The most disturbing and painful news came in the early morning hours during the heart of winter. My older, and only, brother and his wife had been involved in an automobile accident that had taken both of their lives. This is where I come into the picture. I am in my twenties and had been enjoying a luxurious lifestyle for quite sometime. I lived several states away from my brother and his family, where I had successfully opened a chain of restaurants. Their untimely death vacated their two children, Alex and Dana. Both of which, are identical twins with Alex being the first to be conceived, then Dana following a short few minutes later. Both are twelve years old and in need of dire attention. Upon hearing the news, I immediately caught the first plane out to be with my niece and nephew.

Being their only uncle, I was also their favorite. Upon each of my visits, I always showered them with gifts and gave my brother a considerable sum of money. Each month, I always sent my brother a check for $5000.00, just to be a good brother. I had made all the arrangements for my brother and sister-in-law's funeral before packing up the children's clothes and flew back home.

The first week or so was very tough on Alex and Dana. They missed their parents, as well as I missed my brother. My biggest problem was my bisexual lifestyle. Until the kids arrived, I would sometimes throw a tremendous party where sex would definitely occur sometime later, as time ticked away. Now, the kids were living with me and that part of my life would forever change. I love my nephew and niece with all my heart and never once thought of putting them somewhere else. My home is now their home, and that is final!

Like I said earlier, I am in my twenties; 28 to be precise. I work out daily and am very proud of my washboard stomach, as well as the rest of my body. Getting laid, knock on wood, has never been a problem. Standing 6' 2" and weighing a muscular 220 pounds while sporting a pretty good sized piece of meat between my legs always had the size queens rapping on my door. When totally hard, my cock stands straight out in front of my body a solid eleven, extremely thick inches. Mt balls aren't really worth mentioning, but they hang low and produce quite a load.

Alex is twelve and he looks more like his mother. He stands about 5' 3" and probably weighs no more than 110 pounds. His hair is cut short and is blond as pure as the sun. Alex's blue eyes will melt your heart at first glance as his thin, bright pink lips soften with a smile, creating the cutest little dimples impaling into his slender cheeks. His voice is soft and gentle like a warm summer's rain. Alex's eyebrows are thick, but almost transparent due to the blondness in color. The boy's eyelashes are long, almost as if they were painted on. His cute little button nose, free from any freckles, sparkles as his eyes entrance upon you. To sum Alex all up, he is flat fucking gorgeous!

Dana is only a few minutes younger than Alex. She stands about 5' 2" and could not weigh no more than 90 pounds. Her long wavy blond hair dangles freely just below her small shoulder blades. If her hair were to be cut just the same as Alex, no-one would be able to tell them apart. They are identical twins, the spitting image of one another. So, to sum her up, she is flat fucking gorgeous too!

By the way, my name is Ray. The kids don't call me uncle, they just call me by my name and I like that better anyways. Before the second week ended, both of the kids began to open to me. We played together and did just about everything together. I had hired a private teacher and decided it would be best to continue their education in our home. It certainly didn't take long for me to discover just how intelligent the two were. I tried to explain things to them as if they were small children, but most of the times, I wound up being the one getting things explained to me. Nonetheless, I was having the greatest time ever with my nephew and niece. The only thing I missed was getting laid all the time. Since they arrived, I pretty much did without, except for ole reliable, my hand.

The longer I spent with my twin angels, the more obsessed my thoughts became as to their nudity, or what they looked like naked. I cursed myself for such evil and perverse thoughts, but my hand always pumped on my hard cock while my brain played out various scenarios with Alex and Dana. The last thing I wanted to do was ever hurt my twins in anyway. Having a big cock is more of a curse than anything else. I have had women take one look at it and cringe at the mere thought of my cock ripping their pussy's open, while other women seemed to beg for it. Some of the guys thought they wanted a big cock up their poop chutes, but the majority of them backed out once I got some of it in. Now, here I was, contemplating evil thoughts on my twelve year old niece and nephew.

Accustomed to living alone, I normally walked around nude and always slept naked for my own personal comfort. Walking around my home nude was no longer an option, but I did continue to sleep naked. I had just went to bed and was reading a book when my bedroom door flung open. The storm outside caused both Alex and Dana to burst into my room scared out of their wits. Dana had tears rolling from her eyes and Alex was breathing extremely heavy and was pale in complexion. Needing no invitation, both of them jumped into my bed and quickly shot under the covers. I had found myself quickly absorbed in the middle of my bed with Alex on my left side and Dana on my right side.

Both of them were wearing their night clothes; Alex in his boxers and Dana wore a long short sleeve shirt that once belonged to her father, my brother. I was more afraid of my nudity than they were of the pounding storm. Each of them snuggled against me ever so tightly and each of my arms wrapped around their precious heads for their much needed security. Their freshly brushed teeth sent their wonderful aroma darting up my flaring nostrils. The shampoo of their hair coursed through my lungs while their body heat and gentle touches sent shivers up and down my spine. Both of their small hands rested on my chest while my cock throbbed with a massive hard-on. Unable to move, somewhere in the night, all three of us drifted off to sleep.

It was sometime in the early morning hours, I was startled in my sleep. My eyes opened and realized my twin angels were still in the bed with me, but someone's hand was resting on top of my pre cum gushing rock hard cock. I looked at Dana and knew it wasn't her hands because she was on her right side in a fetal position almost completely hidden underneath the covers. Darting my eyes towards Alex, I saw that he was on his right side as well, but his left hand was resting directly in the middle of my thick shaft. His hand softly dug at the fleshy skin of my cut cock as if he were trying to slowly tease it into submission. Alex was softly snoring, almost like a kittens purr. I was more in a heavenly bliss than a shocking dilemma. Using my right hand I kind of guided his sleeping hand up and down my shaft causing shockwaves of ecstacy to roar through my perverted head.

Due to the position Alex was sleeping in, there was no way I could manage to cop a feel. Believe me, I tried. I did slide my hand over his little bubble butt and was amazed at just how firm his little butt was. I was enjoying the feeling from the burning heat of my nephew's hand when Dana rolled over and her right hand landed square on my balls. I was caught way off guard and didn't know if I should throw-up from her solid blow to my balls or shoot my load all over the place. I knew they were sleeping heavily, but I did enjoy their innocent touches of my crotch area to the point I almost busted my nut. Both of their precious little mouths were slightly open as I scooped up some of my pre cum on my right index finger and softly placed an ample amount to each of their succulent lips. As my finger rolled off their bottom lips, I watched in total fascination as their upper lips and tongues slurped up the thick and slimy glob of my pre cum. Dana sort of smacked her lips together as my pre cum invaded the hot interior of her delicate little mouth while Alex ran his tongue along his lips before returning to his hard open mouth sleeping state.

I fed both, Alex and Dana, a large amount of my pre cum before drifting back off to sleep. When I awoke the next morning, both kids were snuggled close to me and the covers had been kicked off and there I was in the middle with a morning erection. Eleven, thick and hard inches was pointing towards my chin and I tried to reach down and grab some covers, but I was unable to due to both kids were still under each of my arms. I tried to see if their eyes were open, but could only see the top of their heads. Alex's left hand was on my lower stomach, slightly touching my well trimmed pubic hairs while Dana's right hand was on my right thigh, closest to my balls. I could feel the heat steaming off of her little hand onto my cum filled balls. My cock twitched and jerked at the rhythm of my rapid heart beat. I was torn between fear and excitement that they might open their eyes and see their uncle's excited state.

It was Alex who rolled his head up, climbing up my chest as our eyes met. His sweet voice rang upon my ears as he softly whispered, "Good morning!" His natural smile caused my heart to pound even harder upon my shaky response. His sweet cherry lips were only a few inches from my own as my eyes fell into an unwanted trance peering into his crystal sky blue eyes. His hand stayed on my pubic hair as he quietly asked, "Do you think my pee-pee will ever get as big as yours?" With a voice of a beaten warrior, I hesitantly replied, "Yeah, someday, but in the meantime, how about pulling up the covers so Dana don't open her eyes and see it." Fear sprang into my heart when Dana rolled her head up and flashed her baby blue eyes and smiled while looking straight at me. Her innocent and precious voice softly pierced my ears as she said, "Too late Ray, I already see it!"

Nothing sexual remotely occurred as we got out of bed and each of us took a shower in our own bathrooms. While in the shower, I blasted a thick and creamy load all over the shower thinking of my twin angels. Now, more than ever, I was drastically curious as to what the twins looked like totally naked. I was becoming thwarted with a sexual desire, no, a burning passion, as to their complete beauty. My mind replayed the scene from this morning and one thing I did notice was that neither of the twins appeared to be intimidated at the sight of my large cock.

I cooked us a hardy breakfast and we all ate while conversing to a casual talk of what to do for the day. It was too cold outside to do any outdoor activities, so we decided to just hang around the house and do nothing. It was around noon when one of Alex's friends came over and both of them took off to his friend's house to play games. It was only me and Dana remaining to entertain ourselves. Dana wanted to sit in the hot tub so we went to our bedrooms to get into our swimming attire. I wore my only swimsuit which was a shiny blue set of Speedo's. My proud flaccid six inches was more than visible for anyone with a poor set of eyes to gaze upon. I was already in the hot tub when Dana walked out onto the patio wearing her bikini. It was a bright red which set off her beautiful blond hair and swayed around her natural gorgeous smile. The top half barely covered her small nipples as her little mounds heaved to her every breath. The lower half of her bikini was more like a band-aid. The one inch gap between her shapely thighs was barely covered by the skimpy material and the top of her bikini bottoms hung way down to her pubic region. Not a single blemish was evident anywhere on her gorgeous frame. My cock immediately stretched the fabric as it strained to get a better look at my niece.

Dana was sitting across from me as we sat in the tub and enjoyed the hot water and cool air. Smiling ever so gently, she angelically asked, "Ray, are you gay?" I was almost floored by her question and searched for the correct response. The longer I hesitated, the harder she stared at me. Finally, she softly said, "It's okay if you are, I understand. Since me and Alex came to live with you, I know you haven't been able to do the things you used to do cause you spend all your time with us. I just wanted to thank you for taking me and Alex into your home." The way she was speaking and the look on her face caused my eyes to water, and I replied, "Dana, this is our home now. I never once gave it a second thought as to you and Alex living here. We can't go back in time and change anything, but we can live for today and make the best of it. To answer your question earlier, I am bisexual."

She didn't act surprised or look disgusted at hearing about my bisexuality. She just sat there with a smile on her face, glaring into my eyes. Dana licked her lips and asked, "If this is our home too, can we do pretty much what we want, within reason?" I said, "Dana, this is OUR home and you and Alex have full run of the place. I want you guys to feel free here and do whatever you need to do to feel more comfortable while adjusting your lives while living here." She got up and quickly sat on my lap as we embraced one another in a loving hug. Even though the hot water felt good, my cock sank into the crevice between her legs and could feel her tiny pussy lips as it shuttered on top of my shaft. My hands roamed her smooth and delicate back and was amazed at the softness, almost as if touching a sheet of silk. Her hands slid across my back as we sat there and enjoyed the loving embrace.

As Dana was rising up to go back to her seat in the hot tub, one of her hands fell onto my pulsing cock ever so gently, as if by accident. We had only been in the tub for a short time and Dana was thirsty. Not thinking, I stood up and I watched as her eyes gazed upon my revealing erection. Her smile never left her face as I walked inside to get our refreshments. Upon my return, I handed her the drink and got back in. Dana had lowered her body further into the bubbling water. I sat there and wished my hardening erection to go soft. Small talk developed, but then Dana floored me when she stated, "Did you know mommy and daddy were nudists?" She didn't wait for me to respond as she said, "One rule at our house was that when we were inside, clothes had to be off. Me and Alex like to be naked, cause it feels better than having any clothes on. We used to go to these camps where everyone walked around nude and everyone just had a great time." I was still trying to get over what she had just said when she asked, "Can me and Alex walk around naked like we used to with mommy and daddy?"

The words just wouldn't come out of my mouth as she further stated, "We were trying to figure out how to ask you without hurting your feelings, because you're the best uncle in the whole wide world." I was thinking of a proper response and the words sort of slipped out of my mouth, "Sure, I don't see why not." We had been in the tub for a good while and Dana wanted to go inside. We toweled off and went to our bedrooms to change. I finished first and was sitting in the livingroom thumbing through the channels when Dana entered naked as the day she was born. Her nipples were small, but very pointy and my eyes followed her smooth stomach to her pussy. A thin little line of almost transparent blond pubic hair traveled toward the top of her thin puffy pussy mound. Her sweet pussy lips were tightly sealed and it looked like a thin line slicing into her almost hairless pussy. I was wearing shorts and my cock immediately sprang to life as my eyes gazed upon this heavenly beauty. My mouth began to water as my heart leaped into my throat. Dana stood in front of me, placed her hands on her tiny hips and said, "Ray, you got to be naked too, I promise you that you will feel a whole lot better being naked than having any clothes on."

I stood up and for the first time in my life, fumbled feverishly with the top button. She looked at me the whole entire time as I was nervously torturing myself trying to get my damn shorts off. Thankfully, the top button finally cooperated and I peeled my shorts off and out popped my eleven inches of man meat. Dana reached down and picked up my shorts, turned around and walked down the hall. I sat back down, but my eyes followed her bubbly, pearl drop butt all the way down the hall. Her butt was small, but it was perfectly shaped in every sense of the word. Upon her return, my eyes followed her every footstep as she sat down right next to me on the sofa. She looked down at my throbbing cock and looked up into my eyes and said, "Ray, you got the biggest dick I've ever seen. I thought daddy's dick was big, but yours is way bigger than his!" I had no clue what to say so I just sat there like a bump on a log.

We found a movie and sat there side by side watching the movie, or at least she was. I was staring at her small breasts and pointy nipples. They were a dark pink and jutted out o solid half inch from her small mounds. I wanted to lean down and suck those perky little nipples so bad, but fought back the perverted urge. About midway through the movie, Alex came running in and just stopped dead in his tracks, staring at his naked sister and naked uncle with a raging hard-on. After a brief second, Alex eagerly said, "Heck yeah Dana, I see you asked him about us being naked. Yes, oh Frigg-in A man, I'm gonna go change!" Dana rolled her eyes up to mine and whispered, "See, he wants to run around naked too, but his dick ain't nowhere as big as yours."

Within seconds, Alex came walking down the hall and I focused in on his swaying two inches of boyhood. His balls were completely hairless and rested rather tightly in his smooth sac. They appeared to be the size of a quarter, perfectly egg shaped. His cut two inches of soft boy meat had just a little hint of blond hairs on either side of the base of his cock. His flat muscular stomach revealed his muscles at his every breath. Alex's belly button was hardly a belly button as it slightly poked in forming a small, almost invisible hole. His little nipples were a bright pink and looked like two little dots on his smooth hairless chest. Alex sat down on the left side of me and started watching the movie. My cock started gushing out pre cum by the bucket loads as my eyes rocked back and forth from my nephew to my niece. I had either died and went to heaven or was the luckiest man on earth. These two little angels were beyond gorgeous and my eyes had never been graced with so much beauty as they were now.

Dana leaned up and stared at her brother and said, "Alex, Ray is not gay, he is bisexual!" I was stunned by her words and even more shocked when Alex leaned up and responded with, "Wow, that is so cool!" Alex looked up at me and proudly stated, "I bet you get a lot of people wanting you to put that huge thing up their pussy or butt hole!" As I looked at Alex, I couldn't help not to notice he was staring at my pre cum dripping rock hard erection and responded, "Some want it, some don't." Dana fired back by saying, "I can't believe anybody wouldn't want your big cock inside them. They must be crazy not to want it!" I was lost with words and was trying to desperately absorb everything that was being said, but managed to ask, "Are you guys sexually active?"

Alex was the first to respond by saying, "Not really, but we do like to touch one another sometimes. Shucks, Dana has already sucked on a boy's dick before, but that was all they did." Dana eagerly shot back, "So, you let some guy stick his tongue up your butt!" I couldn't believe my ears as they continued their verbal slamming of one another. Alex said, "It felt good, but you peed in that lady's mouth at the campground last year!" Dana never lost her smile as she added, "That's right, but I'm not the one who got busted trying to stick a cucumber up my ass!" Alex fired right back with, "Okay, okay, you got me, but didn't you get busted by mom eating one of your friend's pussy's?" I thought I was going to bust a nut from my cock twitching and jerking so much listening to the two of them rat one another out. I finally intervened by saying, "Alright, so you guys have experimented with things, I get the picture."

Their innocent argument ended quietly as we watched the movie, or at least they watched the movie. I still watched them and their precious mouth watering nudity. I stared at my nephew's two inches of soft boy meat and wished upon the stars for the thing to grow so I could see it in all of its full glory. Dana was about to fall asleep so she politely excused herself and walked toward her bedroom. Her lovely butt burned an everlasting impression in my mind as my eyes followed her firm cheeks as they teeter tottered up and down with her every step. Alex broke my train of thought by saying, "Dana's got a nice ass, don't she?" Without thinking, I blurted out, "She sure does!" I looked into the eyes of my nephew and he was all smiles as his right hand rested on my left thigh.

The movie had ended and Alex started poking me in the side in attempt to tickle me. One thing led to another and we began wrestling around on the carpet. My dick was still hard as a bone as our touches roamed the other's body. Somehow or another, Alex had gotten on top of me with me laying flat on my back. He was facing my feet and scooted his butt back towards my face. His tear drop butt looked so inviting, but the crack was still tightly gripping closed preventing me from seeing his wonder chute. He was giggling like crazy as he began tickling my sides, and inch by inch, scooting his butt dangerously close to my face. I had my hands on the inside of his hips and was sort of helping him to scoot back. Alex was laughing and my cock was throbbing as his butt was only a mere inch from my flaring nostrils. He leaned down and I felt the cheek of his face rest on top of my aching shaft. When he bent down, his small cheeks parted and his pretty light pink rosebud popped into view. My eyes were torn between staring at his little pink hole and his smooth hairless balls that were all bunched up on top of my heavy breathing chest.

I inhaled deeply, savoring the musky, soapy fresh scent of my nephew's piping hot little bung hole. My tongue was certainly no stranger to an asshole for I have had more than my fair share of some tasty treats, but never anyone so young, especially mixed with my own blood. Before I could control my lustful thoughts, Alex raised his hips and slammed his asshole right into my face. My nose was pressing against his tightly sealed pucker hole and he began grinding his hips onto my face. I just knew I was going to bust a massive nut as my nose was rewarded with his fresh floral scent of boy ass. His hips forced his butt hole to role over and across my nose ever so gently. He wasn't laughing no more and my heart was racing ever so fast. I couldn't get enough of breathing his boy ass into my body. His hands softly caressed my balls as he raised his ass up and lowered it onto my mouth.

His boy hole was on my lips and my nose was being crushed against his soft hairless crack. Instinctively, my tongue darted out and showered his tiny pucker hole with my loving saliva. His bung hole tasted even better then it smelled and I was going mad with a fiery perverted passion. Alex softly cried out, "Oh yes Ray, yes, eat my asshole, ah, ugh, I love for my hole to be licked!" I was even further shocked to feel his hot tongue lick at my piss slit. He was getting a belly full of my pre cum, but he seemed to enjoy the texture as well as the taste because he was softly moaning. My hands coursed over his young body, enjoying the silk like texture that was gracing my senses. My tongue splashed against his little hole until it parted, allowing my tongue to explore his hot inner anal walls. His moans became louder as my tongue snaked its way through the dark tunnel. The further my tongue traveled, the more entranced I became. His wonderful and sweet ass juice awoke and heightened my every senses. I became an animal driving my tongue into his anal depths. His hips rotated back and forth, up and own, as my tongue separated his thin anal walls, savoring his tasty treat with a mad passion. His soft hands held onto my shaft as they softly worked the tight skin up and down while his hot breath and torturing tongue worked on my cock head.

His little mouth parted and he shoved the head of my cock inside and I lost it. I grunted and cried out, only for my cries to be muffled by his sweet ass, as blast after thick blast shot out of my dick and straight into my nephew's sucking mouth. I heard him gag a couple of times as my balls sent my sperm out by the load. It had been a while since I had bust a nut into someone's mouth and the fact knowing it was my twelve year old gorgeous nephew only heightened the mind boggling sensation. The harder my sperm flew out, the more I drilled at his delicious asshole with my tongue. My sperm ceased, but Alex was still sucking on my cock head like crazy as he lifted his hips, forcing my tongue to depart his sweet hole, moved his precious little butt father back, and shoved his five and half inches of boy pride into my mouth. His cock had some definite thickness to it as it struck the back of my throat. His pre cum was sweeter than honey and I savored the taste as my nephew started fucking my mouth with his impressive cock.

As he shoved his cock in and out of my mouth, his lovely egg shaped balls bounced off of my nose. It only took a few strokes until he grunted as the first of his hot, watery jet of boy sperm struck the roof of my mouth. Blast after watery blast flew from his piss slit by the groves and I eagerly milked his cock with all the suction I could muster. I was more than surprised by the quantity of sperm my twelve year old nephew could deliver. My mouth was almost to the point of over flowing before his fucking motion ceased as he held his cock implanted inside my cum filled mouth. His sweet divine boy sperm slowly slipped down my throat and I had never before tasted this much quality of sperm before. Not even a trace of salt could be tasted as I moaned in pleasure of the taste as his watery sperm slid down my sperm hungry gullet. Alex's body began shaking as my tongue and mouth drained his precious boy cock free from his sweet and tasty cum.

He rolled off of me and we both lay there in somewhat of a disbelief. I was startled when he quietly said, "That was great Ray and your cum is very tasty and its not even bitter. I like it and I can't wait to do this again." I couldn't believe I had just eaten my nephew's asshole and sucked his cock and worshiped his sweet sperm. What kind of uncle was I to have fallen prey to my own perverted lust? I felt kind of sick as we lay there, but I still couldn't keep my eyes off the naked wonder beside me. Alex whispered, "Ray, your gonna love Dana's pussy. It tastes real good!" I had to ask the fateful question, "How often do you eat your sister's pussy?" Alex leaned up with a smile on his face and said, "Pretty much, all the time! She sucks my dick and she says she loves the way my sperm tastes! One time, she jacked me off and I shot my cum into my mouth. It was really hot, but didn't really taste like much, or at least not to me. Your sperm was way thicker than mine and you shoot a lot more!"

I was still trying to catch my breath and absorb everything my little angel was saying. I asked, "What did you mean by I would like the taste of your sister's pussy? She might not even be interested in doing anything like that with me." Alex had a puzzled look come over his face as he replied, "We are talking about my sister and your niece, right? Ray, after seeing your hard-on this morning, that's all she's talked about. Dana wants your cock and that's all there is to it. She's told me so already!" I asked one more question, "Alex, have you already fucked your sister?" He responded, "Not really. She won't let me fuck her pussy, but she will let me fuck her in the ass though. She loves for me to stick my dick up her butt cause she says she can cum a lot when I do it that way." I was lost in his words as my cock grew harder by the second. I wanted to ask him so bad if he would let me fuck him, but I declined not to ask.

Alex fell asleep on the floor so I picked him up and carefully placed him onto the sofa. I retrieved a blanket and reluctantly covered his gorgeous nude frame. As he lay sleeping ever so gracefully, I couldn't resist leaning down and running my tongue along his thin pinkish lips. Even his lips tasted wonderful. After kissing his nose, I left him be to rest peacefully. I decided to take a long warm bath and was enjoying soaking in the bubbles when Dana lightly knocked on the door. She came in and my eyes immediately felt privileged admiring her naked beauty. She asked innocently, "What are you doing?" I said, "Just soaking in the bubbles." With a precious smile on her face, she asked, "Can I join you?" I was unable to speak, but nodded my head yes. I watched as her right foot stepped up and into the tub. Her pussy lips remained glued closed, preventing me from seeing her inner beauty. She lowered herself at the opposite end of my overly large garden tub. Her breasts became hidden behind the bubbles.

Her legs were on the inside of my spread legs and my cock was angrily erected just from the feel of her silk like legs. Lost in the moment, I was awoken as her feet gently pressed against my balls and thick shaft. One foot was teasing my balls as the other foot carefully traveled up and down the length of my solid shaft. Her beautiful smile never left her face as her feet started driving me insane with desire. My eyes were closed enjoying the extreme sensation that she was giving me when I felt her move. Upon opening my eyes, her lips pressed hard against mine and her tongue pried its way in. I looked into her eyes but they were tightly sealed as our tongues battled to conquer the other. My hands roamed up and down her smooth silk like back as our tongues collided. The more of her sweet saliva she offered me, the more I wanted. My hands traveled under the water and gripped and caressed her bubbly firm butt cheeks. The head of my hard cock was trapped between the crevice of her pussy and it began twitching and throbbing at the searing heat steaming from her young pussy.

My index finger found her tiny anal hole and began drawing miniature circles over the little bud. Dana began moaning as my finger probed at her back door with a loving and burning desire. She used her closed pussy to slide along the rigid shaft as our tongues rolled across one another. The more she stroked my cock with her soft pussy, the harder it became. My finger pressed hard against her little asshole and soon slipped in. She cried out into my mouth as my finger twisted and turned inside her asshole while traveling deeper and deeper inside her hot searing oven of an asshole. Before long, I had two fingers digging inside her tight little bung hole and her sliding along my shaft with her pussy quickened. Alex was definitely right by saying she could orgasm having something up her ass. Dana was creaming by the gallons with my fingers plowing inside her butt and my tongue fighting its way inside her delicious mouth.

Her body went almost completely limp as she had experienced one long and powerful orgasm. She shook uncontrollably as she was panting heavily inside my mouth. My fingers still screamed in and out of her tight hole with a blinding flurry. Her moans, grunts, and whimpering were being muffled by my lips that had tightly sealed around her small vivacious lips. I let my fingers slip out of her asshole and she looked into my eyes with her glassy eyes and said, "I want your cock, please give it to me, I have to feel it inside me!" With that being said, we got out of the tub, dried off and I watched as she lay on the bed flat on her back. I crawled onto the bed and lowered my face to her little pussy. She immediately began spreading her legs farther apart, resting her legs on her heels. Using my hands, I placed them on the inside of her thighs I gently pushed her forward. Incapable of fighting back the urge, I slipped my tongue onto the crack at the bottom of her pussy and slowly licked my way up. Her wet lips, soaked with her pussy juice, fell onto my tongue as it journeyed upwards. I had eaten a lot of pussy in my young lifetime, but none tasted so delicious as the piece of meat that was scorching my tongue.

Using my thumbs, I spread her puffy lips and could only look at the bright pink opening before ramming my tongue inside. Her pussy juice rolled off my tongue and down my throat as my tongue plundered its way through the sweet candy of her pussy.

Dana was moaning softly as I gently raised the protective hood covering her hard little clit. I rapped my lips around it, started sucking while flapping at the tiny piece of delicate meat with my tongue. Dana grabbed the bed cover with both hands while groaning loudly as her little hips started bucking up and down. She fought back from screaming as I shoved a finger inside her tight little nearly hairless pussy. My finger was met with her searing heat inside her pussy while my mouth and tongue worked on her juicy little clit. The knuckle on my middle finger of my right hand was pressing hard against her little poop chute while my index finger rifled in and out of her tight pussy.

I was on my knees with my ass bunked up in the air when I felt little hands cover my cheeks and a pointy tongue dive into my exposed butt hole. Alex had woken up and was now eating my asshole like a starving lion. Dana was in the middle of an orgasm and Alex was grunting while driving his tongue in and out of my hole. I was whimpering at the delicious bounty of pussy juice that was flooding my taste buds. Alex's small hands reached under me and was grabbing at my cock while his tongue pressed even further up my butt. I raised Dana's legs even higher and briefly stared at her butt hole. It too, looked just like Alex's asshole. I shot my tongue inside her asshole while slamming a finger into her pussy. Just like Alex, her ass juice was just as tasty. My body was shaking at eating her asshole while Alex was driving his hot tongue in and out of mine.

There are no words to describe her sweet angelic ass juice taste. My tongue slithered up her dark hole with delight and she was screaming out in pleasure as her pussy rocked her petite body with shuttering orgasms, one right after the other. I was so lost in eating her asshole, but quickly realized my place as my asshole was being set on fire. Alex had shoved his cock up my virgin ass and wasted no time in fucking the living shit out of me. The pain was intense as he yelled, "Oh yeah, fuck, your ass is tight Ray, shit yeah, this feels real good!" I was glad he was enjoying it, but at the moment, I sure wasn't. My ass felt like someone had just shoved a hot poker iron up my butt and I thought my ass was being split wide open. I could feel his nuggets as they slammed against my cheeks with his every downward thrust.

Before too long, what seemed like an eternity, the twelve year old cock up my ass started feeling really good. I found myself thrusting my ass onto his pounding cock in an attempt to swallow the boy whole. Dana rolled onto her stomach, got on her knees and lowered her upper body onto the mattress. She reached under her and guided my cock to her pussy. She practically yelled, "Ray, fuck me, please give me your big dick, fuck my pussy, fuck me now!" With Alex's cock tearing up my asshole, and her hands guiding my hard cock to her pussy, I grabbed onto my thick member and placed it at her pussy entrance. She rocked back as I arched forward. About four inches dove inside and she began screaming as her pussy walls were being stretched farther than ever before. The thrusting cock inside my ass caused me to slam some more of my thick man sized meat into her twelve year old pussy. She screamed loudly as three more thick inches forced its way inside her.

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I really didn't know if Dana wanted my cock up her ass or not, but when she reached back with both hands, spread her butt cheeks, and kind of pointed at her little butt hole, I knew that she was more than ready for it. I pulled my pussy juiced covered cock out of her pussy and pressed the head against her little chute and shoved hard. With a mouthful of her brother's cock, she grunted as the head of my cock pried the tight entrance open and began snaking its way up her hot, tight Hershey Highway. The more I pushed my cock into her tight ass, the louder her grunts and moans became. About half way in, her body began trembling from a tremendous orgasm. She slammed her little ass onto my hard cock, forcing the remainder deep inside her juicy bowels. "Humph, humph, humph!" Dana grunted as her little young ass began slamming back and forth onto my cock that was lodged inside her sweet little bung chute. I reached under her and began stroking her clit while fucking the life out of her asshole. Her cock sucking must have increased, because Alex was moaning and yelling he was getting close. I saw his little body twitch and his face contorted as his cock erupted his watery seed into his sister's sucking mouth.

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When I awoke, Alex had his left hand resting on my limp cock along with Dana's right hand right next to his, lost in their own little precious sleep world. Now, I know my life was only getting better!