This is a work of erotic fantasy, so there’s quite a lot of sex. However, there isn’t sex happening in every chapter. There are many passages that include setup, character development, and all that boring stuff which makes the sex that much more meaningful when it finally happens. I know not everyone cares about backstory or getting to know the characters, so each chapter which does have sex in it also has a heart following its title:

The sex is not intended to be pornographic or paraphilic. It’s just the kind of stuff that happens between people, though sometimes in somewhat unusual situations. This includes threesomes and groups, intimacy taking place among people under the age of eighteen (with no one over eighteen present), same-sex partners, and scenes involving brother-sister incest. If you live in the kind of world where you believe those sorts of things never happen, or should never happen, you’re both (1) welcome to stop reading now; and (2) not even remotely in touch with reality in any way at all.

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— Harmony Brücke, fricfic at gmail.

Kaeleigh Goes All the Way

Book 1: 2019 • Part III: Friday Night, September: Group Sex

1. Her First Time

Casper took Kaeleigh’s hand, and they went together down the hall to Tuck’s bedroom. He closed the door behind them. They sat side by side on the edge of the enormous mattress, the mattress where she would soon be having sex for the first time. “Well,” he said. “Looks like we went all the way.”


“Do you know what prize you want?”

“The orgy,” she said.

“Me too. Cool. That was easy. But look … Kaeleigh … we were both naked when we crossed the line.”

“I know,” she said. “And it — I mean, look, it’s okay, it’s all right if you … if you’re my first boy.”

“But you wanted it to be Trav,” he said.

“Well, yeah, but…” She sighed and shrugged. “But … it’s okay. What I really wanted was to have sex tonight, and … and I’m going to. And I’m sure you’re … I mean, you’ve been playing a while, and the girls all say you’re really good at it too, so I know it’ll be great. I mean, I like you fine and you’re pretty fuckin’ hot, and I’m totally sure it won’t be over before I get to come, like, a lot.” 

“You sound like you’re trying to talk yourself into it,” he said.

She wasn’t sure if he was joking about that. She got the feeling he wasn’t sure either. “That’s not it. It was just a surprise, that’s all, but it’s cool either way, Cas. I want to have sex with you, no matter what. It’s okay.”

“Well, that’s … really nice of you to say, but…” Casper shook his head. “I just don’t feel right about this.”

“I’m gonna be with everyone anyway. We’re having the orgy, remember?”

“Yeah, but…”

“And I guess I’ll be seeing everyone doing it all around me, so … you know, if we go first while everyone’s watching, it’ll just be … like … getting it started for everyone, right? Like live porn.” She squeezed his hand. “So it’s fair.”

“That’s … yeah,” he said. “It does sort of get everyone else turned on. But … I mean, it’s not only your first time, but you’ll be, you know, putting on a show.”

“Actually,” she said, “I kinda want everyone to watch us. Becka said she liked it when she knew there were people watching. I guess … I kinda feel like that too. So it’s okay if they all see us fuck.”

Casper was quiet for a while. “If they all see us … fuck.” He studied her. He narrowed his eyes. “What did you say a minute ago?”


“About you coming before it’s all over.”

“Oh. Uh, well, I’m sure I will. That’s the idea, right?”

He turned to face her. “The rules,” he said. “That’s why we’re here right now.”

“I know, but it’s all right, since we’ll do the orgy after that, and I’ll still get to be with Trav too.”

“No, I mean … the rules say that if the players are naked when they go all the way, they have to fuck.”

“Yeah. I know.”

“They have to fuck.”

She gave him a look she reserved for the dedicatedly dense. Luke had seen it a lot. “Yeah. I know. And we went all the way, and we were naked, and now we have to fuck.”

“You know…” Casper paused. “I … I think I know how to solve everything.”

She blinked at him. “Yeah?”

“Yeah. C’mere.” He leaned close and murmured for a while, and she gasped a couple of times, and giggled a couple of times, and then he sat back to look into her eyes. “So … you’d kinda have to trust me a little, but … how’s it sound, apart from that majorly obvious flaw?”

“You’d … really do that?” She swallowed. “For me?”

“Yeah,” he said. “You’re … completely awesome, like seriously one of the coolest girls I’ve ever met. And Trav … we kinda have our differences, but not over anything important. He’s a cool guy and a good friend, and I’ve seen what he does and the way he does it all, and there’s just no way anyone could be better to get you started right. You totally should be able to be with him like that. And I’ve been naked before when I went all the way with someone, so it’s not like I’m making a big sacrifice, and if you had your heart set on it, well, there’s a new game every week you can play in, so it’s bound to happen again with some dude.”

“Oh … Casper…” She stared at him, then flung her arms around his neck. “Thank you.”

“Sure,” he said, holding her, his muscular arms gentle around her slight body. “Trav’s pretty lucky, I gotta tell you.”

“I am too,” she said. “God, Cas, you’re so sweet.” She kissed his cheek and leaned back. “And I want to be with you tonight, too. Really with you.”

Casper smiled and stroked her jaw. “Ready, willing, and able, ma’am.” She giggled. “But before we … uh, go anywhere else tonight, I’m gonna take a couple minutes in the bathroom, I think.”

“Oh yeah, good idea. I should probably pee too.”

“…I wasn’t gonna do that, actually.”

“Number Two?” Her eyes widened. “Oh shit, maybe Luke had a virus…”

“No, not Number Two either.”

Kaeleigh furrowed her brow. “Well then what…”

“I kinda need to take some pressure off of something else. Sort of … uh, Number One-and-a-Half.”

It took her another moment to understand what he meant. “Ohh,” she said, and blushed. “Oh, you mean you … you’re gonna…”

“Uh-huh. I’m … I’m pretty loaded right now, Kaeleigh. Full enough that … well, when we … do it, there’s a chance I could … go off, you know, without meaning to. And I don’t want to do that to you.”

“Would it…” She licked her lips. “Would it be so bad if you … did?”

“It’s not what you want,” he said. “We both know that.”

She pursed her lips, then sighed. “Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. I didn’t know it could just … build up like that, though.”

“Depends,” Casper shrugged, his hands clasped between his knees. “There’s a really high energy tonight. We’ve all been feeling it, and it’s about you. You’re beautiful and sexy, but you’re also very cool, very funny, and very smart. You’ve kinda blown us all away. So … yeah, I’m sort of … full, and … I need to do something about that.”

“Will you still be able to, uh, later on, will you…”

“Oh yeah,” he nodded. “Oh yeah, that will not be a problem tonight.”

She giggled, and looked at him, chewing her lip. “Or…”

“What?” he said.

Her cheeks were aflame. “Or … maybe I could … do it for you.”

His eyes widened a little. “You mean…”


“You … don’t have to do that.”

“Okay, but … what if I want to?”

He stared at her, his flush rising with hers. “Do you?”

“Well, yeah, I mean, why not? I already … kinda did the same thing to Nette earlier, and it was awesome. And I don’t … I mean, it’s not sex, it’s just … touching you, and I never did it before, and maybe you could … show me, or teach me, so later on I’ll be able to do it better for … everyone else.”

“Well,” Casper said, “I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t like the idea.”

“So…” Kaeleigh said. “Show me what to do.”

“You mean now?”

“Uh … duh?”

“Man, you’re something else,” he chuckled, and reclined, resting on his elbows, his cock swelling and filling, rising until it was pointing up toward his head. Kaeleigh gaped at it while it transformed itself from a soft curve to fully erect. She hadn’t known a boy could just … get hard, without anyone or anything even touching him. “Okay, well, you’ve seen a few examples of the equipment tonight. They’re all made more or less the same, but some guys are uncut, you know, they have foreskins. I don’t, and Trav and Tuck don’t either, but no matter if a guy’s cut or uncut, the basics are all the same. For starters, my balls like to be tickled, maybe rolled around a little, but not squeezed. Like this.”

Kaeleigh watched him play with his sac, watched it pull in a little when he tickled it, loosen up again when he massaged. Above his balls, his cock was utterly solid now. “Okay. What about your dick?”

He giggled. “Are you in a hurry?”

“Well, no, but I thought boys liked to get right down to it.”

“We do, but we like things to last a little, too, sometimes. That’s one of the reasons I’m doing this now — so I’ll last longer, later.”

“Oh,” she said.

“Yeah. Anyway, the shaft is sorta like my balls. A light, tickly touch works great, just sort of going up and down like this.” Kaeleigh watched while Casper’s fingers brushed lightly along the firm column of his shaft, more of a caress than anything else. “Circling it with your hand and just stroking, really gently, feels fantastic.” He showed her, making his hand into a loose fist, sliding it up and down his rigid flesh. “The head, that’s really sensitive, and dry skin hurts, so go easy there. A little massaging, maybe, but no rubbing with just your hand, or anything else dry.”

“That makes sense,” she said. “That’s why pussies get wet.”

“That’s one reason, yeah. Wet skin’s better on the head, or hand lotion, or spit, or—”

“Or lube in your fleshlight?”

Casper giggled. “Yeah, you basically have to lube one of those up. It ain’t happening otherwise. But even with skin, a little slipperiness makes it all … just a lot better.”

“So it’s like how it is for me too. The wetter, the better.”

“Exactly. Who said guys and girls don’t have anything in common? The difference is, you have built-in lubrication.”

“Sure, if the boy’s doing it right. Or the girl.” They shared a giggle. “It’s cool you don’t judge Trav or Nette or me for being bi.”

“Well, you know, we’re all how we are. You guys don’t judge me for being straight. Besides, I can totally understand why anyone would want to eat pussy, so it’s not like I’m gonna look at a bi or lesbian girl and go, man, I don’t get it at all.” They both laughed again. “Anyway, here at the vee on the head, there’s a little bundle of nerves.” He nudged at the notch in his crown with a fingertip. “That’s about the most sensitive part. Pressing it with your thumb and sort of rolling it around can feel amazing, and some guys can even come from just using a vibrator right there.”

“So is it like my clit?”

“Yeah. From what I can tell, it’s like a girl’s clit, kinda. So you just sort of … combine it all together, and do this.” He stroked himself gently while she watched, her eyes locked on the motion of his hand, the way his fingers moved, the way he touched and toyed with himself. “In a lot of videos you see girls kinda yanking or cranking, but you don’t really want to do that. It can hurt if you overdo it, and it can kind of … overstimulate everything, make it go a little numb, almost. It’s a dick, not like a, a pump handle or anything.”

“Okay,” Kaeleigh said. “Can I try now?”

“Sure.” Casper released himself. Kaeleigh reached, took gentle hold of his solid shaft, felt the warmth of his blood in her careful grasp. He watched as she caressed him, but didn’t try to tell her what to do or where to go next; he let her take over completely, let her explore and learn at her own pace.

It was … interesting. It was sexy, of course it was sexy; it was a boy’s penis, it was hard, and it was in her hand. But underneath the hotness of the fact that she was touching an attractive boy’s cock, Kaeleigh was fascinated by the alienness of the experience. No part of her body behaved like a penis. No part even felt like one. Nothing in the world felt like this. Casper’s cock had a lot of rigidity in the shaft, and at the same time was a little flexible at the base, so she could move it up and down, side to side a little. And the skin on the shaft was loose, and she could feel an inner structure beneath it, a solid heat that the skin glided over smoothly, like there was a layer of oil in between. When she tugged gently upward, she saw his balls shift up along with it; letting it loose allowed them to descend again. “That’s so cool,” she said.

“I always thought so,” he said. “But then, it’s only my favorite toy in the world.”

She giggled, and weighed his scrotum next, liking the way it made him shiver a little, liking how warm and heavy his balls felt in her palm. They seemed to have their own agenda, pulling up gently toward his groin, relaxing back down again as she fondled them. “Wow. That’s cool, too.”

“You like it?”

“Yeah,” she said. “I like the whole thing. I never actually felt anyone’s cock before.”

“Feel free to explore,” he said. “Mister Able’s always up for a good handshake when he meets someone new.”

She giggled again, and did just that for a while, caressing and stroking, probing and kneading, getting a nice thorough handful of boy while Cas looked on. She imagined herself doing this with Travis too, and with Tucker, feeling the different lengths and thicknesses, the different builds. She was getting wetter and wetter as she went along, and her heart was pounding. Her heartbeat was echoing Casper’s own, she noticed: She could feel his pulse in his cock, but there was another pulsation there too, not as regular, and it made his entire penis buck in her hand. “Why’s it pump up like that sometimes?”

“I’m not really sure. There’s sort of a, there’s just feelings that kind of build up, and so it…” His penis throbbed up again for a moment. “…does that.”

“It doesn’t hurt, or anything?”


“And it doesn’t mean you’re about to come?”

“No, you can tell when that’s gonna happen. It goes just … totally rock solid.”

“But it’s rock-solid now.”

“Not even,” Casper said. “I mean yeah, I’ve got a raging hardon, you bet, but when I come, it’s like the whole thing just turns to steel. The way you were kinda bending it and moving it around before … when I come, you can’t do that. It’s too hard.”

“Oh. Cool.” She went on fondling him, then looked up from his penis to his face. “So how do I make you come?”

“Just … do like I showed you, that light stroke. It works on pretty much any guy, and it won’t take long.” He swallowed, his eyes on her naked body, her breasts, her pussy. “Believe me.”

“Like this?” Her grip was very loose, the palm of her hand and her fingers slipping gently up and down his thick shaft.

“Yeah. Just like that. God, that feels nice…”

“You’re pulsing again.”

“Yeah. The more you do it, the more sensitive it gets. Put your thumb on the vee, just there, and sort of roll it around a little while you … yeah. Yeah. That’s it. Wow. You figure it out fast.”

She looked up to smile at him. “I’ve seen a lot of porn.”

“I guess. Just … keep doing exactly what you’re doing, just as fast as you’re doing it now. Keep going and it won’t take long at all.”

She studied how his skin glided up and down in her loose grip, heard the subtle sounds of friction from her slow, sliding motion. “Is it better wet?”

“Most things are,” he said.

She nodded, still stroking him. “Do you know what a cameltoe slide is?”

“Yeah,” he said, and swallowed. “…Why?”

“Duh. I’ve always wanted to try it.”

“Hey, go for it,” said Casper. “I don’t got a problem donating my body to science.”

Kaeleigh giggled and let go of him, then moved over to straddle his narrow hips. She looked down at the rigid flesh that stood up from his groin, and eased herself down until her vulva was nestled over his crown. “Wow,” she breathed when his warm skin slid against her. “In my hand it felt totally hard. But now…”

“That’s the head,” Casper said. “It’s always a little soft. Slide down a little and you’ll feel the shaft.”

She did, gliding her hips downward until she felt his solid curve. “Ohh,” she said. “Yeah, okay, I see.” She slid upward again, feeling his crown rub against her inner labia and clit, and shivered a little. “You know … I might come too, if I keep doing this.”

“You probably will,” Casper said.

“Is it okay if I do?”

“Kaeleigh,” he said, his voice gentle. “You’re a girl. Of course it’s okay if you come. You never have to ask me if you can come.”

“Have you done this before?” she said, beginning a slow, steady rocking motion over him.

“Yeah, with girls who don’t have birth control and aren’t into giving head. It’s a good alternative.”

“It’s … really nice,” she murmured, sliding her glistening crease up and down over his rigid penis.

“You’re tellin’ me?” he said, rocking with her, moving with her. His eyes went from her groin to her breasts to her face. “Do you have any idea how good you look?”

“I’m skinny.”

“You’re healthy. That’s called tone, girl. You really do look amazing.” His hands slid up her waist to cup her tits, and she shivered a little, rocking faster. “Yeah … yeah…”

“God,” she sighed, and bore down, masturbating herself harder on his cock. “Wow, that feels good…”

“Holy shit you got that right,” he murmured, staring down at the steady, back-and-forth motion of her mound and cleft. She could feel the rim of his head gliding up and down over her inner labia, the way the cap pushed up against her clit, the way the veins and bumps in his firm shaft massaged her while she massaged him. “Go up a little more when you’re over the head,” he panted.

“Like this?” Her labia were now half engulfing his head at the upstroke; she felt the press of the dome just at her vestibule each time, his penis almost but not quite sliding into her vagina. She was starting to grind harder against him now, each gentle stroke of his crown filling her with sparks, the slow motion of his thumbs over her nipples enhancing the feeling. This was closer to having sex than she’d ever been in her life, and she was tempted to just let him go into her and finish it — but they had a plan, and he’d sacrificed his victory to let her have what she wanted. She couldn’t do that to him, not now. It would be ungrateful. “God, that’s good … God that’s so good…”

“Yeah,” he breathed. “Yeah…” He was lying flat on his back now, his hands on her thighs, his broad chest starting to twitch and heave, and he grunted when she rode down firm against him. “Oh man, oh man keep going, keep going just like that and I’ll come…”

“Me too,” she said, shivering. “Oh God I’m gonna come. How long do I … I mean, after you come, do I just stop, or what?”

“I’ll tell you when to slow down, okay?”

“Sure.” She went back her motions, watching her pussy stroking Casper’s cock, and looked up at him. “Do you want to kiss me?”

“Yeah,” he panted, and they drew together, and his kisses were very good, skilled and sweet and tongueful, and she could feel his energy rising as they made out, their hips grinding together steadily. “Getting close,” he breathed.

“Good.” She kissed him. “I want you to come. You’re being so sweet to me, and I want you to come.” She kissed him again as his breathing went sharp and fast. “I want to see it come out of you, Casper. I wanna see your sperm.”

“Oh God,” he gasped. “Keep going, keep going, here it comes…” He gritted his teeth and she leaned back to watch, and she saw his muscles lock, saw his body spasm beneath her, and the flesh in her cleft became rigid and it twitched, and then a heavy, pearly spurt jetted from the purple cap. He grunted and spasmed again, and another spurt came, this heavier and longer, flying up over his belly to land on his chest. Another surge followed, going nearly as far, and the regular spasms passed from him into her, and she came with him, came on his penis while it bucked and surged against her cunt. She bore down on him while he was still throbbing and gasped with him, and then there were a half dozen more spurts of jizz, ropy white jets pulsing out of his body to cover his skin, nipples to navel, in milky thick fluid.

Through it all she kept her speed and stroke the same, amazed at how easy it was to make a boy helpless, aroused by her power over him, thrilled at the partnership and delight she found in sharing an orgasm with him. It was just like how it felt to come with Nette, earlier, a sweet and intimate moment that sealed a friendship. And as strong as he was, muscular and powerful and able to lift twice her entire weight, and however he might feel about her or Nette or anyone else, for a few moments, she had complete control over Casper.

His climax tapered off and he fell back onto the bed, groaning. “Okay okay okay … slow down … slow down … yeah, oh God yeah girl, oh God that was just what I needed … okay … okay, that’s good, Kaeleigh, you can stop now … just … kinda hold still for a minute, all right?”

She glided to a stop, keeping her pussy pressed up against his cock. “Like this?” He nodded, his eyes closed, his lips parted. She was astonished at the volume of fluid on him. It looked like someone had sprayed him down with a SuperSoaker full of frosting. His penis had softened a little, but it was still pulsing gently. He lay beneath her, breathing slowly, looking half wrecked. All this, just from a couple minutes of rubbing.

Maybe boys didn’t need a magic touch. Maybe, for them, every cum was that intense, every touch was a magic touch. For the first (and not the only) time in her life, Kaeleigh speculated that multiple orgasm, as good as it was, might not compare to what a boy got, even if he got it in lower quantities. Maybe for boys, that was the trade-off. One cum at a time, but a big one every time.

Casper took a deep breath, let it out in a long sigh. “What a night.”

“Tell me,” she said. She reached and slipped her fingers along through the pearly mess she’d helped him make, feeling its half-slippery, half-gummy texture. He opened his eyes a little and looked at her, then closed them again. “I think it’s turning sticky,” she murmured, studying the creamy blobs on her fingertips.

“Yeah. It does that after a minute or two. I read somewhere it has something to do with being exposed to air.”

“So it won’t do this in my pussy?”

He shook his head. “Pretty sure it stays flow-y. Ask the girls. They’ll know for sure.”

“Awesome.” She smeared the cum around on her tits. It began drying right away, the thinner streaks feeling like glue, the thicker globules rolling around like paste, or the stuff they used to stick gift cards to their packaging. “Fugitive glue,” she murmured, pulling the term from God knew where.

He cracked his eyes open again. “Huh?”

“That’s what your cum feels like now. That temporary adhesive stuff.” She ran her fingers through the lake of spunk on Casper’s torso again, catching its faint aroma, vaguely like bleach. Her fingertips left clear streaks behind on his skin. “It’s getting way gummy.” She moved off him, then took hold of his cock, playing with it a little, exploring its new half-softened texture. It was still resilient, still firm, but a lot more flexible, and the skin was glossy and slick with her juices. What a strange thing it must be to have something like this attached to your body, she thought. Something that was soft much of the time, but could become rigid as steel, something you peed out of, something that could shrink down to a tiny size in cold water, then become long and thick, and pump surprisingly hard. Something that could be a source of pride and pleasure, but could do the most embarrassing things sometimes, like stand up and shout hello to the world while you were in front of the class. “I like your dick.”

“It likes you,” he said. His eyes were still closed; he was relaxing, letting her go on with her explorations of him. “And so do I. You’re really incredible. I don’t think you’re afraid of anything.”

“I don’t think I have anything to be afraid of. Not with you, or Travis or Tucker, or Nette or any of the other girls. I think I’m going to have the best night of my life tonight.”

He looked at her. “I hope you do,” he said, and patted her cheek. “I hope everything goes exactly how you want it to.”

“It will, thanks to you.” She kissed his cheek. “And thanks for showing me what to do.”

He chuckled. “Oh my God, you are a thousand percent welcome.” He sat up and looked down at the aftermath. “Yeah,” he nodded. “It felt like a big one.”

She released his penis. “Was it?”

“Just a bit,” he said, and kissed her. “Thank you. I’ll be right back. I gotta clean up.”

She followed him to the bathroom and watched him rinse himself off. “Will you be able to do it again?”

“Definitely,” he said. “Fridays are big nights, and Mister Able here knows the schedule.”

“So he’s … up to it?”

He giggled with her. “He hasn’t fallen down on the job yet.”

“Ah, he’s a hard worker.”

“A real upright kinda guy, yeah.”

“What they call a working stiff?”

He laughed and kissed her cheek, patting himself down with a towel while she took her turn rinsing. “You really didn’t have to do anything for me. I’d’ve been happy jerking off in here.”

“Maybe,” she said. “But I wanted to come, and you needed to come, and … well, you’re doing something terrific for me. I like you, Casper. You’re sweet. Plus, you know, I’ve seen that kind of camel-toe pussy-massage thing before in porn, and…”

“And you wanted to see what it was like,” he nodded, handing her the towel. “What’d you think?”

“It was pretty great. You look totally hot when you come. But next time, I want you to do it inside me, okay?”

“God,” he said. “You rock so hard. I’m so glad I met you. Speaking of cum, did I get any on the bed?”

“No, you were pretty much targeting you, I think. It got on your chest, mostly.” To be fair, there was a hell of a lot of chest to hit.

“Cool.” He turned to face her. “How do I look?”

“Yummy,” she said.

“Right back at you. I mean, did I get everything?”

“Yeah, there’s no weird hair gel thing going on or anything like that.”

“Good. Once was enough. You ready for our little fuck?”

She smiled and took his hand. “Yeah, as long as I get a bigger one later.”

“Oh, don’t worry. Tuck’s gonna be here all night.” She giggled, and he kissed her cheek. “Let’s go face our adoring public.”

* * *

Casper led the way back down the hall to the dining room. “All right, we’ve made our choice. We’re having an orgy tonight, so everyone take off whatever you’re still wearing and meet up in Tuck’s room in five.”

“It took you fifteen minutes to decide?” Nette said.

“We had some things to talk over first. Me and Kaeleigh will kick everything off on a couple minutes, so be sure to have your eyes peeled or you’ll miss all the fireworks and splendor and whatnot.”

There was a general cheer, and the kids finished stripping, then gathered beverages before joining Casper and Kaeleigh in the bedroom. Kaeleigh was settling back on the mattress, sitting crosslegged; Casper was just getting into place beside her, facing her, on his knees. While everyone filed in, she took hold of his penis and began a gentle stroke, smiling up at him as she felt him harden in her recently-schooled hand. “Looks like Mister Able’s ready to pull an all-nighter.”

“He’s been pulled all night more than once,” Casper said.

Kaeleigh giggled, her face reddening. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this wet before. I am so ready for tonight.”

He caressed her cheek. “You’re gonna take everyone by storm. I know it.”

“I think you’re ready too,” she said, looking down at the fully-resurrected flesh in her hand.

“Yeah, I am. Everyone here?” Casper said, looking around. The rest of the group was standing in a loose horseshoe around the bed.

“Whenever you’re set,” Tucker nodded.

“Okay,” Casper said, as Kaeleigh settled onto her back. “You ready?”

“I’ve been ready,” she said, reaching for him. Her thighs were parted, and down the center of her fold, her inner labia were peeping out, swollen and pink and gleaming. “Do I get a kiss first?”

“As the lady requests.” He leaned in, and the thumping of Kaeleigh’s heart ratcheted up again. Casper was a good, slow, thorough kisser, the kind of boy where, when he was done, you knew you’d been kissed and you stayed kissed for a while.

“Come on, Casper,” she murmured, reaching down to stroke his penis again. “Fuck me.”

“Okay. Here we go,” he breathed, gazing into her eyes. He reared back on his knees while she parted her legs, and he settled between her slim thighs, staring down in rapture at the glistening treasure she was presenting. “Jesus Christ,” he said.

“Is it … okay?” she said.

He tore his eyes away and nodded mutely, then fixed his gaze on her pussy again. Kaeleigh’s pubic tangle was still growing in, and stood as a copper-gold spin of delicate curls on her mound. Below that, her labia parted in a succulent cleft, and within them, her folds had swollen and spread in a bright pink beckon of joy. Deep within her, he saw her vestibule, and slid the head of his stubby cock against it. She shivered. “You all right?”

“Yeah,” she said. “I just didn’t expect that, is all. I’m okay.” She swallowed. “Go ahead and do it now, Cas. Put your dick in me.”

Sal reached for Travis’s hand and took it. He looked at her, smiled, shrugged. “How the game goes,” he said.

“Okay. Nice and slow, now…” Casper settled his head in her groove, pressed himself against her until his crown popped clear of her vestibule and into her welcoming, wet heat; and he eased forward. As everyone watched, his penis gradually slid into Kaeleigh’s vagina, inching in until their pubic hair was meshed together. “Still all right?”

“Yeah,” she panted. “Yeah, I’m fine. It didn’t hurt. It feels great. God, you have a great cock. It’s a billion times better than a hairbrush.”

“Which end?” She snorted and punched his shoulder. “Okay. We’re doing good so far.” He wriggled his hips a little. “God, Kaeleigh. You feel … really good.”

“You do too,” she breathed. “Kiss me again.”

“Yeah.” This one was slower and deeper, and while it went on, Kaeleigh reached around and kneaded Casper’s firm, dimpled ass, rocking her hips up a little toward him, nestling his cock deeper inside herself. Everyone there saw how badly she wanted this, how much she was reveling in being penetrated, having her pussy filled by a hot, handsome, hard boy. She let out a little whimper when Casper broke the kiss; he whispered yeah, then leaned back again and smiled at her. “Just one, right?”

“Uh-huh,” she panted.

“I can feel you tightening,” he murmured. “Are you all right?”

“Oh God I’ve never been better.” She kissed him. “But I won’t come. I’m okay, Cas. Go on.”

“Okay. Good and easy, now.” Casper shifted his hips and withdrew, very gently, watching her face as she lay there, her chest heaving, her nipples rigid on her slight breasts. He paused just when his head was at her inner rim, then sank into her once more until their thighs were touching, until he was completely inside her again. He held his position for a breath, then backed away slowly again, his cock glistening as it came into view. He backed away, and kept going, until he popped out of her completely and his penis bounced up, pointing toward his head. “Okay.”

She looked down at his cock, then up at him, and smiled. “Thank you, Cas.”

“The pleasure was all mine. Well, and Mister Able’s.” He helped her sit up while she giggled.

“What…” Tucker said. “What did you just … do?”

“You saw us,” Casper said. “Everyone did. We fucked.”

“This is…” Seana said. “You’re … joking, right? That’s it?”

“That’s it,” Casper shrugged, and looked around at everyone. “Kaeleigh wants her first time to be with Travis. But we were naked when we went all the way, which meant her and me had to fuck first, which, you know, kinda put a five-inch kink into her plans.”

“Five by two, Captain Fireplug,” Kaeleigh said, and kissed his cheek. “Two-plus.”

“You should go into sportscasting, with a head for stats like that. But the way I see it, you don’t have a real first time until you and the other person both come. So I sorta had an idea, and we talked it over, and she said this was okay.”

“Yeah,” Kaeleigh said, looking directly at Travis. “I still haven’t had my first time.”

“But all you did was stick—” Sal said, and a light came on in her eyes. “Ohh…”

“I stuck my dick in, yeah,” Casper said. “And that’s fucking. The rules only say the winners have to fuck. They don’t say anything about anyone coming.”

“Jesus Christ,” Becka said. “You sneaky little fucker.”

“Damn right. You just saw the evidence. And I’m right, and we all know it. Fucking isn’t about coming. Fucking is about putting your dick in and not coming, holding it off, you know, making it last. But there’s no rule anywhere that says you have to come when you fuck someone. Even if you don’t come, once your dick is in and you’re moving, you’re fucking.”

Tucker looked over at Sal. “Why the hell didn’t we think of that? It’d’ve saved you a lot of worry.”

“I guess,” Sal said, “because we’re not smartasses?”

“You’re half right,” Casper said, moving off the mattress. “And now, Travis, I believe there’s a lady awaiting your attention.”

She was; Kaeleigh was settling back on her elbows, her knees bent, her thighs parted, and her eyes were glowing at him. He could feel the heat from three feet away. “We have a date, I think,” she said, her breasts quivering with the thrusting drive of her heart. “Cas showed me a couple things, and got me warmed up. Now I want the full treatment.”

“Cas,” Travis said, and took him by the arm. “I will blow you every day for the rest of your life, if you want.”

“Aww, I’ve heard that before.”

“Yeah, well, the difference is when I say it, I actually mean it.”

“I know,” Casper said. “It’s okay. I like you and all, and we get along all right, and you kinda opened my eyes a little tonight. We can … maybe we can hook up sometime, if we can agree on limits. But you don’t owe me anything. Besides, I didn’t do it for you.” He looked at Kaeleigh, then back to Travis. “She deserves the best.”

Travis let out a breath. “Thanks, man. I love you, in a totally not gay way. Well, a little gay.”

“I love you too, and a little gay is okay.” Casper patted his cheek, then looked around. “Well? What’s everyone waiting for? Is this an orgy, or a spectator sport?”

“Yes!” said Becka.

“That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Let the fluids flow!”

“Hey,” Nette said as she came up to him. “Looks like Mr. Able is ready to play.”

“Oh, I think he’s up for it.”

She laughed. “Is it okay if Sal goes for a spin too? I think Trav’s gonna be busy for a while.”

“Well,” Casper shrugged, settling back on the mattress, “It will shut me up for a few minutes.”

“Just what I was thinking,” Sal said, getting in position over his face while Nette sank down on his other option, his thick cock engulfed easily by her ripe fold. She looked down at him. “You are one hell of a great guy, you know?”

It looked like he was about to say something wiseassed, but he looked at her, at Nette, back at her again. “Thanks,” he said.

Sal smiled, and then did what they both wanted her to do, covering his face with her cunt.

“What do you say, Tuck?” Seana said, reaching down to caress more than half a foot of hot tumescence. “Feel like following the spirit of the law and not the letter, unlike Cas?”

“Looks like he’s in the spirit now,” Tucker said; Sal was grinding her pussy steadily over Casper’s face, her breasts bouncing gently as she moved, and Nette was bobbing up and down over his hips. He eased back onto the bed, and Seana followed him, not losing her hold on his dick. “I say we follow his example. Becka? There’s another spot open for you if you’re interested.”

“You bet I am,” she said, crawling toward his head as he lay back. She watched his massive penis disappear slowly into Seana’s vagina, and then his tongue was where it needed to be, and she stopped noticing anything else for a while.

Kaeleigh was kissing Travis, wrapped in his arms, wrapped in the anticipation. Casper’s cock had felt very good when it was inside her; she’d felt every vein, every detail, even the ridge around his head. She was sure Travis would feel mostly the same inside her, and she stroked him as they made out, her attention divided between their tonguework, his sweetly wandering hands on her tits, and what was in her own hand. He felt like Casper, but he also didn’t; his shaft was longer but not as thick, and it had a different texture under its loose, pliant skin. She explored and reveled in her discovery, touching a boy’s penis, a hard penis, his penis, knowing she didn’t have to stop at a handjob or a cameltoe slide. It was hers to play with any way she wanted to. “If I give you head, will you come?”

“Do you want me to?”

“Yeah, but in my pussy first, if that’s okay.”

“You bet it is.” He kissed her. “Do whatever you feel like. I’ll let you know before I get too close.”

“Okay.” She pushed him onto his back amid the pair of threesomes and kissed her way down his warm, smooth chest. She paused at his nipples for a while, licking the tight peaks, still fondling him, her hand shifting around between cupping his balls and stroking his rod. She’d seen porn and wanted to do all these things with a boy of her own, kiss him and feel him up and lick his naked body, and now she was, and … it was better than she thought it would be, because Travis was warm and alive and real, and his skin reacted to her touch: Porn didn’t include the flavors, the scents, the tactile reality of another human body. His body tensed and twitched under her fingers and lips, his hairs stood up when she tickled them, and his nipples stiffened as she circled them with her tongue, just like her own did when she played with them.

His balls were a delight. They kept pulling in close to his groin when she dandled them, tightening and relaxing to their own rhythms, and his cock pulsed and bucked in her hand. It was like Casper all over again, and that meant it must happen with every boy, which was a wonderful thing to know. There was no way to guess from videos how dynamic, how completely interactive and personal, male sexual anatomy was. It was almost like his cock and balls were their own living things, independent from the rest of him. No wonder boys so often seemed controlled by their penises. She was entranced — and she’d never been so wet in her life at the thought of how that living thing would feel inside her, free to have its way with her. “Am I doing good so far?”

“Yeah,” he said. “Yeah, it’s good, everything you’re doing is … great.”

“Any special requests?”

“No,” he murmured, stroking her hair. “You’re hitting all the highlights just fine. You must’ve been taking notes or something.”

“Like I told Cas, I watch a lot of porn. I’ve been wanting to do all of this for a year.”

“Well, feel free to take it anywhere you want to go. You’re doing great with everything.”

“Thanks, Trav.” She went back to her discoveries of him, Travis, her friend, her first boy; she tasted the salt of his skin, she tasted the sweet of his skin, and kissed her way down the sexy firm washboard over his belly. She tongued his navel — she’d always wanted to try that — and looked up into his eyes. He was watching her, smiling a little. She smiled back and went down more, she was going down on a boy, she was going to suck his penis, and when she was eye-to-eye with his cock she studied it closely. It was rigid, resilient, the skin loose over the hot, textured shaft. A small drop of fluid rose at his head and she dabbed it off with her tongue, tasting more salt, the slippery liquid blending with her saliva. She kissed his head, then licked down his shaft until she was nuzzling his balls, lightly hairy and heavy and warm. His penis tasted like the rest of him, skin and boy, and his balls were ripe in their snug sac; there was a faint hint of sweat and musk to his groin, but Trav — like everyone else — had showered before coming to the game. She sucked one of his testicles gently as he murmured and sighed his pleasure at her, and her heart leapt. I’m doing it! I’m really doing it! And he likes what I’m doing!

She licked her way back up along him and opened her mouth, pursed her lips on his crown, and descended as far as she was able. His head slid easily over her tongue, followed by a curve that was hot as blood and hard as oak, and she sucked him slowly but inexpertly, slurping a little. “Pucker your lips,” he breathed. “Cover your teeth, and … yeah, now move your hand in time. Yeah. Oh … God, yeah … oh wow that’s perfect, that’s perfect…” She looked up again to see him still watching her. She sucked and sucked him, her head bobbing steadily up and down, her tongue lapping gently at his crown, and enjoyed the little flickers of pleasure that lit up his eyes as she relished the taste of sex for the first time. She felt his pulse, felt the asynchronous twitches and throbs of his hard flesh as his cheeks reddened, felt his shaft and head begin to swell. He grunted and caught her head in his hands. “Slow down,” he gasped. “Hold on.”

She slowed, then stopped when she felt that rapid bucking still happening, and eased away. “Did you almost come?”

“Yeah,” he said, panting. “Damn, I didn’t think it’d build that fast. I’m really turned on.”

“What do you want me to do?” she said. His cock was still in her hand, still twitching with its own mysterious inner life.

“Come up here,” he said. “We’ll mix it up a little.” She let go of his cock and kissed her way back up his naked body, and when their lips met again he rolled them both over. “I wanna eat your pussy,” he breathed when she was on her back. “Okay?”

“Oh God,” she panted. “Oh my God yes.”

He didn’t get there right away. His hand arrived long before his lips did, and it did wonderful things, exquisite and knowing things, tickling and teasing, kneading and playing, and he knew how to be gentle but firm, and she felt her wetness rise, felt her power rise, and his finger was inside her now and his hand was kneading, kneading, and his lips were at a nipple and he was suckling and there was a rising circuit of heat that rode back and forth from there to her cunt, and he stoked that heat and built it and built it and it flared to life in her groin, and the fire raced under her skin, and she shuddered and gasped and cried out. The two trios on either side of her paused in their motions to watch and murmur approval at her; they’d seen and heard her come.

“Yeah,” Travis said. “There.” He kissed her and looked into her eyes, right into the light. “And we’re only getting started.”

“Oh my God … I … I came.” It wasn’t like any other orgasm she’d ever had. It was slower, it lasted longer, and it felt somehow deeper. It took longer than the cum she’d got from rubbing on Casper’s penis. It was less concentrated than what Nette had done to her during her tutorial. It wasn’t as huge as what she got from the magic touch when she was masturbating, but it resonated much more deeply. I can’t tickle myself, she thought, but I can make myself come. But … it’s better when someone else makes me come, instead. It was astonishing, it was true, and it was beautiful. “You made me come.”

“I know.” And he did know. He didn’t stop anything he was doing, but his hand slowed so its motions were a gentle caress, a delicate and deep massage of her tenderest flesh, letting her ease back from the climax, letting her heat build again. He kissed his way along her slim body, down and down her belly, and went past her mound to her feet, then hooked his elbow under her knee, lifting her leg toward his head. As she blinked at him, puzzled, he started sucking her toes, then licked his way slowly back up her leg. His goal was obvious now, and she began shivering at the anticipation of his arrival as he reveled in her body, celebrated her body with her, worshipped her with his kisses.

His lips were soft and smooth as they tracked up her skin, his tongue left bright tickles in its wake, and when he was very near her center, his cheek resting on the sensitive skin of her inner thigh, he slipped his finger out of her and licked away her glistening fluids. “Mmm,” he said. “Oh God yeah you taste great.” He leaned in closer and she felt the tickle of his breath, and then a soft slow dabbing; he was kissing her, he was kissing her pussy, and the six people around her were having sex too, she was having sex and they were seeing and hearing it all happen. She was losing her virginity, living her fantasy of being in an orgy, with her new friends right beside her, witnessing it all.

Kaeleigh gasped when she felt his tongue slip slowly over her inner landscape, teasing the folds to fullness, adding to her wet with his saliva. She’d been touching herself for years, and was amazed at how easily he found all her highlights, all her favorite places, and went on to do things to her that she’d never felt before, because her fingers were nothing like his tongue, so flexible and smooth and delicate. He was looking up into her eyes, watching her receive the pleasure he was giving her, and when he circled her risen clit she shivered. He did it again, more slowly, then zigged down over her inner labia, zagged back up; and this time when his tongue began orbiting her clit, it didn’t stop.

For the second time, he made her come. For the second time, she learned a new way to come. It was better than his hand, stronger, more lingering; and the sweet soft flicking of his tonguetip was exquisite through it all.

He eased off again and kissed her cunt, licking away the fluids, letting her blood settle a little but keeping the heat high. “You all warmed up now?”

“Uh-huh,” she nodded, woozy and in her body and alive.

“Good. Now tell me if it gets to be too much.” And then he went in again, and his finger went in too this time and he found the right place inside her almost instantly, he knew where it was and what to do with it, and Kaeleigh vanished for a while into a pink fog, billowed about by flaring white blossoms of bliss. Her magic touch was good, it brought her blazing spikes of crystalline heat, but what Travis was doing was better in a lot of ways, subtler, sustained and more sustainable, almost unendurable sometimes but never quite becoming torture, and it was nothing more, nothing more than his finger very gently stroking her G-spot, and the soft, smooth, warm glide of his lips and tongue up and down, over and along, there was almost no friction at all, but every nerve in her skin became peaked with silvery tips, and it went on and on and on until her entire body had become her pussy, until all she knew was her center and his mouth on it … oh it was like being kissed, caressed, licked everywhere at the same time…

She became aware of a loud groaning, became aware it was her, moaning yes yes yes, and felt her back untense from the arch it had been in, felt her thighs release their squeeze of his head, as he nuzzled and kissed at her groin. She looked down to discover he was cradling her ass in his hands, she’d had her legs over his shoulders and lifted herself completely off the bed to fuck his face, and she saw his face was wet, very wet, and he was licking away even more fluid, and then he was easing her back to the mattress, moving back up her, kissing her body as he went, and now his kisses felt like drops of sunlight falling, tingling and warm, on her gooseflesh. She smelled her pussy on his cheeks, tasted it on his tongue. Her pussy. He’d eaten her pussy. There was nothing in her experience to prepare her for, no way she could have guessed, how fully and richly satisfying it was to have something so simple, just lips and a tongue, working over a few square inches of her flesh.

“Are you ready?” he breathed. He didn’t say what for, and he didn’t need to. There was more. As good as it had all been, there was still more for her to enjoy.

“Yes,” she said. “Yes, Trav. Yes.”

“Okay. Tell me if anything hurts, all right?” She nodded and felt him reach down between their bodies, felt the same silky glide of skin over her vulva that had made her gasp when Casper was being so sweet, and it raised a fresh welter of goosebumps in her skin. “I’m right there,” he murmured.

“I know.”

“Okay.” He kissed her. “Here we go.”

This is it, she thought. He’s going to make love to me now, and she wasn’t afraid, and she wanted this; and he was there, nestled in place, and she looked into his eyes and felt his slow incursion, the soft press of his crown past her vestibule, the stronger drive of his solid flesh, and his penis was slipping into her, and it was bare, and it was opening her vagina to it, deeper than a tongue or a finger or a hairbrush, thicker and longer and wonderful, the ridge rising and rising into her, his hips sinking slowly toward hers until they met and he was in her, his whole penis was inside her, oh God it was in so far and felt so good, and he was solid and alive and warm in her center and she was soft all around him and they were one. He smiled and his eyes were still very pretty and she felt a thudding in her chest and in his too, their hearts, their bodies, their joy. “Are you all right?”

“Yeah,” she said, pierced through and filled by his beautiful rigid heat. “Yeah. God it feels so good. Oh my God it feels so good…”

“Good girl,” Nette murmured from nearby. “There’s nothing else like it in the world, is there?”

“Do it, Travis,” Kaeleigh said. “Don’t hold back.”

“Oh Kaeleigh,” he sighed. He kissed her, oh he kissed her, and he began moving and she did too, and they were moving, they were rocking and sighing, she was having sex, they were moving.

The orgy paused around them while everyone watched, and she knew it but she didn’t care; she wanted them all to see, wanted them to witness the moment she was sharing with her first boy, wanted them to know how good it was for her, because it was good, it was good. Her hands were on him, everywhere, feeling the spring coils of his lean muscles in his shoulders, his back, his (yes, made-for-grabbing) ass, skating around front to tickle his nipples while he kneaded her breasts and kissed her, kissed her, and moved over her and moved in her and loved her, and his hand slid down and teased and tickled her pussy and she came again, she came on him, squeezed and milked him, but he didn’t come, not yet; he didn’t come.

He gave her everything, slow and fast, hard and gentle, deep and subtle, taking his time with her, letting her know all the different ways she could be fucked, letting her feel them all, and then he began weaving them together, using the ones she liked best, taking her higher and higher, and the sweat was rolling off their skin and their bellies were slapping with the wetness that spread from her heat, and her legs were around him and she looked down to see his glistening shaft vanish and reappear steadily between their bodies, gliding in the space between his belly and her mound, and he was there, right there in the middle of her, and he said, “Are you ready for me to come?” and she said yes and he said, “Inside you?” and she said yes and she heard sighs from all around them, they were still watching, Trav was going to come in her pussy and they were all watching it happen.

And he was kissing her again, driving against her, shifting them both along the bed with the power of his thrusts, and she felt him shudder and heard his voice cry out, and she felt him surge down and in, and there was a burst of new warmth and slickness within her and she thought cum it’s his cum its his oh god hes cumming, a beautiful boy, her first boy, and he was coming inside her, giving her his all, and his thrusts were deep and his root ground against her mound and then she was coming too, sharing the union and partnership with him, coming on his cock while he spasmed his joy into her, her voice lifted with his in atonal harmony and the flare was in them both and lights burst and faded and it was just her, just Kaeleigh again, a thirteen-year-old-girl rocking slowly into motionlessness with a boy, a naked boy, her first boy, held close and warm against her, still inside her, and his semen was inside her too and she felt it there where he’d left it, and she was still the same, but she was not the same and never would be again, and she was glad.

“Kaeleigh,” he whispered, his breath silky at her ear. “Oh Kaeleigh. Thank you. Thank you.” He kissed her earlobe.

“God. Why’re you thanking me?”

“Because you chose me to be the first for you.” He lifted up a little to kiss her, to smile at her. “I know what it can mean. So it means a lot to me, too.”

She stroked his cheek. “Travis.”

He eased away from her, eased out of her, and she saw the creamy glisten on his half-erect penis, his cum, most of it still in her (she could feel it, a fluid presence slowly setting, his cum was in her now), and she sat up and leaned over and licked it away, and it did taste like almonds, with salt and butter. She rose into his arms and kissed him, and said, “Next time in my mouth, okay?”

“Any time,” he said. “Any time you like.”

She nestled up against him and he held her, and she lay her head on his shoulder, and they rocked together for a while. I did it. I really did it. I went all the way. I made love with Travis. There were no regrets, there was no shame, there was no sense of having lost innocence or given up something precious; instead, there was the abiding warmth of her afterglow, the knowledge he was sharing it with her, the memory of their unity and the physical proof of it, deep within her. There was happiness that it was done, it had gone well, and it was something she could do again — with him, and with her other friends, too. There was adventure calling, beckoning to her, filling her breast with excitement and discovery. “I will never forget you,” she murmured.

“I won’t either,” he whispered, stroking her hair.

She kissed him, then let him loose and looked around.

The orgy was still going on, but everyone was mixed around now. Sal was eating Becka’s pussy, Becka was sucking Tucker’s cock, and Nette was eating out Sal. Tucker looked over at her. “Still feeling good?”

“Best day of my life,” she said.

He smiled. “Good.” And he reached over and caught Seana’s hip and craned around to work his tongue into her thighs.

“He’s great, isn’t he?” Seana said, meaning Travis.

“Yes,” Kaeleigh said, because it was either that one word, or a lifetime of lyrical prose. She squeezed Travis’s hand. “So do we just join in wherever, or…”

“It’s an orgy,” Casper said, “and you’re a girl.” He was taking a break, and his skin was smeared with fluids. The scent of sex was high on the air all around them, musk and sweat, semen and pussy, the fluids of eight young bodies mixing together in an alchemy of pheromones, transforming friendship, for a time, to love. “You’re pretty much free to eat anything or suck or fuck anything.”

“Anything?” Kaeleigh said.


She looked at Travis, who was eyeing Nette’s pussy, and smiled. “Dive in.”

“You’re the best, Kaeleigh,” he said, and kissed her, and went. Nette squealed and grabbed his head, pulling him in the rest of the way.

Kaeleigh smiled at that, smiled at the writhing cluster, smiled at Casper. “Ready and willing?”

“And very able, ma’am,” he said, and Kaeleigh pounced on him. His cock had been used at least once only a little while ago, and now Kaeleigh enjoyed it in the same way Nette had. Its heft pushed her open, its mass probed her as she rode it, and she looked him in the eye, rocking over him, fucking him, kissing him. “Jesus,” he panted. “You’re awesome. You just don’t quit.”

“I never want to quit,” she said, grinding hard on him. “You’re the first boy I ever made come.”

“God yeah, and I’ll never forget it.”

“And you’re the first boy who ever fucked me.”

“Sorry about that,” he said.

“I’m not. And I’m glad you’re the second boy who’ll come in my pussy.”

He took a hissing breath. “Whatever you say. Whatever you say.”

“Damn right.” She kneaded his shoulders, his chest, the dense knit of muscles that was his well-conditioned, compact body. Teenage firefighter was right: Casper was built, cut, defined, and hotter than a five-alarm call. She licked his mouth, sipped his tongue, hungered for his kisses, and bore down on him and came and then he was pushing her up and she felt him pulsing, felt another flow of boylove swell into her depths. Do you like it when a boy comes in your pussy, the card had asked. She knew her answer. “Oh God yeah,” she murmured. “Finally, I get your sperm where it belongs.”

“Holy shit,” he sighed. “Oh holy shit you’re amazing.” His hands, good and big and strong, were tender and sweet in their caress of her now. “God, and I thought that hot pussy slide was good…”

“Doing it for real’s so much better,” she breathed, kissing and kissing him. “God, I just wanna get full of cum tonight…”

“Count on that. You’re amazing when you come. You tighten down and it’s like you’re … like you were pulling at me, trying to suck me in.”

“Some girl in a video was talking about how it makes it better for boys if you move your pelvic floor muscles a certain way,” she said. “So I practiced.”

“And they say porn’s bad for kids to watch,” Casper murmured. She giggled and disengaged from him at last, and kissed her way down to clear away the remains of their heat.

“Oh sweetie, lemme at that yummy treat,” Nette said, crawling over to her while Becka took a seat on Casper’s face, her full flaring hips beginning to rock and glide right away. Kaeleigh lay on her side between his sprawled legs, licking and dabbing at his half-soft penis, at his swollen balls, while Nette ate him and Travis out of her. She looked down into her cool blue eyes, turned around a little so Becka could take over with Cas’s cock, and cradled Nette’s bobbing head in her hands. She shivered when Nette’s finger slid in, shuddered when her other hand reached up and settled into place, and squealed when her own magic touch was put to use.

“More,” Kaeleigh gasped, driving her hips up toward her friend’s working mouth. “Gimme more.”

Nette obliged, doubling down, licking and lapping and holding nothing back, treating herself to the sight of Kaeleigh’s slender body as it writhed and bucked in pleasure. She eased her down from her second cum, and stayed put, and when the third one began to crest, the used the magic touch again, and Kaeleigh felt herself squirt into Nette’s mouth. “Mmmf,” said Nette, lapping and swallowing. She backed off a little and licked Kaeleigh’s rim clean, then kissed her pussy. “Whoa, that’s dee-lish.”

“Holy shit,” Kaeleigh panted. “I really can squirt.”

“You bet you can.” Nette gave her a long deep lick. “You did before with Trav.”

“I did?”

“Uh-huh, and just seeing it got me to do it too.” She kissed her pussy again. “Didn’t you notice?”

“I…” She shook her head.

“Yeah, well, when it’s happening the right way, a girl can kinda lose track of things.” She backed off a little, and Kaeleigh sat to kiss her, tasting her own juices and the boys’. “Anything special you want to try?”

“Yeah,” Kaeleigh said, blood singing under her skin. “I wanna know what it feels like to eat my own pussy.”

“You sweet treasure,” Nette murmured, and kissed her. They settled back onto the bed together, fondling and caressing, and Kaeleigh knew where to touch Nette and how, knew what to do with her taut warm breasts, with her pink aureolae, with her stiff nipples; and she knew how to nuzzle her belly, just under the arch of her ribs, and she knew how to kiss the feminine musculature of her abdomen, the rise of her mound, the tender skin of her inner thighs; and every touch, every taste, every kiss was echoed in her own body, in her own skin, by the eager and gorgeously curvy girl in her arms.

They nestled together into a beautiful little spiral, and for a while the only world for them was one of pure mutual female pleasure. Nette’s pussy was soft and slick on the outside, it had firmer places on the inside, her clit and inner labia nestled deep in her warm fold; and Kaeleigh knew automatically what to do, knew where her tongue needed to go, what rises and ripples to bless with kisses. She tasted salt and tart, and other things, hints of other fluids, boycum tucked away inside Nette’s treasure, semen teased into trickling back out. She could feel the heat rising in her, let it build in herself, and as they rocked face-to-groin, as their thighs clenched around each other’s heads, Kaeleigh knew the joy of coming on a girl who was coming on her. “Oh Goddess,” Nette sighed as they eased away from each other. “Beautiful, beautiful girl.”

“Boys are awesome. Girls are awesome. Everything is awesome.” Kaeleigh kissed Nette’s sweet full groove, then swung around. They embraced, murmured sweet words, kissed whispers of affection into each other’s mouths. She pressed her forehead to Nette’s and looked into her eyes. “This is the best day of my life. Ever.”

“Thank you for letting me be a part of it. I feel like I made a precious friend tonight.”

“Me too. Tell me we can get together sometime. Please.”

“Sweetie, we’re on any time you like.” Nette kissed her. “Are you okay for now, or do you want more, or are you thinking of going visiting again?”

“It’s an orgy,” Kaeleigh said. “Right?”

“Oh sweetie,” Nette said. “You’re literally one in a billion.” She kissed her, then looked up and around and smiled. “Recharged yet, Trav?”

“Oh yeah,” he murmured. He was reclining nearby, his penis a half-swollen curve. “After seeing something like that, a dead boy would get it up.”

“A dead boy, huh?” Kaeleigh said. “Do you think you can survive two girls?”

“If I don’t, just tell them to carve he died doing what he loved on my headstone.”

She and Nette giggled, then moved as one to the next stage in Kaeleigh’s initiation, working together on the same cock. She paid attention to what Nette did to Trav, the way she licked and sucked at him, and began mirroring her actions. It got a much stronger response from him than her first largely-unguided explorations. But that was all right, because they had been explorations; she’d wanted to know what he felt and tasted like. Now she did, and this time, it was about more than just discovering his penis; this time it was about charging him up, getting him stoked, and making him come. She and Nette went back and forth between licking his balls and sucking his dick, and after Nette came up from rimming Travis, Kaeleigh decided to give it a go. It felt a little like eating pussy, but only because her face was nestled in a moist, warm cleft; but it was obvious she was building Trav’s pleasure. She circled his snug pucker with her tongue and watched his balls contract and relax, while Nette bobbed steadily overhead, sucking cock like the expert she was. They both took time, in between action on Trav, to kiss and fondle each other too, because — after all — it was an orgy.

Travis was sprawled in a zone of bliss, being sucked off by two eager and beautiful girls, gaping down at them as they kept their eyes locked on his. What Kaeleigh might have lacked in finesse, she more than made up for in eagerness; and as it went on, she kept picking up more and more finesse, too. She was watching everything Nette did, and learning, and remembering. He was most of the way to firing another load when Nette moved up to ride his face a while, letting Kaeleigh take over.

She had Trav all to herself while he ate Nette’s cunt, and she felt his balls tighten and eased up on him until they relaxed again, and it really was that easy to tell what was going on in him. She used her new discovery, used him for his pleasure and her own, enjoying the heat of his sex on her tongue. Just as Nette began working up to a big wet finish, Kaeleigh bore down on him, felt him tighten again, and then there was a stunning rise in his hardness, he actually got harder than he’d been: Cas had been right, it was like he’d turned to steel in her mouth. Then the head was swelling and the ridge was firm on her tongue and she lapped at the vee on his crown, and there was a pulse, a twitch and a pulse, a series of spasms at the root and a surge up the shaft, and then a gush of rich creamy fluid was flooding out, she was tasting Trav’s cum and it really was like almonds, almonds with a hint of the metallic, a steady flow coating her tongue. Anyone who didn’t want to swallow something this good would have to be insane, and Kaeleigh believed she was extremely sane. She sent Travis’s fluid down her throat without hesitating, taking him into her belly as readily as she’d had him in her pussy. She sucked on him a little longer, feeling him twitch and spasm in her mouth, and licked away every last trace of his good product before she turned him loose.

“Oh God,” Travis sighed when she sat back. He was flushed and breathing hard, and his cheeks were wet; Nette was cradling his head on her breasts, looking on, grinning like a beautiful blonde jack-o’-lantern. “Oh my God, you learn fast.”

“I have a lot of good examples to learn from,” Kaeleigh said, and crawled up him, and the kiss was good, the flavor of Nette on his tongue was good, the juices she licked from his face were good; and she kissed Nette’s breasts, her nipples, her lips; and then she looked around for another source of spunk, and cast her eye on Tucker.

At least eight inches, she thought, blinking at the column that stood out from his groin. It was a challenge, and Kaeleigh was as willing to take on a challenge as she was sane. “Oh man, do I want a mouthful of you.”

“I’m right here,” he said, “and for you, there are no limits.”

“Hell yeah.” She moved over to him and went right back to work, licking, stroking, sucking as best she could; her jaw was distended at taking in something so thick, the heavy round head and only an inch or two of shaft all she could fit. She tasted salt and tang on his skin, and knew it was pussy — someone’s — that she was licking off him now. Soon she was crouched over him, her ass in the air, and she giggled when she felt hands on her thighs, fingers probing, a tongue or tongues dipping. She looked around while she licked the massive shaft in her hand to see Nette and Sal ganging up on her, then returned her attention entirely to the swollen boy before her.

Tucker’s hands went to her head as she began to bob steadily, looking into his eyes. She could see flickers and flashes there when she moved in certain ways, and figured out how to keep those flickers coming, more and more, faster and faster. There was a steady, hypnotic quality to sucking cock, she thought, and the more into it she got, the more aware she was of what was happening to the boy in her mouth. She felt his pulsations, felt his balls tighten, felt his hardness rise and burgeon, and when his nipples stiffened, she knew the wave was about to crest.

“I’m gonna come,” he murmured, and she bore down, doubled down, and he knew what she wanted, and just as Sal’s finger nudged her G-spot, just as Nette’s tongue ringed her clit, Tucker erupted, and it was exactly the same as with Trav except for the dimensions and the flavor.

Kaeleigh squealed and came on two girls while a boy came in her mouth, and the slippery fluid was coppery, it was like pennies a little, but she didn’t care because it was cum. She savored it like she’d savored her last taste, and swallowed it just as happily. A cup of vinegar, or a cup of cum? No contest, and she would not wait for a straw, either.

“What’s so funny?” Becka said as Kaeleigh released Tuck, letting him turn his attentions to Nette. Seana and Sal were tangling themselves up with Trav and Cas, forming a quartet to accompany the duet beside them.

“I just … feel so good,” Kaeleigh breathed. “I feel so free.”

“You’re not tired or sore yet?”

“Huh-uh,” Kaeleigh said. “I feel like I could keep going forever.”

Becka giggled and nestled up next to her, and they watched the foursome-and-twosome, watched Nette get eaten out by Tuck, watched the inextricable tangle of Cas with Sal with Trav with Seana. They kept shifting around, the four of them, until it was girl-on-girl and Trav on Cas, sucking his thick cock, and then Seana backed off of Sal and took Trav’s place, while Trav took over between Sal’s thighs; they were a kaleidoscope of limbs and torsos, heads and hands, their bodies glossy with sweat and cum. “Casper’s really letting loose with Trav tonight,” Becka murmured, and slipped her arm around Kaeleigh’s waist. “He let him suck on him and everything.”

“Well, Tuck was saying you can lose some of your borders when you’re in the middle of it all.”

“Yeah,” Becka said. “You can.” She looked at Kaeleigh so long that she felt herself blush. “I said before I’d do it with you, and I meant it. If you want me, well … here I am.”

“Are you sure?” Kaeleigh said, feeling her heart take on a whole new thudding beat even as it opened to this beautiful girl, curvaceous and porcelain and copper-haired and straight, but not inflexible.

“It’s been a night of firsts for you,” Becka said. “If Cas has the guts to kiss Trav, and if you have the guts to have sex for the first time at an orgy … shit, girl, I think a little gully-yodeling’s well within my range.” She swallowed. “Love me, Kaeleigh. Be with me. Please.”

Kaeleigh thought she couldn’t get more turned on, more delighted, more moved; she was wrong. “God,” she murmured. “Oh wow, Becka. You bet. Thank you.”

Becka smiled and stroked her cheek. “Kiss me.”

Kaeleigh licked her lips, leaned in, and sighed at the sweet, tender contact. Becka was hesitant at first, but after a few moments her tongue danced with Kaeleigh’s, and their hands wandered to cup breasts, tickle nipples, caress shoulders and thighs. Her taut, ripe ass was sweet and good under her palms, and Kaeleigh began kissing her way down Becka, pausing a while at her full, magnificent breasts, giving her a pussy-massage something like how Travis had started her off, but with a girl-to-girl knowledge that was greater than his, even though he was far more experienced. She stayed there for a while until Becka came, then resumed her descent until she was at her smooth, fully-shaved rise. The skin there was hot and slippery, there was no stubble, and the view was spectacular. Her glistening vulva lay open, her inner labia tumid and bright pink, her clit risen in its arch, and Kaeleigh was already beginning to feel like an expert.

She licked and kissed her way around a gorgeous architecture of desire, breathing the heady scent of aroused girl, her finger moving in smoothly and finding her G-spot immediately, her other hand rising to her mound to use the magic touch while her tonguetip flickered and played over her inner labia, her firm nub. Becka was panting and gasping in moments, stimulated in three places at once by a girl who knew what she was doing, and then her body was shuddering, her legs wrapped tight around Kaeleigh’s slender torso as the girl’s head rocked, her lips kissed, her tongue took the hot gush that flowed over it, a heady mix of semen and girlcum. Kaeleigh savored the tart flavor, then swallowed Becka as readily as she’d swallowed Nette and Trav and Tuck, and eased in for a long, slow followup. She licked and lapped at Becka’s glossy cunt, keeping her heat stoked, not overdriving her; and when she felt her passion rise again, she came up to meet it and brought a series of sweet little cums out of her before she got another face-fucking, tongue-sluicing finish. She stayed put, giving Becka’s mound a slow cupping massage while she licked away all her cum, and at her urging began kissing her way back up her naked body. “Holy shit, you taste fantastic,” Kaeleigh murmured when they were eye-to-eye again.

Becka kissed her, still breathing hard. “Thank you. Thank you, Kaeleigh, thank you. Girls are always so much better at that.” She kissed her again. “I hope I manage to do half as well for you.”

“You don’t have to,” Kaeleigh said.

“I know. And that’s part of the reason why I want to. This is my choice.” She pushed Kaeleigh onto her back and nuzzled her, giving her a sweet three-finger as she kissed her way down, and only when she got to her nipples did the others realize what they were seeing. Everyone paused in what and who they were doing, and watched Becka go down, knowing there was another kind of virginity that was about to come to an end tonight; and they all looked on in awe and delight as Becka had pussy, full on, for the first time in her life.

Kaeleigh gazed down at her, caressing her silky red curls, and understood a little of what Travis meant by how important a first time could be, how it could be such an honor. Her vulva was the first Becka had ever kissed or licked, her labia were the first she’d ever tried, her juices were the first she’d ever taken in, apart from her own; and it moved her deeply to think that Becka could look past her own limits just long enough to do with her, with her body, something she’d never done with any other girl. “It feels good,” she murmured, looking steadily into her green eyes. “Oh Becka, that feels so nice…”

“Mmm,” Becka nodded, keeping her lips in contact. “Mmm-mmm-mmm…” She pulled Kaeleigh’s legs over her shoulders and went at her in earnest.

“Just like that. Oh yeah, just like that…” She took Becka’s hand and laced their fingers together, and she took her love too, keeping her eyes steady on her, and let her see the pleasure she was bringing to her, let her see it build, let her see her come. It wasn’t as intense as it had been with Nette, not as uninhibited, but it was real, and she could see the surprise and pride in Becka’s eyes when she felt Kaeleigh come on her face, when she tasted her thin warm flow.

She stayed with it, carried it through the cum and past it, rolling her face in Kaeleigh’s pussy, kissing her labia, licking her groove, lapping away all of the traces. She eased her hips back onto the bed at last and kissed her pussy twice before she sat back and wiped her chin. Her eyes were thoughtful on Kaeleigh.

“Are … you okay?”

Becka licked her lips, tasted what remained on them. “I don’t get out of it what the boys do, I know I don’t … but … yeah. I’m okay, Kaeleigh. That was … that was actually pretty nice. It’s not something I’d do with just anyone, only a certain very specific girl, but … yeah. It was nice. A good thing to do with a good friend.”

Kaeleigh sat up, slipped her arms around her neck, and snuggled up against her. “Thank you,” she breathed in her ear. “I know how big a deal that was for you. I really do. It was for me, too. Thanks for letting me be the one you tried it with.” They held each other for a while, swaying gently, while sex was had all around them.

“After all this time playing,” Becka said at last, “it was really nice to try something brand-new. You gave me a gift tonight. Thank you.” Her kiss was long and deep, a kiss of more than simple friendship, a kiss of newfound freedom and revelry in that freedom. “I have never meant anything more than I do right now. I’m not a lesbian. I’m not bisexual. But you’re a girl I will have sex with again any time. Any time at all. If you’re down with a booty call for a casual hour or two, I’d love to get with you again. We’ll watch a chick flick, talk about boys, do our nails, and do each other.”

“Get my number before you go,” Kaeleigh said. “And call me.”

“I will.” They kissed again. “Thank you. Do you mind if I…” She gestured.

“No. Of course not. I don’t think either one of us is done.”

Becka giggled and looked around. “I need someone to fuck the shit outta me right now.”

“I got you,” Tucker said.

“Give it, boy,” Becka said, and turned on him.

Casper was lying nearby, his arm behind his head. “I am so glad you’re here,” he said.

“Oh yeah?” She crawled over to him. “And why is that?”

“You changed the whole game for two people, for starters,” he said. “Becka, and me, kinda.”

She nestled into his embrace, enjoying the way his big strong arms folded her against his broad chest. “You’re hooking up with Trav?”

He chuckled. “No, but … I’m a hell of a lot less tense around him than I’ve ever been before.” He kissed her brow. “Thank you for that.”

“I didn’t do anything,” she said.

“The hell you didn’t. You’ve been nonstop fearless from the start. That makes all the rest of us work up to your level, you know?”

“But I don’t have anything to be afraid of. I like everyone here. I have an Enfem. And I know no one’s gonna try to push me past my limits.”

“I’ve always known that too,” Cas said. “But I didn’t kiss Trav until tonight. Becka never had a girl before tonight. The difference wasn’t in her or me. It was you.”

“Oh,” she said.

He stroked her bushy hair. “You’re beautiful when you come, you know. Well, more beautiful.”

Kaeleigh smiled and him, and kissed his chest. “You’re a pretty good hunk of hell yeah yourself.” Her hands slid, of their own accord, up his biceps, over his shoulders, down his chest. “Can you come again?”

“I think I can manage a dribble or two.”

“Maybe I can help you manage more than that.” He chuckled as she reached down and caressed his thick penis, swelling in her gentle grasp. “I still haven’t tasted you.”

“I am totally refusing to stop you.”

She rolled her eyes, but bent over him to kiss his head, his shaft, his balls. He’d been mostly hard when she started, and made it all the rest of the way quickly enough. She spit-shined him, her tongue making his skin glisten, and then she took his diameter in, loving the variety of dick that was available to her. Tucker was long and heavy and hard to work. Travis was substantial but not too thick. Casper was wide, a solid hot probe, and she watched his face as she sucked him, looking for the same flickers she’d seen in Tucker. They were there. She rolled his balls around, feeling for the signs she’d discovered in Travis. They were there too. Sucking cock was easy. You just had to pay attention, and want to drive the boy wild.

Casper was groaning soon, his hand cupping the back of her head above the root of her ponytail, but he was letting her drive. She built the tension in him, made his body twitch, then eased back a little, keeping him on the edge for a while. It was like her cameltoe slide all over again: She was in total control of a muscular, gorgeous boy, someone far stronger than she was, but who had willingly surrendered himself to her power over him. He didn’t need to dominate, though he could. He trusted her to take care of his needs, to get him off, and after several minutes of teasing, that was what she did.

She bore down for the final act, sucking and gliding and stroking, and Casper gasped, and then there was that same series of pulses, that same huge increase in hardness — God, it was like a magic trick, instantly transforming wood to steel — and then Kaeleigh learned firsthand what Seana meant by spicy. His product filled her mouth in a flood, but it didn’t stay there very long. She relished the flavor for a few moments, and then Casper’s sperm joined Travis’s and Tucker’s in her belly, hundreds of millions of them swimming around together in the warmth, to be consumed and made a part of her body forever.

Sometime during her pleasuring of Casper she’d felt a mouth at her cunt, and now she looked around to see Seana going to town. She smiled at Casper, licked his cock clean while he grinned, then kissed his penis and let him loose at last. She wormed her way around toward Seana, and fell into a hot and wet sixty-nine with her. Both of their bodies were streaked with fluids now, it was impossible to tell whose any more, and neither of them cared. Seana became her third girl, and by then Kaeleigh had begun to move from simple intensity to subtlety plus intensity. It went on and on, ten or fifteen minutes of pure indulgence, and Kaeleigh understood as tartness flowed over her tongue that she simply did not care what a girl or boy tasted like. All cum was good cum. And she had plenty from her latest playmate to prove the point.

They fell away from each other, gasping, and looked at each other, and started laughing. So much tension, so much need, so much desire, all of it finding release and fulfillment, everyone reveling in pleasure and passion, and there was more than enough good feeling for all to share. It was sex and more than sex; it was friendship and love and the pure unalloyed joy of life itself, the drive of hormones and hot young blood, and healthy energetic bodies to share it all.

She was still chuckling when she made her way over to Tucker. He knew what was on her mind; it was in her eyes. “I don’t think I can take it all, but I’m sure as hell willing to try.”

“You got it,” he said. “You should probably be on top, though.”


“When I come, I thrust. All guys do. And when I’m thrusting like that with this…” He gestured at his swelling penis, swelling and swelling and swelling, and it made the point eloquently.

“…Yeah,” Kaeleigh said. “That’s probably a good idea.”

“We’ll take it slow at first,” he said, and helped her climb on. He was a snug fit, about as thick as Cas, but he was a hell of a lot longer than him or Trav. The girth she could manage, but he had to be, had to be, more than eight inches, and there just wasn’t any way it could all go in. He kept hitting her cervix. “Okay,” he murmured at her frustration. “Okay, I have a plan B.”

She looked up, panting, from the three-plus inches of penis that she could see between them; all the rest of him was inside her pussy, and that was quite literally as much as she could take. “Yeah?”

He nodded. “Doggy style, I don’t go in as far.”

“Do it,” she said. She lifted off of him and his mass glistened in the low light of his bedroom, jutting up in a mesmerizing and irresistible demand for attention. She got up on her hands and knees and presented herself to him, looking around to see what he did. She watched him scramble to his knees behind her, reach, look down. She felt his crown’s probe again. She felt him slide in, and sighed.

“Better?” he said, rocking slowly against her.

“Is it all in?”

“Yeah, it is.” He pushed forward, and she felt his head seat itself deep within her flesh, but there was breathing space still, a little bit of room left. “How’s that?”

“It’s … great,” she said, and looked around at him again. “You’re right. I can take this. Go for it, Tuck.”

“Hell yeah, girl, you got it,” he said, and looked down at her ass as he withdrew, then slid in again; and as he eased himself fully into her once more, he reached around her waist and began massaging her mound.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned. His thickness pushed her open like Casper’s had, but his length added depth to the pressure; and the angle brought a lot of that pressure to her G-spot, squeezing and kneading it gently as he glided in and out. It was rich and indescribable, this deep full-pussy massage; and the rest of her pussy was getting it too from his firm, confident hand. “Oh yeah.”

“Jesus, you feel good.” She felt his free hand settle on her ass, and moved slowly before him as he pushed slowly into her, being fucked, her friends all around her, all of them watching her and each other, all of them coming together, parting, re-forming. Nearby, Cas was fucking Nette, his hard powerful body driving above her, her legs over his shoulders, her back arched in bliss. Travis was on his back and seeing to Seana right then, making slow love to her as Becka moved in, settling into position over his flushed face. Pearly drops fell from her pussy as it opened above him. He caught them on his tongue, and then his tongue was in her cunt. Watching it all happen, she came, sweetly impaled on the enormous boy behind her.

“Told you he’s a good fuck,” Sal murmured at her ear.

Kaeleigh kissed her. “I believed you. Lay back, okay? I wanna eat you out while he’s doing me.”

“Meat in the sandwich?” she said, getting into place.

“Mmm, fuck yeah,” Kaeleigh said, and dipped in Sal’s splendor, learning her flavor, relishing the tang of it, mapping her most intimate anatomy. Sal put her legs over her shoulders and she was very busy for a while, enjoying a deep, good, slow fuck while she nuzzled and lapped and devoured the final pussy she hadn’t tasted. It was as good as all the others, better still for welling with boycum, and she drank and swallowed and, when Tucker unloaded himself inside her, her squeals of pleasure were muffled by Sal’s hot wet groove. Sal joined her in the final climax, then worked her way along to another group while Kaeleigh turned to kiss the boy who’d topped her off. “Oh my God,” she breathed. “Oh my God.”

“Right back at you,” Tuck said. Sweat was glistening on him, sweat and cum; but it was on her too; it was on everyone now. “I wasn’t anywhere near as brave at my first orgy.”

“Cas said something like that too,” Kaeleigh said. “What’s so brave about fucking, when everyone around me is doing it too?”

Tucker shrugged. “It’s not easy to cut loose with a lot of other people around, if you’re not used to it.”

“Well, I never had sex before, so maybe I never learned how to do it wrong.” He laughed, and she giggled. “Besides, I love orgy porn. I’ve wanted to do something like this for … God, at least a year.”


“Oh yeah. I just … wanted to dive right into the middle of a whole lot of people, you know?”

“Mission accomplished,” he said. “Is it as good as you hoped?”

“Hell no. It’s a billion times better.”

He smiled. “This is your life now. Welcome to it.”

“Thank you.” She kissed him, and they both lay down, propped on elbows, to watch the sex acts going on around them. Tucker was behind her, and she smiled when he nestled up to her, his arm circling her waist, holding her near. She felt his chest at her back, his belly along her spine, his hips at her ass, his cock against her thigh, his legs close to and half-twined with hers. Bare warm skin touched her everywhere. Being cuddled by a naked boy was not a bad experience at all, she thought, particularly one she’d just finished having sex with. She could still feel his semen inside her, his and the other boys’ too, and it was hard to describe, like Sal said. Just a fluid presence, difficult to isolate but there, high up in her vagina, near her cervix, flowing and settling around in her. She was glad of the Enfem, because she didn’t have to worry about diseases; and — after what she’d done tonight with these three boys — without it, she might be well on the way to being pregnant. As it was, she could relax and enjoy the feeling of having a nice mix of cum in her pussy.

She hadn’t taken a break since it started, and was surprised at how horny she still felt. Watching everyone fuck — Becka getting nailed down by Casper now, Travis licking Sal while Sal took care of Seana — was bringing it back to life fast, too, and when Travis backed away from Sal’s pussy and made his way over to her and said, “Are you all cummed out yet?” she knew how to answer him.

She sank into mutual with him, taking his penis totally on her own, sharing her pussy just with him, while the intensities around them began at last to taper. She licked and sucked and celebrated while orgasms were had and people began to settle down, murmuring and embracing, kissing and giggling and relaxing. She rocked and ground herself against his face while plans were discussed for hookups, while beverages were picked up, while they became performers to an audience of six. She finished out the orgy as she’d begun it, proudly having Travis all to herself, knowing they were being watched in this, and as she swallowed him at last and eased away from him, the only thing she felt was a contentment she’d never known before in her life. It wasn’t just afterglow or exhaustion. It was complete triumph.

She sat up and looked around at everyone, their smiles, their welcome of her, their friendship. Then she moved to each one of them in turn, one after another, and gave a long, slow kiss to the boy or girl, and said thank you to them all, thank you and thank you and thank you, and then she reclined with them, joining her friends in a sticky and sweaty heap on the bed. The room was high with the scent of sweat and fuck, and she breathed it deeply and sighed. “All of you,” she murmured. “I was with every single one of you.”

“You okay?” Travis said. He was a body or two over from her.

“Yeah. I’m just…” She stretched. “I just feel so good right now, you know? Worn out, but in a good way. Like I just swam a hundred laps.”

“It was a long workout,” Casper said.

“Yeah? How long?”

“Couple hours, I think,” he said.

“More like three,” said Travis. “You were a busy girl.”

“Yeah. I don’t think you stopped coming for more than five minutes after Trav got you started.”

“God, I love this game,” Kaeleigh sighed, and was answered by lazy chuckles of agreement from all around. She was near the center of the bed, half resting on half a dozen limbs from three or four people. She wasn’t sure whose was what, and she didn’t care; the sweet warmth of naked skin on her well-worked body was all she wanted to know right then. “Will it be like this every time I play?”

“Pretty much, plus variety,” Tucker said, lying on his side nearby, his long thick penis hanging loose down his hip, the head resting on the bed. I know what his penis feels like, she thought. I know what his cum tastes like. “You’ll go to different places each week, different houses where the game’s being hosted, and you’ll meet different people. After a while, you’ll get to know most of the players pretty well, but there’s always new people coming in and others cycling out.”

“Cycling out? You mean leaving? Why?”

“Eighteen,” Sal said. She was on the other side of Kaeleigh from her ex, her hips and petite, well-trimmed pussy near Kaeleigh’s head, the skin of her outer labia still glistening with saliva, girlcum, and semen. She’d been right that Tucker hadn’t approached her all night, no matter how horny he got. “Once you hit the big one-eight, you’re too old to be legal with all us innocent little kids, so you split off to the adult version.”

“Wait, there’s an adult version?”

“You plan to quit when you hit eighteen?” Becka said. She was lying somewhere out of view, above Kaeleigh’s head; it might even have been Becka’s thigh that her head was resting on.

“Good point. Also no. Fuck no.”

“Right,” Tucker said. “So there’s always different levels of energy in any group on any week, but…”


“Well, the players carry their energy with them.”


“So … I think wherever you are, whoever you’re playing with, it’s always gonna be like this while you’re there, a clusterfuck of truly epic proportions.”

She smiled. “You’re sweet.”

“I’m exhausted,” he said. “And I haven’t been this worn out in … a long time.”

“Sorry. Is that because of me? Did I overdo it with everyone?”

“Did you see us running away?” Nette said. Kaeleigh knew where she was; her legs were resting in a little tangle with Nette’s. Nette was reclining on Casper, her head on his chest. He was slowly running his fingers through her silky ash-blonde hair. “You’re intense, and you love sex. Everyone else picked up the mood. I’m pretty sure we’ll all be able to live with knowing we made it through the most fierce gangbang we’ve ever been part of.”

“There oughta be a tee shirt,” Becka said. “I Survived Kaeleigh’s First Orgy. Say it loud, wear it proud.”

“Damn right. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.”

“So … we’re still good to hook up?”

Nette giggled. “Any. Time. You. Like.”

“You know…” Casper said. “We could maybe consider a threesome.”

Nette raised her eyebrows at Kaeleigh. “Feel like joining us tomorrow?”

“Sure,” Kaeleigh said. “If you don’t mind.”

“Fat chance.”

“Cool. Maybe if I’m there too, you won’t end up killing each other.”

“How about we make it an even four?” Casper said. “Two girls, two guys?”

“Why?” Nette said. “Who’d you have in mind, o pusher of luck?”

“Well, Travis did say something about blowing me every day for the rest of my life.”

“That’s true, I did.” Kaeleigh thought he was lying just on the other side of Nette. Someone was stroking her leg, and she had a shrewd idea now who it was. “But I’m always saying that.”

“That’s true, you are.”

Kaeleigh and Nette traded a look, and then Nette said, “You want in on the party?”

Trav snorted. “Hell yes I do.”

“Three bisexuals, though, Cas,” Nette said. “Aren’t you worried we’ll rub off on you?”

“I’m counting on a couple of you rubbing off all over me.”

“I guess I am bi, huh?” Kaeleigh said.

“You didn’t know?”

“Not by experience, no. Just porn. So I guess I, I was theoretically bi, bi before I tried. But … I liked everything I did, with everyone. I was hoping I would. I was hoping it’d be like … I was telling Tuck earlier that my favorite porn to watch is, uh, group sex.” She paused at the rolling wave of quiet laughter, and joined in. “Yeah. Big surprise, huh? Anyway, tonight was a billion times better than the best porn. It was real. There were juices. And I made a bunch of new friends. You were right, Tucker.”


“It was out of the park. And I’ll always be glad I lost my virginity here, like this, with all of you.” She smiled at Nette. “Glad, and proud, like Becka said. I got set free tonight, and it’s all because of all of you, and I am never going to stop.”

“Carry the fight forward, Sister Kaeleigh,” Nette said.

“In the name of Lilith, Sister Annette.” They dapped.

Travis stirred and sat up. He had been where Kaeleigh thought he was, but she was still surprised when he rose into view, a slender apparition of wiry muscle and sexy chest, his skin still glistening in places with various people’s cum. He kissed her foot, very gently blessing each little piggy, and slipped it out of his lap. The first boy she’d ever made love with, and he was still being sweet to her. “I don’t know about anyone else,” he said, stretching. “But I think I’m gonna raid the kitchen.”

There was a moment of considering quiet, followed by an untangling and a general exodus.