This is a work of erotic fantasy, so there’s quite a lot of sex. However, there isn’t sex happening in every chapter. There are many passages that include setup, character development, and all that boring stuff which makes the sex that much more meaningful when it finally happens. I know not everyone cares about backstory or getting to know the characters, so each chapter which does have sex in it also has a heart following its title:

The sex is not intended to be pornographic or paraphilic. It’s just the kind of stuff that happens between people, though sometimes in somewhat unusual situations. This includes threesomes and groups, intimacy taking place among people under the age of eighteen (with no one over eighteen present), same-sex partners, and scenes involving brother-sister incest. If you live in the kind of world where you believe those sorts of things never happen, or should never happen, you’re both (1) welcome to stop reading now; and (2) not even remotely in touch with reality in any way at all.

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Kaeleigh Goes All the Way

Book 2: 2024 • Part I: Pretty Good Privates

5. Dinner and Dessert

Marta arrived promptly at eight. Kaeleigh answered her knock; Luke was in the kitchen, putting the cap on everything. Their little table-island was already set for three, with a bowl of spring salad and strawberry vinaigrette dressing ready to go. The entrée, baked herbed salmon with rice pilaf, was what Luke was concentrating on.

“Come in, come in,” Kaeleigh said, standing aside. Marta had changed from her blouse-and-jeans combo to a loose one-piece short dress of ruched, fruit-printed cotton. It was bright, light, breezy, and summery, and it did wonders calling attention to her well-shaped legs, partly by displaying quite a lot of them, partly because they were worth the attention. She’d crimped her hair and it was a semi-wild nest now, nominally contained in a hair band of lime green, echoing the limes in her dress. Flat sandals finished the ensemble, and judging by the way the dress fell and clung to her, Marta hadn’t bothered wearing anything underneath it.

It amounted to a compelling presentation. Some women, when they got past thirty, could harden up. Others could run to softness. Some, like Marta, seemed to flourish in it, carrying poise and confidence, clearly in superb condition, and with an edge of naughtiness that spoke of years of happy practice being naughty. “That dress is gorgeous,” Kaeleigh said as Marta entered. “And so are you. Like a yummy walking salad.”

“So sweet,” she said as they exchanged air kisses. “You’re simply faboo, dahling.” She was; Kaeleigh, like Luke and their guest for the evening, had showered and changed after they got home. Kaeleigh had gone with a soft denim one-piece that was backless and had a flared, frilly short skirt, and there were no panties between her and the world. Since she was at home, she was barefoot. Luke’s choice had been a sleek tank top and close-fitting board shorts. He, too, was commando and shoeless. No one wanted to have too many layers to remove, it seemed, to which Marta couldn’t object in the least. Dessert already looked appetizing, and the aroma wafting through the air of their little brick rental house was an ideal topnote. “God,” she said, coming into the kitchen/dining. “Someone is an authentic alchemist.”

“Thanks,” Luke smiled, peering through the oven window. “Salmon’s about done.” He dished the pilaf into a server and set it on the table next to the salad. “Why not sample a stool and I’ll do something beverage-y.”

“You have him well-trained, I see,” Marta said to Kaeleigh, perching on one of the stools. Quite a lot — but not everything — became visible under her skirt as she sat. Kaeleigh felt herself flush a little. Marta had some lovely thighs, and she was looking forward to being between them. “Many wives wait years for their husbands to figure out how to do more in the kitchen than prep for the grill.”

“Luke’s better at it than I am.”

“Oh, you do fine, hon.”

“I can just about manage not to scald the water, if I’m paying attention.”

“Your breakfasts kick ass. I can’t do an omelette half as good as you, and my pancakes always come out Cajun blackened.” He poured wine, chilled white, for Marta and Kaeleigh, and kissed Marta’s cheek. “Dinner with two lovely women.” He kissed Kaeleigh. “I don’t know what I did to deserve this.”

“I think it started with I do,” Kaeleigh said, sipping. She sat beside Marta, facing her, giving her a view of her own, if she wanted it, and she did. “If you’re gonna die of diabetic shock, let us know. We can do bitchy pretty good too.”

Marta laughed. “I don’t need bitchy. I have gay friends.”

“And none of them go straight when you’re around?”

“Not so far,” Marta sighed. “Alas.”

“Seriously gay, then.”

Marta smiled at her and patted her knee, then left her hand there. After a moment Kaeleigh put her own hand atop it, and slid it farther up her thigh. “So have you decided when you’re ready to start work?”

“I can come in tomorrow, if you want,” Kaeleigh said. “Luke was saying the studio’s open at nine?”

“Oh, make it Tuesday. I have a feeling we’re all gong to have a late night. Nine will be fine. We don’t just drop you in front of a camera right away. There’s a sort of training period first. It usually takes a couple of weeks.”

“Luke was telling me that, yeah,” Kaeleigh said, eyeing his butt while he bent to take the salmon out of the oven. Marta was watching too. “He said there’s theory, practice, and more practice, basically.”

“Yeah. Sex for performance isn’t quite the same as regular sex, or even sex on game night. You’re still having a great time, but certain things need to be a little more visible than usual. You’ve seen our stuff, so you know it’s not the standard gynecologist visit you ordinarily have in porn, no wide split beaver unless it’s sensible for the moment, no ass-in-the-air either, barring the same caveat. And the cunnilingus is always full contact.”

“Best kind,” Luke said.

“Damn right. But there’s still a kind of body awareness you need to have to present the best angles, while at the same time keeping it natural-appearing. It comes more easily to some than others, and can be a little frustrating to get used to at first.”

“I might do okay with that,” Kaeleigh said, stroking the back of Marta’s hand. “You know I do yoga and Zumba, and both are … well, they’re exercise, of course, but yoga’s also about body awareness. So’s Zumba, but in a different way.”

“That will help, yeah,” Marta said, her hand gently squeezing where it rested. Kaeleigh’s thigh was firm and taut. “So is sex, of course, though it’s a different kind of body awareness. I doubt you’ll find it hard to manage. After a while it becomes reflexive when the cameras are there. We don’t expect you to be ready to go right out the gate, and since you haven’t done porn before, you’re probably going to do better than the girls who have.”

“Better?” Kaeleigh said. “Why?”

“You don’t have any bad habits to unlearn.”

“Oh. Huh.”

“We do expect you to work on it, and I suspect you have a willing helpmate for practicing at home, and we don’t expect you to do it for free. Your pay rate is five hundred a day for training.”

“Five hun…” Kaeleigh blinked. “But that’s not fair. You’re not getting anything out of it until I do a scene. You’re losing money on me.”

“Not true. It’s an investment in your future with PGP, and in PGP’s ability to create beautiful, believable, subtle, and blindingly erotic videos with you in them. You have the looks, from what I can tell you have the body, and I expect you have the stamina, if what Luke’s been telling me about your history with the game is accurate. So you’re already most of the way to being a major attraction on our site. We like our women to be confident and relaxed, and the training’s a big element of that. It makes all their scenes natural, fluid, real.” She smiled. “And it results in real, natural fluids. So it works out all around.”

Kaeleigh laughed. “Okay, well, if you’re going to insist on paying me to talk about sex with hot boys and girls, and to do it with them, I suppose I’ll just have to deal with it.”

Marta squeezed her thigh again. “That’s the spirit.” Kaeleigh smiled, and slid her hand up a little higher.

Luke came to the table with the salmon, and Marta and Kaeleigh both cooed over it. The herbs accented its aroma and it was lightly basted in lemon and olive oil, with a touch of fresh-ground black pepper over all. The fish was succulent and flaked readily as he plated it for each of them, then spooned out pilaf and served the salad. “That’s as formal as I get. You want seconds, you know where it all is.” He sat and lifted his glass. “Okay, mush time.

“For the last two years I’ve been waiting for Kaeleigh to move in with me. They’ve been hard years. This is the woman I love more than my own life, for whom I’d kill or die, and finally, she’s by my side again. I love you, Kaeleigh, and I will until I’m room temperature. Thank you, thank you every day, for being in my life and being my wife. And Marta … good as the game is, you gave me something I really needed. You gave me a center, stability, focus. Also a fairly decent line of work. Without you and PGP, these last two years would’ve been a hell of a lot harder and more lonely. You’re a great boss and a great friend, and I love you.”

“Oh,” Marta said, flushed to her roots. “Well … thank you, honey. I don’t know what to say but I love you too, of course, and I’m pleased you decided to come to work for me. Your scenes rate high all the time, the audience loves you, and I know the girls you work with always look forward to anything they do with you. I’m glad you decided to make it a long-term thing, instead of a summer job or something to pick up a little extra cash now and then. You’re a fine addition to our core talent pool, and I value you highly not just as talent, but as a good friend. And as for you,” she went on, turning to Kaeleigh, “I have every confidence that you’ll be as successful and popular as your husband is. You have the personality and the ovaries to make it far with PGP, and I really don’t doubt that you’ll like working there, and you’ll fit in right away. You’re in for a lot of new, very good, and very close friendships.” She gave her leg another little squeeze. “Starting tonight.”

“I really can’t wait,” Kaeleigh said. “Either to do scenes, or to meet everyone and get to know them, or for dessert.” She reached out and put her hand on Marta’s leg, giving her warm, firm flesh a slow caress. “Luke told me all about you, and you’re even greater live and in person than I imagined. I know there were times he needed friends here, and times he needed love, and I know he found both through you, and with you. That puts you at the top of my list of just excellent people. I really want us to be good, close friends, and I think we probably will be.” They all tapped glasses, all a little misty, and turned their attention to the food.

“Oh my God,” Marta said in a moment. “This is exquisite.”

“Thanks. Secret’s in the sauce.”

“There’s a little bit of soy sauce in the marinade,” Kaeleigh said, her hand still on Marta’s thigh. “It adds … oh, hell, I know it’s not Imari…”

“Right culture, hon,” Luke said. “But umami’s what you’re going after. The fifth flavor.”

“That’s it, yeah. Luke uses soy sauce a lot.”

“In a lot of things that call for salt,” he said. “I wouldn’t try it in key lime pie, but you can substitute soy sauce in almost anything savory. It really makes it pop.”

“It sure does,” Marta nodded, meeting Kaeleigh caress for caress. There was an intense and enormous heat building in her, caused in part by the beautiful young woman beside her, and in part by her frank and open desire. They hadn’t quite begun dessert yet, but at the rate things were going, they’d be getting there before the table was cleared. “And the pilaf is perfect. Fluffy and light. And I love this salad.”

“Thanks. That’s feta crumbled in.”

“And Luke’s special vinaigrette.”

“Strawberry jam, actually, with balsamic and a couple other goodies.”

“It’s brilliant. Sweet, tart, salty.”

“Like a certain boss I know,” Luke grinned, and Marta giggled.

“What’s core talent?” Kaeleigh said. “You called Luke that a minute ago.”

“It’s a loose classification I have in my head that doesn’t mean a damned thing objectively. Generally, if someone’s been working steadily for PGP for a year or two, does regular scenes, and particularly if their faces are reasonably well known to our subscribers, I consider them core talent. Most of the men and women who stick around over summer are in that group, your husband included.”

“Oh, okay,” she nodded. “So … is Luke a special case, or do you have, uh, personal friendships with lots of people at PGP? Or just the … the core talent?”

“I got to know him as a player first,” Marta said. “I didn’t see a big reason for that relationship to change after he started working for me. But I don’t usually make a practice of it, no. It’s … it can cause internal strife. It can appear to be either favoritism or sexual harassment, both of which are trouble. I mentioned before that we don’t pry much into each other’s personal lives, partly for privacy reasons, and partly because it doesn’t need to have any effect on how a couple plays out on camera. I’m pretty sure most people at PGP don’t even know Luke got married this summer.”

“Yeah, I’m not ashamed of it, of course, but … like you said, it’s not part of the scenes I do.”

“And he wouldn’t want to be wearing a ring on camera anyway,” said Kaeleigh.

“Right. I think it’d make the girls nervous about being with me, and some people who saw the videos might think I was cheating scum.”

“So you’ve talked about this,” Marta said.

“Yeah, and I think he’s right. I play the game, I’m gonna be working at PGP, so I’ve been and will be having sex with all kinds of guys and girls, but Luke and I are open. We’ve always had an open relationship. A lot of people don’t, though, and if they … well, I can see where they’re coming from. If you’re some guy’s wife, and you think he’s really committed himself to you monogamously, it’d probably hurt pretty badly to see him fucking some other girl. And I think a lot of women would put themselves in the place of Luke’s wife, whoever she was, and just get pissed as hell at him.”

Marta nodded. “Probably a good call. I think you’re right that most of our audience are comfortable fantasizing about having sex with a single man, even if they’re married themselves, but watching a man with a ring make love to a girl who doesn’t have one too would imply all kinds of trouble. In any case, there’s no policy against people developing deeper relationships together than what’s involved in the work they do.”

“I bet that happens pretty often,” Kaeleigh said, her hand very high now, only a couple of inches from heaven. “I mean, if you’re having sex with someone, you might develop feelings. Pretty deep ones. Even if it’s just for a scene.”

“We try to remind our talent of the difference between arousal, affection, desire, friendship, and love, yeah, particularly the kind of love that turns into long-term involvement.” She gave Kaeleigh’s thigh another light squeeze, in the same zone as her new friend was. “You love all your friends, I’m sure, but you only married one.”

“Well, legally, I only can marry one.”

“True. This’ll come up in employee orientation—”

“There’s … orientation?”

“Oh yeah. You’re under hire as a contract actress who is paid for performances, which under state law qualifies you as an employee of PGP. Training and orientation are actually mandatory. So you’ll spend some time there, as well as in training for your scenes. What you’ll find out, what I was saying, is that we have discreet counseling available if you need it, as a service to you. Relationships can be rough to manage under the most conventional circumstances, and your circumstances will not be conventional at all. I don’t imagine that’ll be a big problem, since you’ve been a player for … what was it?”

“Almost five years.” Squeeze.

“Right, and you and Luke were lovers for most of that time. So you’re probably well familiar, by now, with separating sex from friends-with-benefits, the feelings that go along with being in love, or getting married. A lot of our core talent are in friends-with-benefits arrangements with each other, and a few are in deeper relationships on top of that, and it doesn’t seem to cause them any trouble. Of course, they’ve had practice, lots of practice, with sexual friendships, like you and Luke have.” Squeeze. “But the counseling is there if you need it.”

“Okay. That’s good to know. If I ever get in trouble with anything, who do I talk to?”

“Anyone in senior staff positions, which would be me or the directors. Any one of us will get you connected to the resources you need, and the conversations you have with them are guaranteed to be discreet. Legally, they’re bound to be.”

“Why, are you all therapists or something?”

“No, not at all, but we’re ordained clergy.”

Kaeleigh laughed. “Hell, maybe I need to join your church.”

Marta chuckled. “It’s an online ordination from the Universal Life Monastery. Non-denominational, and really a legal façade, not necessarily a robe-wearing priesthood. Clergy members are legally empowered to invoke sanctuary laws, which means we can’t be compelled to testify, even in court, against someone who’s told us something in confidence. We’re considered in the same class as attorneys or therapists, in that regard. It was faster, easier, and cheaper than getting therapist licenses, and it’s there just to add another layer of discretion for our talent, if anyone needs it.”

“Has anyone ever needed it?”

“I can’t say,” Marta shrugged.

Kaeleigh thought about that, and smiled. “Okay.”

“Much of the rest of orientation is what you’ve probably experienced elsewhere. Fire response — we do a drill every month — material-safety handling instruction, electrical safety, first aid and AED and fire extinguisher locations. Drug and booze policy you got the rundown on already, but you’ll get to hear it again, and the usual discussion of policies and procedures. We have a staff nurse available during all working hours, too. No one’s ever been brokedicked yet, but there are always possible incidents if a scene involves a slippery surface, like a Jacuzzi. Usually what we get is minor slips and the occasional bruise or muscular strain, but since we try to keep our sex happening on padded or stable surfaces as much as possible, and since we’re not usually a company of acrobats, that’s usually as serious as it ever gets. Our sick policy is if you are, stay home.”

“That totally makes sense, considering.”

“Yup. Even if you think it’s just allergies, better safe than me having forty people with a simultaneous headcold. We also have a very strong policy regarding sexual harassment. Just because a woman is willing to have sex on camera does not mean she can be groped, ogled, accosted, felt up, fondled, kissed, hassled, or otherwise made uncomfortable by anyone, under any circumstances. We also have a policy against visitors. We don’t do tours, and we don’t allow any guests into any areas of the studio where scenes are being shot, whether there’s action happening or not.”

“But if the … the set, or the room is empty, what’s the difference?”

“Hygiene. People track God knows what in on their shoes all the time, they sneeze and sniffle and wipe their noses, and we don’t want any residues of any kind on any surface anyone might touch, or where someone might be rolling around naked in an hour. Also, if the set’s just been used and hasn’t been cleaned up yet, well…” Marta shrugged.

“Yeah, I bet. Not everyone’s into souvenirs.”

“It can bother some people, and hygiene concerns are reciprocal. Anyway, you’re not on display for drooling hangers-on, and you are never, under any circumstances, expected to tolerate anything that makes you uncomfortable. If there’s a problem, go to a director first. If the problem continues, make sure I know about it, and I’ll deal with it by whatever means are necessary. We generally don’t have problems, because the rules are laid down very clearly in orientation, but every few months we have someone who thinks he can get away with pushing things because he’s just too hot for the ladies to resist. Things tend to resolve quickly, sometimes with a final paycheck being collected. Whether a person is talent or support, he’s expected to keep his hands to himself unless he’s been given clear consent. He or she.”

“That’s great to know, Marta. I didn’t even think about any of that, but knowing it’s … that you won’t put up with anyone being hassled, and that I don’t have to either, that’s just great. It’s like the way things are at a game.”

“Very much so, yes. Another thing you don’t usually find in a lot of other studios.”

Kaeleigh pushed her plate back. “That tasted as fantastic as everything else you make, babe.”

“Oh?” Marta said. She’d just finished her last bite too. “Everything?”

“That doesn’t need cooking.”

“Just a little heat,” Luke nodded. “Which you both seem to have handled.” He began clearing the table.

“I’m feeling like dessert,” Kaeleigh said. “How about you?”

“I could eat, yeah,” said Marta.

“Good.” Kaeleigh got up from her stool to stand between Marta’s thighs. “I’ve been wet for you since you came through the door.”

“That makes two of us.” Her hands went up Kaeleigh’s bare legs, under her skirt, gliding smoothly up over her naked flesh. “You look absolutely scrumptious.”

The kiss was flavored with vinaigrette and wine, and neither of them cared. Marta’s lips were skilled, soft and warm and smooth, and her tongue was a lovely preview of things to come. Kaeleigh’s kisses were deep and passionate, open-mouthed and welcoming, and when she knelt before her guest, Marta was well prepared for her. She pulled the bottom of her dress up. “It’s all yours, honey.”

“Oh God,” Kaeleigh breathed. “You shave.” Marta’s vulva was bare and creamy, a long cleft that contained a beautifully swollen pursing and puckering, glistening softly in the light. She leaned in, breathing deep, catching the scent that inflamed her so, the aroma of an aroused woman, and ran her tongue slow and soft up her sweet, warm flesh. Her flavor was tart, and salty, and sweet, as Luke had said. She felt Marta’s hands in her hair as she began making love to her, relishing the experience of a new pussy to explore and learn, feeling her swell and unfold in her mouth, her labia descending to meet her as she delved up and in. Marta was sighing softly now, looking down at her, her eyes soft. “God, you’re delicious.”

“Kaeleigh,” Marta murmured. “Oh God, girl…”

She kissed her pussy. “I’m gonna eat you over and over again, all night long.”

“Whatever you say,” Marta said, and shivered when Kaeleigh plunged in again, her expert tongue doing glorious work, teasing and tickling and dandling, building her heat, easing her back, building and easing, driving her half wild, and just as she was about to pull the girl’s head in, Kaeleigh pressed her face to her and brought her what she’d been promising. It was long and it wasn’t anywhere near as intense as she thought would be happening soon; it was more of a pre-dessert appetizer, and it was just the satisfaction she needed: A brief release from the worst need, but one that left plenty in reserve. She pulled Kaeleigh up and laved her with kisses, licking herself off the girl’s cheeks, tasting herself in her mouth, her slim tight body shivering in her arms. “We’re neglecting your husband.”

“He’s doing just fine,” Luke said. He was standing with one hip cocked against the table, his arms crossed, watching, and he was quite hard. “As far as I’m concerned, you two can keep going all night.”

“Men,” Kaeleigh said. “They watch as much as they do.”

“Well, I guess we’d better make sure he’s got something to see,” Marta said, and stood. As she kissed Kaeleigh the girl backed up and settled onto her stool, and in moments Marta was on her knees, studying what Kaeleigh bared for her as she lifted her skirt clear. Her cleft was deep and juicy, her inner labia smoothly curled at the edges and fully exposed, gleaming and smelling of her. At the top of her crease, her clit had risen, pushing its shroud up, and above that lay a thin and meticulous stripe of red-gold hair. “I love that trim.”

“Matches my pits,” she said, smiling down. She lifted an arm to show her. “See?”

“Very sexy,” Marta breathed, and leaned in and deposited a kiss, another kiss, and the first slow lick; and Kaeleigh’s flavor, salty and rich at first, became subtle as she began loving her, giving back to a buttery saltiness that was pure delight. She devoured the slippery beauty that was hers to enjoy, feeling her strong, graceful legs tighten around her shoulders, Kaeleigh rocking gently to meet her strokes and murmuring words of passion and pleasure at her, her fingers at play in her hair. She wanted the same thing Kaeleigh had, and gave it to her, a gentle welcoming orgasm that was only a preview of attractive comings. A slight rise in her wetness, accompanied by gasps and shivers, told her she’d reached the goal, and she eased back, licking, kissing, cleaning her off. She looked up from her happy location. “Oh God, girl. You are one yummy dessert.”

“There’s plenty more,” Kaeleigh murmured, stroking her head. “You can go back for seconds, thirds, fourths … eat to your heart’s content.”

Marta stood, her heart thudding. She’d been with some pretty girls over the years, some delicious ones, some passionate ones, some unbearably sexy ones. Kaeleigh was all those things, plus she was eager; and it was catching. It was as though she’d somehow infused Marta with her own youthful hormones, making her feel like she was a teenager all over again, urgent for it, randy for it, and ready to have it all night long.

They kissed, and Kaeleigh stood, and with a simple shrug of her shoulders and push from her hands, divested herself of her dress. She smiled at Marta and stood there, utterly nude, as she and Luke looked on. “Jesus,” Marta murmured, her eyes caught by high, slight, firm breasts, conical aureolae, erect nipples, the arch of ribs, the plane of trim belly, the faint declivity that plunged amid toned gentle abs to a cupped and pert navel … and a full mound, a stripe of hair, a deep, ripe divide. “Jesus Christ. No wonder Luke put a ring on you.”

“Mmm.” Kaeleigh kissed her, and her hands wandered to her hem and and lifted, and Marta raised her arms and allowed herself to be made naked. Kaeleigh’s face flushed as she looked at the offer, and it was irresistible. Marta’s body was in good tone, but rounded by her full maturity as a woman in the prime of her physical and sexual life. Generous breasts invited fondling, massaging, nuzzling, with aureolae as large as half dollars and nipples perked like eraser tips, framing her faintly padded abdomen and its feminine softness, under which lay tone and sculpting. Her waist, not as narrow as Kaeleigh’s, was healthily tight, and her hips flared in welcoming curves. “I’m just glad I got to him before you did. Because damn, girl.”

“I feel like a girl,” Marta said, color high in her cheeks.

“Good thing you’ve got one,” Kaeleigh said, and took her hand. “Shall we rehearse a scene or two in the bedroom?”

“By all means. Lead the way. Coming, Luke?”

“Damn near,” he said. “I’ll be right behind you.”

They giggled and twined their arms around each other’s waists, and Marta paused for a moment in the bedroom to admire the pretty and sweet display of lights Luke had made. “Oh God, that’s adorable,” she breathed, turning to Kaeleigh. “He really loves you.”

“I know.” She drew Marta close and the kisses went from arousal to flaring need, their hands roaming everywhere and finding, everywhere, something wonderful to feel: Smooth warm bare skin, soft curves, firm structure, taut strength, dewy slick softness. Marta backed to the bed, Kaeleigh following, Luke reclining beside them as they settled back onto the mattress and worked around to mutual. The sixty-nine was skilled and deft, something passing between two extremely experienced women whose goal was the same, whose knowledge was equal, whose bodies knew one another at the level of the flesh and deeper. Multiple shivering, clenching, squealing orgasms were shared, cries of feminine bliss filling the air, the scent of feminine passion wafting all around them.

Kaeleigh backed off a little, breathing hard, her face wet. “I want to see him come in your pussy.”

“Me too,” Marta panted.

“You’re the guest. You first.” She rolled onto her back and looked at her husband. “Luke?”

“Right here.” He sat up and she went to him, kissing him, stripping his shirt away while Marta undid his shorts and began sucking his penis. When he was naked she lay back, taking him with her, and Kaeleigh watched him mount her with his usual flair, sliding his head around in her labia first before sinking his hard flesh into her depths.

It was very much the standard performance for Luke, a mix of driving thrusts and gentle, slow rocking, sometimes with him on his knees and rolling Marta’s hips before him, other times with her on her back, her legs hooked over his arms, and the whole time his rigid cock worked steadily, plunging in and out of her heat, the labia seeming to cling to him, to grasp for him, as he went on with his rhythmic, good motions. His thumb found her swollen nub and massaged it softly as he began moving for the final act, the sound of wet woman rising between their working bodies, and he and Marta stared into one another’s eyes, kissing, building, and she began crying out and he knew, and it was time, and he shuddered and gasped over her and drove himself into her, and Kaeleigh watched him ejaculate himself into her, his flesh as deep as it could go, his hips driving hard, her back arching as she felt his joy flood her depths. Her hands clutched his shoulders a final time, then began kneading, as he slowed and eased it down, moaning quietly with her, their kisses softer now, kisses of affection and friendship in the completion of their love. “Yeah,” he breathed. “Oh yeah.”

“Luke,” Marta murmured. “God, with men like you around, I almost forget there are women, too.” She winked at Kaeleigh. “Almost.” Kaeleigh giggled, her hand moving slowly between her legs.

“You know,” he murmured, “I’ve been meaning to talk to you about a raise.”

Marta snorted. “Ass.”

“And a fine one it is,” he said, withdrawing from her. His penis gleamed, smeared with pleasure, and Kaeleigh licked him clean, then went in for her cream pie.

Marta’s pussy had tasted good before, and now with Luke’s semen in it, its flavor was just that much better, her tart saltiness accented by his mild metallic blend. It was a little like the cream pies she got to enjoy with Nette when they’d swapped bedrooms back home, but this was fresh and much creamier, and she’d seen him deliver it personally. She licked and lapped and reveled in her yummy spermy treat while Luke made out with Marta, helping her along, helping himself recharge. He watched the woman come on Kaeleigh’s face, then lay beside the couple, his cock upright again. Kaeleigh saw it, smiled, and crawled over him. “It’ll take a few minutes,” he said. “I probably need another fifteen before I can fire again.”

“Oh, I don’t mind a quickie, babe.” They laughed together as she descended and took him in, rocking and gliding her trim, tight body above his muscular sheet of health. Marta watched them make shameless love, watched the joy and pleasure flicker on their faces, watched the expressions they exchanged of long familiar passion and affection and adoration. She saw clearly how much they belonged together, and her heart was opened in gladness that they were. They kissed and played, tickled and goosed each other, giggled and laughed, and Kaeleigh had several smaller cums on his penis before she slowed in her ride and looked over at their guest. “Watch his cock.”

“I have been,” Marta said.

Kaeleigh laughed. “No, I mean get around so you can see the root and his balls.”

“Oh.” She shifted a little, going to where she had a nice view of a nice thing. Luke’s skin was glossy and creamy with girlcum, his balls heavy and taut, his shaft vanishing into Kaeleigh’s wide-open vulva. “What am I looking for?”

“You’ll know it when you see it,” Kaeleigh said. “Just watch.” And she turned to her husband, leaned over him, and began kissing him, her hips barely moving at all as he massaged her vulva with his hand. She murmured things, soft things, desirous things, encouraging his release, letting him know she craved it, her slender body all but immobile. Marta saw his thighs begin to twitch, saw his hips spasm lightly, and then he gasped; and as she looked on his balls pulled in tight, his root began to surge, and visible pulses traveled the length of his shaft, vanishing into Kaeleigh’s vagina. “Yeah,” Kaeleigh sighed. She’d had an orgasm too, Luke’s thumb slow and soft on her to bring it about. “Yeah. Oh God yeah, babe.”

“Kaeleigh,” he sighed. “Oh Kay. Oh God the way you bring it out of me…”

“Mmm.” She kissed him. “The way you put it in. I love you so fucking much.”

“I love you too. Always.”

She turned to look at Marta. “Did you see it?”

“I sure did,” she said, moving aside so Kaeleigh could dismount him. “And wow, that was a hell of a show.” A heavy flow followed his slippery flesh as it slid from Kaeleigh’s body, and she took care of that, licking away all the extra from her husband’s body. She nestled in between Kaeleigh’s legs and had a creamy treat of her own for a while, loving the girl to gentle perfection while Luke looked on, smiling; and he moved nearer as her passion rose, and kissed his wife and suckled her nipples and did what was right for her, helping her find full satisfaction.

When it was done, the couple framed Marta in their bed. “What’d you think?” Kaeleigh said.

“I think I like your dessert.”

She giggled. “Oh, I think we liked it too.”

“Heck yeah we did. This is our first threesome.”

“The hell it is,” Marta snorted.

Luke reddened a little. “Since Kay moved in, I mean.”

“That makes more sense. It seemed like you’ve had some time to finesse your techniques.”

“Mmm.” Kaeleigh propped up on an elbow. “I meant, what did you think of the little show when he came?”

“It wasn’t all that little, and it was unbelievably hot. Maybe you should try it in a scene sometime.”

Kaeleigh’s eyes widened. “Oh yeah. That’d be awesome, I bet.”

“It sure as hell would,” Luke nodded. “A thousand times better than a cumshot. Cause you know what’s happening, you can see it happening, and it’s happening inside the woman.”

“That’s what I was thinking, too,” Marta said. “How do you do it? It didn’t look like you were moving much at all.”

“Oh, I was, on the inside. I was all over him with my pelvic floor. You sort of … move rhythmically, like a, a massage, like you’re milking him.”

“Pelvic floor muscles, huh?” Kaeleigh nodded. “Sounds a little like the reverse of what the girls do sometimes to get cum to show.”

“It might be,” Kaeleigh said. “We still haven’t tried that yet. But maybe I should start practicing.”

“I don’t suppose you could teach me your technique?”

“Sure. The way I learned to do it was at a game. I saw a girl make it happen and just had to know, and she did yoga too, so it was super easy for me to get the hang of it. She just had me put my finger into her and did it, and I tried it myself with my finger in me until I got the same sort of feeling. Then I got on a boy — funny how there’s always one ready to go at a game — and sure enough, it works.”

“Damn straight,” Luke sighed. “It’s … there’s no way to describe what it feels like. It’s like getting a slow, deep BJ. Only better, because if you’re doing it right, she gets to come too, and you can look right into her eyes the whole time.”

“Want a demonstration?”

“Yes,” Marta said. “But not right this minute. Between you and Luke, well, I’m about where I need a break for … oh, half an hour or so, maybe.”

“Okay.” Kaeleigh nestled up against her. “We’ll get to it in a little while.”

Marta sighed, smiling at Luke when he cuddled in from the other side. “Thanks very much for having me over.”

“Can you stay?” Kaeleigh said.

“Sex with two gorgeous people, all night long? That’s an offer I can’t refuse.”

“A Corleone-style offer,” Luke said. “That’s what Mom always calls them.”

“Yeah, but she’s not talking about fucking, babe.”

“Well, not to us, anyway. Not like that.”

Marta laughed, and it wasn’t until much later that night that she recalled that part of the conversation, but by then it was more of a confirmation than a break in cover. In any other situation, she was sure, it would have flown right past virtually anyone. After all, everyone had in-laws.