This is a work of erotic fantasy, so there’s quite a lot of sex. However, there isn’t sex happening in every chapter. There are many passages that include setup, character development, and all that boring stuff which makes the sex that much more meaningful when it finally happens. I know not everyone cares about backstory or getting to know the characters, so each chapter which does have sex in it also has a heart following its title:

The sex is not intended to be pornographic or paraphilic. It’s just the kind of stuff that happens between people, though sometimes in somewhat unusual situations. This includes threesomes and groups, intimacy taking place among people under the age of eighteen (with no one over eighteen present), same-sex partners, and scenes involving brother-sister incest. If you live in the kind of world where you believe those sorts of things never happen, or should never happen, you’re both (1) welcome to stop reading now; and (2) not even remotely in touch with reality in any way at all.

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Kaeleigh Goes All the Way

Entr’Acte: Documenting the Days


Luke is such a slime. You know what he did this week? Cami was over on Tuesday, and then Bree was by Wednesday, and yeah, the usual, because he’s a dick who thinks with his dick, like every dumb jock. And then he went to his Girl-of-the-Week Club again, and now he’s talking with someone called Linda, who I know is new, and who’s probably gonna get used too, just like all the others.

I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really REALLY hate him sometimes. The rest of the time I hate him even more. I can’t even get ONE boy OR girl, and he’s selling tickets. I’d ask him what the secret is, but then I’d have to talk to him about his sex life, which makes me want to puke so hard I can’t even leave it in here without crossing it out, and no one will ever read it but me, because hell yes passwords and encrypted stuff.

How the hell does he do it? Girls from all over town get with him. And some of them are really just amazing, just beautiful. And sometimes there’s more than one. I’ve covered his ass I don’t know how many times with Mom, and I’m just totally getting royally sick of it. He’s just getting all kinds of action all the time, and all I’ve got is my fingers and some vids.

It’s not fair!!!!!!!!!!! Fucking shit god damn it, I WANT TO GET LAID TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Media attachment: angry_screaming.mp4]

* * *


Just a week ago I was more emo than a mope in black clothes laying on black sheets in a black room in the middle of a black hole. Oh God, life is so dismal, I’m in a valley of despair, there is no joy in the universe and the world wants me to die alone.

And then … I got laid.

Laid? Did I say laid?

Oh, yeah, just a little teeny weeny bit laid.

I went to an orgy. An ORGY!

I got like way serious totally oh my God holy shit you would not believe how laid laid. I fucked THREE boys this weekend, and FOUR girls too. (Well, I guess I didn’t fuck the girls, but I sure ate them out. That counts, right?)

Oh my GOD I ate pussy!

I sucked dick!

I got eaten out AND fucked!





AND I GOT A BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND I GOT A GIRLFRIEND TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND THEY EVEN KNOW ABOUT EACH OTHER SO IT’S NOT CHEATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t even tell you how good it all went, because there aren’t words, and besides, you’re me, Kaeleigh, so you know how good it went. You were there. “Remember that time you cummed your brains out? That was it!” “Wait, which time? There were sooooooooooo many!” “I know, right? Lulz.”

And it wasn’t anyone from ECMS, thank God. No booger-miners, no fart-farmers, no earwax officionados (I don’t think that’s spelled right), no spitwad … spitters (shut up). They were all older kids, in high school, mostly sophomores and juniors. My BF and GF are both sophomores this year.

My BF and GF!

I have a BF and a GF!!!!!!!!

AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Luke. LUKE. ARGH LUKE I WANT TO MURDER HIM UNTIL HE IS DEAD and then use CPR to bring him back to life and MURDER HIM TO DEATH AGAIN. I want to rip off his favorite part and feed it to him for holding out on me, for not telling me about this game he’s been playing for the LAST TWO YEARS where he gets together with all these horny other kids and just fucks the hell out of them. Well, I want to feed him his favorite part, but that means I’d have to touch it and be near it and all that stuff, and yeah, no, I wouldn’t fuck him with a stolen pussy. (I’d be too busy eating it.)

I know why the game’s a secret. It totally has to be. God, parents everywhere would just forever permanently ruin their underwear if they knew. But I also know they get new players, a lot, when someone brings a sib along. And Luke knew I wanted to start fucking, and he knew I’d be able to do it at a game and it would rock my world, and he still didn’t say anything to me about it.

“Too young”, probably he thought.

Too young, my fine hot butt. Grass on the field! Play ball, boys and girls!

* * *


I played my second game this weekend. It was another all-Enfem group, and the boys were like the last game. Older, and experienced. It went as great as the first game did. We all just had so much fun, and no one cared that I’m still in middle school, and I got to be with everyone again.

I hooked up with Trav a couple times this week too, and Nette. She’s getting a little sumpin-sumpin from Cas, but it’s just between her and him, most of the time. I think some of it has to do with ropes, cause she has a set of them. They’re very nice. Silky and soft, with these padded wristbands at the end she can use to keep the boy from being able to move too far or do too much, unless she lets him. I tried them out with her, and it was okay, I guess, but I wasn’t all that much into it. I kept wanting to touch her and not being able to, and it got frustrating after a while. She said that can happen, and not everyone’s into it, and it looks like I’m not, but it’s cool because there’s like a ton of other stuff I am into. Such as super-drippy 69’s with the yummiest girlfriend in the whole history of girlfriends.

Trav’s cum is sooooo cool. It tastes like almonds. He let me cameltoe slide him this week so I could see it come out of him. (Don’t worry, I licked it all up. Nothing that yummy should ever go to waste.) Now, when we’re fucking and he cums in me, I know what it tastes like and what it looks like, so when I’m feeling it happen in my pussy it’s just a thousand times better.

I got BC’ed by Becka, oh my God she is so delicious and her house is SO nice, and on another night, me, Sal, and Seana had a pizza, porn, and pussy party at Sal’s, which was exactly what it sounds like.

I also got more phone numbers, and will be getting booty calls again this week for sure!

But something kinda weird happened this time around. I was with a bunch of people I’d never seen before, and all three of the other girls there had been with Luke in other games, at other orgies. Well, I heard about that the week before, too, and I guess I’d better get used to it, but come on. I told them yuk, I really don’t want to hear about it, he’s my brother. And one of them said…

She said…

She said if he was her brother, she’d be sneaking into his bedroom every night.

And do you know what I did?

I had my first barfgasm!

(That’s sort of like an orgasm, but you barf. You throw your whole body into it just as hard as you can. And because I’m a girl, I get to barf over and over again. Yay me!)

And then I ate her pussy, because it was an orgy. Duh. I ate her pussy even though I knew it was a pussy my brother had fucked before, and cummed inside.

I only barfed a little that time, since I already spewed chunks everywhere.

(No, I didn’t really barf. But eww, right? Fucking Luke? Sneaking into his room and nononononononono NO)

I think this is going to keep happening. I know I’m going to keep playing, and I know Luke’s been in the game for two years now, and he said he’d been with about eighty people so far, and there’s no way he’s ever gonna quit. Well, there are about a hundred girls playing right now, and even if half of the girls he was with before have gone into the over-eighteen group, it means that forty percent, on average, of the girls I’ll be meeting will have (barf) had sex with my (barf) brother. Since I won’t ever be one of those girls (barf barf), it means that of any 5 I meet, the odds are pretty good that at least two of them will have (barf barf barf barf PUKE) fucked Luke. And they’ll want to talk to me about it, because I really don’t know why the fuck, but they do, they always do.

I guess I’d better get used to it.


* * *


Yup. It happened again. Three girls, and two of them boned with Luke before.

I was sort of kind of ready to deal this time, so I guess that’s why it didn’t make me feel as weird. The girls wanted to talk about how hard Luke fucks when they want him to, or how he’ll do it long and slow if they want it that way instead. One of them said he gave great back-rubs, and the other said his front-rubs were pretty good too. And they both liked how he ate pussy, and they both really liked how he cuddled with them when the orgy was done.

I’m thinking I won’t last too long in the all-Enfem groups. I might be better off in the mixed groups, because Luke doesn’t usually play as much in them, and a lot of the girls are newer, like me, and closer to my age, so he probably won’t have banged many of them. Besides, with only thirty girls or so, I’ll have banged pretty much everyone else within a couple of months!

I wonder if it’s weird that I keep getting with all the girls, even the straight ones.

I like heavy shooters. That’s what you call it when a boy cums a lot. I like how it feels when he’s doing it in my mouth, and I like how every boy tastes different, just like every girl does. But I really like when it’s a big full load in my pussy. It makes it all real. The sex is real, the cum is real, everything is just real. I know without the Enfem I’d have to use rubbers instead, and I don’t think it would be as good, even if the boy was wearing a MascuLine. I hate the idea of even a little bit of sperm going to waste. We started out loving sex a lot (I mean humans). Duh, if we didn’t, none of us would even be here. I read about something called a “bottleneck” that happened to humans about 100,000 years ago, when we almost went extinct. What saved us? Shellfish (really), and everyone just loved to fuck. So the ones that survived extinction were the boys who shot heavy and loved cumming in pussies. And the girls who had babies were the ones who loved the heavy shooters, and wanted as much cum in their pussies as they could get. So jump ahead 100,000 years, and maybe that’s why I like it too.

Or maybe I’m just a nympho sex maniac freak.

I don’t think I’m going to spend a lot of time worrying about it.

* * *


Christmas break is coming up. And cumming up! Me and Trav and Nette are going to have a few days when everyone’s parents will be working (which must really suck), Luke will be out on booty-calls (and even when he’s not, Trav and Nette have houses too), and oh my God I’m going to get my stocking stuffed and my chimney loaded full of holiday cheer. And even if I can’t get together with them on some day or other, I have four new boys and three more girls I can hit up too, each weekend.

I was just thinking about Christmas this year and last year, and how different it is this time. For starters, I have:

1. Porn

2. Tits

3. Pubes

4. A boyfriend

5. A girlfriend

6. Sex practically every day

This is what I had last year:

1. Porn

(I guess you could include “mild swelling” and “a pube” on that list, but it would be a stretch.)

I was talking with Nette about that, and I’m beginning to wonder if maybe she has the right idea with her goddess thing. I don’t know if Lilith would be the one I’d talk to, but it definitely feels like (spooky capital letter time!) Someone Is Doing Something In My Life.

I mean, sure, you could say that with the tits and the pubes, all the rest kind of follows naturally. But usually, you don’t get both a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the same time, unless you’re cheating or crazy dumb lucky. And you don’t get to have sex practically every day when you’re in middle school, unless you’re into it and crazy dumb lucky. (Because even if you’re into it, which I was!, you still have to be lucky to get lucky.)

Casper is totally getting into it, too, and I think he’s been talking to Luke about it. They’re doing some kind of worship-a-goddess thing when they have sex with girls, and from what I hear, the girls aren’t complaining. They say the sex is even better than usual, somehow, but they don’t really know how. More sex? More cums? Better cums? Not exactly. There’s something else, but they’re not sure what it is.

I tried it with Cas, and yeah, there is something different. It wasn’t the sex — he ate me out, he fucked me, he ate me out again, like always — but there was something deeper or more personal about it all. I think mostly it’s in the way he looks at me while he’s doing it, but I’m not sure. I think it’s spreading in ATW (What do goddesses and girls’ legs have in common in All The Way? They’re spreading!), so it’ll probably keep happening with more and more boys, and maybe someday I’ll figure it out.

Meanwhile, I think I’m going to start reading about goddesses and the way they were really worshipped, back before the Holy Roman Penis took over the world.

* * *


Christmas wasn’t bad. Luke, because he’s kind of cool and kind of weird at the same time, gave me two presents. One was under the tree on Wednesday, and one he gave me the day before while Mom was out. The public present was Blaze of Glory for PS4, which hell yeah. The private present really was private, and for my privates, a G-spot stimulator. My first ever toy, and he said he talked to every girl he knew about which one was the best, and they all said that one.

They were right.

I loved him so much for that, I even let him beat me at BofG.

At least he’s finally figured out I’m growing up, but I know he is too. It used to be really weird for us to know we were out having sex on game night, and even weirder that we were having sex with a lot of the same people, but we must be getting used to it. Because now instead of getting all squirmy whenever we talk about a game night, we’re more like, oh you did her too? Cool. She tastes pretty good, huh?

I had Trav and Nette over for the whole day Thursday, while Mom was at work. Luke spent most of the day in his room too, with Marybeth and Takisha. I could hear him with them sometimes, and that might have bugged me, but I had other distractions, six+ inches, a deep yummy pussy, and a nice set of B-cups. After a while we were all fucked out, and sort of hung out in the living room for a while. Luke made bacon cheeseburgers and we ate and talked and were just hanging. It was almost like a regular ATW game. Which in a way it was, since we were all players, and all knew each other from the game. Just six friends hanging out after a day of sex, but not all mixed together like the usual post-play orgy.

It was a little weird for me to think that I’d had sex with everyone there but Luke, and that he’d done the same. He hooked up with Nette at a game a few weeks earlier (she told me she’d done it with him, and that me and Luke have a lot in common in bed, in the way we like to do it and the way we make it good, and even how we kiss, barfgasmius maximus), so him and me were at 100% sharing all the way around right then.

I don’t think it should feel weird for me to think about Luke having sex with Nette, even though she’s my girlfriend, because we’re all players and that’s how it is. And it doesn’t really bug me, because she fucks four boys a week (plus Cas and Trav), but it does make me feel weird to think of her with him. I know what Nette looks like when a boy’s fucking her. I know what she looks like when she cums on a boy. I’ve seen Luke in his undies or a towel, and even naked a couple times (NOT on purpose). He’s not as built up as Cas, but he’s pretty ripped. And it’s just crazy-easy for me to imagine her doing it with him, and what they both look like while they’re doing it, and even how it would probably feel to be Nette, getting eaten out, giving him head, letting him cum in my pussy. I can imagine all of that, and it even kind of turns me on, which is what makes me feel weird. I’m not supposed to get turned on thinking those things about him. He’s my brother. I mean, I’m supposed to think all that is really gross, right? I used to.

Maybe I’m growing up or getting used to it or something, because I guess I can see it. Luke has a good body. Nette has a GREAT body. I can see why they’d hook up, even without the game to let them do it. I know what Nette likes in bed, and I guess Luke was up to her standards. Which means that fucking him, for her, must’ve been like fucking Cas or Trav, and I know how good they both are. And I know what she tastes like, oh God she’s totes delish, and I way totally cannot blame Luke for going down, staying down, and chowing down. I do it every chance I get.

It would be a lot easier for me to not feel weird if Luke didn’t have a great set of shoulders. And that cute butt. And those abs.

I’m really, really glad I put a password on my diary. He wouldn’t peek, I think, and Mom probably wouldn’t either. We all have a no-peeking rule on each other’s computers. But it’s better to be safe than in therapy for a billion years because someone read this and thought it means I want to fuck Luke or something.

The thing is, I’ve fucked every boy I’ve met since September. And if he wasn’t my brother, if I met him in a game … well … I would’ve fucked him, too. And going by what every girl has told me, I would’ve liked it a lot. And that’s what really makes me feel the weirdest of all.