This is a work of erotic fantasy, so there’s quite a lot of sex. However, there isn’t sex happening in every chapter. There are many passages that include setup, character development, and all that boring stuff which makes the sex that much more meaningful when it finally happens. I know not everyone cares about backstory or getting to know the characters, so each chapter which does have sex in it also has a heart following its title:

The sex is not intended to be pornographic or paraphilic. It’s just the kind of stuff that happens between people, though sometimes in somewhat unusual situations. This includes threesomes and groups, intimacy taking place among people under the age of eighteen (with no one over eighteen present), same-sex partners, and scenes involving brother-sister incest. If you live in the kind of world where you believe those sorts of things never happen, or should never happen, you’re both (1) welcome to stop reading now; and (2) not even remotely in touch with reality in any way at all.

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Kaeleigh Goes All the Way

Book 1: 2019 • Part IV: September Through February: Life Goes On

1. The Discovery of Tolerance Among Siblings

It was a few days before Kaeleigh was able to talk at length with Luke about Friday night, or the rest of the weekend. He still wasn’t feeling all that great when she got home late in the morning on Saturday, and she had to do some quick-stepping with Mom to dodge some of the more difficult questions, but she’d found out Luke had covered for her. Some of it might have been self-interest — he didn’t want to get caught any more than she did, and they had outstanding blackmail on each other now, even if it was of the mutually-assured destruction variety — but she thought a lot of it was that he’d had some time to think it over, and realized that no matter what, she was going to fuck, and she might as well do it with other All The Way players. He knew many of them very intimately, knew what kind of people they were, and knew that, of all the groups his freshly-sexually-active sister might fall in with, there simply wasn’t anything better on the planet.

It really was stupid, she thought, that they had to keep it all secret. Kids fucked. They should be among friends, in a safe, respectful, and supportive environment, when they did it, right? What sane adult could object to that?

Most of them, she feared.

Luke’s standing story was that Friday nights were his game night with friends. (His philosophy was to make his lies as uncomplicated as possible, since they’d be easier to remember and tell; he just didn’t say what kind of game he was playing, or whom the slumber party included, on the Fridays when the orgy ran long.) This particular Friday, because he didn’t want to just leave her home alone half the night, he’d brought his sister along — and glory be, one of his friends’ sisters, who happened also to be an acquaintance of hers, was there too. Kaeleigh, according to him, had liked the game (again, a nice simple truth to obscure the fabrication), so when the Señor Burrito Express began roaring through his bowels, they decided it would be okay if she stuck around with her friend and kept playing in his place. Plus, he’d said, he really needed to get home right then. The evidence, in the form of aromas and other collateral effects, was right there in the bathroom for Mom to witness herself.

That was the groundwork on which Kaeleigh built. She and her friend Nette had hung out, talked, gossiped about boys, etc., and her friend had asked Kaeleigh if she wanted to spend the night. Most of this was also true. After all, she had talked with Nette, the other girls, and Travis about boys. She hadn’t left Tuck’s house, but he was a friend for certain now, and he’d invited her to stay. Kaeleigh just didn’t say which friend asked, or where she’d slept.

Neither she nor Luke had ever taken a polygraph, but there was a good chance they would’ve been able to defeat one on virtually any topic.

Getting permission for a movie (she didn’t say whom she was going with) and another overnight stay with Nette (she did specify that, and let it stand as an implication about whom she planned to go to the movie with) had been a little trickier — until she came up with the gem that the game she’d started the night before wasn’t quite done (it wasn’t much of a lie; she knew a winning strategy when she saw one). “It can run long,” Luke told Mom, backing Kaeleigh up. “Sometimes, once you start, there are these pretty involved, uh, side campaigns.”

“Oh, is it like Dungeons and Dragons?” Mom said.

“Something like that. But usually less nerdy.”

“Well … at least you two are doing something together. It’s good to see you getting along. As long as you’re both keeping out of trouble.”

“Y…eah,” Luke said.

It worked (she got away with it) because, in the history of All The Way — or at least since before Luke had been playing — never once had there been a noise or police complaint where any of the games were hosted. This was partly because all the players stayed completely sober — they had to because of the consent and safe-sex angles; and, oh, all right, yes, they were underage, too — and partly because players didn’t want the cops getting called on a game. All the screaming and hollering took place indoors, in someone’s bedroom, living room, or basement rec room, with windows closed and curtains and blinds carefully drawn; and most of the players were gone by ten or spent a quiet night in bed, after a couple of not-so-quiet hours in bed. Given that kind of officially clean record, it was hard for Mom to come up with a reason to stop Kaeleigh from playing the same game.

* * *

Kaeleigh’s date with Trav went very well. There was a movie, but if pressed, neither would be able to relate much of what it was about. (They did buy popcorn, but that wasn’t the buttery-salty flavor Trav spent his time licking off his fingers. She’d worn a skirt with no panties, and it had taken him all of three minutes after the movie started to discover that.) After the movie, they parked in a quiet little private spot he knew, and she saw to his needs in less than five minutes, her head bobbing rapidly between his flat belly and the steering wheel. He dropped her off near the end of her street around four, she tore through her weekend chores, took a quick shower, and then Nette came by to pick her up at 5:30. Mom passed an eye over Nette, noted her carefully-kempt hair, clothing, and appearance, her bright smile and her ready eye contact, and gave her a clean pass.

Her night with Nette, Trav, and Cas was everything she’d hoped it would be, and it was with a very happy sigh (and a womb sloshing with cum) that she settled into the sudsy hot bathwater at home on Sunday afternoon, letting it work out the soreness and fatigue that her body seemed almost completely made of by then.

But such a good reason to be so sore, she thought, sinking up to her nose in the bubbles. She knew she’d stretched her luck this weekend, and would need to work in her dates with Travis in the afternoons, between the end of school and her mom getting home from work, at least until she was old enough that her dating a high school boy didn’t look halfway to felonious. Ninth grade, next year. They could make it that far. Meanwhile, she had her Fridays playing All The Way now, thanks to Luke.

* * *

Kaeleigh continued to play, and so did her brother. As was always the case with sibling players, the game rosters were organized so they were never playing together during any week; but Luke’s reputation preceded him, and it wasn’t long before he was beginning to hear tales of his sister’s activities as well. She learned he was highly valued among the girls as a competent sex partner who liked to go down, and was good at giving hard, driving fucks in addition to gentler and more thorough couplings. The boys liked him too, because he didn’t usually back away from a hardon; and while he didn’t swallow, he had no qualms about letting a boy come in his mouth, though he usually left that up to whatever girl was nearby. Luke, in turn, heard about Kaeleigh’s voracious sex drive, her willingness to go down on anyone, and her lust for cum, both in her mouth and in her pussy. It was a revelation for each of them to view the other as a fully-realized sexual being, but they both supposed it was inevitable in any case. They just ran headlong into it, sooner and harder than most siblings.

Her relationship with Travis and Nette was to be counted as a success, she thought. She spent slightly more time with Trav than she did with Nette, and sightly more time with the two of them together than she did hooking up with anyone else. Sometimes, Casper was there too; he and Nette also had a side agreement, though they hadn’t declared themselves in the same way Kaeleigh and Trav had. When it was just the two of them, from what Kaeleigh could tell, Cas spent a lot of time tied down on Nette’s bed, happily doing whatever she required of him. She’d found a willing and flexible sub, and they even eventually tried water sports. Apparently, he liked it, though it was not something they talked about much and seemingly not something they did often; they both had to be in the right mood. But it happened more than once.

Kaeleigh and Trav got together a couple times a week, just the two of them, to date, hold hands, make out, and make love. Mom had a pretty good idea there was something going on between her and that boy, but mostly kept her reservations to herself (apart from eyerolls and long-suffering sighs), partly because Kaeleigh was happy, visibly so; and partly because Luke stood up for them.

“I’ve known him for a while, Mom,” he said when the first rumblings of disquiet rolled across the dinner table one night, about a month and a half after Kaeleigh played All The Way for the first time. “He’s a pretty good guy. I know it might look kinda weird, since he’s sixteen. But Kay’s almost fourteen, and he’s only a sophomore now, so … I mean come on, a freshman dating a junior’s no big deal, right? It’s not like he’s humping Brownie scouts or something. He’s not that kind of guy.”

“Your sister was a Brownie scout five years ago. And she isn’t a freshman yet.”

“And I was a Cub scout six years ago. You know as much as me that she’s, well, she’s ahead of everyone in her grade. I mean, you’ve met some of those kids. They’re terminal turbodorks. Compared to her, they’re like … like Kindergarteners. So what’s she supposed to do, hold hands with some kid who’s using the other one to pick his nose, or hang out with a guy who’s got his own car, has a job, and plans to go to SUNY Polytech?”

“I know what hanging out can lead to,” Mom said, eyeing her daughter. They both looked a little surprised to see Luke on Kaeleigh’s side. “The longer it’s out, the less it’s hanging.”

“And so what if it does lead to that?” she said, knowing it was practically a confession. “I mean, if you had a big problem with it, why’d you pick out the Enfem for me last year?”

“That was … meant to be more of a just in case thing, not a go ahead and do it thing. Not something you’d end up needing before you even got to high school.”

“Well, I didn’t plan on it,” Kaeleigh said. “I met him, we got to talking, and … it … it’s been really good, Mom. He respects me. He’s nice to me. He doesn’t ask me to do things he knows I don’t want to do, he never mansplains at me, he doesn’t give me orders or anything. He’s just … he’s a really good person, and a really good friend.”

“Well…” Mom said.

“You know me,” Luke said. “You know if anyone was yanking her around, I’d kick his ass. And you know Kay, so you should know that if anyone yanked her around, she’d kick his ass first, and harder.”

“That much,” Mom said, “is true, yeah. I know you’re not a little girl, and I’m sure you’re making choices that make good sense to you. Your brother was having sex when he was your age—”


“Fortunately for him, other girls don’t see it that way. But those girls were closer to him in age, they went to the same school, and…”

“And they were right for me,” Luke said. “We all know Kay’s smarter than me. She’s ahead of everyone in her grade, and not just in brains. What’s some kid like Barry the Fartmesiter got to offer her? Or that one kid you were telling me about, Kay, with the spitwads?”

“Oh, Keith,” she groaned. “Grossoholics Anonymous.”

“Spitwads?” Mom said.

“Yeah, he likes to tear out sheets from his notebook, stuff them into his mouth, get them good and gooey, and then lob them at the blackboard when Mister Franz isn’t looking.”

“A … a whole sheet of paper?”

“Real wet and drippy. If it leaves a splat less than six inches, he considers it a failure.”

“Good lord.”

“These guys are the cream of the crop at East Cliveston MS, Mom,” Luke said. “It goes downhill fast from there. They make me look like Einstein, and Trav look like … uh…”

“Brian Greene,” Kaeleigh said.


“That string theory guy.” She’d always thought he was kind of cute.

“Oh. Anyway, I get where she’s coming from. The kids at her school kinda … they’re losers, a lot of them. They’ll probably be better in a couple years, but right now, even a seriously dedicated molester would look at them and go, yeah … nnnno. Not in my van.”

Mom took a breath. “You do have a point, I suppose. I just … you’re very young still, Kaeleigh, and there are some very manipulative people out there, and I suppose I … worry sometimes. It’s your job to live your life. It’s mine to worry a little. Okay?”

Kaeleigh sighed. “I get it. And … really, Mom. If anything ever gets weird, if I feel like I’m cornered or something, if there’s something going on and I don’t know what to do … you gotta know I’ll talk to you, right? Always. I know you’ve got my back, and … and I promise, if I ever have anything bad come up, I’ll tell you.”

Mom softened a little. “Okay. I don’t usually see you and Luke showing a united front on anything, except in two cases … one, you want something and are hatching a scheme; and two, you have a good point about something, and may even be somewhat right about it. Have I met this boy, uh…”


“I hang with him sometimes,” Luke said, “but he hasn’t been over to visit me or anything.” This was technically true; Travis had been over just the afternoon before, but he’d been visiting Kaeleigh, and the less Mom knew about that, Luke figured, the better all around.

“Well … I need to eyeball him, at least,” Mom said. “Invite him over to dinner next weekend. If he leaves alive, I guess that means it’s okay for you to keep … hanging out with him.”

“What if he’s, um, busy? I’m not totally sure what his work schedule is like…” This wasn’t true at all; Kaeleigh was painfully aware that Travis worked evenings Monday through Wednesday, and half days on Sunday. Fortunately, Nette usually had a couple of those nights free. Mom, of course, didn’t even blink at Kaeleigh spending time with a sixteen-year-old girl. She was enlightened, both of her kids knew that (she’d sprung for Kaeleigh’s Enfem, after all, and Luke’s supply of condoms was kept topped off by her as well); but she had her blind spots, too.

“This is one of those Corleone-style offers, Kaeleigh.”

“We’ll make sure he knows he can’t refuse,” Luke said. “He’ll be here.”

“Well … all right, then.”

Kaeleigh knew what that meant: For all meaningful purposes, the discussion was closed, and Mom was provisionally accepting the fact that Travis was her boyfriend even though he was sixteen, and having sex with her. And she had Luke to thank for most of it. That wasn’t how it usually went between her and him. At all.