All In The Family Part 2

By: Cassie White

When I last left off a revelation occured in my household. My older sister, Kasey, managed to convert me to being a lesbian in one weekend of sex. My mom admitted that she is also a lesbian and that she has had a girlfriend for years now.

So, here we are. A household full of lesbians all out of the closet and all honest about it with each other. It was amazingly sexy to be out and open about it. However, there were so many questions I had for my mom. Questions that I felt would help me to become a better lover for Kasey. Much didn't change for a while. I was living in Kasey's room with her. Mom still did her own thing.

Fast forward a few months. It was Monday morning and about 9am. Kasey and I had finished an early morning romp in bed. She didn't have to work today but I did have school. I came downstairs for breakfast wearing a long tshirt and nothing else. Mom was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee. She was dressed in a white silk kimono. It wasn't tied off and it was completely open.

I said, "Damn mom, don't you look sexy this morning."

Mom said, "You girls have inspired me."

I said, "How have we inspired you?"

Mom said, "Well, the two of you are basically naked all the time. I decided it would be liberating to do the same."

Mom was turned towards me as we talked. Her kimono was wide open and the belt to tie it off was hanging on the sides. Her big boobs hung freely. It was obvious that mom hasn't touched her pussy with a razor or pair of clippers a day in her life. It was apparent by the thick, massive jungle of black pubic hair between her legs. She sat with her legs wide open and you couldn't even see her pussy.

I said, "So, you don't shave your pussy eh?"

Mom said, "Hell no. I like my pussy hairy and so does rachel (her girlfriend of now 5 years)." She looked me over and said, "I see you haven't shaved your pussy in a while. What's up with that?" She reached over and ran her hands through my bush. She then said, "Damn, you're bush is thicker than mine is."

I said, "Yeah, it's from all those years of shaving. Kasey and I are on a retro kick. She seems to like having some fur when we have sex."

I took off my shirt and put it in the laundry. I reached up for a glass for some orange juice revealing to my mom my hairy underarms.

Mom said, "I kinda like the hairy armpits. It's kinda sexy."

I said, "Kasey says it's a turn on and hell i'm glad I don't have to shave it. Means less time in the shower."

Kasey came downstairs. She sat beside me and we kissed a bit. She then made some cereal and sat down to eat it.

Mom said, "I'm gonna be out of town this weekend on a business trip so you girls have the house to yourself. I'm leaving you two a hundred dollars for food and stuff."

I giggled and said, " sex for mom this weekend."

Mom said, "Bullshit! Rachel is going with me."

Kasey said, "We should all get together sometime and have some fun."

I said, "That might be cool."

Mom said, "Well, I think we could work something out."

I said, "Man, we are some horny sluts."

Mom said, "I never thought I'd see the day where I actually agreed to going to bed with my daughters. You know Cassie, I always knew you would go gay."

I said, "How is that?"

Mom said, "Well, I breast fed you till you were 4 years old. You just didn't seem to want to stop sucking on my tits."

I said, "Well mom, you do have great tits. It sure is a shame that I couldn't have been nourished by eating your pussy. I probably would have never been able to stop."

I got up to put my bowl away and my spoon flopped out and hit the ground right between mom's legs. I bent down to get it and mom scooted up a bit in her chair. I picked up the spoon and when I looked up afterwards I was sheer inches away from her pussy. I decided to take a risk and see how mom would react. I leaned in, held her cunt hair away from her pussy with my fingers and ran my tongue up her pussy lips.

Mom said, "There's no time for that, dear. I have to leave for work in 15 minutes."

I grabbed her thighs and pulled her closer. I sucked down on her pussy and started flicking my tongue over her clit.

Mom stopped me. She said, "Not right now. We can do this tonight. I have to get ready for school and you have to go to work too."

So, I put on some khaki shorts and a white tank top. All the shorts I have are low cut and extremely short. After now about 6 months of me not shaving my pussy or any flesh near it, I had become extremely hairy. When I sit my unshaven crotch is clearly visible. I get good looks and bad ones.

Anyway, I had gymn class early. It was at 8 am. For some reason everyone's general education requires them to take a 3 hour course in some physical activity. I just took a general P.E. class.

We were in the locker room changing into our P.E. clothes. As I've said before, I don't wear panties or a bra basically ever. So, I take off my khaki's and tank top and was standing there naked looking for my soccer shorts and tshirt.

One of the girls whispers (rather loudly) to a friend, "God, look at her pussy. Not shaving is nasty."

Another says in a normal tone loud enough for everyone to hear, "I love Cassie's hairy snatch. It must be liberating to just not shave. Lets see the pits."

I raised up my arms and showed everyone my fully grown out armpits. The same girl said, "See, you're my fucking hero. I wish I could be like that."

I said, "Why can't you? My girlfriend loves it and I love not having to shave every day."

She said, "Because my boyfriend bitches when he goes down on me and has to dodge fur."

I said, "Well, Kasey asked me if I liked shaving and I told her no. So, she told me to throw away my razor. It's been 6 months since I shaved. You need to find yourself someone that's into a hairy pussy."

She said, "Can I just feel it?"

The girl next to her said, "Karen! That is so Gay!"

Karen said, "What? I've always wanted to feel a really hairy pussy."

I walked up to her and she immediately ran her hand up and down my hairy pussy. One stroke her finger slid in between my pussy lips. She winked at me and then took her hand off.

Karen said, "That's it, I'm not shaving again."

I got my clothes and got dressed. As we were doing our stretches all the girls were talking about my hairy snatch. I heard some of the more popular girls talking about how they didn't want to shave anymore. Word got to the boys that I have a hairy pussy and every second in other classes they would sneak looks at me to see if they could verify it.

I went to my 3 classes and then to work. I was tired, hungry and horny. I walked in the door and nobody was in the kitchen or living room. I went upstairs and started hearing moaning. I went into my room and Kasey wasn't in there. She wasn't in the bathroom either.

Finally I approached mom's door which was closed but not completely. I slowly pushed the door open and it was completely dark except for a ray of sunlight. I opened the door all the way letting in enough light to see enough. Kacey was laying on the bed and mom was eating her pussy. Mom was sitting on her hands and knees with her ass in the air. She has the most gorgeously hairy pussy I've ever seen. Her creamy white skin was only darkened by the mountain of bush between her legs. You flat out couldn't see her pussy at all. Her asshole was gloriously hairy. Kacey wa s cumming like I've never heard her cum before.

Kacey was yelling, "Oh god. I'm cumming Diane. I'm cumming. Don't stop. Oh god, please don't stop. Oh god, Diane don't stop. Oh shit. Oh...."

As Kacey started moaning out loud, Mom looked up and saw me at the door and she said, "Get the fuck out of here, Cassie! Go away!"

I shut the door and went to my room. I didn't know what to do. I was so horny from what I saw. I stripped off all my clothes and put in my favorite lesbian porno. I jacked myself off to 4 orgasms before finally falling asleep.

Around 2am, Kasey came to bed with me. She was drenched with sweat and smelled of sex. I could feel her thick pussy hair press against my ass as she got in close and cuddled with me.

I turned towards her and said, "Was that really you and mom having sex in there?"

She said, "Yeah, you weren't supposed to see that. I figured you would be tired enough to go straight to bed. I'm sorry baby."

I said, "How long has this been going on?"

She said, "Can we go into this some other time? I think you're too tired for this right now."

I said, "No, I want to hear it right now."

She said, "I don't want to get in a fight with you and I don't want things to change between us."

I said, "Just tell me the truth. I swear things won't change at all."

She said, "Ok then. The truth is that wasn't the first time mom and I have slept together."

I said, "So, how long has it been going on?"

She said, "We've been having sex since before you started fucking Jason."

I said, "Oh my god, how much longer?"

She said, "Well, until you and I started dating mom and I had been together every night since about my 16th birthday."

I said, "Why didn't you say something?"

She said, "When exactly is a good time to tell your girlfriend who is also your sister that i'm having sex with my mom? Oh and there's more."

I said, "You know.....honestly, i'm not really mad but go ahead."

She said, "We've been dating for what about 8 months now?"

I said, "Yeah something like that."

She said, "Well, there is no rachel and there is no rick."

I said, "uh...ok."

She said, "I'm the rachel mom talks about. Mom and I started being lovers on my 16th birthday and we have been officially girlfriends since I turned 18. I've been sleeping in mom's bed with her every night until you and I started dating."

I said, "Is it wrong that I don't find any of this to be abnormal or anything?"

She said, "What do you mean?"

I said, "I'm dating my sister and we know each other sexually. You are mom's real life girlfriend and you know her sexually. I find all of it to be just about the most erotic thing that could possibly happen to anyone."

She said, "I thought you would be furious at me. So you aren't mad."

I said, "No, baby, I'm not mad. So what does that mean for us?"

She said, "Diane wants us to break up."

I said, "Diane huh?"

She said, "Yeah, I still call her mom in bed sometimes just because it turns me on but generally I call her Diane. But, yeah, Diane wants me back in bed with her every night."

I said, "That's cool. I almost slept with a girl in class. I can probably convert her. So, who all knows about you two?"

She said, "All of my friends know about it. All of her friends know about it. All the neighbors know. Everyone Diane works with knows."

I said, "All of them know that Mom is fucking her daughter and they don't do anything about it?"

She said, "We've been together for over 10 years now. We would get married if it were even possible. I call her Diane in public and she calls me Kasey in public. We're in love with each other and we've literally never had a fight. We're a married couple by common law we just can never make it official."

Shortly after Mom walked in and said, "So did you tell her?"

Kacey said, "Yeah, Diane, she knows it all."

Mom said, "Oh cool. So, you coming to bed with me soon?"

Kacey said, "Yes dear, I'll be right over. Keep your panties on."

Mom said, "You know I can't keep any clothes on when you come to bed."

So things would change again in my household. Just when I thought that we had everything out in the open we would turn the house upside down again. It turns out Kacey, my sister and my mom have been living together for the last 8 years as a couple. I'm sure if they could change things they may but you can't help who you fall in love with.

You may choose to believe me or not. Either way these stories are true. Nothing has been changed but the names. I hope you are enjoying my stories as much as I am writing them. I fully plan on writing a 3rd chapter. Give me your input on the first 2! My email is Write me :)