This is a work of erotic fantasy, so there’s quite a lot of sex. However, there isn’t sex happening in every chapter. There are many passages that include setup, character development, and all that boring stuff which makes the sex that much more meaningful when it finally happens. I know not everyone cares about backstory or getting to know the characters, so each chapter which does have sex in it also has a heart following its title:

The sex is not intended to be pornographic or paraphilic. It’s just the kind of stuff that happens between people, though sometimes in somewhat unusual situations. This includes threesomes and groups, intimacy taking place among people under the age of eighteen (with no one over eighteen present), same-sex partners, and scenes involving brother-sister incest. If you live in the kind of world where you believe those sorts of things never happen, or should never happen, you’re both (1) welcome to stop reading now; and (2) not even remotely in touch with reality in any way at all.

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Kaeleigh Goes All the Way

Book 1: 2019 • Part V: March: Entering the Magic

3. In the Court of the Rodent King

Kaeleigh woke to pleasure. A slow, sweet, wet and warm thing was happening between her legs, beautiful and skilled and a hell of a way to start the day. She’d never been the kind to wake up disoriented; she always knew, as soon as she was aware of the world, where she was and (when appropriate) whom she was with. She sighed and stirred, stretching her legs out and parting them fully, hearing a quiet chuckle from the boy between them. She relaxed back onto the mattress and reached down to pet his head, and let him have his way.

He knew she was awake now, roused and aroused, and made love to her slowly, giving her all his skill. She looked down into his eyes and saw the light in them, the same sort of look Cas had given her when he was doing his goddess worship, and understood what that meant. Even knowing that, though, didn’t explain why it was so good. It wasn’t the sex or the worship; it was the boy himself, who he was, what he meant to her.

He took it up and up and up, took her there, then took her there again with his finger inside too this time; and then he did what she loved best when any boy did it: He climbed up over her, kissed and touched and fondled her, slid his penis into her, and filled her with his heat. This was as slow as the other had been, a gentle tidal rhythm that built gradually and inexorably between them until it was beyond a tsunami, sweeping them both clean and leaving them sparkling and bare, their glistening bodies celebrating life in the still-burgeoning light of the new day.

They lay quietly for a while, nestled together in the warmth and scent they’d made, his semen deep within her. It was nothing at all like last night had been. That had been a frenzy, with hands grasping hard, teeth gritted, breath coming in hot hissing gasps. Kisses that were half bites. Fucking that was half fighting. Flesh and fluids consumed with overriding voracity. They’d collapsed together at the end of it all, panting, covered in sweat and cum, and sank into exhausted sleep with Luke’s penis still in her vagina.

She felt him stir, felt his lips at her ear. “Good morning.”

“Mmm.” She circled his shoulders with her arms. “It is a good morning. Best way in the world to wake up, too.”

“Mmm-hmm.” He kissed her ear again. “Never better.”

“What time is it?”

“Bout a quarter past six.”


“I know. We’re gonna have to get up and take a shower soon.”

She sighed. “I suppose. Are we going to take turns?”

“No,” he said.

She smiled. “Good.”

* * *

She chose one of her new outfits for their day in the park. It was like her bikini: Conservative in its coverage, but quite alluring. A halter blouse covered her shoulders and upper arms, fell deeply in a U over her slight breasts (not quite deep enough to show cleavage, or even the edges of her sport top), its three black buttons straining a little to keep the white cotton closed. From the arch of her ribs to her hips was nothing but skin. Her flat belly showed the faint ripples of healthy female strength, and her navel was a shallow little cup nestled in the merest hint of softness. A downy layer of fine red-gold hairs burnished her midriff with a velvety sheen.

Just below the sharp narrowness of her waist, her hips flared, slightly angled at the crest but otherwise perfectly curved, and were contained in white cotton short shorts. These had black buttons too, four of them in an approach pattern that terminated just above the full and ripe swell of her girlhood, the cloth snug throughout, exposing nothing but at the same time molded to her form: The high fullness of her butt, the swell of her mons, the sweet and juicy groove of her cleft. Her boy-cut panties followed the cut of the shorts, so they showed no lines anywhere.

From there, she was bare legs all the way down to the ground, and it was a very long plunge. Her thighs were toned and slender, her calves full and beautifully proportioned. Here, as on her arms, soft peach fuzz glistened in pale copper over her creamy skin. Her mini backpack was slung over her shoulders and hung to the middle of the arch of her back, obscuring the valley of her spine and its gently knurled rise. Well-padded walking shoes with ankle socks completed the ensemble.

She was any schoolgirl in the world, ready for a day of adventures in the park; but underneath the appearance of young teen half-innocence was a powerhouse of overwhelming sexuality, and no one knew that better than the boy who was admiring the effect as she turned before him, showing every angle for his assessment. She smiled at him, aware of his seed still inside her, the copious fluid deposited in her secret depths only minutes earlier as she rocked in his arms, held completely aloft by him in the shower. He could bench-press almost twice her weight, and he’d already proved it several times. “So what do you think?”

“You’re gonna kill someone, going around dressed like that.”

“Oh, you’ll survive.”

“Dunno, Kay. Just, whatever you do, don’t stop to bend over and tie your shoes. My balls might go off, right in the middle of Tomorrowland or wherever.” She giggled. “No, I’m serious. We’re talking a major spooge explosion here, with a blast radius of thirty feet.”

“Oh please.”

“I mean it. You’re unbelievably hot.”

She giggled again, blushing. She’d heard from others that she had a sexy body. She didn’t really see it herself, but was getting used to the fact that others did. Hearing it from Luke was new, and she liked how it made her feel.

He looked good too, very male, very healthy. He was wearing a surf-style tank top, just loose enough to let breezes play around his broad shoulders and deep collarbones, plunging under the arms to expose the gilling of his lats and ribs. The defined cleft of his pecs showed as a shadow in the fabric between two trapezoids of flat power, and his waist was nearly as narrow as her own. His biceps were in proportion to the breadth of his back and had the slightly inflated look of regular work, and sexy little dark brown curls peeped out at her from the creases under his arms. Where the shirt ended his abdomen began, and what a sculpture that was, all rippling abs and shallow navel and well-made, masculine beauty. Becka wasn’t the only girl who thought about xylophones, seeing a presentation like that.

He’d never been a big fan of sag, and his choice of shorts today showed it. They were close-fitting board shorts and rode low on his hips, exposing those gorgeous inguinals that Kaeleigh and Sal both valued so highly in the gap between the hem of his shirt and the start of the rest. A bit lower, they held close to his dimpled halfmoon butt, and around front they didn’t go to any great pains to hide the fact that he was a boy, and a rather gifted one at that. She knew, because she’d watched him get dressed, that his undies were of the sleek, snug ballhugger variety, the kind he often wore to an ATW game. (All the players tended to go with sexy undergarments on game night, not that she said no to a kid clad in plain old tightie whities, of course.) He usually preferred boxers or boxer briefs, but he wanted support today to help reduce bounce and chafing.

The shorts kept close to his thighs too, molding themselves around quads sculpted both by squats, and regular forays to and from school on his bike. His shins and calves, like hers, also showed the effects of a mobile life largely spent on two wheels, in his case with the additional effort of track and all-over weight training for strength and tone. Luke was sixteen, so his license was a restricted permit, which meant he wasn’t allowed to carry more than one juvenile passenger without an adult in the vehicle too. Since he couldn’t offer rides to his friends in the morning, he went with the bike instead. Overall he didn’t mind it too much, since it helped save on gas, and reduced the odds of him running into — or being run into by — some muscleheaded senior or a distracted teacher in the daily gridlock that was the school parking lot. His insurance premiums were already stratospheric because of his age. They didn’t need any help reaching orbit.

He’d chosen walking shoes as well. They both had friends who’d been to Disney more recently than them, and they’d all pointed out the importance of good foot support. You didn’t stand on any of the rides, but you sure as hell stood while you waited for them. The last time they’d been here, they’d both been too young and excited to notice their feet; this time they knew they’d appreciate the advice.

He shouldered into his own daypack, still admiring Kay. “You know,” he said, “no one’s gonna know us here.”

“Well yeah, I mean there’s only gonna be about a billion people, all of them from everywhere else in the world.”

“What I mean is,” he said, and turned her around to tuck their hotel key into her pack — there was no doubt in either of them she’d do a better job at keeping track of it — “is no one knows you’re my sister. We barely even look alike any more.”

“Yeah?” She turned to face him again, standing very close. Her voice was quiet and her cheeks were flushed. “So?”

“So we can do this, whenever we feel like it,” he said, and kissed her very gently, his hands on her hips. “And no one would even look twice.”

“Why sir,” she said. “Are you being so forward as to ask me out on a date, and us just met?”

“It think it already kind of is,” he said.

“You do have a firm grasp of the obvious.” She ran her arms up over his shoulders and leaned in, her body along his everywhere, and studied his face after their lips parted again. “This is weird.”

“Yeah,” he breathed.

“But I like it.”


They stopped talking again for a while.

Eventually, she drew back. “We should get to the restaurant before Mom sends a search party.” She picked up her phone and tucked it in her back pocket, rolling her eyes at his expression. “Where else can I carry it?”

“No, I get it,” he said as they left and went down the hall to the elevators. “It’s just … it sticks out, is all, big old flat rectangle like that. It breaks an otherwise perfect symmetry.”

“God,” she sighed. “Is my ass all you can think about?”

Now who has a firm grasp of the obvious?”

“Oh, fine. Stick it in my backpack, okay?” That was actually a safer place for it anyhow, and she liked how his hands lingered a while on her backside. (They were alone in the elevator right then. There might have been a stolen kiss to go with the copped feel.)

They found Mom, breakfasted, and shuttled to the park. Mom’s agenda for the day included a lot of the historical attractions in Liberty Square; she liked the animatronics and the way they breathed life into some of the legends of America. Luke and Kaeleigh split off for Adventureland, starting their journey with the Jungle Cruise boat ride. Luke put his arm across the back of the seat, and she nestled up against him, watching the carefully-crafted world drift past. In the Florida springtime air, it was humid enough to actually feel like a jungle, even at eight in the morning.

From there they took in Pirates, because duh, and held hands as the boat drifted through the underground caverns, manikins wheeling all around them and singing about pirate life. There might have been some more kissing involved, but the manikins had no part in that.

They were warmed up now, and spent the bulk of the morning on the fast rides — Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain — and then Luke, because he actually really did love his sister, allowed himself to be subjected to Small World. For a while, she was seven years old again, her eyes alight, her smile radiant; and his heart was warmed through by her simple, sweet joy. She held his hand very tightly, and he was glad he’d grown out of the affected cynicism he’d carried the last time they’d taken this ride together, when he was ten, and had felt it necessary to make vapid sneering comments about all those costumed dolls. He was able to stay quiet and let her enjoy herself, which let him enjoy it as well. It was amazing, really, how easy it was to have fun with her.

She really was quite beautiful, he saw. She was at her most beautiful when she was happy, and he didn’t like knowing why he’d seen so little of that beauty in the last several years, how willingly he’d participated in their mutual campaign to crush every trace of pleasure or peace from one another’s lives.

There may have been some kissing again (after she made her way back to being thirteen, of course).

* * *

Luke was absently whistling that damned tune when his phone buzzed on his thigh. He pulled it from his pocket (ignoring the glare from Kay; yeah, yeah, he knew, but it wasn’t like he was personally responsible for the pocketary inadequacy of girls’ trousery) and looked at the screen. It was Mom.

Lunch at Tomorrowland Terrace, 1:00?

“Sure,” Kay said. “I can eat.”

“Yeah,” he nodded, “I could use a topping off, for sure.” He texted an affirmative and they wandered around aimlessly for a while — it was past noon already, and there weren’t any lines short enough to squeeze anything else in beforehand — both of them feeling a little awash in the surreality of the park and of their day so far. They were actually getting along, and they both had a strong suspicion as to the reason why. As things to think about went, it was … very much a thing to think about.

At one of the myriad wealth-extraction stations, Luke bought her a small Minnie Mouse doll, just for the hell of it, and the way she smiled at him as he tucked it into her pack made him float all the way to the restaurant.

They raided the buffet there, touching base with Mom over the Asian-y food. Her ride preferences were a little more sedate, but she’d done Space Mountain as well, and recommended Stitch’s Great Escape. It was more of a theater in the round than a ride, but she said it had some good moments. “I’m glad to see you’re still not dead,” she said, digging into her noodle bowl. “And you appear to even have all your limbs.”

“Well, you know,” Kaeleigh shrugged. “It’s Disney. There’s kids all around. They don’t need to see anyone’s head get torn off or internal organs and things.”

“Yeah, plus I think it’s, like, state law. You vill heff fun et ze Disney park, ja? We don’t want to do time in Mickey’s Magic Gulag for Bitchy Teenagers.”

“You, they’d probably just feed to the alligators, bro. Though … mmm, maybe not, unless they wanted to poison ’em all to death.”

“At least I wouldn’t leave them hungry for more.”

“My body happens to be a finely balanced combination of muscle, skeleton, and various squishy parts. My weight, like everything else about me, is absolutely perfect.”

“So that’s a normal-sized ego, huh?”

“It’s proportional to my intelligence.”

“Inversely, maybe.”

She scrunched up her mouth and bopped his shoulder.

“That’s more like it,” Mom said. “I was afraid you’d been drugged.”

“I’ve been drug all over the park,” Luke said.

“I didn’t hear you complaining. Oh, wait, that’s because you were in front, hauling me around everywhere.”

“Better look out, or I’ll go find that Mickey Mouse club I keep hearing about, and see how hard I can bounce it off your noggin.”

“I don’t think they can sell weapons to anyone your mental age.”

Luke whistled the chorus from It’s a Small World between his teeth. She glared at him — she knew as well as anyone else that it was supposed to be a little-kiddy ride — and then they both broke into giggles. Luke shoveled up another forkful of beef stir-fry. “So what’s on your itinerary for the afternoon, Mom?”

“Uh,” she said, blinking at her kids. Somehow, what might have become an acerbic firefight had de-escalated before even a single bullet flew, and she wasn’t about to ask why. It was better to accept the golden egg than vivisect the goose. “Well, I’ve done most of the history attractions, so right now I’m thinking I’ll hit the less murderous rides. There’s also the fantasy parade at three and the electrical parade after sunset. What about you?”

“Well,” Kaeleigh said. “We still haven’t hit the Haunted Mansion, there’s the riverboat, and I’m actually thinking the Stitch thing might be kinda fun. What do you think, bro?”

“Yeah, plus we gotta do that Dwarf Mine Train thing.”

“Aren’t you worried Snow White will jump out at you, claws akimbo, and eat your face?”

“No, no, that’s the yeti on the Matterhorn. Different park.”

“Oh, right, yeah. How is your long-lost half-brother doing, anyway?”

“He’s still amazed he managed to escape from you. Also, he’d like to have his leg back.”

“Did I ever tell you about the time,” Mom said, “when Mickey Mouse went to the psychiatrist?”

Luke and Kaeleigh, neatly deflected, swapped a look. “Huh-uh.”

“Well, he was having relationship troubles with Minnie, you see,” she said, nodding to the little stuffed head peeking over Kaeleigh’s shoulder. “So he goes to the shrink and tells him what the problem is. The doctor listens, nods, mm-hmm’s, and then he says he wants to talk to Minnie, and get her side of the story. So Mickey goes back to the mouse hole, and says, ‘Aha-ha, Minnie, Doctor Nuttzack wants to see you.’” Her kids laughed; she did rather well with the Mickey voice.

“Minnie makes her appointment and goes to talk to him. They meet and discuss things, and when she gets back home, she tells Mickey the doctor would like to see him again in the morning.

“The next day, Mickey stops in and says, ‘Huh-huh, so, how’d it go, Doc?’

“Doctor Nuttzack scratches his little beard and says, ‘Vell, Mister Mouse, I zpoke et length viss Minnie, und I can find no evidence zat she is, as you say, crazy.’

“And Mickey says, ‘I didn’t say she’s crazy, Doc. I said I think she’s fucking Goofy.’”

The Magic Kingdom section of the Disney World complex is a place absolutely brimming with large and boisterous crowds on virtually every day of the year, from the moment the park opens to well after sunset. Tens of thousands of people of all ages and nationalities, including many young children high on sugar and too excited to speak at any level lower than playground howling, stream through its gates during its hours of operation, thronging its walkways and streets, restaurants and shops to capacity; and there are rides that clatter and rattle, filled with people screaming in glee, Dopplering giddily through the air overhead and all around. It’s not often, in such a setting, that a burst of noise is loud enough to attract anyone’s attention. Luke and Kaeleigh managed it.

“Oh my God,” Kaeleigh breathed hoarsely, once she was able to again. “Oh my God oh my God oh my God I can’t believe you said that.” Luke was still vibrating slightly, wiping at his eyes.

“Too salty for ya?” said Mom, triumphant.

“I’m so glad I peed before I sat down.”

“I’m amazed,” Luke said, and coughed, “that you weren’t hit by lightning just now.”

“Happiest place on Earth, son. That your phone, Kaeleigh?”

“Oh, yeah,” she said, and presented her back to Luke. He pulled it out of her pack and handed it over; it was burping quietly to itself, raucous little burbles coming from its minuscule speaker. “It’s Travis, texting at me.”

“Speaking of fucking goofy,” Luke said. Kaeleigh stuck out her tongue at him and checked in. It didn’t take long.

“Everything okay?”

“Yeah, Mom. He’s just asking if we’re having a good time.”

“Well, that’s thoughtful of him.” She still wasn’t Trav’s biggest fan, but she’d been watching his behavior toward her daughter over the last few months, and grudgingly found him to be a possibly-acceptable potential human who was (1) free of egregious piercings; (2) not covered brow to toenails in ink; and (3) probably not a cannibal serial killer. “Is he managing okay without you?”

“Yeah, he says he’s able to stop crying for three whole minutes a day now.” Kaeleigh allowed Luke to put her phone back for her before casting him an eye. “Fucking goofy, huh?”

“Just callin’ it like I see it. You’ll notice I didn’t say which one of you was Goofy, by the way.”

“Well, at least he’s not the one with the Mini.”

“Hey, that’s a high-performance piston machine.”

“But don’t you get tired of having to use tweezers to do anything with it?”

“This is my car we’re talking about, right?”

“Sure it is, bro. Sure it is.”

They were still going back and forth with it when they parted company from Mom and proceeded back to their respective courses; it only tapered off as they made their way toward the Stitch theater. Kaeleigh made Luke wait for a minute while she darted into the crowd, heading in the direction of another of the ubiquitous souvenir kiosks. She returned with something hidden behind her back and a smirk on her face. When she showed Luke what it was, they both laughed themselves hoarse again. She put it into his pack for him, and they finished their journey to the theater with Minnie looking over Kaeleigh’s shoulder, and Goofy looking over Luke’s.

By the time they were in line, they were holding hands again, drawing no undue attention to themselves whatsoever. To the strangers around them, they looked like any other attractive young couple enjoying their day at the Magic Kingdom, standing close together, murmuring and smiling, trading brief touches and the occasional light kiss, maybe even falling in love.

Kaeleigh studied her brother, who seemed about as bewildered and thoughtful as she was. There’d been more than enough goads flying back and forth between them over lunch to keep them at war for days, but none of them had stuck. Instead of working up to mutual lacerations, they’d bobbed, weaved, thrust and parried, and … sparred. And she was certain, right down to the core of her being, that he’d been enjoying every second of it, having every bit as much fun as she was. Because it had been fun.

Somehow … somehow, they’d found their padding.

“We can’t ever stop, you know,” she said.

He nodded, understanding her perfectly, even though she hadn’t said what it was they had to continue doing. (There were several dozen people in line all around them, many of them young kids. It was Disney World. There were some things you just didn’t say aloud in certain settings.) Of course he understood her; he knew her more deeply and completely than any other boy possibly could. He was her brother. He’d known her all her life. His hand tightened its grip on hers. “I know.”

There was almost certainly kissing in the Stitch theater. Very likely quite a lot of it.

* * *

They met up with Mom in the fantasy parade crowd, checked in, got lemonade slushes at Westward Ho, and split off again. As they wove their way from ride to ride, Luke’s arm seemed to drift naturally around her waist, and to Kaeleigh it felt like it had always belonged there.

She strolled casually by his side, feeling their bodies sway and rock gently with their stride, bumping and nudging easily against one another. There was something comfortable and familiar about the experience, and it was only on their second run through Pirates (because, yes, duh) that she realized what it was. This time she was nestled right up against him as the boat bobbed along through the tunnel, his hand stroking her shoulder, her arm draped along his leg and caressing his knee. It was similar to the way she’d cuddled with Travis at her first ATW game, thinking how lucky she was that he would be her first boy; and it triggered the memory of later that night and how natural she’d felt in her body, moving from partner to partner at the orgy, making love with everyone, being simply alive and purely physical and reveling in the joy of it all.

That was what it was like to be next to Luke, now. And they were both wearing clothes.

The feeling persisted as afternoon fell to evening. From riverboat to roller coaster, from Imagineering castles to curated copses, Kaeleigh’s awareness remained centered on her body, her self, her place in the moment and Luke by her side. Even during the times there was space between them, their hands remained linked. Her best moments with Travis or Nette, good as they were, didn’t have this depth of calm, restful awareness, not for this long and not this entirely. She didn’t have to front with him, didn’t have to think about the next thing to say or to do, didn’t have to wonder what he might be thinking. She’d studied him as an adversary for so long that she knew him now as an ally and more, and the warmth she felt inside herself was new and precious and something she knew he was feeling too. She saw it in his eyes.

The electrical parade was fun. Luke could take or leave the Seven Dwarfs, but the bumbling snails were cute enough, and the array of lights on every vehicle was just too cheerful to do anything but grin manically at. Kaeleigh leaned over to him as the Monsters, Inc. float rolled by and said, “Can you imagine having to find the one burned-out bulb?”

“They—” He stopped himself. They probably wire them in parallel, not series, he was going to say, but Kay probably knew that. It wasn’t the point. “I bet that’s, like, half the park payroll. Just finding the damn burned-out light on the Number Three snail before the sun goes down.”

“Uh-huh. And Snow White standing there, tapping her foot and looking at her watch.”

“Man.” He eyed her. “What is it with you and Snow White?”

“She’s just a little too goody-goody, don’t you think?”

“…You do have a point.”

She nodded gravely and they began walking again, making for the Haunted Mansion. “Living out in the forest with seven guys, too.”

“Well, she was waiting for the Handsome Prince to rescue her.”

“She sure wasn’t trying too damn hard to get rescued, the way it looked to me. I mean, the song’s just a total giveaway. They said it straight up. Hi, ho.”

“So … you’re saying she was the original gold-digger?”

“Oldschool style, bro.”

He laughed and circled her waist with his arm, and she kissed him. They were in range of the Haunted Mansion now, and hidden speakers filled the air with groans and wails and the clanking of chains. “Ready to get your pants scared off?”

“You…” She looked around and leaned closer. “You can’t just whip it out right here in the middle of the street. There’s kids everywhere.”

“Well, next time they ask Mommy and Daddy where babies come from, they’ll be able to remind them of the night when Florida’s wang was eclipsed by something truly awe-inspiring.”

“Goofy,” she said.


She took a very deep breath and let it out slowly, nestling sweetly to him as they joined the line, her head resting on his shoulder. “I’m so glad we did this.” She looked up at him. “The trip. The truce. Everything.”

“Me too.” Her eyes were soft, and her lips were soft, and it didn’t seem like the line was very long at all, for some reason.

“Damn,” he murmured as they stood in the elevator with a couple dozen other people, watching the paintings stretch to reveal their hidden agendas, looking at all the white busts that turned to follow you.

“Scared?” she said. “I’ll protect you.”

“No, I’m sure you’d be able to beat back anything with that yeti leg. It’s just … I don’t have It’s a Small World running through my brain any more.”

“Why’s that a problem?”

“Now it’s the electrical parade song.”


“I know.”

“Well, if there’s a problem with your brain, I know a surefire way to get it out of you. It worked last night, anyway.”

They boarded one of the moving seat-vehicles and settled in. “Planning to play doctor later on?”

Her hand slid up his leg and settled on his penis. “You can use your thermometer to take my temperature.”

“It’s not a rectal.”

“That’s good. It wouldn’t fit.” He’d become quite hard in her gentle grasp, and her lips brushed against his as she whispered. “I guess I’ll have to settle for an oral reading.”

“Oh God,” he breathed as she parted the Velcro in his fly. “Oh God, do it quick.”

“Mmf,” she agreed, her head bobbing as specters and skeletons capered all around them.

Three minutes later they were sitting innocently in the cart, Kaeleigh looking slightly flushed, Luke looking quite boneless. He took her hand and helped her out, and they made their way back outside. “You are so insane,” he murmured.

“I couldn’t wait.” She bumped her shoulder against him as her arm slipped around his waist. “It’s the only ride in the whole damn park where the other people on the ride can’t see anyone else.”

“You planned it?”

She shook her head. “I thought you might need a pressure release, and I saw an opportunity to field-test Trav’s speed-ball technique.”

“God. You’re the only girl I know who’s crazy enough to do anything like that.”

She shrugged. “I’m the only girl crazy enough to be your sister.”

“Yeah, well, you got me there.” He kissed the top of her head. “It was crazy, but it was awesome. Thank you.”

She belched, and they cackled their way up the street to the next ride (Pirates, yes, of course).

* * *

Slices of pizza, lemonade slushes, and a few yo-ho’s later, the Magic Kingdom was winding down. It was going on nine and the crowds had thinned somewhat, with only the most dogged families with young children still roaming the walkways; most of the attendees now were kids their own age through younger adults in their twenties, people with stamina, people who had husbanded their energies with the intention of being there as long as possible, enjoying everything without wearing themselves out before noon. “We didn’t stay this late last time,” Kaeleigh said.

“I know. I think we wore Mom out. Plus we were both pretty crabby by the time it was getting dark.”

“Do you think she’s having fun this time?”

“Yeah, I do,” he said, strolling along with her, hand in hand, toward the Cinderella Castle. “She hasn’t had to put up with a couple of brats trying to give each other flat tires all day. She got a chance to see the stuff she wanted to see, this time. She hasn’t had to work out a compromise between one force of nature wanting to ride Space Mountain, while another force of nature wanted to ride Dumbo. And I don’t think she’s been nagged even once all day about souvenirs.”

“Dang. It was nice of us to grow up.”

“Well, we’re very thoughtful people.”

“Were you terribly sad that you couldn’t ride on Dumbo, bro?”

“It was literally the worst tragedy of my ten-year-old life. It scarred me forever.”

“Even worse than when I was born?”

“I don’t remember much of that,” he said.

“Blocking out the memory?”

“No, I was three years old.” He looked at her. “But I do remember … oh, wow, it was before I was even in Kindergarten. You were … you know, just a, a baby, and I was standing by your crib, just looking through the bars at you. I don’t even think you were crawling yet. And you know how little babies are, they just sort of … lay there, and wave their arms and legs around and stuff, cause there’s not much else to do on your agenda but empty a bottle, fill a diaper, and wave your arms and legs around. And you were just laying there, and you turned your head and looked at me, and … your eyes were just totally serious. Like you were studying me, or trying to figure out who I was or something. And then you…”

“Yeah?” she said.

His hand squeezed hers. “You smiled at me.”

They were quiet for a while, walking slowly.

“You remember that?” Her voice was soft.

“Yeah. It’s … it’s actually one of the first things I do remember. About anything.”


“Yeah.” He swallowed. “And … and for a while there, you kept smiling. And then … things went … dark.” He took a shaky breath and passed his hand over his face. “And today you’ve been smiling again, and God, Kay, I swear you have the most beautiful smile in the world. And I don’t ever…” He cleared his throat. “I don’t ever want to do anything to make you lose that smile again.”

“Oh, Luke.” She drew him to a halt and drew him close, felt him trembling in her arms. “We’re gonna be okay. We are.”

“I just … I mean everything that’s … happened, since we got here, it’s … wild, it’s the best feelings, it’s … just so … big, but … I was so fuckin’ scared last night, I was so scared we were making like the worst mistake, I mean you’re my sister, but I … I just … God, I wanted to, so bad…”

“It wasn’t a mistake,” she murmured. “It … was something I wanted, too. Something I, maybe I needed. And I think … I think you needed it as bad as I did.”

“Yeah,” he said. She felt his trembling subside. “Yeah, I did. I … I do. I still do.”

“Then it’s okay. It’s okay, because I still do, too. You didn’t … push me into anything. You didn’t make me do something I didn’t want to do. We both went together. It wasn’t a mistake. I’m still smiling, and I’m smiling because I’m with you.” She leaned back to look up at him, to show him she was telling the truth. “Besides, d’you think I just blow any random guy whenever I go in a haunted house?”

“Well, we left with one, anyway.”

“True.” They began walking again. “Which one was it, do you know?”

“Ezra, I think.”

“A pound of Ezra to go?”

“Why not? I was cummings.”

“You have the soul of a poet.”

“Nope. Ezra again,” he said.

That would be a spooky threesome.”

“Eh, as long as he doesn’t ectoplasm in my mouth.”

“Pretty sure that wasn’t him earlier,” she said.

“I dunno, sis. He was sitting between us.”

“Yeah. And it was pretty dark in there.”

“Yup. And he had an awful big grin on his face.”

“True. You’re the one with the glowing penis, right?”

“After you’re done with it, hell yes.” They came to the plaza around the Cinderella Castle, gathering with hundreds of others for the nighttime finale. The evening had become slightly chilly, and Kaeleigh shivered. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” she said, her arms folded tight over her chest. “Just … it’s cooling off.”

“Here,” he said, doing what was right, drawing her into his warmth. They stood back-to-front, his good strong arms around her, the heat of his body a gift that took the worst edge off. She felt his erect penis at her ass, his lips near her ear. “Better?”

“Yeah.” Her shivers subsided, but her gooseflesh was stronger. “Thanks, bro.”


They swayed quietly, waiting for the closing celebration to commence.

“Who’d have thought,” she murmured for him alone, “that a little bit of fucking would make such a big difference?”

“I know,” he murmured back, his arms tightening around her waist. “And it could’ve been the biggest mistake we ever made.”

“I need it, Luke.”

“I know. I do too.”

“It’s like … like a pressure release or something. So we don’t have to be angry all the time. So we don’t have to … to go after each other all the time.”

That wasn’t quite right, Luke thought, but he wasn’t sure exactly what about it was wrong. He’d had sex with more than ninety different people in the last two-plus years, most of them girls, and it had always been good, always passionate, always satisfying. He had a great deal of affection for some of the girls he’d lain with. But he didn’t love any of them as anything more than friends. This experience was new, and he didn’t recognize it yet for what it really was. “Yeah. Kind of a, a safety valve.”

She rested in his embrace, felt the evidence of his ongoing desire, felt the same desire herself. “I can’t decide if I want to keep being your sister, or be your girlfriend instead.”

“You don’t have to choose. You can be both, if you want to.”

“I do, Luke. Do you?”

“Yeah,” he murmured. “I can cope with being your brother part of the time, and your boyfriend the rest.”

“Sibs with benefits?” she said. He laughed.

Lights came up. Fireworks were lit. He saw them reflected in her eyes, and the kiss was long, it was a promise and an affirmation, it was everything they felt and everything they said and everything they didn’t yet know how to say, it was forbidden and sweet, it was certain, it was the future and reconciliation for the past, it was their flavors, so similar, blending together into a new and subtle richness that filled the world.

Tinkerbell glided overhead, spreading fairy dust.

Kaeleigh took a deep breath, her hands on his shoulders, and looked up into his face. “So what’re your plans after we get back to the hotel?”

“Well,” he said, his hips pressed to hers, his flesh solid against her. “We could go for a swim.”

“Yeah,” she said. “We could.”



He smiled. “You could be fucking Goofy.”

“Whoa. Tough choice.”

“Don’t strain your brain.”

“It’s my eyes I’m worried about straining, but at least I brought some tweezers with me.”

He chuckled and they began to wend their way to the shuttle stop, their arms around each other’s hips. “Do you think it’s … just here? Will it still be like this when we get back home?”

She looked up at him, her body swaying against his, the feeling still there and still absolute. “I don’t know.” She lay her head on his shoulder and sighed. “I sure hope so.”

“Yeah. Me too.” She felt his lips press the top of her head.

“It’s just so … big. I don’t see how it could all just … go away.”

“I don’t either.”

“But we’ll have to keep it quiet.”

He sighed. “We’ll figure something out.”

“My room’s right next to yours. That’ll help.”

“Yeah. And summer’s coming up. We’ll have all day.”

“Do you think we’ll need all day?”

He looked at her. “Don’t you?”

She shivered again, and it had nothing to do with the cool air. “Yeah. Yeah, I do.”

“We’ll have to keep playing. And you’ll have to keep hanging with Trav and Nette.”

“And you’ll have to keep booty-calling your girls.”

“We’ll work it out. I know we will.”

“How do you know that, bro?”

“Because,” he said, and held out his hand to help her board the shuttle, “we have to.” He followed her up and in. “I can’t lose you now, Kay. I feel like I only just really found you.”

She snuggled up to him when he sat. “I know what you mean.”

They rode in silence a while.

“It won’t always be like it was last night,” he said. “I think we were just … working things out.”

“Yeah.” She swallowed. “But … it’s okay if it’s like that sometimes. And it’s okay if it’s like how it was this morning too.”

“Variety, huh?”

She shrugged. “Sometimes … I want it hard. Sometimes I … want to be worshipped.”

“I get it,” he said. “You can have both with me. And anything else you want.”

“Everything,” she said. “Everything I’ve ever done with anyone else, I want to do all those things with you too.”

“Okay.” He kissed her crown. “You’re gonna have a hard time eating my pussy, though.”

“Not really. I just have to eat you.”

“Mmm, but there’s a little bit of dick there too.”

“Oh, it’s not that little. I know all about your ruler, Mister Six-and-a-Half. And how you’re using the metric side. But it’s okay, cause really, you’re the biggest dick I know.”

“People do keep telling me I need to stop shooting off at the mouth.”

“Now you know what they meant.”

“And it would explain why I’m always trying to climb headfirst into pussy.”

“That’s something you don’t have to stop trying to do.”

“I have no intention of stopping. Ever.”


They got off the shuttle and found Mom in the lobby; she’d hopped an earlier one after watching the fireworks from the other side of the castle. Their plans were similar for the next day: Breakfast at seven, but with the Animal Kingdom on the agenda instead. They split off again, this time to their separate rooms, and when the door closed Kaeleigh pulled herself to him, hard, and planted a liplock on him that didn’t let up while they dropped their packs to the floor, or kicked off their shoes, or stripped away each other’s tops, or the rest of what they were wearing. It broke only when Luke knelt before her and lifted her leg, settling it over his shoulder.

She whimpered softly, rocking her hips, gliding against his face, her hands in his hair. The heat of the day was still on her, and her flavor was high, a blend of sweat, musk, and the residue of hours of arousal. He licked away the rich mixture, swallowing the glaze as it thinned in his saliva, and kept going until she tasted only of skin, until she was grinding hard on him, her shin bearing down on his shoulder, her slender body shuddering.

She stood back, pulled him up, led him to the edge of the bed, and knelt.

Luke’s balls and penis were hot and his cock was hard, the skin salty and ripe at first taste, but she changed that with several minutes of licking and sucking. She’d only had the head earlier on the ride; now she had the whole thing, and made the most of it. Six and a half was probably a little low; he was long and thick, swelling in the middle, with a mushroom head that built suction to a breathtaking level when he was inside her, moving so sweetly with her. He was a trimmed boy, and the groomed brown flattop rose and fell before her eyes as she moved on him. She looked up into his eyes and watched his face as he settled into the pleasure, saw the flickers and sparks she’d learned to draw from all the other boys, kept the eye contact steady. His breathing began to come faster, his nipples stiffening on his chest, and he caught at her head. “Slow down…”

“Mmm,” she said, shaking her head. “Mmm-mmm-mmm.”

“In your mouth?”

She nodded, still sucking, sucking, sucking.

“Okay.” His grip changed, his hands moving around from a grasp to a caress, his fingers sinking into the thick brassy waves of her hair. Her head rose and fell fast, faster, her free hand kneading his balls, assessing him, stimulating him, and she kept looking into his eyes, made him see that she wanted this, and with a gasp he let go at last, soaring past the point of no return, an electric surge grounding down his spine, through his balls, into her mouth. His heavy hot fluid coursed over her tongue, an entire lifetime’s worth of need released, in a few eruptive moments, into her bobbing head.

She ministered to him when it was done, licking him clean while he shivered in post-climactic sensitivity, and he heard her swallow. She rose between his thighs and kissed him, and he tasted his cum on her tongue, and she drew back and said, “We can fuck later. I just wanted to taste you again. I didn’t get much of a chance before, on the ride. I had to suck and swallow faster than I like.”

“That’s fine,” he said, and they both moved up along the mattress to recline at the headboard, her head resting on his chest, her bare skin warm all along the flank of his naked body. “What’d you think?”

“You’ll do.”

“I don’t taste anything like Travis.”

“No, you don’t.” She looked up at him. “You taste like you. You taste … right.” She sighed and slipped her arm around his neck. “It was a hell of a lot, though.”

“Well yeah. I’ve been building it up all day, ever since I got you to put your phone in your backpack.”

“Even after that little whatsis in the Haunted Mansion?”

“Well, your little whatsis was still there right in front of me, in those sprayed-on shorts.”

“Oh, you like my whatsis, huh?”

“It’s a hell of a whatsis, sis.”

“Maybe I should wear a trash bag tomorrow.”

“I don’t think it would make a difference. I mean yeah, you’ve got like a white-hot body, Kay, but even if you wore a … a packing crate, it’d still be you in there. And it’s not just your body I want so bad.”

“Yeah,” she said after a moment. “I think I get what you mean.” Her hand floated down his shoulder, over his chest, to his abs. Everywhere it went was dense, taut muscle. Even ATW players who didn’t have a rigorous workout routine quickly got into good condition. The orgies basically demanded it, and their youth made it easy to achieve. Many of them had some kind of exercise schedule, though, because everyone liked to feel sexy. “But I gotta tell you, the body sure doesn’t hurt.”

“Yeah, I’m not saying you should trade yours in for a different model either.”

“Was my pussy gross?”

“What? Fuck no. Why?”

She shrugged. “I didn’t get a chance to wash up. It was a hot day. I got sweaty.”

“So did I, but I didn’t notice it stopping you when you decided to have a turn.”

“I guess I just … didn’t care. There was something else I needed more, and I didn’t want to wait.”

“Welcome to my world.”

“Is it really like that? Being a boy, is it really always feeling that horny? Like, all the time?”

“It is when I’m around you, I guess.”

“God, you are such a fucking pervert, wanting to ball your own sister.”

Succeeding at balling my own sister. Besides, you’re the one going around being all sexy and shit.”

“Oh, so I’m asking for it?”

“You were damn well demanding it.”

“Course I fucking was. I take a look at you, and half the time I want to just pin you down and ride you off into the sunset.”

While I’m pinned down?”

“You’re gonna have to learn to be flexible.”

“God, you are so demanding.”

“I am woman, hear me roar.” She sat up and kissed him, her firm little breasts warm on his chest. “I’m gonna get some tea. Want a Coke?”

“Sure. Thanks.” He watched her walk away, admiring all over again her slender body, the way her shoulders rocked above the narrow curve of her waist, the way her spine flowed from side to side above her flared hips and the succulent swell of her ass, the way her vulva showed, even from behind, in the gap between her thighs, the long muscles gracefully working in her legs. He sighed, aware of his incredible good fortune, aware of a thirst that no beverage could slake, a hunger to devour that he knew she would let him satisfy. It would take hours, but they’d get there.

She clanked around in the mini-fridge and came back with a Coke for him, then went with her tea into the bathroom. He heard the tub start. He got up and watched her pour a little hotel bottle of bath stuff into the small Jacuzzi, filling the air with the aroma of oranges and vanilla. “I really want to clean up a little, and I could use a soak anyhow.”

“Sure,” he nodded, leaning against the door, sipping, looking.

“You gonna just stand there and stare at my ass, or do you maybe want to get in with me?”

“It’s always a lot nicer being in.”

“I see. Get dirty right after we get clean?”

“As dirty as humanly possible while still remaining in bed.”

“Careful. Becka has a story about how wrong that can go.”

“I’ve heard it.” He got into the tub with her as she fired up the jets and they settled back into the chest-deep frothy water, relaxing in opposite corners. “She ought to write a book about sex things to avoid.”

“Or salad recipes.”

He laughed. “The cucumber. Oh my God.”

You ever do anal?” she said, lifting a leg to watch water cascade down it.


“Oh yeah? How’d you like it?”

“Once,” he said again.


“It’s … my shape. The head, it … kinda scoops things out a little.”


“Yeah. How about you?”

“Huh-uh. Is it something you want to do with me?”

“It’s not real high on my list, but if you’re hot to give it a shot, we can.”

“Mmm, I’d rather just use my pussy for that.”

“That’s fine. Me too. Anyway, I like licking what I’m about to fuck, so, yeah.”

“So … you lick your hand a lot, huh?”

“Only after I take it to dinner and a movie. But half the time, it doesn’t put out.”

“See, and whenever I’m at a movie, I’m always having to pull my hand back out from between my legs. It just never gives up.”

“Can you blame it? I mean, come on, that’s some mighty fine landscape you got going on there.”

“Sometimes, a girl just wants to snuggle.”

He shifted around to her side of the tub, and she proved her words. “We’re insane, you know,” he said.


“If we ever get caught, we’re just totally fucked.”

“I know.” Her hand was moving under the water. She looked up at him. “So we’ll have to figure out ways to not get caught.”

He kissed her. “I’d better leave that part up to you. You’re a lot more devious than I am.”

“Well, you’re more deviant, so it balances out.”

“Me? I seem to recall it was you putting on all the moves last night.”

“And I seem to recall it was you not throwing yourself off the balcony, rather than commit a crime against nature.”

“I thought you said you didn’t want to do anal.”

“That’s only a crime against nature when both people aren’t boys.”

“You have a really interesting definition of unnatural.”

“Naturally.” She kissed him, her hand still moving, and his own hand found her slick breasts, the thumb slipping back and forth over a nipple. “Mmm, I think someone’s gonna be ready for round two soon. And it’s not Ezra.”

“Whoever he is, tell him you’re busy.” He slipped his tongue over her jaw, licked the cup of her ear. “God, Kay,” he breathed.

“Yeah,” she said. “I can’t believe how good it is. And how bad I want you.” She kissed him again and shifted around in the water until she was in his lap, facing him, straddling him. “I’ve never fucked in a hot tub.”

“I can’t believe there’s anything left you haven’t done.” He sighed as she shifted up over him and he felt her snug flesh come into contact with his head. “Oh God, how can it feel this good?”

“Who cares? It just does.” She eased down, engulfing him, changing effortlessly from riposting little sister to fully equal lover. “God I need this. I need it so bad.”

“I can tell,” he murmured, rocking beneath her, his hands sliding down from her slippery breasts to her slowly-shifting hips. “Take all you want. I’m here.” He kissed her. “I’m right here.”

“With you,” she breathed, leaning into his embrace, still riding him. “More than any other boy. You. And I don’t know why. It’s just fucking. It’s just sex.” She kissed him and shivered, tightening down on him, when his fingers skated lightly over the folds in her vulva. “But every time with you feels like the first time all over again.”

“That bad, huh?”

“It was the best night of my life,” she murmured, her lips brushing his as she spoke. “Until last night. And now.”

“Yeah,” he said. “Yeah, I … I know what you mean.” He did. His first time with a girl hadn’t been especially bad; it had been exciting, he’d cummed, she’d cummed. Then she’d spent the rest of the afternoon introducing him to the best ways to pleasure her — she was a couple years older, not at all a virgin, and was a superb tutor in this — and the greatest thing he’d learned that day was that, the more pleasure he brought to a girl, the more she wanted to give in return. And as good as that day had been, as full of awe and mystery and delight, his time spent with Kaeleigh since their first urgent coupling utterly eclipsed it, and everything that had passed since. There just wasn’t any girl like her anywhere else in the world, he was sure; and of course, he was right, because he had only one sister. “It was such a good day today. And this is the perfect way to end it.”

“We’re not—” She shuddered again and bore down, harder, her hips twitching, his fingers knowing. “Ah yeah ah fuck yeah bro. God. Yeah.” She kissed him, still moving. “We’re not done yet. We won’t be for a while.”

“Good,” he breathed, and held her and moved with her and filled her, and yes, it was good; and it was also good later on the balcony again, and it was good, too, in the bed, both times after that, and it remained good even as they slipped off together in almost the same embrace they’d shared the night before, with him remaining inside her as they passed into warmth and silence; and the evening and the morning were the first day.