This is a work of erotic fantasy, so there’s quite a lot of sex. However, there isn’t sex happening in every chapter. There are many passages that include setup, character development, and all that boring stuff which makes the sex that much more meaningful when it finally happens. I know not everyone cares about backstory or getting to know the characters, so each chapter which does have sex in it also has a heart following its title:

The sex is not intended to be pornographic or paraphilic. It’s just the kind of stuff that happens between people, though sometimes in somewhat unusual situations. This includes threesomes and groups, intimacy taking place among people under the age of eighteen (with no one over eighteen present), same-sex partners, and scenes involving brother-sister incest. If you live in the kind of world where you believe those sorts of things never happen, or should never happen, you’re both (1) welcome to stop reading now; and (2) not even remotely in touch with reality in any way at all.

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Kaeleigh Goes All the Way

Book 1: 2019 • Part V: March: Entering the Magic

2. No More Boundaries

Dinner was followed by a movie, which was — big surprise — a Disney/Pixar feature. Kaeleigh and Luke bade good-night to Mom with plans for breakfast at seven, after which they’d descend on the Magic Kingdom; she was in the room across the hall, in one of the suites with a king bed. Theirs had a pair of queens, though not the kind Tyomi was probably looking for. They were just mattresses.

Kaeleigh took a shower, leaving Luke to his own devices for a while. She came out, ready for bed, to find him sitting on the balcony, Tumbling on his pad. He was ready for bed too, stripped down to his boxers in the warmth of the night. She was in her perennial nightie, a long tee with nothing underneath. She hesitated at the sliding door, not quite willing to open the screen. “Any mosquitoes?”

“It’s too early in the year for them.”

“But this is Florida. They fly south here for the winter.”

“Those are geese,” he said.

“You sure about that? I’ve seen Florida mosquitoes, bro. It’s an easy mistake to make.”

“Well, nothing’s carried me away yet.”

“True.” She opened the door and stepped outside, then settled on the other end of the weatherproofed patio sofa.

“Heard from Trav yet?”

“Yeah, we texted a while ago. He’s drowning his sorrows in Nette tonight, and she’s having a world-famous almond milkshake, but I guess you know a little about that yourself.”

Luke looked up at her. “It’s pretty cool you’re able to make it work with them. A lot of ATW people can’t even handle a regular relationship, even if they’re both players. Not enough options, you know? But a three-way thing is nearly impossible for anyone, no matter who they are.”

“We’re just good friends,” she said. “And we happen to hang out and call it a date, and we happen to have sex, and call it … uh, having sex.”

Luke grunted. “It’s still pretty cool.” He went back to Tumblr.

“Have you ever tried a relationship like that?”

“Mmm, more like really friendly movie nights with a couple of relaxed girls. Maybe a little like how it is for Trav when he’s with you and Nette, but without the official boyfriend-girlfriend-girlfriend part. Me, Heather, and Tasha get together that way a couple times a month.”

She knew both girls, and had been with them both, too. Neither of them were really bi, but they were, as Luke had said, relaxed, and were both a lot of fun in bed. Heather shaved everything, Tasha had the hottest little groomed bird’s-nest tangle just above her slit, and they were both lightly tart in the best place, yummy as hell, and came wet. She was impressed; Luke had good taste in FWB playmates. “Did you ever give Heather her panties back?”

“Yeah,” he chuckled. “She didn’t know where the hell they’d been all that time. But, you know, I didn’t either, until you noticed them.”

“It’d be harder for panties to hide in your room now. You’ve been cleaning up.” He shrugged. She studied him for a while. “So … did you really blow Trav?”

“Yeah,” he said. “It was, well, you know how wild it can get. You’ve seen it. From what I keep hearing from everyone, you’re usually in the middle of it. We were all kinda in this … pile, and a girl was on top of me and we were kissing, you know, and … other stuff, and Trav was there, and he sort of made out with us both for a while. Then she started blowing him, and I sorta … helped.”

“Does that happen with you a lot?”

“It can. Especially if the girls don’t all have Enfems.”


“Because using a rubber’s kind of a pain in the ass, so there’s usually more oral.”

“Oh.” She had seen more oral, now that she thought about it, in the mixed groups. She liked the variety of it. “Did he come?”

“Yeah,” Luke said.

“In your mouth, or hers?”

“Both, kinda.”


“Well, he was … mostly in her mouth, but his shaft was kinda … I mean, I was licking it and stuff, and it sort of … dripped out.”

“Oh, I get it.” She’d enjoyed a similar event herself the previous week, riding Trav while she blew Cas. She and Travis had gone for full-on sharing with Casper’s cum, snowballing it back and forth a few times before swallowing their portions. “So are you like partly bi, or like … opportunistic or something?”

“I don’t think I’m as bi as you are,” he said. “But I guess … if there was no girls anywhere in the world any more, I’d … I wouldn’t lose it totally. I mean, I don’t mind doing it, especially if I get the same in return, but I’d much rather be with a girl.”

“You ever blow Cas?”

“Huh-uh. He really doesn’t hook up with guys much at all, even at a full-on orgy. He might get licked by a guy sometimes, maybe sucked for a minute or two, but that’s about it.”

She nodded at that. “He lets Trav do him all the time now.”

“Yeah, Tuck was telling me how you sort of … helped them work out some agreements?”

“Boundaries,” Kaeleigh shrugged. “Mostly for Casper’s sake, because … yeah, he needs limits, I mean he needs to know Travis has limits, or he sorta locks up, I think. He’ll kiss Trav if he’s fucking me. I mean, if Cas is fucking me, he’ll basically make out with us both. Or Nette. And he’ll eat either one of us out after Trav comes in us. But he still won’t go down on him. Trav’s okay with that, I guess, and he gets to blow Cas, so … I guess it works for them.”

“It’s kind of amazing they even do that much,” Luke said. “You must have more than one kind of magic touch.”

“Guess. How about Tuck? You ever do him?”

“Huh-uh. After things went weird with him and Sal, well, you know, they’re both my friends. So I kinda stayed clear of that. I hooked up with her, and that was good, but…” He shrugged.

“They’ve both BC’ed me,” she said. “Not on the same day, but … I’m not sure how they thought they could be together at all. They’re so different. I really like them both, and the sex is always great with either one of them, but … Tuck’s … I can tell he still has an ego in there. He’s working on it, I think, but he likes to show off his cock. Not that I mind. Sal, she’s just … so low key, and only gets super intense in bed, when it’s actually going on, you know?” Luke nodded; he knew that by experience himself. “And she says she’s been working on things too, so … whatever hangups they still have now must’ve been a lot worse earlier, when they were together.”

“Totally nail on the head,” Luke said. “Tucker was all about sticking his dick in anyone back then, and used it like a magic wand to bring the girls to him. And Sal … she was pretty uptight. But they were both around fourteen, and really didn’t know much about themselves or each other, and they both … I think they figured well, we’re in a relationship, which means we must be in love, and there’s all these rules we must follow, and if it doesn’t work out it means we’re both fuckups, but the other person’s a bigger fuckup than me. And neither one of them talked about any of that stuff they were thinking. They each thought the other one just understood it, and threw a lot of blame when they found out they were both wrong.”

“Drama,” Kaeleigh said.

“A perfect shitstorm of it,” Luke nodded.

“They’re getting along okay now,” Kaeleigh said. Their reintroduction to one another sexually, the one that began with the game she’d first played in, hadn’t gone past sex for them within ATW; but it was still remarkable to everyone who knew their history.

“I know. They told me, and they told me why.”


He nodded. “They say it was basically you, asking questions that night, and how Tuck had to more or less admit, out loud, what a fuckup he was. I guess hearing him say it in front of other people made Sal feel a lot better. Like … validated, you know?”

“Do you think they’ll ever get back together?”

“I don’t think so,” Luke sighed. “There was a lot of bad stuff that happened, and it kinda went both ways. I mean, Tuck was a shithead, but Sal was … kind of a cunt to him, too. But at least they can talk about each other now without swearing.”

“About, or to?”

Luke snorted. “Before that game you played, they didn’t talk to each other at all. Be right back. I gotta pee. Want anything to drink?”

“Not lemonade, especially if it’s warm, but tea would be good. Thanks.”

“Sure.” He turned off his pad and took it inside with him.

She sat back and sighed, stretching her legs out before her, thinking about what he’d said. Tuck had been a shithead, and Sal had been a cunt. Sort of like Luke and me, she thought. Until lately.

She hoped that was behind them now. The truth was, she liked having Luke around in this way, someone she could talk to, someone she could confide in, without feeling like they had to poke at each other every minute of the day. But it was so strange to be like this with him, to feel like she had to step carefully all the time because otherwise something might blow up in her face, or she might revert to her old habits. Being nice had turned out to be a lot more effort than finding new ways to torment him.

She stood and went to the balcony’s waist-high privacy wall, looking out at the distant haze of lights over Orlando. She wondered if there were ATW players out there somewhere under the city’s glare. She bet there were.

If only there was a way they could still … spar, Luke called it, and it was a good word … and both know they weren’t really out to cross each other’s lines, not out to do actual damage. People who actually sparred, like in martial arts, always had padding and things for those moments when the action got too wild. She supposed they still got smacked and it still stung, but a lot less than a compound fracture would’ve. But you couldn’t wrap up your feelings in padding, could you?

She had habits she needed to unlearn, she knew; and that meant, she guessed, replacing them with new habits. Habits that were more like a padded stick than a club with a nail in the end.

She settled back onto the sofa again, crossing her long legs beneath her. The weatherproofed fabric felt stiff and half-slippery under her bare butt, but it didn’t bother her enough to justify getting all the way up, going all the way inside, dragging out a pair of panties or shorts, pulling them on, and lugging her carcass all the way back outside again. Between the earlier damp-cottony warmth by the pool and the carb-laden plate of fettuccine she’d had for dinner, she was in a lazy and contemplative mood. So instead, she thought about Cas and Nette.

From what they told her, they still drove each other nuts all the time, but the sex tempered it. They brought the sarcasm and ripostes into the bedroom with them and made it part of the fun, like they had at the ATW game where they’d first hooked up. Nette thought the reason it helped the rest of the time was because, when they were sniping at each other in school, there was enough bedroom vibe underneath it all to make it a lot more playful than mean. “It’s almost like foreplay now,” she’d said. “Like how they tell you, when you’re a little girl, that if a boy’s picking on you, it means he likes you. Well, he does like me, and I know it.”

“So … nothing’s any different at all?” Kaeleigh had said.

“Everything is, and nothing is. It’s all exactly the same, but everything’s different, because we’re seeing it different.”

Kaeleigh thought she understood that. She remembered, after making love to Travis for the first time, feeling completely remade … but knowing she was still herself, too. She was still the same Kaeleigh she’d been thirty seconds earlier, before his cum was in her, before she’d shared that last of her first set of orgasms with him. But her way of looking at life had changed subtly, and the ripples of that effect were still making themselves known to her now. She didn’t see boys (or girls!) the way she used to, for instance. She was better at evaluating whether they had possibilities or not in the horizontal-happiness department. And the way she’d shut down the Buh-Muh kid at the pool would’ve been totally outside her ability before she’d had Trav inside her.

Well, maybe not; she’d always had a tongue sharp enough to score a diamond. She should know; she’d sharpened it on her brother’s hide, and tempered it in a bath of his blood.

The bless your heart incident had been one of the less cruel things she’d subjected him to over the years; and she did, now, recognize how cruel it really was. Not because she was implying Luke was somehow … deficient; that level of petty insult from her barely even registered on his scopes. No, what had been cruel, what had been deeply and horribly savage, was the way she’d used Luke’s naïveté against him. He was trusting, too trusting, always willing to believe friendliness in others was sincere; she’d always known that about him, and turned it into a weapon against him. Her cruelty lay in the way she’d pretended to be kind, hidden a dagger of malice inside a false sheath of love, tricked him into lowering his defenses, and rammed it right through his heart while he was at his most vulnerable to her. Over and over and over again. She’d inflicted wounds he wouldn’t feel for weeks, not until after he discovered her duplicity and found himself bleeding from dozens of slashes.

Because she thought it would be funny.

She thought undermining him, violating him, abusing his trust and love, would be funny.

Ha ha.

She wiped at her eyes, glad Luke wasn’t there to see her right then. He wouldn’t have made fun of her tears, but he would have asked her what was wrong, and explaining the reasons for them would probably have reduced her to a blubbering pool of sobbing teen-girl drama. This was the kind of stuff she thought about now, ever since Trav had alchemized her from Kaeleigh into Kaeleigh, and she didn’t know if it was his friendship that changed her, or she was changing herself in response to him, or she was just growing up, or if it was a case of her heart becoming more tender because Trav treated her with such sweet and abiding respect. (And fucked her brains out as often as she wanted; let’s not forget that.)

That was the thing about life-changing events. You didn’t really know, after you had them, whether some of what you thought about yourself had always been true and awaiting discovery through a new perspective; or if you were genuinely finding growth and change in yourself.

Maybe it didn’t matter. Maybe it was more like how things were for Nette and Cas than how they were for Sal and Tuck. Maybe it was always just a question of looking at things differently and working with what you found, because what you found was all you ever had to work with anyway.

Luke, for all the pain-in-the-ass traits that came naturally in a sibling, was a fundamentally sweet boy. She’d known that, deep down inside herself, for a long time; and hearing about how caring he was with the girls in ATW served to remind her of it, and to remind her how little of it she’d seen in the last several years. She knew she had herself to blame for that; she’d hardened up against him and forced him to hide that sweetness away, because she wasn’t a trustworthy recipient of it.

Christ, it hurt to understand that.

But that was a good thing, too, because she also knew the sweetness was still there, still available to her. She’d seen hints of it lately, brief glimmers of it shining like gold nuggets in a stream, and it had everything to do with her conscious choice to be less of a bitch to him. If she could somehow keep the outreach going, keep reminding herself of the treasures he contained, they’d begin to appear on their own. He wasn’t seething with malice toward her. He genuinely was ready to forgive and move on.

She’d always had better logic and systematic thinking than Luke did, but his emotional intelligence was completely beyond her league.

What all that really meant was that she had lots to work with, if she’d only let herself, and if she’d allow Luke to give it. And understanding that didn’t hurt. It ached, but only because she felt her heart expanding.

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Okay,” she whispered to the inky sky. “I really don’t want to fuck it up again. I don’t want it to be like it used to be any more. I don’t know if anyone’s hearing this, but … if anyone is, help me. Please. I don’t want to keep hurting him. I won’t be able to do it forever. Someday, I’ll go too far.” She swallowed. “And then … that’ll be it. He’ll be gone and I’ll never get him back. And it really matters this time, because we’ve both … we’re so different now, we’re nice to each other, and if I screw up this time, I don’t think I’ll ever get another chance. So … uh … amen, I guess?”

She didn’t hear any answer, but she felt a little better somehow. Maybe just saying it aloud, articulating her deepest fears, was enough to tip that first domino, the one which would change the destinies of ten thousand others, passing along in a cascade until … until something was different enough that she wasn’t in danger any more of losing one of the most important relationships in her life.

Or maybe Nette was on to something with that Lilith thing.

Either way, she felt herself calm, felt herself settle, and allowed herself to relax into it. It was a nice change from feeling like she had to be on guard and ready to jab all the time.

When Luke came back he passed her a bottle of tea, then flopped onto the other end of the sofa, sprawled and careless, sipping a Coke. “Still no mosquitoes?”

“Two bites on my chest,” she said, pushing her breasts out.

“God damn. We’d better get you to the ER before the swelling gets any worse.” She snorted, and he shrugged. “Well, they have been filling out, you know.”

She looked down. “Really?”

“Well, not like, you know, by the minute, but … yeah, you’re bigger there now than you were when school started, anyway. It doesn’t matter, though, Kay. They look just fine now, and you’re not done yet, either.”

She was inordinately pleased that he’d noticed, probably because she was pleased anyone had noticed. “I guess it’s like the dick size question. Maybe it only matters to the person measuring.”

“Why d’you think I have such a teeny car? I got nothing to prove to anyone.”

“I thought it was because it was cheap.”

“Well, that too, yeah. But mostly it’s because I got nothing to prove to anyone.”

“Based on that logic, Tucker should have a go-kart.”

“Yeah, well, you know, it’s an imperfect system at the extremes. Do you like monsters like his?”

“Mmm, I’m not all that hung up on big ones,” Kaeleigh said. “Actually, there’s such a thing as too big to really … get into it. It stops being about fucking, and more about just trying to handle it all. I think I’m kinda like Becka. Big enough to feel, but not so big it’s coming up my throat from behind. Like five to seven inches.”

“That covers almost every guy.”

“I know. Convenient, huh?”

He chuckled. “That’s how I feel about boobs. The really big girls … there’s only so much I can manage, you know? Plus, it’s harder to see her face from certain angles.”

“Why does that matter?”

“Well,” he shrugged, “when I’m way down south in the land of cotton, it helps if I can look up and see how I’m doing, from the look in her eyes.”

Ohh.” She nodded. She did the same thing when she was … doing the same thing. “That makes sense, yeah.”

He took another swig of Coke. “Tuck texted me when I was inside, and it got me to thinking about him and Sal.”

“Oh yeah?”

He nodded. “Kinda about … how we’re sort of like them. How they were when they were … well, I mean we’re not exactly like them, but … they really tore each other up.”

“I was kinda thinking the same thing. And how Nette and Cas are, too, and how we’re like them. How they’re always kinda going at each other. I mean, you know, not that going-at. The other going-at. Kinda taking potshots at each other. We do that a lot.”

“I don’t mind the potshots. Some of the ones you get off are … they’re pretty good, and they can be really funny.”

“You too,” she said. “You do all right.”

“I guess what I’m saying is, well, if they can get along, maybe we have a chance, too.”

“Yeah,” she said. “Yeah, I think so too. We’ll just have to get by without the make-up sex.”

“We’ll manage.”

“There’s worse things we could do, though,” Kaeleigh said. “We could be serial killers.”

“Worse than us fucking, you mean?”


He chuckled. “Well, how many people are we talking about actually killing, here?”

“Maybe that should be a card for the game. If you have a sibling, which would be worse: Fucking them, or killing ten people?”

“There’d sure be some interesting answers,” Luke said.

“Yeah, maybe it’s better to fight like Sal and Tuck.”

“Heh. Funny you mention that. The reason Tuck texted me was … I guess … well, him and Sal aren’t, you know, they’re not gonna get back together or anything, but he told me they played together Friday, and things were … regular. Like she was just another girl in the game, and he was just another guy.”

“Oh wow. Did they … was there an orgy?”

“Yup. And yup. They actually went all the way together, and they were naked when they did it, so…”

“Oh, wow. And it … it went okay? They’re both all right?”

“Yeah. From what he was saying, it kinda blew all the other players away.”

Kaeleigh had been in that situation twice herself by then. She’d really enjoyed it; the boys had each been very good, both of them spending time eating her out before topping her off; and being fucked in front of half a dozen other kids, having a boy come in her pussy while they all watched it happen, had been an incredible turn-on. “That’s just … awesome.”

“Yeah. He’s still kinda working it all out, all the feelings I mean, and … I guess that’s why he texted. He felt like he had to tell someone who knew all the details, because … Kay, that’s just a … a huge step for him. He spent the last couple years feeling like a total asshole, and … he doesn’t have to feel that way any more now. And he told me to thank you especially, because when you played in that first game, that was when it all started.”

She smiled. “It’s when it all started for me, too.”

“Yeah, that’s true, huh? So anyway … I guess, for them, it was good you were there. And I … I guess for you too.”

“Yeah,” she said, and looked down at her hands, resting one on each knee. What she’d done with those hands that first night, and over and over again ever since… “It was … nothing like I thought my first time would be. I don’t know how it could’ve been any better, either. Everyone was so nice to me, and everything we did was great.”

“Tuck said he was talking to the coordinators,” Luke said. “About opening up the game a little. Like, a group, sort of like the one you were in, with seven experienced players, and one virgin who wants to lose it.”

“Oh yeah?”

He nodded. “There’s probably a lot of kids that would love to get started that way, like you did. And Tuck and Sal both were saying Trav did a … he did it good for you. As good as he knew how.”

“It really was … great,” Kaeleigh said, and hugged a knee to her chest, reveling in quite a few good memories. “I knew sex would change my life. I just didn’t know how. You hear all these horror stories. You hear about … well, about people like Tuck and Sal, who just get everything as wrong as humanly possible. I didn’t need to worry about babies or AIDS or anything, because of the Enfem, but I really, really did not want any game-playing. I just … I wanted to feel like a, a person, with someone who was also a person, and not have it be complicated.”

“Yeah, middle-school drama’s shit,” Luke said. “It’s not really any better in high school either. There’s always girls and guys who either don’t know what they want, or are just out to fuck around with everyone’s lives. There’s less of them, but they don’t go away. That’s one reason I really love the game. There’s none of that bullshit. Everyone acts like a grown-up, and man, it’s a nice change from that cliques and games in school.”

“God, totally,” she said.

“You should put on panties if you’re gonna sit like that.”

She glanced down at her thighs, saw what he meant, but didn’t do anything about it. “Afraid you’re gonna get sucked in? Or is it just that you can’t resist the sight of it?”

“I like pussy,” Luke said, “but I don’t like it that much. It’s just … there’s times when you kind of flash me like that, and…” He shrugged.

“Oh, come on, Luke. If there was no girls left anywhere in the world, except me, are you saying you’d still do boys instead?”

“It’s not that. It’s—” It was his turn to study her. “Are you saying if I was the only guy left in the world, you’d … fuck me?”

“Someone would have to,” Kaeleigh shrugged, “and I don’t think any of the other girls would.”

Luke snorted. “Man, I knew you getting that Enfem would turn you into a horndog.”

“No, I was horny before I got it,” Kaeleigh said. “It just made it safe for me to do something about it.”

“Well, you sure have been, from what I hear.”

“It’s been a good start,” Kaeleigh said. “And I’m not gonna stop any time soon, either.” She looked at him, chewing her lip.

Luke felt her gaze travel along his bare chest, down his abs to his boxers and the lumps they contained, to his legs. “What?”

“Seriously. Say we’re … I don’t know, like literally the only two people left in the world. It’s the end of the world and there’s no one left anywhere. And if we don’t fuck, we’ll both die, and I do this.” She peeled her shirt off and crossed her arms behind her head, her breasts high and bare on her chest, her waist narrow, her hips flared, her mound displaying its light dusting of hair and the open cleft beneath it. “Come on and fuck me. It’s okay. No one will ever know.”

“Jeez, Kaeleigh,” Luke said, his face reddening, but he didn’t look away. “Put your shirt back on.”

“Can’t stand the sight of my tits?”

“No, it’s just … we’re on the balcony.”

“So? There’s a wall. The only way anyone’s gonna see anything is if I do this.” She went to stand and he grabbed her, pulling her back. She tumbled onto the couch, giggling. “So … would you? If there was no one left in the world?”

“If I answer, will you put your shirt on again?”

“Yeah,” she said.

“Right after I answer?”


Luke sighed. “Okay. If it was literally the end of the world, and the only way you and me could survive was for us to fuck, well, yeah, I guess I’d kind of have to.”

“There.” She tugged her tee back into place. “Was that so hard?”

“You’re turning into a sex maniac,” he said.

Kaeleigh thought about that. “No,” she said slowly. “I think I’ve pretty much always been one. At least, ever since I discovered what porn was for. It’s just that now I’ve actually done it, and I know two things for sure about sex.”


She nodded. “It’s awesome, for one thing.”

“Well, yeah, you’re right there,” Luke said. “What’s the other thing?”

She shrugged. “It’s not a big deal unless you make it a big deal. Otherwise, it’s just another fun thing to do with your body. Like jumping on a trampoline, or swimming, or breaking your own times in hundred-yard sprints just to see if you can do it.”


“Am I wrong?”

“No,” Luke said. “No, I guess you’re right about that too. I mean, that’s what the game’s about. Making it not a big deal, so a bunch of horny kids can get together and fuck.”

“Well, it sure works.” She thought for a moment. “That’s mostly why I think me, Trav, and Nette have what we do now. We got to know each other in the game, and pretty much knew what we were getting into. We figured as long as we’re with each other just a little more than anyone else, we’re in a relationship. Or close enough to one.”

There wasn’t much Luke could argue with there, either. Kaeleigh always had been a more logical thinker than he was. Also a lot more scheming. “So, what, you and them get together twice a week to stay ahead of the game?”

“Yeah. Plus summer’s coming up, so we’ll have lots of time to just bang each other stupid all day long.”

“Oh great. That’s all I need to hear, your headboard thumping on my wall.”

“Aww, I can sent Nette over every once in a while.”

“I don’t need a pity fuck.”

“Would you rather have a pity BJ from Trav instead?”

“He does give good head,” Luke said.

“That’s what Cas says too.”

Luke grunted. “Man.”


“I used to be able to gross you out saying things like that.”

“Well, that was before I started sucking cock. Now I know what it’s like. There’s nothing gross about it at all.”

“There’s a lot of girls that don’t feel that way.”

“There’s a lot more boys that don’t.”

“That’s true,” Luke said.

“Have you ever actually blown a boy? Like full-on, start to finish, with swallowing?”

“Not like that,” Luke said. “It’s been more like, you know, lick the lollipop in the middle of something else.”

“Like with that girl and Trav, that one time?”

“Yeah, or…”

“What?” Kaeleigh said.

“Oh … well … sometimes if a guy’s fucking a girl, you know, spoon-style—”

“What’s that?”

“The girl lays on her side, and the guy’s … behind her.”

Kaeleigh thought for a moment. “Oh, okay, that’s what it’s called. Tuck and Bailey both fuck that way a lot.”

“They’ve got the dicks for it. Anyway, I like to get around front and … uh, you know, lick the girl.”

“While the boy’s fucking her?”


“Huh.” Kaeleigh’s eyes were far-away for a moment, and Luke had a shrewd guess what she’d be trying herself, the next time the opportunity presented itself. “But you don’t get much cum from the boy that way, do you? Or do you?”

“I’m not really after that,” Luke said. “But her juices get all over his dick, and sometimes if I hit her right, she squirts.”

“Oh, I get it. You’re in it for her cum, even if it’s on his dick?”

“Mostly, yeah. I mean, sometimes the guy … leaks, you know, so you can’t always help getting some in your mouth. And sometimes after he pulls out, well, I kinda … stay put, until the girl lets me up.”

“So a boy’s cum doesn’t bug you, if it’s in a girl’s pussy?”

“Guess not,” Luke shrugged. “I eat my own out of a lot of girls.”

“Casper’s cool with it that way, too. But you don’t want it coming right out of his dick?”

“No, I’ve … sort of done that too, it’s just not really what I’m after as much as, you know…”

“Pussy juice.”


“Do you like it when a girl squirts?”

“Yeah. Of course.”

Kaeleigh nodded. “Nette makes me squirt. She squirts too, all the time. Well, practically all the time. And Micki and Elena both squirt every time.”

“I know,” Luke said. “It’s awesome.”

“Fuck yeah, it is.” They shared a moment, and then realized they were sharing a moment. “We’ve had sex with a lot of the same people, bro.”

“Yeah,” he said. “And it’s not gonna get any better.”

“It’s not so bad,” she said. “There’s worse things we could do.”

“You mean, like fuck each other?”

She studied him. “Would that really be so bad, though? I mean, we’ve both done it with tons of people. We’d be good at it. We know it’s fun, we know it’s safe, and we know it’s only a big deal if we think it should be.”

“And you’re saying you think it wouldn’t be a big deal if we fucked?”

“Not if we didn’t think it should be,” she said.

“But everyone else in the world…”

“Wouldn’t be there to see it happen, so who gives a damn what they say?”

“That’s fine until we get caught, or we suddenly decide it was a big deal after all, when it’s too late to go back.”

“Relax, bro, I’m just yanking you. But you should put on undies if you’re gonna go around dressed like that.”

“Huh?” Luke said, looking down at his boxers.

“You’ve got half a boner right now, and I can see everything down your leg.”

“Well, we’re…” Luke shifted around a little. “We’re talking about sex.”

“I didn’t say I wasn’t wet,” Kaeleigh said. “Mister Six-and-a-Half.”

“Yeah, well, what about you and your hairbrush?”

“Oh, I lied about that.”

“You did?”

“Uh-huh. It was your hairbrush.”

“Oh, for—” Luke scrubbed his face with his hands. “You better be lying.”

“What, you didn’t notice the handle smelled like tuna?”

“No, that’s not it,” he said. He grinned. “It’s just, that’s the one I stick up my ass.”

Kaeleigh gaped at him, her face going florid, and she beaned him with a pillow while he laughed. “Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!”

“Got you,” he said, hands raised to ward off the blows. “Got you good.”

“Asshole!” But she backed off, her knees between his thighs. “That was a pretty good one.”

He crossed his arms behind his head, reclining and grinning at her. He didn’t usually get her like that, and they both knew it.

Kaeleigh eyed her brother again. After having fucked around eighty boys in the last six months, she felt in a better position to objectively judge male anatomy, and she had to admit she could see the attraction for the girls. He did have nice abs, and his chest was about halfway between Casper’s (yum) and Travis’s (dee-lish), and it was smooth, which she’d always liked in any boy. He had dark brown hair in his pits, and she’d discovered she had a slight pit-hair fetish. And he wasn’t wearing much right then, and the head of his dick was visible once again in his boxers, through the leghole. She definitely had a dick fetish, and he definitely had a dick. She’d seen it a few times before, but that was before she’d used so many of them herself. It changed the way she saw … well, a lot of things. And it might explain why the sight of it now didn’t fill her with horror so much as a deep and very familiar heat. Like the Buh-Muh kid said, she was a girl, and he was a boy.

And really, would it be all that big of a deal?

“They asked us what kind of cum we liked,” she said, remaining right where she was, kneeling between his legs. There was a good view here, and it wasn’t of Orlando. “The first time I played the game. I didn’t know then.”

“Yeah? Well, what’s your answer now?”

“I like every kind,” she shrugged. “So far, anyway. From boys and girls.”

Luke nodded gravely at that. “I like girls’ cum. I don’t care what it tastes like. I just like it all. I don’t hate it from a guy, but … I guess if I totally had to pick one guy whose cum tastes pretty all right, I’d go with Travis.”

“Oh my God he tastes to good,” Kaeleigh said.

“Like almonds.”

“Well, it does come from nuts.”

“True,” Luke said.

“What’s yours taste like?”

He studied her, aware more than ever that they were both half naked, and that Kaeleigh’s tee wasn’t covering much below her hips. In the last few minutes, their conversation had begun to resemble a two-player version of All The Way. It gave him a fluttery feeling deep down inside to wonder if she was … leading the discussion … somewhere. There was no revulsion, which surprised him; it was more like … curiosity, as well as arousal. After all, he’d fucked most of the girls he knew, and it hadn’t damaged his friendships with any of them; and he was feeling a little horny right then, and he knew she was too; and maybe she was right that it wouldn’t have to be a big deal between them. “Kinda mild, I guess. A little salty. A little bitter sometimes, but not as intense as some guys I know.”

“You mean, some guys you’ve blown?”

“Or eaten out of a pussy, yeah.”

She gave him a calculating look. “You really like eating pussy, huh.”

“Yeah,” he said, his voice quiet. He swallowed. “I do.”

Any pussy?”

He took a deep breath. “I haven’t said no to anyone yet.”

“Me too.” Her fingers went to his knee, traced a gentle line up his leg. “And fucking?”

“That too,” he said, feeling his cock begin to respond.


“So far.” He swallowed again. “Yeah.”

“Me too. I’ll fuck pretty much any boy that asks me to.”

“I don’t think … yeah, I’ve never said no to a girl.”

Kaeleigh saw his penis twitch and start to swell, and smiled. “Remember when we were little, and we used to pretend stuff? Like I was a mad scientist and you were my evil lackey?”

“Assistant,” he said. “I was the evil assistant. And how come you were always the mad scientist? I’m older than you.”

“I think we both know the answer to that question.”

“Mmm. You’re right. You’re a hell of a lot more evil than I’ll ever be.”

“Nice,” she said, meaning it. She wasn’t always the one with the best comebacks. “We had fun, though. Pretending.”

“Yeah, we did.”

“We haven’t pretended in a long time.”

“No. No, we haven’t.”

Her fingers were gliding gently up and down his inner thigh, and he was fully erect now. She could see his curve, his heft and thickness, his full, ripe balls. “Hey, Luke?”


She reached and tickled his balls, cupped them, and he didn’t flinch. “Wanna pretend it’s the end of the world?”

“Yeah,” he said.

Her hand slid up to his penis. “Come on.”

He sat up and put his arm around her shoulders, and when he drew her close, she didn’t stop him, and didn’t pull away.

It was weird for them both, at first. They were brother and sister, and had grown up together. They’d spent a lot of their lives being pains in the ass to each other. But they were both young and horny, they were bored, and they were not virgins; and underneath the awareness that they were breaking the biggest taboo they knew, underneath the intense excitement that was suddenly raging in them, underneath the initial weirdness of crossing the last boundary they had between one another, was a depth and breadth of love that each knew the other felt, however much they might bury it. An abiding constant attachment bound them together no matter how pissed off they got with each other sometimes.

It was that love they acted on, but it was driven by a deeper heat.

The kiss started out halting; then it was ferocious. It was passionate, it was powerful, it was wrong, and it was right. And as it went on, Luke peeled Kaeleigh’s shirt off of her, curling her naked body to himself; and she shoved his boxers down and off, and then they were skin to skin and still kissing, and his hands were good on her tits and better on her pussy; and her hands had skills now, too.

He broke the kiss, gasping, his face flushed and his eyes blazing. They stared at each other for a breathless silent moment, feeling the enormity of it all turn over their heads, and then he pushed her back on the sofa and licked his way down until he was there, where they both needed him to be.

Kaeleigh’s pussy was almost sweet to him. It had a rich subtle flavor that spoke of girl, of his sister, of lust; and he reveled in it, devouring her gleaming wet groove with total focus on making her come. He succeeded, and then he did it again; and then he buried his face in her and ravaged her with all his energy and skill, even using her own magic touch on her. She squealed, she writhed and bucked, she squirted and sobbed and pulled him in and said more more more, and he gave and gave and gave; and then she pushed him away to stare down at him, her chest heaving, her less-than-A-cup breasts bobbing with the thrusting pounding demand of her heartbeat. “Fuck me,” she panted. “Fuck me right now.”

To Luke, it felt like he’d been waiting all his life to hear those exact words from this exact girl. To Kaeleigh, it felt like she’d been waiting all her life to say them.

His cock didn’t bend even a little as he guided his head against her vulva, down and toward her, and he felt the rim of her, snugged against his crown. He looked up into her eyes and she gave the barest nod, and his heart’s thudding concussive beat was thundering through his head and his body, and he eased forward and sank down into warmth and wetness that was at once familiar, and at the same time completely new. After nearly a hundred girls, Luke was very familiar with the feeling of penetration, but this wasn’t just some girl he’d hooked up with in a game. It was Kaeleigh, his sister, the girl he’d known all her life, and all but three years of his own.

They held one another after their hips met, shivering in their heat, kissing fiercely and clutching each other; and then he lifted up and gave her the best fuck he knew how to give.

It went on forever, and nowhere near long enough for Kaeleigh. Of all the boys in the world to do this with, Luke was the most forbidden to her, and that was part of the thrill of having him. She felt every thrusting blow of his six (and a half) inch anatomy; every muscle in his working shoulders and rather tasty chest was outlined in his frenzied efforts, and they were driving the air out of each other, ramming themselves together; she was meeting each of his thrusts with a rocking surge of her own. She felt his heavy balls slapping against her perineum every time he probed her, felt the void he left behind the rim of his head each time he lifted away.

It couldn’t go on, not at this intensity, not for very long; and it didn’t. With a rising series of grunts, Luke’s body wrenched itself out of his control, and he threw back his head, his eyes shut tight and his teeth gritted, and bellowed into the mild Florida night.

Kaeleigh felt the enormous surge enter her, the heavy fluid of her brother’s orgasm flooding her instantly. She squealed and screamed beneath him, coming on him, coming with him, and even as she knew the depth of their sin, she reveled in the glory of their fusion.

Luke was the first to make it to the other side. He came out of the blazing white field, shuddering, trickles still leaving his pulsing cock, sunk to the hilt in his sister’s body. He stared down at her, panting, as her face cleared. Her eyes opened and she looked up at him and they stared at each other, struck mute by what they’d just done, what had just passed between them. It was done, and it couldn’t be undone, and they knew it. For a moment, everything in their lives tipped on a balance point finer than a needle, one teeter away from utter catastrophe.

Then Kaeleigh reached up, grabbed his head, and pulled his mouth to hers. The kiss was as deep and intense as the sex had been.

“More,” she gasped. “Inside. On the bed. Now. Eat my cunt and fuck me again. Fuck me all fuckin’ night long.”

“Let’s go,” Luke said.