This is a work of erotic fantasy, so there’s quite a lot of sex. However, there isn’t sex happening in every chapter. There are many passages that include setup, character development, and all that boring stuff which makes the sex that much more meaningful when it finally happens. I know not everyone cares about backstory or getting to know the characters, so each chapter which does have sex in it also has a heart following its title:

The sex is not intended to be pornographic or paraphilic. It’s just the kind of stuff that happens between people, though sometimes in somewhat unusual situations. This includes threesomes and groups, intimacy taking place among people under the age of eighteen (with no one over eighteen present), same-sex partners, and scenes involving brother-sister incest. If you live in the kind of world where you believe those sorts of things never happen, or should never happen, you’re both (1) welcome to stop reading now; and (2) not even remotely in touch with reality in any way at all.

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Kaeleigh Goes All the Way

Book 2: 2024 • Part I: Pretty Good Privates

4. Kaeleigh Gets to Know some Co-Workers

Kaeleigh really had missed the entire east wing of Marta’s converted mansion — and a lot of that east wing was on clear display to her now, as wide-open exercise floor, topped with skylights.

At least a hundred-by-hundred foot space was given over to workouts in a bright, airy, and open room. There was a combination aerobics and yoga area, its floor gleaming hardwood, mats stacked along one mirrored wall; there were multiple cardio machines including cross-trainers, stairways, ellipticals, and a pair of Airdynes, one a rower and the other a stationary bike; and there was free-weight and resistance equipment too. That last was occupied by a shirtless young man, looking for all the world like the guys who advertised the machine in the infomercials. He was glossy with sweat and cut like a statue. He saw Marta and Kaeleigh and nodded to them, then finished his reps, which were focused on his pectorals, oh my. He was black-haired, blue-eyed, and in snug workout shorts, shoes, and not a damn thing else, praise Goddess.

“What’d you do,” Kaeleigh said. “Tear out the walls?”

“The gym is original to the house.”

“Oh wow. Did he come with it?” Both women watched, rather happily, as he wiped down the Bowflex, causing wonderfully gleaming and fluid things to happen in his shoulders, biceps, and triceps. When he was done he dropped the cloth in a laundry bucket and went over to the upright Airdyne.

“Sadly, our purchase was not quite so well-appointed. He’s a more recent aftermarket addition. Just as well. He probably would’ve been no more than twelve years old at the time of the original sale.”

“He sure grew up good. Is he talent?”


“Oh, I’m gonna love working here.”

“A lot of girls feel the same way,” Marta said, going over to the Airdyne. Kaeleigh followed. “Kaeleigh, this is Matt. Matt, Kaeleigh.” Marta had to raise her voice a little above the rush of air from the front fan, but it wasn’t as loud as it could get, going full-speed. Matt nodded, still pedaling, not overdoing it; he was going for a burn, and not trying to show off. “Kaeleigh just signed on as talent today.”

“Excellent. Welcome aboard,” Matt said, not breathing too hard. “I’d shake your hand, but…” He tilted his head at the handlebars, which were connected by a cam to the pedals, and moved as they did. They in turn were connected to the fan at the front, which provided the resistance.

“I get it. I use those all the time, too.” Airdynes were a lot more thorough of a workout than they appeared to be at a glance.

“Oh, you work?”

“I’ve been known to, when I can’t avoid it.”

Matt eyed her, then chuckled. “I figured you must do something.”

“Zumba and yoga, mostly.”

“Oh wow, great. We have a Zumba group here. And there’s a bunch of us that do yoga.”

“The guys, too?”

“A few, yeah. Maybe you and I could be workout partners. I like to get in two or three routines a week.”

Kaeleigh looked at Marta, her eyes wide in delight. Marta laughed. “I’ll leave you both to it. I have a pile of documents to sort out yet. Matt, she came here with Luke today.”

“I’ll get her back to his dressing room,” Matt said, still pedaling. His skin was becoming rather nicely burnished with an even, clean sweat.

“Not right away, I hope,” Kaeleigh said as Marta left. She heard her laugh again. “I’m really glad this place is here. I used to go to a women’s gym back home, and was looking for one here too.”

“You found it,” Matt said. “It’s pretty much all women, most of the time. And the membership’s free. Where’re you from?”

“Cliveston. I’m here for the university.”

“Ah, that’s how you know Luke.”

“Uh-huh. Where’re you from?”

“Boise. It’s an okay place, but there sure aren’t great jobs like this one up there. I’m at the U too.”

“Cool. What’s your major?”

“Physics. Cosmology, if you want to be precise about it.”

“Oh, move over, Brian Greene.”

Matt stared at her, and they both giggled. “What’s yours?”

“I’m thinking business administration. I enrolled undeclared, but…” She shrugged.

“Gonna run your own studio one of these days?” What Kaeleigh liked most about that question was that it wasn’t even slightly patronizing. Matt was seriously asking.

“Actually, it did kind of occur to me. Marta … she’s really made an impression.”

“She has a knack for it. Are you a fan of the videos?”

“Rather a bit. I don’t remember seeing you in any, though.”

“I was at CalTech in Pasadena for a couple years on a grant program,” Matt said. “If you go back in the archives before ’22, you’ll see some of my stuff. There’s a couple dozen one-offs, a Love Me, a Nooky, and I played a guest villain on Nadia for two episodes.”


“Yeah. I was the despot who took over the planet Cumalot and renamed it Blueball, until Nadia and her crew arrived and led a revolt of my Able-Bodied Semen against me.” Kaeleigh giggled. “I know. Some of my lines still give me nightmares. Just the most God-awful puns, but that’s half the fun of Nadia. I’m only just back in the game now. Just finished my first scene since I got back.”


“Uh-huh. Just the one, this time, not two.”

“Oh, I thought everyone did two a day.”

“That’s ideal for a lot of people’s schedules, but you can do one, or three or four, if you’re up to it. I wanted to ease back into it, since it’s been a while.”

“Makes sense, sure. How’d it go? Did you have any trouble getting back into the swing of things?”

“It’s a little like riding a bike,” Matt said, still pedaling the one he was on. “I missed this place like crazy, too.”

“I bet. All those girls … all those boys…”

“You swing?”

“Uh-huh. You?”

“A bit, yeah. I don’t mind some dick every once in a while. But what I really missed was the people, and the hangouts. It’s like you’re all members of a club, you all know each other, and everyone gets along. Like being at a Greek life campus party, only without any shallowness or backstabbing.”

“That’s what I hear, yeah.” She stepped back a little as Matt slowed and stopped, giving him room to dismount. He looked invigorated now, and was sweating freely. Kaeleigh watched him clean off the bike. “I like how you wipe it all down.”

“I hate it when people don’t. That’s one reason I work out here, instead of at a regular gym. You don’t have someone else’s slippery handprints or buttprints all over everything. For all the swapping of juices we do on camera, we’re a pretty clean group anywhere else.”

“Swapping juices is fine, as long as it’s consensual.”

Matt laughed. “That’s a great way to put it, yeah.” He dropped the wipe into a nearby bucket. “Well, I’m done for today.” He pulled on a shirt, a loose tank a lot like the kind Luke favored and Kaeleigh appreciated, and for the same build-showcasing reason. Matt had a distinct and delectable vee shape to his torso. “You been to the cafeteria yet?”

“There’s a…” She shook herself. “Of course there is. Why not? This place has everything else.”

He held out his hand. “C’mon. It’s right around the corner.” She took it and walked with him. “There’s a different menu each day, usually brunchy stuff. Light, digestible, and loaded with energy, since for some strange reason we all seem to use a lot.”

“How odd. Has anyone seen a doctor?”

“No, but we play it a lot.”

“That’s close enough.” She eyed him, bulbous in his Spandex, sweetly pumped everywhere else. “Cosmology, huh? Why not gynecology?”

“That’s more of a hobby,” he shrugged, leading her around a short turn to a lovely little atrium, set with planters and small tables, some occupied by studio staff munching and chatting. Sunlight streamed in through skylights, giving it all a spacious open-patio feel, and gentle wafts of cooling air took the edge off the summer’s heat. Along the far wall stood a bank of beverage fountains — sodas, teas hot and cold, coffee hot and iced — and cold cases stocked with fresh salads and sandwiches on plates. A small steam table with several covered containers let out faint wisps. A signboard had a hand-lettered menu on it, done in chalk, like the dressing-room door nameplates.








“They try to include vegetarian options too,” Matt said as she eyed the menu. “It’s not always easy to manage, like around Thanksgiving, but even then they have UnTurkey.”

“Looks great and smells better,” Kaeleigh said, going up to the self-serve offerings with him. “Where do we pay?”

“We don’t,” he said. “We’re staff.”

“I only just signed on.”

“Still counts. Load up and chow down.”

She did, selecting some of everything, packing gyros slices into a large and very soft pita, adding an extra cup of tzatziki to her array of condiments. She’d always had a weakness for the stuff. They sat at one of the little tables, facing each other, and Kaeleigh was astonished at the quality of the food. It wasn’t cafeteria-grade at all, bland and textureless and half turned to mush. The falafel was crispy on the outside and redolent of garlic and cumin; the gyros were clearly made with real lamb; and the hummus was rich and saturated with vibrant olive oil. Even the spanakopita was properly crisp in the pastry. “It’s like it was all fresh made a few minutes ago,” she managed around a mouthful of rice, bursting with lemon.

“They cook it in small batches all day long,” Matt said, relishing his gyros. “Keeps everything from getting manky.”

“It sure does. So you were in California a while?”

“Couple years, yeah.”

“Did you do any scenes there?”

“Only three. I didn’t really … it’s a different culture. Nowhere near as nice as PGP.”

“Marta said something about hygiene and cleaning up being a problem at a lot of places, yeah.”

“Oh, they did okay there. The sheets were clean. It’s just … regular porn, it’s not as good.”

“But you get off, right?”

“Sure,” he shrugged. “But the girls don’t. Not as much, anyway. It’s all about the cumshot. I like it a hell of a lot more here.”

“You like it when the girl comes?”

“Doesn’t everyone?” he said.

“Well, the girls sure do, yeah.” They laughed. “From what Marta was telling me before, and what you’re saying now, I guess this is a pretty special place.”

“It is,” Matt nodded, starting work on his baklava. “Oh man that’s good. Rhonda runs a great kitchen. Yeah, even at most regular jobs, you don’t see a company gym, a staff caff, or regular fun gatherings that actually really are fun. Especially not provided as perqs. And the pay is through the roof, compared to other places.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Did Marta tell you anything about what a girl makes for a scene anywhere else?”

“I didn’t ask. She said it’s five thousand for us here.”

“Uh-huh. Men and women both. Well…” He sipped at his latté. “Well, elsewhere, a girl usually makes about three to five hundred bucks for a scene.”

“Holy shit,” Kaeleigh said.

“Standard rates,” Matt shrugged. “No one in California believed me when I told them what she pays. Or that women make equal pay. Guys usually get a couple hundred more per scene, out there.”


“I have no damn idea,” Matt said. “It’s not like a hard dick is hard to find. I guess because it’s such a boys’ club. It’s a really stupid attitude, because without the girls, it’d be just the guys. Which is gay porn, and actually pays more. But still less than what we make here.”

“Marta must be raking in tons.”

“She’s not doing too bad, from what I understand. The difference is she doesn’t keep it all for herself. She figures we do the work, so we deserve the reward. But she has a serious commercial eye, too. There’s regular social media updates, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr accounts for PGP and any talent that want to do their own feeds, smart ads and teaser videos on places like Pornhub, and there’s premiums given to members that get others to sign up.”

“One month free, yeah,” Kaeleigh nodded. “I got a few of my friends hooked up that way. But a lot of studios and stars do that already, don’t they?”

“Sure, but we’re generally pretty loyal to Marta, she’s loyal to us, and the fans…” He thought for a moment. “Well, they obviously like the work we do, since a lot of them stick around for years. Women’s erotica is still a growing genre, so there just aren’t as many options. If you have something out there that’s really good quality and you play the game carefully, you’re going to rise to the top pretty fast. A lot of our fans know we’re treated better, and I think that helps. Also, most of them are women, and … well, not to pull up a stereotype, but women in general seem to be into longer-term relationships than men. So they have a few favorite stars, and they keep coming back for more of them. Plus they like the rest of the work, so they stick around for that too.”

“I see. It’s brand loyalty, in a way.”

“Sort of, yeah,” Matt nodded. “We’re considered a niche studio, but in that niche, we’re pretty big, so some wise investing and marshaling of resources has paid off in serious dividends for Marta. Which means better dividends for all of us. She’s not pissing it all away on Lears or limos or bling or drugs. She could, too. PGP is a sole proprietorship operation, an LLC. She’s the only owner, and everyone else’s boss.”

“No board of directors, no shareholders?”

“Nope. No one to answer to but herself. She says she built it from the ground up, busted her ass for the first ten years, and she’s damned if she’s going to change any policies now that things are really starting to pay off. She thinks it ain’t broke, so there’s nothing to fix.” He looked around them at the cute little cafeteria; it wouldn’t be out of place as an executive dining lounge in a Fortune 500 company. “And I think she’s right. This place has more genuine respect for its people than … than a lot of big-name ‘legitimate’ corporations, such as, oh, certain big-box retailers, and we’re supposed to be living sinful and shameful lifestyles. It’s ironic, I guess, and pretty sad, that there are a lot of people out there getting more fucked than we do every day, and making a lot less to show for it. And most of them have their clothes on when they’re having it done to them.”

“Respect seems to be a key word for her.”

“For all of us,” Matt nodded.

Kaeleigh had finished her meal a while ago. “So what were your plans for the afternoon?”

“Showering off, putting on clothes, and going home, pretty much. How about you?”

“I don’t know. It’s barely after one o’clock, and Luke said he wouldn’t be done before three.”

“He’s doing a scene?”

“Uh-huh. With Meilin.” She’d seen her work before. It was very, very good work. Meilin’s vulva was quite slight and trim, but it could accommodate Luke or any other guy easily, and it looked absolutely delicious, with very pretty, petite inner labia that furled and curled like curtains. A bit higher up she had a Hitler mustache of pubes, and breasts no larger than her own. Kaeleigh didn’t have a particular type, and certainly didn’t have a fetish for Asian girls (or Latinas, or caucasians, or anyone, really; she was happy to be with everyone, and so was Luke), but Meilin was the kind of woman that could help explain why some guys went nuts over them. “If I was him, I’d be taking my time, too.”

“I haven’t done a scene with her,” Matt said. “She started after I went to CalTech.”

“She’s gorgeous.”

“Yeah, she is. Marta has a real skill for picking up some good-looking people. Present company included, of course.”

“I was thinking the same thing.” She leaned across the table. “Tell me, Matt. I’m sure there are policies against harassment here, but would it be way out of line to ask if you wanted to try a candid scene with a brand-new co-worker you just met? Like, maybe something in your dressing room?”

“It’s not harassment if we both consent,” he said.

“I see. Do we?”

“We do,” he said.

“Well, then, it’s a case of your place, or yours.”

He stood and offered his arm. She took it. He led the way back down the hall, down the grand staircase to the ground level, and up one of the corridors until they arrived at a closed door with one of the ubiquitous mini chalkboards on it. This one read:



…complete with a drawing of the garment in question, done in hot pink.

“Laura?” Kaeleigh said.

“Laura,” Matt nodded, opening the door for her. “Have you met her?”

“Not yet, and I think I want to.” She pushed the door shut, found a little lock button beside the knob, and pushed it. “I figure we’ll be doing a scene together one of these days.”

“Probably. She swings too.”

“Not Laura,” Kaeleigh said. “There’s only one other person in this room right now, and he’s damn sure not shaped like a woman.”

“True,” he said. “Do you mind if I rinse down? I’m pretty grungy.”

“Do you mind if I join you?”

“Not in the least,” he said, going into the bathroom. She followed, and watched while he doffed his shirt, kicked his shoes off, and then dropped his shorts. He was uncircumcised, and his foreskin swelled in a full bell around the ripe shape of his corona, the prepuce closed in a gentle pucker. While he got the water started, Kaeleigh stripped down as well. She was as naked as he was when he turned back around. He whistled. “Holy hell.”

“Kinda what I was thinking.” He really looked like he could be a statue, muscular and gorgeous and naked, and as he eyed her, his penis began to swell and fill until it stood upright before him, the skin rolling back to expose his glistening ruddy crown. “God, I am so in the mood to suck some cock, all of a sudden.”

“You’re a little mouth-watering yourself,” he said as they stepped into the spray. They rinsed, then took up soap and began working on each other. “I like uninhibited girls,” he murmured, his hands sliding easily over her slick breasts.

“So do I. And I like a boy who knows what he likes, and goes for it.” He took the hint, and soon they were making out, his hands good and firm on her body, his fingers delicate when they found her groove, gentle but knowing. He teased her labia, tickled her vestibule, rocked his hand over her mound and clit, giving her cunt a gradual kneading as he cupped it in his strong grip. By the time Matt was on his knees before her, she was ready.

He’d eaten a lot of pussy. That was obvious. He primed her with nuzzling and kissing, light stroking brushes with his fingers, a slow circular roll of his face against her vulva; and then he was teasing her with his tongue, moaning softly as he began to get her flavor. She looked down at him, at the water rolling over his face as he held her eyes with his, and soon she was riding not one, but both of his shoulders. Her back was against the shower wall and he was supporting her weight, letting her use his face like a bicycle seat. It was a long ride and bumpy in all the right ways, and Kaeleigh wasn’t sure how long she was balanced there in a state of bliss, ecstasies rising hot and bright through her flesh, seen to with perfect skill by Matt. He eased back a little when she lowered her feet to the floor, stood in her arms when she pulled him up. “Holy hell,” he breathed between kisses. “Holy hell you taste good.”

His penis was still rigid, and she cupped his warm heavy balls, slippery and wet, and glided her hand up and down on his shaft. “Back up a little,” she breathed, and kept her eyes on his as she knelt. His cock throbbed in her grasp and against her lips, and when she took him in he put his hands in her hair, lacing his fingers into the wet warm strands. Matt, like most porn talent, trimmed his pubes; a neat little disc of black curls was what she saw before her as her head bobbed steadily and she sucked and licked and worked him. She felt him buck and tremble before her, knew he was getting near, and eased back to edge him for a while, building his load. She wasn’t in a rush to claim her prize, and he was more than happy to let her drive. His balls tightened and relaxed in her gentle grasp, snugging in close sometimes, easing back down others, and that was only one of the ways she could measure her progress with him.

She used them all, and used him too, and at last took up the steady rhythm that always got the results. As her head pulled back she sucked gently, sliding her hand up in time; as she moved forward she pressed her tongue to his frenulum, letting it slide along his vee; and she went on like that for almost a minute before she felt his fingers clench on her head. “I’m gonna come if you keep going,” he gasped. She kept going, and he gasped again, and then his penis turned to steel in her mouth. His curve bucked along her tongue, his flesh swelled, his head filled; and his balls were snug in his groin and she felt the spasms in his perineum, and slipped her finger up against his asshole while he began to erupt. He growled, yeah yeah yeah fuck yeah, and that surge filled him, and then there was his flavor, mildly salty, tingly and peppery, a copious well of joy overflowing from his thrusting loins. She took it all from him, then sent his spunk down her throat with a happy bubbling gulp, and smiled up at him as she licked him clean. His chest was heaving. “Good God you know what you’re doing,” he panted.

“I’ve had some practice.” She gave his shaft a last lick, from root to head, then stood. “Plus, there’s something about a big hunk of hot man that makes me want to just eat him up whole.”

“As first days back at work go, this is an all-time winner.” He kissed her. “A good scene, a nice workout, a great lunch, and a wonderful new colleague. Thank you. And welcome to PGP.”

She giggled and shut off the water. “Maybe you can help me get oriented.”

“Don’t need to.” He handed her a towel, which she began using to dry him off, so he did the same right back to her. “You already know your way around.”

“So I’m up to standards?”

“You’re gonna fit in perfect here.”

“Everyone keeps telling me that,” she said, and looked down along his well-muscled body to his penis, only half softened, the head covered again by his foreskin. “God, you look so good.”

“What I was thinking too,” he murmured, eyeing her bared vulva, her naked body. “Just beautiful, Kaeleigh. Just … beautiful.”

“Can you come again?”

“I think I can manage it,” he said. “It’ll take me a while, though.”

“Well, there’s a couch out there in your dressing room, and Luke’s only just starting his scene with Meilin now, I think. Your tongue was great, but I’m still in the mood, if you feel like a fuck.”

“How the hell am I gonna say no to you?” he said, leading her by the hand to the sofa. “We’ve got Nordos in the end-table drawer, go figure.”

“Nope. No Nordos. I have an Enfem, and if I work for it, I’m keeping it. All of it. Next time you come, it’s gonna be in my pussy.”

“Oh, yes ma’am,” he said. He sat and kissed her belly when she straddled him, then pulled her hips toward his face. Kaeleigh looked down again into his eyes, watching his face, framed by her thighs and her tits, seeing the pleasure there as he tasted her once more, reveling in her full cunt, his to eat to his satisfaction. His hands, a little callused from his workouts, slid up her body to cup her breasts, and his thumbs and fingers flicked and teased and gently pinched her nipples, rounding out the heat he was bringing to her inner folds and nub with a slow, complete, and complex lick of his tongue. He went up and down, back and forth, side to side, glazed her pussy and lapped at her clit, mapping out eleven dimensions of space and time in her topology. When she eased down into his lap and reached, she found him fully hardened again.

She pushed him onto his back and climbed over him while his eyes went all over the rolling motions of her naked body, admiring her breasts, her hips, the tantalizing sway of her mons. She straddled him, glazed him in herself. Even if he hadn’t just eaten her pussy, she’d be more than wet enough for this; all that acreage of muscle and skin, all that well-worked body laid out just for her to have, made for a menu as appetizing as the one at the café. She took him in and sighed with him, sinking down, letting his penis glide into her slowly so they could both get the most out of it. The easy, gradual penetration was sweet and had her shivering at the feeling of his rounded head, his broad hot shaft, the veins and bumps rippling up into her vagina. “Oh God,” he breathed, looking down to where her full cleft had engulfed him. “Oh God that’s so nice, Kaeleigh. God, you feel so good…”

I feel good?” she murmured, leaning over to run her hands along his pecs, his abs. “I’d say we both feel good.”

“Well, you look good, too,” he said, watching her trim, taut body begin to rock above his, her high half-handful breasts inviting his hands, her flat belly dipping and rolling with her motions, her hips gliding smoothly above his, her clit up and labia swollen under his slippery, skillful caresses.

I look good?” She leaned in again and kissed him, having sex with someone she found attractive for no reason other than that he shared the attraction, enjoying her freedom to enjoy herself as a woman and him as a man. “What about that washboard? And that chest…”

“Yours is pretty nice, yeah,” he nodded, kissing her, his tongue gentle. “And you have a beautiful pussy.”

I have a beautiful pussy?” she said.

He chuckled. “Got you there.”

“Not really,” she said, and kissed him. “After all, you have a beautiful pussy too. Right now, your dick is in it.”

He grinned up at her as she sat back again. “I like you.”

“I can tell,” she said, gliding and rocking, and he did like her, and she liked him, and they liked each other for quite a while before it was done and she rested atop him, enjoying the feel of his body and hers, his cock and semen inside her; enjoying their afterglow, the contentment that always came after good love with a good partner. “Do these kinds of hookups happen a lot here?”

“They can,” he said. “Even if you’ve done a couple scenes, you usually have some energy, and … well, we all like each other, we all get along, we all do scenes together, so … if a girl gets in the mood, she grabs someone nearby, and off it goes.”

“The guys never start it?”

“With each other, yeah, we might, if we swing. With the girls … not usually, no. We know we tend to run a little more hot-blooded and eager, so we’re okay to let the girl make the decision. If it happened every time a guy wanted it to, no one would ever get any work done. New guys, they usually figure it out in a month or two, or someone tells them. I mean it’s not nonstop sex, it can’t be, but … yeah, there’s a reason the dressing room doors have locks.”

“Another perq for working here, huh?”

He chuckled. “It’s a hell of a fine job. Set your own schedule, health insurance, retirement…” He kissed the top of her head. “Making love with beautiful and wonderful women…”

“You’re sweet.”

“I mean it. I’m glad we met.”

“Me too. Is it all right if we do it again sometime?”

“Any time. Any time at all.”

“Okay.” She rested for a while longer, her head on his good, broad chest. He felt a little like Luke, but they didn’t smell the same, and they didn’t make love in the same way, either. That was okay. She loved Luke, but she liked variety. “So you do yoga too, huh?”

“Uh-huh,” he said, stroking her back.

“Maybe one of these days we can do a scene together. Nude yoga, and oh my goodness, look what you can do with this pose.”

“I love it. Bring it up with the directors. I could be the new student, and you could be the instructor, showing me how to get all the positions right. I’m uncertain, you know you’re arousing me, and we go from you teaching me to you having me.”

“Losing your virginity to me?”

“Metaphorically,” he said. “Symbolically. First times can be pretty sexy, especially if one kind of first time is standing in for something else.”

“I bet your real first time was a long, long time ago.”

“I started late, compared to some people who work here,” he said. “I lost it after prom, when I was seventeen.”

“Oh wow. How old are you now?”


“Well. Lucky for me I’m legal.”

“Barely, I bet. You look sixteen, but I know you can’t be, and there’s no way you’re new at any of this.”

“Put it this way. If I was the same age as you when I had my first time, I’d’ve been doing it for a year.”

“Oh, no, I’m sure you would’ve cummed by now. Or at least stopped to pee.”

“Ass. I started when I was thirteen. Five years ago.”



“Man. You must really need to pee, huh?”

Hole,” she laughed, and got up. She could still feel his cum inside her. She liked it; she always liked that feeling. From the very first time she’d known it, that sensation of fluid not her own in her most intimate space, she’d loved it. And she’d loved the boy who put it there, and still did. Travis, learning nanoscale engineering at SUNY Polytech now. He had been and always would be unutterably precious to her, one of her dearest, closest friends, partly because he’d helped her find the freedom she needed to make new dear, close friends, such as the man under her now. “Thank you,” she said to Matt.

“No, Kaeleigh. Thank you. That was a sweet gift you gave me.”

“We’ll call it even.” She uncoupled from him and took a few delightful minutes to lick him clean, then stood up and stretched, arching her back in a taut curve, smiling at the way Matt enjoyed the show. “So. I’m thinking it’s close to time to get dressed, which kinda sucks, because oh my God the view from here is great, and then you can show me where the hell Luke’s dressing room is, which matters because I’m totally lost.”

“Mmm. I suppose all good things must come to an end.” He got up and they indulged in a close embrace and long kiss. “You’ll get used to the layout here pretty fast. And if you get turned around, there’s always a gallant knight or three who’ll come to your rescue.”

“You almost make being a distressed damsel seem worthwhile.” She let go of him and followed him to the bathroom to get her clothes, enjoying quite a view of her own on the journey. Hot and smart beefcake, a large selection of it, ready to go and always in reach, along with being paid to spend a day doing what she did all the time, for free? She was really, really going to love working here.

* * *

Matt rapped on Luke’s dressing-room door a little after three, Kaeleigh beside him, her arm around his waist. After the healthy loads of him she’d had, she was feeling quite warm about him. “We knock first,” Matt said.

“Well, doesn’t everyone?”

“Not in some places, no.”


After a moment Luke cracked the door and peered out. “Oh, hey, come in.” He turned and called. “It’s Kay and Matt.”

“Oh, great,” said a woman’s voice. “I’ve been wanting to meet them both.”

“Are you decent?” Kaeleigh said.

“I haven’t been for years.” Luke stepped back, naked and not concerned about it, and let them in. “Meilin’s here too.”

“How’d the scene go?” Kaeleigh said as he closed the door behind them.

“Great,” he said. “I thought you’d be here, and she really wants to meet you, and Marta wasn’t sure where you were either. Looks like you figured something else out.”

“This is Matt,” Kaeleigh said. The boys shook hands. “He’s talent here too.”

“We only just passed each other going in and out when you started, I think,” Matt said.

“Yeah, I remember you from your scenes. Good to meet you, man.”

“You too. You do some damn nice work.”

“Thanks,” Luke smiled. “Right back at you. Your workout’s looking really good on you.”

“Right back at you,” Matt said.

“Sorry for my state,” Meilin said as she came out of the bathroom, wearing a towel over her hair and nothing else. “Luke can be hard to let go of sometimes.”

“Did we interrupt?” Matt said.

“No, we took care of business. For now, anyway.” Introductions were made, hands shaken, and Kaeleigh was red to her roots. She’d seen lots of naked women by then, and lots of very attractive ones; but she’d watched all of Meilin’s work, had masturbated to dozens of her scenes, and seeing her live and in person had her flummoxed for a few moments. Meilin covered her awkward silence by hugging her close, kissing both cheeks, then standing back, her arms still around her, to look her in the eye. “God, Luke sure knows how to pick ’em. I knew you’d have to be someone pretty special, from what he was telling me. But what I imagined doesn’t live up to the real thing at all.”

“Thanks,” Kaeleigh managed at last. Even as experienced as she was, being held close by someone this lovely and loaded with raw erotic appeal was disorienting.

“You don’t mind that he and I were … getting in some extra time, do you?”

“Course not. I do it with him all the time.”

Meilin purred. “Lucky girl.”

“I know. Him too. God, you look so much better in person. I mean, you’re amazing in your scenes, but … wow.”

Meilin laughed, a light melodic chuckle. “You’re sweet.”

“She’s sweet, and I’m famished,” Luke said. “You guys been to the caff yet?”

“Yeah, but it was a while ago,” Matt said.

“I could probably eat something,” Kaeleigh said.

“I bet you could,” said Meilin. She was still holding her, and looked down at Kaeleigh’s body. “Mmm, and so could I. But right now, food’s a littler higher on my agenda.”

Kaeleigh smiled. “I don’t mind a raincheck.”

Meilin laughed. “I like you. A lot. Can I get a preview?”


It was a hell of a kiss. Very slow, and it built and built, Meilin’s tongue gentle at first and not passing beyond her lips, at first; but as the warmth grew, so did her boldness, and the timing was perfect. Kaeleigh felt herself shivering, even though she wasn’t the naked one in this embrace. Oh, she was good, slipping and sipping, tasting and enjoying, just this side of lascivious. When their lips parted at last she pressed her forehead to hers and they stared into one another’s eyes, breathing low and soft. Kaeleigh’s hands had risen of their own accord to Meilin’s slight breasts, which were perfectly smooth and warm, slightly conical under her palms, the nipples sweet firm little caps under her thumbs. “Yeah,” she breathed.

“Mmm,” Meilin nodded, licking her lips. “My thought exactly. You are just my kind of girl.”

“Good,” Kaeleigh murmured.

The boys chuckled, and she realized the kiss had gone on so long that Luke had time to get dressed. “Uh,” she said.

Meilin looked around, giggled, and turned her attention to Kaeleigh once more. “I doubt they’re offended. But I am hungry for food, too.”

“Yeah. I bet you probably are. I know how Luke can be sometimes.” Kaeleigh let her hands slip down, and Meilin released her from the embrace. She dressed quickly in a sport top a lot like the ones Kaeleigh still favored, a halter, satin panties, and a short skirt. Knee-socks, white to match the halter, were accompanied by black flats that went with the skirt. Her hair, when she let it down, fell in a long straight silken black curtain.

Kaeleigh was only half-listening to Luke and Matt talk shop. The sweet little reverse strip-tease was tantalizing. As Meilin shimmied the glossy white panties up and snugged them into place over her pert smooth-shaven cleft, she caught herself wishing she could be them. Her little patch of pubes showed as a shadow, and her groove was cupped and cradled in the soft, thin cloth. She took a breath and shook her head at herself. She’d never been starstruck before, but she’d never met anyone like Meilin before, a magnificent young woman whose taut, smooth body she’d seen in orgasm countless times, with a boy’s or girl’s face nestled between her long, slim thighs, or a hard penis gliding smoothly in and out of her beautiful, accommodating flesh. Luke’s cum was inside this girl right now, and it was a very good place for it to be. Hundreds of millions of his sperm were swimming around in the sweet heat of her womb, with no idea at all how fortunate they were. (Well, maybe some idea; they’d begun life in his balls, after all.)

Meilin was aware of the scrutiny, but it didn’t seem to bother her. She stood, pulled her hair back, and picked up a ribbon. “Tie me off?” she said to Kaeleigh.

“Sure.” She bound the ribbon, green satin, into a snug little bow, turning the cascade into an ebony ponytail that wouldn’t have been out of place on a twenty-million-dollar thoroughbred. “My God, your hair is so beautiful,” she said, easing her fingers through strands that felt smoothly slick and flowed like water.

“Thank you,” Meilin said, flushing slightly at the attention, allowing it to continue. “Hot oil three times a week, and only boar’s bristle brushes.”

“I use hot oil in mine too, but it’s nowhere near this perfect.”

“Oh, but it’s so wonderful,” Meilin said, turning to comb her fingers through Kaeleigh’s bob. “I love the color. Brass and copper and gold, and it shimmers so beautifully in the light.”

“It’s always been a little frizzy.”

“Must be all the electricity in you.” She smiled. “I know I feel a charge.”

It was another hell of a kiss.

When they parted, Meilin wound her arm around Kaeleigh’s waist. “Shall we?”

“Yeah.” Kaeleigh’s lips were tingling. Her whole body was tingling. She knew her face was flushed, but Meilin’s was too; and her eyes glowed with a steady, latent heat that sped her pulse. Her attraction to Matt had been largely physical, augmented by his easy conversation; her desire for Meilin felt deeper, like there was a mutual resonance between them. They’d only met a few minutes ago and barely exchanged a dozen words, but she was already imagining the things she’d do with her, given the chance; and looking into Meilin’s eyes now, seeing her little half-smile, Kaeleigh got the impression Meilin was imagining something similar. Was it possible this pert bombshell, a girl she’d seen in action with dozens of knockout women and men, felt the same lust now that she did? The idea made her heart thump.

Luke took her hand, and Matt took Meilin’s, and they wended their way along to the staircase. “This place is such a maze. How do you not need breadcrumbs?”

“There was some rebuilding after Marta bought it, yeah,” Matt said. “Walls added, others knocked down, rooms enlarged, a few removed entirely. The entire east side of the second floor is the Nadia soundstage. They had to put in all kinds of structural reinforcement to replace load-bearing areas.”

“Have you seen it?” Meilin said. Kaeleigh shook her head. “Ooo, you have to. Come on.” She diverted them off the staircase at the second-floor landing, and led the way along to a large set of soundproofed double doors. An LED lamp above them was bright green. “When it’s yellow,” Meilin said, “they’re setting up a shot. When it’s red, they’re rolling.”

“Which means don’t go in, I guess.”

“That’s right. But there’s nothing on the schedule for today, so there probably won’t be anyone here.” Meilin pulled at the righthand door and it opened easily, swinging silently on well-lubricated hinges. Beyond it was a dark space that felt cavernous. She reached to one side and there was a click, and overhead LED bulbs glowed up to a warm, friendly yellow-white. “Come on.” She smiled at Kaeleigh, took her hand, and led her inside.

Kaeleigh had seen documentaries before about how special effects were done, so she expected some of what she saw. What she saw were walls, ceiling, and floor painted a bright, true green, with a grid done in white plus-shaped lines everywhere. That helped the background artists know what the perspective was on a shot, so they’d be able to paint in the scene properly, and rotate it to match the camera movement.

It was the floor that caught her a little by surprise, and the ceiling. The floor was scuffed in some places, there were bits of gaffer’s tape on it here and there, and cables were coiled neatly along one wall. She’d somehow expected that it would be as pristine as the walls were, but walls weren’t generally used to stand or walk around on, so after a moment’s thought, she understood.

The ceiling was the other surprise. There were anchor points everywhere with studio lights on them, some of them fresnel-focused spots, others broad sheets with vast numbers of LED bulbs in arrays. They looked like they were all mounted to a crisscross of rails in the ceiling, so they could be moved around easily and relocated as necessary. There was another set of rails that were thinner, but seemed more robust, and the ceiling itself was at least twenty feet above the floor. “What…” she said, looking up. “Where’d all the space come from? The hallway ceiling doesn’t look like it goes past maybe twelve feet.”

“Good eye,” Matt nodded. “The floor above is where the gym and caff are, but everything east of that — where the kitchens are now — used to be a swimming pool.”

Kaeleigh turned and gaped at him. “An entire swimming pool?”

“Six feet deep,” he nodded. “When they took that out, they raised the ceiling height in here for the soundstage, and added some height to the roof so no one in the kitchens would get hunchbacked.” He walked about halfway into the soundstage, stopped, and turned. “From about here on to the back wall.”

Kaeleigh shook her head. The soundstage was easily a hundred feet wide, twice that in depth. “It must’ve cost a fortune.”

“Nowhere near what it would’ve cost to build new. This used to be the grand ballroom. Well,” he chuckled, “depending on the scene, it still is. The pool had a glass roof overhead, I guess, so that made building up and out a lot easier than it would’ve been if it had all been solid.”

“But there’s a pool out back,” Kaeleigh said. She’d seen that, too, in myriad scenes, and knew it had a great view of the forest beyond.

“I guess they wanted to laze around in January as much as July.” Matt strolled out further, looking up and around.

“Those are the harness tracks,” Meilin said, pointing to the thinner grid. “So when they’re doing wirework, they can just … soar, or fly, or zip around. It’s all computer controlled and motorized.”

Kaeleigh had heard some of the stars, in Breakfast Nookys, talk about the harnesses they wore for the wirework, to make it look like they were in a low- to no-gravity setting. From what they all said, the harnesses got rather uncomfortable after a while. The tracks, and the lights, were painted green in most visible places, but lots of bare metal and plastic showed anyway. “Man, the CG artists must really have to work hard sometimes.”

“The software helps a lot,” Matt said, strolling back toward them. “But yeah, I’ve seen them do some of the postwork and cleanup. I think our job’s a lot easier. All we have to do is fuck.”

“Solo’s even easier,” Meilin said, squeezing Kaeleigh’s hand. “But it’s always more fun with a friend.”

“Oh, but Goddess, your solos are incredible,” Kaeleigh said. A dozen or so of Meilin’s Pinks had been just her masturbating, with her hands or various toys. One of the hottest she’d ever seen was when she was staging a webcam performance and talked to the “recipient”, who was intended to be a woman. She’d kept up a constant litany about how much she loved her breasts, her nipples, how good her pussy tasted, while she made herself come over and over again, sighing over how much she missed her lover, murmuring things like I wish you were here, girl, I’d do you all night long; and Kaeleigh was sure she wasn’t alone in watching and fantasizing that the video had been meant just for her. “Sorry. I don’t mean to gush.”

“But I like when girls gush.” Meilin turned out the room lights and led them back into the hallway. “Especially all over me.”

“Mmm. That’s one of my favorites too, yeah. I’m just such a … a big, big fan of your scenes.”

“Well, thank you, Kaeleigh. But I’m just a regular girl, like anyone else. Maybe a little hornier than some, and maybe I’m willing to let other people watch. But I still eat and fart and shit and get boogers, just like anyone else.”

“Huh. Me too. I guess we have a lot in common.”

Meilin laughed. “That’s better. I like fans. I love fans. But you don’t need to put me up on a pedestal. We do have a lot in common, mostly being human. I put my undies on one leg at a time.”

“I noticed.” They giggled as they rounded the corner to the cafeteria. This late in the afternoon, it was just the four of them. “I wouldn’t mind helping you out of them sometime, and getting very, very human with you.”

“Well, Luke tells me you’re working here now. So let’s do a scene together.”

“That would be so awesome,” Kaeleigh breathed. “I could be with you all day and never get tired of it. But that’d probably be too long for the video.”

“Not really,” Meilin said, color high in her cheeks. “The Pinks … are kind of condensed for time.”


“The dissolves between angles,” Luke said. He was loading his own tray as much as Meilin was. Kaeleigh and Matt were being a little more sedate; he was getting falafel, while she opted for another slice of spanakopita, with dolmades and baklava. “There’s stuff they edit out, sometimes.”

“Yeah,” said Meilin. “We … well, I, anyway … usually like the shoot on a Pink to last for a couple of hours. Of course, that man of yours doesn’t have much problem keeping up, either. We recorded an hour for the one-off, most of it … heh … glorious. Running time’ll be about forty minutes, though.”

“She’s kinda like you,” Luke said to Kaeleigh. “When you get started, it’s hard to stop.”

“We have got to do one together,” Kaeleigh sighed.

Meilin smiled. “Or more than one.” They sat at one of the tables, Kaeleigh and Luke on one side, Meilin and Matt on the other. “What are your plans for tonight?”

“Uh,” Kaeleigh said. “We’re having a guest over.”

“That’s okay. How about tomorrow?”

She glanced at Luke, who shrugged. “We’ll be free then, yeah.”

“Good. I live near Eckert and Stonemason Drive. 326 Stonemason Court. Come on by in the afternoon.”

“Damn,” said Matt. “That’s a nice neighborhood.”

“I’m a nice girl. Want to stop by tonight and pay me a visit? I’ll show you how nice I can be.”

“Love to,” Matt nodded.

“Good. Bring something to swim in, if you want to.”

“Oh, you have a pool?”


“Awesome. I love swimming.”

“Thought you probably did. I do too. Of course, what I swim in is what I was born in.”

“Funny. That’s what I was planning to bring.”

“Good choice. Oh God, these gyros are hitting the spot.” As she spoke, Meilin’s leg lifted and stroked Kaeleigh’s shin under the table. They shared a smile, and then she looked at Matt. “You’re worth a very close inspection.”

“I could probably use one. I hope I pass muster,” Matt said, working on his falafel.

“I’m sure you’re up to my standards.” Her foot was moving lazily up and down Kaeleigh’s shin now. “I’m gonna make love to you so hard when you come over.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” Matt said.

“So am I.” The top of Meilin’s foot had begun gliding gently along Kaeleigh’s calf. “I love a tight, well-cared-for body. It’s so sexy. Just skin and muscle, and lots of energy.”

“It takes work, but it’s worth it,” Matt said.

“You can have me all night long, honey.” She’d slipped her shoe off, and now her foot was slipping up Kaeleigh’s thigh, ticking her as it rose beneath her skirt. “I can’t wait to feel your tongue in me.”

“I can’t wait to put it there,” Matt said. “You’re really a hell of a woman. I hope we can work together soon.”

“Oh, it’s mutual.” Kaeleigh shifted forward in her seat, and Meilin’s foot made perfect contact. Her toes were almost as deft as fingers. “I’m getting so wet, just thinking about making love to you.”

“Maybe we should just go straight to your place,” Matt said.

“Yeah. I’d love that.” Her toes were faultless in their slow, soft motion, just rocking gently in the hot moist crease of Kaeleigh’s panties. “I really want to have you between my legs.”

“I can’t imagine a better place to be, right about now,” Matt said.

“I’m in a serious mood,” Meilin breathed, her foot rocking and rocking, moving with powerful little thrusts that sent hot little jolts through Kaeleigh’s nerves. “I think about sex all the time, and I need a good, skilled, energetic partner to see to all my needs.”

“Well … I’ll sure do my best,” Matt said.

“I love being eaten out.” Kaeleigh was beginning to shiver a little.

“Good thing I love going down.”

“Mmm. Me too. And I come very wet, if you do it right.” Kaeleigh was very wet now too. She could smell herself as Meilin’s toes worked unbelievable, quiet magic on her with just the slightest of motions.

“There’s something else for me to look forward to, then,” Matt said.

“I bet you’d lick it all away, wouldn’t you?”

“You bet I would. Cum is the best part about sex.”

“Mmm, yeah, it is. I bet you’d just stay there, and drink me, and then we’d swing around and sixty-nine, and I’d get a good long taste of your cum, too.” Kaeleigh’s nipples went rigid and her clit swelled, and she came in her panties, barely moving, suppressing the shudders that wanted to burst through her body, her thighs clenching around Meilin’s foot.

“We think alike,” Matt said.

“I bet we do,” Meilin murmured, her foot slowing. “I bet we do.” Kaeleigh let out a gentle sigh as she felt her foot withdraw. “Fuck, I’m so horny right now.”

“Well, we can go any time you like,” Matt said.

“Let’s do just that,” Meilin said, and rose. She looked at Kaeleigh for the first time since her foot had gone wandering. “Tomorrow? Late lunch at two o’clock?”

“I think I can wait that long to eat,” Kaeleigh said. Luke eyed her. He’d been paying attention to Meilin’s dialogue with Matt, and inhaling his late lunch, and only just noticed how flushed her face was.

“You’ll be there too, right?” Meilin said to Luke.

He puffed out a breath. “You bet. I have a feeling you’ll be needing it.”

“You’re right.” She bent over Kaeleigh and kissed her while Matt stood, his erection unmissable. “It was very nice meeting you.”

“God,” Kaeleigh sighed. “Me too. I am so looking forward to getting to know you better.”

“That makes two of us,” Meilin said.

“Well, you sure got your foot in the door.”

She laughed and patted her cheek, her touch lingering, then straightened and took Matt’s hand. She eyed his presentation — he was in a tee and loose shorts, but all the important information was on clear display — and kissed him. “What say you and I go and do everything we just talked about?” He chuckled and circled her waist with his arm, and they departed together. Luke and Kaeleigh both watched them go.

“You okay?” Luke said when they were alone in the cafeteria. “You look a little red.”

“Yeah,” Kaeleigh sighed, and smiled. “Yeah, I’m fine.” She kissed him. “I’m just thinking about how much I’m gonna love working here.”

“Well … good. It’s hard work sometimes — I actually mean that — but it’s a lot of fun, and just a great group of people.”

“I like everyone I’ve met so far. Now let’s go home and fuck.”

“Yes, dear,” Luke said, and got his shoulder punched for it. But he was used to that by now.