This is a work of erotic fantasy, so there’s quite a lot of sex. However, there isn’t sex happening in every chapter. There are many passages that include setup, character development, and all that boring stuff which makes the sex that much more meaningful when it finally happens. I know not everyone cares about backstory or getting to know the characters, so each chapter which does have sex in it also has a heart following its title:

The sex is not intended to be pornographic or paraphilic. It’s just the kind of stuff that happens between people, though sometimes in somewhat unusual situations. This includes threesomes and groups, intimacy taking place among people under the age of eighteen (with no one over eighteen present), same-sex partners, and scenes involving brother-sister incest. If you live in the kind of world where you believe those sorts of things never happen, or should never happen, you’re both (1) welcome to stop reading now; and (2) not even remotely in touch with reality in any way at all.

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Kaeleigh Goes All the Way

Book 1: 2019 • Part IV: September Through February: Life Goes On

2. Olive Branch

Kaeleigh knocked on her brother’s door after dinner that night, even though it was half open. “Mind if I come in for a minute?”

“Uh,” he said, surprised. Kaeleigh was a barge-in balls-out kind of girl most of the time, except when he was in the bathroom. Knocking and asking was DEFCON-two level strangeness, coming from her. “Sure.”

“Thanks.” She came in and pushed the door shut until it latched, then perched on the edge of his bed. Luke’s room was a permanent biohazard zone, with books and papers everywhere, usually three shoes scattered on the floor and no sign of the missing fourth, socks strewn around the bed (Trav was right about her needing to keep clear of them, and she knew why), random shirts and undies draped hither and yon (probably his, except maybe one pair of possibly-panties she saw the edge of, hanging from his desk lamp), and a permanent low-key aroma of musk, sweat, and feet. It wasn’t much, but he liked to call it home. Kaeleigh had another word for it, but it didn’t quite fit, since swamps were usually a little more damp and sometimes less fetid.

Luke was at his desk, his Air’s lid up. He was toggling back and forth between Pages, Wiki, and Tumblr, his idea of doing homework. “Whatcha working on?”

“Oh, a paper on Huck Finn, and then I got a bio test I gotta study for. Nonstop joy.” He eyed her, wondering what, if any, explosion might be imminent. She seemed off somehow, like something was weighing on her mind and she didn’t know how to bring it up. This was also unusual for Kaeleigh, who generally didn’t have a problem speaking her mind at all. Sometimes at great length. “So, uh, some Tagalongs, Do-Si-Dos, and Thin Mints, I guess. Can I pay you next week?”

Her eyes narrowed. “Huh?”

“Girl Scout cookies?”

She shook her head. “I haven’t been in the scouts for years.”

“I know, but I can’t think of any other reason you’d be here.”

“Whose are those?” she said, nodding at his lamp. He turned, letting her change the subject again. He recognized the tactic. She’d get there when she was good and ready. “There, kind of over the back of the shade.”

“Oh,” he said, lifting away what was clearly a toffee-colored pair of lingerie panties. “Heather. Dang, that was…”

“Two months,” Kaeleigh said. “Maybe three.”

“Wow. Well, I guess I should get them back to her. Lucky for me Mom kinda gave up on coming in here a while ago.”

“I can’t imagine why. Is you first ever cum-Kleenex still somewhere under your bed, too?”

Luke relaxed. This was more like the sister he knew. “It moved out on its own a couple years ago.”

She watched while he stuffed Heather’s panties into the front flap of his backpack, and shuddered. She almost made a comment about his general cluelessness, but she knew now that Heather was an ATW girl, and she might genuinely not have known where her panties had been all this time. A few wrinkles more or less probably wouldn’t mean much. Besides, she hadn’t come in here to hassle him. At least, not tonight. “Thanks,” she said.

“For what?”

“For … you know … helping out. At dinner. With Trav.”

“Oh.” Luke almost laughed. So she wasn’t about to pick a fight after all. Then he tensed again, because he knew from experience that this was usually when his sister was at her most dangerous. She had a way of working up his trust, and whacking him over the head when he wasn’t watching out for it. “Well, sure. I mean, you know, you kinda like him, he likes you, and … well, especially since we’re both playing now, I guess we kinda should get used to covering for each other.”

She studied him for several long moments. “What’s that mean? Are you planning to have a bunch of girls over sometime?”

“No, that’s not … so what if I did?”

Kaeleigh shrugged. “It’s just … I’d probably know them, and I’d have to hear a lot of giggling and squealing and shit coming from in here, and I’d be sitting there thinking I know those girls, I’ve done most of them, and I know what they’re doing with you now, and the next time they were at a game, I wouldn’t be able to stop throwing up.”

Luke rubbed his temples. “I just meant, I meant, I guess I meant I need to get used to it. Because, well, you’re gonna have hookups. And sometimes they’re gonna be here. And I know that you … there’s a couple times you’ve covered for me, so I guess, you know, it’s my turn now too.” She had covered for him, usually by saying she’d seen him hanging out with a bunch of guys when what was really going on was a tryst with a girl. She’d never given him a lot of grief about that, and she’d never tattled, because she’d sensed — even when she was ten or eleven — that someday, she might need a similar favor. Now, of course, she knew where the endless stream of pussy was coming from, and was making serious progress tasting that flow herself. Pussy and cock, in her case. “How, um, how is Trav, anyway?”

“Still almondy. Look, bro, this … isn’t easy for me. This … this, you know, you doing something nice for me, and helping me out with my boyfriend, and … uh … like, talking and things.”

“You mean, us being decent to each other? Treating each other like we care about what the other person thinks? Showing a little kindness and understanding?”

“Uh…” She shrugged. “Yeah.”

“It’s kinda fuckin’ spooky for me too, Kay. I hear all these wild rumors about sibs that actually get along over breakfast, share a bathroom without going OCD about who left what where this time, and spend more time helping each other with chores than finding ways to be assholes to each other, and I always figure yeah, right, BS.”

“Well, I’m sorry we’re not the Baudelaires. But they’re made up.”

“Maybe, but we’ve been doing pretty good at making our own series of unfortunate events for each other.”

“Why did you take my side tonight?”

“Because … you like Trav, and Nette, and you’re happy. Okay? Fuck. You’re happy, and when you’re happy, you spend a lot less time trying to figure out how to fuck with my life. It’s a nice change, and I needed a fuckin’ break. Is that okay with you?”

“Look,” she sighed. “I don’t wanna fight.”

Luke was stunned to silence for several moments. “Are you my sister’s evil twin? Or are you the good one, and she’s just been shaving off her goatee all these years?”

“Oh, knock it off, Luke.”

“No, I’m serious. You’ve been different … either since you started playing, or since you met Trav, and those happened on the same night. Are you … feeling okay? Are you … like … in love with him or something?”

She took a deep breath. “That’s not it. I mean yeah, he’s a good friend and a great fuck and a great boyfriend. I love him, yeah, but not like let’s get married. It’s more like how I love all my friends, but with sex too. And I think … I think that’s it. Ever since I started playing ATW, I’m getting laid, totally and seriously laid, every Friday, half of Saturday, and most of the other days too.”

“I know. It’s awesome, huh?”

She sighed again and flopped back on his bed, her legs dangling over the side. “Yeah. It is. And half the girls I meet know you, and have fucked you. The rest all want to. And about one in every six boys has done something with you too. And I’m still kinda getting used to the idea that pretty soon we’ll have fucked all the same people between us, and that my brother is some kind of … sex god.”

“Well, but from what I hear, you keep setting the groups on fire when you play…”

“But that’s just it! I know you fuck a lot of the people I’m getting to know, and I’m doing them now too, and it’s just … weird, Luke. I’m not used to thinking about you as the kind of boy the girls all want to screw. They like you. They really like you. I used to think you were just a player, not a … a player. You know, just one of those dumb jocks who uses girls to stick his dick in for a while, not…” She gestured vaguely. “Not like how the boys are in the game, you know, making sure the girls … come all fuckin’ night, making sure they’re having like the best night in the world. Being nice to them. Doing what they want. The only fuck I think of when I think of you is fucking asshole. Or that’s how it used to be.”

Luke let that sit for a while until his blood had cooled a little. Usually when Kay said things like that, she was working up to a knock-down, drag-out fight, trying as hard as she could to piss him off. The dumb jock crack was often what did it; he knew his grades weren’t anywhere near as good as hers were — Mom was great at reminding him of that, too — and she knew it bugged him. She wielded the stereotype against him like a war-hammer, because it usually worked. But he didn’t think that was what she was after, this time. “Well … I did try to stop you from coming along that night.”

“But you didn’t tell me why.”

“I couldn’t! You know how it is. What was I supposed to tell you, and how was I supposed to say it? No, Kay, don’t come along, because if you do you might be in an orgy? Yeah, right. I knew that wouldn’t work.”

Her head popped up and she blinked at him. “Huh?”

“Oh, come on. We share an air vent, and I may be a dumb jock, but I’m not fuckin’ deaf. I hear those videos you watch. You were into orgy porn long before you did it.”

“You were listening?”

“I didn’t want to. God! Use headphones. I tell you that all the time. Didn’t you ever wonder why it’s such a fuckin’ big deal to me?”

“I…” She was bright red. “I thought it was because you didn’t want to hear TC or Gaga.” She let her head drop back to the bed. “Oh God.”

“Well, that was part of it, yeah. But mostly I really did not need to know what you were getting off to. So … you know … I’m sorry it makes you upset to know I have sex. But I’ve kinda known you’re what they call a sexual being yourself, for years.”

“Ugh,” she said.

They were quiet for a while.

“So how is TC doing, anyway? Tyomi still looking for The One?”

“Far as I know, yeah,” she said, still staring at the ceiling.

“Aww, The One he’s looking for is probably a big hairy leather queen, like you see all the time outside Pistons and Nuts on 34th. He’d be a lot happier if he just admitted it.”

Kaeleigh knew that comment was meant to piss her off, and it did, but not for the reason Luke intended. It pissed her off because it was actually pretty goddamned funny, was the kind of thing she might say herself, and could even be true. “Shut up.” She couldn’t mask the giggle.

Luke crooned in a passable Tyomi quaver. “Oh baby, are you The One? Oh baby, love ain’t just for fuuuunnnnnn…” He ducked when Kaeleigh lobbed a pillow at him. “And I love when they get all serious and go oo-oooh in the background when he does that rap thing which is not, definitely not, emo rap. Girl … I got to know if you’re The One tonight. Oo-oooh. Girl, will our hearts … take flight tonight? Oo-oooh. I mean, who the fuck even?”

“Ass,” she said, but she was laughing with him. She sat up and they actually smiled at each other, and it was weird, but it didn’t break, either. “It is kind of a dumb song. I never really liked it.”

“Too bad you had to listen to it six billion times to decide.”

“It’s just … it’s between Sweat Night and Fresh Day, and I love those…”

“You can skip. That’s one of the neat things you get to do with MP3’s. Skippy-skip-skip.”

“C’mon, bro, not all their songs suck. You said so yourself.”

“Yeah, well, they’ve done a couple good ones, I guess. I do like Fresh Day, actually. And that one from the 60’s.”

Love the One You’re With,” Kaeleigh nodded.

“Yeah. I guess it’s kind of … kind of how I feel when I’m playing, you know?”

Kaeleigh studied him, shaking her head slowly. “God. Of all the things we could have in common, why’d it have to be All The Way?”

“Because … it rocks?”

She smoothed the sheets with her hand. “Yeah. It really does.” She sighed. “I love sex. I love fucking, I love giving head, I love eating pussy. I love All The Way.”

“Well, you are thirteen. I was pretty much in heaven when I started too.”

“You don’t feel like that now?”

“I guess … no, I still do. It’s great. I love sex too. It’s just … I know a lot of the players now, so what’s different isn’t getting to know new people any more, so much as … how we all mix around at the orgy, you know? Like Becka, I know she likes to be pounded real hard, Sal’s into long and slow, and Seana loves to sixty-nine, so if I’d been there that night…” He sighed. “It’s cool because I know how to do what they like and it’s just … awesome to mix it all up. You know?”

A litany like that, coming from her own brother, would usually have been more than enough to make Kaeleigh flee, gagging. The last thing she wanted to know about was Luke’s sex life. But she had one now, too, he was indirectly involved in it, and she didn’t have anyone else she could talk to about it. Not the kind of sex life she had now, not merely promiscuous, but outright hedonistic. She knew two girls in her grade who’d gone all the way, and it hadn’t been in All The Way, and they would have shat their panties to know how much she was doing, with whom, and how freely. Especially because she was doing it with girls as well as boys. “I had sex with Becka,” she said.

Luke gaped at her. “When?”

“That night.”

“No fuckin’ way. How?”

“The usual way, I guess? We ate each other out?”

“But she’s straight.”

“I keep hearing that,” Kaeleigh said. “Every week there’s always a girl or two who says she’s straight. But then we get into the group thing, and…” She shrugged. “Not so much. Or anyway, not with me.”

“Becka … ate your pussy?”


“She never did anything like that before, ever.”

“I know. She told me. The other girls say that too.”

“What other girls?”

“Well, so far, Ruby, Marybeth, Jamaica, Lupe, Jody, Masako, and Takisha.”

“You had sex with them too?”

“Well, not all at once, but yeah.”


She shrugged. “Yeah.”

Luke’s jaw couldn’t get any lower without going through the floor. “Kay … they’re all, every one of them, totally a hundred percent pure straight. None of them go down on girls. Ever.”

“I know. They always tell me that. After they’re done eating me out.”


“I don’t know! At first, with Becka, I figured it was cause she knew it was my first time playing, and my first night having sex, and she was, you know, doing me a favor. Then I thought maybe it was because I give as good as I get.”

“Good policy,” Luke nodded.

“I thought so, yeah. Then I thought maybe it was cause of the magic touch—”


“The magic touch,” Kaeleigh said. “That’s what Nette calls it. And the girls hear about it and they want a demo, so…”

“That’s you?” Luke said. “The thing with the little pinch and the rock and the girl comes in like ten seconds? That was you?”

“I … guess so, unless there’s other girls that knew about it too. When did you hear about it?”

“Couple weeks ago. When did you start … uh, demonstrating it?”

“That first night.”

“Well,” he said, “I guess it must be you, then. You’ve got girls all over town singing your glory.”

“Well, nineteen, anyway, I hope.”

He eyed her, doing the math. She’d been to six ATW games so far, including the first, which had an extra girl that night, four girls plus Kaeleigh. The rest were each three, plus her. So five times three was… “Kay, have you had sex with every girl you’ve played with?”

“Haven’t you?”

“Well … yeah, at least oral, but I mean … not with every guy.”

“Oh, I’ve been with them too,” she said.

“All of them?”

“Well … yeah.”

“So … twenty-three guys so far?”

“Mmm. I really love playing that game.”

“You’ve had sex with forty-two people in six weeks?”

“Well, yeah, but not all at once. Mostly. Why do you keep wigging out? Isn’t that the point?”

“It must be a bisexual thing,” he said weakly. “You’re getting a lot more laid than I did when I started. Six weeks in, I was at maybe twenty-five, all but one of them girls. Holy shit. And you’re getting the straight girls, too!”

“Well, so are you.”

“Duh-fuh, but I’m a guy.”

“See? That’s what I’m saying! I’m getting everyone, every week, and I don’t have any fucking idea why.”

“Well, you’re a girl, and you’re, you know, you’re beautiful, and—”

“I … what?”

“You…” he shrugged. “Well, you are, Kay. I mean … I hear it, you know, from guys now, how hot you are, and there’s girls that say you’re beautiful and they all say you have a, a, a great body, you know, and … well, it’s true.” She stared at him, speechless. “I mean it’s not like I wanna fuck you or anything, but … you’re beautiful.”

She closed her eyes, shook her head. “Okay, if you say so.”

“I’m just telling you what I hear. So you’re a girl, you’re beautiful, and you swing. Guys don’t got a problem with that, so if you’re willing, they’re on. Some girls are at least a little flexible, so if you’re willing to go down, they will too. Some girls are like you or Nette, and just totally okay with everything. It’s the straight ones that really … just … I guess they think you’re awesome, and they just … want to try something new with you?”

“That’s the only thing I can figure, too,” she said.

They sat in silence for a while, contemplating sexual politics. A small part of Luke was railing at the unfairness of not having been born like his sister, bisexual and female. She’d gone — literally overnight — from fingerbanging herself in front of porn to nonstop action — a new lay every day of the week, on average — and was in a three-way relationship with a very pretty girl and a guy whose cum actually tasted good.

When had she stopped being a skinny little flat-chested spazz with a big poofy white-Afro of frizz? Intellectually he knew it had to be a while ago, but it wasn’t until she’d turned eleven that he noticed the first serious changes, and … decided then that … what, she needed his protection?

Something like that.

And then the porn had started floating its tinny reverberations into his room at night and he’d hear her quiet gasps of pleasure and her occasional squeals of more, and he’d known she was growing up, that she’d be in the market soon, and he figured he’d maybe tell her about the game after she’d had a chance to play the field a little.

So that hadn’t gone to plan, either.

And she’d dived headfirst into a sea of bodies, and was swimming now, swimming strong, never faltering, and gathering admirers in her wake.

He was envious of her, but there was a flare of pride, too. Not that she was his sister, but that she was doing it, she was striking out on her own, and she was literally blowing away everyone she met. He wasn’t proud of her, because he knew he had nothing to do with how she was; but he could be — and was — proud for her. She had a lot of courage and no inhibitions, and was doing something a lot of people wanted to do, but never had the backbone to try. And she was doing it every week, and wasn’t even in high school yet. That … was something to admire.

“I guess,” he said at last, “there’s something special about you. When people are with you, I guess they, they lose all their boundaries. I mean, I have some fuzzy lines, and there’s some guys I’d blow again, for sure. Travis is one. But I’m not bi enough that I’ll make it with every guy, and maybe … maybe that … maybe they see that line in me, and it sorta … reinforces it in them too? And then there’s you, and from what I’ve been hearing, you just don’t have any lines at all. So when someone’s with you, they forget where their lines are, too.”

“So, what, even straight girls decide I’m too hot to say no to? Come on, Luke.”

“Well, obviously they do. You’ve had sex with nineteen girls, and for at least eight of them, you were the first girl they ever had sex with at all. No one else has ever done that, as far as I know. So it’s not them, Kay, and it’s not the game, cause girls like Masako and Lupe, they’ve been playing longer than I have. If it was just the game, they’d’ve done it long ago. That mean’s it’s gotta be you. Something about you makes everyone want to get with you.”

“Tuck said players take their energy with them from game to game. Maybe that’s what he meant.”

“Could be. I just know that … if I was you … I don’t think I’d do anything different.”

“You’d get with boys too?”

“Well, I’d be a girl, right?”

“Yeah, but … you’d … let them come inside you and everything?”

He shrugged. “I’d have a pussy, and I’d probably want it filled up and eaten out, since I’d be full bi. Even if I wasn’t, though, yeah, I’d be doing what you’re doing.”

“So even if you were a boy trapped in a girl’s body, you’d do it all? Eating pussy, giving head, fucking boys?”

“If I could stop playing with my own boobs long enough, sure. I mean, you know, multiple orgasms. You bet that’d be worth taking some dick for.”

“Oh God, that is nice. I can’t imagine getting only two cums an hour. How the fuck do you stand it?”

“The right girl can take it up to three, or maybe four,” Luke said. “But … yeah, it pretty much sucks. I guess that’s why we’re always getting angry and going to war and killing things and shit.”

“Maybe.” Kaeleigh looked down at her bare feet, idly nudging one of his socks around on the floor. She realized what she was doing after a moment and stopped before it tried to eat her leg. “Anyway … I just wanted to say thanks for helping earlier. And I guess … I guess I can live with knowing that you fuck a lot of girls and even blew my boyfriend once, and hearing all about your majesty from other players, since … it’s gotta be at least as bad for you to hear about me.”

“Well, I’ll live. Just … remember to use headphones from now on, okay?”

She grimaced. “Yeah, I guess that’s not asking for too much.” She stood and went to leave, then paused. “Night, bro. See you tomorrow.”

“Sleep well,” he said, and went on staring at his door long after she’d left. She’d even remembered to close it.

* * *

Luke kept playing. Kaeleigh kept playing. Each kept hearing things about the other. Each began to understand just how highly prized the other was as a player and a sex partner — and, increasingly, as a friend. Luke had a sensitive side, a supportive one, that his sister knew about in the abstract (it had to be in there somewhere; he hadn’t been hatched), but that she hadn’t suspected in depth. Girls liked him not just because he was a good lover, not just because the specific shape and proportion of his cock felt very good inside them, not just because he was skilled with his tongue and (now) the magic touch … but because he liked to cuddle, and he liked to talk. He was good to curl up with, she heard, when the orgy was winding down. His caresses were gentle, his kisses delicate and affectionate, and his conversation easy. He offered emotional support where it was needed, sympathy or empathy where it helped, and friendship always. It was no wonder he had a list of a couple dozen girls he could hit up for a booty call any time, and no wonder they usually accepted without needing to think about it. (Those girls’ reasons for saying yes to him were a lot different from the reasons Kaeleigh got her own affirmatives, from boys. For them, with her, they always knew they were guaranteed at least two cums, one in her mouth, the other in her pussy. When a girl took her up, it was more for the equal balance of feminine friendship and sex she brought to the visit.)

She’d seen that affectionate and supportive side of him herself, from time to time, but not very often, and definitely not in the last few years. She knew why, too: She never gave him a chance to show it. She didn’t like admitting to any weakness when he was around, didn’t want him to see her even a little vulnerable, so there hadn’t ever been much hugging or cuddling, even on the occasions when — and she had a hard time admitting this to herself — when she would’ve really appreciated a long, gentle embrace.

She could see it sometimes, almost. Luke, looked at objectively, if she deliberately ignored the part of her brain that screamed in horror about him being her brother, was actually not a bad-looking boy. He had good, even features, a nice smile, and … well, yes … he had a good body, too. All those weights and the track were paying off in great dividends, giving him a lean, cut build, a narrow waist, and the kind of broad (and still broadening) chest and shoulders she found appealing. He had the abs. He had the butt. He had the inguinals. He really … was physically attractive, yes. It was just too bad he was Luke.

For her part, Kaeleigh was still very much in the stage of exploration and discovery, and she invited all her playmates along on the voyage with her. She was ferociously passionate sometimes, wringing body-draining orgasms from both male and female partners; but she could also be subtle and delicate. If a girl wanted slow and easy, that was what she got. If she wanted to be devoured cuntfirst, that was how it went. And she was a serious scholar of the penis, spending hours of orgy time ranging around the boys, asking questions and watching, experimenting and learning all about the sensitive areas, reveling in the differences between cut and uncut, and, with Travis’s assistance, discovering how to make a BJ last for up to half an hour at a time before taking in a glorious double-swallow of hot rich spunk. As for fucking, there was no position she refused. She discovered that, like Sal, she liked being rotisserie’d, one penis buried in her vagina, the other in her mouth, on her hands and knees and bouncing back and forth. She liked to climb on and ride. She liked being pinned to the mattress. She liked doggy, scissor, spooning, standing, everything.

Her Enfem gave her an edge. At first, she explored the strata of the exclusive groups, and because there was a limited number of girls in the elite, she became familiar with all of them fairly quickly. She saw Sal, Becka, and Seana again (not all in the same night), and had sex with them again too, even Becka. Most of the Enfem-having girls were experienced players, and they tended to prefer more experienced boys, ones who’d been in the game two years or longer and had the skills and endurance they wanted most.

But Kaeleigh also didn’t mind being in mixed or non-Enfem groups, where the boys usually needed condoms with the girls; and since the coordinators tried to accommodate player preferences, they were happy to put her anywhere, because she asked for it … and it made their jobs a little easier, too. (They liked players that didn’t care who they were fucking on any given week.) She found it was gratifying to look a boy in the eye and gently push his hand aside as he was getting ready to open a wrapper and tell him, “It’s okay. We don’t need that.” The look on his face always suggested he’d discovered a hidden entrance to heaven. Whenever the card came up in play, she could say in honesty that one of her very favorite moments during sex was feeling the boy come in her pussy. She always fucked bareback.

The other thing about those mixed groups was that a lot of the players had less experience. They’d only been in the game a few months, or up to a year or so. And while Kaeleigh didn’t have a lot more practical knowledge than they did, she was eager and enthusiastic, and seeing how willingly she switched partners at the orgy got the other kids into the same groove. The parties were always more fun when no one was really holding back.

She also wasn’t picky. There were skinny boys. There were zitty boys. There were boys with scraggly hairs on their chins or wispy I’m-trying-too-hard mustaches. They were all welcome to have her, and they did. There were girls with pimples too, and scrawny girls whose hips and tits were smaller even than her own, girls and boys who were on the chunky side, but that didn’t stop her from rolling around in a little wet tangle with any of them. Standards for conventional attractiveness just did not matter to her when the clothes were off and the fluids were flying. All that mattered was the shared need everyone had, and satisfying it completely. The sex was always good, with all of them. Even when it wasn’t great, it was still good.

She played in groups, sometimes, that were introducing a new player that night. She played in groups, sometimes, where a boy or girl was there to observe and decide if they wanted to become a player at all. She was generous with her knowledge then, leading by example in encouraging the other players to open up in the presence of the newbie, to introduce him or her to the freedom of discovering that there were no walls between anyone except the ones they put up themselves … and that they were free to take those walls down any time. And she learned that even the observers were willing to walk away with some sex out of the deal, even if they didn’t decide to start playing; Kaeleigh took pains to ensure they weren’t disappointed by their evening. In her view, a boy with blue-balls was a tragedy easily avoided by a few minutes of work followed by a swallow, and every girl deserved to know about the magic touch, ideally through a live and personal demonstration.

She learned the game wasn’t unique to Cliveston; it was played everywhere, even in other countries. One night she played with a French boy, an exchange student whose host family’s son was a player himself, and got his guest in as a temporary player on the rota. (His wasn’t the first uncut cock she’d ever had, but it was definitely one of the largest.) There were boys and girls from out of town and out of state too, people visiting relatives who were only there for a week or two before they returned home.

Any time she was in a group, the sex was joyous, free, and constant. Boys kept breaking their own records for ejaculations. Girls discovered themselves in realms of bliss they rarely found. She was always happy to put on a show, willing to have sex with anyone while the rest of the group sat around, watching her being fucked, watching her give head or eat pussy, enjoying the live-action porn and building their charge again for the next pile-on. At the end of the night, everyone passed out from sheer exhaustion.

Within two months, she’d decided that all boys shared one thing in common. Regardless of whether they were on the stubby side like Casper (who was certainly not small, and not the smallest boy she had), or as big as Tucker (and there were a couple who were even bigger than that, mon dieu), or in the vast range in between, no matter how long or brief the sex was, no matter how energetic or slow, all boys lost themselves during orgasm. She could look in the boy’s eyes while he came in her mouth or her pussy and see that, for those few brief seconds, he was aware of nothing else at all but his penis, where it was, and what was happening to it. Climax in a boy was an event that erased his mind completely, turned off all his cares and worries, turned him into a pure organism of entirely somatic reality. It wasn’t quite like that with a girl, most of the time; there was almost always some vestige of her mind there, even in the most intense moments. Not always; sometimes she knew she’d managed to erase the girl in the way she always did with a boy, but usually when a girl was coming on her face, she was still aware of the separateness of their bodies. Maybe that was another tradeoff for multiple-orgasm ability: You usually didn’t end up with your brain in reboot mode.

Every Friday night, she had all seven of the other players. There were never any exceptions.

Kaeleigh was becoming a legend in All The Way, and Luke knew it. Everyone wanted to play with her. And Kaeleigh was discovering that her brother was authentically adored by every girl he’d played with. Instead of making them uncomfortable, this new discovery seemed to help them relax and get along a little better. They would sometimes spend an hour or more at the end of the day just talking in his or her room, not only about the game, but also about their lives. They had a shared hobby, pastime, and passion, and with time grew used to discovering some new sex partner they had in common. They started to find it amusing, even, to compare notes on a particular girl or the occasional boy, talking about their bodies, their flavors, their sexual responses. They still fought like wet cats in a sack sometimes, but now kept their claws sheathed.

They were discovering that they actually liked each other, deep down under all the sibling friction. It was a nice surprise, and life had one more surprise in store for them.