This is a work of erotic fantasy, so there’s quite a lot of sex. However, there isn’t sex happening in every chapter. There are many passages that include setup, character development, and all that boring stuff which makes the sex that much more meaningful when it finally happens. I know not everyone cares about backstory or getting to know the characters, so each chapter which does have sex in it also has a heart following its title:

The sex is not intended to be pornographic or paraphilic. It’s just the kind of stuff that happens between people, though sometimes in somewhat unusual situations. This includes threesomes and groups, intimacy taking place among people under the age of eighteen (with no one over eighteen present), same-sex partners, and scenes involving brother-sister incest. If you live in the kind of world where you believe those sorts of things never happen, or should never happen, you’re both (1) welcome to stop reading now; and (2) not even remotely in touch with reality in any way at all.

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Kaeleigh Goes All the Way

Book 2: 2024 • Part II: Make New Friends; Keep the Old

1. Blasts from the Past

Meilin lived at the end of a cul-de-sac in a house that had overtones of Wright to it, a single-level sprawl constructed in the 1980’s when large glass expanses, southern exposures, neon lighting accents, and black marble and white tile were the vogue among the discerning. She’d kept that look, and even had some Patrick Nagel prints on the walls. The driveway was a long curve up a fairly steep slope, and Luke parked his eMoto behind a long-hooded, low-slung Jaguar, one of the V12 models from the sixties. “Looks like Matt’s still here,” he said as they got out. They were surrounded by squared-off brick privacy walls largely obscured by lush landscaping of wisteria, bougainvillea, and eucalyptus for shade.

“Is that his ride?”

“Yeah, from what I can tell, it was a serious dream of his to have one of those ever since he was a little kid.”

“Huh.” Kaeleigh admired the car as they walked past it toward the entrance. It was a rich dark green color, the original color, she thought, but probably not the original paint.

They went along a walkway under a lattice that had ivy growing overhead, and Luke pressed the doorbell. From inside, music was audible, a preview of what they were about to observe directly. A singer was crooning about being caught in love voodoo. “Hope she can hear us,” he said.

“Have you been here before?”

“No, this is the first time for me.”

“Oh, you’ve never done this before?” She yelped when he goosed her, then giggled.

The door opened in another moment and there was Meilin, resplendent in a translucent purple silk robe, and nothing else at all. Her hair was damp. “Right on time,” she said, stepping aside. “Come in, come in.”

The eighties asserted themselves visually atop the music. Sunken lights in the ceiling highlighted the prints hanging beneath them, one of which was a reproduction of an album cover from a group whose name Kaeleigh vaguely recalled, Duran Duran. There were three block letters following the group name. RIO, she read, and eyed the pale-faced, starkly-rendered smiling woman. She seemed as at home in the geometric framing within the art, as the art did in Meilin’s décor. There were scrawls in one corner, and she studied them. Signatures.

“I was born too late to catch the wave,” Meilin said, noting her interest.

“The … wave?”

“New Wave, and the New Romantics. You have to dig to get past all the hair metal, but there was some pretty good stuff in the eighties. Especially the off-balance stuff from Adam Ant, Flock of Seagulls, Talking Heads, Thomas Dolby, and these guys.” At Kaeleigh’s puzzled look she raised her brow. “Duran Duran? This is their Wedding Album.”

“I’d’ve figured it was called Rio.”

Meilin laughed. “No, what’s playing is the Wedding Album. This art is Rio, yeah. Well, a repro of the album cover. I went to a reunion concert they did when I was a little girl, and got their autographs.”

“Cool,” Kaeleigh nodded, and let herself be led by the hand into Meilin’s living room. This, too, was loaded with eighties chic, chrome and glass and black leather everywhere, and a rich shag carpet of ivory hue that invited toes. She doffed her flats at the entryway and indulged, relishing the feel on her feet. She’d always had a weakness for a good shag.

The living room was partially sunken; one wall was almost all picture-window, giving a view of the front yard, glints from the parked vehicles, and lots of plant life. From here, the rest of the cul-de-sac was completely hidden from view by a mix of landscape and architecture. A luxurious ell-couch faced that window on its shorter extension; the longer faced a flatscreen rivaling the one in Marta’s office for size, with a pair of framed photos on either side of it. Movie stills, maybe; one was of a flat-topped, pyramid-shaped structure half obscured by haze, with something like a spaceship near it. The other was of a lovely young woman standing before a simply enormous window in a large, baroque room with lots of moody shadows and highlights. She was in a dress that could’ve been the height of vogue in the 1940’s, with wide shoulderpads, a high collar, and a narrow waist above beautifully flaring hips. Her expression was both calculating, and slightly sad.

“Bedroom, library, exercise room, and whatnot are down that way,” Meilin gestured. A hall with several doorways set in it, each glowing with light from the rooms they gave to, terminated in a bedroom, in which Kaeleigh could see the edge of a bed and a nightstand. Another print in there was only partly visible, but it appeared to be the bare legs of a woman, done in the same style as the Rio album art. “We’ll be getting there later on, don’t worry.”

Kaeleigh giggled. “Good.”

“Mmm. Through here’s the dining, and the kitchen.” She led the way into a sizable dining room with a glass-topped table on a chrome frame, and chrome-and-leather chairs all around. Several barstools faced a pass-through, beyond which gleamed a spacious kitchen with black countertops, stainless appliances, and white cabinets. “I liked a lot of the look from that time,” Meilin said as Kaeleigh looked around at more prints in the same styles as the others, all featuring women in cheesecake poses, but in a clean style that made her think of vector art. They were picked out by subtle track lights. On one wall was a circular chrome clock with bars for the cardinal numerals in a stark white face, set amid a glowing neon yellow triangle. “But some of it was a little tacky. I try to limit myself to just one ghastly clock per room.”

“No, I like it,” Kaeleigh said. “It looks like something from that TV show, what was it, babe, with the two cops that were always busting Florida drug lords?”

Miami Vice,” Luke nodded, looking around. “Yeah, I can see it. But it’s not overdone.”

“This house actually did once belong to a drug kingpin,” Meilin said. “It was seized in the nineties and sold at auction. The people who bought it tore it all up and did it in flocked wallpaper, wood paneling, and parquet, good God. Took a while to get it back to its original glory, but it was worth it. Matt’s out back. C’mon, I’ll show you the pool.”

She led the way again to another large, open floor, which was glass on its eastern and southern sides. Lower, but no less lush, ivory shag carpeted this room wall-to-wall too. An ell sofa with matching square settees beckoned at one side, but apart from that most of the floor was clear. “This is where I like to do my yoga and tai chi.” She gestured at a pile of large, thick cushions in one corner. “As well as much more active exercises. I love the windows, and I love the elevation, particularly in my male visitors.” The room gave a sweeping view of the city below; the back end of the property was several hundred feet higher than the mean level of the land, and was situated to have good vistas. Wild landscaping tumbled down the face of the hill, and they could just make out a low privacy wall from inside, sectioning off the back yard from casual peepers (who would have to wear good hiking boots to get in a place where they could peep at all).

Meilin brought them to a set of arcadia doors that gave to a flagstone patio with a gas grill on one side, a table with parasol and six chairs, and beyond that the pool. It was firmly rectangular, with no rounded corners, and on its distal side seemed to be hanging over open air; the privacy wall ended at the southern edge of the pool, leaving the view clear. Matt was swimming slowly in the water, doing a casual cross between a backstroke and a backfloat, and he was naked. “Our plus-two have arrived,” Meilin said.

“Hey, you two!” Matt waved cheerfully. “Drop trou and dive in!”

“He came last night and never left,” Meilin said. “Of course, part of the reason for that was I came last night too, repeatedly. Do you mind a little extra company today?”

“Nope,” Kaeleigh said.

“More the merrier,” said Luke.

“I didn’t imagine it would be a problem,” Meilin said, ladling something orange from a chilled, sweating punchbowl on a small table by the patio set. “Mimosa?”

“Sure.” Kaeleigh’s fingers brushed hers as she took the stemmed glass. “This is a beautiful house.”

“Thank you,” Meilin said. “I like to have beautiful guests in it. Therefore, you and Luke are welcome here any time.” She handed Luke a glass too, then lifted her own. “Here’s to regular visits.”

“I think you can count on it,” Kaeleigh said, sipping. The mimosa was light and refreshing, fizzy with what she identified in a moment as Champagne, along with orange juice.

“Good.” Meilin set her glass down, stripped off her gown, and went naked to join Matt in the pool. “I believe we were up to something,” she said as he swam over to her.

“I believe we were,” he said, and embraced her. Meilin circled her legs around his hips, and as Kaeleigh and Luke looked on, they started making love.

“She really doesn’t wait, does she?” said Kaeleigh.

“She has a way of grabbing on to what she likes, and hanging on,” he nodded, while she began undressing. “She’s … really direct about sex. Even more than you.”

“That would be a little hard to believe, but I’ve picked up a few signs of that already.” Kaeleigh had worn nothing beneath her shirt and shorts, so it was the work of a moment for her to be naked too, leaving Luke the odd one out. She dived into the water with Meilin and Matt. “Come on, babe!” she called when she surfaced, water streaming down her hair and breasts. “It’s nice and cool, but not too cold. You won’t shrivel.”

“Fat chance,” Luke said, eyeing the immediate wildlife. “But aren’t you worried someone might see?”

“Over there,” Meilin pointed, not breaking her rhythm with Matt. There was a house several hundred yards distant and downslope. “It’s the only place with any windows that have a clear view, and I know which window’s usually occupied. There’s a teenaged kid with a telescope, but I’m pretty sure he’s never told Mom or Dad about anything he’s seen while he was eyeing the heavenly bodies.”

“Seriously?” said Kaeleigh, peering at the distant house, shading her eyes.

“Yup. He can’t be more than fifteen, or I would’ve taken care of matters for him long ago.” She jumped and giggled at something Matt did to her under the water. “So don’t keep the poor kid waiting. There’s four of us, we’re gorgeous, and it’s showtime. You don’t have to join in if you don’t want to, but I hold a no-limits policy on sex with my guests. I believe it’s part of being a good hostess.”

“Yeah, c’mon, hon,” Kaeleigh said. She swam over to the couple and involved herself easily, kissing them both as they continued their pleasures.

Luke chuckled and shook his head, stripping down. He was half-hard when he got into the water, a situation Kaeleigh resolved as soon as he swam over to the trio. She settled herself against him for the same kind of ride Meilin was taking, and he and Matt stood back to back, their shoulders braced against each other, and he began making love to her. This was new for both of them with each other; they’d fucked in pools before, but not together. They found a good rhythm, the cool water sloshing between them, buoying her up a little as his rigid flesh stroked steadily in and out. She came, then looked over his shoulder, past Matt, and said, “Feel like a buffet line?”

“Ooh, I like the way you think,” Meilin said.

Luke and Matt stopped when the girls climbed off them, and watched as they swam to the far side of the pool, the edge that was all glass. Or maybe Plexiglas; Luke wasn’t sure, but Meilin seemed confident enough. She boosted herself onto the edge and settled her pert butt in place. In another moment, Kaeleigh joined her. “It’s … totally clear,” Luke said. “Kid or no, that’s…”

“Not what you’re thinking,” Meilin said. “It’s a one-way mirror. From the outside all you see is a big reflector, just like the windows.” She gestured, and Luke looked around to see that, yes, all the sheets of glass in her house presented blank silver faces to the outside world. “I’m an exhibitionist on camera, and that kid might see a flash of tit or nooky over the top of the wall here, but I’m not actively putting on shows for anyone. This is my home, Luke. Inside, all limits are nonexistent. But only inside.”

He felt a lot better about a lot of things, and swam with Matt over to the girls. He started with Kaeleigh, licking and pleasing her where she sat in the afternoon light, her butt thirty feet above the ground. She and Meilin were making out, kissing deep, their hands busy on each other; beside him, all of Matt that was visible was a shoulder below Meilin’s leg, and the top of his head above it. He returned his focus to his sister, loving her in her favorite way, essing his tongue back and forth along her warm slick flesh; he felt her legs clenching rhythmically around his head.

“First guy who makes a girl come,” Meilin panted, “gets a blowjob from me.” She winked at Kaeleigh. “I like spicing it up sometimes.”

“Spicy’s good,” she said. “I’ll take care of the other boy.”

“Oh, a non-zero-sum game,” Meilin said, and kissed her. “I knew there was a reason I liked you.” She patted Matt on the head. “Time to switch around, guys. It’s a buffet.”

“Two lines, no waiting,” Luke said, and kissed Kaeleigh’s pussy before he backed away. She’d told him about her talk with Marta, and in addition to his overwhelming relief and gratitude, he mostly shared Marta’s confidence that they were probably safe from detection, even when there were other sex partners in the mix with them. They really didn’t look much alike any more. He slid out from between her legs and swapped places with Matt, and began nuzzling Meilin’s glistening heat. She was quite wet, but she always was; and he flicked and licked at her pert flesh, her prim little fold and her ruddy, rippling inner labia, giving her the treatment she liked best. She had a light tartness to her juices, just the faintest hint of tang, and they were flowing steadily. Matt had warmed her up.

Kaeleigh was sighing and murmuring, looking down at the man who was pleasing her with such skill in the afternoon sunlight. She’d fucked him before, and knew she would again today, with Luke there to see it happen. The two-year wait, the move, the story … all of it was worth it now; she could have sex with her brother in front of other people, could see him with other girls, could be with other boys, while they were all in the same room, the same bed. She loved having sex in ATW, loved being watched in action; the one thing she wanted more than anything was now in her grasp, and she was holding on with both hands.

“Switch around again,” Meilin murmured. “Five minutes per pussy until one of you wins the prize.”

“No one can possibly lose,” Matt said, giving Kaeleigh a final, long lick before he was gone and Luke was back. He looked up at Meilin from his position of choice with any woman. “I really like your party games.”

“They’re all pretty basic,” she said as he began licking her again. “But fun in a very organic way.”

There were sighs and murmurs for a while as the boys went back and forth on the girls. The goal was orgasm, of course; but the switch-offs gave the women a minute or so to cool down, and the variety in techniques was a wonderful distraction. Matt’s tonguework was more baroque than Luke’s, calligraphy to his cursive; but both were elegant and got the point across, a clear communication of desire and passion. As the women got warmer in the warmth of the day, they made out with each other, hands on breasts, fingers at nipples, tongues dancing; and the boys were building it for them, fingers coming into play, sliding and gliding and curving and beckoning; and Luke was giving Meilin a rich inner massage, his tongue easy and light on her clit, when she tightened around him, her legs pulled him in, and she came, loosing a tangy little freshet into his mouth. She came wet, but didn’t usually squirt; he didn’t care. The important thing to him was she came, and not just because he won a BJ for it. Seeing it happen set Kaeleigh off too, and she came on Matt’s face, her tongue halfway down Meilin’s throat, a little spray of drops flying out of her to splash into the pool.

“I really like your party games,” Kaeleigh panted in her ear.

Meilin laughed and kissed her. “I like eager playmates. Especially if they don’t object to nap time.”

“Lay me down any time, anywhere you like.”

“Count on it. But first, I have a prize to give.” She looked down at Luke and stroked his cheek. “That was so sweet, honey. Thank you.”

“Always a pleasure,” he said, and kissed her pussy.

“Damn right it is. Now hop up here, boy.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, moving over so she could get in the pool.

“Your turn too, Matt,” Kaeleigh said, sliding into the water beside Meilin. They waited until the men were situated, then began doling out the awards.

“You don’t … mind, do you?” Matt said to him. Kaeleigh’s head was bobbing steadily between his legs.

“No. We’re open, and we’ve been around, even after we started seeing each other.” He shivered a little at something Meilin did with her tongue and settled his hands on her head, looking down into her face, watching his cock get sucked. “We believe in sharing everything with our friends.”

“Cool.” Matt was caressing Kay’s head, and Luke found himself deeply aroused, watching her suck him off. She’d done that to him countless times since Orlando, just blowing him any time he got hard, because it was better for him than jacking off, and she hated the idea of his cum going to waste. He knew what Matt was receiving, knew what it meant when her lips puckered like that, the way she was sucking right then, how her tongue floated along the underside of his cockhead; he knew why she was kneading his balls, both to stimulate him and read his body; he knew about the way the back of her throat opened to accommodate him when she took him in deep. No one gave head like she did except Travis, and she’d learned from him. He’d never seen her give a BJ to anyone else before, and it was getting him off.

Meilin was getting him off, too. He’d been with her before, but not at her home; in the scenes they’d done together, the fellatio didn’t end in climax, so she’d never taken him all the way like this. He was shuddering soon, his skin in goosebumps; she built and built it, and he noticed Kaeleigh was watching him as much as she was watching Matt. She was enjoying the show, reveling in their freedom to swap partners openly. They’d never had the chance back home. It really was turning out to be a day of firsts for them both. “Getting there,” he panted.

“Mmm,” said Meilin, twisting his shaft a little as she sucked him, harder and harder, her head bobbing fast now, the pool water sloshing around her torso. “Mmm…”

“God,” he gasped. “Oh God I’m gonna come…”

Mmm…” She bore down, took it up to maximum, her tongue skating slick and fast under his head, her suction steady, her hand moving in time with her rapid bobs. A moment later she was squealing around his cock; it was pulsing, throbbing, gushing, and she was taking all he had to give, still sucking hard and fast, draining him of everything in fifteen blinding seconds of ecstasy. Beside him, he was aware of Matt having his own orgasm and Kaeleigh’s moans of satisfaction as he flooded her mouth with his product. “Fuck,” Melin panted after she swallowed. “Oh fuck I love giving away these prizes.” She kissed the head of his penis, then began licking away the traces of his cum. “You taste great, Luke.”

“Holy fuck, that felt good,” he panted. “Thank you so much.”

“Haven’t you ever done him before?” Kaeleigh said, lapping Matt clear of his fluid. He was still a little breathless, staring down at her.

“Not orally, not even after a scene,” she said. “He’s usually a lot more interested in eating me out and fucking me, and I can’t say I mind that at all.”

“That,” Kaeleigh said, and reached over to pat his leg, “I understand. And I understand why he’d want to spend a lot of time in the Y with you, too.”

“Is that a hint?”


Meilin giggled. “In a little bit. I won’t need long to recharge.” She began a backstroke toward the patio. “Meanwhile, we all need a pause to refresh.”

The boys got back into the water, and the three of them began a more languid stroke after their hostess. “What’d you think?” Luke said to Matt.

“Incredible,” he said. “Just incredible.”

“Her first boyfriend taught her most of it. He was bisexual.”

“Did you ever fool around with him?”

“Hell yes I did. I figured I owed him.” Matt laughed and high-fived him.

“Just what I like,” Meilin said. “Flexible guests who get into the swing of things right away.” She smiled at Kaeleigh when she giggled, and kissed her. “Hungry yet?”

“For food, or pussy?” said Kaeleigh.

“Food first,” Meilin said, levering herself out of the pool. “Then it’s all the pussy you can eat.” Water coursed cleanly down her back, plastering her silken hair to her strong shoulders, over the grace of her spine. She stood and spread her arms, her ass full and high, her legs long and taut; and Kaeleigh was sure that, if there really was a teenaged boy watching through a telescope, he just shot his wad. She turned to face her friends, standing bare and fearless in the afternoon sun. Her trim, lithe body glistened in the light, her breasts small but proud, nipples perked, the Hitler of her pubes the only other feature on her flawless skin. Shadows nestled in the gentle sculpturing of her abs, her navel, and her sweet little fold. (And there goes his second load, Kaeleigh thought.)

“Need any help?” said Matt.

“I think Kaeleigh can manage it.”

“I meant with lunch,” he giggled.

“Yeah, would you be a sweetheart and get out plates and whatnot?” Meilin dabbed her skin dry, put on her see-through robe, and waited for Matt to get out. He toweled down, then took her hand and went inside with her, still naked.

“Well,” Kaeleigh said, turning to Luke. “That really didn’t take any time at all.”

“Like I said,” he shrugged. “Meilin doesn’t beat around the bush.”

“She doesn’t have much of one, either, and I love the view.”

“Of the non-bush, or the city?”

“Yes. Is this the kind of lifestyle you’ve been living since you moved here? Going to beautiful homes and having sex with beautiful girls?”

“Not every day,” he said.

She moved closer to him. “And you still missed me?”

“Kay,” he murmured. “You’re my life.”

“Oh, honey,” she said, stepping into his arms, the water lapping gently around them. “That was the perfect answer.” As sweet and slow as Meilin’s kiss was, as deep and rich as Matt’s, as good and thorough as Marta’s had been … there still wasn’t any taste to compare to the man she loved, and he gave it to her.

* * *

Lunch was fresh pasta salad with sundried tomatoes, olives, diced peppers, and balsamic vinegar with olive oil, crowned with a touch of fresh-ground black pepper; tropical fruit salad with a dash of rum; and bratwurst expertly grilled by their hostess. Meilin topped off everyone’s mimosas and they sat together at the patio table, all of them still nude, and she lifted her glass. “To two new friends I’ve made, and one friend I’ve known a while, and the joys of big robust sausages that burst with flavor in your mouth.” She went on in a moment over the giggles. “In seriousness, Matt, I’m glad you’re on the job, and I’m looking forward to working with you, and I very much appreciate your companionship for the last day.”

“It’s been my pleasure,” he said.

“Oh, yes, but mine too. Frequently. Luke, I’m glad you decided to stop by. You’re a great lover too, and between you and Matt I might actually be able to get fucked enough to sleep the night through.”

“Miracles may yet happen,” Luke said.

“And Kaeleigh…” She took a deep breath. “You are easily one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, let alone known. Luke’s told me so much about you, and so has Matt … and I’m looking forward to finding out for myself if the rumors about your flavor are true. You’re the kind of woman that makes me glad I’m bisexual, because in addition to being able to enjoy a perfect marvel of female beauty from a purely aesthetic and architectural perspective, I’m full to the top with ideas for incredibly naughty things I’d like to do with you. Starting as soon as lunch is done.”

“Good to know. I was worried the stuff running through my head might shock you. I’ve been watching your scenes for two years now. I owe you several thousand cums.”

“Well, that’s one reason I’m glad we blew the boys earlier. They’ll need a little time to recharge, which will give us lots of opportunity to … help them do it. You guys don’t mind watching for a while, do you?” She smiled at their hasty demurrals. “Such princes you are.” She lifted her glass, and they all tinked and sipped. “And now, speaking of hot meat…” She went after the sausage before her.

Everything was as good as it looked, and Kaeleigh, like the others, was busy for several minutes replenishing her energy reserves with light, fresh, and delightful fare. “So,” she said between bites, “did you say you redecorated the house?”

“I paid a crew to do it, but it was following my plan, yeah.”

“I guess it’s not a rental, then.”

“No. It was foreclosed in the early teens, and sat on the market for a long time before the bank saw that it would never get its pre-bubble investment back, dropped the asking to three quarters of a mil, and I got them to knock another hundred grand off that for cash up front.”

“Six-fifty?” Matt said. “For this neighborhood?”

“Is that good?” Luke said.

“Most houses around here sell for three times that, and don’t come with a chunk of land attached like this one,” Meilin said. “There’s a reason my lovestruck underage admirer lives so far away. There’s a ten-acre parcel cutting out a keystone to the south, all the way to the road. The kingpin, it seems, wanted an unobstructed view of the city he believed he owned.” She looked out across the pool and sighed. “I don’t own the city either, but that view is mine.”

“And you paid for it all up front?” Kaeleigh said, then blinked. “Oh, of course you did.” Meilin was doing six scenes a week. Her annual income was three times’ Luke’s. “So … what, after six months at PGP, you just snapped this place up?”

“More like a year. I had regular expenses, of course, rent and so on, but … yeah, Marta’s been very good for me, and not just as a boss. I’d had my eye on it for a while, but a million dollars for a house that needed a total gutting and refurbishing…” She shook her head. “Location, location, location, yes, but the location you have to live inside that location also matters, despite what Realtors might say.”

“Hell, I’d’ve grabbed it right up for a million,” Matt said. “The appraised value’s gotta be at least twice that.”

“It is, but I figured I could wait for it. I’ve learned how, in every part of my life except one.”

“Let me guess,” Luke said.

Meilin giggled. “I actually authentically have nymphomania,” she said to Kaeleigh. “I was diagnosed when I was thirteen as hypersexual with bipolar. My mom walked in on me one day when I was fucking two boys and eating a girl’s pussy all at the same time, and went through the usual drama over it, but also decided to get me to a shrink.”

“Two boys and a girl, and you were thirteen?” said Kaeleigh.

“It was a slow day. While I still lived at home, my parents had me on meds to keep it under control, but they didn’t work perfectly, and I spent quite a lot of time humping everyone I could get my thighs around. Which turned out to be a hell of a lot of people. Then I got out on my own, moved here, and started working for an escort service. I worked all seven nights a week, and it still wasn’t enough.”

“An escort service? Really?” said Matt.

“Uh-huh. Silk and Lace Companions.”

He whistled. “That’s a high-class operation.”

“Two thousand bucks an hour,” Meilin nodded. “Split fifty-fifty between me and the agency. The men … oh, well, some aren’t my ideal model of male attractiveness, but they can get it up, and they usually go down, and sometimes they have a wife or girlfriend there too. Those are always fun nights. And most of them are pretty wealthy, and big tippers, usually in the range of five hundred to a thousand. One guy, after eating me out for half an hour and then taking a golden shower, tucked ten grand in my bag and told me it was all mine. He said I’d actually fulfilled a bucket-list fantasy he’d had for fifteen years, and it was worth every penny.”

“Good God,” Kaeleigh murmured. “Why’d you quit?”

“I haven’t. I still go out some Fridays and Saturdays. One night, a couple years ago, I was out with a man who told me he knew Marta personally, and he said he could set me up with an audition. I didn’t believe it — a big rule in escorting is never believe anything that sounds like a boast, or is said in a whisper, or said through tears — but I called the number he’d given me, mentioned his name, and three days later I was doing a camera test with Jason.”

“He’s the first guy you did a scene with, isn’t he?”

Meilin evaluated Kaeleigh. “You really have been watching my work.”

“Oh, a bit,” she shrugged.

“Yeah, and that was one of the last scenes Jason did before he moved away for grad school. Anyway, once I was on with PGP and saw the income potential, I decided I needed to save some of my energies for the cameras. It wasn’t easy, but the sex on the side helps. And on the back. And on the hands and knees.”

“There were times when I wondered if I was a nymph — uh, hypersexual,” Kaeleigh said. “I mean actually. What’s it like?”

Meilin pondered her fruit salad for a moment. “Think of the last time you were horny.”

“I’m horny now.”

She chuckled. “Okay. Well, imagine feeling that way immediately after you’ve just had a mind-blowing cum. You feel great, but you still want more.”

“Huh,” Kaeleigh said. “Okay…”

“That’s how I feel when I’ve been sexually satisfied. Before the cum, I’m, oh, well, several times more horny. I never, ever stop feeling horny. I have a butterfly that I put on when I go to bed at night just so I can get to sleep. I drop off between cums.”

“That’s a true story,” Matt nodded.

“Damn,” Luke murmured. “That sounds kinda … rough to live with.”

“It is. That’s one reason I like to have guests over, a large number of them, and a variety. Any day of the week I’m not working, I’ve got someone here — ideally two or three someones — and we’re either about to go at it, going at it, or just finishing going at it and getting ready to start again. I can make it maybe an hour between cums, but if I have to go longer than that, I start getting irritable. It’s like a smoker with cigarettes. So I can barely manage to do things like shop or attend classes, but I’d much rather be getting laid. You know the old porn cliché about fucking the pizza boy? I have. Several of them.”

“So why aren’t you into All The Way?” Luke said.

“Oh, you’re a player?”

“We both are,” Kaeleigh nodded at Matt. “It’s how we hooked up in the first place.”

“Cool. I’m getting back into the game myself. Mostly I play during summer break. Cosmology wants a lot of my time when classes are in session.”

“Nice,” Luke said. “We’ll probably bump into you some Friday or other.”

“Looking forward to it. But you’re not into it, Meilin? I woulda figured it was right up your alley.”

“I’ve tried it,” Meilin shrugged. “Luke and I talked about it, so he knows some of the backstory. There’s real appeal, for me, in a seven-partner orgy, definitely.”

“Best part for me, too,” Kaeleigh said. “Four boys, three girls, no waiting.”

“We seem to be of a mind on this subject,” Meilin said.

“Do the straight girls make it with you too?”

“Everyone does.”

“Kay’s like that,” said Luke. “She gets everyone, every week.”

“I’m not surprised. She’s exquisite. I seemed to have a perfect batting average too, when I played.” She sighed. “It was wonderful, it really was.”

“Nice,” said Matt. “Okay, so seeing how horny you get, why’d you stop? Was it for the escort service?”

“No, it’s because … I know, within a couple seconds after meeting someone new, if I want to have sex with them, and if I do, I’d rather cut through all the preliminaries and get right to it. So the group sex was great, but the first half of the night I was going crazy waiting for everything to start.”

“Man,” Kaeleigh said. “I can’t imagine feeling as horny as I do now after sex. That’s a serious bitch.”

“Yeah. Working at PGP helps, because of the flexible days, and all the sex with my costars. That’s why I like long scenes. Even if I’m not coming, I’m having sex. Something’s happening to my labia and clit, something’s happening in my pussy. It’s like scratching an itch that otherwise never stops. And I like watching porn, or being at an orgy, because watching other people get off is almost as good, and it helps too.”

“I’m not as big on watching as I am on doing,” Kaeleigh said. “But I know what you mean. If I can’t join in, at least I know others are having a good time, and I can get off on it.”

“Exactly. And I have other … tactical issues to contend with, such as the relatively high visibility you have in the game, with other players. I’m half Chinese and half Japanese, and you might know the stereotype about Asian girls being freaks in bed. Well, I’m a known skank on campus, so other Asian girls look at me like I’m playing to a prejudice, because … yeah, no, ordinarily, we’re not any more horny than anyone else is. It’s like the stereotype about Asian men having substandard equipment. Also not true, by the way. So I’m not always everyone’s favorite girl at the Asian-American Club meetings on campus, because they know I’ve fucked half the frats and a third of the sororities, and it’s a sensitive topic.”

“Shit,” Kaeleigh said. “I got enough slut shaming as it was, without taking it from two sides. That’s really got to get rough.”

“It does. I usually don’t attend the meetings much any more. But I really can’t do anything about it. My hypersexuality is not purely physiological. I mean, I have tried meds, several kinds and in different dosages, and I’m on 300 milligrams of lamotrigine daily for the bipolar, which … that, at least, is under control, though I still can break manic sometimes, usually with sex. Meds can take the edge off, but I still want to get down. So some of it, I know, is psychological too. I didn’t start masturbating until I was eleven, so it’s not like I was hypersexual from birth or anything; but once I figured out self-pleasure, I was doing it incessantly. I was twelve the first time I had sex, and it was an enormous disappointment. The boy came before I did, long before. It was that way more often than not for a few years. So it’s not like I was an early addict to insanely good pleasure with partners. And even the trains I pulled at frat parties weren’t all that great, since most of the boys wanted to pull out and come on me instead of in me, like they thought they were doing a conventional porn scene, but I want spunk inside me, not all over my belly or tits. Having cum in my pussy seems to help. Feeling fingers on my vulva seems to help. And that was true even when I was on the meds.

“So that’s why PGP has been good for me, as well as Silk and Lace, and Enfem probably saved my life several dozen times over by now. Literally. I passed ten thousand sex partners, male and female, about two years ago, and since then I stopped counting, but I know I’ve never slowed down.”

“Ten thousand…” Kaeleigh murmured. “How old are you?”

“Twenty-two. I’ve been fucking for ten years. By the time I was working for Marta, I’d made the ten-kay mark, so…”

“That’s…” Kaeleigh thought for a moment. “That’s damn close to seventeen hundred per year. Four or five a day.”

“That’s about right, yeah,” Meilin nodded. “Mostly, when I lived at home, the major action with girls was happening on weekends, but I’d always get in at least one lay a day the rest of the week too. I’d bring a few boys home after school, or meet with a bunch of them at someone’s house, and off we’d go.”

“Full-on sex?”

“Most of it. Some of the guys were just cunnilingus, some just fingerbanging, but if I’m with a man, I want his penis inside me if it’s at all possible. And it usually is. If I’m with a woman, it’s tongue all night, please and thank you.”

“How is it that you’re not … I mean, I’d be pretty well a wreck right about now, if I were you,” Kaeleigh said.

“I was, for years. I’ve learned coping techniques. I’ve learned how to redirect my sex drive into other activities, such as having friends over, working for Marta, working as an escort. But … yes, it took me a while to get past some of the more … negative social messages. Through most of middle and high school, I mostly sought the company of boys, not girls. They’re more supportive of … sexually adventurous girls.”

“For sure,” Kaeleigh nodded. “There were lots of boys I knew who didn’t mind hanging out with a girl who liked to get down. The girls were a lot worse about that.”

“Sounds all too familiar, yeah. One of the reasons I went into psychology at the U was all the inner work I’ve had to do, and all the interaction I’ve had with counselors. They helped. I think I can help others in the same place I was in. Plus, I fit in better. Psychologists are often survivors, themselves, of … all kinds of difficulties, and tend to be more sympathetic and less judgmental. I might go to work for Marta as a part-time counselor, after my days in front of the camera are past.”

“Hey,” Matt said. “That’s a great idea. I bet if she had talent with … troubles, they’d love being able to talk to someone who really knows what it’s like. Been there, done that, got the tee shirt.”

“That’s her and my thought, as well. In the meantime, I have the work there, the friends I’ve made at PGP, and their general all-around willingness to help a girl out.” She patted Kaeleigh’s hand. “And the more, the merrier.”

“God, I hope I can keep up with you.”

“You have two able-bodied men to help you. But things might get a little wild and very wet, very soon. It’s been about an hour.” She sipped her drink. “Remember when I said I knew, within a second or two of meeting someone, whether I want to have sex with them?”

Kaeleigh giggled. “I remember you made a pretty clear point of it.” She hadn’t told Luke about the footplay. There was something just a little sexy about it being between the two of them alone. “But I’m pretty much the same way. Certain people, such as the ones on this patio, are instant yeses, twenty-four-seven.”

“Well, in that case,” said Meilin, and drained her glass. “Ready, or not?”

“Here I come.” She came around the table to where Meilin was sitting while she scooted her chair around to face her. Kaeleigh settled herself in her lap, her butt between her thighs. They began kissing immediately, lips parted, tongues playing, hands wandering and seeking and finding. “God, I want you so bad. I just wanna dive right down between your legs.”

“Do it,” Meilin said, and nipped at her earlobe. “I want your tongue in my cunt.”

“Fuck yeah.” Kaeleigh slid down along her body, running her tongue over her skin as she descended and Meilin moved forward, parting her knees wide. Her hand preceded her down her flat, taut belly, over her trimmed-and-shaved mound, and her fingers vanished beneath the curve for a moment, then came up glistening. “Fuck,” she said. “You’re way past wet.”

“See?” Meilin said. “All the time.”

“You need it bad,” she said, and closed with Meilin again, on her knees before her, her hand going back to work. She felt her begin to shiver almost right away, her kisses heating up, and when she craned to suckle at a nipple, she got her first cum out of her. It was like blowing a teen boy, it happened so fast. It was almost as fast as the magic touch, but not as intense. “Okay,” she murmured, and slid to the ground between Meilin’s thighs. “Come here. I know what to do.”

“I bet you do,” Meilin said, her cheeks flushed.

Kaeleigh pulled her forward and nestled her face in place, tasting chlorine and saltiness and a hint of musk, and began licking. Fluids slipped down her throat, and Meilin caught her head in her hands, rocking into it, beginning a bright little series of cums that weren’t major, but happened in rapid succession. In less than a minute, Kaeleigh counted at least a dozen.

“Holy shit,” Matt breathed. “Look at her go.”

“Which one?” said Luke. His cock was up. So was Matt’s.

Matt eyed him. “You’ve seen her do that before? To a girl?”

“Yeah. She’s got this way of connecting.” He looked over and nodded to Matt’s hardon. “Need any help with that?”

“I could use a stroke, sure,” he said, reaching over to Luke even as Luke took hold of him.

“Want me to blow you a little?” said Luke.

“Why not?” He watched Luke descend, sighed quietly when his tongue went to work. Luke had handled foreskins before, Matt could tell; he know not to pull it back too far, knew how to let it roll back and forth over his head while applying light, slow suction. The goal wasn’t for him to come; it was just to kickstart the juices so he’d be ready for Meilin again sooner; but he could tell by the hardness in his hand that Luke was enjoying it all the same. “Man, I wish all girls could do it as good as guys can.” Luke chuckled, but didn’t say anything; he never spoke with his mouth full. He looked up to see how the girls were doing, and the answer was: Just fine.

Meilin was writhing in her chair, her teeth gritted, her head thrown back and her eyes shut tight. Her muscles tightened and relaxed in fast little ripples that passed along her back and through her shoulders, and up from her belly into her chest. Her nipples had become hard peaks on her high, small breasts, and she was making little squeaking sounds, and her legs were clenching and loosening rhythmically over Kaeleigh’s shoulders as she frantically humped her face. Kaeleigh stayed with her, in full contact, her jaw moving smoothly as her tongue did invisible work on her new friend. With her usual sense of good timing, she slid her finger up into Meilin’s bucking cunt, and was rewarded by an immediate increase in the power and speed of her thrusts.

“God, that is so gorgeous,” Matt said. Luke sat up to watch too, and smiled a little when Matt went down for his turn, keeping one eye on the action while he sucked Luke’s penis. Either girl was good at this, Luke thought, and both were wonderful at fucking, but Matt was right: Guys were better at BJ’s, in the same way that girls were better at eating pussy, as Kaeleigh was proving right now. She worked Meilin up more, kept it building for a while, and just as Meilin hit her peak, she moved her free hand into place, pressed down and in, found what she was looking for, and began twitching her fingertips.

The response was instant. Meilin’s eyes flew open and she stared down in gaping wonder at Kaeleigh, looking into her calm grey eyes with awe, as her spasms went to a whole new level. She was lifting herself off the chair completely now, thin spurts pattering onto the ground all around Kaeleigh, more surging over her cheeks. Luke had made her squirt before, but never like this. Kaeleigh stayed right where she was, tossed around like a rag doll between Meilin’s surging legs, lapping and drinking and swallowing, her tongue still busy, her fingers still twitching in that gentle pinch of hers. Meilin bucked and heaved, sweat broken out all over her body, and with a building set of shrieks, she arched her back entirely and pulled Kaeleigh’s face against her, as hard as she could. She held it for five, ten, fifteen seconds, and then shuddered, falling back, her chest heaving; but Kaeleigh was still there, her mouth still working, her fingers still twitching, her eyes on Meilin’s face. She squealed, shivers traveling through her frame, and pulled Kaeleigh in hard again, wrapped her legs around her, thrust upward, and rocketed through a huge set of followup cums, every muscle in her body standing out, her skin in gooseflesh, her mouth open wide to loose a long shriek of bliss. The spasm kept her locked in place for another half minute as she fucked Kaeleigh’s face and struggled to breathe, and then she let out a final strangled cry and fell back at last, her legs going limp, her head lolling.

Kaeleigh eased off right away, taking her back down, letting her settle, as Meilin lay bonelessly in the chair, her eyes half-open, the whites showing. Her jaw was lax and her color was high, but she didn’t move at all. For a moment it seemed like she’d fainted, but she stirred, her hand stroking Kaeleigh’s head. “Okay,” she breathed. “Okay, honey.”

“Are you good for now?” Kaeleigh said.

“Oh my God,” Meilin giggled weakly. “Yes. Thank you.”

“You are most welcome.” Kaeleigh kissed her pussy and slowly slid her finger out. The sweet little cleft closed in its wake, the inner labia just peeping out now. She kissed her clit, and Meilin shivered at even so delicate a touch. “You really did need that.”

“What … the hell did I just see?” said Matt.

“One of the many benefits of being a girl,” Luke murmured. They were still stroking each other, very slowly. “I’ve just never seen so many, so fast, or so intense at the end.” As much as Kaeleigh had brought out of Marta, Meilin at least doubled it for power. “I don’t think she’s ever cummed like that in her life.”

Matt shook his head. “I really thought she passed out.”

“No, I’m still here.” Meilin sat up and leaned over, cupping Kaeleigh’s face in her palms. “You’re a sorceress.” Her kiss was light, but she put her entire heart into it. “How long was that? It felt like forever, but I know it couldn’t have been.”

“Uh,” said Matt. “Maybe a minute, in all, at the end.”

“I think,” whispered Meilin, still staring into Kaeleigh’s eyes. She was kneeling between her legs, looking up at her. “I think … I might be feeling afterglow.”

“Haven’t you…” Kaeleigh said.

“No. Every time I’ve ever had sex, I’ve wanted more. Now … right now, right this minute, I feel … just … good, everywhere. Warm. Relaxed. Is that afterglow?”

“Yeah. Yeah it is.”

“What a gift,” Meilin murmured, her eyes locked on Kaeleigh’s. “What a gift you’ve given me.” She kissed her. “But it’ll be back. I know it will. I’ll need that again. I’ll need you again.”

“You know where I am,” Kaeleigh said. “It’ll always be yes, Meilin. Always.”

“You are so beautiful. Oh my God, this feeling is so beautiful.” She kissed her again. “Get up. Let me make love to you.”

Kaeleigh rose to settle into the chair with her, and Luke and Matt watched them begin. It was a lot more like what they were used to, a slow and beautiful lovemaking between two gorgeous women who cared for each other. Kaeleigh’s attraction to Meilin was obvious in the way she responded to her touches, her caresses, her kisses as they nestled in one another’s arms; she’d seen and admired her for so long that being on the receiving end of her affections was, in some ways, the fulfillment of a fantasy, sort of like how it was for the women who did the Cafés, but with an all-girl vibe. Both Luke and Matt could appreciate the beauty and sexual power of female orgasm, and seeing Kaeleigh receive several of them in a row from an extremely skilled lover — and even give a few in return, as it became reciprocal for a while — got their blood heated up. They were still casually stroking each other, but their loads were topped off again now. They’d be able to go whenever the girls needed them.

When Kaeleigh relaxed back back in Meilin’s chair and watched her work her way down, the excitement in her eyes was beautiful to see. One of her fantasies was coming true right there on that patio; and her heart was pounding in her chest as Meilin’s tongue glided, slow and skilled, over her cleft, the tip probing and teasing into her. Meilin got her full flavor then, the mix of built-up desire that eased into her natural nectar, buttery and sweet, and she relished it, savored it. She’d tasted an endless stream of girls and women through the years, but the flavor of Kaeleigh, her scent, the way her vulva blossomed to fullness on her lips and the snugging of her taut thighs over her shoulders were all unique. Every girl was unique, but Kaeleigh was first among equals. She’d never known anyone like her before. She’d never tasted anyone like her before. She wasn’t just licking and fingering a cunt. She wasn’t just eating a pussy. She was making love, opening her heart to this woman who’d given her a release from her own body she’d never known before, opening her heart even as Kaeleigh’s heart shone in her eyes.

She went in for a long, slow, glorious visit, bringing her mate to several more small cums, then taking it up and up, higher and higher, until Kaeleigh was rocking hard against her, the arch of her back rising and falling, a steady flow of juices running down over Meilin’s face and breasts. Kaeleigh’s hands bound into fists in her hair, and her head fell back and she screamed, driving herself against Meilin with all her strength, her body shivering in her heat as she erupted on her lips. It wasn’t as powerful as Meilin’s finishing cum, but it went on as long, and had the same result, a boneless girl moaning softly, breathing hard, the rest of the world washed away in a flood of ecstasy.

Meilin eased back at last and lapped away every last trace of fluid from her body. She sat back and smiled up at her, slowly caressing her legs. “That was worth the wait,” she breathed, and leaned in to kiss her pussy. “You’re magnificent.”

“Oh Goddess,” Kaeleigh sighed. She stroked Meilin’s hair. “That was just…” She bit her lip. “I’m so gonna stop by again.”

“Good.” Meilin rose and they cuddled together in the seat, kissing, caressing, being near and naked and loving.

“Do you need more?”

“Ordinarily I would,” Meilin said, after a moment. “But … I mean yeah, I’m turned on, but it’s not like how it usually is. I think that set of big cums you gave me is actually tiding me over.” She sounded surprised. “How’d you do it?”

“It’s a sort of trick I figured out … oh, wow, when I was twelve. My girlfriend called it the magic touch. There’s this little … node, sort of, of nerves that’s centered up at the base of your clit, near where the inner labia join, kind of in front of your G-spot, and when you hit it just right, that’s what happens. Most girls can’t take more than a couple seconds of it, though.”

“You were doing it to me way longer.”

“You needed it.”

“Yeah. I did. Will you teach me how to do it? I think … I think I’m gong to keep on needing it, and I’d like to know how to give it to myself when there’s no one in grabbing range. Or even when there is.”

Kaeleigh smiled. “Sure. You bet.” Meilin chuckled. “What?”

“You said you owed me several thousand cums. Well, I think we’re just about even now.” She kissed Kaeleigh, one of her long, slow specials. “And we have the rest of the day, and all night, too, if you plan to stay.”

“I’m just so totally here, girl.” Her hand was moving, very slowly, between Meilin’s legs. “Is that too much?”

“No. It feels very nice. Like I said, scratching an itch. Don’t stop touching me.”

“You just have the prettiest pussy. So sweet, it looks so cute and smooth and innocent, but what’s inside…” She kissed Meilin. “Mmm…”

“Sort of like what’s inside you. And I don’t just mean your pussy, either. I’ve never felt this good after sex. Just so … relaxed, and soothed, and free. Thank you.”

Kaeleigh smiled. “It was our pleasure.”

“Yes. It was.” Meilin stretched, settled her arm around her friend’s shoulders, and looked over at the boys. “How are you two doing?”

“We’re good to go when you are,” Matt said.

“Uh-huh. I think I saw you helping each other along. How about another swim, and then we go inside for a while? Kaeleigh can teach me her magic touch, and I think we’ll both be in the mood for some cock.”

“I like how you think,” Luke said.

Meilin laughed, bobbed lightly to her feet, and drew Kaeleigh up next to her. They shared an embrace and another long kiss, and then went hand in hand to the water. Luke and Matt followed, and if the kid with the scope was still there, he was probably on his second bottle of lotion by then.

* * *

The next round for them wasn’t in the pool; it was on the pile of cushions in the glassed-in room that overlooked the city. They came inside, fresh from their swim, and Meilin pulled up a dance mix. It wasn’t all music from the eighties; her tastes ran farther back than that, and covered contemporary as well. Tracks Kaeleigh recognized included Love me Do by the Beatles; Daft Punk’s Get Lucky; Gaga’s Born This Way; Baby’s on Fire by Die Antwoord, Fresh Day from Teem Creen (which Meilin unironically loved as much as she did); Whip It by Devo; that weird song where the British guy kept shouting “Science!”; and some gasping breathy percussive thing whose key feature was a chant of all she wants is. Meilin told her later that was the name of the song, and it was by Duran Duran. The other one was She Blinded Me with Science by Thomas Dolby. There was more, quite a lot of which Kaeleigh didn’t recognize, but it was all danceable and fun, and quite sexy in a lot of places, lending itself to bumping, grinding, and close contact.

With four nude and uninhibited partygoers, the mini-rave eventually became a mini-orgy, starting when Luke made love to Kaeleigh while Meilin and Matt watched and another Duran Duran cut, Hungry Like the Wolf, provided them with inspiration. When he came, it was Matt’s turn with Meilin; their show’s soundtrack was Start Me Up by the Stones. Matt wasn’t dead, but that wasn’t the reason Meilin got him to come.

They settled on the pillow pile while Meilin pulled up a mix of ambient and chillout, and they all cuddled together, swapping kisses and caresses and embraces, and the boys took turns providing the girls with some light followup tongue. Even they were relaxing into it, dropping into a hot and hunky all-male 69 — neither of them came; it was just playing — and Kaeleigh was glad to see it. Meilin learned the magic touch with ease, and they took turns using it on each other for a while, to the gratification of their little audience.

This was only the second time Kaeleigh had been able to make love with her brother while there was anyone else present, and she was glad to realize Marta had been correct. Neither Meilin nor Matt had noticed anything. All they saw was a passionate and loving couple, sexy and unashamed. She sensed the relaxation in Luke, too; his eyes, when they met hers, held the same kind of relief. They were going to be all right.

They all snuggled together again a while, then got up for light snacks in the kitchen, a fruit and cheese plate with crusty bread, oil for dipping, and bleu cheese for spreading.

“I’m so glad the two of you are open,” Meilin said to her while they ate.

“Definitely,” Matt said.

“We like a lot of the same things,” Luke said. “Including a mix of playmates.”

“It’s the only kind of relationship I could ever have,” Meilin said. “I literally cannot do exclusive. One sex partner … I’ve tried that before. I wear them out and end up fucking someone else. They either feel inadequate, or cheated on, and either way, it’s just…” She sighed. “Impossible.”

“Don’t they know about it, going in?” Kaeleigh said.

“Sure they do. But they imagine either that they can handle it, or they’ll be enough on their own to satisfy me. It can be … hard to realize my lover is self-deluding. Hard on me, and harder on him or her. How do you manage it without any jealousy?”

“We know how we feel about each other,” Luke said.

“Plus, we like watching each other fuck.”

“You sure look good together,” Matt said.

We’ve had a lot of practice.”

“You are quite beautiful,” Meilin agreed. “I could see the love in your eyes earlier. Do you plan to do a scene together sometime? It would be breathtaking.”

“We, um,” said Luke.

“Yeah, it’s really … you know, just for us, and our good friends to see and take part in, and that’s it.”

“I guess Matt and I qualify for that.”

“Yeah,” Kaeleigh said. “For sure.”

“Thank you. I didn’t mean to cross any lines by asking about a scene. If I did, or I ever do, please tell me.”

“We don’t have limits with our good friends,” said Luke. “It’s a perfectly natural question, and on the more … one-on-one front, Kay and I are both players. ATW is all about sexual availability, and we’ve both been that way from the start, even before we got together. Nothing’s changed for us since.”

“Yeah, no offense taken at all,” Kaeleigh said, and kissed her cheek. “Thank you for the compliment.”

Meilin slipped her arm around her waist. “I think we’re going to be the best of friends. I can’t wait until our first scene together.”

“Just as soon as they say I’m ready, I’m all about the Pink with you,” she said.

“That makes two of us. Feel like watching a different kind of movie? No naughty. Just nerdy.”

“Sure,” Kaeleigh said. She and the boys took up plates and followed Meilin to her living room, settling in on the sofa together.

“It’s the the most important movie from the eighties,” Meilin said as she queued it up from her player. “Well, I think it is.”

“What is it, Footloose?” Matt said.

Meilin giggled. “No.”

“The Star Trek with the whales?” Luke said.

“Getting warmer.”

E.T.?” said Kaeleigh.

“Sweet, but no.”

The screen went black, rolled some text talking about robots that looked like humans, and faded up on a sprawling nighttime cityscape, not too different from the one that lay below Meilin’s house now, though that featured fewer eruptions of flaming gas and nowhere near as much haze. The screen lit with text:


…as something like a spaceship shot past.

“Hey,” Kaeleigh said, pointing to the movie still on the wall.

“Yup. Blade Runner.”

“Huh. I’ve never seen it.”

Meilin rolled her eyes. “I’d throw you out, but I want you too bad.”

“You’d have to throw me out too, I guess,” Luke said. “I’ve never seen it either.”

“I think I saw it when I was a kid,” said Matt.

“Oh God, I’m surrounded by Visigoths. There was a sequel, you know.”

“Um,” said Matt.

Meilin sighed. “It’s only the movie that totally redefined dystopian SF, and made cyberpunk a thing, and gave animé the look it’s been using … well, shit, ever since.” She snuggled up to Kaeleigh, who was in turn snuggled by Luke; Matt cuddled up to her on the other side. “It’s also Scott’s greatest movie.”

“Is that Scott?” said Luke as a man sat down at a table behind some sort of bizarre mechanical briefcase. It had screens and cameras and a bellows in it.

“No, Ridley Scott. He directed Alien? Gladiator? The Martian?”

“Oh, him,” Luke nodded.

“Hey, why’d that guy shoot him?” said Matt.

“Because he’s a replicant.”

“Who, the guy with the briefcase, or the other guy?”

“The guy with the briefcase is a cop, a blade runner. His job is to find replicants like Leon. Leon’s a little dim, and he panicked.”

“But why—”

“Can it wait?” Kaeleigh said. “It’s like five minutes in. I kinda think we’ll get the backstory soon.”

They settled down and fell into the images, a dark but fully realized vision of a future they were supposedly already living in. 2119 might’ve been closer to it, Kaeleigh thought, looking at the retrofitted tech, the urban sprawl, the strange but plausible and rather beautiful flying cars, and the replicants, which might have been something like clones, might have been something like androids, and were endowed with superior speed, strength, and (in some cases) intelligence … and were both somewhat frightening and unutterably tragic. She was caught in the story, lost in the ethereal beauty of Rachael, following the thread and wondering what was really up with Deckard … while at the same time entirely physically aware of Meilin beside her, naked and beautiful, and Luke and Matt framing them, just as naked and just as beautiful. Her hand glided easily between Meilin’s thighs, and she caressed her very slowly, very gently, scratching the itch for her, yes … but also because her pussy really was one of the most beautiful she’d ever seen. They were all still cuddled when the credits rolled. “That was … huh,” said Kaeleigh.

Meilin sighed heavily. “Yeah, well, you’re not alone. At first, everyone thought that way about it. The movie didn’t do well in the first few years, but it developed a kind of underground following.”

“No, no, I liked it. I just … I think I’ll need to see it a couple more times to get everything.”

“Please feel free to do so. My cinema is always open, for you.” She kissed her cheek. “Among other things.”

“Reminds me of film noir,” Matt said, “but in color.”

“You’ve just redeemed yourself,” said Meilin. She gently pulled Kaeleigh’s hand from between her thighs and licked each glistening fingertip. “You have, too. That felt wonderful.”

“Yeah. It did.” She kissed her. “I just can’t stay away.”

“Do you think you can make it through dinner, at least?”

“I’ll try. But I won’t make any promises.”

* * *

Meilin grilled cheeseburgers and they ate on the deck, still quite naked in the balmy night air. The city glimmered below, and lights were on in the house nearby. “Look,” Meilin pointed. “The window on the end, there. See it?”

They all peered, and saw a shadow that looked like a cylinder on a tripod. Beyond it was a rumpled bed and part of a wall, with posters on it. “I’ll be damned,” Matt said.

“Huh,” Kaeleigh said, and took another bite of her burger. She was as hungry as everyone else, but there was more to her voracity than that. Meilin seemed to be as good in the kitchen as Luke was, and that was saying something. “Doesn’t it bug you?”

“Does it bug you?” said Meilin.

“Well, no, but…” She thought about it. “Yeah, okay, I get it.”

“Get what?” said Matt.

Kaeleigh shrugged. “He’s probably stroking it to porn already anyhow. Probably has been a while. He might even have seen some of your scenes. It’s not a big deal, really. Well, it probably is to him, but … really, it’s not that big of a deal.”

“Not on the cosmic scale, I guess,” Luke nodded.

“Yeah,” said Meilin. “That’s how I see it too.”

“Have you ever thought about fucking him?” Matt said.

“Of course I have, and if I was younger or he was older, I would have by now. But like I said, he can’t be more than fifteen.”

“How do you know that?” said Kaeleigh.

“He rides the bus to school, and it’s a high school crowd he hangs out with, so he’s gotta be in ninth grade, at least. But if he was sixteen he’d have a license. This is a reasonably well to do neighborhood, and I’m sure Mumsy and PaPa wouldn’t let Junior hoof it with hoi polloi if it was avoidable. So: He must be somewhere between fourteen and fifteen.”

“Well, still, grass on the field,” Matt said.

Meilin snorted. “I’m … believe it or not, I’m actually usually pretty cautious about breaking certain laws, or more than I used to be. Since I started with Marta, I’ve been especially cautious about age, but even before, when I was just starting with escorting, I got into the habit of carding possible playmates.”

“Literally?” Luke said.

“Hell yes, literally. I need proof of eighteen. If I fuck someone underage and the law gets involved somehow, it’s not just bad for me. It’s bad for my boss, too, and everyone else I work with, by association.” She chewed thoughtfully. “That said, as soon as he’s the big one-eight, the party’s on. Meanwhile, I can wait. I have lots of things to distract me.”

“You think you’ll still be living here then?”

“Oh yeah. And I’ll be maybe twenty-five or twenty-six, so I won’t even be a cougar.”

“Maybe you’ll even pop his cherry for him.”

“I might. I’m not hung up on virgins, though. I prefer experience.”

“Join the club,” said Luke, patting Kaeleigh’s hand. “Skill really matters.”

They all nodded and ate quietly for a while.

“I really can’t believe how good I feel right now,” Meilin said. “Just … warm, and good and calm. I’m still horny, but it’s not out of control.”

“That’s how I feel too,” Kaeleigh said. The boys nodded agreement. They were both half flaccid, idling, ready to bring it on again as needed, but not overpowered by their groins. “It’s good, isn’t it?”

“I’m so glad you showed me your trick,” Meilin said. “I don’t know how or why, but it really seems to make a big difference.”

“You might just have a really high tolerance for orgasm,” said Matt. “So to really feel like you got off, it needs to be … just extra-powerful, in your case.”

“Could be, yeah. Maybe that’s it. Maybe I just need a really hard cum to get me to something like a normal level. I’ve had some good ones over the years, believe me, but they were nothing like what that magic touch does for me. And what’s really … cool, what’s great about it, is I can still go all night, if I decide to.”

“Couldn’t you before?” said Luke.

“Not when I take meds, no. They don’t have an off switch, so when I take them, I just feel half-numb until they’re out of my system. But without them, until today, all I wanted was sex nonstop. So with the magic touch, I get to decide if I’m done for a while … and if I’m really in the mood for a long day of lays, I get to choose that instead.”

“You control your pussy, instead of it controlling you,” Kaeleigh said.

“Yeah. I don’t feel dominated by my urges. And it’s about time.”

“Like your boyfriend down the hill,” Matt said. “I’d never want to be that age again. Permanent hardon, permanently horny, and always frustrated.”

“I sure as fuck don’t miss it,” Luke said.

“Welcome to my life,” Meilin said. “Well, until today.”

They finished their meals and went back inside, and Meilin introduced Kaeleigh and Luke to her bed. It was large, king-sized, and it sloshed.

“Holy shit,” said Luke. “A waterbed?”

“I know!” Matt said. “I hadn’t seen one of these in years.”

“I’ve never even seen one at all,” Kaeleigh said, and flopped back to let the waves ripple beneath her.

“How are they for sex?” Luke said.

“I think you’re about to find out.”

“Oh, yeah, babe, we gotta do it. Wow, it’s so comfortable, and it’s really warm, too.” She rocked herself, making the waves rise again, riding them, the motions of her naked body causing some visible responses in two of her companions, and a flush to rise in the third. She giggled. “Well, come on, everyone. Surf’s up!”

“Get on in there,” Luke said, nudging Matt forward.

“Yeah, c’mon, Matt,” Kaeleigh said. “I’m feeling in the mood for some wet and wild.” She accepted him in her arms while Luke and Meilin sloshed onto the bed beside them, and watched her brother’s penis sink into Meilin’s accepting flesh. She took Meilin’s hand as Matt mounted her, and they clung to each other, kissing, while the boys made love to them. “I love seeing you with Luke,” she breathed.

“You look good with anyone,” Meilin murmured. She went on kissing her as Luke gave her his signature fuck, that wonderful alternation between gentle and pounding, the mattress rolling and bucking beneath her hips with each of his driving thrusts. He knew the magic touch too — its discoverer was his lover and sister, after all — and he used it on Meilin a few times, just to get her to a good peak and keep her there. He found she took it longer, and more, than any other girl he’d ever been with, and at the end he was using it full time; so when he came, she was red-faced, her teeth gritted, her throat tight with her answering screams. Seeing him come in Meilin’s pussy set Kaeleigh off, and she pulled Matt into the frenzy of it, taking every spurt of spunk he had, feeling its welcome slick spread around in her vagina, over her cervix.

Matt slid back out of her, his cock gleaming, the head and foreskin smeared with bright white fluid. Luke was still fucking Meilin, moving slowly, and leaned over to clean Matt’s residue off of him. When he withdrew a moment later, Matt returned the favor while the women swung around to do their own housekeeping on each other. The post-cum cleanup became a glorious mutual, a pair of shared cream pies that turned into a series of hot little cums to cap them off. When they parted at last, the boys were there on either side of them, Kaeleigh in Matt’s embrace, Luke spooned up to Meilin. The mattress slowed in its rocking around them; to Kaeleigh, it felt a little like memory foam until someone moved, and the bed went into another minor paroxysm of surges. It was like being in the pool, but warmer, and not quite as wet, in most places.

Kaeleigh held Meilin’s gaze, stroking her cheek. There was heat there between them, something good and precious, something that reminded her of what it was like to be with Nette. As fervid as she could get sometimes, though, this experience was deeper. She’d never had a female sex partner who could match her for intensity, and she thought Meilin was right. They were going to be the best of friends, the very best.

“You’re spending the night, right?”

“Yeah. We are.”


“Need me to get your butterfly?” Matt said.

Meilin bit her lip. “You know … I … actually don’t need it right now.” She kissed Kaeleigh, then turned to Luke and kissed him too. “Thank you. That magic touch thing … it’s actually done the trick.” She turned to Kaeleigh once more. “Please tell me I can see you again.”

“Yes,” Kaeleigh whispered, her heart thumping. “I’d like that a lot.”

Meilin smiled and nestled in close, and they all sank into silence, limbs and fluids and breath mingled in quiet, abiding warmth.