This is a work of erotic fantasy, so there’s quite a lot of sex. However, there isn’t sex happening in every chapter. There are many passages that include setup, character development, and all that boring stuff which makes the sex that much more meaningful when it finally happens. I know not everyone cares about backstory or getting to know the characters, so each chapter which does have sex in it also has a heart following its title:

The sex is not intended to be pornographic or paraphilic. It’s just the kind of stuff that happens between people, though sometimes in somewhat unusual situations. This includes threesomes and groups, intimacy taking place among people under the age of eighteen (with no one over eighteen present), same-sex partners, and scenes involving brother-sister incest. If you live in the kind of world where you believe those sorts of things never happen, or should never happen, you’re both (1) welcome to stop reading now; and (2) not even remotely in touch with reality in any way at all.

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— Harmony Brücke, fricfic at gmail.

Kaeleigh Goes All the Way

Entr’Acte: Revenge of the Nerds

Mondays, the East Cliveston High Gay-Straight Alliance met for lunch in Miz Donohoe’s room. She was one of the English teachers, and didn’t mind monitoring the students’ activities — which was necessary, of course, because all those wild horny teenagers, with their sexual deviances and whatnot, were apt to do anything if you left them alone together for too long. Or so Kaeleigh imagined was the logic of at least some of the parents at the school board meetings.

To be fair, in her case that was often true, but the regular membership wasn’t quite at her level of willingness, at least not en masse.

The largest number of kids she’d seen in any one meeting was twenty-three, which she thought was a pretty good turnout. Most of the time it was closer to a dozen or a dozen and a half, but several of them were straight. They were allies, and no one objected to their presence. The rest of the regular membership fit somewhere in the GLBT+ spectrum.

She was partway through her sophomore year and, at fifteen, still somewhat resembled the girl she’d been at thirteen, though a bit taller and slightly more filled out up top and around her hips. She’d resigned herself to being slender. She was reminded of her slenderness, occasionally, by sweet-voiced girls in the locker room, who smiled so prettily when they said things like God, Kaeleigh, I wish I could be more like you and eat anything I want, while jiggling and wiggling in ways which underscored their ripened curves. You’re so slender! How do you do it? And then the giggling, always the giggling, and of course the malice underneath it.

One day, she told one of them that her secret was to fuck a boy for an hour every day because it worked off so much energy. That put a stop to the comments for a while. It was hard to embarrass a girl that didn’t embarrass easily, or slut-shame a girl that wasn’t ashamed; and Kaeleigh had already bedded about a quarter of the starting football lineup that year, and everyone knew it. Slender didn’t matter to the boys on the team (or to a couple of the cheerleaders, as it happened). Willing and skilled were a lot more important.

No one at the GSA cared at all, which was nice. They had much larger issues to worry about than petty proto-sorority-bitch sexual politics. It was hard enough to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or genderqueer and a high school student. It was harder to be any of those things and out. Even with the official policies against bullying and harassment, they were all aware of the awareness of their peers, and often of their judgment. For most of them, high school was an endurance test, an ordeal to be survived rather than savored. The unreal interpersonal politics, the cliques and clades, the pubescent accomplishments, were ultimately meaningless in the larger tapestry of life, and they knew it. Unfortunately, not everyone did. High school was no more real-life than middle school, and while the juniors and especially the seniors — many of them, anyway — seemed to understand that, the underclassmen hadn’t quite figured it out yet.

They ate for a while, gossiping and chatting, before moving on to club business. “Okay,” said Morrie, the GSA president. He was one of those crazy-tall scarecrow types, gangly arms and legs, with a mop of wild black hair atop his head. “The agenda for this week is the float, right?”

“Yup,” Kaeleigh nodded, shuffling her notes a little. She’d been elected secretary-treasurer at the beginning of the year. Her ability at organization was one of the reasons, but the others also liked her ideas about activities they could do, and trusted and liked her as a person, too. It was gratifying. “The homo-coming parade.”

“Coming? Not on the float, surely,” said Alan. Everyone chuckled. He and Morrie were An Item, both of them sixteen and juniors. Alan was VP and one of the rarer out kids, an athlete. He swam and was on the track team, was only a little taller than Kaeleigh and compactly built, and it was no wonder at all Morrie was all over him at every opportunity. With his buzzcut blonde hair and his lean, tight body, he looked like a Nordic ideal man, capable and loaded with stamina. Kaeleigh knew several girls, herself included, who got tingly when he was in sight. “Though it would get the point across.”

“Now, now. We don’t need the herd stampeding in fright,” Morrie said.

“Aww, you’re no fun.”

“Where’d we leave off last week, Kaeleigh?”

“We didn’t leave off so much as fade into an awkward silence about the design, and pretend we weren’t waiting for the bell to ring. Suggestions, some of which we can probably assume were jokes, included a Gaga-Madonna celebration, a disco-era Village People theme, a recognition of fifty years of progress complete with a façade of the Stonewall bar on the float, and ClamBump GayPants.” She looked around. “We seemed to think only one of those was promising.”

“ClamBump GayPants eff-tee-dubs!” someone said.

“The trouble we’d have with the Stonewall thing is the size limit,” Morrie said.

From the back of the group came, “Size doesn’t—”

“Hush. And yes, it does. With a huge float, it’d work great. But this isn’t the Rose Bowl, and we’re just not gonna be able to go big enough to do it justice, I think.”

“I could go with the Gaga-Madonna thing, myself,” said Eileen, “but we’d want to be careful which costumes we used.” She was graduating this year, and bound for Portland thereafter. “No bullet bras or meat dresses…”

“Village People might be safer,” someone said.

“Mmm … the thing is, I’m not totally sold on the whole queer-music-disco stereotype in the first place,” Eileen said. “I mean … sure, it’s a hell of a lot of fun, but it’s such a tired trope.”

“Speaking of which,” said another kid, “do we have to use the fag flag?”

“Yeah … I know we’re not all that hot on using a rainbow again,” Morrie said. “But it’s kind of the symbol. We should figure out a way to work it in somehow.”

Some groaning was followed by yet more discussion among the caterpillar herd. Symbols were well and good, but cliché was passé, and there was a general agreement that while the rainbow was important, it shouldn’t be a literal rainbow, and maybe not even the flag per se. “I like the spectrum part of it,” said Tyler. He, like Alan, was not much taller than Kaeleigh, but the T therapy was changing that, as well as the timbre of his voice. He’d identified as male since second grade, and with the onset of puberty had begun testosterone injections. It was taking a while to have the full effect, but he was now considerably hairier than most of the other boys in the room (or, Kaeleigh reflected, than Luke). “I like the inclusion. It’s just … I mean, we’ve gotta be able to do better than hang the flag off the side of a trailer, right? I mean, if we’re gonna be about inclusion, shouldn’t the rainbow be included in the design?”

“Hanging it off the side is including it,” said someone else.

“I meant integrated,” Tyler said. “Not an afterthought. Here’s our float! And oh yeah, uh, we’re queer.” He shook his head amid the chuckles. “Doesn’t quite do it for me.”

“I think Tyler’s right,” Alan said. “I’m not a huge fan of cramming rainbows up everyone’s butt either, but it’s part of the scene, way more than disco.”

“Okay, why don’t we let that one sit for a couple minutes,” said Morrie. “What about goodies? Things to toss out during the parade?”

“I checked with the administration,” Kaeleigh said. “According to them, the city doesn’t let anyone throw candy from floats any more.” Everyone groaned. “I know, I know. From what I understand, there’s a risk of people running out into the street to grab it and getting run over, or maybe, I dunno, hard pieces bouncing off people’s heads.”

“Well, so much for the wrist rocket,” Alan sighed. “Damn. And I had some ideas for some heads to target, too.”

“Yeah, the solution, I guess, is to have people walking alongside the float with buckets or whatever, handing goodies out instead.”

“That’ll work,” said Morrie. “So are we gonna do rainbow candy sticks?”

“At least they wouldn’t break, that way,” said Tyler.

“I was thinking that, yeah,” said Kaeleigh. “Also condoms.”

“…Seriously?” said Morrie, after a few moments of thoughtful silence from everyone.

“Yeah. Not to, you know, not to little kids, obviously, however many are there. But kids our age … yeah.”

“You know,” said Alan. “That’s not a terrible idea.”

“Is the administration okay with it?”

“I kind of didn’t bring it up when I talked to Peters,” said Kaeleigh. “Sometimes it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.”

“Can we get some?” said Alan. “I mean, can we get enough?”

“I can get us hooked up, yeah. I know a couple kids whose folks work at county health, and they hand out something like ten thousand freebies a month. We’d only need fifteen hundred, at the most. Parade attendance has never been more than about twelve hundred, so we can probably hang on to the rest for … well, distribution among the student bodies, afterward.”

“They’d give them to us?” said Morrie. Kaeleigh nodded. “Fabulous. Do we have a motion to hand out rubbers at the homecoming do?”

“Moved,” said Eileen.

“Totes seconded,” said Tyler.

“Vote?” Everyone in the room was in favor. “Great. Do it, Kaeleigh. Thanks.”

“Noted,” she said, adding a couple lines to her paper.

“So rainbow candy sticks and rubbers. We’ll need … I’m thinking four people to be on the ground handing them out.”

“I’ll be there,” said Kaeleigh.

“You’re an officer, though,” said Tyler. “You should be on the float. Whatever it turns out to be.”

“Depending what it turns out to be, I might not want to be on it.”


Eileen, Tyler, and several of the other members said they’d be willing to hand out kid and older-kid treats, so that, at least, was resolved. Kaeleigh noted their names.

“And that brings us back to the central point,” Morrie said. “What, exactly, are we going to be riding on, and walking around, and not throwing candy off the back of?”

There was a somewhat uncomfortable silence. No one had percolated anything.

“Hey, uh,” said a kid from somewhere at the back of the little cluster. Everyone turned to look at him. It was James, a freshman — one of the bisexual contingent — and he was suddenly florid at the attention. “Uh, well, well, everyone’s talking about, uh, the r-rainbow, and the spectrum, and…” He shrugged and held up his phone, displaying the lockscreen. “Maybe … I dunno, like … well, I, I, I like Floyd, and…”

“Huh,” said Alan, studying an image that had been iconic since 1973.

“What if…” said Tyler. “What if we do the triangle in pink?”

“It’s a prism,” said Morrie.

“I kinda got that, yeah, but from the side, it’s a triangle.”

“So … what, the idea is, what, like white light passes through a pink prism and turns into a rainbow?”

James shrugged and put his phone away. “Just thought it might be cool.”

“Wait,” said Kaeleigh. “What if instead of white light, it’s red, white, and blue?”

“I don’t … why?” said Morrie.

“America. America … passes into the pink triangle, and you see the spectrum. Or if you look at it the other way, the spectrum becomes America.”

“You know…” said Alan.

“Yeah,” said Morrie.

“Fuckin’ A,” said Tyler.

“Ahem,” said Miz Donohoe from behind her desk.


“Cool. Cool. Good idea, James.”

“Uh … th-thanks.”

Alan was nodding. “So what do we call it? Pink Side of the Moon?”

“Pink moons, though,” said Morrie.

“I fail to see a problem.”

“Not everyone’s is pink,” said someone, and got a laugh.

“Okay, well, how about … the Light Side of the Moon?”

“It’s the whole moon idea that might be an issue,” Tyler said. “I can imagine comments.”

“Yeah,” Alan sighed. “You’re probably right. And I’d be tempted to moon, since apparently I can’t use my wrist rocket.”

“Yours is one of the moons no one would object to,” Morrie said.

“Aww, you say the sweetest things.”

“How about … just … The Pink Side?” said James. “Sorta playing off Pink Floyd, you know, and Dark Side. Only not as…” He gestured vaguely.

“Dark?” said Morrie.


“That’s really not bad,” said Tyler, with a smile for James that made him blush a little.

“Moved,” said Kaeleigh, out of relief as much as anything else. “We do something like the Dark Side album cover, with American colors on one side, the rainbow on the other — we can include the trans and bi spectrum, too, since it’d make sense — with a pink triangle, and call it The Pink Side.”

“Seconded,” said Tyler.

“Vote?” said Morrie. Hands went up everywhere, some probably from the same kind of relief Kaeleigh felt. At least they had an idea now. But it was a good one, and that helped. “Okay, looks unanimous to me.”

“Noted,” said Kaeleigh. “And that’s the agenda for the week. Now we’ll just need to pick a time, place, and people to start working on it.”

“Fabulous. We can use my garage.”

“My dad’s got a trailer,” said Alan.

“I can sketch up some ideas,” said Tyler. “Feel like helping out, James?”

“Well, I can’t really draw, but…”

“We’re not taking anything too impossible. Only a few dancing fairies.”

“Oh, we’ll both be there,” said Alan.

“Cool, well, that’s covered, then. What do you say, James?”

“Um. Sure, yeah, we can get together.”

The meeting broke up not too long after that. Most of the kids filtered out, wanting to get a head start on the post-lunch mob. Morrie, Alan, and Kaeleigh were soon the only ones left in the room, except for Miz Donohoe. One of the nicer things about her was that she monitored the meetings, yes, but generally let the club members do whatever they felt like doing, as long as it wasn’t a clear violation of any policy. And she knew of no policy that forbade them from distributing personal-health items at a school function, even something as personal as condoms. She presumed there’d be fallout, but her argument, if it became necessary, would be that in her view, it wasn’t all that different from handing out tampons, which the school nurse already did. That would make the male administrators turn red-faced, and fill them with an overriding urge to change the topic of discussion.

She liked making subtle little waves of that kind; it was good for uptight people to sometimes feel a little embarrassed about being so uptight. That meant she liked the GSA on principle, and Kaeleigh in particular, because she was devious.

The little trio made more small talk as they reset the desks back from a rough circle to their normal classroom ranks, and then they settled in at the back while Kaeleigh finished cleaning up her meeting minutes. “I think the float’s gonna work pretty well,” she said.

“Yeah, I like the Pink Side thing,” nodded Alan. “It’s subtle, and at least the stoners’ll be on board with it.”

“If they’re at the parade at all,” Morrie said.

“I know a few,” said Kaeleigh. “I’ll put some bugs in a few ears. I think they’ll turn up, just to see what we did.”

“Cool,” said Morrie. He, Alan, and pretty much everyone else in school knew Kaeleigh had a way of getting to know all kinds of boys (and more than a few girls) in very personal ways, without much regard for where they fit in the social strata. She wasn’t popular like the popular kids, which was one of the things that made her so popular. “Look, uh, me and Alan were talking the other day, and we’re wondering if you could … well … kind of help us with something. Personal.”

“Sure,” she said, tucking away the meeting notes into her binder. “What’s up?”

“Well, we’re gay,” Alan said.

“Oh, that explains why you’re always holding hands.”

“We’re pretty sure we are,” Morrie said. “But we haven’t … um, we, we haven’t really…”

“Tried anything else,” Alan said.


Kaeleigh studied them both. They were blushing and squirming a little. “Oh, I see.”

“We, uh,” Morrie said.

“We don’t really know … anyone else we could even ask if … or anyone we’d want to ask if…”

“No, it’s cool, I get it. If you want to give the … other pink side a try sometime, I’m okay with it,” she said.

“Really?” said Alan.

“Yeah. I don’t mind, you’re both cute, and … sure, I mean, we get along fine, and you know how I am. Pretty willing.” She smiled. “Actually I’m kind of flattered.”

“Why?” said Alan.

“Well, there are some pretty hot girls out there…”

“Not like you,” Morrie said. “You’re … I mean me and Alan both know what a good-looking girl looks like, even if none of them make our naughty bits dance, and you’re really just … beautiful. Plus you’re not a bitch and you’re not a bimbo and you’re not a player.”

“I can be a bitch,” Kaeleigh said. And you’re wrong about me not being a player, she didn’t add. She was, of course, still going to ATW games every Friday. In that context, being a player was a mark of pride.

“Only to people who deserve it,” said Alan.

“True. So were you thinking of trying a threesome?”

“If, uh, if that’s okay, yeah,” said Morrie.

“Yeah, sure. I’m blocked in this afternoon, but how’s tomorrow work for you?”

“That’s actually perfect,” said Alan, “I have track today. But tomorrow’s open.”

“Well, fortunately, so am I,” said Kaeleigh. “Meet at the south gates after school? We can go to my place from there.”


“You sure you’re okay with it?” said Alan.

“Yeah, of course I am. Thanks for asking me. I know it’s kind of weird to try something new, and I’ll help however I can, okay?”

“You’re fabulous, Kaeleigh,” Morrie said.

“That’s what I hear, yeah, but not usually from gay boys. We’ll see if you still feel that way tomorrow afternoon.” They all chuckled and she stood. “If you don’t mind, I need to stuff this stuff away and get more stuff to do stuff with.”

“Sure, yeah.” Alan stood and they hugged. “Thanks again.”

“You bet.” She released him and hugged Morrie in turn. “Catch you later.”

“Bye, Kaeleigh. Have a good day.”

“I’ll try. You too. See you tomorrow.” She let go of him and went into the hall. It was beginning to fill with students and noise as the lunch hour drew to its close. Gabble, babble, and the slam of locker doors filled the air.

Well. Morrie and Alan, she thought. That was kind of a surprise. They were as gay as anyone she knew, but even gay boys got curious, she supposed. She liked them both well enough as friends, and actually was flattered, both that they thought she was attractive, and that they were comfortable enough with her to even ask in the first place. She didn’t think she’d have to worry much about sweeping either of them off his feet, ending up in a situation where a boy read a lot more into the sex than was intended. She wouldn’t come between them. But maybe I’ll cum between them, she thought, and giggled to herself, making her way to the stairs that led down to the underclassmen lockers.

She knew there were girls looking at her as she passed them. She knew what some of them thought, and didn’t care. She knew what others thought, and wished they’d find the ovaries to live up to their desires. And some, she knew the flavors of. There were boys watching too, and she knew similar things about them.

Judgment didn’t matter to her. All it did was make it easier to know which people were worth her time, and which weren’t.

* * *

It was Monday, which meant her afternoon study-and-sex session with Anas. He gangled more than Morrie, if that were possible, and had a vaguely olive complexion to go with his black hair and nearly black eyes. His family had fled Syria when he was twelve. Five years later, his English was rather good — better than some of the native-born population with whom Kaeleigh was acquainted — but he was almost lethally shy. He barely spoke above a murmur, and rarely managed much more than monosyllables, in any situation where there was more than one other person listening.

Kaeleigh knew he wasn’t stupid: He was captain of the chess team, and was already taking college-level courses in English, calc, physics, and chemistry. What he was, was a Muslim foreigner and a nerd. Either one of those things was enough to get him ostracized at ECHS. Both in combination put him on the fringe of the fringes. (It didn’t help that Anas was a name far too easy for some of the douchier douchebags to resist. What they called him instead was blindingly obvious, but no less hilarious to them.) She and Anas were not a couple — he knew about Nette and Travis, as well as anyone else did — but they were fuck-buddies.

He’d known from the start that it was an option with her; word was getting around about her even in ninth grade. She’d seen it herself, scribbled in the stalls in the girls’ bathroom: Kaeleigh is a slut. Kaeleigh does it. Kaeleigh goes all the way. Like she was supposed to be ashamed of it. (What she’d done, in response, was write carefully under that third graffito: Yes, I do. Maybe you should try it sometime and see how good it feels to cum all over a boy’s face. Or mine, if you’re into girls. She’d never received any kind of answer to that comment, written or otherwise.) At the end of term last year, someone had taped a sign to her locker reading SPERM BANK — ALWAYS OPEN. She’d written, in block letters underneath, SUBSTANTIAL PENALTY FOR EARLY WITHDRAWAL, then left the sign up until the custodians took it down.

She knew, Anas knew, everyone knew, and it all just bounced off her, because she was doing exactly what she wanted to do, and was loving it. Sex was great, and the only reason the girls gave her any shit was they were jealous. The boys never gave her any shit at all. To them, she was pure awesome. They all wanted their girlfriends to be more like her. Which, of course, just pissed the girls off even more.

Well, there was an easy solution to that, and it wasn’t Kaeleigh’s fault they didn’t decide to go through with it. It wasn’t disgusting to have sex. It wasn’t immoral. It wasn’t slutty. It was natural, like eating when you were hungry — and who the hell only ate one thing, just one specific food, for their entire life? No one slut-shamed anyone for switching back and forth from pizza to burgers to chicken.

For her, it was stupidly easy to find new partners. Morrie, Alan, and a few other gay boys talked about gaydar. They all believed in it, and she thought there might be something to it. They were able, sometimes at a glance and other times after just a minute or two of conversation, to identify boys as straight, gay, or bi, and Kaeleigh knew some of the ones they’d tagged were exactly what they thought, either straight or bisexual and quite happy to roll around with a girl: Several of them were players, and she’d fucked them herself, and seen them in joyous action with other boys too. She knew some girls, like Eileen and her ex-girlfriend, who could do the same thing with other girls (and knew, in a similar way, that they were also right more often than not).

Kaeleigh had something like gaydar, but it was more about who might or might not be interested in casual sex. The superficial answer was almost everyone, of course, particularly teenagers, boiling with hormones and urgent to act on them; but there was a difference between theoretically ready, and actively seeking to get laid as soon as possible. She called it laydar.

James, she thought, was theoretically ready, but hadn’t quite crossed the line. He hadn’t found a boy or girl he was into enough in the right way; though it was marginally possible Tyler might change that. Tyler identified as male, but as gay male, he was very cute, and he’d seemed a little interested in James. Morrie and Alan had both fooled around with other boys before they connected with each other, and it was clear they had a lot of trust in their relationship to open it up enough for an experiment, but that wasn’t the kind of thing that usually registered on her laydar; she stayed clear of couples, even if one of the two seemed interested in her. She was happy to make it with an unattached boy or girl, but she wasn’t into cheaters. Anas, though … he had been a solid, bright ping on her laydar from the very first day of class that year. She’d seen the way he looked at girls, and felt his gaze on her too, when he thought she hadn’t noticed.

Her laydar was right. It had been a short step from helping him bring some finesse to his English compositions to adding a bonus round to the Monday afternoon study sessions. When she’d suggested, after finishing their notes and review of Moby-Dick, that they take it to bed for a casual no-strings-attached roll, Anas agreed; he wasn’t looking for a commitment any more than she was. He said it was easier for him to remain unattached than explain to his parents that he was sleeping with a non-Muslim girl. If she’d been Christian or Jewish, he’d said, even that would’ve been easier. As it was, Kaeleigh didn’t know exactly where her beliefs lay, except that the big religions, the monotheistic ones (and even Hinduism), had no appeal for her whatsoever.

So the fuck-buddy deal worked for him, but it worked for her too. Trav and Nette were both at CCC on Monday afternoons, as was Luke, working on dual-credit courses that would earn them an Associate’s degree just a year after graduating high school, instead of having to take the normal two-year track. That meant her Mondays had an opening to fill, and fortunately, Anas was quite capable at filling it. He’d been a repeat visitor from Melville through Swift, and was now exploring Conrad with her.

He’d been a virgin on that first afternoon, when she’d taken him home, talked about Moby-Dick with him for a while, and then got herself nicely harpooned. Not right away; after making out and getting naked with him, she’d dropped a pillow on the floor at the edge of her bed, sat up as he knelt on it, and given him a quick tour of her vulva. These are my inner labia, she’d said. They’re as sensitive as the head of your penis. This is my clitoris. It’s like your frenulum. My outer labia are like the skin on your scrotum, and my vaginal wall is like the skin on the shaft of your penis. He’d paid attention in a way the incoming football hopefuls and wannabe business tycoons hadn’t. He wanted to learn, and didn’t have anything to prove, and he’d accepted all her guidance for the first several minutes of licking and fingering; and then she’d let him take over. He wasn’t finessed, at all, but he really had been paying attention, and he got her to come. Then he stayed right where he was, found her G-spot mostly on his own, and repeated the performance, but with a much richer conclusion for her. His reward for all that effort was really a reward for them both; and horny as he was, he was still able to hold off his cum for a good ten minutes of fucking. He’d told her later that he couldn’t imagine any better way to lose his virginity. She’d told him it was hard to believe he’d been a virgin. He’d learned fast, and hadn’t been self-involved. From then on, they were doing it every Monday and Thursday.

Now, after a couple of months of steady practice, he was actually quite good, better than some players she knew who’d been in the game a year. That was saying something, because after a year in ATW, any boy was really damn good at eating pussy.

Their routine was to have sex first, then talk over their classwork, and follow up with another round, and this afternoon was no different. He went down and got her rolling, then had her. His competent, steady strokes let her slide easily into a good rhythm of cums; and his was, as always, a nice full load.

They cuddled up afterward and lay together in her bed, sated for the time being. Anas was breathing slowly and calmly and she was lying partly atop him, feeling his spunk settle inside her. In the two years since she’d begun having sex, she’d never used a condom. The Enfem made it unnecessary, and she liked being filled by whatever boy she was with; if she didn’t want his cum, why was his dick in her in the first place? “Did you finish Heart of Darkness yet?” she said.

“Yes,” he said. “And you?”

“Uh-huh, wrapped it up Sunday.”

He smiled, a vague and fleeting thing, and rather sweet. “I also.”

“I figured you probably did, yeah.” They’d been assigned the text Friday. She and Anas, and a few others, were advanced even for their advanced English class. She’d tested into it during summer, even though it was meant just for juniors and seniors. “Want to talk over the themes?”

“Yes, that would make the afternoon somewhat more productive.”

She giggled. “You were very productive.”

“With your excellent assistance, I have found myself becoming quite skilled in many important subjects.”

“Mmm.” She kissed his chest. “You’re smart,” she said. “I think smarter people are better at sex.”


“Yeah.” She reached down and took hold of his penis. It was mostly dry now, but still a bit gummy around the root, in the wild black tangle of his hair. “You know I’ve been a pretty busy girl.” He nodded. “I’ve been with … oh … a lot of boys, and … the younger ones, especially, they don’t want to let on that they don’t know a lot about what’s going on. A lot of the jocks are the same. They rely on sports, you know, to get them laid. Skill is secondary. But the smart boys, like you … and some of the, the…”

“Outcasts,” Anas said. “Nerds.”

“Yeah. Okay. Some of the nerds, the goths and emos and even some of the stoners, they’re a lot more … they pay more attention, I guess because they’re kinda like me and pushed to the side by … the masses. They pay attention to the world, and they pay attention in bed, too. It matters more to them that we’re both having a good time. So the sex is better.”

Anas thought about that for a while. “I cannot see any fault in your reasoning, but I admit to having a bias.” They chuckled. “But what has this to do with Heart of Darkness?”

“You don’t see a connection between the thick tangled jungle around the Congo River, and the hot steamy bush you were in just a little while ago?”

“Ah, but the jungle around the Congo is wild, untamed, and not at all carefully tended.”


“I doubt it is as wet, also, or anywhere near so beautiful.”

Kaeleigh smiled. “And traveling up and into it is probably not quite as horrifying and de-civilizing as the Congo, and Kurtz, and the madness he fell into.”

“Perhaps,” Anas said.

“Hey, now…”

He patted her head, chuckling. “I mean … only that … the voyage to your center, to your delta and beyond, does take away the falsities of civilization, as did Marlowe’s voyage up the Congo. As we prepare to make love, we divest ourselves of our school books and bags, then of our clothing, and ultimately of even our separateness. All of the external signs that link us to the ‘polite’ world of school or dresses or business suits, uniforms and ‘proper’ behavior, are taken away, and we move farther and farther from them, and descend willingly — I descend most willingly to your delta — into a raw state, ultimately behaving with only our animal nature in the fore, the most physical and primal drives being all we share, in the end.”

“So … my pussy … actually is like the Congo?”

“Wet, flowing, surrounded by humid growth. Even well-tended, its wild nature is still there. A source of life, a source of riches, a treasure and a goal that most men and some women crave. And the freedom of the sexual beast, unleashed, is itself a secondary and appealing goal.”

“Okay, so … okay, let’s run with this and see where it takes us. Let’s use the sexual metaphors. Kurtz penetrated, heh, deeply into that wild and wet place, and it drove him mad. Was he gay?”

“I think … not,” Anas said, stroking her hair. “I think … perhaps he sought to exploit what he found, to own and control it, to tame it to his desires and demands … and found it was impossible. There, in that immense heart of darkness, he was confronted with two realities: His own animal nature, and the overwhelming fact of feminine power. That was what, as a man, he could not accept. Knowing that Woman, the raw nature of the Congo, was greater than he, and would not fall under his influence. She would partner with him, she would work with him, but she would not be subject to him or owned by him.”

“So Marlowe, then, is more enlightened?”

“Perhaps more flexible,” Anas said. “He certainly seems more willing to leave ‘civilization’ and its superficiality behind, or at least to question its value; and to put behind him the … very, the too-male nature of ‘civilization’ and its symbols. He would perhaps be the Pagan, the Gaia-worshipper, to Kurtz’s Christian missionary.”

“Reversing the attitudes he was raised on? Instead of worshipping the almighty cock, he’s willing to worship the almighty pussy instead?”

“The vagina may seem all-powerful. It is shrouded in obscurity, appears normally as a closed gate that contains both hidden depths and great mystery. It is magical; its lips devour the penis, but return it unharmed. The vagina is the wellspring of life, after being visited by the penis. Naturally it is more powerful than the penis, which only probes, and produces fluid. For the penis to succeed in its nature of being a penis, it must be willing to dive headlong into the very depths, lose itself, its separateness, its identity, yield its strength and power and be consumed utterly. Anything else and it will not wholly reach its goal, and will be frustrated.

“Kurtz sought sterility from fecundity, sought only to pierce, to invade, to rape. Marlowe … did not see a thing to be owned or exploited, so much as respected, perhaps. Kurtz would never have unilateral victory, and in the end, he saw that, and it was his madness to know it.”

They were quiet for a while. “I really like this,” Kaeleigh said. “I think it could actually a pretty damn solid argument.”

“I do, also.” Anas sounded a little surprised.

“I think it’ll also be a hell of a fun paper to write. We can put in all kinds of puns and innuendo.”

“That I should leave to you. Your skills in that area are far beyond mine. As with so many other things.”

“Oh, you do all right with innuendo. And with so many other things. Believe me, honey.” She moved over him, settling in place atop him, and they kissed while she rolled his currently-soft flesh against herself. “So … Heart of Darkness … can be seen as a metaphor for the relationship of men and women.”

“Perhaps,” said Anas, his hands sliding nicely up from her hips to her breasts.

“And the way to enter the Congo is to … probe gently, at first…” She was sliding her groove over his cock now, feeling it stiffen fully against her. “To just … start carefully, at the delta … and see if you’re welcome to enter further…” She kissed him again, settling his head at her vestibule, the firm round crown easing into her body. “And then, when you know you’re not just taking, not just invading, enter it fully as a partnership…” He glided into her ready center, her flesh accepting his, wanting his presence and relishing it. “And from there,” she murmured, sitting up to look down at him as they moved together, his skinny able body rocking easily as she rode him, “from there, the Congo is not a place to be feared, not something that eats men alive. But it is something that requires them to bare themselves fully, to enter it naked of anything but their fundamental truth…”

“Vulnerable, yes,” Anas sighed. “Vulnerable to her power, easily injured, trusting, yielding, joining her in partnership…”

“Until his goal is achieved, and hers too…” She stopped speaking for a while as his hands worked and their bodies moved, and she came on him, and came again, and she knew he was ready. “Come in,” she panted. “Come in my jungle, Man, come to me and be in me and fill me, fill me…”

“Yes,” he murmured, kissing her again as she leaned in close. “Yes, Kaeleigh, yes…” And he lifted, he thrust, he flowed, and she accepted him, and there was no forcing or civilizing, there was no taking or madness; there was only partnership, teamwork, there in the heat and the wet of it all.

“Anas…” she sighed, and kissed his ear. “Sex really is better with smart people.”

* * *

Morrie and Alan both did better than they expected to, and a lot of it had to do with Kaeleigh. They met up Tuesday afternoon and walked together to her house, talking about the usual things along the way — mostly GSA business, plans for the float, Alan’s workout woes, Morrie’s ongoing frustrations with English comp. He was slightly dyslexic, and hadn’t been diagnosed until sixth grade, because it was just low-key enough to make reading and writing a trial for him, but not extreme enough to be obvious to any of his teachers. “This is one way spell-checkers everywhere aren’t always so good,” he told her as they came to the famous hideous green garage door.

“I’d’ve figured they made it easier,” she said.

“To catch mistakes, sure,” said Morrie. “But all that does is hide the blood, sweat, and tears that go into the writing in the first place. My doc says if I’d been turning in handwritten assignments, like kids used to do, they’d’ve caught it a lot sooner.”

“Damn,” she said as they went inside. “It kinda sucks that no one ever noticed. Not even you.”

“I thought everyone had the same problems,” Morrie shrugged. “I figured that was why there were audiobooks and spell-checkers in the first place.”

“Nice house,” Alan said, looking around at the not-too-banged-up coffee table, the somewhat worn ell couch, the newish entertainment center, the well-used PS4. Kaeleigh wasn’t the only gamer in the house, and it showed in the state of the controllers. Overall, everything had a lived-in look, but comfortably so, and everything was clean.

“Thanks. It’s not much, but we like to call it hell, especially when my brother’s around. Kitchen and stuff are through that way. Mom’s bunker is down that hall. My glorious den of iniquity, and Luke’s disaster area, are down this way.” They divested themselves of backpacks and she led them to the den in question, which really hadn’t changed much since she started playing ATW. There were a couple of TC posters that had survived the post-Die Antwoord culling a year or so ago, there was still a bit of Gaga here and there, and her headboard was festooned with the usual dross of modern life, including charging platforms soon occupied by her phone and pad. Her Mini, Kindle, and some books sat in their usual places on the desk in one corner, there was a beanbag in another, and the room was otherwise well dominated by her bed, with its scrolly wood frame and queen mattress. There wasn’t a lot of girly pink, or much of anything pastel; Kaeleigh leaned more toward rich earthy purples and blues in her palette choices. “So,” she said as she closed the door after her guests. “I’m guessing some of this will be new to you both.”

“Uh,” Alan said. “With a girl, yeah, but we’ve done threesomes before.”

“Hey, right on,” Kaeleigh said. “Did it go all right?”

“Everyone came,” Morrie said.

“And you guys didn’t run into any problems with each other afterward? Like jealousy or anything like that?” She settled onto the mattress and patted the bed with both hands, on either side of her.

“No, we’re … pretty solid,” Morrie said, settling in place to one side.

“Yeah,” Alan said, rather red now, as he took the other spot. “So, um … now what?”

“I’m ready any time you guys are,” Kaeleigh said.

“Cool. So, uh, how did you want to…”

“Well, I figure the usual making out a little, and foreplay, unless you wanted to just charge right in.”

“Yeah, no, that’s…” Alan said.

“A little buildup is fine,” said Morrie.

“I think so too. What about protection? I have an Enfem, so as far as I’m concerned, we don’t need condoms unless you want to use them.”

“We don’t use them with each other,” said Alan. “We always do with other guys, to play safe. It’s your call.”

“Well, unless you’re out to do anal, I don’t see any reason for them,” said Kaeleigh.

“We’ve done that,” Morrie said. “That’s … not really why we’re here today.”

“Okay, then,” Kaeleigh said, and turned toward him. “You ready?”

“Yeah,” he said.

She smiled a little, stroked her fingers into his hair, and leaned in. Morrie was not bad at all with kissing, once he got over his initial shyness; he was going open mouth and full tongue after a minute or so, and Kaeleigh, when her hand went wandering, found him half-hardened. She changed that for him, guiding his hands up to her tits at the same time. He kneaded them, squeezed, learned a little of what they felt like; and then she turned to Alan. He hardened up fast, too, in her skilled grasp, and when she started helping him out of his jeans, he didn’t waste a lot of time before he was peeling away his shirt. Morrie stripped down too, reducing himself to briefs.

Alan was every inch the young athlete, well-built and well-framed, and looked very good clad in just his boxers, with a substantial call for attention jutting up in them. Morrie, in his skivvies, was thin as a rail, but she felt some wiry strength in his body as they all started rolling around on her bed. She was down to just her panties soon, and both boys explored what there was to discover. Not much, compared to some girls, but they didn’t seem to mind, and their tongues on her nipples were getting her nicely heated up. When their hands made their way to her thighs, they found her panties quite damp. “I can see the advantage,” Alan said to Morrie. “No lube required.”

“If you’re doing it right,” Kaeleigh murmured, and slipped her panties down while the boys giggled. “You guys don’t have to go down if you’re not into it,” she went on while they studied her naked body, her tits, her pussy. “Some straight boys aren’t fans, and for you, there’ll be different flavors than you’re used to, and different smells, so…”

“We’re here to try it all,” said Morrie.

“I like your attitude.” She gave them her standard whirlwind tour. They were as attentive as Anas (and a few others) had been, wanting to learn, wanting to better understand her anatomy and how it was different from — and similar to — their own. “The flavor can take some getting used to,” she said, watching the boys as their fingers roamed her glistening center. Neither of them were hard. “Some people like it right away. Others never really get used to it. And every girl tastes different.”

“Like every guy,” Alan said, and licked his fingers.

“Yeah, that’s right. What do you think of it?”

“It’s … not bad,” he said. Morrie tried his own sample and seemed to agree. “Do you have a favorite flavor?”

“Huh-uh. I love cum. Boy, girl, or both.”

“Guess that’s how you know you’re bi,” Alan said.

“It’s a big fat hint, yeah.”

“So … do we just … dive in?” Morrie said, still playing with her pussy, his fingers sweet on her folds.

“You can work your way down, or up from my feet if you’re into feet, or just sort of … go on in,” she said.

“You do have cute toes,” Morrie said.

“How about you start from there, and I’ll start from up here, and we meet in the middle?” said Alan. He looked at Kaeleigh. “That okay with you?”

“You bet it is,” she said, and they giggled together. Then Alan was leaning in and kissing her, and his penis was in her hand, and Morrie was nibbling at her toes and kissing her feet, and each boy was fondling her pussy, and she was getting well warmed up. “You guys are doing great,” she breathed.

“We like doing this with our plus-ones,” Alan said. “It’s a little different with you, but…”

“Keep going,” she said. “This is nice.”

He kissed her some more, nuzzled her throat, nibbled softly at her ear; and Morrie was now kissing his way up her calf, and their fingers were still sweet and light on her groove; and then Alan was working down. He paused to suckle her for a while. Her nipples were larger than he was used to, she knew; but he knew what felt good for a boy was going to be at least as good for her, and he was having fun with it. Morrie’s thick hair was tickling her thighs now as he went on kissing and nuzzling his way up her leg, and she opened up to him, making room. As he licked around the crease between her labia and leg, Alan kissed his way down her belly.

Morrie got there before Alan did, getting his first live taste of girl while Alan was still licking her navel, his tongue tentative at first, questing, probing, dabbing. She’d had near-virgin boys before, and when he started, Morrie was like them. But he’d been blowing boys for years, and he’d been paying attention to her lesson, and it wasn’t long before he had her labia swollen and her clit warmed up. He was gentle, still testing and exploring, with the dual goal of finding out what pussy was like, and getting her off. It was working for them both.

She parted her knees further so Alan could nestle in beside his boyfriend, accommodating them both in the welcoming embrace of her thighs. “So where do I start?”

“Right here,” Morrie murmured, sliding his fingertip in the groove between an inner and outer fold. “Right up in here, it’s really sensitive. And really tangy.” He slid his tonguetip up after his finger, and Kaeleigh shivered.

“I see,” Alan said, and tried the crease on his side. Kaeleigh shivered again. “Is that good for you?”

“Yeah,” she said, looking down into his flushed face. “Do you like it so far?”

“It’s different,” Alan said, and licked her again. “But … yeah, it’s not bad.”

“Mmm … well, why don’t you guys get good and acquainted?”

They did. She looked down at the boys while they ate her out, spending about as much time kissing each other as they did licking her, going back and forth on her for some one-on-one, alternating it with a hot little dual-tongue treatment that was probably a variation of something they’d worked out in a previous all-boy threesome. “Will we know it if you come?” Alan said after a while.

“Yeah,” she breathed. “Keep going, and I’ll get there, okay?”

“Are we doing it right?” Morrie said.

“Yeah, but take turns in a different way,” Kaeleigh said. “One of you circle my clit, and the other lick my inner labia, all right?”

They shifted around again. Alan was at her vestibule, and dipped in to rim her a few times, licking her from one orifice to the other, lighting her perineum with a wet and pleasant massage while Morrie kept good lip contact at her crest, his tongue flicking and playing gently on her nub, never quite rasping against it, just giving her a warm, slow, liquid stroke. “Yeah,” she said. “More of that, more of all that … oh shit Alan that’s good, you’re doing great there … yeah, lick the folds like that … oh yeah Morrie that’s sweet, just keep doing that little circle … someone gimme a finger…” She giggled when Morrie reached up, index finger extended. She kissed the tip. “Inside me, you glorious dork.”

“Oh,” he said, blushing.

“Duh,” Alan murmured, his voice muffled, but he and Morrie were laughing too, and then, yes, there was a finger there, rigid, and she guided whomever it was to form a gentle curve with it, then taught the come-over-here gesture, and then it was nestling sweetly in place at her G-spot. “You’re getting close, huh,” Alan said. “It’s all really wet now down here.”

“Yeah.” She brushed hair back from his brow. “I come a little wet, too.”

He glanced at Morrie, who raised his eyebrows, still giving her that gentle tongue-lashing. “Cool. I didn’t know there’d be swallowing involved.” He went back to nuzzling and snuffling.

“There’s gonna be…” she said, her hands tightening into fists on her sheets. “Keep going … keep going, both of you … just like that, yeah, just like that … I’m gonna come…”

They were steady at it. That was something she really liked. Even as she came, their motions on her were regular and steady, not trying to make it intense, not trying to elevate her peak for her, not doing anything to break the rhythm. They were like the G-spot stim, just a constant, relentless presence, Morrie’s tongue circling slow and slow, Alan’s licking and zigging, that finger up in her barely moving. She didn’t gush as much as she did with Nette, there wasn’t that same sort of testosterone-fueled urgency she got with Trav or Luke, but she did come, and she did squirt, and then the boys were easing back from her, slurping and licking and murmuring, their faces wet, her thighs wet. They licked at each other as much as at her, and when they came up for air Morrie said, “How’re we doing so far?”

“I wasn’t faking it,” she panted. “That was really nice, guys. Thanks.”

“I guess that … that gets a lot of guys off, huh? Getting a girl to come that way?”

“It sure got me off,” she said. “You did great. You both did.”

“Huh.” As they moved back, she saw neither of them were hard. “We, um, we…”

“That’s okay,” she said, and sat up to kiss them a while, fondling, cupping, massaging. They were both halfway there again soon, and she pulled Morrie’s briefs down to expose what Alan got a dose of daily. Even half-hard, he wasn’t doing bad, and she took him into her mouth and looked up into his surprised face as she ran her tongue around and along his curve, sucking gently, licking and lapping, feeling him swell and stiffen to life under her attentions. “You’ve got a pretty big one,” she said, letting him loose to glisten in the afternoon light. Fully hard, Morrie topped out around half a foot. She kissed him. “You look … bewildered.”

“You’ve had some practice,” he said. “That felt great.”

“I’m a dedicated student,” she said. “You ready to go for it?”

“Sure, if you are.”

“You bet I am,” she said, pulling him back onto the bed with her. He settled in, looking down between them, as she caught his hips with her legs. “Now what you’re aiming for is right where I showed you…” She reached between them and guided him toward her vestibule. “It won’t be as tight a fit as you’re used to getting.” Which might be a good thing, she thought. Morrie was softening up in her hand. “Whoops…”

“Sorry,” he said.

“It’s okay. I know you’re gay.” She hung onto him, slid his head around in her slippery groove. He filled again, a little, and she guided him home, and they both sighed as he slid into her. “All right … the rest, you can probably guess.”

He chuckled and shifted, shifted more, but she felt him softening again even as they moved; and in another moment he’d slipped out of her. “Shit,” he said.

“It’s okay. There’s literally no pressure. We have all afternoon.”

“Maybe…” Morrie looked over at his boyfriend. “Maybe we can let Alan give it a shot.” He’d taken his boxers off and was watching, his eyes mostly on Morrie, his cock in his hand. It was hard, and stood about as tall as his boyfriend’s (when it had been standing).

“Feel like taking a swing?” Kaeleigh said.

“Sure,” he said, and settled into place as Morrie moved aside. He stayed hard long enough to ease into her, but after a minute or so, he was in the same position — entirely — as Morrie had been, partly on top of her, completely soft, and no longer in her at all. “Dammit,” he grunted. “It’s not you, I swear to God it’s not. It’s totally me. It’s just … not there.”

“It’s all right,” she said, sitting up along with him. “I know how it is. If I was Luke, you’d be up and ready in a second.” They all giggled, and she leaned over to get a taste of Alan who, like Morrie, hardened up wonderfully in her mouth. She worked him for a few minutes, then switched over to Morrie again. They were making out with each other, and that was probably a lot of the reason they were hard now, but it was progress, and evidence. “See?” she said, sitting back. “Some things work, but others don’t. BJ’s are pretty universal.”

“You really are good at it,” Alan said. “As good as any guy.”

“Better than some,” Morrie nodded.

“Thanks,” she said, stroking their cocks, which were starting to flag a little once more. “Look, guys, I mean it when I say there’s no pressure here. But I got a cum out of this, and I want you to both come too. So I can just blow you, if you want.”

“That … might be the only way,” Morrie said. “It’s just … it’s so different, and the position’s not the same…”

She nodded, looking around her room, wondering if there was a way she could find to get some pep into their poles. But all her porn was orgy porn, it was bisexual so there was plenty of guy-on-guy in it, but there were women too; and she thought what they really needed was a distraction, an exclusively man-on-man kind of input to keep them…

Her eyes held on her pad, propped up in its charge station.

“Hang on,” she said. “I have an idea.” She got on her hands and knees and tapped the screen. “I’ve got some photos from when we went to the beach a couple months ago…” She opened the app, and flicked through it until she got the image she was looking for.

When she’d taken this photo, she’d known right away it would be a lifetime favorite. It was Luke, standing on the shore in very snug board shorts, wet and clinging to his body. The rest of him was wet too; he looked just like a bronzed Cali surfer kid, only hotter, standing there barechested, his skin in goosepimples, his nipples hard, muscles standing out in the sunlight, water glistening all over him like minuscule jewels, his very gifted state on full display. Just looking at it on a bad day was enough to make her feel better about everything; on any other day, it quickened her pulse and got her wet. She knew every inch of that body, how all of it felt and tasted.

“What do you think, guys?” She turned and saw her answer right away; Morrie and Alan were both rock hard now, gaping at the image of teen-muscle splendor she’d called up for their delectation. “Back from the dead, I see,” she said.

“Holy shit,” Morrie murmured. “Your brother is gorgeous.”

“I am so glad I don’t have to live with that in reach every day, and tell myself it’s lips-off,” Alan said.

“Hey, I like fucking as much as the next girl. More than some. But even I have boundaries.” The lie, long-practiced, sounded easy and natural. “But I hear what the girls all say about him, and I figured it works for boys, too. Well, some, anyway.”

“The ones with taste,” said Morrie.

“You feel ready to give it another shot? Maybe if I hold the pad over my face?”

Alan giggled, then studied her pose. Kaeleigh was still on her hands and knees. “You know…” he said, and got up to kneel behind her. “Maybe…”

“Oh,” she said. “Oh, yeah, that’ll work. Plus, you can still see the screen.”

“You don’t mind if we do it like this?” Morrie said, watching his boyfriend get into place. “I mean … we’ll kind of be jerking off into you, sort of.”

“That’s what sex is,” Kaeleigh said. “Really personal mutual masturbation.”

“Well, you do have a point, but wouldn’t you feel better about it if we were face to face or something?”

“I’m into pretty much any position, so yeah, no, whatever works, guys. Seriously. I want you to have fun today, and I want you both to come, and I’m fine with it happening like this. You’ll be fucking me, not Luke, but that’s the next best thing for all of us.”

God you are so fucking awesome,” Alan murmured. “Here?”

“Up a little higher … there, right there.” Kaeleigh shivered when she felt him probe, then slide in, six inches of pure male readiness. “Oh yeah. Oh yeah, that’s nice.”

“Whoa,” said Alan, looking down. “It’s…”

“Roomy?” she said. They giggled. “Do you like how it feels?”

“Yeah. It’s … you’re right, it’s looser, a little, but it feels almost like a fleshlight.”

“Not quite,” she said, and bore down. “Toys don’t know how to do things like that at the right moment.”

That was fucking awesome,” he said, his eyes wide as he looked down at his root, pressed firm to her folds. He laughed with her when she did it a few more times, using her inner muscles to massage and stroke him. “I think it’s really gonna work this time. Is it okay if I move?”

“Hell yeah. Go for it, Alan. Hard as you want to. However you feel like it.” He shifted, got his range, and then began moving against her, his strokes even, deep, and practiced. He’d done this a lot, just never before with a girl. “Morrie, lick your fingers and kind of reach around, between us, and … yeah, just there, just like that…”

Kaeleigh closed her eyes, her attention on what was happening inside her pussy, and just around it. Alan’s head had a slight mushroom shape to it, a little like Luke’s, and the ridge gave her channel a nice massage as it glided easily inside her. Morrie’s fingers were unskilled, but she was wet, and their teasings around her inner folds were doing the trick nicely. She looked over her shoulder and saw the boys making out with each other, Alan’s hand on Morrie’s cock, stroking it as he went on fucking her. She turned back toward her pad and looked at the image of her brother on it. She was being fucked and felt up, and she had eye-candy aplenty. She was doing just fine. Oh, yes, she was.

“I’m gonna come pretty soon,” Alan said, after about ten minutes of glorious alternation between easy, slow strokes and deeper, harder thrusts. “You want me to pull out first?”

“Hell no,” she said. “Morrie, rub my mound now, okay?”

“Sure,” he said, and his touch changed, became a deeper massage, emphasizing his boyfriend’s motions inside her. “Like that?”

“That’s it,” she panted, and started a rhythmic clench on Alan’s cock. “Keep going. Alan … go for it.”

“You got it,” he breathed, and began the final motions, probing her deeply and steadily now, his action building in a way Kaeleigh knew well. No matter who the boy was, whether he was a player at a game or her boyfriend or her brother, whether he’d been fucking for years or only a week or two, no matter how gay, straight, or in-between, they all did this at the end when they did the dog, ramming harder and harder, hips slapping against her ass, a hot solid piston driving them both to the inevitable.

It happened with low animal grunts from Alan and a squeal of delight from Kaeleigh. She thrust back to meet him as he spasmed into her, his cock pulsing, the head deep; and then there was that slippery well of fluid rising in her, a fresh delivery from a new penis, and his hands were tight on her hips as he pulled their bodies together, shuddering at the last as the final spurts left his hard loins. “Whoa,” he panted. “Oh wow.”

“Me too,” she purred. Morrie’s hand was still there, kneading, and Alan was still hard.

“Did you come?”

“Yeah. Yeah, that was great. And I know I don’t gotta ask if you did.”

“Whoa, you can feel it?” Morrie said.

“Oh yeah, and I felt the way he was delivering it, too. You’ve got yourself a keeper with him.”

Alan giggled as he slid out of her. His glistening flesh was followed by a small spill of pearly fluid. “Whoops.”

“That’s all right.” Kaeleigh scooped up the drops from the sheets and licked her fingers. “So … looks like it’s your turn, Morrie. Alan, come around here for a sec, okay?”

“Sure.” He kneewalked to her head while Morrie took up his position, watched while she licked his penis off. “What do you think?”

“Salty,” she said. “Really salty. But some of that’s me.” She kissed his cock. “Nice, though. I can see why your boyfriend’s into you.”

“The picture helped,” Alan said. “Sorry.”

“Huh-uh. You came, I came, we’re all having fun. It’s cool.”

“You, uh,” Morrie said. “Are you … ready?”

“Any time you are,” she said. “Just kinda roll your head around a little first … yeah, that’s right … and … yeah. Yeah, right there. That’s it. Just follow the trail of cum up and in.”

“Hey,” Morrie said as he slid into her. “Whoa…”

“Yeah, it’s a lot easier, even without Astroglide, huh?” Alan said.

“Yeah, plus … um…”

“What?” Kaeleigh said, watching Alan move up beside Morrie to help him along.

“Well … don’t take this the wrong way, but…” Morrie looked up from his study of her shoulders, her back, her ass.


“From this angle, you kinda remind me of my first boyfriend.”

She laughed. “Whatever works.” She worked herself around him, like she’d done to Alan, and felt him shiver a little at the deep inner massage. “Come on, now, Morrie. Gimme a nice full dose.”

“You really are fabulous,” he said.

“I know.” And then he was fucking her, and she forgot everything else for a while again as Alan’s hand went to her mound, kneading; as Morrie’s cock shifted and moved, sliding around in her wet and his boyfriend’s spunk; as his blimp-shaped shaft and bullet head caressed and stroked her inner landscape. No two boys tasted alike, and no two boys were built the same, and it was always, always a joy to find out how someone new felt inside her, how he tasted when he was done.

Morrie’s action was as good as Alan’s had been, steady and unhurried, a nice mix of hard and deep with slow and sweet. He’d put in many happy hours, it seemed, practicing his fuck and drawing it out, just like Alan. Well, gay boys only got two or maybe three cums an hour, and had to know how to make the buildup last. She was getting plenty out of it, wetter and wetter as it went on, small orgasms building and interleaving; and when Morrie said it was coming, she was ready, and let herself go on him as he blew his load into her, flooding her pussy with his rich heavy product, bearing down and driving hard at the end, just like Alan had.

While she licked away the results from Morrie — he was coppery and bitter, much more thick than his boyfriend — Alan did a sweet little job of housekeeping, clearing all the fluids from her thighs and pussy. “Jeez, that tastes a lot different now,” he said, when he came up to nestle onto the bed beside her. She was framed by them, a boy on either side, and there wasn’t any doubt among any of them about who in the room was gay. Every other boy she’d ever been with, even if there was more than one, spent a lot of time afterward playing with her body, and usually stayed half-hard for a while. Alan and Morrie were just resting beside her, and were soft as could be. “Like a, a mix of me and Morrie and you.”

“Well,” Kaeleigh said, and kissed his nose. “That’s exactly what it was.”

“Did you like it?” Morrie said.

“I love your cum, man,” Alan said. “You know that. It was just the mix, and … well…” He shrugged. “I heard cream pies were kind of an acquired taste, though.”

“You have to like what the boycum is in, before you can like eating it out,” she said.

“I like you fine,” he said. “You’re a good person and a great friend. We all managed to come, so, you know, it was officially sex, and I guess it was good for you? Or at least acceptable, I hope…”

“Oh yeah,” she said. “You both did fine. Believe me, I was not bored.”

He laughed. “Yeah, it was pretty great once Morrie and I finally got going. It’s just…”

“I know,” she said, and reached down to find him still completely soft. “But you gave it a try, and now you know, too. I’m just glad you didn’t puke, or run away screaming.”

“No, I … it wasn’t bad, Kaeleigh, just different, that’s all. I can see how a guy would be into it, or a girl, if they’re wired right. I’m just … not. But thanks for putting up with us long enough for me to find out.”

“Yeah, thanks, Kaeleigh,” Morrie said. “I think you … yeah, you pretty much cleared up all the questions we had about us. You’re … there’s just no way it could’ve been better with any girl. I’m totally sure of that. I mean, if I was even a little bit bi, I’m pretty sure I’d know it by now.”

“That’s what friends are for,” she said, and gave his dick a little squeeze. He was still soft, too. “With or without benefits.”

“I think it’s probably gonna be just the one benefit, for us,” said Alan. “It was fun. It was a great time with a great girl. But…”

“Well, it was fun for me too,” she said. “I never had sex with anyone gay before. And I learned something today, too.”

“Oh?” Morrie was playing with one of her breasts, mostly because it was there, and he was a boy, and some things really were universal.

“Yeah. It takes you longer to get there, but that’s okay, because oh my God it takes you longer to get there.” They giggled with her.

“I guess fucking feels a lot different for a girl,” said Alan. “There’s more nerves.”

“I was getting something out of it, for sure. Remember, on the inside my pussy is about as sensitive as the skin on your shaft.”

“How do you know that?” said Morrie.

She shrugged. “Well, everyone’s genitals start out as female in the womb, you know. So the same nerves all have to be in there somewhere, and there’s analogous structures that do similar things, and…” She shrugged again. “And I’ve done a lot of experimenting. My vulva’s got a lot in common with a cockhead. Your dicks don’t end in one giant clit, and the skin around the head seems like it’s about as sensitive as my inner labia, and I’ve actually made a boy come just from using a vibrator on his frenulum, nowhere else. I can do exactly the same with any girl’s clit. The way a girl shivers when I tickle her outer labia is a lot like the way a boy does when I tickle his balls. You notice things. You learn things.”

“Therefore, bisexuals are better lays than anyone else,” Morrie said.

“We like to think so, yeah.”

“You do give damn good head,” Alan said. “Is getting oral better than fucking for girls too? Or is it just guys?”

“Well, I’ve done anal, so I have an idea what it feels like for you guys. Taking it in my pussy’s a hell of a lot better. Oral, with a finger in me, that…” She shook her head. “It’s like when there’s lips and a tongue wrapped around your head, and a hand with some practice on the rest, you know?”

“So it is better,” Morrie said.

“Depends on my mood, I guess. Sometimes I want to be eaten all to hell and back, and other times I want to get nice and nailed down. It’s best when I can get both, which is why a three-way with Nette and Trav is pretty much a perfect afternoon.” They laughed. They’d never met her boyfriend or girlfriend — they went to different schools — but the teenaged gossip community anywhere was a small one where “scandalous” behavior was the topic, such as three bisexuals having a solid long-term relationship. “How was it for you guys, though? I know it must’ve been looser than you’re used to.”

“Yeah, but the cleanup wasn’t as … bad,” Alan said.

“True,” said Morrie. “It’s better when your boyfriend is into being clean first.” He winked at Alan.

“Speaking of which,” Kaeleigh said, “usually when I have one of these little adventures, we round it out with a shower. There’s usually some kind of followup in there, but I’d be surprised if that happened today. But either way, it’s cool if you guys want to rinse off too, and I always like company.”

“Yeah,” Alan said, and sat up. “Let’s hit the showers. I still got homework, and probably homo-work with a certain guy I know, too.”

“Dammit, I knew there was something going on behind my back,” said Morrie, sitting up with Kaeleigh.

“Sure there is, and of course you know, because you’re usually the one handing me the lube when it’s happening.”

“Well, that — wait, usually?”

“Do we need to bring our clothes with?” Alan said.

“Don’t try to change the subject.”

“No, we can just wrap up in towels.”

“What do you mean, usually?”

“Oh, okay. Relax, babe. All I meant was if it’s not you handing me the lube, it’s whatever other guy we’re with. Am I forgiven?”

“Oh,” Morrie sighed, and kissed him. “I suppose so.”

“Ahh, too smooth to die,” Alan said.

“Nah. Just too cute to strangle.”

* * *

When they got out of the shower, the house smelled of cooking. Both boys blanched, but Kaeleigh led them down the hall, away from the rest of the house, before they could freeze in their tracks. “Shit,” Alan said after they were in her room again. “Is your mom home?”

“No, that’s Luke.” Kaeleigh dropped her towel, not surprised when it had little effect on either boy. As she’d expected, the shower had been just that: A shower. They’d both explored her body a little more, feeling her breasts, her ass, her vulva, but there’d visibly been no spark involved. It was just an opportunity for them to learn what a naked girl felt like, slick with soap and available but not, alas, compelling. Anas’s reaction was more typical of other boys and any girls she had with her, a clear state of arousal that ended in some kind of cute little oral dessert. “Mom gets home later. He usually has dinner on by then.”

“Oh wow, he cooks?” Alan and Morrie were both still entirely soft when they dropped their own towels to begin getting dressed. “Sounds like he’s quite the catch.”

“Hey now,” Morrie said, pulling up his briefs. “I cook too.”

“Well, a man needs a backup plan, especially when there’re sirens like Kaeleigh here stealing people’s boyfriends away.”

“I don’t think you gotta worry much about that,” she said. “Like he said, you guys are pretty solid, especially with each other.”

He laughed and kissed her cheek. “Are we going to have any … uh, problems?”

“With what?” she said, snugging her sport bra in place.

“Well, he is your older brother, and they can get protective.”

“Luke?” she snorted. “Please. Mom and I are the only female things he hasn’t fucked in a ten-mile radius. He knows I get around, and he doesn’t have any room to judge.”

“I heard he was kind of a hound dog,” Morrie said while they finished dressing. “Maybe we could arrange a reciprocal test with him.”

“What do you mean?” said Kaeleigh, as they left her room.

“Well, we know we’re gay for sure now, but has he actually tried to see if he’s totes straight?”

“Pain in the ass,” said Alan.

“That is not what you said yesterday.”

“Hey, bro,” Kaeleigh said as they rounded the corner into the kitchen. “You know Alan and Morrie.”

“Hey, guys,” Luke nodded. “You staying for dinner? Enchiladas tonight.” He was busily parcooking corn tortilla shells in hot oil, letting one stack cool while he rolled shredded pork and chiles into others.

“It smells like heaven and the offer is tempting,” said Morrie. “But I have some reading drills, and Alan feels neglected without another kind of drill, so my dance card’s kinda full.”

“Well, work work work, but as long as  you’re offsetting it with recreational drilling, I guess it balances. How’s track?” Luke had dropped track to focus more on weight training, and was now on the wrestling team. He was good at it; Kaeleigh thought all those years in ATW had given him an edge in the squirming-around-while-lying-down department. He didn’t disagree. “Spanden still being a little bitch about cadence?”

“Holy shit, I swear to God he’d install a metronome in my ass if he could get away with it,” Alan said.

“Some things never change. Including his beer gut, not that Rockhauser’s any better. The fuck is it with high school coaches and running to fat, anyhow?”

“It gives them something to take out on us,” Alan said.

“I think a lot of them are former bullies,” said Morrie.

“Agreed,” said Luke. “But strike the former.” He’d already added sauce to one pan of enchiladas, and was beginning the second. “These are gonna be killer, you know. Red and green tonight.”

“Oh God, Luke’s sauce is the best,” Kaeleigh said.

“Well,” said Morrie. “So much for boundaries.” He laughed when she stuck out her tongue.

“It does sound great,” Alan said. “But we gotta get.”

“Sure you don’t want to stick around? There’s plenty, and I never ask awkward or pointless questions.”

“Especially when the answer’s obvious,” Kaeleigh said.

“No, thanks. We actually do have responsibilities and all that.”

Luke shrugged. “Yeah, well, I guess I gotta finish wrapping my meat and get busy too.”

“Hmm,” said Morrie.

“He means the enchiladas,” Alan stage-whispered. “It’s where he’s putting his pulled pork, see?”

Hmm,” Morrie said again. Luke chuckled.

“Oh for God’s sake,” Kaeleigh said, and took each boy by the elbow, leading them into the living room. “If I text you that photo, will it help?”

“Would you really?” said Alan, which earned him a nice sock on the shoulder from Morrie. He kissed her cheek. “Thank you for today.”

“Yeah, thanks,” Morrie said, kissing her other cheek while Alan collected their packs. “Sorry for the limp bizkits, and anything else that wasn’t up to code.”

“Look, we all cummed,” she said. “It’s all good, and even if it’s one of those kinds of things you never feel a need to try again with anyone, well, you got that much out of it, and now you know for sure.”

“Yeah, it might come in handy if we ever know a lesbian who wants to have a kid,” Alan said. “Apart from that…” He shrugged.

“Catch you tomorrow,” Kaeleigh said, collecting a hug from him and Morrie as they went out the door. “In the meantime, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Which,” she pointed out before either of them had a chance, “is a very short list.” She saw them up the street, hand in hand and still chuckling, then went back inside.

Luke was still in the kitchen, just adding the sauce to the rest of the enchiladas. “Aren’t those guys gay?”

“Yeah,” she said, boosting herself up on the counter. “And we know it now for sure.”

Luke eyed her while he put the pans into the oven. “Nothing happened, huh?”

“Oh, no, they gave it a try. All the basics, and they were both committed to the whole deal. I came, they came.” Luke nodded. “It just took a while for them, and we had to cheat with a visual aid.”

“I see. So you don’t think they’ll be into it again?”

“Probably not,” she said. “Unless they happen to meet an actual hot girl.”

“Kay,” he sighed, and wiped his hands on a towel. “You know you’re hot. You know it. You hear it from Trav and Nette all the time. You hear it from the other players. You hear it from me. And I bet you heard something like it from Alan and Morrie too. They’re gay, but they’re not blind.”

“Maybe they’re just gay enough. But a girl with bigger tits, or a better ass…”

“There is no better ass in the world,” Luke said, standing before her, between her knees, his hands sliding up her thighs until they rested on her hips. “Or a better pussy, or a better girl, or a better sister. Your tits are perfect. You’re delicious. You’re a goddess in bed, and you know I mean that literally. They are gay. They must be.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“You were just getting the shower started when I got home,” he said, and kissed her. “And the three of you weren’t in there more than ten minutes. You know I like to make it last twice as long, and that’s just me in the picture. Anas takes his time too. And when Nette and Trav are over with you, it’s half an hour.”

She circled his neck with her arms. “I do like those long showers with you.”

“Getting clean, getting dirty,” he murmured, stepping in close. His aroma filled her awareness, his mild musk and perspiration, aftershave, skin, the specific mix of pulse-quickening pheromones she thought of as eau de bro. The kiss was long, sweet, and perfect. “Did you really come with them?”

“Yeah. I got fucked twice, and I even got eaten out. Why?”

He shrugged. “We still have a little while before Mom gets home. I didn’t want you feeling deprived.”

“I’m good.” She reached down between them and found what she’d hoped she would. “What about you?”

“You know me. Especially when you’re around.”

“Mmm. Pervert.”

“Depraved through and through. You don’t have to do anything, you know that, but if you’re in the mood for an appetizer…”

“Well, we have a few minutes, and the only thing better than sucking dick is sucking your dick. Besides, your sauce really is the best.” She hopped off the counter and turned with him as he leaned against it. She was already undoing his pants when she knelt before him, and moments later she was licking his glory, her favorite anatomical part of her favorite boy. He was already fully hard, and she negotiated his seven-plus inches (she’d marked the ruler herself this time) with a skill born of general and specific practice, taking her time and playing a while before sucking him to satisfaction. He went off before the oven timer did. Kaeleigh swallowed her brother’s semen, then looked up at him while she licked his penis clean. “I love you, you know.”

He ran his fingers through her still-damp hair. “I love you too.”

She smiled, kissed his crown, and put him away just as the beep told them dinner was done. A few moments later they heard Mom’s car in the drive. They weren’t really cutting it close. They knew her routine, knew their windows, and had a couple years’ practice, now, climbing through them with room to spare.

* * *

“I swear to God quadratics were invented just to piss me off,” Luke said later that night.

“You’re right, bro. Descartes was not only a philosopher and mathematician; he built the first time machine. He’s probably watching us right now and cackling.”

He sighed and sat back from his Air. They were sitting side by side at the desk in his room, and it had changed a bit since Kaeleigh began playing ATW, more so since their trip to Orlando a couple years earlier. He was actively housekeeping now, didn’t have random panties hanging off things any more — her own or any other girl’s — and no longer had a stash of crusty socks in the hamper. She saw to that herself, by a rather more personal means than doing his laundry for him.

At the moment they were in their bedclothes, which in his case was the usual boxer-shorts-and-bare-chest aphrodisiac; in hers, it was his favorite, a long tee and that was it. Mom would be in bed in less than half an hour. They’d be in bed about half an hour after that, continuing their almost-nightly anatomy studies.

Luke was the boy she’d made come by using a vibrator on his frenulum; she’d done it a few times that way, other times by a cameltoe slide, just to see him baste himself, and to lick away all that yummy frosting from his scrumptious chest and abs. He was also the only boy she’d done anal with, and there were other experiments they’d tried together, with varying degrees of enjoyment. She didn’t need to masturbate any more than he did, now, not with an eager sex partner right next door all the time, but that didn’t stop them from doing it together every once in a while just for the spice of it. He was into orgy porn now too, because of her; she was into public-sex videos because of him.

“I just feel so fuckin’ stupid when the letters show up. I get they’re variables. I get they can contain anything, as long as the equation works. I get that what one contains changes what’s in the other. It’s just making it all go together I can’t ever fuckin’ figure out.”

“Well, you know, it’s like pouring water from one glass into another. When you have more in one, you have less in the other, but between the two, it always adds up to a full glass.” She squeezed his leg and left her hand there. “It’s just figuring out how much is in one, and how big they both are, that’s the trick.”

“Well yeah, but it’s a big fuckin’ trick. Can’t I just plug in numbers and see what comes out?”

“Getting around that is what the formula is about. Otherwise, you’d have to keep trying any two numbers at random, and each problem would take years, unless you got lucky. Imagine if you were eating pussy for the first time, and didn’t know anything at all about how to do it. You’d be there a while trying to get it right by trial and error. But once you know a few things, like what to do with the labia, what to do with the clit, and where the G-spot is, it’s a lot easier to get the range you need on the girl, right?”

“Are you trying to turn me on?” he said.

“Yes, but I’m also trying to make a point. The equations look a little scary, but they’re the road map to the labia, clit, and G-spot. Once you know where all those things are, it’s a lot easier to hit your target.”

“Is everything about sex with you?” he said.

“No, but it got your attention. And so what if it was? I’m fifteen, Luke. I love sex about as much as you do. Which is lucky for you. When was the last time you had to jack off?”

“Not since we got back from Disney,” he said, with total honesty. He reached up to stroke her cheek. “Which I actually do appreciate, you know.”

“Me too. I read somewhere you need to practice something for twenty thousand hours before you’re an expert in it, and I figure I passed that mark in giving blowjobs about six months ago with you.”

“Hey, you know, it’s a workout for me too. Cumming two or three times every afternoon…”

“If it’s a big problem, you can always go back to using your socks.”

“Neither one of us wants that,” he said.

“I’m glad we could reach an understanding. And hell yes, all kinds of things are about sex with me. But that doesn’t mean I’m wrong here. It’s an analogy, describing something you’re not all that into in terms of something you’re way, way into, to show you another way of thinking about it.”

He sighed. “Okay, so show me how this formula is like eating your pussy.”

“Later, after Mom’s asleep. For now, you’ll just have to learn the formula side of it, okay?” She kissed his cheek. “It’ll give you something to look forward to.”

She got him started in the right direction, then left him to make a couple mugs of cocoa. While she was waiting for the kettle to heat, Mom came into the kitchen. She was in her nightwear too, which in her case consisted of an actual nightie with a robe. “How’s the algebra coming along?”

“He’s getting there,” she murmured. “Two variables are harder, and the quadratic formula looks like it contains four. But he’s starting to get the hang of it, I think.”

Mom came up to her and put her arm around her shoulders. Kaeleigh leaned her head against her. “I’m glad you’re able to help out when he needs it. Luke … you know he’s not dim. He just has a, a different kind of intelligence. Less math-y, less technical, more…” She shrugged.

“Yeah. He does.” She watched as wisps of steam began to rise from the spout. “He’s better at big pictures. And he knows hearts a lot better than I ever will.”

“I’m not so sure about that,” Mom said, and kissed her head. “I’m going to bed. Don’t you stay up too late. Candles that burn at both ends have a way of burning out a lot faster.”

“No, I know. I’ve got that paper on Conrad to rough out, and Luke might need a little more help over the Cartesian hump, but that’s all.”

“Your friends are coming by tomorrow after school, aren’t they?”

“Yeah.” Her friends were Trav and Nette, and Mom knew. The penny had dropped, along with a solid hint, about a year ago when Kaeleigh announced she was going to Nette’s one Saturday afternoon, and mentioned Trav would be there too. Be sure he’s got condoms, Mom had said. Kaeleigh reminded her of her Enfem, and Mom had nodded and said, Uh-huh, but does Nette have one too?

From then on, it was a bit of an open secret. Never actually discussed, but not denied, and not doubted.

“Remind your brother to make an extra pizza for Nette. Sometimes I think he forgets she’s vegetarian.”

“Sometimes she does too,” Kaeleigh said. Trav and Nette were both staying for dinner, of course. It was tradition now. “But I’ll be sure to tell him.”

“Good.” She smoothed Kaeleigh’s hair. “You and he are getting along thick as thieves now, and I’m so glad to see it. I’ve been afraid to say anything, but … just a couple of years ago, the idea of you helping your brother with his homework — or making him a mug of cocoa you hadn’t peed in — would’ve seemed as likely as warp drive. Hypothetically possible, but not in my lifetime.”

“I’d never pee in anything—”

“I know, but don’t tell me there wasn’t some sister-spit stirred into a kind little glass of Coke now and then.” Kaeleigh maintained a diplomatic silence, and she went on in a moment. “I really thought you hated each other for a while. I really thought you might end up killing each other, or doing a lot of damage, maybe in a moment of rage. Some days, I just hoped to God you’d both live long enough to move out.”

“So did I, some days,” Kaeleigh said. “I was such a bitch to him sometimes. But he let it all go.” She looked at her mother. “And that’s why I think he’ll always know more about hearts than I will.”

Mom smiled and patted her face. “But you got past it and turned it around. You both did that together.”

“Not really. Mostly it was me who needed to change.”

“I know, and you knew it too, and you did. And you knew Luke would let it go, if he got a chance. And that’s why I’m not so sure I agree about you not knowing hearts all that well.” She kissed her cheek. “That’s for you.” She kissed the other. “That’s for your brother. I love you both. Sleep well.”

“Love you too, Mom. G’night.” Kaeleigh released her from her embrace, and as she stirred the cocoa, she thought about her mother, what she knew about her relationship with Travis and Nette, and what she might suspect about Anas, Philip, Roni, Chelle, and any of a couple dozen other regular visitors she’d had over the years. There were times when she wondered what their mother would do if she ever walked in on Luke and her in the middle of something. There were times when she thought she wouldn’t totally lose her shit and have them both committed.

There was never a time when she wanted to actually put it to the test.

She loaded up a tray with mugs and a plate of ginger snaps, and went back down the hall. Luke smiled at her when she came in and nudged the door shut with her butt. “Mom asleep?”

“Soon. She went to bed a minute ago.”

“Cool.” He looked at the plate. “What, no strawberries?”

“Sorry. We’re out.” He liked dipping them in her, and they both liked the taste. “How’s it going?”

“This is kinda like having a roadmap to eating pussy,” he said.

“So you’ve got it licked?” She set the tray down while he giggled, and kissed his cheek. “That’s from Mom.” She caught his head, turned him to face her, and gave him another, much longer, much deeper kiss. “And that’s from me.”

“Glad you didn’t get them mixed up,” he said as she nestled in beside him.

“Wait, which one did I say the tongue came from, again?”

“Mom, I think. It was all kind of a blur.”

“Oh, okay, that’s cool.” She reached between his legs and found him at half mast. “Would you ever do her?”

“Mmm, I don’t … probably not,” he said. “It’d just be too weird. What about you?”

“Yeah, probably not. If I met her randomly or something I’d probably think she was kinda cool, you know, smart and funny, but … well, she’s straight.”

“Not that it’s ever really stopped you before,” Luke said. Kaeleigh’s record in ATW had remained perfect every week: She always had sex with all seven of the other players, even the straight girls.

“True. But I figure one crime against the laws of God and man is enough for any lifetime.” They sipped their cocoa. “How’s the math?”

“Speaking of crimes against the laws of God and man?” Luke munched a cookie. “Well, I’m ten through now, which is ten problems more than I was before you talked to me.”

“How many problems are there?”

“Twenty.” He kissed her cheek. “I guess I get it. The formula … when I kinda just sort of trust and plug things in, it actually does seem to work. I just want to know why. I mean, how did they get to that formula?”

“You could probably google that if you really want to know.”

“Maybe later. I want to get through this first, and then I think there’s some biology homework I’ll be doing.”

“Oh yeah?” His penis was rigid now in her hand.

“Uh-huh. The mating practices of indigenous primates on the North American continent.”

“Sounds interesting.”

“I could use a study buddy.”

“You know me, bro. I love monkeysex, especially with a hot college boy.”

“Halftime college boy.”

“All hot, though.” She let go of him, stood behind him, started kneading his shoulders. She knew the weights got him sore sometimes, and hey — big and still-growing shoulders. Eaten out by two boys, fucked by them too, a BJ in the kitchen, and now Luke’s shoulders. She was sprouting boni all over this evening.

“You’re in a good mood,” he said.

“I got fucked twice this afternoon. And it took a while for the boys to come.”

“Gotcha,” he nodded. “You think you’ll all still be friends tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I do. It was fun, you know? Laid back and relaxed, I know for sure there won’t be any jealousy, and Morrie and Alan both got the basics fine. They just had a hard time staying hard, was all, until I showed them that photo I took of you at the beach.”

He giggled. “Holy shit, you used me for gay porn?”

“Believe me, bro, it’s not just gay boys who like that photo.” Her hands worked and worked in his muscles, dense and taut and powerful. “You’re the hottest fuckin’ boy I’ve ever seen.”

“Well, that’s an improvement over screaming your lungs out and pretending to puke.” That had been her reaction, a few years ago, to walking in on him in the bathroom unannounced, just when he was getting out of the shower.

“I was twelve. I didn’t know any better.” Knead knead, work work. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For giving me a chance. To know better. To get to know you. To know what it’s like to love you, and let you love me. I know how close I came to fucking us up forever, Luke, and I’m sorry.”

He shrugged. “I was an asshole right back at you, though.”

“Yeah, but I usually started it. I usually deserved it. And you just let it all go away.”

He took a deep breath. “Well, when you’re in bed with the love of your life, and you tell her how you feel, and she tells you the same thing right back … it’s easy to forget about a bunch of comic books, Kay.”

Her heart stumbled for a moment, then thudded up hard. “The … love of your life?”

“Yeah.” He looked up at her. “The love of my life.”

It was amazing to her, sometimes, what it was like being with Luke now. The sex was consistently great. He actually did treat her like a goddess when they were together, conducting a form of worship through her body. He listened to her, took her side, loved her without condition or restraint, cared in a way no one else did, not even Trav or Nette. And every once in a while, just when she didn’t think it could possibly get better, he managed to one-up himself with her. The quiet blossom of joy that opened in her at his words felt exactly right, like it had been lying dormant inside her all her life, waiting for just the right time and situation to bloom and spread.

“Me too,” she said, because it was true. She hadn’t known it until he said it first, freed the words to be said, freed her to say them herself. “You’re the love of my life too.”

He leaned his head back against her belly as he went on with his homework. “I love you so fucking much. You know that, right? I’d kill for you, Kay, and I’d die for you.” He looked up at her. “And I think I’d die without you, too.”

“I would, too,” she said, and kissed his brow. “On all three.”

“Yeah,” he sighed, and went back to his math. “It’s gonna be … really hard. Really hard.”

“You’re not even leaving until next year.”

“Yeah. And it’s too goddamned soon.”

“It won’t be forever.”

“Seven hundred and some days,” he said. He swallowed, hard, and wiped his eyes. “Two fuckin’ years of hardly ever seeing you…”

“And then I’ll graduate, and move to … wherever you’re living, go to the same college, and no one will know us or wonder why we have the same last name. It’ll work, Luke. It will.”

“I know. It’s a good plan. It’s just that two years.”

She circled his shoulders with her arms, embracing him from behind. “Me too. Me too, bro.” She felt him trembling. “But you aren’t going to lose me. Not ever.” She kissed his ear. “And you’ll have classes, you’ll make friends, you’ll find the ATW coordinator and get into the over-eighteen game. It’ll go faster than you think. You’re strong, and you know I love you, and we both know we can do this.”

“How?” he said. “How do we know?”

“Because we have to.” He turned to face her, and she settled into his lap. “We have to, and we’re going to, and then we’ll be together every day, from then on.” She kissed him. “And we won’t have to hide.” She turned to straddle him. “We won’t have to worry about our friends finding out.” She freed his penis from his shorts, slid her open vulva against it. “We’ll be together and no one will think it’s weird at all.”

“Kay,” he breathed, and lifted her shirt off her. “I hope you’re right.”

“I am,” she murmured while he nuzzled her tits. “You’ll see.”

He leaned back. “I love you.”

“I love you too. Did you finish your homework?”

“Uh-huh. It’s playtime.”


“So. Your place, or mine?”

“Well,” she said, “we’re already here, so…” And then she squealed and giggled when he rose, lifting her bodily from the chair with him, and carried her over to his bed, and made love to her in the way she loved best: Lengthily, in multiple positions, and more than once, and with his cock and his tongue in equal measure.

Then, oh then, he brought the goddess; and what had been good became wonderful, what had been sweet became sublime, and what had been a breathless immersion in pleasure became a touch of always.

* * *

Later, much later that night, alone in her bed, Kaeleigh pressed her face against the pillow so her sobs wouldn’t carry through the air vent.

Two years.

Seven hundred and thirty days.

More than seventeen and a half thousand hours.

She cried in dread of the future, in dread of the loss she would face for that time, and in her ongoing, deeper fear of what would happen if they were ever found out. Luke was eighteen now, soon to graduate and eventually to move to a college out of state, and she was still stuck in fifteenland, and if they were caught, there would be no way for her to protect him. He’d be legally the adult, and would be considered a rapist, charged with felonies, the felony of child molestation, the felony of incest against his sister. He’d be in jail, in court, maybe in prison, definitely in counseling. He’d have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

It wouldn’t matter that she wasn’t really a child, and was definitely not being molested. They’d ruin him, and she knew it. Even if he somehow managed to not go to prison, they’d never let them see each other again, at least not without some kind of guard there to make sure nothing improper happened, such as a boy showing a girl how much he loved her, and the girl showing the boy exactly the same thing. Treating them like no one could imagine anything more awful than two people making love.

So maybe, in that way, his being away to college for that time would be a good thing, because when they were back together, she’d be eighteen, and no one would know who we really were to each other. The forced separation would protect him, and the reunion in a new world would be good for them both.

Her sobs tapered and she dried her eyes, working at putting more positive spin on a situation that was good now, really good, but was going to go to hell for them both, for a while. Nette and Trav were stopping by tomorrow, and it was those little stepping-stones that she was beginning to focus on more and more, now. Stepping-stones like ATW, and friends she made through the game, that would help her stagger, somehow, across the chasm of the calendar to Luke, to his waiting arms on the other side.

It was nice when Trav and Nette came by. They didn’t know about him and her, but there were tradeoffs that made it all right. Nette would go into Luke’s room to be entertained for a while, and give Kaeleigh some one-on-one with her boyfriend. And Trav … lately, he was visiting Luke for half an hour or so, too. There was mutuality there, friendship and affection, to the point that Luke didn’t even balk at swallowing Trav’s cum any more.

He told her he liked giving Travis head because he could taste her on him, could smell her on his dick, and it was almost like she’d just been there in the room with them; she liked going down on Nette after she came back from Luke’s room for a lot of the same reasons. As yummy as her girlfriend’s pussy always was, it was just that much yummier with Luke’s cum in it. It wasn’t quite as good as a full-on foursome in the same room would have been, but it was as close as they were able to safely get, and it was a lot better than nothing.

Better than nothing was a concept she’d have to get used to, soon, and live with for far too long.


==== End of Book 1 ====


Yes — there’s more; this was just the first half. The story picks up again after a few years have passed for Kaeleigh and Luke, when they go on to have more adventures, make new friends, and discover new surprises.

— HB