Holiday Dinner (Part 4)

Holiday Dinner
(Part 4)

As Abby lead him from the bedroom, Ted realized he probably would not have easily found his way out of the house to his car the night before, let alone locate his clothes and car keys he left in the foyer at the front door. The house was a labyrinth of halls and rooms and he had no idea where he was in relation to that starting point.

How does you mother keep up with all...all this?” he asked Abby, expansively gesturing with an arm as they walked down yet another unfamiliar hall.

Oh, she doesn't take care of everything herself,” Abby answered with a bright smile, “Yolanda and her daughters do most of what needs to be done in the house and her husband Israel and their son take care of the outside.”

Yolanda? Israel?”

They've been with the family since my father built this place before I was born. Of course they didn't have the two girls and the boy then,” Abby giggled and gave him a tender pat on his ass. “They live in the apartment above the garages.”

Ted took about a dozen more steps before pulling up short, a sudden realization dawning on him.

Wait a minute, how come they weren't around here yesterday then?” he asked, I would think the hired help would take care of holiday dinner preparations.”

Don't be ridiculous,” Abby giggled, “they did help before you arrived and then went off to be at Yolanda's mother's for the holiday. Besides, my mother and Aunt Celia take special pride in preparing these big family meals.”

Ted accepted that and took a couple more steps before stopping again.

And I suppose they work in the nude,” he stated incredulously.

Of course, why would they wear clothes when we don't, other than when Israel and Jorge work outside the fence or when Yolanda goes to the store.”

Isn't that the hired help?”

Abby just stopped and stared at him in amusement for a moment before before starting to giggle again.

We most definitely you say...very familiar...with them...each and every one of us. They are a lot more to us than 'hired help'.” she laughed, giving his flaccid dick a gentle tug before turning and continuing down the hall.

She lead him into an airy atrium with three walls and the ceiling made of glass, overlooking the spacious and immaculately manicured inner courtyard of the house. A sidebar was filled with various fruits, breads, rolls and a large coffee urn.

Karen and Lucy sat sprawled on two low couches drinking coffee, talking quietly. Their legs were lazily splayed open and Ted could clearly see their puffy mounds and streaks of dried semen coursing down their inner thighs. Both smiled brightly and sat up when Ted and Abby entered.

I hope you slept well...or not much at all,” Lucy smirked, eyeing Ted's limp cock intently.

Is all that left over from last night?” Abby giggled and dragged her finger up through her aunt's still sticky pussy slit.

Naw, Vinnie fucked me before we got out of bed,” Lucy responded with an impish grin, “but I thought Jason licked most of it up.”

You're incorrigible,” Abby laughed shaking her head and walked over to get herself some coffee and a bagel.

Ted just shook his head at the exchange, wondering what he would think about all this when he woke up from what had to be an incredible dream. There was no way all that went on around him in the last day could be real. He joined Abby, getting himself some coffee and a glazed doughnut.

They were chatting amicably when Antonio walked in, flanked by Vinnie and Joey. The three of them looked even more dauntingly menacing dressed in business suits.

We have some business to conduct today,” her father told her, bending over to tenderly kiss Abby on the cheek while gently fondling one of her tits, “but we should be back before dinner.”

Of course, Papa, I'm sure we can manage to find something to keep us busy until you all return,” Abby chuckled, wrapping her hand around the back of his neck and giving him a deep, tongue lashing kiss

Even as she kissed her father, Abby's eyes focused on Ted, making it perfectly clear he was the something she, and probably Karen and Lucy at the minimum, had in mind to keep them busy. His dick throbbed and stiffened slightly as Antonio turned and loomed over him.

I will expect nothing but a most positive report when I return,” Antonio said softly standing over Ted, “and I am sure you will be most pleased with the rest of the hospitality my home and family offers you the remainder of the day.”

With that, Antonio turned on his heels and left the room, followed closely by Joey and Vinnie. Ted just stared after him, not exactly sure what had just happened.

Don't look so glum,” Karen whispered in his ear, coming up from behind and brushing her hands down over his chest toward his cock, “Poppy just gave you permission to play with us...all of whatever ways we want...the rest of the day.”

He turned to face the nineteen year old and when he did, she rammed her tongue into his mouth and wrapped her hand around his swelling dick. From the corner of his eye, he saw Abby brightly smiling her approval as she sipped her coffee and watched them.

Oh, Mom, did I tell you Ted wants to fuck me in the backseat of his car,” Karen exclaimed, moving from behind him to drop to her knees between his legs.

Is that right?” Lucy asked, stepping over to sit next to Ted, sipping her coffee as she watched her daughter start licking his now rigid cock and dangling balls. “Actually, that sounds kind of exciting. Maybe we could drive around and take turns fucking him in the backseat.”

Or make him watch us play with each other while he drives,” Abby chimed in with a laugh, “and flash passing drivers too.”

The three of them laughed heartily when Ted blushed. Abby came over and sat on his other side, gently squeezing him closer to Lucy while Karen happily continued to lick and suck his cock and balls.

So do tell, Ted, what other kinds of fun you want to try today?” Abby murmured into his ear, then sensually licked and nibbled on the lobe. “You heard my Papa, he'll want to hear all about everything we do today. The three of us, as well as Jason and my mother and Aunt Celia, are here for you...all every way.”

I...I...don't...,” Ted stammered, this dick stiffening in Karen's mouth and Abby and Lucy sensuously rubbing their hands all over his chest.

Well, tell me, Ted, what kind of porn do you like?” Lucy cooed, turning his face towards her to lick his lips with just the tip of her tongue. “What really turns you on when you jerk off? I'm sure we have some of your favorites or we can even try to do the same things.”

I got a better idea,” Karen piped up excitedly before he could say a word, taking her mouth off Ted's dick with a long string of her spittle stretching back to his balls, “why don't we make our own porn video. I'm sure Poppy will get a kick out of it and we can send it to Dad for him to watch and jerk off and share with his buddies on the ship.”

Hmm, I'm kinda liking that idea,” Lucy relied with a devilish smile while she reached down and cupped Ted's balls in one hand, “and I bet Frankie will go would the other guys on his ship.

Oh wow,” Abby gasped with a growing smile, “that's such a filthy idea...I love it!”

Karen grinned happily and stood up, letting Ted's cock drop between his legs and extending a hand to Abby and her mother. Ted just looked on in disbelief as the three women giggled together.

You're not serious...?” he started to say.

Sure, why not?” Lucy responded with a wicked laugh, “I think Frankie told me there's about three hundred crew members on his ship. So I'm guessing about a hundred or so of them might get to see any video we send him.”

Oh, Mom, that's so fucking hot...a hundred guys jerking off looking at us,” Karen exclaimed, reaching a hand down between her own legs to draw a finger up through her moist slit. “I'd love to be able to do it in person and watch them while they watch me.”

I bet a few of them might be women, might even help your father get laid or his cock sucked more than he is already,” Abby added.

With that, they all laughed again and began talking back and forth excitedly. A flash of movement from the doorway drew Ted's attention. He turned to see Jason walking into the room, talking animatedly with a naked young woman holding a large basket of fruit...a very pregnant looking girl no more than nineteen or twenty years old.

What's up?” Jason asked as he approached them while the girl walked to the table.

We're going to make a porno for Dad,” Karen replied enthusiastically, giving her brother's flaccid cock a quick squeeze, “and all his friends.”

Cool,” he responded, running his hand tenderly over his sister's ass while looking expectantly at his mother, “but have you decided how we're going to do it?”

Not yet, but we're going to go figure that out right now,” Lucy answered, dragging her fingernails the length of her son's now half hard dick, “and I'm sure we'll have a big role for you...and Ted too.”

Lucy turned and headed for the door, closely followed by Karen and Abby, the three of them giggling and chattering as they went. Ted just watched them leave, his still hard dick dangling between his legs where he was sitting. Jason stepped closer and sat down next to him, unabashedly gazing at Ted's cock.

They're serious, aren't they?” Ted asked, already knowing the answer.

Oh no doubt,” Jason replied, casually stroking his half hard cock and deliberately keeping his eyes locked on Ted's still stiff dick, not at all concerned the pregnant girl stood a few feet away watching them both. “Probably be a lot of fun too. You going to be in it too?”

No...I don't think so...,” Ted stammered looking toward the nineteen year old boy.

Oh, c'mon, it'll be lots of fun,” Jason insisted, leaning closer to place a hand on Ted's thigh.

Ted felt a surge of warmth shoot from the touch directly to his stiff, throbbing dick. He looked at the teenager's inviting smile and then down to see a droplet of precum leaking from both of their dicks. When he squirmed, Jason smiled even more brightly and gently wrapped his fingers around the throbbing head of Ted's cock.

I hope you don't mind if I finish what I started yesterday,” Jason murmured softly before lowering his head and flicking his tongue across the head of Ted's throbbing cock, “because I really want to taste your cum filling my mouth and feel it sliding down my throat.”

When Jason's lips engulfed his cock head, Ted gasped, wanting to pull away yet transfixed by the the growing prickling in his cock. With one hand, Jason gently squeezed Ted's balls while with the other he started steadily stroking his own rigid shaft.

Ted gasped again, not believing what was happening yet unable and unwilling to have Jason stop. The teenager was at least as good at sucking cock as his mother and the other women. Another orgasm was quickly building in Ted's balls.

Jason began bobbing up and down on Ted's dick even faster, moaning lowly. Ted's thighs began to quiver. He closed his eyes and grabbed the back of the teenager's head, thrusting his hips up hard, the tip of his cock slamming into the back of Jason's throat, followed by an eruption of his jism. Ted thrashed wildly until his cock started to deflate and slipped out of Jason's mouth. The boy sat grinning at him with a strings of cum mixed with spittle stretching from his chin.

Can I have a taste too?” an soft unfamiliar voice asked tentatively.

When he opened his eyes, Ted could see the pregnant teen standing a few feet in front of him, slowly licking her lips while staring at his deflated dick. She had one hand buried in the dark pussy hair mostly hidden beneath her extended belly. The other gently caressed one of her engorged breasts, with a steady stream of her milk dribbling over her fingers and dripping to the floor.

Oh, where are my manners?” Jason laughed looking up at the young woman before extending a hand to tenderly fondle her protruding stomach. “Ted, this is Carly, Yolanda's younger daughter and proud mother-to-be of my father's next child, at least that we know about. Carly, this is Abby's friend Ted.”

Carly stepped even closer, keeping her eyes on Ted's dick even as Jason slipped a hand up between her legs to finger her moist slit. She spread her thighs slightly, casually giving the teenage boy easier access to her dripping slit.,” Ted stammered, unable to take his eyes off the droplets of her mother's milk forming on one nipple and dribbling over her fingers of the other.

The girl just kept smiling weakly and staring at Ted's deflated dick. Jason pulled her down for a tongue lashing kiss, giving the girl a taste of Ted's cum still coating his tongue. As she leaned forward, her aroused nipples hung practically in Ted's face.

I'm afraid that will have to do for a taste for a little while,” Jason said softly after ending the kiss and licking a drop of her milk from one tit, “I think he'll need a little while to get hard again...but maybe you can give him a taste of yourself.”

Carly smiled brightly at that and looked expectantly at Ted, reaching over without hesitating to take his still limp dick in one hand.

What would you like to taste first, Ted...a drink of the sweet milk pouring from my tits or the tangy juices dripping from my pussy?” Carly asked provocatively, standing astride one of Ted's thighs, her milk dripping on to his chest and her pussy juices seeping over his leg.

Ted sat staring at her in wonderment for a moment. Carly leaned even closer, her sticky nipples brushing over his chest as she traced his lips with her tongue. With his cock again beginning to stir, Carly took one of Ted's hands and pulled it up between her legs, rubbing his fingers through her moist pussy hair to push the tips of two a short way into her now dripping hole.

Won' hurt...the baby?” he moaned, feeling her soft slick cunt walls tighten on his fingertips.

Oh no, not at all,” Carly giggled shyly, pressing her hips down on his hand as she twirled the stiffening tip of his cock in two fingers, “in fact, it's good for the baby and me.”

Yeah that's the excuse she's been using since my father first knocked her up,” Jason laughed out loud, rising to stand behind her with his hands on her hips, “just so she could get fucked five or six times a day instead of the usual two or three.”

Is that a complaint?” she asked wryly looking back at the teenager over her shoulder. “I don't recall you ever saying no.”

Nope, just a statement to enlighten our guest,” Jason replied with a chuckle before sliding his rigid cock into her wet, waiting cunt.

Carly moaned lowly and turned to smile at Ted, bending further to lick the tip of his now erect cock.

I guess I'll get to taste you first after all,” she murmured, sliding his dick into her mouth until her nose was buried in his pubic hair.

Ted reached down and cupped both of her tits in his hands, feeling her warm, sticky milk coat his palms and seep out around his fingers. Carly looked up at him, smiling with her eyes as she bobbed up and down on his cock, moaning louder and louder as Jason pumped his dick into her pussy from behind harder and harder.

Just before Ted's cum erupted into the young girl's mouth, Ted heard Jason grunt loudly and felt him ramming his dick into Carly's pussy even harder. She groaned as well, flailing back against Jason's dick even as she sucked down every drop of Ted's jism filling her mouth.

When he was done, Jason stepped back from Carly with his deflating cock flopping down between his legs. She stood, gently milking her own tits so a couple of weak streams spurted on to Ted's chest.

Oh, that's so fucking hot!” Abby exclaimed from the doorway before turning to Lucy and Karen standing beside her. “We need to make sure to include something like that in the video.”

Five hours later, they were all huddled around the large computer monitor to get a look at the video Abby edited. It started innocently enough, with a tight head shot of Karen speaking directly into the camera....

....Hi, Daddy,” Karen cooed, smiling brightly, “we made a holiday video as a present for you and all your friends on the ship. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we liked making it for you.”

With that, the camera panned back shakily, showing the nineteen year old sitting naked, her legs splayed wide, twirling a hard tan nipple in one hand while she slowly plunged a finger already glistening with her juices in and out of her smooth bare pussy.

Hi Frankie, already getting hard seeing our little baby girl finger fuck herself for your viewing pleasure?” Lucy asked, stepping into the picture next to her daughter. “Every day she tells me how much she wants to feel your hard cock cumming inside her pussy and mouth and ass again, just like the night before you left on your tour. We all do.”

Lucy cupped her right tit with one hand as she spoke and stroked Jason's rock hard dick with the other. Keeping her eyes on the camera, Lucy dropped to her knees and licked the head of her son's cock with the tip of her tongue before wrapping her lips around Jason's cock and sliding it all the way into her mouth.

Hi, Dad,” Jason chimed in, breathing a little raggedly as his mother's head bobbed up and down on his throbbing cock, “we all miss you a lot and sure hope you can find some good pussy and ass and cock suckers on that ship.”

With that, Jason's knees began to buckle and his thighs quiver. Lucy took her son's cock out of her mouth and stood back up.

Let your father see you fuck your sister,” she instructed him, nodding to Karen to get on her back with her legs pulled up, “but remember to pull your dick out of her cunt right before you cum so we can see your sperm shooting out, just like a real porn movie.”

As Jason slid his dick into Karen's dripping pussy, Abby, who was doing the filming, zoomed in closely, filling the screen with the boy's hard dick pumping in and out of his sister's cunt and the frothy cream from her juices forming on her ragged pussy lips.

Karen moaned loudly when Jason pulled his dick out of her. He had already started cumming inside his sister so a thin string of his jism stretched from her cunt hole even as three more spurts of his creamy semen sprayed on to her shaved mound and taut belly. She reached down and scooped some of that jism onto her fingers then furiously began rubbing her clit, writhing and groaning ever louder until her back arched and a small stream of pussy juices squirted from her cunt.

The video cut to Lucy sucking another cock. She turned to the camera and smiled brightly, a mixture of cum and spittle dripping from the corner of her mouth.

Now, Frankie, we want you to meet Abby's new friend, Ted,” she grinned as the camera panned out and Ted's full figure came into view, ”you're going to love his beautiful cock almost as much as me and Karen and Abby and Jason and everyone else here already does.”

Ted looked at the camera, forcing a smile even as his thighs began to tremble. Lucy took his cock out of her mouth and grinned up at him wickedly.

Fuck me...from behind,” she said loud enough to be heard on the tape while getting on her hands and knees, “my husband loves to watch another dick, especially one as big and beautiful as yours, pounding my pussy.”

Lucy dropped her head with her ass in the air pointing back at Ted, reaching back with one hand to spread her pussy lips open and begin forcefully rubbing her clit. As Ted moved into position behind her, Jason crawled over and took Ted's dick in his hand and directed it into his mother's waiting cunt.

Slowly...go in and out of her slowly...with long, steady strokes,” Abby directed from off camera, “I want to get a good shot of your hard dick covered with her cunt cream. When you start to shoot, stay inside her pussy so I can get a great look at your cum leaking out of her after you're done.”

Jason stroked Ted's cock a couple of times, smiling happily at the camera before placing the head right at the edge of his mother's dripping cunt hole. Ted pushed and easily slid deep into that wet, warm pussy. For a few moments, he was able to pump in and out of Lucy slowly, the sides of his rigid dick glistening with her juices.

After a couple of minutes, Ted's dick was throbbing intensely. Lucy moaned loudly, her fingers moving even faster on her clit with her cunt tightened on his cock. The camera panned out as Lucy arched her back and shrieked. Without thinking, Ted slapped her ass sharply as he began shooting his cum deep inside her, causing Lucy to thrash and screech even harder.

With the last of his cum dribbling into Lucy's cunt, Ted rolled to the side and stared up at the ceiling. Lucy flipped over on her back and pulled her legs up and apart from behind her knees. The camera zoomed in on her gaping, puffy pussy slit with a veritable river of creamy cum drizzling down to her asshole and pooling under her reddened cheeks.

The scene faded to black and then returned, focused on another gaping tucked under Carly's fully extended belly. The camera zoomed out, revealing Jason and Karen on either side of Carly, each of them sucking on one of her engorged tits with the young woman's milk dribbling down both of their chins. Both of them furiously fingered the pregnant girl's dripping cunt.

Hi Frankie,” Carly cooed huskily, her breathing ragged and her thighs quivering, “your other kids are the next best thing to feeling your cock fucking me and feeling your dick bouncing against our baby.”

With that, her back arched and a gusher of her pussy juices shot out to splash on the camera lens....

WOW, that's fucking hot,” Karen exclaimed, the first to speak when the video ended, “I wonder how many times Daddy jerks off before he watches the whole thing.”

A whole lot, I'll bet,” Jason chimed in from behind his sister, “I jerked off twice watching and I knew what was in it.”

We should send it right away,” Karen added, spreading her own legs and fingering herself for them all to see.

Let's wait and have Antonio take a look before we send it to your father,” Lucy said, getting up and stretching. “I, for one, need a fresh beer and another good pussy licking before dinner.”

Lucy barely finished cumming on Abby's face when Antonio walked in the room and smiled down at them. Lucy motioned him closer, reaching up to rub his hardening dick through his slacks.

We have something to show you, but before we do, come down here and cum in my mouth.” she murmured before pushing Abby's head back down between her thighs.

He dropped his slacks and knelt next to her, leaning forward until she could take his small hard dick into her mouth. Lucy fondled his balls the way he liked as she sucked him, knowing he would quickly fill her mouth with a lot more cum than someone would think for his size.

Antonio loved the video and had but one additional suggestion, that he, Joey and Vinnie be included. Ted ended up holding the camera as the three of them bent Abby, Karen and Lucy over and fucked them from behind, taking care to pull out and shooting their cum all over the women's asses.

Later that night, Karen fucked her grandfather again in his bed. After he filled her pussy with his jism she walked over and stood next to the bed where Abby cuddled with Ted. At first the nineteen year old girl didn't say a word, just smiled wickedly before reaching into the nightstand and pulling out a small bottle of lube.

I'm ready, Ted,...ready for the big beautiful cock to stretch my tight ass,” she whispered, leaning forward to squeeze the tip of his dick, “provided cousin Abby doesn't mind, of course.”

Only with one condition,” Abby smiled impishly, adding her hand to Karen's on Ted's swiftly stiffening dick, “I want to lick your pussy and watch his cock plunge in and out of your asshole from close up...very close up.”

Karen grinned at them both, squirted some lube on Ted's dick and climbed on the bed to straddle Abby's head. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks with both hands, the tight sphincter of her asshole gaping open slightly.

Lick her asshole a few times,” Abby instructed him, “and then shove your dick all the way in her as hard as you can. My slutty cousin likes it fast and rough...very rough.”

Ted couldn't believe how tight Karen's asshole was even as he plunged as deep as he could into her with a single thrust. She whimpered softly before thrusting back at him, her low moans turning to a loud growl the harder he pumped her. Combined with the way Abby was sucking his balls, he didn't last long at all, pouring his warm cum deep in the teenager's bowels after just a few moments.

The three of them spent the night cuddled together with Karen and Abby waking him a couple of times to suck his stiff cock. He was so hard when he woke up in the morning, he managed to fuck them both until they both climaxed before cumming himself in Abby's cunt.


You really don't have to go, do you?” Abby whimpered into his ear, pressing her spongy tits with stiff nipples against him.

They were standing next to the table in the foyer where he left his clothes three days before. Her fingers snaked down his belly and gently wrapped around his limp cock.

Before he could respond, Olivia came rushing toward them, carrying one of those large paper bags with handles and chattering loudly in Italian. She came to a stop a couple of steps from them, stared for a moment at her daughter's hand holding his dick, smiled happily and then gave him a warm hug and a kiss on each cheek before turning and walking away. Her ponderous tits swayed gently from side to side with each step. Ted just stared in surprise at her plump jiggling ass cheeks until she disappeared down an adjoining hallway.

What was that all about?” he asked, turning to face Abby even as she took the opportunity to ferociously ram her tongue into his mouth.

A couple of things, actually,” Abby replied, sliding her tongue out of his mouth while rubbing the very tip of his still flaccid dick slowly back and forth in her wiry pussy hair. “First, the bag contains a bunch of different leftovers, no doubt proportioned and sealed for you to easily reheat. There's enough there for the rest of the week, meaning she expects you back on Friday for dinner.

I...I can”t...,” he started to responded but Abby cut him off by filling his mouth with her tongue again.

Of course you can,” she continued, dragging one of his hands up to fondle her tit and erect nipple, “That's point number two. If your sweet ass is not in a chair at the table Friday evening, she will be sending Vinnie to round you up. Believe me, even my father recognizes a management decision when my mother makes one and Vinnie will bring you here.”

That sort of sounds like a threat,” Ted muttered, shuddering slightly as her pussy hair tickled the tip of his dick.

Think of it as a promise... a very heartfelt, not to mention pussy felt, promise,” Abby laughed, stoking him a little faster. “You know, I can't remember the last time my mother screamed so loudly and so long as when you fucked her from behind last night. Even my father said the same thing. So third, she said she'll be waiting for you on the mat as soon as playtime begins on Friday.”

Ted looked at her again in continued disbelief. His entire visit had been one even more surprising revelation after another.

Just think,” he finally said with a wicked grin, “I was concerned about being embarrassed seeing you and your family naked before I came over. This whole visit has been like a wild dream.”

A most enjoyable dream, I hope,” Abby cooed and dropped to one knee to take his hardening dick into her mouth.

He shuddered and grabbed the back of her head, slamming his dick all the way to the back of her throat in a single thrust. Abby wrapped her hands around his ass cheeks and eagerly pulled him even closer, gagging and sputtering when his cum flooded down her throat. When he finished, she stood and kissed him passionately, crying out as she climaxed on his fingers just the way she liked so much.


That next Monday afternoon, Ted looked up when he heard the soft knock on his office door. Abby stepped in grinning wickedly, reaching behind her to close the door followed by the sharp click of the lock sliding into place. She walked toward him, unzipping her skirt and letting it fall around her ankles. She wasn't wearing any panties and her cunt hair was already dotted with droplets of her juices as she dropped to her knees between his legs.

Without a word, she undid his belt, pulled his slacks and underwear down around his ankles and sucked his flaccid cock all the way into her mouth. She pulled back, licked down the side of his hardening shaft, sucked one ball then the other into her mouth before raising her head to look at him intently with a widening, truly devilish smile.

Did I ever tell you about my family's idea of Happy Hour?”


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