Holiday Dinner (Part 3)

Holiday Dinner
(Part 3)

Ted and Abby lay cuddled together, both too spent to do much more than listen to the groans and cries and occasional shriek from around them. Finally, as things seemed to be quieting down for the night, Ted sat up, looking down at her dreamily.

I really should get going,” he murmured while idly circling her left nipple with a fingertip.

Why,” she immediately responded, sitting up and taking his dick into her hand.

Well, it's getting late and I'm tired and....”

So?” she interrupted him, sliding her hand down to cup his balls and give them a not so gentle tug.

It's just that....”

Got some big plans for tomorrow?” she cooed, leaning over to lick one of his nipples before taking it in her teeth and biting down lightly. exactly....”

A hot date maybe?” shifting to her knees between his legs, her tongue drifting down to the base of his still soft cock.

Nothing like....”

Perhaps one of those dumb bottle blondes with fake tits and shaved pussies in the Intro class, fucking their way through school until they can latch on to a guy who'll make a lot of money?” she murmured, slowly licking the length of his shaft and swirling her tongue around the tip of his flaccid cock. “I bet every one of them would suck and fuck you just for a no other work passing grade.”

I never....”

Maybe one of those pretty boys I see eyeing your crotch while not so secretly rubbing their own hard dicks through their pants?” she hissed, sliding a finger back to swirl around his asshole.

Of course not....”

So I ask again, Ted,” wrapping her lips around the head of his dick and pressing her finger firmly against his asshole, “why exactly do you want to leave? You have nothing in particular to do the rest of the weekend. There are mouths and tongues here that will gladly lick and suck you anyway and anywhere you want, hands to touch you all over and jerk you off to your heart's content and assholes as well as willing pussies just waiting for your cock.”

He moaned softly, not believing his dick was again getting hard, maybe more because of what she was saying than the way her tongue swirled around his little head or that finger pressed deeper into his ass. Over her shoulder, Uncle Joey came up behind her, dropped to his knees, spread her ass cheeks with both hands and hungrily began licking Abby's asshole and pussy slit.

Lucy and Vinnie knelt down on either side of his head, leaning over him to share a passionate kiss, her pungent pussy and his small rigid dick both dangling just inches from his mouth. When he reached up to slip a finger into Lucy's cunt, she looked down, grinned and took his other hand and firmly placed it on Vinnie's throbbing cock.

When he didn't immediately remove that hand, or even feel the desire to do so, he knew he was hooked. Abby moaned softly, bobbing her head up and down on his now stiff again cock while thrusting her hips back against her uncle's face.

Ted turned his head and took Vinnie's cock into his mouth, surprised by both how natural that felt and how much he savored the warm musky cum that soon shot down his throat.

I take it you decided to stay,” Abby giggled, crawling up next to him and sharing the cum he shot into her mouth, and that Vinnie shot into his, in a passionate kiss. made me an offer I couldn't refuse,” he grinned, feeling some of his own semen dribbling down his chin.

My family's really good at that,” she laughed, getting to her feet and extending a hand to help him rise, “let's go take a shower and maybe get a little sleep. I think you need to rest at least an hour or two before I fuck you again.”

Oh and you don't need some sleep?”

The absolutely wicked grin that spread across her face told him that just maybe she didn't...or wouldn't.

Abby lead him out a different door, past her mother being vigorously fucked from behind by young Jason. Olivia smiled at them and even blew them a kiss as Jason loudly grunted his cum into her dripping cunt.

They walked through a short hallway, the walls on both sides covered with sex toys of all sorts hanging from hooks. Ted just stopped and stared for a moment.

See anything that strikes your fancy?” Abby giggled again, reaching for a leather harness holding two realistic looking fake cocks. “This is one of my favorites. It has the advantage of vibrating at both ends...both inside my pussy and the ass or cunt I'm the same time. Interested?”

Ted gulped and looked around hesitantly.

I think I'll pass,” he croaked.

He didn't even recognize half of the things on display and wasn't at all sure he wanted to find out about some of them. Tabi put the thing in her hand back, took his arm and lead him from the room.

No need to concern yourself with such things tonight,” she laughed pulling him down yet another unfamiliar corridor, “after all we do have the rest of the weekend if things get a”

After two more hallways and a flight of stairs, she lead him into a massive, darkened bedroom featuring an enormous king sized bed. He could vaguely make out the lowly lit backyard landscape through the floor to ceiling windows comprising one wall.

My room...bathroom over there,” she announced proudly, pointing to a partially closed door on one side wall, “and, most importantly, Papa and Mama's room over here.”

Through an open double door leading into another, even larger, bedroom. Ted could see Antonio sprawled on his back with Karen on top of him, languorously riding his cock. When she spotted them, the teenager smiled brightly and waved before turning back to her grandfather and riding his dick a little faster.

Ted turned to Abby, confusion playing across his face and completely at a loss for words. She just giggled again, poured them yet another glass of wine from a carafe on a side table and sat down on the edge of her own bed grinning impishly.

This is the Family Floor,” she explained after taking a deep drink of her wine. “My parents' suite is in the middle and my brother Nick's old room is on the other side. As you can see, there's ready access to both...been that way since Papa built this place before I was even born.”

The rooms are...connected?” he gasped in disbelief.

Sure, makes it a lot easier to go back and forth...and we do that a lot. There's yet another bedroom on both the other side of mine and Nick's. My brother's old suite of rooms is empty this weekend since he and his family couldn't make it this time. That's them in the picture on my dresser.”

Ted walked over and picked up a framed picture, a typical family pose standing in the surf at a beach somewhere...totally nude, of course. Nick was clearly his father's son, the same general physique and small cock. He stood with one arm around a much shorter red haired, heavily freckled woman with small tits capped with pink nipples and a thick bush of flaming red hair. On either side of them stood a boy and a girl perhaps eleven or twelve. Ted looked up questioningly at Abby as she smiled coyly and sipped her wine.

That was taken last summer at the island...a beach resort the family...uh...likes,” she explained.

Ted looked at the picture carefully, feeling a twinge in his groin as he was able to make out the barely protruding pink nipples of the young girl and the way her pussy mound, and the slit between her legs, seemed even more pronounced without any hair. He didn't have a daughter, or any sisters for that matter, so had no personal experience with a naked prepubescent girl. Then again he could barely even remember when his own dick was the size of his thumb like the young boy's bare uncut cock in the picture.

Nice family,” he said tentatively, “but she doesn't look Italian.”

His comment caught Abby in mid sip. She sputtered, spitting wine all over her legs as she laughed hysterically. Ted just stood there dumbfounded, looking at her until she composed herself a couple of minutes later.'s not...Italian,” Abby managed to say before breaking into another fit of giggling.

Ted took a deep drink of his own wine and sat down next to her, waiting patiently for her to continue. It took another few moments for the giggling to stop.

Sorry,” she finally managed to gasp, “you just surprised me with the question. It's kind of a long story...and Papa was so fucking mad.”

She got up, poured them some more wine and sat back down next to him, absentmindedly placing her hand on his thigh just below his cock. She took another long sip before continuing.

The long and short of it, her name is Colleen and your right, she's not Italian...she's Irish. Anyway, Nick's about ten years older than me. After finishing college the summer before going to work in the family business, Papa sent him to Sicily to find a good Italian girl to marry. Basically, through a bunch of Papa's connections, he was supposed to fuck his way around the island until settling on one girl, bring her home and marry her...simple...a time tested process. So Nick flies to Dublin instead, figuring if he can fuck his way around Sicily, he might as well fuck his way to Sicily. He met Colleen in the second pub he visited, she fucked his brains out that night and he never did make it to Sicily.”

Abby stopped to take another deep drink.

Papa was so pissed. Nick fucked up all sorts of his deals and commitments. Nick knew Papa would blow his stack so he both married her and got her pregnant before coming home. That, and the fact she apparently gave Papa an astoundingly good blow job the very first time she met him, settled the story. The twins, Nick junior and Nicole, are the result. They turned eleven last spring.”

Before Ted could say a word, they heard a loud grunt coming from the other room. Karen leaned forward and kissed her grandfather lightly on the lips then climbed off him. Antonio lay breathing heavily with his eyes closed as the teenager turned and walked toward Abby and Ted, several sticky strings of semen leaking from between her legs to coat her inner thighs or drip to the floor.

I told you Poppy would fuck me one more time tonight,” she grinned at Ted after pouring herself a glass of wine and sitting down next to him opposite Abby.

Like to stay with us tonight?” Abby asked her cousin with another giggle, reaching across Ted's body to tweak one of the teenager's puffy tits. “I'm pretty sure Ted here wouldn't mind both of us in bed with him, would you Ted?”

Karen took a deep drink of the wine before turning to reply, a wicked grin blossoming on her face. She reached down and gently fondled his dick while leaning forward to share a tongue lashing kiss with Abby.

A very tempting offer,” she answered, finishing her wine in a single gulp and squeezing Ted's dick a little tighter, “but I did promise Mom I'd spend the night with her and whoever else she wants tonight...but I'll happily take a rain check...with or without our new friend.”

Abby smiled happily and kissed the teenager again. Then Karen rose and left the room, leaving behind a small sticky stain of spent cum and pussy juices on the bed next to Ted. After a moment, Abby finished her own wine, stood and wordlessly lead him into the largest bathroom he'd ever seen and then into a semi circular walk in shower big enough to hold a half dozen people easily.

They took their time soaping each other. By the time she dried him off, his dick was again stiff. Abby took him back to the bed, laid down with her thighs spread wide, her warm, wet, welcoming cunt engulfing his cock, slowly, sensually, lovingly sucking his sperm into the deepest reaches of her pussy.

Can I ask you something...uh...kinda personal?” Ted murmured softly, his arm around Abby's shoulder as she nuzzled in against his chest.

Gee, I don't know,” she exclaimed in mock horror, giggled and reached for his cock, “I wouldn't want to get too personal here and give away any of my deep, dark secrets.”

Oh no, we wouldn't want to do anything like that,” Ted laughed and pinched her nipple, “but seriously, I do have a question.”

I suppose so, after all you have fucked me a couple of times...and I have given you one blow far. Fire away.”

Well, you told me about your father trying to arrange a marriage for your brother. Did he do the same for you?”

Of course, starting right after I finished high school. I went along with the joke for a while, figuring it was a really easy way to get laid by a bunch of new guys, since up until then I was only allowed to fuck family members,” she grinned and twirled the soft tip of his cock in here fingers. “The thing was, I really wanted to go to college and none of them did anything for me anyway that I couldn't already do way better with my own fingers.”

So what did your father say?”

Oh, he was really pissed, especially after the first five or six guys. He hadn't intended those introductions to simply be a summer long fuck fest for me. Apparently he had all sorts of deals and promises made to other...uh...families. But I straightened him out quickly enough.”

How so?” Ted asked, figuring it was not a very good idea to piss off Antonio.

I told him if he made me marry one of those jerks, I'd bite off his left nut and stuff it down his throat,” she giggled again, “then bite off his right nut and stuff it up his ass...while giving him a blow job of course.”

Of course,” Ted chuckled, “how else would any loving teenage daughter give her father such a perfectly reasonable ultimatum. So what did he say to that?”

He ultimately agreed with me and promised not to make me do anything I didn't want to do,” she replied, squeezing his dick and flicking the tip of her tongue in his ear. “He also told me that was a pretty good idea and he might have Vinnie try some variation sometime when he needed to...uh...make a point with someone.”

They were interrupted by Joey, Olivia and Celia noisily entering the other bedroom. The three of them stopped at the foot of the bed, chatting loudly while occasionally bursting into laughter. Ted didn't need to understand any Italian to know they were making rude and crude comments about the passed out Antonio.

After a few minutes, Joey turned and kissed his wife passionately, gave her a sharp slap on the ass and lead Antonio's wife away toward the other bedroom. Celia watched them go, looked down one more time at the sleeping Antonio and turned to start walking toward Abby and Ted, a wicked grin on her face.

Oh you're in for such a treat,” Abby murmured, sitting up to give Celia a warm hug when her aunt crawled on the bed. “Papa says she absolutely gives the best blow jobs of any of us.”

Celia very deliberately fondled Abby's tits while keeping her eyes locked on Ted. She smiled impishly seeing his cock twitch. After giving Abby another deep passionate kiss, she turned to him. Without a word, she wrapped her hand around his swelling dick.

Her English is not very good,” Abby cooed, leaning back against the headboard of the bed, spreading her thighs wide and slowly swirling a fingertip around her protruding clit, “but then I don't suppose you expect her to talk much with your dick in her mouth.”

Ted looked back and forth at them a few times, sighed and reached to tweak the dark nipple on Celia's droopy right tit. Her grin widened before she bent forward and flicked her tongue across the head of his dick.

He stiffened, a sudden rush of pleasure surging through his body. Celia was doing things to his dick with her mouth and tongue that Ted didn't even know were possible. When he groaned sharply, Celia looked up at him, obviously smiling with her eyes and extended a palm up hand to Abby.

Rolling to her side, Abby reached into a beside nightstand and fished out a small bottle of lube. She squirted some into Celia's waiting hand then leaned back fingering her own cunt even more vigorously than before.

Without taking his dick out of her mouth, Celia slipped her hand down beneath Ted's ass and smeared his asshole with the lube. Then she slowly pushed a finger into his anus so deftly he barely noticed until her fingertip found his rock hard prostate.

He gasped.

A totally unfamiliar and overwhelming wave of pleasure coursed through his body, engulfing every cell from his head to the tip of his toes. He writhed uncontrollably, losing any sense of awareness except for Celia's silky mouth and that finger scratching an itch he never before knew he had.

Celia was relentless, bringing him to the very verge of a massive orgasm several times before pulling back then taking him back to the edge. He didn't even realize it was his own voice frantically begging her to let him cum until his sticky jism was flooding into her mouth.

Ted blinked awake, taking a moment to remember where he was. Even in just the dim light coming from the nightlight in the bathroom, he could make out Abby's dark nipples topping her pancaked tits gently rising and falling with every breath. He took a couple of deep breathes, letting a jumble of conflicting emotions and thoughts dance through his head. Abby stirred, rolling toward him, her arm flopping across his chest

He realized he urgently needed to piss. As gently as possible, he lifted her arm and tried to slide out from beneath her.

Going somewhere?” she murmured softly.

I need to pee.”

Even in the low light he could see the way her eyes gleamed when they fluttered open and she sat up.

Oh good,” she smiled and gently pinched his half hard cock, “so do I.”

Abby followed him into her bathroom, gently taking his arm and directing him away from the toilet to the huge shower.

This way,” she cooed, leading him into the shower and sitting down on the large bench along one wall, pulling him close to stand between her splayed legs and looking up expectantly.

Whenever you're ready,” she grinned before flicking her tongue across the tip of his dick.

What are you doing...I really need to piss.” he objected.

Yeah, so do I...but you go first...all over me,” she replied, her lips softly encasing his cock head, “or in my mouth to start if you prefer.”

You're joking...right?”

Oh no, not at all. If you were hard, I'd have you fuck me then stay inside until you fill my pussy with your warm piss.” she cooed cheerfully. “We can do that in the morning.”

Ted just stood there stunned. Abby tenderly cupped his balls and looked up at him, waiting patiently as the pressure in his bladder grew.

I want this Ted...almost as much as I wanted to suck your dick or feel your cock and cum inside my pussy,” she pleaded huskily, taking his dick out of her mouth but keeping it pointed right at her face and pulling him even closer.

I...I've never...,” he stuttered.

Seems like there's lots of things you've never done before today,” she smiled sweetly, pulling her knees up so her heels rested on the seat, her thighs splayed wide and her pussy slit gaping, “but if you don't start soon, I'm going to piss all over you first, because I really, really got to go.”

Ted looked down as she smiled up at him. After only a brief moment, a stream of her piss gushed out from between her legs and splattered on his thighs. Abby sighed dreamily as her warm urine dripped down his legs to pool around his feet. When she finished with a few final drops dibbling through her cunt hair, she pulled his cock close enough to rub the tip back and forth across her lips and cheeks.

Your turn,” she croaked lowly, “all over me...please...please.”

He couldn't believe what she was asking but was unable to pull away...and his bladder was about to explode. Without a thought, he started to piss, the first spurts splashing on her lips and cheeks. Then Abby began waving his cock around like a garden hose, directing his stream all over her face and tits and finally down to flood through her gaping pussy slit.

She pulled back the hood covering her clit, aiming the last of his flow directly on to that sensitive nub. When he finished, she leaned forward and slurped up the last few drops on her tongue before taking the entire head of his dick into her mouth.

Yum,” she exclaimed taking his dick out of her mouth and looking up at him, “we're going to have to do a lot more of that, but only after we get some rest.”

With that, she stood and turned on the shower heads all around them. They washed and dried each other off before cuddling close together and quickly drifting off to sleep.

The next thing Ted knew, the bed was moving beside him even though Abby snored softly on his other side. He blinked his eyes open to see Abby's mother smiling down at him, her large tits swaying gently right above his face. As she grinned gleefully at him, she also reached over to wrap her hand around his stiffening dick.

Ted groaned.

When she bent forward to take his cock into her mouth, he reached up between her legs. Her ragged pussy lips and a protruding clit dangled down to his fingers, her thick bush moist and sticky with her juices and crusted with the cum he guessed was Joey's, since he was apparently the man in the house who fucked her last.

She didn't utter a word.

Her mouth was silky smooth bobbing up and down on his ever hardening dick. Ted moaned lowly, the gusher of cum building in his balls quickly readying to erupt into her mouth and down the throat that seemed to take every inch of him as deep as he could possibly go.

On the crest of an incredible orgasmic wave, he did just that, his cum exploding into Olivia's mouth. She gagged and sputtered slightly, but kept his cock in her mouth until the very last drop of his jism squirted out and he visibly deflated. Then she looked up at him with a broad grin, wiped a few droplets dripping from her lips with the back of her hand, got off the bed and walked away without ever saying a word.

My Mama's really good at that, isn't she?” Abby murmured softly from beside him.

Yeah...she really is,” Ted replied, still trying to catch his breath.

He rolled to face her, his eyes widening in surprise. Abby was laying with her legs spread wide open, one hand furiously rubbing her hairy cunt, the other holding one of her large tits to her face so she could suck her own nipple. Before he could say a word, she took the nipple from between her lips so she could speak.

Don't say or do anything,” she cooed huskily, her fingers flying over her clit and pussy slit even faster, “just watch, watch the way I like to pleasure myself, the way I've done every morning since before I first had tits or hair on my cunt, the way I've done for a very long time thinking about how your cock and your cum would feel in me, in my mouth and in my pussy and in my ass.”

Her hand moved a little faster, starting to make a wet, squishy sound as she took her other nipple into her mouth and tugged it sharply in her teeth. Ted could clearly see the way her juices were gushing out of her pussy, forming a frothy cream around her fingers and in her cunt hair.

Like watching me play with my pussy...Ted...touching myself just for you to see...Ted?” Abby gasped hoarsely, her thighs beginning to quiver as her fingers moved even faster. “I'm getting so close to cumming and when I do...Ted...I want you in me again...Ted...plunging in my pussy and filling me with your warm sticky cum...Ted...while I suck you off with my cunt.”

In fact, he did like it...a lot.

From the first time in the back seat of his father's car when they were only sixteen until two days before her sudden passing, his monogamous sex with his wife and lifelong companion had been...well...ordinary...mundane...routine. He'd never seen Alice masturbate. It had been years since his last blow job. Adventurous sex for a very long time meant Alice riding on top of him when they fucked.

Abby moaned and trembled all over. Despite cumming in her mother's mouth a short time before, Ted's cock was rock hard again. Abby opened her eyes and looked over at him while not missing a beat fingering her swollen clit.

I'm right there...Ted,” she croaked, “and as soon as I start cumming I need your cock in my pussy...fucking me...hard...deep...until every last drop of your cum is all the way inside me.”

She shivered again and let out a low, mournful wail, her back arching as her pussy juices sprayed all over.


Ted felt like he was climbing on a bucking bronco as he crawled between her legs and slipped his dick into her foaming pussy. He was amazed how tight she was, the way her cunt clamped around his cock, pulling, sucking him into her as deep as he could go.

Abby wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him into her even harder when she locked her ankles behind his back. Again, Ted's cum exploded into her as he thrashed about wildly until he was completely spent. Even then, she held his deflating cock in her pussy, continuing to writhe and moan and climax again and again.

At last she slowed, releasing her legs from around his waist. Ted rolled to her side, the both of them breathing raggedly for a moment before speaking.

You're hired,” she finally gasped and giggled while still staring at the ceiling.

Huh?” he grunted in response.

You're my new can wake me up like that every morning,” she grinned, rolling on her side and kissing him tenderly on the cheek.

It'd probably kill me if I did that,” he groaned, turning to look at her cheerfully grinning at him.

Don't be ridiculous,” she continued, giving his limp dick a playful squeeze, “nobody can be fucked to least I don't think so...unless you have a heart attack, I guess. In any case, you just need to get in better shape...and we have every intention that you do just that.”

With that she climbed off the bed and lead him into the shower to wash each other very thoroughly. She did lean against the wall with one foot on the bench and showed him how to finger her pussy exactly the way she liked until she squirted pussy juices all over him one more time.


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