This is a work of erotic fantasy, so there’s quite a lot of sex. However, there isn’t sex happening in every chapter. There are many passages that include setup, character development, and all that boring stuff which makes the sex that much more meaningful when it finally happens. I know not everyone cares about backstory or getting to know the characters, so each chapter which does have sex in it also has a heart following its title:

The sex is not intended to be pornographic or paraphilic. It’s just the kind of stuff that happens between people, though sometimes in somewhat unusual situations. This includes threesomes and groups, intimacy taking place among people under the age of eighteen (with no one over eighteen present), same-sex partners, and scenes involving brother-sister incest. If you live in the kind of world where you believe those sorts of things never happen, or should never happen, you’re both (1) welcome to stop reading now; and (2) not even remotely in touch with reality in any way at all.

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Kaeleigh Goes All the Way

Book 1: 2019 • Part III: Friday Night, September: Group Sex

3. The Morning After

Travis, Casper, Sal, Becka, and Seana all had to leave the next morning. They all used Tucker’s shower — it was a big walk-in space, almost like the shower in a locker room, but more tastefully done — and gave each other a few farewell cums. Kaeleigh and Travis smooched for a while, and swapped digits as well as spit; he said he’d call her around one and finalize what movie they’d see that afternoon, before going off on their next adventure with Nette and Cas. (Kaeleigh actually scored everyone else’s numbers, with assurances that followups and booty-calls were welcome, along with just plain old friendship.)

Tuck stayed naked while everyone else got dressed. Kaeleigh and Nette decided to do the same. Kaeleigh had the feeling the party wasn’t quite over; and besides, with a boy that well-hung and a girl as hot as Nette, she wasn’t going to protest the view.

The girls sat at the bar and watched while Tuck prepared them all breakfast. “A man who knows his way around the kitchen is always a lovely thing to see,” Nette said, stretching and bringing her gorgeous bare tits into the foreground. “Especially when there’s so much of him in sight. You did good last night, Tuck.”

“Thanks. You were pretty fuckin’ awesome yourself, as usual. And Kaeleigh…” He smiled at her. “You really, truly did blow everyone away.”

“Literally,” she said. He laughed and nodded.

“While all of this is true,” Nette said, “particularly the parts about how awesome Kaeleigh and I were, that’s not what I meant. I meant the way you kept away from Sal.”

“Oh.” He stirred pancake batter, and was quiet for a while. Whatever announcements or revelations might follow from the events that had passed on the patio last night, he decided he’d leave up to Sal. The lovemaking had been good, but of much more importance to him had been what it represented: The physical proof of their shared willingness to forgive and move on as friends. It didn’t make him want to boast or strut. It filled him with a stillness he’d been without for too long. Their personal drama was already a matter of general knowledge, and if she wanted anything to change it in the eyes of their peers — even if all it amounted to was truce — he’d let her determine how and when it did.

For himself, it was enough to know that after so long, she’d granted her forgiveness. He had slept well last night, wholly at peace for the first time since their final hideous exchange, the one that had left him destitute for months and wondering if life was even worth living any more, if he was doomed forever to be a piece of shit, capable only of destroying beautiful things. It had driven him within himself, forced him to reëvaluate huge segments of his personality and views. He thought he was a better person now, but getting there had nearly killed him. No one — least of all Sal — would ever know how close he’d come to that, either. “Well … she would’ve ripped my balls off if I tried anything.”

“Probably. But I know boys, particularly horny boys, and how they are when there’s sex flying all around them. I know you were probably tempted. But you kept it under control.”

“I didn’t say it was easy,” he said, and turned away from them to oil a griddle. Kaeleigh liked that view, too. “But anything else would be rape.” He sighed and poured. The batter began to sizzle. “Last night was the closest thing to a real conversation I’ve had with her in a long time.” He looked over his shoulder. “And I think that was you too, Kaeleigh, so … thanks.”

“I didn’t do anything,” she said.

“You were here. People wanted to be on their best behavior. Maybe her and me were trying so hard to act civilized with each other that we finally figured out … maybe we could be civilized with each other.”

“It wouldn’t’ve gone that way with Luke,” Nette agreed. “He’s … you know, he’s got great sex stories to tell. Anyone who’s been playing a while does. And he’s got a good body, and I think he was selling himself short with the dick-size question, so to speak. He’s just a great fuck, he eats pussy like a dog with his favorite rag doll, and I guess he gives pretty good head—”

“He does,” Tucker said, at the same time Kaeleigh made a gagging sound.

“Uh. Sorry about that.”

“Tee to the em to the eye.”

“Yeah, I get it. Sorry. I keep forgetting you’re his sister.”

“I don’t.”

“You were playing with his penis last night,” Tuck said.

It took Kaeleigh a moment to remember the game token. “It wasn’t life-size.”

“The point is he’s a good solid player, he’s a pretty sweet guy, and he’s always fun at a game. But he’s not you, Kaeleigh. You have kind of a talent for keeping the jokes going. And you’re not afraid to ask questions, and you definitely weren’t afraid in the orgy. I’m pretty sure no one’s ever played the game before who was a virgin when they started, and even if you’ve fucked a few people and done three-ways, group sex can be hard to get into and get used to. You kicked ass all over the place last night.”

“Thanks,” she said. “I didn’t think I’d ever end up losing my virginity like that, but I’m glad I did. I’ve talked to a couple friends who’ve done it, and they said it was kind of a letdown.”

“They didn’t come, huh?”

“No. But the boys did.”

Tucker was chuckling and nodding. “Yeah, when you’re that age it’s kinda hard to hold on to your juice.” He flipped the pancakes. “They shoulda gone down on the girls. Makes sure the girls have a good time, and gives the boys a chance to build up another load.”

“That probably woulda worked, yeah,” Kaeleigh said, thinking about Travis. Eating pussy seemed to turn him on as much as giving head did. “Cas was real nice about everything, too, after him and me went all the way.”

“God, that was fuckin’ genius,” Nette said. “Technically following the rules, but still letting you get what you wanted.”

Kaeleigh eyed her. “Angry fucking, huh?”

Nette shrugged. “Maybe … angry that I’m kinda starting to like him a little, yeah.”

“Well, you can have him all to yourself tonight. I’ll just drain Travis dry.” She thought for a moment. “Mostly to yourself.”

“I just wonder what they’ll get up to when I’m getting down with you.”

“Oh, they won’t mind. They’ll just watch.” Nette laughed and high-fived her. “Boys like to watch, don’t they?” she said as Tucker plated the first eight pancakes and put them in the oven to keep warm, then started on the next batch.

“We don’t come as much as girls,” he said. “So we watch.”

“And that works?”

He winked at her. “With some girls, better than others. It helps if the girl’s into it, if she’s coming a lot, if she’s, you know, not shy and not afraid. But you were watching everyone else as much as we were all watching you. It was pretty…” He shook his head, looking down at himself. “Pretty damn hot, and something else is about to be if I don’t stop remembering certain things I saw.”

“No sausage with my pancakes, please,” Nette said.

“Yeah, save that one for later.”

“Will do.” Tucker backed away from the stove. “You could do porn.”

“That’s what Cas said too.”

“He’s right,” Nette said. “You look hot when you’re doin’ the dirty.”

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” Kaeleigh shrugged. “I was just having a good time like everyone else.”

“Openly, and with other people watching. Not everyone loosens up as much as you did.”

“Well yeah, but we were all doing the same thing. It’s not like we had anything to hide.”

Nette and Tucker shared a look. “I’d say Trav got pretty damn lucky,” he said.

“Because I like sex? Everyone does. Well, most people do.”

“Because you’re not embarrassed by it, or ashamed of anything. He’s not either. Most people can’t make it very far in a couple, even if they’re both players. But you and Trav might have a shot at keeping something going for a while.”


Another batch of pancakes went into the oven. Tucker looked over at the girls. “You know neither one of you is obligated to do anything with me later on, right?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Nette said, examining her nails. “I like to tip the chef.”

“Just the tip is about all I can take,” Kaeleigh said. “But I like a challenge.”

“I’m surprised you’re not fucked out,” Nette said.

“Who, me or Tuck?”

“Yes. All the boys, really. I think they all broke some records last night.”

“And today,” Tucker said. Becka had given him head in the shower, taking him to his seventh orgasm in twelve hours.

“Especially Travis,” Nette said. “He really likes you.”

“I didn’t think I’d get laid when I came over yesterday,” Kaeleigh said. “I definitely didn’t think I’d end up with a boyfriend.”

“Ha, that’ll teach you to plan ahead,” Tucker said, dishing up the last of the pancakes. He stacked them into heaps on plates and presented them with butter and syrup. He sat between the girls, possibly so they’d have a view, probably so he would too. “I don’t mean to throw water on any fires, Kaeleigh, but relationships and the game … they can get kinda strained. Possessiveness and jealousy are pretty old instincts, and run pretty deep.”

“I was thinking about that too,” she said between forkfuls. “Damn, these are good.”

“Thanks. My gramma showed me how.”



“She should get an award. The way I see it, I met Trav because of All The Way. I know he’s fucking, like, a bajillion other girls, and blowing every boy he can get his lips on. But that’s part of who he is, and I guess I’m okay with that. I mean, I’m not gonna be there when he’s doing it, not usually anyway, so it’s not like I’ll be getting my nose rubbed in anything. And it’s not like he’s cheating on me or something either, since I’ll be doing exactly the same thing. It’s just what you do when you play the game, right? It’s a sex game. You have sex when you play. Plus, I’m thirteen and he’s sixteen. We’re both probably gonna go through, you know, a few relationships.”

“And you’re okay with that?”

She shrugged. “Doesn’t matter if I am or not. It’s probably gonna happen. And meanwhile I like him, he likes me, and we both don’t gotta worry about whether…” She giggled. “Whether or not we’ll go all the way. And even if things, you know, cool off or whatever later, well, there’s a lot of boys out there, and a lot of girls too. For him and me. So I think, if it happens, we’ll both land pretty soft.”

Tucker and Nette exchanged a look, and Tucker said, “That’s … pretty adult.”

“Well, I guess I grew up or something. No idea what I might have been doing to cause that.”

“No, I meant … I mean, if more people looked at it like that … well … and there’s people older than all three of us put together who don’t see it that way.”

“Me and Mom talk about all kinds of stuff,” Kaeleigh said. “I guess I kinda listened?”

“You were ready to play a lot longer ago than yesterday,” Nette said. “Like, a year ago, when you got your Enfem, probably.”

“Maybe. But I didn’t know about the game then, and I didn’t have tits anyway. Well, practically no tits, anyhow.” She finished her pancakes. “That was a totally perfect breakfast. Thanks, Tuck.”

Nette pushed her own plate back. “No kidding, dude. You’re awesome in the kitchen, even if you use being naked as a distraction.”

“That’s what makes him so awesome.”

“True. But I’m gonna have to make tracks in about an hour, so if anything’s gonna happen, we should get started soon.”

“Okay,” Tucker said, and stood, his cock at half mast. Both girls stared. Even when he wasn’t totally hard, he was impossible to overlook. “I’ll clean up in here. Why don’t you two go back down the hall and get started without me?”

“Kaeleigh?” Nette said. “What do you say? Feel like eating at the Y for a while, until Tucker makes good on that sausage?”

“I say after you, Sister.” They linked arms and went down the hall together, and when they were in Tuck’s room they both bounced onto the bed. It was still funky with the aromas of eight bodies and everything they’d done, but they didn’t let it bother them. Kaeleigh squirmed over to Nette, parts of whom were still bouncing. “Hi there.”

Nette lay on her back, smiling. “Hi. You come here a lot?”

“I sure have so far.” They kissed, and Kaeleigh was amazed all over again at how good Nette was at it. “You taste like pancakes.”

“Good thing I know the cure for that.”


She stroked her cheek. “Eat something else.”

“Mmm.” Kaeleigh began working her way down the girl’s body, her fingers at play in her deep, welcoming vulva, the ripe full outer labia cradling a tantalizing landscape of slippery flesh, swollen and well-prepared, still leaking a little; the boys had been visiting everyone, and Nette had welcomed them all. Of course, Kaeleigh reflected, she was just as full, and it felt very nice. While she caressed and massaged Nette, she let her lips roam over her cheeks, down her neck, to her ripe breasts and the conical nipples. She circled them with her tongue, suckled, licked and flicked and played, feeling Nette return fully to life under her attentions.

When her middle finger slid in, Nette let out a high, breathy sigh. “God, girl, you’ve had a lot of practice…”

“You know how much I do it to myself,” she whispered, nuzzling Nette’s warm, smooth skin.

“Pussy party,” Nette said. “You and me. We gotta do it.”

“Any time.” She cupped her plump mound and started a sweet little massage, and Nette came; her fingers came up glistening, and when she licked them clean, she tasted boycum too. She went back to kissing Nette and brought in the magic touch next. She was squealing with it soon, and when Kaeleigh headed south, she found a ready landscape.

Nette’s buzzed pubes were glistening with her juices, ripe with sex, and Kaeleigh buried her nose in them, snuffled, lapped at the tangy, slippery treat she was sharing with her. The golden hairs scritched a little at her chin and lips, but nestled amid them was nothing but slick and soft and good, swollen in all the right places, warm and running with fresh desire. The salt, the tart, blended in and eased back as she tasted and dabbed and played, and then came the rise and the heat, and her magic touch topped it off, and she got a warm slippery sluice over her tongue for her efforts.

Nette eased her back, panting, and gaped at her. “Jesus. You’re deadly, one-on-one.”

“I wanted to do this with you the first second I saw you,” Kaeleigh murmured, and kissed her deep pussy. “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh sweetie,” Nette breathed, flushed with pleasure. “Swing around. I need me some yummy, cummy you.”

“Tuck’ll be here soon, won’t he?”

“Tuck who?” said Nette. Kaeleigh giggled. “He won’t mind watching a while.”

Kaeleigh knew that was true, so she shifted around. Her pussy, a salty-buttery glistening slit crowned with Black Hills gold, was at Nette’s face in moments. She admired it, such a pretty pussy, and its owner had only begun putting it to its full use the evening before. You’d never know it now; the girl was a tigress, devouring her cunt, thrusting her own forward to be consumed. Nette lay her head on her slim, taut thigh and went in, mouth and eyes open. She reveled in her blossoming heat, licked and lapped at her vulva and labia, teased her open and slid a finger in, her other hand rocking at her arch in the way she’d been taught by the very girl she was doing it to now. Kaeleigh started to come, and Nette joined her in it yet again as she gulped down the girl’s thin, warm juices. It turned out that Kaeleigh really was a squirter, under the right circumstances.

Then it was just a slow, long followup. It wasn’t even about the cums, for either of them. It was just being where they were, reveling in the joy of the intimacy, one girl loving another, expressing friendship in the sweetest way, being close and sharing a bond no boy would ever completely understand.

Nette looked up, after a while, to see Tucker standing in the doorway, leaning against it, watching them and smiling. She rolled her eyes and flipped him off, then beckoned him over. He joined them and the girls climbed on and rode him, Nette taking his cock while Kaeleigh made good use of his well-skilled tongue, kissing each other, fondling each other, having sex with him and adoring one another until they were all able, at last, to ride out one last set of fierce spasms together.

They separated and showered (again, but there were diversions), and then Nette and Kaeleigh bade farewell to Tuck — for the time being, anyway — and Nette took her home in her ancient Volvo.

“So, quite a night for you,” she said as she drove them. “First time playing All The Way, first time going all the way, first boyfriend, first girl, first orgy…”

“First threesome…”

“That too, yeah. But that was today.”

“Oh, not quite.” She told of her little adventure with Travis and Casper.

“Not bad,” Nette said. “So I guess you’re all set for our thing tonight.”

“Yeah, and I have a date with Trav before that.” She looked over at Annette. “I don’t suppose you have a girlfriend, do you?”

“Not currently,” Nette said. “But I could maybe be persuaded. For those days when Trav isn’t nailing you down, and me and Cas aren’t angry-fucking.”

“Or even in between the times they are.”

“You’re a practical thinker,” Nette said. “I like that about you.”

“I guess I just want to be like this girl I know. You know, I see someone I like, and I tell them, and I go for it.”

Nette reached over and took her hand. “Sweetie, we’re gonna make some beautiful music together. Duets, trios, quartets. This it?”

“Yeah, there on the right. With the horrible green garage door.”

“Seen worse,” Nette shrugged, pulling up to the curb. “So, do you need a ride tonight?”

“Yeah. Thanks.” Kaeleigh leaned close and they shared a very long and very non-pancake-flavored kiss. “You really want to be my girlfriend?”

Nette smiled and stroked her cheek. “Just try and stop me. See you in a while, sweetie. Say five-thirty?”

“Okay. Bye!” Kaeleigh bounced out of the car and through her front door, with Nette watching the view the whole time. Neither girl could quite remember ever feeling that good before in her life, and both knew that their journeys were yet to be finished.