It's all in the family

By: Cassie White

My name is Cassie. I'm 27 years old. I'm currently 5'9", 210 lbs. I have long jet black hair down to my ass and hazel eyes. My measurements are 36DD-28-36. I am happily in an incestual relationship and firmly support it.

First off, let me say that yes i'm a chubby girl. I prefer it that way. I like food and I like being a big girl. It has never had an effect on my sex life. Anyway, I have had a few body mods done to me. I have my clit hood pierced. I also have a few tattoos. I have a celtic braid stretching across the small of my back and dipping between my butt cheeks. I also have a rainbow heart tattoo on my left butt cheek.

Getting to the story, I am in an incestual relationship with both my brother and my sister. I have been sleeping with my brother since I was 16 years old and I've been sleeping with my sister for about 4 years. The three of us live with our mother. Our father divorced mom when I was 6 years old for another woman.

All my friends and everyone knows that my brother is my boyfriend. Mom knows all about it and she's ok with it. Well, she wasn't ok with it at first. She caught us in bed together after we had been having sex for a little bit over a month. I've been helping him masturbate since we were both teenagers. I'd come in his room. He would be naked and I'd rub my pussy on his dick through my panties. I don't know why I did it. I was just being a good sister.

One night i was going in to do our nightly thing. This time i went into his room naked. I had forgotten about it and was just about to start masturbating myself. I told him that he could put it in just for a few seconds. That turned into a 45 minute romp in bed and ending with him cuming in my pussy. Well, I was happy with it. I immediately knew that I needed to go on some sort of birth control. See, jason didn't like wearing condoms and i didn't want him to wear them either.

So I went to mom and said, "Mom, I need to go on birth control."

She said, "You need to?"

I said, "Yeah, I've been having sex and I don't want to get pregnant."

Now, mom is really cool about the whole thing. She was never mad. She just didn't want me to end up a teenager with a baby. Anyway, she said, "So, you want to do the pill?"

I said, "Well can I be completely honest about this?"

She said, "Sure darlin, you know i'm cool with the whole thing."

I said, "I want to go on the shot. If I get the shot there's literally no way to get pregnant and I won't have a period so i can have sex all month."

Mom said, "Good call. We can go to the obgyn tomorrow after school."

I was supposed to have my period about a week and a half later and the doctor told me to wait until after my period before having sex without a condom. Jason must have thought that I freaked out or something because I didn't even go into his room at night. I wanted to wait until after my period was over before doing anything. I knew that if I went in his room i would end up in bed.

Well, 2 weeks passed and my period was over. Jason normally goes to bed at around 10pm. I was waiting in his bed for him already naked. He didn't even notice I was there. He walked into his room, turned out the lights, got undressed and got in bed. He was startled when I started sucking his dick. He pulled off the covers and saw me there.

He said, "Cassie, holy shit. What are you doing?"

I pulled his dick out of my mouth and said, "I'm sucking your dick, silly boy."

He said, "I can see that. Why though? I thought you freaked out since you haven't been in my room or even talked to me in 3 weeks."

I said, "Mom got me on the shot now. We can fuck as much as we want now. That is....if you still want to."

He said, "You really want to do this? I thought it was just a one time thing."

I said, "I'm up for it if you are. Nobody has to know unless you want them to."

So we started having sex every night. We had been at it for about a month and nobody was the wiser. For the first few weeks we would have sex and then I would sneak back into my room to go to sleep. Well, I got tired of doing that so we started sleeping together after we had sex. You would think we were a newlywed couple.

We got caught on a friday night. It was 11:30pm. Jason had just finished eating my pussy and I was on top of him. I had just slid his dick in my pussy and was riding him cowgirl slowly.

Mom walked into Jason's room and said, "Jason, honey, I'm going sleep with rick tonight and I won't be back till tomorrow afternoon. Jason? You awake?"

She turned the light on and saw me on top of jason riding him slowly.

Mom's eyes got huge. Her jaw dropped and she said, "CASSIE MARIE, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?"

I looked back and said, "Having sex?"

Mom said, "I can see that. With your brother? How long has this been going on?"

Jason said, "About a month now. Would you rather us out having sex with someone you don't know that could have something?"

Mom said, "I really don't have time to discuss this. Right now, I should be halfway to Rick's house. I'll be in more of a mood to discuss this after I've gotten some dick in me."

Mom turned off the light and shut the door. Jason and I went right back to it. We were laying in bed together afterwards. We were discussing how it felt good that mom knew because we didn't have to keep it a secret......if she didn't completely flip her wig and lock us in seperate rooms for the rest of existence.

Mom came home late saturday afternoon. She walked in the door and called us downstairs.

She said, "So the two of you have been having sex for a month now?"

We both said in unison, "Yes, ma'am."

She said, "Well, I discussed it with Rick in bed last night and I've come to a decision."

I said, "Mom, I'm sorry. I know that it's taboo..."

Mom cut me off. She said, "Now hold up. Let me finish. Anyway, although it's not what I expected I don't have a problem with the two of you having sex with each other."

Jason and I both said, "Really!?"

Mom said, "At least it's someone you know and love. I'd rather you two sleep together than be out fucking someone else and coming home with something."

I said, "Mom, you are the coolest mom ever."

Mom said, "There are some conditions. One, you can't tell anyone about this. VERY close friends maybe but that's it. Two, your school work and chores better not slack off. The second either one of you come home with a C or less and your fling is over."

I said, "So is it ok if we live in the same room together?"

Mom said, "That's fine with me."

My older sister Kasey came downstairs and said, "Mom, since we're letting secrets out I have one."

Mom said, "Sara can sleep over with you anytime she wants. You don't have to do the sleepovers on the weekend thing anymore."

Kasey said, "Wait what?"

Mom said, "I've known about you and your girlfriend for months now. I caught the two of you in bed a few months back. That and Sara moans pretty loud when she cums."

Kasey kissed mom on the lips and said, "Thanks mom, you're the best." Kasey went running up the stairs on her cellphone with Sara.

After that Jason and I didn't keep anything a secret. We were out of the closet so to speak. We made out on the couch anytime the mood hit us. Soon a few months later and everyone started knowing. All the neighbors knew. All of my friends knew. Jason's friends thought it was the hottest thing ever.

We were the talk of the town. We were "that couple." Biological blood-related boyfriend and girlfriend. We started going out on dates. We would go out to a movie and dinner and then go back home to have sex.

We were at a party. Jason and I had been going out for a bit over a year. Still going extremely strong having sex literally every single night. Jason had gotten invited to a party and I was his date. Jason and I were making out on the couch.

A girl that Jason is in school with walked up to us and said, "Hey Jason, what's up?"

Jason stopped kissing me and said, "Oh nothing. Just making out with my girl here."

She said, "So the rumors are true?"

He said, "What rumors?"

She said, "About you and your sister."

Jason said, "Yep, we've been together a little over a year now."

She said, "This is some sort of prank right? You aren't really serious."

I said, "You wanna come home and watch us have sex?"

Jason and I wanted to head on home so we could have some fun. So we got up and headed to the door. I saw that girl walk behind us a bit. We got to the car and started making out. Jason had gotten into it and was undressing me as we made out. Jason's friend walked up to us. My pants were down around my knees and he had 2 fingers in my pussy.

She said in a sexy voice, "God that's hot. Is it really that hot?"

Jason had his cock out and was rubbing it on my pussy right in the backyard against my car. I said, "My mom knows, all my friends and neighbors know and I get laid every night. Fucking my brother is probably the best sex I'll ever have."

Jason and I were together for 3 years. He had to move away to go to a four year college. My life would never be the same after that. I cried for a week straight when he left. He came home every other weekend and for the first couple semesters we would have sex on the weekends he came home. After a year and a half passed and he found a girlfriend on campus and he stopped coming home.

A couple weeks had passed. I had been without sex now for 3 weeks. I was 20 years old and my brother wasn't home to take me to bed anymore. I lost my virginity to him. Hell, I went to his prom and he went to my prom.

Anyway, I was sitting on my bed watching TV and doing homework. Kasey, who was now 23 years old walked into my bedroom. She sat down behind me. She scooted up close to me and wrapped her arms around me.

She said, "What's the matter sis?"

I said, "Well, to be perfectly honest, I'm horny as fuck and I want my brother to be here here to make me cum."

She said, "I know it won't make you feel better but Jennifer and I broke up a couple weeks ago."

I turned around and layed my head on her chest and said, "Really? You guys were together a while. What happened?"

She said, "She decided she missed dick so she broke up."

I said, "I've never done that sorta thing before. It's been me and Jason since I lost my virginity."

She said, "I think you'd like it. Well, not getting a dick in your pussy takes some getting used to but the sex is better I think."

I said, "Better? how?

She said, "Well, when Jason busted his nut it was basically over, right?"

I said, "Yeah, he was done for the night after he came."

She said, "Lesbians go until they get tired of cuming."

Kasey leaned forward. Her body was pressed against my back. She ran her hands under my braless shirt. She started playing with my boobs and she licked the outside of my ear.

She hummed into my ear, "Can I kiss you?"

I mumbled a "uh huh."

She kissed the back of my neck. Her left hand stayed on my breast and her right hand went into my panties. She then started kissing the side of my neck. and she slid a finger between my pussy lips. I turned towards her and whispered, "Can I kiss you back?"

Kasey held my face and she said, "Any time you want sis."

I turned toward her and made out with my sister for the first time. We undressed each other as we made out on my bed. It took about 20 minutes but we were eventually both nude. I was on top of her. We made out as we grinded our pussies together.

I was shedding tears of joy for some reason. I held my sister's face and I said, "Take me to bed and let's make love."

We made out as we walked down the hall to Kasey's bedroom. We passed mom on the way but I don' think she recognized me. 4 years of seeing her son and daughter having sex must have had an effect on her.

I don't know what came over me. Kasey and I went to bed together and we ate each other's pussies all night. She ate my pussy, I ate her pussy and our personal favorite...we 69'd each other. Kasey sent me into orgasms I didn't know I could. She even made me squirt twice. I don't just mean squirt. She got out a vibrator. She ate my pussy and fucked me with the vibrator and when I came she pulled the vibrator out and I gushed cum for 5 full seconds. It shot out of my pussy like when I pee.

I became invigorated. Kasey and I stayed in bed literally all weekend. We came out for breakfast, lunch and dinner and each meal we were both naked because we would just be returning to go to bed with each other again.

We were about to go to sleep saturday night and it was about 3 am. We were both drenched with sweat and we were holding each other.

We were casually kissing and Kasey said, "So what do you think?"

I said, "The past 2 days have been the absolute best sex of my life."

Kasey said, "Me too baby. Which brings me to a rather important question."

I said, "What's that lover?"

Kasey said, "I want us to be girlfriends."

I said, "You'll always be my friend."

Kasey said, "I want you to be my lesbian lover. I want us to be out of the closet lesbian lovers. I want to be your girlfriend."

I said, "You've been in the closet since you were 16. Why do you want to come out of the closet with me now?"

Kasey said, "I want a relationship. I want to finally be public about who I love. Cassie, I've been sitting in the chair in Jason's room watching you two fuck for years. I've wanted you since you turned 16. I love you, Cassie. I don't want to be with another woman."

I was really getting horny now. I said, "I love you too, kasey. I've needed something like this for so long. Yes, I will be your girlfriend. Yes, I will be your lesbian lover."

Kacey said, "Just one thing. I've noticed that you haven't shaved your pussy in a while. Which way do you want to keep it?"

I said, "Either way is fine really."

Kacey said, "No, i'm serious. How do you want to do it. You'll still be my horny little bitch either way."

I said, "I'll tell you but you gotta promise you won't laugh."

Kacey kissed me and said, "I promise lover. Tell me."

I said, "I don't want to shave ever again."

Kacey said, "See, now that's what i'm talking about. A girl after my own heart." Kacey doesn't touch her bush. Our family is full of brunettes and we have an italian heritage so Kacey's pussy is a jungle. Her bush grows from hip to hip and is easily 5 inches thick. She also leaves her asshole unshaven and the pubic hair around her asshole is pretty thick as well.

I said, "I'm gonna let my pussy grow out like yours then. Oh and I want to stop shaving my armpits. Will you still love me with a hairy pussy, a hairy asshole and hairy armpits?"

Kacey said, "Yes, of course dear."

I said, "When should we tell mom?"

Kacey said, "Lets stay in bed the rest of the weekend and we can tell her monday night."

Sunday came and passed. Kacey and I were locked in her bedroom all day. We came out for meals and each time we were both naked. Mom was either still in the dark or she just wasn't saying anything.

Kacey and I were in bed together for nearly 4 days straight. At no point did we put on any clothes. We had more orgasms together than I've probably had in my life combined.

Monday came and we were all at dinner. I was excited to tell her. I said, "Mom, Kacey and I are girlfriends."

Mom said, "Really?"

I said, "Yep. Kacey and I have been in bed with each other all weekend."

Mom said, "You two are my daughters and I love you both. If you want to be lesbians and have decided to be lovers then I'm all for it. I was the same way when i was your age."

Kacey said, "You were into girls?"

Mom said, "Honey, I was a lesbian until I met your father."

I said, "So, why the abrupt change?"

Mom said, "Well, you girls have been honest with me, so i'll be honest with you. I only slept with your father 3 times and I got pregnant with the 3 of you those times. Your father divorced me because of my girlfriend. I'm not dating rick. He's a cover. I'm actually a lesbian but I just didn't want you girls to know."

Kacey said, "You are our mother and we love you. You don't have to hide who you are. You love pussy and that's perfectly normal. You have 2 daughters that also love pussy and that is normal too. Be who you are. We want you to bring your lover home. We want to see the woman you are in love with."

I said, "Yeah, she must be a hot piece of ass to keep you in bed all these years."

Things after that would be way much different. I would go into details but I'll leave that for another chapter. Tell me what you think. My email address is