I Love You, Daddy

This Saturday morning, when I come into my boss's office, I see he has two little girls with him. They're both about eleven years old, and I instantly recognize one of them from the pictures he has on his desk. She's his daughter, and I've often admired her in the photos he displays.

"This is Kate, my daughter, and her friend Nancy," says Colin, my boss, rising to his feet. I shake hands with them and make the usual `pleased to meet you' remarks. Kate is blonde, slender and very pretty in a short red skirt and white top. Nancy, in a pale blue sundress and white ankle socks, has black hair and big dark eyes you could drown in, and a little rosebud mouth, the face of a child on a body that's about to become a woman. "It's `bring-your-daughter-to-work day`," says Colin. The girls are sitting in two chairs facing Colin's desk, and I can tell that from where he's sitting, he must have a pretty good view up their skirts. I'm jealous. So I go and stand beside where he's sitting, ostensibly to look at what he's working on, but in reality, to see if I can see the girl's panties.

Let me digress for a moment. Ever since I was a little boy watching girls in the school playground doing cartwheels and handstands and showing off their panties, I've been fascinated by underwear. Little girls' panties are the best, but a pubescent boy in his briefs can get me hard, and adult guys and gals look better to me in their undies than naked. Of course, the underwear has to be white, preferably cotton, but nylon is O.K. too.

Sure enough, as I share Colin's point of view, I can see that I'm in luck. Both girls have their knees far enough apart for me to see that they're wearing my favorite kind of underpants. They're both either unaware of the fact that we're both looking up their skirts, or they don't care. I discuss some trivial work problems with Colin, just to enjoy the view for as long as I can, looking at the papers on his desk and frequently glancing up surreptitiously at the girls, and notice that he keeps glancing up too. If he likes looking up his daughter's skirt, he must be as pervy as I am. A few weeks ago, I thought he was going to hit up on me, but the moment passed. I wouldn't have minded, he's quite a hunk.

Eventually, Nancy says, "I'm bored."

"Me, too," says Kate.

"I'm not surprised," says Colin. "Insurance sales figures are not riveting stuff for eleven-year-olds. Tell you what, Tony, why don't you take them across the street for ice cream, and as soon as I can finish up here, I'll join you."

"Cool!" says Kate.

"Perfect," says Nancy.

In the ice cream parlor, we're sitting at a booth, Kate opposite me and Nancy beside me. When I'd sat down right next to her, practically touching, she didn't move away, and doesn't seem to mind that I'm in her personal space. The girls natter away at girl stuff, who's who at school, what's on face book, that sort of stuff, and I chime in now and again, trying to be a warm and friendly as I can. They are both quite stunning and just being with them is brightening my whole day. Of course, I can't see up their skirts, and it doesn't seem like there's anything worth looking at down the top of their dresses, but I know it can't be long before they begin to grow titties. I can be patient when necessary.

"Kate's on the school gymnastic team," says Nancy.

"Congratulations," I say. "It always looks kinda dangerous to me when they do those flips on the high bar. You could hurt yourself badly if you fell wrong."

"I don't do the high bar," says Kate. "I work on the big mat on the floor, mostly hand-springs and somersaults, and I do a bit on the trapeze, too." I'd love to see her do a hand-spring now, I think.

Around eleven, Colin comes in and slides into the booth, close to his daughter. "Finish up and we'll go home," he says. "Tony, why don't you join us? I can cook lunch for us all." Exactly what I wanted to hear

"A bit early for lunch," I say, "and the girls have just been slurping ice cream."

"Well, we'll just hang out until we're hungry. Come on, let's go. Tony, follow us in your own car."

* * *

At Colin's house, just two blocks from my own, he fixes beers for us and cokes for the girls. We sit out in his back yard on lawn chairs around a table. Kate goes and sits on his knee and puts her arm around his neck. Now I'm really jealous. I look to see if Nancy is going to sit on my knee, but it's obviously just wishful thinking on my part. Let's face it , she hardly knows me.

"We have the whole weekend, just you and me together," says Colin to Kate. She kisses him on the cheek.

"I love you, Daddy."

"I love you too, baby."

"Kate was telling me she's in the school gymnastic team," I say.

"Right," says Colin. "Kate, show Tony what you can do." Oh boy, I think, this is going to be good. She gets off his knee and steps over to the edge of the lawn. She takes a short run, then does three consecutive hand-springs, and of course, just as I`d hoped, her skirt falls, showing off her white panties completely. I clap appreciatively as she comes back and sits on Colin's knee again.

"I can do cartwheels," Nancy pipes up, looking for attention.

"Show us," I say. She does a couple of cartwheels on the lawn and gives us a display as good as or even better than Kate's little exhibition. Her dress falls to reveal not just her panties, but her whole body up to her armpits. I can see her nipples.

"They're a couple of little athletes," says Colin. "They like to climb that tree." He points to a large sycamore in the corner of the yard which has a step ladder propped up against it. "How high have you guys been up, Kate?"

"About half way," she says. "The branches get a little thin higher up."

"Wanna see?" asks Nancy, ever eager to please.

"Yes, please," I say. "I used to climb a lot of trees when I was a kid." They run over to the tree and start climbing.

"Be right back," says Colin, disappears into the house and comes out with a camera. The girls quickly climb from limb to limb, up about twenty feet. Colin wanders over and stands under the tree looking up. "Be careful," he calls. I know what he's looking at and I waste no time joining him. Right above our heads Kate is standing with her legs on different branches, wide apart, giving us the perfect up skirt shot. Nancy, a little lower down, is squatting on a branch, her knees up to her chin, exposing a large area of white cotton panty. Colin aims the camera up and clicks of half a dozen shots. Together, we look at the pics on the display screen. They're perfect, lots of white panties on display, just for us. Once again, the girls don't seem to mind that we're gazing at their underwear.

"Sexy, don't you think?" Colin whispers to me.

"Quite erotic," I agree. "Will you email them to me?"

"Of course. I suppose you think I'm a bit of a perv, looking up my daughter's skirt."

"If you're a perv, then so am I," I whisper. "I love looking up skirts, you name it, Scotsmen, schoolgirls, it's all a turn on for me."

"She's such a tease, always sitting with her legs open, showing off her panties. And her little friend's the same. She's been coming over here for a couple of weeks and there seems to be a competition as to who can show the most underwear."

"I'm glad they're wearing white," I say softly, hoping they can't hear us. "I'm kinda nuts about white panties."

"I insist she wears white."

"And white knee socks are a big thing with me," I say.

"Wait until you see Kate in her school uniform. I think you're a lot like me. Sometimes I feel guilty. Let's face it, she is my daughter after all. I shouldn't be thinking about her like this."

"Do you think for a minute you're alone? There's gotta be dads all over the world looking at their sexy daughters, and sons too for that matter, and delighting in how sexy they look."

"Sometimes, I even get a hard on."

"Of course you do. Don't worry, your secret's safe with me, and thanks, I`m enjoying the show."

We watch as the girls climb down, appreciating every new glimpse of white cotton, then we all go inside for lunch.

* * *

Later, we're hanging out in the living room. The girls are sitting cross legged on the carpet, playing cards. I think of suggesting strip poker, but I know that would be pushing it. Colin and I have a great view of Nancy's cotton covered crotch and every now and then she looks up at us and smiles. At one point, she gets up and goes to the toilet and when she comes back, she's caught the hem of her skirt when she'd pulled her panties up and she's showing off most of her butt. I'm sure she's aware of it, and Kate gives her a look, but neither of them say anything. Of course, neither does Colin, who gets a good eyeful. When their game is finished, they go off to Blockbuster to rent a DVD.

"She's been so affectionate ever since her mother died," he says. Her mother's death occurred about three years ago. "She likes to hug and kiss a lot and she needs a lot of attention. Sometimes, if she can't sleep, she comes and climbs into my bed."

"Fuck me," I say. "I bet you like that."

"It's tricky, 'cos sometimes I get a huge hard on and I have to conceal it. I don't always succeed but she's never said anything about it.'

"It would be impossible not to get hard. I'd cum in my underpants if she climbed into my bed. Oops, sorry Colin. I didn't mean that. . ."

"It's O.K., you can fantasize all you want, it doesn't bother me. In fact it's quite a compliment to have a trustworthy friend like you lusting after my daughter. It makes me feel less guilty. I'm glad to be able to talk openly with you about this."

"Me, too. You're the only person I've ever shared my obsession with. What does she wear when she comes to your bed?"

"Her panties under a thin cotton nightdress."

"And you can see through the nightie, right?"

He laughed. "Of course. Do you imagine I would buy her a nightie that we couldn't see through?" I liked his use of the word 'we'. I can feel my cock stirring as I visualize Kate in her nightie and I realize that I have to go home and jerk off. I make my excuses to Colin and head out for the two-block walk to my house.

"Check your email," he calls, as I exit his front door.

* * *

It's ten p.m. and I'm sitting at my computer, surfing the internet for pics of little girls in their underwear. It takes a lot of searching to find the right stuff. Naked children have all disappeared from the web, but there's some girl-in-panties stuff available. In Google searches, the words "preteen" and "non-nude" seem to be effective. I've looked at the pics that Colin emailed to me, and downloaded them to my collection on a thumb drive. They are excellent wanking material. Over the years I've gathered a several of dozen hot pictures of pubescent girls in their panties. Some of the poses are blatantly erotic. I select a few of the best and email them back to him. Then my phone rings and it's Colin.

"I hope I didn't call you too late?"

"No, I was just looking at your daughter's undies."

He laughed. "Glad you like the pics, and thanks for the ones you sent to me. You're obviously just as big a pervert as I am."

"Oh, probably bigger. So, what's up?"

"Nancy stayed for a sleepover and they erected a tent in the back yard. I was watching as they were setting it up, crouching down to hammer in tent pegs and stuff, bending over, you know, showing off their panties. I wanted to stay and watch them undress, but I thought it might freak Nancy out."

"I have a suspicion she wouldn't be bothered at all. She's a real cock teaser."

"So, after about an hour, I sneaked out with a small flashlight to check that they were all right and the tent door was open. It's a really hot night. They were both asleep, lying on top of their sleeping bags and guess what. . ."

"You're gonna tell me what they're wearing?"

"Better than that. They were naked! Their nighties were there beside them, and I guess it was so hot that they'd taken them off. They were lying on their backs and I could see their pussies. Nancy had her hand lying on Kate's stomach, and her fingers were just about touching her pussy. I don't think it was deliberate, `cos they were both fast asleep. I watched for about five minutes and then Nancy rolled over so I booked out of there before I got caught."

"Jesus, Colin, I'm hard as a rock thinking about it. What did their pussies look like?"

"Pretty much like you'd expect, not a hair in sight, but Nancy has the beginnings of a nice little clit."

"You've seen Kate's pussy before, surely?"

"When she was younger, yes. And then lately, she sometimes gives me a glimpse. Last week I came into the bathroom and she was having a pee. I apologized and started to back out, but she said it was O.K. to come in. I watched as she peed. My God, it was erotic! Then she turned to face me and slowly pulled her panties up, taking her sweet time. She knew I was staring at her pussy and it didn't bother her a bit. But tonight, I was able to take my time and give it a close inspection. O.K. it was from six feet away, but I could see it clearly and my dick was like an iron bar. They should lock me up."

"Where you will be soundly fucked by a big, black, muscular cellmate. What's so bad about that?" He laughed.

"Did you take any pics?"

"No, I was afraid the flash would wake them up."

"Bummer. I'd really like to see them in the buff."

"I'm sure you'll get your chance, Tony."

"Speaking of which, would you guys like to come over for lunch tomorrow? You can hang out for as long as you like. Make sure that Kate asks Nancy to come. I can't stop thinking about her white panties."

"And I'll bet you jerked off, right?"

I laughed. "How did you guess?"

"I could see the boner in your pants just before you left this afternoon."

"I did. Twice actually."

"Who were you fantasizing about, Kate or Nancy?"

"To be honest, both. Do you mind, about Kate, I mean?"

"I can hardly blame you for wanking to a vision of my daughter when I do the same thing myself, can I? Would you mind if you had a daughter and I jerked off to fantasies of her?"

"Of course not. I'd be proud."

"Please wank all you want. It's jerking off that keeps me from doing something really unacceptable. It's hard to keep my hands off her."

"Don't worry, just hang on for a year or two, and she'll reach puberty, find a boyfriend and forget all about you."

"That worries me more than going to jail," he joked. "By the way, before they set the tent up, Kate whispered to me that she thinks Nancy has a crush on you, you lucky old dog."

"Wow! Me? It didn't take her long to realize what a hunk I am."

"Well, you know how it is with little girls and older men."

"Like Kate and you?"

"You think so?"

"She's not shy about showing you what she's got and you told me she loves the physical intimacy. Maybe she feels about you the way you feel about her."

There's a short pause. "I gotta go and have a wank," he says.

"So, tomorrow? Come around noon."

"See you. G'nite, Tony."

* * *

It's a very hot day, so I have a cold lunch fixed when they arrive, and Nancy is with them, wearing a white sleeveless dress with a flowered pattern, that buttons all the way up. Kate is in a sundress, pink with a straight top and shoulder straps.

"Oh look," Nancy says, "there's a pool. Let's swim."

"I didn't realize you had a pool," says Colin. "We didn't bring any swimwear."

"I should have mentioned it. I usually go skinny dipping but I'm not sure that's acceptable to the girls."

"We could swim in our undies," says Kate.

"Yeah, in our undies," says Nancy. "That's O.K. isn't it?"

Is it O.K? Does the pope shit in the woods? Of course it's O.K. It's going to be heaven on earth.

"Fine by me," says Colin, dropping his pants and pulling off his shirt. He has on a pair of white cotton trunks, fitting snugly, and he looks very sexy. If the girls weren't here, I'd make a pass at him. I can't help staring as Nancy starts to unbutton her dress, and Kate lifts the sundress over her head. Both girls stand there in just their white cotton panties, knowing that Colin and I can't help looking at them, then they jump into the pool. I pull of my shirt and drop my pants to reveal my white combed cotton boxers, size S, which don't really hide much. I know that when they get wet, my cock will be visible. Colin gives me an appreciative look. Then we both jump in and join the girls.

With Nancy, I start a game where she stands in my cupped hands, holding my shoulders, then I throw her up in the air and she does a back flip, splashing back into the water. Each time I get a very brief close-up of her wet panties which cling to her revealing her little slit. Kate has her arms around Colin's neck and her leg round his hips as they bounce up and down in the shallow end. They are whispering to each other conspiratorially. Nancy starts a routine that involves her swimming between my wide open legs. Each time, I can feel her shoulders and hips brush against my inner thighs. Then she repeats the maneuver swimming on her back, and I think maybe this is so that she can get a close-up underwater look at my cock. After a while we all climb out and sit in the patio furniture. I look down at my dick and my wet boxers are not concealing anything. It's clearly visible, though somewhat shrunken by the cold water. Colin and the girls are all looking at it. I make a show of drying myself and at one point my dick pops out of the fly of my underpants.

"Oops!" I say and quickly push it back in. They all see it, but no one says anything. Colin and I are looking at the girls, dripping wet, sitting in their chairs with their legs apart, showing off their bodies. It looks like Nancy's titties are just starting to grow, but Kate is still flat chested. I don't care, I would still like to do some very naughty things to her, to both of them for that matter. I tear my eyes away and go indoors to fix some drinks. When I come out again, Kate is sitting on Colin's lap, leaning back on his chest, her legs apart. He has his hands on either side of her rib cage, his fingers touching her nipples. I pass the drinks out and Nancy says, "Tony, can I sit on you lap?"

Holy shit! My voice is hoarse when I reply, "Of course you can." Colin winks at me as she sits across my thighs, her arm round my neck. I put an arm round her waist.

She leans close to me and whispers, "I saw your dick when it popped out of your boxers!"

"I'm sorry about that. It was an accident," I whisper in reply.

"Are you sure?"

"Did it bother you?"

"Of course not. I've seen a dick before. It looked kinda small."

"That's what the cold water does to it. Look at Colin's bulge, how small it is compared with earlier. Our dick's shrink. They'll get bigger soon."

"I think it's getting bigger now," she murmurs, her mouth next to my ear. We both look down and my cock is about half hard, quite visible through my wet boxers. "You're a naughty boy."

"Are you a naughty girl? I like naughty girls."

"I can be a naughty as you want."

If this goes on any longer, I'm going to get a full blown hard on, and how will I explain that? Showing a stiff dick to two eleven year olds will land me in jail. I'm glad my fence is high enough that the neighbors can't see us.

"Time for lunch," I announce to solve my problem, and we go indoors.

We don't bother to dress for lunch, we just sit around in our underpants. I've spread towels on the chairs to keep them dry. We snack on cold cuts, cheese and French bread. I pop beers for Colin and myself and Nancy asks, "Can we have beer?"

"You may not like the taste," says Colin. I pass my glass to her and she takes a sip, then grimaces.

"Ugh, that's bitter."

"Could I give the girls a glass of wine?" I ask Colin.

He hesitates. "Maybe half a glass and fill it up with water."

I get a bottle of Merlot and fill two glasses about three quarters full and top them off with water. The girls obviously like the taste.

After lunch, Colin and I are in the kitchen, washing up. "I have to tell you, Colin, your daughter is incredible. I don't know how you can stand being around her day and night when she flaunts herself like she did today. It must drive you crazy."

"You're right. I have to jerk off a lot just to keep sane. I had a wank before we came over, and I'm still horny. I guess Nancy's doing the same thing to you."

"Right on. If I don't have a wank soon, I'm gonna burst."

We're back out beside the pool again, the girls have had a swim and are slumped in their chairs, drying in the sun. "You know what the girls would look really great in?" I say to Colin.

"What's that?" The girls perk up.

"White thigh length stockings, garter belts, tiny panties and little bras."

"Ooh, yes, Daddy, please?" whines Kate. Can we go to the mall and buy them? Please, Daddy."

"Oh yes, please," echoes Nancy. "That would be so cool. Please, Colin, please!"

He puts up a show of resistance, but I know it's all a fake, that he's as excited as I am about the girls dressing up in sexy undies, then he agrees and we start to get dressed.

"My panties are still wet," says Kate.

"Mine, too," says Nancy.

"Give them to me and I'll pop them in the dryer for a couple of minutes," I say. I'm hoping they'll just take them off right there, but they pull their dresses on first, then drop their panties and hand them to me. Just holding them gets me really turned on. Into the dryer they go and minutes later I'm able to hand them back, warm and dry. Colin and I try to see what's forbidden as they pull their panties up, but we're not lucky. We head for the mall.

* * *

We're in J.C. Penny, in the lingerie section. The stockings were easy to find, in white, with lace around the top, the smallest size they have, and the garter belts, too. Nancy points out a pair of tiny white see-though panties which would barely cover the naughty parts and asks if we can buy these.

"You can see through them," says Kate.

"So what?" says Nancy.

"It's all right for Daddy to see my peepee, but Tony's not supposed to."

"I don't mind if Tony sees your peepee," say Colin. I feel a rush of gratitude for his trust in me.

"Tony can see my peepee if he wants. I don't care," says Nancy. "I saw his dick when we were at the pool. He showed me his so I have to show him mine."

"It was an accident," I say. "It just popped out."

"Doesn't matter," says Nancy. "It's a rule."

"No it's not," says Kate. "But if you want to be a show off, it's fine by me." There's a note of petulance in her voice and perhaps she's afraid of being upstaged by Nancy.

"O.K., lets buy them," says Colin, to my delight, and we go over to the little girls' underwear section to find some bras. Kate picks out two little training bras that are little more than two tiny triangle of nylon with straps. We should be able to see their nipples through them.

"I can't wait to see you girls when you try all this on," says Colin.

"Me, too," I add, and we head back to his place.

* * *

As soon as we're indoors, the girls rush off to Kate's bedroom to try on their new undies, while Colin cracks a couple of beers. Minutes later, they come out into the living room, where we are sitting impatiently on the couch. Oh, my God! They look fantastic, lovely white thigh high stockings held up with white garter belts, and the tiny panties not concealing their hairless pussies. Even the little bras, with their lacey edges look sexy. I have an instant hard on which I conceal by laying my arm across it. They parade around, flaunting their bodies, laughing and giggling, little girls in adult undies, innocence dressed in sin. Colin dashes off, comes back with his camera and starts shooting pics.

"How do I look, Daddy?" asks Kate.

Colin can hardly speak. "You're so beautiful, Kate. You're growing up to be a really sexy girl."

"How to I look?" asks Nancy, looking at me. She's standing in front of me, legs apart, hand on her butt with her hips thrust out. It's a `come and get me' pose that almost makes me cum in my pants.

"You're driving me crazy," I say. "You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." This is not an exaggeration. Kate is a close second, but Nancy has blown my mind. They both strike provocative poses, lying on the couch with one leg raised, sitting up with knees wide apart, bending over to show off their butts and much more. Nancy comes and sits on my knee, right at the top of my thighs so I'm pretty sure she can feel my hard cock against her thigh. I kiss her on the cheek and put an arm around her waist. She leans into me.

"Do you think I'm sexy?" she whispers.

"You've no idea!"

"Sexier than those pictures on your computer?"

Shit! I'd left my thumb drive plugged in with my computer on standby and all they'd had to do was hit the space bar. It must have happened while we were washing the dishes.

"So you saw them?"

"We both did. You really like little girls, don't you?"

"I confess. Does it bother you?"

"No. I'm kinda glad."

"You're much sexier than any of those pictures, and you're real life. How could I help liking a little girl like you?" Then we hear a cell phone ringing in the bedroom..

"It's mine," says Nancy and goes to take the call. A minute later she's back, looking crestfallen. "I gotta go," she says. "My mom wants me home."

Shit! It was just getting interesting. The girls go into the bedroom to get dressed. I guess Colin won't want me hanging round, he'll want to be alone with his daughter, so I make my excuses and trudge home.

* * *

It's eleven p.m. and I'm sitting at my computer, as usual, dressed in my white boxers, the small ones where my dick is likely to fall out of the leg. I'm surfing for naughty pics of little girls when my phone rings. It's Colin.

"I know it's late, but can I come over. I have to talk to you."

"No problem, I'll leave my front door open. Just walk right in." A few minutes later he comes in and closes the door behind him. He's wearing just running shorts and a white tank. The weather is still unbearably hot. He looks pretty sexy. "What's up?" I ask.

"I think I'm going crazy. I wanna fuck my daughter!"

"Am I supposed to be surprised?"

"Think about it. I'm her fucking father, for God's sake, and she trusts me. If I fuck her it will destroy everything."

"So don't fuck her."

"You're not helping. I don't know if I can restrain myself."

"Something happened." It's not a question.

"I was in the bathroom cleaning my teeth when she came in. We never lock the door but we usually respect each other's privacy, but she just walked right in, lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down and took a pee."

"But you've seen her peeing before."

"Yes, but this time she was so deliberately provocative. I could hear her pee tinkling in the bowl. I was looking right at her and she was smiling at me. Then she took a couple of sheets of toilet paper off the roll, crumpled them up, then stood up. Her panties were down round her knees. Then she wiped herself, taking her sweet time, then she turned to face me and slowly pulled her panties up again. She never took her eyes off me and I couldn't help but stare. It was the most erotic cock tease I've ever seen, better even that exhibition with the girls in garter belts. She could see I was as hard as a rock inside my briefs and it didn't bother her a bit. Then she went into her bedroom. I would have followed her but I didn't trust myself."

"So what did you do?"

"What do you think? I locked the bathroom door and jerked off. It took about ten seconds and I shot a huge load into the toilet. If I hadn't, I don't know what I'd have done. Now I don't think I can trust myself to be alone with her."

"Listen up. I think she's trying to take the place of her mother. She loves you and wants to give you all those things that you miss since your wife died, and that includes physical love. If you reject her, I think it could do a lot of damage. She would then feel abandoned by her mother and by you. The only thing you can do is follow this thing through. Just proceed carefully and go where she leads you. You're not a rapist or a child abuser. You're simply the man she loves and she wants your love in return. Just let it happen."

"Maybe you're right, but look at me!" He's standing beside where I'm sitting at the computer and he thrusts his hips out, showing a huge bulge at the front. "It's only about twenty minutes since I came and I'm ready to cum again." I reach up my hand and give his bulge a squeeze.

"Wow! You're as hard as a rock. I think you need some help here." I rub my hand up and down the front of his shorts, and he doesn't pull away. I've always thought he had a bisexual streak in him and now I know I'm right. "Come into the bedroom." He follows me meekly. I sit on the bed and he stands in front of me. I stroke his bulge again and pull his shorts down. Then put my hands on his ass and pull him towards me until I can kiss the front of his briefs, right where the wet spot is. Then I grip his cock gently with my teeth and caress his balls with one hand. He can't take the teasing any longer and hooks his thumbs into his waistband and pulls his briefs down to mid-thigh. His cock jumps out and hits me in the face. I take it in my hand and start to gently stroke it, but he pushes his hips forward again so that his cock goes into my mouth. I run my tongue under his foreskin, licking the head which makes him groan with pleasure. I keep stroking with my hand and in less than a minute he cums, his dick pulsing and squirting a respectable load into my mouth. His cum is slightly bitter, but nice and creamy. I take his dick out of my mouth and milk the last few drops, which hang on the end, ready to drop. I inhale the hot sexy aroma of his cum which gets me even more aroused than I already am. Finally, I lick the drops off his dick and lie back on the bed.

"Holy shit! That was awesome. I didn't know you were a cocksucker, Tony."

"I've wanted to suck your cock ever since I've known you."

"And I always thought you were into girls."

"I am, especially little ones." He laughs.

"You gay old dog! Who'd have thought it?"

"I'm into everything: men, little boys, little girls, lesbian action, you name it."

"What about ordinary women?"

"Not since my divorce."

"Poor Tony. Doomed to be a pervert."

"I love being a pervert. Show me a pervert who wants to be normal."

"Maybe you're on to something there."

A few minutes later he's gone, a lot more relaxed than when he arrived.

* * *

It's the next afternoon and Colin calls me into his office.

"I have some problems to sort out and I have to work late. Can you go and pick up Kate at her school and hang with her until I get home, should be about eight o'clock?"

"Does she need a babysitter?"

"Heck, no, but she'll be happier if she's not alone."

"What about Nancy?"

"Kate says she's been grounded by her mom. Don't ask me why." Shit, I really want to hang with Nancy.

"O.K., I'll fix Kate some dinner at my place, then walk her home before eight."

"Thanks. But listen: given your lust for schoolgirls who like to flash their white panties, remember she's my daughter. You can look, but you can't touch, O.K? No more flashing your cock."

"That was an accident."

"Yeah, right," he says, sarcastically.

"Don't worry. I promise you, she's safe with me. Catch you later."

I drive home and quickly change my skimpy boxers for a pair of tight white briefs. If I'm going to spend some time with my boss's daughter, I need something to hold down my hard-on and make it less visible. Then, while I'm waiting in my car to pick Kate up at her school, I watch all the girls in their school uniforms streaming out of the building. There's a preponderance of overweight ones but there's an occasional beauty. It's a great way to while away an afternoon. She comes to my car, looking more stunning than any of them, dressed in her uniform, a white short sleeved blouse, a short plaid skirt and white knee socks, the quintessential turn on for a guy like me. Her skirt is extremely short, but then so are the skirts of most of the girls. She only has to bend over a little to show her panties. We drive to my place, and go and sit by the pool, me with a beer and Kate with a coke, under a couple of big beach umbrellas. It's still unseasonably hot and I take my shirt off.

"Are you cool enough?" I ask.

"Yeah, as soon as I get these socks off." She brings her left knee up under her chin and peels the sock off. Naturally, I'm getting a great eyeful of her white panties, then she does the same with her other sock. O.K., I've seen her practically naked, but I never tire of those provocative up skirt flashes. I wonder what it's like for her teachers. Does she sit in the classroom with her legs open, hoping the teacher will get a hard on? I like to think so.

"How's the gymnastics going?" I ask

"It's pretty hard work but I like it."

"Is your teacher hard on you?"

"Only occasionally. Mostly he's pretty nice, but the other day, we were in the changing room taking our leotards off, and the door was partially open, and he walked past and glanced in. Then he walked past another three times, and we were all giggling `cos we knew he was trying to get an eyeful."

"Lucky guy. You didn't report him, did you?"

"Heck, no. We just thought it was funny. Sometimes he gets a little too familiar when he has his hands on us, positioning us and stuff. He touched my peepee once but it might have been a accident. Actually, I quite like him."

"What do you do besides handsprings?"

"The crab."


"Let me show you." To my delight, she stands up and does a handstand, showing off her panties, then her legs go all the way over until they hit the floor, her back fully arched. Her skirt is up around her chest and I can see her navel. Her legs are apart and the white cotton of her panties is stretched over her mound, showing off the shape of her slit, a perfect camel toe. Then she collapses on to her back, her knees splayed, her skirt still over her chest, smiling at me. I want to bury my face between her thighs and inhale her scent, but I know I mustn't touch her. After a few seconds, during which I'm staring at her, she gets up and brushes her skirt down.

"That was really neat," I say. "You look nice in your uniform."

"I'm getting hot, let's go inside."

Back in the air-conditioning of my living room we sit on the couch. Sitting next to me, she swivels her body sideways and slides her butt away from me and rests her head on my thigh. This causes her skirt to ride up and I can just see the crotch of her panties. I'm glad I have the tight briefs on, as my dick is straining to get out.

"Daddy's been acting really strangely lately," she says.

"How do you mean?"

"Kinda tense. But he hugs and kisses me a lot and I like that."

"I know he loves you very much."

"And I love him. We've been very close since Mom died."

"He needs you. You're all he has now. I hope you hug him a lot, too."

"I'm gonna tell you a secret. You mustn't tell Daddy I told you. You promise?"

"I promise."

"Last week, I saw him masturbate!"

Holy shit, this is some promiscuous girl!

"You know about masturbation?"

"Oh yeah. Daddy gave me a big illustrated book all about sex. It had pictures of penises and vaginas and all the sex positions, everything. There was stuff about birth control and safe sex and gay and lesbian sex, and there was a whole chapter about masturbation." She seems comfortable with the word.

"So you saw your dad jerking off? Looking through the keyhole, what?"

She giggled. "No, it was a Sunday morning and I was in my bedroom and I could hear this tapping on the wall. I went out into the yard and peeped through the gap in his bedroom curtains. It was awesome! His dick is enormous!"

"All our dicks get enormous when we get erections."

"He was stroking it and I could hear him groaning. It went on for a couple of minutes, then his hand went faster and faster and he squirted a couple of blobs of semen on to his chest. He was breathing really hard. I guess he liked doing it. What does it feel like?"

"It's an enormous thrill that sweeps through your whole body. It's like nothing you've ever experienced. You'll know when it happens, unless you know already, that is. Can I ask, and you needn't answer if you don't want to, but have you masturbated yet?"

"I sometimes touch myself down there, and it feels nice, but no big thrill yet. Do you masturbate?"

"Of course. Everybody masturbates. I do it a lot." She giggles.

"I think Daddy must do it a lot, because he often has an erection."

"So you've seen his dick?"

"When I was a little girl, yes, but not lately, except for that one time. I used to like watching him when he took a pee, but that was years ago."

"He saw you take a pee last night, didn't he?"

"He told you?"

"Yes. He said you were teasing him."

"Was he angry?"
"No, not at all. He likes watching you pee." I wanted to add that I would love to watch her pee, and have her pee all over my face, but I kept quiet.

"Don't tell him I saw him masturbate."

"I won't, but you're a very bad girl for peeping," I say in a joking way, "and he should take you over his knee and spank you."

"He wouldn't do that."

"I think if you were lying across his knee and he lifted your skirt and gave you a couple of pats on the butt, he'd love it. And be honest, you'd like it too." She giggled again.

"Let's eat." I put my shirt back on and fix dinner for us both. She wants a glass of wine, but Colin's going to smell it on her breath, so she gets juice instead. Around six, we walk over to her place. She forgets to bring her socks, but I say nothing. I can use them for an excuse to call another day, when Nancy's no longer grounded.

In her living room, I'm sitting on the couch and she says innocently, "I gotta get out of this uniform. Come into my bedroom and help me select what to wear." Wow! I'm about to enter the holy of holies, my boss's daughter's bedroom. I sit on her bed as she drops her skirt and unbuttons her blouse. She has on a white cotton cami, which I guess would have been tucked into her panties, but it must have come out when she did the crab. She pulls her panties down to below her navel, not quite far enough to show her pubis, smoothes the cami down and pulls her panties up over it. She has no idea how erotic this looks. She starts to flick through dresses hanging in her closet.

"Seeing how hot it is, why bother to wear anything. I think you look very pretty dressed just as you are."

She smiles. "You're worse than my dad. You just love any chance to see my underwear."

"I have to confess. . ." I don't know how to continue without revealing what a real fucking pervert I am and how much I've fantasized about her and Nancy. Speaking which, "Any news of Nancy? Is she still grounded?"

"Yeah. She mouthed off to her mom. I don't know when we'll see her again.

"Damn! I really like her."

"Yes, I know." She gives me a knowing look.

We're interrupted by the sound of the front door opening, and I step out of her bedroom to see Colin enter. Either he didn't see me come out of her room, or he doesn't care, because he greets us cordially. Kate comes out in a short robe.

"Hi, guys. Has Tony taken good care of you, sweetie?"

"Yes, Daddy. We had a nice dinner." She runs up to him and throws her arms around his neck. His arms go round her waist and he lifts her up off the ground. The back of the robe ride up and I can see the edge of her panties, somehow more arousing than when they were on full view.

"Thanks, Tony. You're a pal."

"No problem. I love spending time with your daughter. I wish I had a kid like her. You're a lucky man."

I'm reluctant to leave, but I can't think of an excuse to stay, so I say a reluctant goodbye and walk back home.

* * *

It's one a.m. and I'm having trouble sleeping. I've jerked off to visions of Kate doing the crab and Nancy in her garter belt, but I still can't get these two little witches out of my mind. Of the two, I think Kate is the more innocent, not quite fully aware of what the sight of her white panties can do to a man, but I'm pretty sure Nancy is asking for it. I'm stroking my stiff dick again, thinking of her when she'd sat by the pool, her panties wet, her slit almost visible, a smile on her lovely face, when the doorbell rings. I throw on my robe as I step quickly to the door. This must be an emergency. I throw the door open and there stands Nancy. She's wearing a very short mauve dress. It has no belt and falls straight down from her armpits to the wide hem well above her knees. On her feet are sneakers and white ankle socks. Her face is shiny in the hot night.

"What the hell are you doing out in the street at this time of night. Come in quickly. It can be dangerous out there for a little girl."

"I'm not so little!" she says indignantly stepping into my living room. "I'm so pissed off at my mom. She's got me grounded for a week, but I sneaked out of the window. She'll never know I'm gone. I've missed you, Tony and I couldn't wait to see you."

Me too, I'm thinking. I take my robe off, after all, she's seen me in my tiny boxers before, then I take her hand and lead her to my couch. "You should be home in bed, but actually, I'm glad you're here. I've missed you too." We're sitting side by side on the couch and I'm holding both her hands, looking into her big dark eyes.

"I love you, Tony," she cries, throwing her arms round my neck. "I really love you."

"I know. I can feel it. Right from that first afternoon, when you were doing cartwheels and climbing the tree, I knew that you liked me in a special way."

"Do you love me?" Her face is anxious.

"Well, let's see," I say, leaning back on the couch, pulling her body to mine as I fall back. "Firstly, you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen: secondly, I can't stop thinking about you, and third, you almost drive me crazy each time I look at you. Is that love? What do you think?"

"Oh yes, you do love me! I'm so happy." She kisses me full on the mouth and as I part my lips slightly, the tip of her tongue goes in, and she grinds her body into mine. For tens of seconds we hold the kiss, and I can feel the heat rising off her body and smell the exciting scent of fresh, young sweat. My cock is now rigid and I know she can feel it against her body. We break apart and she looks down at my boxers.

"Oops, it's fallen out again! Another accident, right?"

"That's no accident. That's what you do to me. Every time I look at you, especially when you tease me with your underwear, every time I even think about you, it gets hard." She bends down, her face inches from the end of my cock. Even I can feel the heat coming off it, and the aroma of slightly stale cum from when I'd jerked off earlier. She inhales deeply.

"It smells sexy."

"You like my dick?"

"It's awesome. I love it. Can I touch it?"

"You don't need to ask. You can do anything you like with it."

She bends closer and places a little kiss on the tip. Her lips are now wet with my precum. Then she takes it in her hand and gives it a few gentle strokes. It's all going a little too fast. Despite jerking off earlier, I'm close to the edge. I take her shoulders and push her upright. "Let's slow down, Nancy. Stand up for me." As she stands up, I reach for my camera, conveniently lying on the end table. "Lift your dress up and show me your panties." They're white, thank God. I'm hoping it's the only color she has.

"You've seen them before. Why'd you want me to show them now."

I snap a picture. "It's the way you're holding your skirt up so I can see them. It's an invitation. It's saying 'come and get me, I'm all yours'."

"I am all yours. Do you wanna see my peepee." I love that word, such a little girl sound, nothing crude like "cunt" or "pussy".

"Of course I do."

Still holding the hem her dress in one hand, she reaches with the other, inserts her fingers into the leg of her panties and pulls the crotch to one side. I can see the whole of her mound, no hair in sight, the inviting vertical slit with a hint of a clit at the top. I click off five quick shots each from a slightly different angle, all very close up. Blown up to full screen on my computer, they're going to look fantastic. I put the camera down and I can smell the faint aroma of sex. I put my arms round her hips and pull her to me, my nose hard against her slit. She thrusts her hips forward and I'm in heaven. My hand are on her buttocks as I rub my nose up and down her crack. I feel like I'm going to cum. Her other hand is on the back of my head, holding me to her. I come up for air.

"Let's go into the bedroom."

She looks so excited as I take her hand and lead her to my bed. She stands in front of me as I lift her dress over her head. She has on a white cotton cami, with a lace edge round the scooped neckline, tucked into her panties. It has that little girl look that I love so much.

"Lie back," she asks me, then pulls my boxers slowly off. There I am, naked with a giant erection sticking up in the air, gazing at the girl I love, dressed just how I like to think of her when I jerk off. She sits down on the bed beside me and takes my dick in her hand.

"I love you, I love you," she murmurs as she begins to stroke it again. I know it's hopeless to try to fight it and on about the tenth stroke I shoot a big blob of cum on to my chest, then two more on my stomach, then more dribbles on her hand. She giggles. "Did I do that?"

"Oh yes. You've no idea how much I've wanted that. I just wish I could have made you cum too."

"You will, Tony, I promise you. Can I sleep here with you tonight? No one will miss me."

"Sure you can." Lying beside her, I feel a deep contentment, nothing like that let-down feeling I have after I've wanked. So this is the afterglow, I think. I realize that she's more than just a sex object to me. I really care for her. I set my alarm, so I can sneak her back home in the morning. She lies beside me, still in her sexy underwear, and we drift off to sleep.

* * *

It's early morning, the sky just beginning to get light. She's lying beside me, her arm thrown over her chest. I kiss her on the lips and she wakes up, blinks and then a big smile breaks out. "I love you, Tony." Her hand slides down and finds my cock, rigid as it always is at this time of day. She grips it and gives it a few strokes. I reach down and pull her panties off. She knows exactly what I want, and I know she wants it too.

"It might hurt a bit," I say, gently.

"It won't. Months ago, I pushed my mom's vibrator up there. It hurt then and I bled, but it won't hurt now." She rolls on top of me and pulls her knees up beside my chest. Her mound rubs against my cock as she moves up and down. Then she lifts herself up, takes hold of my cock and guides it inside her. She's already quite wet and it slides slowly in as she lowers herself on to me. She's looking down at me, little tears in the corners of her eyes, her mouth open. I thrust upwards top meet her and then I'm pounding away, totally out of control, holding her waist and pulling her down on to me. My cock is all the way inside her, and I'm amazed that such a little girl can take the whole thing. She throws her head back and lets out a little cry, then slums down on my chest. Two thrusts later I cum inside her, my cock pulsing as I fill her with my cum.

"I love you," she murmurs in my ear, then rolls off me. I turn and kiss her, long and deep. I've never been so happy.

* * *

It's early, and I drive her back home. She can't stop touching me. I love every minute of it.

Later, at work, Colin gives me a look. "You have a shit-eating grin on your face. Something's happened, right?"

"Has it?" I'm all innocence.

"Don't tell me. You did it. You f. . ."

"Gentlemen don't tell."

"You did, you randy rogue. You bonked Nancy. You dirty old dog. I'm jealous."

"Did I?"

"You can't fool me."

"She's grounded, remember. How could I bonk her?"

"You figured out a way. Shit, you're a quick worker. I bet she loved it."

"Don't jump to conclusions."

He walks off, chuckling. He knows.

* * *

This evening, nobody calls, nobody comes. I can't call Nancy, she's still grounded. Around nine I see Kate's socks where she left them, by the pool. It's a good excuse to go and see how she and Colin are getting on. I walk up his driveway and knock on his door. No reply. I knock again, and still nothing. Are they out? I walk around the house and into the back yard. There's a light shining from one of the windows. I step close and look through the gap in the curtains. Oh, Shit! I shouldn't be here, this is none of my business, but I can't tear myself away.

Colin is lying naked on the bed. Kate, in just a white cami, lies beside him holding his rock hard cock. I can clearly see her pussy. She props herself up on one elbow, staring at it, a huge smile on her face. Then she bends forward and takes it in her mouth. It doesn't go in very far, just and inch or two. She too young to be deep-throating him, too young to be sucking him at all. Colin is stroking her hair and she starts to bob up and down. There's a look of ecstasy on his face. Then he rolls her on to her back, she opens her legs wide and her arms go round his back. He slides down her body until his face is between her thighs. I can see his head moving as he eats her. I can faintly hear her moaning and her hips are bucking.

I put my hand down my pants and feel how steel hard my cock is. Soon Colin lifts his head and says something. Kate pulls her body up on top if his, and I see his dick, the lovely dick I sucked the other night, go deep inside her. Her hands are now on his buttocks, and she lifts her legs and wrap them round his thighs. I can hear them both groaning now, and his pace quickens. Suddenly, she cries out and goes limp. Colin rolls off her on to his back, and I can see his cock is dripping wet, cum or pussy juice, probably both. I suddenly cum into my pants, even though I haven't been stroking myself.

Kate props herself up on one elbow and speaks to him. I can read her lips.

"I love you Daddy."

The End

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