This is a work of erotic fantasy, so there’s quite a lot of sex. However, there isn’t sex happening in every chapter. There are many passages that include setup, character development, and all that boring stuff which makes the sex that much more meaningful when it finally happens. I know not everyone cares about backstory or getting to know the characters, so each chapter which does have sex in it also has a heart following its title:

The sex is not intended to be pornographic or paraphilic. It’s just the kind of stuff that happens between people, though sometimes in somewhat unusual situations. This includes threesomes and groups, intimacy taking place among people under the age of eighteen (with no one over eighteen present), same-sex partners, and scenes involving brother-sister incest. If you live in the kind of world where you believe those sorts of things never happen, or should never happen, you’re both (1) welcome to stop reading now; and (2) not even remotely in touch with reality in any way at all.

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Kaeleigh Goes All the Way

Book 2: 2024 • Part I: Pretty Good Privates

2. Luke’s Day at Work

Kaeleigh accompanied Luke to work that weekend. He only worked one day a week — Sunday — and he didn’t consider it work so much as being paid to contribute to something he’d consumed in heroic quantities over the years. Luke was talent in porn.

Kaeleigh knew about it from the start, and had seen all his movies. It helped her get through some of those long nights when she missed him so terribly. She couldn’t be with him, but she could see another girl receiving his love, and it was beautiful, erotic, and — like they used to say about long-distance calls — the next best thing to being there. She knew everything the girl was feeling when he was going down on her, knew what she was experiencing when he was making love to her and coming inside her, and it helped her feel more connected to him, and to whatever girl he was with for the scene. He was typically in two productions a week, something that was well within his reach physically; he could easily have done a scene or two every day, but he preferred to dump his extra energies into college and fitness.

He’d started with the porn not too long after moving away. After he was in the ATW stream here, he met a woman who was both a player and the owner-producer of a studio called Pretty Good Privates. She’d considered his performance at the orgy to be his audition, talked to him in the shower afterward, and signed him on the spot. Two weeks later, he was on camera. Two years later, he was still going strong. (Hey, he loved his job.)

The work he did was mostly heterosexual porn (some women liked seeing a couple hunky guys get it on in a threesome for the same reason men liked watching two girls in action), and it was fairly conventional with the exception that there were almost no external cumshots. The studio’s work was intended to be enjoyed mostly by women — they also did a girl-on-girl series called Pretty Good Pink for the lesbian and bi audience — and its entire philosophy was about balanced pleasure for everyone in the scene. That was the reason there were no tit-bastings with baby batter, and there was a hell of a lot of cunnilingus. Male orgasm did occur, but the central theme was female arousal, fantasy, pleasure, and climax. The girls were often the ones on top. They were often the ones who initiated the sex. They always came first, and frequently. There was a distinct air of women’s empowerment in every scene.

Kaeleigh loved their movies. They featured attractive people, of course, one of whom was the love of her life; but the talent all had rapport on camera. You got the feeling they knew each other in real life, genuinely liked and respected each other, and weren’t just fucking so random horndogs could fap. They were making love, and allowing a camera to be present to capture it.

This was actually true; Luke told her some of the players really were players like himself, drawn from the local ATW pool. But even the stars that didn’t play the game displayed the same kind of fondness for one another. They did know each other, considered themselves all friends, and it showed. The studio’s website included group interviews with them (in a series dubbed Breakfast Nooky), sitting around and talking and just having fun being friendly, usually with some kind of group intimate play involved too. They treated the camera, and hence the viewing audience, as another friend who’d dropped in to chat. So when you later saw them having playful, passionate, affectionate sex, you had a very different way of seeing it than an ordinary pump-em-and-dump-em production.

Best of all, the female talent wasn’t expected to wear “sexy” paraphernalia such as six-inch stilettos, garter belts or bustiers, pancake makeup and big wigs, or any of the other fetishized tropes that, Kaeleigh thought, always made the women look ridiculous. Toys and apparel, when used, were by the choice of the talent, who were thus able to be enthusiastic about it, not bored or uncomfortable. Bondage was often fem-dom, and not a depiction of torment so much as a slow buildup to volcanic passion. There was never a Porn Hiss. There were no overwrought grimaces or outrageous mugging. There was no contrived anal; if it happened, it was a natural part of the scene, not an item on a checklist. There was no fake first-time anything. (“Tee-hee, golly, I’ve never done this before…”) The woman-on-woman scenes didn’t include gratuitous pegging, double-enders, or strap-ons, just attractive girls making love with each other in the way girls usually did. The man-on-man action sometimes included cumshots where the feature was mutual masturbation, but more often it was oral to swallowing all around. There were no faked orgasms. And the girls were never spanked while they were being fucked, or at any other time. It was just sex, joyous and happy and beautiful sex, that usually took place in bright, airy, clean spaces where you got to see everything but there was still some subtlety and a lot of art, and you could feel the respect rolling off the screen.

The scenes, in short, never involved degradation, and it was clear that the talent (both female and male) weren’t being degraded either. Kaeleigh loved that. It made everything so much easer to get into and really enjoy, even if the action was something she wasn’t into herself, such as bondage and control, or the use of collars, leashes, and cock-cages. It was fun watching how other people liked to play, when they really were being playful.

They were also well-paid for their time and their bodies; Kaeleigh didn’t know what they earned, but she knew one day’s work covered Luke’s rent, utilities, insurance, groceries, and all his other living expenses for the month. The other three days went into his savings and retirement accounts. He had a tidy sum packed away already, and it was growing steadily.

They drove to the little studio — actually a twenty-room house located on a small hill that commanded a nice view of the city skyline on one side, and largely unaxed forest on the other — in Luke’s eMoto. The two-seater hardtop’s top was off and the sun was bright and warm; the little electric car still smelled new, because it was. He parked in the talent lot; there were other vehicles here too. The studio usually shot several productions at the same time, and was running virtually every day of the year. They went past reception and into the house proper, where they were met by a lovely woman in her mid-thirties. She looked just like Luke had described her. “You must be Marta,” Kaeleigh said, offering her hand.

“I must be. And you must be the blushing bride. It’s truly a pleasure to finally meet you.”

“Kaeleigh, Marta. Marta, Kaeleigh,” said Luke. “Marta’s the woman I was telling you about before, Kay. She owns the whole she-bang.”

“Lord,” Marta winced. “And you married that?”

“Temporary insanity, brought on by eight inches of extremely convincing argument.”

“Ah yeah,” Marta nodded. “I fully understand.” She looked younger than her thirty-six years, Kaeleigh thought, with a graceful, tall, and well-curved figure tucked into faded denim jeans and a white buttondown blouse, gorgeous and natural platinum blonde hair, and full and very kissable lips that parted in an easy, open smile. Her bright blue eyes glowed with merriment. She was a woman in her prime, she was doing what she loved to do, and she was successful at it. Kaeleigh liked her immediately.

“I’m gonna go rinse off and get into wardrobe,” Luke said, and kissed Kaeleigh. “See you in a while, hon?”

“Sure, babe,” she said, giving his ass a little squeeze. “Break a leg. I love you.”

“Love you too,” he said, and headed deeper into the studio-cum-cum-mansion.

“Ever seen a studio at work?” Marta said. “Of any kind?”

“Huh-uh,” Kaeleigh said.

She took her arm, a friendly gesture. “Come along and I’ll give you the nipple tour.”

“I see what you did there.”

“Everyone sees what we do here. And you must tell me all about yourself, and what it’s like being married to a bit of a celebrity in the adult-entertainment genre.”

Luke?” Kaeleigh said, being led onto a set. There was nothing happening at the moment except preparation for whatever scene was going to play out; a man was setting up a camera and eyeing a rather decadently comfortable bed. A wall of large patio doors gave to a deck, with gauzy curtains over them that let in a bright, smooth light. She’d seen this room in more than one production. “I mean, I’ve seen his videos and I love them, but duh, of course I do. He’s a celebrity?”

“Oh yes. He’s won three Splooshies and a Fappy in the last couple years, and picked up an AVN trophy for best boy/girl sex scene.”

“A … Fappy and a … what?”

“Oh, the Fappys and Splooshies are awards we give to our top men and women. They’re internal to PGP, but they’re always a lot of fun to hand out at the Christmas party. Almost as fun as the Christmas gang-bang.” Kaeleigh giggled. “The talent nominates each other, and the production crews vote. It’s like a mini-Oscar ceremony, but with less clothes and no inhibitions. AVN’s are higher visibility, given by Adult Video News. They’re awarded industry-wide.”

“So Luke’s doing all right, then?”

“Better than all right, and it’s not just his peers that recognize it. His movies are some of the more popular ones on our site, and he has a fairly devoted female following, here and abroad. And his penis is easily the most popular one on Playthings.”

“Huh,” Kaeleigh said. The studio had a curated collection of sex toys for sale on a webshop called Pretty Good Playthings, and among the items available for purchase were real-feel dildos cast from the actual genitals of their various male stars. It was an odd, and strangely titillating, thing for her to imagine that women everywhere were watching Luke on their computers while fucking themselves with a realistic model of his penis; but then, she’d done the same thing herself more than once over the last couple of years. She had one of the dildos, of course. Its balls moved in the life-accurate, molded scrotum, and it even ejaculated synthetic semen on demand, while the shaft bucked and pulsed. It really was quite authentic, though Luke himself wasn’t equipped with two embedded vibrators, alas. “He never mentioned winning anything to me.”

“He might have had other things on his mind, such as you. This is Corey; he’s directing and shooting this scene. Corey, this is Kaeleigh. She’s with Luke.”

“Good to meet you,” Corey nodded. He was in his late thirties or thereabouts, a bit lined but still handsome, and had an easygoing smile.

“Can you tell Kaeleigh a little bit about what you’re doing right now?”

“Well, I’m setting up the establishing and cutaway camera,” he said. “That’s something we use to shoot the wider angles on a scene, and cut away to when there are, oh, position changes, or when we want to get everyone or everything in the frame at once. There’ll be another camera over the bed. For the closer shots I’ll be running handheld.”

“At the same time?”

Corey nodded. “There aren’t a lot of options for retakes, and we like to have more than one angle on the events.”

“But … I mean, when you get close in, don’t you show up on the other cameras?”

“That’s what post is for,” Corey said. “In editing, any time I’m in the shot, they paint me out.”

“Digital effects make it ridiculously easy nowadays,” Marta said. “Even consumer-grade software can do it.”

“Course, the editing crew prefer me to keep my scary ass out of frame as much as possible, and as much as possible I try to accommodate them.”

“Your ass isn’t that scary,” Marta said. “Corey was in more than a few productions himself, a few years ago.”

“For a few years, read fifteen,” he said. “I like it better behind the camera. I’ve always been a little shy.”

“And you were doing porn?” Kaeleigh said.

He shrugged. “I was in my twenties, there were gorgeous women everywhere, and with all the blood rushing to my other head, I found it easy to get distracted by more immediate concerns.”

“Wherever possible, we like to have production staff that filled the role of talent in other productions,” Marta said. “It gives them a rapport with our talent, and helps everyone have a better understanding of what they’re going through to do any scene.”

“Yup,” Corey said. “A sort of we’ve-all-been-there-before vibe. They’re more likely to trust us when they know we know what it’s like for them, and if they feel like they can trust us, it makes the scene a lot easier to do.”

“Makes sense,” Kaeleigh said. “Thanks, Corey. I guess we’d better let you get back to work.”

“Pleasure,” he said, turning back to his camera.

Marta led Kaeleigh down a short hall, past a couple of closed doors. From behind one, she heard a female voice rise in passion. She could tell by the tone it was genuine. “You really do shoot a lot of stuff every day,” she murmured.

“We like to keep busy.”

“You told Corey I’m … with Luke,” Kaeleigh said.

“You are,” said Marta.

“Well yeah, but … I guess I just figured you’d just say we’re married.”

“Oh. I … beg your pardon, Kaeleigh. I don’t mean to downplay the importance of your relationship with him. We keep our talent’s personal involvements discreet, so … what I meant to imply was … nothing, really. With is a generic word that could mean you’re visiting as his guest, or you’re his friend or lover, or his wife too, of course.”

“Okay,” she said. “He told me he didn’t wear his ring to work, since most people here are don’t ask, don’t tell on a lot of things. I guess this is part of it, too?”

“I’ll be perfectly happy to introduce you as his wife from now on,” Marta said.

She thought about that for a moment. Luke had been very quiet about their marriage. She thought it was a good idea to follow his lead. “You know what? That’s okay. I think I get it. I’m betting porn and relationships make for kind of a weird mix sometimes.”

“It’s not that, really,” Marta said, “so much as … our talent likes to preserve their privacy off camera. Anyone’s free to talk about their own personal lives as much as they want, but it’s an old habit, really more of a reflex, that no one pries into anyone’s affairs, or volunteers information on another’s behalf.”

“Okay, I get that too, I think. Regular Hollywood stars probably don’t like being gossiped about. I guess it’s an even bigger deal if you work on the adult side. So, yeah, with Luke is fine. Thanks.”

With it is.” They went down a stairway that gave into a basement, divided into cubicles, with people working in them. Marta stopped them halfway down so Kaeleigh could have a better view of what was going on. The lights here were low. In every cubicle, multiple monitors glowed, showing desktops, editing-software windows, and the occasional video paused, or being backed through, or rolling. There was dialogue, there was sex, there was titling, there was everything happening. “This is our editing bay. We have eight workstations. Postwork of every kind is done here, including the basic cutting, painting out crew like Corey was talking about, adding CG backgrounds, audio tweaking, soundtracks, and the rest. You’ve seen our website, so you know we have multiple offerings available. There’s the Love Me Slow series, the Pretty Good Pink series, and the Chronicles of Nadia saga for the SF-fantasy lovers. And of course the one-offs, the Hookup Café, and the Breakfast Nooky segments. That’s a lot of production and postwork, and it keeps us hopping.”

“Luke’s doing a Hookup Café today,” Kaeleigh said. “He told me on the way over.”

Marta nodded. “He’s done several. He likes them, and he’s good at them. He has a nonthreatening approach that helps the girls relax, but keeps things moving right along.”

“I know. I like them, too, even when he’s not in one.”

“What do you like about them?”

Kaeleigh shrugged. “The conversation, I guess. How they talk to each other first, get to know each other a little, before they go and have sex. It’s kind of how life really is, you know? Or, anyway, how it is for me when I do a hookup.”

“That’s what we hear from most of our fans,” Marta nodded. “And that’s the entire idea behind everything we do, except Nadia, I suppose. Just real people having real sex, people you feel you know a little, people you like enough to make it important for them to have a genuinely good time together. I like erotica where there’s an emotional connection between the talent. It’s not all just about fucking, or clam-bumping. In my personal life, I like to know the person before I have sex with them, because part of the pleasure is the buildup. So I produce erotica that reflects my tastes, and … well, it didn’t used to be like this in the industry. Even as few as ten years ago, most porn offerings were all about the cumshot, the guy getting off and the girl only pretending to, and usually very obviously pretending. Women don’t generally have screaming hot orgasms when some grunting gorilla spooges all over their breasts, or their face. Then women started going online, found the market to be insanely disappointing, and decided to do something about that. The industry is changing to reflect the desires of a changing demographic, and I for one welcome those changes. Of course, I’ve helped influence them, too, so I’m a little biased.”

“But I also think you’re right,” Kaeleigh said. “I’ve seen porn from the 70’s and 80’s. I don’t know how anyone got off to it.”

“That’s because you’re a woman, not a man.”

“Luke thought it was terrible too, though. We were both mostly laughing our asses off through everything.”

“That’s because he has outstandingly good taste, and absurdly good fortune. Look who he married. He tells me you’re a player too, and that you started up together because of the game?”

“Yeah,” Kaeleigh said, following Marta back up the stairs. “We first got together … a little over four years ago, now.”

“You must’ve been young. You don’t look a day over legal.” They both paused in the hallway, the sounds and activity of video production going on in the rooms all around.

“I turned eighteen in May. I was almost fourteen when we started having sex.”

“So you were violating a few laws for a while?”

“We were in love.”

“No, I understand. In this industry we have to be very conscious of the laws, of course. Being aware of them only makes me realize how absurd they are. One day under the magic one-eight, and it’s a felony. One day.” She shook her head. “I understand wanting to protect people from being exploited or abused, and I entirely agree with that outlook, but when the rules are applied in an abusive way, it becomes difficult to know whose side you’re on. Like those cases you hear about sometimes, students in high school getting busted for kiddy porn … and all they’re doing is sexting each other. Some girl sends her boyfriend a pic of her boobs or her pussy, which he’s seen a million times already but still can’t get enough of, and the next thing you know she’s under arrest for production, and he’s in jail too, for possession. It’s deranged.”

“Luke and I never sexted, even after he moved here,” Kaeleigh said. “Just because of stories like that. We both figured it was too risky. Sometimes we’d FaceTime, but that’s, you know, an encrypted stream, it’s private, and it doesn’t get recorded anywhere.”

“But you’ve been a player for half a decade now,” Marta said. “I’d expect some sensibility and conservatism from you. Most players are not, contrary to what people might think, raving sex maniacs.”

“True. I guess getting a lot helps you work off steam. How long have you been a player?”

“I started when I was fourteen, so twenty-two years and counting. And don’t you dare point out that I’ve been playing longer than either you or Luke have been alive, or you’ll make me feel decrepit.”

“Actually what I was thinking is you don’t look like you’re out of your twenties.”

Marta smiled. “Tell me, Kaeleigh, are you planning to keep playing?”

“Good God, yes. We’re both gonna stay in the game.”

“Excellent. I’ll look forward to seeing you one of these days.”

“Maybe, after you’re done here today, you can stop by and visit us for dinner and … whatever?”

“Aren’t you going to be occupied with each other?”

“I like making love,” Kaeleigh said. “I like making love with hot boys and beautiful girls. Getting married hasn’t changed that about me, and it hasn’t changed how Luke feels either. He’s told me a little about you, and … well, I’m … interested, if you are.”

“I am,” Marta said.

“So are you free tonight?”

“It’s a date,” Marta said. “I usually get out of here by seven, most days.”

“We’ll have dinner on at eight, and a great dessert at nine, then.”

“Mmm. Fresh warm pie. One of my favorites.”

“Mine too. I also like cream pie. I think there’ll be plenty of that tonight.”

“Yours, or mine?”

“Both, I hope,” she said.

“I like this plan.”

They linked arms and went back down the hall. “Are there a lot of players here in town?”

“About fifteen hundred or so in the adult ranks. I’ve heard the numbers for the juvenile players are around four hundred.”

“Damn,” Kaeleigh said. “There were about two-fifty on the juvenile rosters back home. Maybe four hundred on the over-eighteen.”

“It’s a larger city, and there’s a good-sized college here,” Marta said. “There’re a lot of people coming in to the campus every semester, and a good chunk of them play.”

“Cool. More than seven hundred guys, and I bet most of those girls are flexible, too.”

“Many are,” Marta nodded. “And there are spinoff groups too, some all gay, others all lesbian. There are about three hundred women there. They play on Saturday nights, just so bi girls like us can get in on the fun.” She’d led them to another room, a set Kaeleigh recognized; it was the one they shot the opening of Hookup Café in. She saw Corey there, talking to a woman with a mike on a boom. She might’ve once done porn too, based on her body and her looks. “You’ll be able to knock your score up with women by at least five to seven hundred, I think, if you’re so inclined. Not all on the same night, of course.”

“Well, that’s why there are long weekends. Do you play in both groups?”

“Yup. I host a women’s-only myself, and can get you on the roster, if you want. Some of the questions on the cards are different, as you would expect, but the premise is the same. And the orgy is wetter.”

“Yeah, that sounds fantastic. I’d love to be on the roster. Thanks.”

“My pleasure.”

“I hope it will be. I’m sure it’ll be mine too. Are they gonna shoot something?” She was eyeing the crew, which consisted of Corey with his handheld camera, the sound woman working on adjusting knobs on a recorder she wore slung over her shoulder, and someone fiddling with lighting and reflectors. They all looked focused on their work.

“Yes. Luke’s scene. The shooting’s gonna start in the next few minutes. I was thinking you might want to watch, but you don’t have to, of course.”

“Oh, that’d be awesome, Marta. I mean I’ve seen the finished videos he’s done, but I’ve never actually seen one being made before.”

“Okay. You know how the Café goes, I imagine. They talk here, then go down the hall and have sex. As long as we stay behind Corey and the rest of the crew, we won’t get in the frame or anyone’s way.”

“They won’t mind us watching?”

“No, you can think of yourself as an observer at a game.” There was a quiet chuckle from the assembled crew; Kaeleigh was delighted to realize they were all players, too.

Luke came in with a girl. He was dressed in a snug UnderArmor tech shirt that showed his build beautifully, as well as sweatpants. Judging from the way things swung in the fleece, he wasn’t wearing undies. The girl was a leggy African-American goddess with a beautiful glistening coif, rich dark skin, and a nervous smile. The girls in the Café segments had never done pro work before; that was part of the premise. They were there to get laid on video for the first time with an attractive and skilled porn star, and Luke definitely qualified. It was sort of like getting with a gigolo, only there were cameras, and the girls got paid a hell of a lot for their time, instead of the other way around. Luke’s date for the day was in a very pretty lemon-cream sundress made of gauzy cotton, and translucent enough to show she hadn’t bothered with undies either. They both got into a quiet conversation with Corey, who looked to be discussing last-minute details with them. Luke saw Kaeleigh and smiled at her; she gave a little wave in response.

“She’s beautiful,” Kaeleigh murmured. “God, I’d spend all day with her.”

“She asked specifically to do a Café with Luke,” Marta murmured back. “He’s a pretty damn lucky man, I’d say, judging by the women he draws to him. Especially the one he drew to the altar.”

“You’re sweet.”

“I’m serious. Not many women would be comfortable watching their husbands do a porn scene, especially so recently after their I do’s.”

You have no idea how recent, Kaeleigh thought, but she shrugged. “We’ve been together more than four years. We were both players long before we started having sex, and we’ve never stopped playing. He started working for you a couple years ago. If I’m not used to being in an open relationship or seeing him get with other girls by now, I never will be. Plus, he married me, not anyone else. That means something.”

“Everything you just said,” Marta murmured, “is one hundred percent true. That doesn’t make it less impressive for you to hold those views.”

“It’s all part of my devious long-term plan to be married to a porn star.” Luke and the girl were moving into position, which was on the other side of some swinging saloon doors, the main entrance into the Café set.

“Places,” Corey said. “Quiet on the set.” He looked around, scanning the little crew and his observers. “Sound.”

The boom-woman pushed a button on her recorder, eyed its readout. “Speed.”

“Camera,” he said, apparently to himself, as he poked its record button. “Speed,” he reported to the room. Kaeleigh thought this was a ritual of sorts, something movie people just did, maybe like the countdowns NASA always did before a launch. He lifted the camera, framed the doors, and said, “Action.” And then he, the boom woman, and the lighting guy all … faded, somehow, became part of the background, as Luke and the girl came through the doors.

“I’m glad you could join us today,” he said. “I’m Luke.”

The girl smiled. “Hi, Luke. I’m Lana.”

He chuckled with her as they shook hands. “Luke and Lana. Maybe it’s fate?”

“Could be,” she nodded, allowing herself to be led by the hand over to a little café table, already set with tea and blueberry scones. (The snacks were different each time, sometimes coffee or lattés, sometimes cookies or cupcakes; probably, Kaeleigh thought, it had to do with what the girl asked for.) She sat, smiling nervously at him, and smoothed her skirt over he well-toned thighs while he poured her a cup. The scent of Earl Grey filled the air.

“So are you nervous?” Luke said, sitting on the other side of the little table from her, pouring his own cup of tea.

“Oh, yeah, well, I never did anything like this before,” Lana said. Her hand was shaking a little as she sipped.

“Well, I haven’t either, with you,” Luke said. He smiled when she giggled. “But I’m very glad you chose me.”

“Oh yeah? And why’s that?”

He shrugged, slowly stirring in some sugar. “You’re breathtaking, and I feel very fortunate.”

Lana’s cheeks darkened in a rather fetching blush. “Oh, I bet you say that to all the girls.”

“To the goddesses, sure. I like to worship.”

Lana’s eyebrows rose. “Oh? And how do you do that, exactly?”

“Usually on my knees.” She laughed again and he took her hand. “You’ll do fine today, I know it. It’s really amazing how easy it is to just get into it, really let yourself go, when you’re relaxed.”

“I’ve always kinda wanted to do porn,” Lana said. “So I think once we really get started, yeah, I’ll be okay.”

Luke sipped. “So you’re thinking of going pro?”

“Oh, no, nothing like that. This is … more of an adventure, I guess. Something I’ve never done before, but always wanted to try, and … you know, here I am in my last year of college, I’m already twenty-four, and I figured, if not now, when? And I’ve seen all the Cafés, and I really like how they play out, so when I heard there was an open call, I decided to give it a shot.”

“Lucky for me. And good for you too, deciding to try something new. A lot of people go through their lives wanting to do new or different things, but never get the courage to do it. No matter where you go with your life, I really hope you’ll be able to look back on today and feel good about it.”

“Oh,” she said, eyeing his chest. “I’m pretty sure I will.”

He smiled, admiring her chest in turn. Kaeleigh agreed with him; it was a very admirable chest. “What’s your major?”

“Journalism,” Lana said. “With a minor in women’s and African-American studies.”

“Good,” Luke nodded. “There aren’t enough black voices in the media. I really think that needs to change.”

“Well, I aim to help change it. How about you?”

“Originally I came in undeclared, but I’m leaning toward sports sciences now.”

“You sure got the bod for it.”

“I guess it was kind of a sign, yeah.” They laughed together. “So what kind of sex do you like best?”

“The kind where I come.”

“That’s usually the best kind, yeah,” he nodded, sipping, still holding her hand. “Anything you like in particular?”

“I like … oh, I like to get it good and hard sometimes. Not, you know, not every minute, I mean I like a man who builds it up slow a while first, but when I start to come, I love being pounded.”

“Sure, it adds to the feeling for you.”

“Uh-huh. Gives me a really good one.”

“Or three or four, if he’s doing it right.”

She laughed with him. “You know it, white boy. I also love oral.”

“Getting, or giving?”

“Both, but if he’s the kind of man who likes to go down on it and knows what he’s doing with it, I don’t exactly push him away, you know?”

“Condoms, or no?” Luke said. “We have MascuLines, and it’s your day to call it.”

“I have an Enfem, and we won’t need a rubber for most of it. I don’t know if I want you to pull out yet or not. I’ll decide when we get there, all right?”

“That’s fine, sure.”

“You won’t be disappointed, if I … uh…”

“No,” he said. “It’s your day, Lana. Anything we do, anything you choose, as far as I’m concerned, it’s a gift.”

She considered him. “You really mean that, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do. You made the decision to share your body with me. That’s already more than I could’ve asked for. Anything we do — anything at all — is a bonus on top of a blessing.” He sipped his tea, his eyes steady on hers, and they both smiled. “So how old were you, the first time you had sex?”

“I was twelve. It was with one of the boys down the street. All my friends were saying naw, girl, don’t do it, it’s boring and it hurts and it ain’t no fun, but I guess they never did it with him, because it sure didn’t hurt, and it sure wasn’t boring.”

“So you came?”

“Oh good God you bet I did. He laid me down good and gave it to me hard, and got me to come pretty fast, and then he did it too. And I thought that was it, and I was lying there thinking man, that was pretty damn nice, and that was when he went down on me. And I like to have fainted away, it was that much better. He kept at it a good fifteen, twenty minutes, and then he came up and fucked me again. Took him a while, that time, and I wasn’t complaining.”

“Just maybe hollering a little?”

“I think his ears are still ringing.” They laughed. “How about you?”

Luke nibbled at a scone. “I was twelve too. She was fourteen. I’d seen porn and thought I knew what to do, and I guess I did okay. I did go down and she did come, and then afterward, when we were cuddling, she started talking about ways to make it better. But not like she was saying she was disappointed, only that there were ways to hit it out of the park, if I wanted to learn them.”

“I bet you were an eager student, huh?”

“I decided I’d be teacher’s pet, yeah.” She laughed with him again, her hand tightening on his. “She showed me all the highlights, not just nipples and clit, but how to find the G-spot, the labia, inner labia, what to do with my tongue—”

“How’d she do that? She couldn’t exactly demonstrate. Or could she? Was she a contortionist?”

“No,” Luke chuckled. “No, what she did was kiss me, and show me with her tongue on my lips what to do with her.”

“Smart girl,” Lana said. “I’ll have to remember that, if it ever comes up with someone. Did it work?”

“It got the point across. When we went for another round, I tried what she taught me, and oh my God. It was like with your guy. The difference between gosh, this is nice, and holy shit, I’ve found the goddess. I loved it.”

“You did? Why?”

“She came,” Luke said. “I mean, she cummed before, but then when I did what she showed me, she … sort of … it was like, you ever see the movie The Exorcist? Where the girl’s just thrashing and rolling around on the bed, cussing her head off, and then she levitates? It was kinda like that, but with less pea soup flying around.”

Lana laughed. “Did her head spin around, at least?”

“Both of ours did. And I learned something really important that day. If I make sure the girl has a great time, I do too, every time.”

“Sounds like she got you going on the right foot. You’ve been with a lot of girls, haven’t you?”

“I’ve been insanely lucky,” Luke shrugged. “What about you? Have you ever been with a girl?”

“Huh-uh. Never really wanted to try it. I like men, that’s all. It’s just how I am.”

“I know a few gay guys who feel the same way,” Luke said. “I figure it’s one of those things no one really needs to explain. You like what you like, and that’s it. What do you like in a man?”

“Oh, well, some gentleness, I guess. Tender kisses after we come. But also I like to know he’s a man. I like a sweet soul, but I also love me some beefcake. He doesn’t have to be huge below the belt, as long as he can get good and hard, and he knows what to do with it.”

“Lucky for me, then.”

She snorted. “I’ve seen your movies. I know you’re carrying some artillery.” She looked down at their linked hands, at Luke’s thumb moving gently over her fingers. “He can be black or white or anything else, too. Skin’s only skin deep, when you’re in bed.”

“It can matter elsewhere,” Luke nodded. “It shouldn’t, but it can. But … yeah, in bed, it’s all just skin, and it’s all wonderful.”

“What about you? What do you like in a girl?”

“Apart from me, you mean?”

She giggled. “Smart ass.”

“I like … a girl with some experience, who knows what she likes, and who isn’t afraid to say it out loud. I like a girl who gets off hard, who comes wet, who pulls me into it and lets me know she needs it. A lot of girls … they can be afraid to be sexual. It’s like they think it’s something nice girls don’t do, or don’t admit to doing. But as hard as I like to do it sometimes, I know for certain girls sometimes want it that hard too, just like how other times, they want a nice slow afternoon, something that starts with a sensual massage and stays there until she’s warm and relaxed everywhere, and then it’s time for love, in the same way, slow and sweet.”

“Yeah. Yeah, I like both sides of that coin myself. Sometimes I’m in the mood for Barry White. Other times, I want a Hendrix riff on my vulva.”

Luke laughed. “Yeah! And I think pretty much all girls like it like that, sometimes. And they should be able to get what they want, and not feel ashamed or embarrassed or slutty. They have a right to come their brains out, and I love it when that’s what’s happening. So … a fearless girl. A girl who owns her sexuality. A girl who knows that without her, the men would be in pretty bad shape, because … this is gonna sound like a cornball line, but I believe it’s true. I think men need women. Even gay guys. Maybe not sexually, but they — all men — need that energy, that power, that balance and love you can only get from someone who isn’t swimming in testosterone. So a girl who knows that, knows she represents the center of humanity and is proud of it, is the kind of girl I like best.”

“Sounds like I might be your kind of girl.”

“I think you are. With any luck, I’m your kind of guy.”

“I’ve seen your movies,” Lana said. “You are.” She sipped her tea, then set the cup down. “Feel like making love?”

“Yeah. I’d like that.” Luke stood, still holding her hand, and she rose with him. He was half-erect in his sweats, and Lana seemed to like the effect. He led her down the hall to the bedroom Corey had set up earlier, the crew following. Marta and Kaeleigh trailed in their wake.

By the time Kaeleigh could see what was going on, Luke and Lana were kissing, standing in one another’s arms and making out, deep tongue-kisses passing between them. She was sighing quietly, kneading his shoulders at first, but soon her hands were on his ass, grasping and clutching, pulling him to her. She rocked her hips against him as he caressed her full, high ass, the flesh resilient and firm. The hem of her short dress came up a little and Kaeleigh saw her dark brown glutes, glossy and lovely under his creamy-white fingers. Deep in the well of her thighs, her mound nestled, a rich coffee swell that was showing a hint of pink at the crease, and was glistening. Kaeleigh licked her lips when she saw that, knowing Luke would be tasting it, wishing she could be in his skin for a while, with his hands on Lana and his tongue inside her.

Luke began caressing her breasts, each a handful, cupping and massaging them, flicking his thumbs over her risen nipples, dark peaks in the thin fabric of her dress. She went on kissing him and lifted his shirt up, and he paused to let her strip it off him. She admired his torso, the deeply cut muscularity, the tone and strength and build in his shoulders, arms, and chest, and ran her fingertips over his abs. “Mmm-mmm. Like a firefighter. Makes me want to set fire to my house just so you’ll come and rescue me.” His penis was rigid, a sturdy peak in his sweats. Lana eyed it, then looked up at him. “Wanna eat me out a little before you use your hose on me, Mister Fireman?”

“More than a little,” he said, and Lana sighed as he knelt before her. He nuzzled her through the dress, his face rocking, rolling, questing at her groin, and she shuddered, pulling his head against her mons. She rocked gently against him for a while, her head tilted back and her eyes closed, her lips parted in a smile of pleasure. When she lifted her dress off and dropped it to the floor, Luke stared up at her, his eyes wide, drinking in the splendor of her healthy dark body. Her aureolae were black as coal, her nipples risen. Her waist was slim and her hips flared deliciously under it, and she’d trimmed her pubes to a thin black stripe, pointing the way to heaven. Her legs were full and in perfect tone, the muscles in them shifting in ballet as she lifted a leg, settled it over his shoulder, and pulled him in for a long visit.

It was a wet visit too, by the sound of it; sighing, breathing, moaning were all punctuated by the moist sounds of a skilled tongue exploring a brand-new vulva. “God, you taste so good,” he breathed, lapping and relishing her rich flavor.

“Bet you say that to all the girls too,” she murmured, combing his hair with her fingers.

“Only the goddesses,” he said, still tasting her, still pleasuring her. He looked up at her, his cheeks wet. “I’ll tell you a secret.”


“Every woman is a goddess.” He kissed her pussy. “Every woman in the world.”

She snorted, then let out a low moan when he went back in, this time his tongue accompanied by a finger. With him on his knees before her, giving her the worship she craved and deserved, Lana couldn’t doubt his sincerity. “Yeah,” she sighed, watching his head, looking into his eyes. “Yeah, that’s good, that’s really … good, yeah, oh right there, right there, yeah, you like that, don’t you, boy? You like eating pussy. Yeah … yeah, get on in there and eat that cunt, you eat it right outta me…”

Kaeleigh watched Luke pleasure her, shivering a little in arousal. For all the times she’d played All The Way, all the different sex acts she’d seen, even the porn he’d done, she had never seen him, live and in person, make love to anyone else before today. She couldn’t be in the room with him back home, and when she visited him after he moved out, they were only ever about each other. It was exquisite to see the man she adored bringing satisfaction to another woman, his broad shoulders and chest working under her shifting weight, his abs rippling, his skin becoming shiny with her fluids as they spread. Her fingertips tingled in desire to caress him, to touch and love him. She knew what Lana was experiencing, what she was feeling, what it was like. She knew it well, and found herself unconsciously rocking her hips a little in time to Lana’s motions on his face. She swallowed and stopped herself when she became aware of it, looking around to see if anyone had noticed; but the crew were all standing in front with their backs to her, recording everything. Then she noticed Marta’s eyes on her and blushed.

Marta smiled softly, sidled up to her, and put her arm around her shoulders.

Her attention returned to Lana as she started to come. It built from whimpers to rising gasps and cries, then howling calls of bliss as she fucked Luke’s face, a few stray spurts bursting from her cunt. This wasn’t an unusual situation in the videos Luke did, but it was a hell of a thing to witness happening right before her eyes. Lana slowed, panting, staring down at him, as the scent of her pleasure wafted gently through the air. “Yeah, boy,” she cooed. “Oh yeah, you’ve done that before. A lot.”

“Like I said,” he murmured, and kissed her pussy. “Insanely lucky.”

“Get up now,” Lana said, backing away a little so he could stand. “Get on up and get those pants off. Let me see what I’m getting.” Luke did as he was asked, stripping naked for her, standing with his hands at his sides, putting himself on display for her enjoyment. His cock was rigid, pointing up toward the ceiling, pulsing slightly in the even late-morning light that streamed through the windows. Lana bit her lip. “Mmm-mmm. I’ve seen your videos, so I had an idea, but I gotta tell you…” She shook her head. “I had no idea. Look at what I get to play with today.” She kissed him, cupping his full heavy balls, stroking his penis, while he caressed her body slowly from shoulders to ass. She leaned over and licked at his nipples, then knelt, and ran her tongue over his risen flesh, from the root to the head, and sucked him in. “Mmm,” she said. “Mmmmm…”

Luke gazed down at her, a small smile on his face, his hand on her head. He swayed slowly, she rocked slowly, and quiet slurping sounds filled the air as his breathing deepened and his sighs built. “Yeah,” he purred. “Oh God, yeah, Lana, that feels so good … oh … oh wow, that…” He shivered as she looked up at him, doing something with her tongue. “Yeah. That feels … amazing…” One of her hands was on his shaft, stroking it in time to the motions of her head; the other was on his ass, kneading and fondling, and she was enjoying it, enjoying him, enjoying the teasing and control she had over him. “Holy hell that’s so good … oh God that’s so good…”

She went on like that for a minute or so, sucking his cock for the cameras while he vocalized his delight for her, then let him out with a slurp. His crown glistened with saliva. “Just wanted a taste.” She licked the head. “An appetizer. It wasn’t much next to all the eating you were doing, but…”

“It was fantastic, Lana,” he said, and stroked her cheek. “And the best part is, there’s more for both of us. Thank you.”

“Oh, the pleasure was mine. Well, and yours too.” She stood again and took his hand, walked backward, pulled him with her toward the bed. “Let’s get to work now. You know a little about how I like to be fucked. Think you can do it?”

“I believe I’m up to it,” he said, watching her crawl backward across the mattress until she was in the center of the soft, cozy bed.

“Bring it,” she said, her eyes flashing.

He followed her, crawling up toward her, and caught her foot in his hand. He lifted it to his lips and kissed each toe, then the ball of her foot, the arch, the heel; and then he began working his way up her leg while she wriggled in delight before him. This was another regular event in his videos. It was also a regular event with him and Kaeleigh. She watched the muscles knit and flow in his powerful back as his naked body moved up along Lana’s, and watched as he paused to eat her pussy again for a while, getting her revved up, getting her juices really flowing. She put her legs over his shoulders and fell into it with him, accepting this interlude with delight, and only let him up after she’d had another orgasm. Kaeleigh saw that her skin had broken into gooseflesh on her well-sculpted body. Lana reached down between them as he made his way up to her face, pulled him near for a kiss, and guided his head against her groove. “Right there,” she murmured, looking up into his eyes. “Right there, everything you want in the world is right there.”

“Lana,” he sighed.

“Can you hold it in? I still don’t know if…”

“Yeah,” he said. “I won’t come, unless you want me to.”

“Come on in, then.”

He kissed her, very soft. “Thank you.” Keeping his eyes on hers, he slid into her, his bare penis probing slowly into her accepting warmth.

Kaeleigh watched the penetration, saw his hips meet hers, his body cradled between her rich dark thighs. He pulled out a little and she could hear Lana’s wetness as he moved, then he settled into place again, got his legs in a good position for leverage, propping hers up on them, and started moving slowly, crouched over her, his eyes on hers the whole time. One hand went to the small of her back, the other above her shoulder, and his shaft rose and fell behind her mound, glistening in the light as he fucked her. She rocked up to meet him, circled her arms around his neck. “Yeah,” she sighed, moving, moving under him, moving with him. “Yeah boy that’s right. That’s just right. Yeah, nice and slow like that, that’s just right … oh gimme a good long feel of that sweet dick…”

He stroked into her steadily, caressed her skin, kept her breasts and nipples alight with his fingers, tickled and teased her vulva. The whole time he was looking into her eyes, and they kissed and touched and rocked and made love, relishing together the simplest and most profound joy of being alive and human. Lana came again, on his penis this time instead of his face, her gorgeously-toned body arching and spasming under Luke’s steady, measured, slow thrusts. She stared up at him, her eyes burning, and gasped as he brought her to a second one, circling her calves around his waist as she came, pulling herself up against him. Sweat was beginning to bead on their bodies, glistening where the light glowed on their skin, and she came a third time, harder and louder than before, and still he kept that slow steady fuck, letting her revel in his cock, plunging deep into her cunt, pulling out to the rim, gliding back in again. Kaeleigh knew what that felt like too, knew about the slight suction he built up when he did that, the way it pulled her vagina after him as he slid out, pushing it back open again at each reentry, his root pressing gently against her vulva again and again until everything was tingling. It was an exquisite inner massage that she always felt not just in her pussy, but in her nipples too.

Lana was beginning to gasp now, writhing beneath him, bucking up to capture him, falling back, rising and descending in her eagerness to have him. Still he didn’t come, still he kept it steady, as she fucked herself to a fourth climax on his flesh. “God,” she was moaning, her back arched, her breasts high. “God fuck yeah oh God damn boy fuck yeah that’s so good fuck oh fuck yeah God damn…” Her eyes flew open again when Luke leaned in and suckled a nipple, and she squealed her way through another cum, her intensity nearly at its peak; she knew it, and he did too. “This is it,” she groaned. “This is it it’s gonna come and it’s gonna be a big one … I want you to come … I want you to come inside me, baby … I mean it … do it, Luke, do it…”

“Yeah,” he panted, and changed everything, instantly.

Lana gaped up at him in wonder as his motions went, with a single stroke, from a gentle but powerful rocking to a driving, intense pounding. He hadn’t broken the rhythm, but his body was moving twice as fast now; he was fucking her hard and deep, and she was pushed up along the mattress under his power; and then she was erupting on him, her arms and legs a frenzy of knots tangling and untangling around his hard naked body, her back curving into an arc and falling back to the bed again, her hips twitching fast in driving need, and she screamed and went on screaming, in an agony of pleasure that was wordless and articulate; and just as she reached her absolute maximum, Luke bore down, ground himself hard into her, and came in her pussy. Lana’s screams became full-throated bellows of bliss, Luke howled his own release, and the couple on the bed locked themselves into a loop of thrusting ecstasy that went on for ten, fifteen, twenty and more seconds, the orgasm all they knew.

Luke let out a final cry and his muscles fell lax all at once, and he resumed his regular motion in Lana, but very slowly, very gently, breathing hard with her. He watched her settle, watched awareness come back to her eyes, saw her surprise to realize she hadn’t just died of climax. “Oh,” she panted. “My. God.”

“Lana,” he breathed, sweat rolling down his face and chest. He kissed her. “Holy hell, Lana.”

“Oh God boy, you got that right.” She chuckled weakly. “Holy shit you fuck like a god.” She kissed him, her fingers pulling at his arms. “Mmm. And you’re built like one, too.”

“I was inspired,” he murmured, and kissed her again. He was still moving, very slowly, keeping the cum going for them both, but allowing her to settle back into her skin. “God, you are just amazing.”

“Aww, you say that to all the goddesses.” They giggled together and she caressed his face, stroked his chest, her eyes glowing as he gave her delicate little post-love kisses, bringing her warm and reborn back to the world. “Thank you.”

“No,” he murmured, his hips stopping at last. “Thank you.” He kissed her again, slid out of her, his penis still half-hard, glistening in the light.

For the first time in a while, Kaeleigh became aware of Corey in the room as he moved in to capture the image of Lana’s cum and Luke’s semen, smeared on his flesh and around the rim of her vulva. Pretty Good Privates’ movies didn’t usually have external cumshots, but they knew their audience liked to know that the man did come, and that his seed was in the woman; their movies were about sexual intimacy as well as emotional intimacy. “You filled my pussy up to the top,” Lana murmured to him. “I’m glad I let you do it in me. God, it feels good in there.”

“It was fantastic putting it there,” he said, and kissed her while she giggled. “Thank you so much for that. You took an amazing day and made it even better.”

“Oh, I think I got a little something out of it too,” she smiled. “You’re welcome.”

“How about a little more?”

“A little more’s more than I can take,” she breathed.

“I’ll take it easy,” he said. “You’re just so, so delicious. I just want one more taste of you.”

“Go for it,” she said, her eyes bright with delight.

Corey backed off again, but stayed somewhat close, as Luke kissed and nuzzled his way down Lana’s glistening belly, tasting her sweat, and then settled between her thighs to clean her up. He gave her a final cum that way, a light and gentle one to cap off the series of volcanic explosions she’d just had, and then he moved up to circle his arms around her, cuddling her as she spooned up to him. “Thanks so much for joining me on the Café today. I know I’m never gonna forget it, and I hope you don’t either.”

“Never a chance in a million years,” she murmured, nestling against him. “You’re one hot hunk of hell yeah, and you sure know what to do with all of it.”

“Oh, right back at you.” They chuckled together. “Gorgeous body, beautiful woman, smart and sexy as hell, and delicious.” He kissed her ear. “It was a pleasure, and an honor, Lana.”

She smiled and reached back to pat his cheek, and then they nestled together again, sinking into silence, Luke’s hand moving very gently over one of her perfect breasts.

“And cut,” Corey said, and set his camera aside. “That was absolutely superior work, Luke. Lana … I’ve been in this industry for more than fifteen years, and believe me when I tell you that you were utterly exquisite.” He applauded, and the rest of the crew did, and so did Marta and Kaeleigh. She realized with a little jolt that more than a half hour had passed, and most of it had been right here in this bedroom. Time had a way of doing that when Luke was around, though.

Lana sat up and smiled. “Thanks, all of you. This was something I’ve had on my before-graduation bucket list a while. I’m glad I finally got to it.” She accepted a robe when it was handed to her, stood to put it on, Luke getting up beside her. “Was it really that great?”

“Definitely,” said the sound woman. “Top-notch on everything, ten out of ten across the board.”

“Aww, I think most of that was my man Luke here,” she said, and kissed him. “Thanks again. That was some of the best, if not the very best, sex I’ve ever had. I didn’t think you were ever gonna come, and meanwhile I’m just losing my shit all over you, and then you finally let go, and…” She shook her head. “And you’re a master with that tongue of yours, too. That cute little cum you gave me at the end was the perfect way to top it all off.”

“We aim to satisfy,” he smiled. “You really did do great. Just so natural, so passionate. You’re one hell of a woman, Lana. Whoever you choose for yourself in the fullness of time, he’s gonna be one lucky bastard, and he’d damn well better thank you properly for it, every day. It really was a privilege.”

“I was so nervous at first,” she said as he took her hand and led her back to the Café set. He was still nude. “But then we started talking, and I kinda started relaxing, and by the time you got down on your knees, I was…” Kaeleigh lost the rest as the crew followed them back to the set for the post-sex interview, leaving her and Marta alone in the bedroom. The followup conversations were always amusing, where the girl gushed on for a couple of minutes about all the fun she’d had. It was a subtle ad for the Café series itself, but since the hookups really were about satisfying the girls, it also confirmed their success to their viewers, most of whom (Kaeleigh imagined) spent that couple of minutes in post-stroke afterglow. She always did, anyway.

“So what did you think?”

Kaeleigh shook her head and sighed, looking at the sheets where Luke and Lana had lain together. Her cum was on them, and the sweat their bodies had left behind. It looked a lot like their bed, his and hers, had looked when they’d vacated it this morning. “It’s one thing to be on the receiving end. It’s another to see it happening to another girl. I knew everything she was feeling.”

“I had the impression, yeah.” They began walking, more leisurely, after the crew.

“Did she really not know if she’d let him come inside her?”

“Most of the girls are pretty clear on that. They usually want condoms, even the ones with Enfems. Lana, from what I gather, was undecided until … well, literally until the last moment.”

Kaeleigh shook her head. She’d never been undecided, and never used condoms. “I guess it’s different if you’re not a player, or if you don’t do porn.”

“Yeah, we’re less likely to be overly conservative about some things. Lana had some serious heat going on, though. She’s got the blood and the fire to work here, if she wanted to.”

“I’d sure watch her videos. I think I’m gonna watch this one until I wear it out.”

Marta chuckled. “And you’re okay with it all? Any jealousy?”

“Course not. No matter what he does or who he does it with, it’s always that good. I should know. I get it like that all the time. He always knows what the girl wants, and he gives it to her just the way she wants it, whether it’s fast or slow, hard or deep, or anything else.” She looked at Marta. “Well, maybe I’m a little jealous of him, because he got to go down on her, holy shit she looked so yummy…” Marta laughed. “But why would I be jealous to see some other girl get a little bit of what I wake up with every day? It’s not like I’m losing out on anything. And one of the things I really love about the movies you do here is that it’s not just porn, not just people screwing to make a buck. They like each other before they have sex, and when it’s finally happening, it’s more than just sex. It’s making love. And it shows in all your movies, and that’s why they’re just … the best.”

“Thank you. I try to produce the kind of movies I wanted to see myself, twenty years ago. The Café series is basically porn in redux, with essentially no story, just a guy and girl getting to know each other a little, then having sex. The key difference is that they spend time getting to know each other first, and it’s not following a bad script, as in the oh-pizza-delivery-boy-I-can’t-give-you-a-tip-will-pussy-do-instead variety. It’s just spontaneous conversation, natural and flirty, between two people who actually are attracted to each other, and go on to act on it.”

“Yeah. And it’s just so great. I can really get into that, a lot more than … yeah, the stuff you usually see. You know they’re gonna have sex, but you can tell they really want to.”

“That’s the idea. It’s all contrived, but we try to make it feel like it isn’t. That connection is what makes the difference, I think. The authentic connection. Pretty Good Pink is about girls and the connections they have to each other, and you know what I mean there. The shared femininity, the very intimate experience of making love to someone whose body responses are the same as your own, whose capacity for orgasm is the same as your own, and that whole series is just bursting with deep feelings between the girls. Men love it as much as women do. And the Love Me Slow series is really more about the romance that goes along with sex, the way lovers behave during the times they’re not fucking, as well as the times they are. That’s our staple series, really, the one we’ve been doing the longest, and all it’s about is men and women who love each other, and are willing to show the rest of the world how very much in love they are. I wouldn’t mind having a married couple in them, if you and Luke would be willing.”

“I’ll ask him. I’ve never done porn before, but I’m sure … well, you know, in the game, I love it when people are watching me have sex, so I think I’d probably really like being in a movie with him.”

“Well, talk it over between yourselves, and see what he thinks. Also, any other movies or productions you’d like to be in, just let me know and we can see about an audition. There’s one-offs you can do with him or other guys in our talent, there’s plenty of girl-on-girl too, and you have the looks and the body to get a lot of men hard and a lot of women dripping. Also, we pay higher than anyone else in the industry, except Waite-McAllister.”

“Their stuff’s pretty damn good too,” Kaeleigh said.

“A woman after my own heart, I see.” They’d made it to the Café set. Lana and Luke were standing in a corner, embraced, murmuring and nuzzling. There was the occasional light kiss, the occasional giggle. The lighting guy was putting things away, the sound woman was already gone, and Corey was reviewing the video in his camera’s display. Kaeleigh followed Marta up to him “In the can, Core?”

“Oh yeah,” he nodded, his voice quiet. “You know Luke. Always the best caliber. Lana looks beautiful too.”

Kaeleigh cast an eye over her brother, and bit her lip. He was still naked, watching Lana go down a hall, probably to wash up and put on her regular clothes again. She gave him a final wave and smile over her shoulder. He waved back, grinning, his penis at half-mast. The Café boys were always naked in the post-sex interview, the girls in a robe. It was another subtle gesture at feminine empowerment, as well as a few more moments of eye-candy for the audience. “Um,” Kaeleigh said. “Would anyone mind if I … borrowed Luke for half an hour or so?”

“Just half an hour?” said Marta, and Kaeleigh giggled. “Not at all. I fully understand you probably have some business that needs attending. Feel free to drop by my office when you’re done, and we’ll chat.”

“Luke?” Kaeleigh said.

“A man’s work is never done, is it?” he said. “Sure, hon. I need to shower, and I’d love some company. Especially if that company is the woman I love.”

“I thought Lana left.”

“Whose shower do you think we’ll be in?” He took her hand and led her down one of the halls to a closed door. It had a little chalkboard on it with his name written in. Underneath that, someone had used colored chalk to add a pair of red lips and the words:


“Oh really,” said Kaeleigh, her eyebrow up.

“Laura,” he said. “I’m not sure where she came up with that.”

“Neither am I. It should be Major Tongue.”

He rolled his eyes and opened the door to a wardrobe and changing room (one of several, he said), which had once been a bedroom with an en suite bath. When a boy or girl was working on a given day, they had private use of one of these rooms to prep up, clean off, and unwind. Every room in the studio house was like that, regular living spaces that were repurposed to other ends. The Café set was originally a breakfast nook, and the sinks, appliances, and counters were still there beside it. “So what did you think?”

Kaeleigh blew out a breath. “I’ve never seen you in person with a girl before. It was incredible, bro.”

“Thanks.” He held her close and kissed her. “I really liked knowing you were there.”


He nodded. “And I can’t wait to see you in action with someone, too.”

She giggled. Luke had been with anywhere from eight hundred to a thousand girls by then — there just wasn’t any way to know any more — but his lust for her never, ever changed. “Are you gonna see her again, do you think?”

“Well, she did give me her number. She wants to do an in-depth thing about Marta, Pretty Good Privates, and the way women are reforming erotica, and I guess part of the story’s going to include her scene with me, and talking to me about how I felt about it. She wants to talk to some of the girls, too. I think she’s thinking of it as a term project.”

“Cool. It’s okay if you hook up with her again. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be busy most Saturday nights.”

“Oh?” He thought about it. “Oh, the women’s-only game.”


“Awesome. Marta hosts one of those. I bet you’ll love it. So you don’t mind if, uh, Lana and I…”

“If the interview gets personal? Of course I don’t. I know I’ve got you, Luke, and you know you’ve got me. However many other girls you might get with, however many lovers you have … what we have is the real deal.”

“Nothing’s ever been this real,” he murmured.

“Me too. I’m not worried about you spreading the joy or any girl’s legs, any more than you’re worried about me doing it either. We’ve been open from the start.” Her lips brushed his. “Rings don’t change that.”

“I really, really love you, Kay,” he said.

“Course you do. I’m your goddess.” They kissed again. “And it’s fine if you and Lana get serious.”

“Well, thanks, but I don’t think…”

“Don’t be too sure. She seemed to really like you. Not just when you were in bed, either. I mean, she’s attracted to you, really attracted.”

“Well … that could just be endorphins, too. You really think she’s…?”

“Hell yeah. I bet she wants to get together with you a lot more than once or twice, and if she does, go for it. She’s a knockout. I’d get with her myself, but I guess she doesn’t swing that way.” She’d had this conversation with him before, a few other times when things became more deep than a hookup with a girl. She knew from experience that she wasn’t in any danger of losing him. She sighed, her hands moving slowly up and down his naked back. She could smell Lana on him, her sweat, her pussy. “But I suppose I’ll survive. I’ve got what I’ve been needing right here.”

“I’ve missed you so much,” he murmured. “Holding you, talking with you, being close to you, loving you and knowing you love me, just…” He inhaled, his nose in her hair. “God, the way you smell, everything. When I woke up Friday and you were right there, it was like … I knew it was gonna be that way from now on. And it reminded me of how it was in Orlando, when I woke up that first morning and there you were, and I just knew. This is it. How it made me feel then. How I still feel now.”

“Me too, bro.” She leaned back in his arms and smiled. “Feel like manifesting Eris for a while?”

“Always,” he said.

She got into the shower with him, and it wasn’t actually half an hour, but it was some of the most intense twenty minutes she’d had in … oh, well, okay, since this morning when she woke next to him and remembered all over again that she’d be waking next to him for the rest of her life.

My porn-star brother, she thought, admiring him as he donned a robe and got ready to meet with a director to discuss his second shoot, which was to be a one-off with one of the regular girls, a slow and romantic lovemaking that, he told her, would include a Jacuzzi (making out, cunnilingus), a couch (making out, cunnilingus), and eventually a bed (brief fellatio, cunnilingus, sex to mutual orgasm, cunnilingus). My porn-star husband. She pulled her own clothes on, and followed Luke’s directions to Marta’s office while he went his own way toward the production sets again.