Abby pulled his dick out of her mouth, sat up and began laughing uproariously, tears streaming down her cheeks.

What's so funny? Shouldn't we do something to help?” he asked with growing concern.

It took a few moments for Abby to gather herself. Her mother continued screeching and Joey kept vigorously fucking and slapping her the entire time. don't...understand any you?” she finally managed to spit out between continuing bouts of laughter.

Not a word,” he replied still squirming around with his eyes locked on Olivia and Joey.

Let me enlighten you then,” Abby murmured, taking a few deep breathes to control her laughter. My mother said....

'Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me...don't stop...fuck me harder...fuck me deeper...more...more...more!'

....You might need to learn a few words and phrases if you're going to hang out around here.”

Ted just looked at her in stunned disbelief, even as Abby started to giggle again.

And I'll tell you something else,” she chuckled, squeezing his balls and nipping his ear lobe with her teeth, “My mother is very...uh...shall we to mention loud...when she cums. Uncle Joey has the smallest dick of all the men around here today. I can hardly wait to see...and listen to...her when she takes your beautiful cock deep into her pussy.”

Olivia collapsed down on the mat moaning softly. Joey pulled is dick out of her cunt on a veritable river of his own cum and her pussy juices and rolled to the side, both of them breathing heavily and smiling happily.

While this was going on, the rest of the family drifted into the playroom. Vinnie still lay at Olivia's head on the mat, his sticky cum sprayed cross his heaving belly. Across from Ted and Abby, Lucy had backed on to Antonio's cock, taking him deep in her cunt while leaning forward to suck her son's dick.

Ted caught a flash of motion in the corner of his eye, turning his head to see Karen and Celia walking hand in hand toward him and Abby. Celia marched right up to them and, without a word, dropped to her knees between Abby's thighs, using her tongue to split the puffy folds of Abby's pussy.

Abby tensed and pulled back from kissing Ted, giving him a clear view of her aunt licking her pussy and sliding two fingers in and out of her cunt. His astonishment was surpassed only by his arousal.

She really is very good at that,” Karen said softly from his side, surprising him and momentary drawing his attention away from watching Celia lick Abby's pussy, “and Grandpa says she's the best cock sucker of us all too.”

The nineteen year old girl stood at his side, gently cupping both of her small tits in her hands. She looked at his cock intently as Abby kept stroking him even as she moaned on Celia's face.

Then Karen stepped around to stand between his thighs, the outside of her knees pressing against the inside of his half way from his knee to his now throbbing rock hard cock. Her legs were spread enough he could clearly see the way the ragged edges of her hairless pussy lips gaped open. She licked her lips hungrily when a droplet of precum bubbled to the tip of his cock.

You know, I haven't fucked a cock as big as yours...ever...even at college...not yet anyway,” the teenager cooed, dropping one hand to her cunt and rubbing herself right in front of his face, “and I bet it's been a really long, long time since you fucked someone as young and tight as me.”

I...I'm old be your...grandfather,” he exclaimed haltingly, even as his eyes locked on the finger rubbing her pussy just inches from his face.

So? Grandpa already fucked me this morning and probably will again before we sleep tonight,” Karen laughed brightly, “so did Jason and Uncle Joey and Vinnie, but right now, I want to feel your much bigger cock inside me...filling me.”

She slid closer to Ted until his cock touched the inside of her leg. She turned her attention to Abby for a moment.

It is OK for me to fuck him isn't it, Abby?” Karen asked seductively, reaching down to place her hand on Ted's dick along with Abby's.

Abby looked up, a dreamy grin on her face and barely nodded her head. Then she tensed, her back arched and she writhed wildly, cumming explosively on Celia's face.

I think that was a yes,” Karen giggled, adjusting her stance over Ted so her legs were both on the outside of his.

Holding his dick upright, the nineteen year old girl slowly squatted until she could brush the tip of his cock back and forth between her barely ragged pussy lips. She stopped long enough to position him directly at her moist hole, feeling his cock twitch before slowly lowering her hips until Ted was buried as deep as he could go in her young, snug cunt.

Ted gasped, not believing what he was doing or how warm and tight Karen's pussy felt engulfing his dick. She didn't move at first, just looked directly at him and pulled his hands up so they covered both of her small conical tits, the hard points of her nipples pressing firmly against his palms.

When's the last time you fucked a teenager, Ted?” she cooed, beginning to grind her hips around in a circle before raising herself up until his cock almost slipped out of her before she slowly lowered herself again.

Not since I was around your age myself,” he gasped, gritting his teeth as another orgasm built in his balls, “in the back seat of my father's car.”

Geez, I never fucked anybody in a car yet,” she cooed, riding him just a little faster as he pinched her tiny tits, “maybe you will take me for a ride sometime. Would you like that, Ted, taking a teenage girl for a ride and fucking her in the back seat of your car, just like when you were my age? I bet my Mom would think that's so fucking hot...want to go along to watch...then fuck you the back seat. ”

Ted grimaced as he tried to keep from cumming inside Karen's cunt. She was so wet and warm and tight, fitting around his cock like the finest of soft leather gloves.

Don't hold back...Ted,” she whispered huskily, clamping her cunt even tighter around his dick and riding him faster as if reading his mind. “you're going to cum inside my pussy, filling my tight warm cunt with your creamy seed, aren't you...Ted? I want you to do that...Ted. I want to feel your cum exploding in my pussy and dripping out down my legs after you fuck me...Ted...after you fuck me like a two bit teenage whore...Ted...a teen slut you can cum in anywhere you want...Ted...maybe next time in my mouth...Ted...or my ass...Ted. Want to fuck my tight little asshole...hard and deep...Ted?”

As she talked, Karen continued riding his dick harder and faster. Ted was on the verge of exploding in her young cunt. He looked down to see a creamy foam of her juices forming on the edges of her pussy hole. When she let out a loud groan, that was more than enough. He really thought he did see stars as he pumped his sperm deep into the teenager's cunt.

Karen screeched her own orgasm, flailing wildly even after Ted stopped cumming inside her. Then she slumped down, resting her head on his shoulder. After a moment, she sat back up straight, his deflating cock still inside her pussy, grinned, gave him a quick kiss on the lips and stood up. A steady stream of his cum and her pussy juices dribbled down the inside of her thighs.

And I meant what I said, Ted,” she whispered in his ear before rolling to slide into the seat next to him, “I'd really love a ride in your and for you to fuck me in my ass next time...deep in my even tighter asshole.”

Celia looked up from between Abby's thighs, grinned at Ted and moved over to start licking his cum from Karen's cunt. In less that a minute, the teenager was writhing around, pulling on her tits and groaning loudly, squirting even more of her juices and the remainder of Ted's semen on to her aunt's face and into her mouth.

Ted slumped back and just halfheartedly watched the teenager flail and shriek on the older woman's face. When Karen could cum no longer, she changed places with her aunt and soon had Celia screeching loudly while thrashing about uncontrollably.

I need a break,” Abby cooed softly into his ear while tenderly fondling his soft shaft.

Yeah, me too,” he responded, turning and leaning forward enough to lightly kiss her left nipple.

Abby pulled him close and ran a hand down his back to swirl a fingertip in his asshole.

Keep that up and I'll have to fuck you into the week after next,” she moaned lowly.

He mumbled something she couldn't make out into her tit but didn't pull away when she pressed her finger a bit more firmly against his tight anus.

They got up and walked hand in hand back to the wet bar to refresh their drinks, stopping once or twice to watch some of the others in various combinations on the mat. Lucy and Jason were already standing at the bar chatting quietly when they arrived.

So, Ted, how do you like our family's hospitality so far?” Lucy giggled, reaching over to gently cup his cock and balls in one hand when they approached.

I'm in a daze and completely at a loss,” he replied, tenderly tweaking her right nipple, “but I do think it's something that could grow on me.”

Lucy smiled at him and at the same time reached over and took her son's half hard cock in her hand. She tugged both of them gently until they stood closer, the tips of both their dicks lightly touching each other.

Jason just grinned widely while Ted looked up in surprise. He flinched and unintentionally pressed his hips forward a little when Abby pressed her fingertip a little harder against his asshole. He also hardened unexpectedly when Lucy slowly rubbed the tip of his dick against her son's.

So far you have gotten but a small taste of,” she murmured, squeezing his dick as it stiffened noticeably in her fingers, “we have so very much more to show you...and to share with you...all of us.”

With that, she turned and rammed her tongue into her son's mouth, the two of them kissing passionately while she never let go of either of their hardening dicks. As she finished the kiss, two droplets of precum bubbled from Jason's cock on to the tip of Ted's.

Oh excuse me,” the young man said with an impish grin, “I didn't mean to do that quite yet.”

Without a word, he dropped to his knees and licked the droplet of his own cum from the head of Ted's dick. Ted froze in surprise, having never before been touched in such a way by another man.

Ohh...that's,” Abby moaned, pressing her tits against Ted's arm and side and flicking her tongue into his ear.

Jason looked up, locking his eyes on Ted's, smiled weakly then wrapped his lips around the throbbing head of Ted's cock. Ted gasped, the teenage boy's warm wet mouth easily sliding down the length of his shaft, as silky as his twin sister's slick cunt.

Fuck yeah!” Lucy exclaimed, pressing her body hard against Ted and jamming her tongue into his other ear.

Ted groaned as Jason noisily bobbed up and down on his cock a little faster. He grabbed both Abby and Lucy's asses, pulling them even tighter against his sides. Lucy took his hand and brought it around so he could finger her wet pussy as both women moaned into his ears at the same time. fucking hot....”

....makes my pussy drip....”

....fuck his mouth....”

....getting him so hard....”

....don't cum yet, Ted....” pussy, oh god....”


...I'm so wet....”

....fuck his mouth harder....”

....I need that cock....”

...fuck her...yes...fuck her....” me, deep in me....”

Abby grabbed Ted's head, pulling his face to hers and ramming her tongue into his mouth. His cock popped out out the boy's mouth with some of Jason's spittle drooling toward the floor.

Without breaking off the kiss, Abby took two steps backwards and tumbled on to the mat with him on top of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles behind him and pulled him to her.

Ted's cock was as hard as he had ever been as he thrashed against her crotch and belly, ineffectually seeking her pussy hole. He felt a hand firmly grasp the base of his cock, slowly directing him into Abby's cunt until he slipped as deep as he could into her, encased with her warm, wet and incredibly tight pussy.

Before losing himself entirely to that welcoming cunt, Ted glanced over to see Lucy remove her hand, smile at him wickedly then get on her hands and knees close enough to Abby to lean forward to kiss Abby passionately. Jason crawled up behind his mother, grinning devilishly at Ted and roughly slammed his rigid cock into his mother's cunt.

As Abby writhed and thrashed wildly, Ted bent forward enough to take one of her stiff nipples into his mouth. Abby howled as he bit down and pulled his head back.


As he jerked his head to the side, the faint coppery taste of blood in his mouth, combined with Abby's screaming pleas for more, drove him into a total frenzy, losing all sense of anything but the warm wet cunt sucking his cum from him. He rammed his cock in and out of her as hard and as fast as he could, knowing in that moment that filling her pussy with his sperm was the only point of his life.

Even as the last spurts of his semen poured into Abby's cunt, she continued to writhe and moan and thrash against him, keeping his deflating dick trapped inside her until, with one final gasp, she slumped back breathing raggedly.

Ted just lay on top of her for a moment, before crawling up over her body to kiss her tenderly. They lay there for a few more minutes before even realizing others were around them.

Bravo, mio amico,” he heard Antonio say softly from somewhere above him, “how do you do you say...le mie bambine dolce, fica stretta?

Very good question, Papa,” Abby laughed and turned to Ted, brushing her hand over his chest before flicking her tongue into his ear. “How did you like being inside sweet, tight my father so delicately says...for the very first time?

With Antonio hulking directly over him, Ted glanced back and forth from Abby to her father, wondering just how pleased the very large man was seeing him fuck his daughter. He quickly decided Antonio's beaming smile was a sign of approval.

Ted propped himself up on one elbow, then leaned over to give her a soft, open mouthed kiss. At the same time, he slid a hand down between her legs. Abby groaned lowly and agreeably spread her thighs, giving him easy access to her warm pussy and his own sticky cum leaking out of her.

Antonio beamed.

Nicest...sweetest....tightest cunt I've had the pleasure to stick my cock into in months,” he murmured lowly, sliding three fingers into her and quickly finding her rough, spongy g-spot.

Abby gasped and thrashed her hips, engulfing his hand as her juices spurted on to his arm.

Così buono...così fottutamente meraviglioso...che la mia bimba sia sborra e sborra!” Antonio shouted out gleefully above them.

Oh yes, Papa...sì...sì...Sto sborrando ... Sto sborrando...I'm cumming...I'M CUMMING!” Abby screamed, a veritable fountain of her pussy juices gushing from her cunt until she flopped back on the mat with her eyes closed breathing raggedly.

Bello ... così bello!” Antonio exclaimed happily.

Ted looked up just in time to see four creamy spurts of Antonio's cum erupt from the tip of Antonio's small hard cock to splatter on his daughter's already soaking wet pussy hair. She grinned happily and blew him a kiss before he turned and walked away.


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