This is a work of erotic fantasy, so there’s quite a lot of sex. However, there isn’t sex happening in every chapter. There are many passages that include setup, character development, and all that boring stuff which makes the sex that much more meaningful when it finally happens. I know not everyone cares about backstory or getting to know the characters, so each chapter which does have sex in it also has a heart following its title:

The sex is not intended to be pornographic or paraphilic. It’s just the kind of stuff that happens between people, though sometimes in somewhat unusual situations. This includes threesomes and groups, intimacy taking place among people under the age of eighteen (with no one over eighteen present), same-sex partners, and scenes involving brother-sister incest. If you live in the kind of world where you believe those sorts of things never happen, or should never happen, you’re both (1) welcome to stop reading now; and (2) not even remotely in touch with reality in any way at all.

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Kaeleigh Goes All the Way

Book 1: 2019 • Part II: Friday Evening, September: Making New Friends

3. The Winners’ Circle

Business was taken care of by everyone, Kaeleigh included, only a few minutes later. It wasn’t long before they were all reconvened around Tucker’s table, ready to conclude the adventure they’d unwittingly set out on two hours ago, the one Kaeleigh had launched for all of them by insisting on tagging along with her older brother. She knew for sure now that she was going to end the night having sex, and she was still months away from turning fourteen. And to think, just four hours ago she’d been half bored to death in geography, waiting for the last bell to ring, unknown to all these people. Including the boy whose penis, whose semen, would soon be inside her.

Luke was right that she’d had some crushes on some boys she knew, including Barry (Maskinonge, not Whatsisname), before she realized how gross he actually was; which is to say he was about as fart- and booger-centered as most other twelve-year-old boys. Her crush range also included several actors, one of the bagboys at the grocery store, and all five members of the band Teem Creen, even though the youngest one was nineteen. But in the last couple hours, they’d all been eclipsed by Travis, easily … and, she had to admit, by Casper and even Tucker, whatever had happened before between him and Sal, and even if he was a little furrier than she liked. She wasn’t sure why exactly, but she figured it was because she knew them, knew they weren’t assholes … and they were real, they were nice, and they were available to her in a way no boy ever had been before. Better still, so were the girls. She figured that was what really mattered.

She was right, of course. If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with, Teem Creen sang. (Barry had made fun of her once for singing it, saying it was a cover of something from the 1960’s. She told him she knew that, and sang louder. Of course she knew it was a cover; she knew everything about TC, including that they got their name from an old rock magazine, that Ladd used to be afraid of monsters under his bed, and that Tyomi said he he’d never kissed a girl. He was waiting for The One, he said. That seemed a little silly to her — and pretty damn unlikely — but she knew some of her friends got moisties imagining they might be The One, which was probably the idea. Connor was more her speed, with his dangerous smile and forever-open shirt, his cleft pecs and abs and inguinals, thank you Nette for the word, and the way they plunged under the waistband of his just-tight-enough leather pants. Sal wasn’t the only girl to think about tracing lines like that down and seeing where she ended up. And Travis had those lines. So did Casper and Tucker.) She didn’t love anyone here, but that was okay, because she wasn’t in love with anyone else either. No one had any feelings to get hurt. There was no one to stop her, not even Luke with his daddy complex. She was going to skip past all the dating, all the groping, all the will we or won’t we, and get right down to the main event, and it wasn’t going to be difficult to do at all. Instead of lengthy negotiation and boyfriend-girlfriend hoopla, every complication she’d dreaded about dating was just … not there, at all.

She’d checked in with Luke on her phone after her pee break, and found he made it home without any … containment breaches, and by now was probably asleep. He was a pain in the ass virtually every minute he was awake, but he was her brother and she really did care, even if she’d never admit it to his face. So even that wasn’t a concern any more. Good, she thought. Let him get some sleep and get over the Nacharito from Hell, and if I have even half as much fun as those group-sex videos look like, I’ll never stop playing All The Way.

“So, I think we broke just before Kaeleigh rolled,” Tucker said, noshing on some chips. Everyone was snacking now, fueling up for the later festivities.

“I guess that’s a hint, huh?” she said, and rolled, and … landed on Travis’s square, which was precisely six from the finish circle. “Oh,” she said, feeling all the blood in her body rush to her face. Well, half the blood in her body. The rest heated up a destination a little lower. “Oh wow.”

“Weird energy,” Travis said.

“Or fate,” said Casper.

“Huh-uh,” said Nette. “Lilith. I’m tellin’ ya.”

“So … you want to go first, or me?”

“I’ll do it,” Travis said, and stood to strip down. Even before his briefs came off, his erection was obvious. When he’d finished he stood in front of everyone for a few moments, half a foot of rigid flesh pointing up toward the ceiling. It had a good girth, an inch and a half or so, and a fine curve. Kaeleigh saw a ridge running up the entire length of the underside to the vee of his crown, a round vermilion cap of flesh. She couldn’t see much of his pubes, but a faint shimmer of gold at the top of his root was where that glimmering trail from his navel ended.

“God,” Kaeleigh breathed, her pulse thudding in her ears. “Wow.” She was already making plans for the places she would be tasting later on. The plans were simple: All of them. “Okay … here goes, well, everything.” She bit her lip and stood, and peeled down her boy-cut panties. There was a strip of moisture in the groin. Her mound, capped with red-gold hair, was the focus of everyone at the table, just as Travis’s cock had been a few moments ago. She could tell that her inner labia were distended slightly, peeping out from her crease in a glistening pink hint. It always happened when she was this turned on. Her long lithe legs showed an inch-wide gap below her fold, where her vulva swelled, ripe and inviting.

“You know, I love Luke as a friend,” Tucker said. “But I’m glad he couldn’t stay.” Everyone murmured and nodded, and Kaeleigh sat beside Travis again, cuddling into his warmth. She felt very good. She’d never been deliberately naked in front of any boy before, and now there were three — and all three of them were naked too — and it was okay because she was going to fuck them all tonight.

Kaeleigh selected a card. “Do you like being cummed on?” She set it aside, then looked down at her bare body, her thighs and flat belly and tits. “I think I want to be. Pretty much anywhere, I think.” She looked up. “Don’t worry, Casper. I’ll wear goggles.”

Nice,” he laughed.

“I hate seeing it go to waste, but I also don’t mind playing target practice,” Travis said. “With me as the target, of course.”

“That’s why you lick it off,” Sal said. “Or let someone else do it. I don’t mind getting cum on me. I’d rather have it in me, but on me’s okay.”

“Even if it’s girlcum?” Nette said.

“I like cum, that’s all. It always means the same thing, that someone just had an orgasm. Which means someone nearby is having a hell of a good time, and there’s never anything wrong with that.”

“Yeah, well, me too. I kinda feel the same way. If I can’t get it in me, I’ll settle for on me.”

“I had a boyfriend who liked giving me pearl necklaces,” Seana said. “It’s not awful, but inside me’s a lot better.”

“I like it all over me,” Casper said. “If I’m doing it right, like the girl’s riding me, it gets all over my belly. Or on my face. And if I wake up with it feeling like a glazed donut, that’s how I know the night went pretty all right.”

Becka nodded. “That four-way game I did with those boys included cum all over my tits. That was okay, I mean it was pretty hot, since I was getting it in my mouth and pussy too, and one of the boys swung a little, so he had no trouble with cleaning me off afterward. So yeah, I’m cool with a boy cumming on me, especially if I get a load inside me at the same time.”

“I’ve had people come on me before,” said Tucker. “It’s no big deal. I mean I don’t look for it to happen if it’s a guy, but I don’t try to dodge it or anything either.”

“Fore,” said Nette, and they all broke up again.

“Yeah. Yeah, a little warning doesn’t go amiss, and sometimes it means he misses, too. Anyway, I totally get where you’re coming from, Cas. I like it really, really wet and sloppy.”

“Fuckin’ A. Like a warm rainstorm.”

“I wonder how many girls it would take,” Travis said as he rolled, “before it actually did feel like a rainstorm.” He advanced his token; he was now within three squares of the finish circle, and well ahead of either Sal or Tucker. There was a sigh that passed all around the table. There was only one die-penalty now between him and finishing the game, and that wasn’t insurmountable. He just didn’t have to land on it, just get past it, and Sal’s worries would be over. “Like, you know, ten girls, squirting all at once.” He drew.

“Guess we know what you think about,” Becka said.

“Oh, it ain’t just him,” Casper said.

“Or just boys,” Nette added.

“Wait,” Becka said. “Am I surrounded by … sex maniacs?”

“There’s a good chance, yeah.”

“Thank God.” Everyone was more buoyant now, knowing their friend was just about certain to get out of the game without having to fuck her ex-boyfriend.

“Okay, so here’s the question. Armpit hair: Yes, or no?” Travis set the card aside. “Well, when mine started growing in, I liked it because it meant, you know, not a little boy any more, woohoo. The downside is you gotta work a little harder to keep your pits clean, or things start to get lo most funky. But I like it when I’m doing the deed, and someone tickles it. On other guys, hey, body hair. Means I don’t gotta worry I’m a pedo. On a girl, I’ve known some that shave and others that don’t. I figure it’s her choice, and since I’m into guys too, the hair doesn’t bug me or stand out or anything.”

“I like how it looks,” Sal said. “When a guy’s stretching, or his arm’s up, and I see these little hairs peeking out, it’s almost like I’m looking down his shorts. But I prefer not to have it myself. It kind of itches sometimes, but then, shaving does too, so … well, I like the smooth look on me.”

“I have stripes,” Nette said, lifting her arms to show her pits. Kaeleigh blinked at the little, close-cut, golden fuzzy strips of hair that nestled there. “Gives whoever-it-is something to look at and feel, and it catches just a tiny hint of musk. Other girls, I’m cool with what they’re cool with. Far as I’m concerned she can be smooth as a baby everywhere, or a Sasquatch, or anything in between. On a boy, hairy pits or chests don’t matter, long as he can grow hair down south.”

“If there’s grass on the field…” Kaeleigh said.

“You got it, sweetie. It’s not just boys who think that way.”

“Something about a hairy guy,” Seana said. “It’s like a, a living shag carpet, and I just want to grab on and bury my face in it. I love the scratchy feel. I love the texture. I love the, just the masculinity of it, you know? Like Burt Reynolds, you ever see that photo of him from like the 70’s? Oh my God.”

“Funny, that’s how I think about it too,” Travis said. “But probably not the same way. I’m really not into Wookiees.” Seana stuck out her tongue at him.

“Being a guy,” Casper said, “I don’t really need to worry much about shaving anything, but—”

“But you trim,” Kaeleigh said, and blushed. Again.

He eyed her, then grinned. “Yeah, okay, you caught me, but gee, how did you know? Anyway, yeah, I really don’t care on the girl. She can be as unshaved as she wants to be. It’s her body. I’m just there as a guest, if I’m lucky.”

“I shave,” Becka said. “Everywhere.” There were hoots and whistles. “I like the look, and as far as I can tell, the boys like the view. I don’t mind if a boy’s wild, free, and natural, but I have some preference for a groomed look.”

“I actually clip my pit hairs,” Tucker said. “And my pubes. If I didn’t, it’d grow wild and we’d all be up to our eyebrows in it. Sorry, Seana.”

“It’s a shame to see wasted potential.”

“I don’t have any growing in under my arms yet,” Kaeleigh said. “I figured when it does, I’ll probably shave it, but I like your stripes, Nette. They look totally cute. Are they hard to take care of?”

“Not really. I touch up once a week. Shave on the sides, then trim back the stripes. Some boys, it just drives totally wild. Some girls, too.”

“Tell me,” Kaeleigh said. “Uh. Um. On a, a, a boy, yeah, if he’s got hair in his pits, he’s gotta have it in other places too, I guess. Which is, well to me anyway, it’s important.”

“I think it matters to all of us,” Sal said, rolling the die. She landed on Becka’s square. Since Sal was already naked, she didn’t have to do anything, but it still counted for the other girl.

Becka grunted. “I was wondering if I was ever gonna lose this,” she said, taking off her bra, which was just conventional underwear. Her breasts were high and full, with large aureolae and slightly conical nipples, something like Nette’s, but everything was larger. “Damn, the girls really needed a breath of air, too.”

“You should take them out for a walk more often,” Tucker said. “I doubt anyone here would object.”

“Or anywhere else,” Casper said. “At least, no one worth listening to would.”

Becka blew both boys a kiss while Sal read her card. “Name two people playing this game that you would give oral sex to. One must be the opposite sex to you, and the other must be the same sex as you. That’s a lot easier tonight than it usually is. Travis, and Kaeleigh.” An ooo floated around the table.

“You’re gonna have to take turns with me on Kaeleigh,” Nette said. “But I’m interested in getting me some Casper.”

“That’s fine. We’ll just go back and forth.”

“I’m in the Kaeleigh camp tonight too,” Seana said. “And I’d really like to try eight inches, Tuck.”

Casper sighed. “Well, my man Trav here’s probably gonna be drained from Sal’s BJ, so I figure it’s probably safe for me to do him too. Girls? Trickier, since I think Nette almost actually kinda likes me a little, but I sense a trend here. Kaeleigh for the win.”

“Yeah,” Becka said. “Kaeleigh for me, too. For the boys … well, I’ve heard some good things about you, Trav. Particularly in the area of specific body chemistry. And I’m interested in testing the results for myself. For science, you understand.”

“Oh, I love playing doctor.”

“Kaeleigh for sure,” Tucker nodded. “And probably … yeah, probably you too, Trav. It was pretty good that one time.”

“Uh,” Kaeleigh said, her pulse thudding again. All those other answers sounded a lot like offers … or promises. “Wow. Um, well, Travis. Yeah. And for girls … Nette. To start with, anyway.”

“Sure, yeah. You can do me while Cas is doing you.”

“Okay,” Kaeleigh said, her heart in her throat.

“Right on,” Travis said. “For boys, you all gotta know I’m gonna say Cas, because I just can’t stop trying. For girls, Kaeleigh, for sure.”

“Sounds like someone’s gonna get her pussy eaten tonight,” Nette said, and rolled. “A lot.”

“Awesome,” Kaeleigh said. She burrowed up against Travis; she was starting to shiver, even though the room was warm, and she didn’t think it was because she was naked. With every round, she was getting more and more turned on, and hearing all of her new friends say, out loud, that they wanted to go down on her had her all but dripping on the chair. Travis’s cock was rock hard, pointing straight up between his legs, and she stared at it, admired it, knew she would have it. The last thing she was, now, was afraid.

Nette moved her lips token — she ended up a half dozen spaces behind Kaeleigh, two behind Casper — and drew. “If you were in a relationship and your partner said they wanted a sex change, would you be willing to continue the relationship?” She laid the card down. “I don’t see why not, since plumbing’s about the least important thing to me, as far as relationships go.”

“There was one of those Star Trek shows where an alien changed its body from male to female, and the girl he was involved with broke it off because of that,” Seana said. “That never really made sense to me. I mean, if you love someone enough to be in a relationship, like something serious and committed, it has to be about more than what they’ve got between their legs.”

“It should be,” Casper nodded. “The trouble there is … um … how do I put this in a way that isn’t transphobic. I’m straight, so I can’t even start out by being attracted unless it’s a girl. Guys are friends, just friends, and that’s it. And gender, gender identity, orientation, and sex are all about a hell of a lot more than what’s between your legs; they’re about your body, your mind, the whole package. Sure, having a penis or vagina … or having a double-X or an XY chromosome set … that’s part of it, and that’s how we mark and identify it most of the time, but I know for sure that’s just not all of it.

“I mean, look at the differences between, say, Trav and Becka. Even from the back, you can tell which one’s the girl just from the differences in their hips and shoulders, and I know for sure which one I think … um, sorry, Trav … which one I think is just blazing hot.”

“Uh?” Nette said.

“Oh God, you too, oh my God, of course. I’m talking about girls and guys in general. It could be Tuck and Seana. It could be Luke and Kaeleigh. It could be, I dunno, Orlando Bloom and you.”

“Mmm-hmm. As long as you remember to get specific later on.”

“Count on it. So … anyway, it’s not just about what they’ve got in their underwear. And it’s not even just about their bodies. Becka thinks like a girl. Trav thinks like a guy, and that’d be true even if he wasn’t bi, if he was just another boring old straight guy like me. So … it’d probably hurt a hell of a lot. But I’d probably … I mean, maybe I’d be willing to give it a try, but there’s just no way I could be totally sure, and I … I don’t think I’d be able to keep it going.”

“But you’d give it a try?” Kaeleigh said.

“Yeah. I’d have to. I mean, if I really did love her, if her, her happiness meant that much to me, yeah. I’d have to try, even after she was he. Otherwise there was never really that kind of relationship there to start with, right?”

“I get where you’re coming from,” Becka said. “I think you’re right about me thinking like a girl. I have tits, and I love them, especially the way boys like to play with them. I have a pussy, and there’s nothing better than sharing it with a boy who knows what to do with it. So I guess I’m totally cis, and I think about being a girl partly in terms of the fun I get to have, as a girl, with boys. I don’t define myself as a girl by whether I’m fucking a boy or not, but for me part of the real fun of being a girl is fucking boys.

“I love male bodies. I love the shape, the muscularity, even the smell. I love cocks. I love everything about cocks, whether they’re soft or hard, whether they’re in my hand or my mouth or my pussy, I love how they look and feel and taste, and I seriously love semen. That’s a fact on the level of the sky is blue, or the ocean is wet and so am I right now. If I was involved with a guy and he said he really felt like a girl and needed to change to fit that, of course I’d support him in it. All the way. But … I have a bad feeling we’d end up as just friends once it was all done.”

“I don’t think it’s cool,” Tucker said, “that either one of you is feeling guilty about being straight. You were born with it, just like gay or trans people are born with it. I don’t think you really need to explain anything, because sure, maybe being involved with someone is about more than whether they’re a guy or a girl. But for most people, it’s a hell of a big deal, and a change like that is a hell of a big change. It’s not just a new haircut or colored contact lenses. And if a guy just doesn’t turn you on, no one has the right to order you to fuck him, or to expect you to fuck him, or give you any shit if you can’t fuck him. Same for a girl. It doesn’t matter if they’re your best friend, worst enemy, or someone you’ve been married to for ten years.

“This is the question I hate most in this game, because I always hear straight people rip themselves up over it. And no, I don’t think I’d be able to be anything but friends after something like that. Guys are okay, I could maybe get by if I had to, but it’s not like a transgender identity is something that just pops into your head. You don’t wake up one day after fifteen or twenty years of being a guy and say, oh, wait, I know what’s wrong. So anyone who would be getting gender-reassignment surgery probably knew how they felt long before the relationship started, and needed to be honest about it before the first date.

“I think it’s insanely cool that there are people who can see past dick or pussy, or even the whole body, I really do. But not everyone can, and there is nothing wrong with that, and the only way we’re gonna ever be able to live together is if everyone accepts the fact that orientation is a thing that exists, and whether it’s gay, straight, bi, or anything else, it deserves equal respect. I mean, suppose gay people started forcing all the straight people to take conversion therapy or whatever because everyone believed there was something wrong with being straight. That’s just as fucked up as being homophobic or transphobic. And it’s not about you judging someone else for being transgender. It’s about whether others have any right to make you feel guilty for being who you are.” He took a breath. “Sorry. I just … the whole discussion bugs me sometimes.”

“No, you’re right,” Nette said. “There’s a lot of finger-pointing and accusations of intolerance, and sometimes, maybe it’s kinda out of line. Sometimes I forget I have it easier, since I’m bi, so I can fuck anyone and get off on it. If I insulted anyone, I’m sorry.”

“No, not me,” Becka said.

“For sure, we’re cool,” Casper said.

“That really wasn’t directed at you, Nette,” Tucker said. “Sorry if I came off like I was jumping on you.”

“I didn’t take it personally, and I think you have some valid points.”


“Okay,” Kaeleigh said, “in view of that, and without judging anyone, and without being made to feel guilty about anything … I haven’t been in a relationship yet, so I don’t know. But I read stuff, and I see movies, and there’s some shit in them that drives me totally fuckin’ nuts. Like how the girl never figures out that the hero really loves her until after she’s fucked his best friend and he turns out to be a dick. Or how someone always thinks they need to change to make someone else like them. Or magazine articles about how to attract the perfect guy by pretending to be something you’re not. Smile more! Find out what he likes and learn about it so you can talk to him! Dress in his team’s colors! Fuck that. If a boy or girl doesn’t like me for who I am, well, they can fuck off. Or how in movies there’s all kinds of shit going on and hell breaking loose, and it’s only because someone misunderstood one thing they heard, and they didn’t stop and say, wait a minute, when you said bla bla bla, what did you actually mean by that?

“I don’t know if life is really that messed up, and I hope it’s not, but if that’s how it actually is, I can see how someone would be in a relationship and be trans and maybe not know it at first, or be afraid to say something. I’m … pretty damn sure I’m bi. I see three boys and four girls here I want to make it with. So I probably wouldn’t break it off, and maybe what I think doesn’t count because I haven’t had a relationship, but … it’s not just about … do you know how you feel before you get into a relationship. From what I can tell, a lot of people spend most of their lives not knowing how they really feel about anything. And that’s what’s really fucked up.”

“Are you sure,” Sal said, “completely sure, that you’re only thirteen?”

“Well, a boy at school called me a bitch once, so maybe that’s dog years.”

“You’re lookin’ pretty good for ninety-one,” Casper said. “I don’t suppose I could help you cross the street sometime?”

After you learn the magic touch,” Nette said.

“Does that mean you’re gonna show me?”

“If I don’t, you’ll just keep asking.”


“Yeah,” Travis said. “I’m just about totally sure Kaeleigh’s right. The world pretty much is full of people who don’t have a single fucking clue how they really feel, and maybe it’s because they live their lives based on crappy movie scripts and figure that’s how everyone does it, and it’s a fucked-up way to live. But you’re right too, Tuck. It’s also true that if you’re gonna seriously commit to one person or whatever, there’s gotta be honesty and communication from the start, so springing a hey guess what I’m really a guy surprise is more than a little shitty. And Cas and Becka said some stuff that’s totally on point, too. Attraction isn’t just about dick or pussy. For me, it’s definitely not just about dick or pussy. What Becka was saying about the things she loves about guys, I love all those things too.

“But I also love being with a girl, and that’s because of the way breasts look to me, how they feel, how soft and warm they are, and how great it is to play with the nipples and light up her whole body, just from doing that. I like the flare of a girl’s hips. Just seeing that is enough to get me warm. Or her pussy, they’re all just so goddamned beautiful, I’ve never seen a pussy I didn’t like. And want to touch, and play with, and taste. I don’t care if they’re big and juicy or small and perky. I don’t care if they have deep cameltoe to just a subtle crease. I don’t care if the inner lips are thin or plump, smooth or bumpy, straight or curvy, or if they hide away inside or hang out and flap in the breeze. I don’t care if her clit’s a cute little pea or big as a fingertip. They’re all beautiful. Just like cocks. Long or short, thick, thin, curved up or down, veiny or smooth, cut or uncut, I don’t care. I see one and I want to play with it.”

“Can I get an amen,” murmured Nette.

“Amen,” said Kaeleigh.

“So yeah, I love being with guys and girls, but for different reasons. It’s for sure not only about what they have between their legs. And the gender-reassignment thing, especially in a relationship … it’s a really, really personal question, and it gets really complicated fast, and in the end it comes down to two people and what they decide, and it’s no one else’s business to judge. I’d try to keep it going, but that’s just me. But I’d also wonder what else the other person was really thinking or feeling, and wasn’t telling me about, and in any relationship, that’s the killer right there. If you don’t have trust, nothing else matters at all. I don’t gotta know everything the other person is thinking every minute of their life, but I have to know they’re not trying to hide anything important from me.”

“I always hated this question too,” Sal said. “And what’s been said has really helped me put my finger on why. I identify as straight, but I’m about as flexible as Tuck, so yeah, I’d try to keep it going, I think, if I really felt it was worth salvaging. But Trav made a damn good point. I’d be looking at the other person and wondering what else I don’t know. And … yeah, Kaeleigh, I think you’re right too. A lot of people end up dying of old age before they ever get their shit together, and a big problem with that is they end up in a relationship with someone, not knowing a damn thing, and then they’re hurting each other every day.”

“Yeah,” Tucker sighed.

“No, I—”

“It’s okay. You’re right.”

“That wasn’t aimed at you.”

“I know. But you’re still right. I fucked up, Sal. I didn’t have a clue at all what I was thinking or feeling, and I hurt you because of that, and I’m sorry.”

She shook her head. “I … coulda done better too,” she said. “I know … well, we were both hurting each other pretty bad, Tuck. I’m sorry. I’m sorry too.”

“Okay.” He swallowed, hard. “Thanks.”

“Sure. But … you know I still can’t…”

“Yeah, I know, and I understand, and … yeah. It’s all right. We can … you know, just … keep our distance. It’s okay.”

“It’s weird how we get along better now than we ever did when we were…”

He laughed. “Tell me. But you made me think, in a way no girl ever did before, or ever has since, and … thanks for that.”

She smiled. “Me too.”

Everyone was quiet for a few moments.

Seana sighed. “Weird, weird energy. But good energy.” Her roll landed her on a penalty square, and her panties on the floor. It was only as she was admiring her well-trimmed strip and beautiful groove that Kaeleigh realized what was missing: Whenever any player took anything off, or even when they were taking it all off, there was no hooting or whistling or catcalling. It was part of the game, and it was sexy as hell … but no one needed to point it out. Maybe because everyone knew they’d be fucking later on. The stripping was part of the foreplay, and in makeout scenes and sex scenes, the guy and girl weren’t going oh yeah baby nice tits or holy shit that’s a big one while they were undressing each other, except maybe in porn, which wasn’t real life. And this game, while it wasn’t real life either, felt a lot closer to it than a lot of the whacking material she’d seen. All The Way wasn’t a game about exhibitionism, or woo-hoo’ing, or teasing. It was about getting to know other people, and deciding who you liked, and having sex with them. Which was about as real as life ever got.

Seana read her card. “If you are a boy, do you stay hard after you come? If you are a girl, do you keep fucking after you come? Well, I usually have more than one cum in me, so unless he’s just totally blown my world and rocked my mind, yeah, I’m gonna keep fucking him. I might slow down a little to catch my breath, but until I feel his balls unload inside me, I keep going. It’s that or leave him hanging, and leave me feeling incomplete, and I don’t like doing that.”

“Does it really feel that good when the boy comes?” Kaeleigh said.

“Hell yes, it does. It’s not totally physical, I mean, a lot of it’s psychological — but yeah, you can feel it when it’s happening, and if you’re into sperm, it’s a serious kick.”


“I used to stay hard after I cummed,” Casper said. “Now I kinda soften up a while before I’m good to go again, man it’s the shits getting old, but that’s why I have a tongue. If she’s not done, I’m not either, and it’s totally cool.”

“Mama likes fucking,” Becka said. “One cum is a good start, but it damn sure isn’t the finish line.”

“Back when I was firing nothing but blanks,” Tucker said, “I could stay hard all day long. It’s a shame no one took advantage of that ability. Now, I’ll generally go soft for a while before I’m recharged.”

“Generally?” Nette said.

“If the mood is right and if I’m … just totally primed, I don’t totally soften, and I’ll bounce back in a minute or two. I’ll get hard again and I’m able to keep fucking, but I won’t be able to come for, like, half an hour.”


“I come a lot when I masturbate,” Kaeleigh said. “So I’m pretty sure I’ll keep fucking. I definitely want to feel a boy come in my pussy, and that means … I basically have to, like you said, Seana.”

“I do not believe you’ll hear any objections from anyone here,” said Casper.

“I kinda half-soften too,” Travis said. “What I really like to do, if the girl lets me, is stay inside her and snuggle, and then we can go again after a while.”

Kaeleigh bit her lip. “That sounds really nice.”

“It’s a date.”

“There’ve been a few times I’ve had to stop,” Sal said. “But it’s either because I’m exhausted, or I cummed insanely hard.”

“No pain, no gain,” Nette said. “One’s never enough for me. The more, the merrier.”

“I leave my butterfly on for an hour or more at a time, sometimes,” Seana said. “You bet I keep going.”

“And coming,” Casper said, and rolled the die. “Oh, shit,” he said, eyeing Kaeleigh and Travis when the six came up. “That’s closer than I wanna be right now.”

“Why?” Kaeleigh said. “You’re still not in the circle, and even if you and me go all the way together, we can just call an orgy, right?”

“Yeah,” he said, advancing his token. He was ahead of Kaeleigh now, between her and Travis. “But we’re both naked. If we go all the way together, we have to fuck. Before the orgy.”

“Oh.” Kaeleigh shrank a little in her chair and looked up at Travis. She’d forgotten about that detail. “Um.”

“Yeah,” he said. “It’s no big deal if it’s you and me in the circle first, cause … well, you know. But any naked guy that makes it in there with you, if he makes it before I do…”

“You’ll … you’ll still want to be with me though, right?”

“Kaeleigh,” Travis said, and stroked her cheek. “Of course. Oh my God, yes.”

“Don’t sweat it yet,” Casper said, drawing his card. “There’s still a die penalty between me and the finish.”

“It’s between Travis and the finish too,” Kaeleigh said.

“So he’ll try to miss it, and I’ll try to hit it.” He read the card. “How long have you managed to deliberately hold off an orgasm? Total bragging rights here. I was able to keep going one time for almost half an hour.”

“Damn, that’s not bad, son,” Tucker said.

“Golly, thanks, Dad.”

“I’ve kept a boy going for about twenty minutes,” Becka said. “I was coming my brains out, though. So I guess it was win-win.”

“About that long’s the best I can manage,” Tucker said. “Twenty minutes is pretty much my limit. That’s full-on fucking, no holding anything back.”

“I always come, like, quick,” Kaeleigh said. “I mean, I like playing around and building it up, but once it starts, it’s … on.”

“That’s cause you can,” Travis said. “For boys it’s how long can we hold it off. For girls, it’s how long have you kept a boy on the edge. That’s usually how we read the card, anyway.”

“Ohh. Well … I guess we’ll see.”

“At this rate, I won’t make it more than ten seconds,” Travis said. “But … yeah, about twenty minutes is my best time.”

“Remember, no cum under the table,” Sal said.

“No promises.”

“Ha. Okay, I once got a boy to stay right on the edge for about ten minutes. That was oral, and I was completely in the zone. I’d been blowing him for about fifteen minutes before that, and then I felt the trigger moment, and just … teased it back and forth until…”

“Yeah?” Seana sounded a little breathless.

“He grabbed my head and basically took over. Ten seconds later it was all done but the swallowing.”

“Oh. Well, I guess that’s okay.”

“It was. I had to swallow twice.”

“Oh, nice.”

“I, um,” Nette said. “I … sometimes like to do light bondage. As the, the dom, with the boy … tied down. And once, I … controlled someone for almost an hour.”

“Oh,” Casper breathed. “My God.”

She glanced at him. “What?”

“I have always wanted to do that.”


“Hell yes I’m serious. I mean, look at what happened from me just thinking about it.”

Nette looked down between his legs and flushed brightly. Her eyes went to his, and they had another one of those moments. “Do you think you could top that?”

“I sure as hell want to find out,” he said. “Pick a weekend, and we’ll see.”

“You’re on, Captain Fireplug.”

“Best I ever did was about fifteen minutes,” Seana said. “That was oral too. It’s easier for me because I can hold his balls, and feel how close he is.”

“For sure,” Sal nodded.

“Huh?” Kaeleigh said. “What’s his balls got to do with it?”

“They pull in tight before he fires,” Seana said. “So if you’re kind of … holding them, gently, don’t squeeze, you can feel them start to retract, and you know to back off.”

“No way. Does that happen with every boy?”

“Every one I’ve ever been with, yeah.” There were nods from around the table; even the straight boys knew about it. But maybe that wasn’t surprising.

“That is so fuckin’ cool!”

“I can show you later on, if you like. I don’t think we’ll have trouble finding a volunteer.”

“Not on game night,” Becka said, rolling for her turn. She landed on a die penalty and it sent her back almost as far as she’d advanced. “Well, I knew I wasn’t gonna hit the circle tonight anyway. Okay, and the all time eww question. Water sports: Yes, or no? Yeah. No.”

“I tried it a while ago,” Tucker said. “Not the thing you want to do in my bed tonight, anyone, by the way, but the shower is huge, so if you’re into it, go for it there, please. It didn’t do much for me. I think she liked it more than I did.”

“Were you peeing on her, or the other way around?” Sal said.

“I was the one getting watered.”

“Huh,” she said. “You really have changed.”

“I think I’m kinda with Becka,” Kaeleigh said. “I’ve seen it in videos, and…” She shrugged. “It doesn’t really do it for me.”

“It would take some pretty special circumstances before I’d do it,” Travis said. “Giving or receiving.”

“Like what?” Tucker said.

“Oh, well, I’d have to be reasonably sure of receiving a lifetime supply of sexual ecstasy, plus ten million dollars.”

“So not totally out of the question,” said Sal.

“No, but when you put up conditions like that, most things aren’t.”

“True. I’ve gone back and forth on it a few times.”

“Like a lawn sprinkler?”

“Nice visual, Cas. I mean, there’ve been times when I’ve been tempted. Just to see what it’s like, what the experience is like. I think I get why some people are really into it. Sex fluids are great, and there’s something I like a lot that comes from a penis, so I can see how you might connect one fluid with the other, since they’re both coming from the same organ. But most of the time my squick factor cuts in.”

“Uh,” Nette said. “With … actually, it was the same boy, when I was domming him another time, he … asked me to do it, so I did.”

“Not in your bed, I hope,” Becka said.

“I … wasn’t thinking.”


“Yeah. The next time, we were in the shower.” Her eyes flicked to Casper. “It’s … something I’ll do if I’m asked, I guess, but it’s not … part of my routine.”

“I’ll fess up to being like Sal,” Seana said. “I’ve thought about it. More when I was younger, and fingering myself to porn, and was horny enough to want to do almost anything. But it’s not anything I’ve ever really been long-term hot to try, not hot enough to actually do it.”

“Not really my thing,” Casper said. “I got no problem with girlcum, but she can keep the rest. And peeing on a girl … I dunno, to me that’s kinda degrading her. We still cool, Nette?”

“Tomorrow night,” she nodded. “Six o’clock.”

“This is so much better than speed-dating,” Tucker said, and rolled. He nudged up another five squares, still well behind the three leaders. “Pick a card, any card, as long as it’s the top card … When you’re having sex, who usually comes first: You, or your partner? Used to be me. Not any more, thank God.”

“Me,” Kaeleigh said, “since I’m my only partner.”

“At least you’re both winners.”

“As best I can manage, my partner,” Travis said. “It’s a little rougher to do with a guy, depending on what we’re doing. Uh, unless one of us is giving the other a reach-around.”

“Ideally me,” Sal said. “But even if not, I haven’t been disappointed at all since I started playing All The Way.”

“With a boy, it’s usually me,” Nette said. “With a girl, I like to sixty-nine, and aim for simultaneous.”

“I don’t usually get disappointed much any more either,” Seana said. “Usually I come long before he does. And usually if the boy loses his load too soon, he’s okay with going down to finish it off. If he’s not, there’s usually another player nearby to take over.”

“Hell, you should have a line waiting,” Tucker said.

“What makes you think I don’t?”

“For me, holding it off’s most of the goal, so usually, she comes first. But…” Casper sighed. “It gets hard to do, though, if I’m on my back and I’ve got two riders. But if I’m able to set the pace, I can manage up to a half hour, and she’s generally doing pretty all right by the time I’m done.”

“Damn,” Becka said. “That’s really not bad. Feel like demonstrating your skills with me?”

“Sure,” Casper said.

“Cool. I have a feeling it’ll be on tonight. I like to come first and often, and I usually do, and I’m thinking with that kind of attention, I’ll end up a puddle. Which I wouldn’t mind.”

“Well,” Kaeleigh said, and reached for the die with trembling fingers. “Here we go. Wish me luck, everyone.”

“I think you’ve been the luck,” Sal said as the die flew. They all watched it bounce, tumble … and come up on six.

Kaeleigh gaped at it, and turned to Travis when everyone else started cheering. “I won?”

“You made it in the circle,” he said, and she flung herself on him, covering his cheeks with kisses. He did not protest this treatment, but reminded her of a few details. “It’s pretty much down to me and Cas now. And you don’t have to draw any more cards or answer any more questions.”

“You can still answer them, if you want to,” Sal said. “But as far as you’re concerned, the game’s over.”

“Is it all right if I get something to drink?”

“It always is,” Tucker said.

“Cool.” She stood and paused, her slim nude body holding everyone’s attention. Travis was arrested again by the ripening beauty of her breasts, the sweet rise of her mound and the fold nestled beneath it, the growing breadth of her hips, and her long legs. Nette’s attention was held by her thighs and what they contained, her beautiful girlhood, a treasure she had offered to share in fullness. Tucker was struck by her fearlessness and her outspoken personality; and by the slenderness of her body, its balanced economy of skin and frame. Sal found her wit joyous, her energy boundless, and her confident sexuality unbelievably alluring. Seana was touched by her still-burgeoning womanhood and how beautiful and vulnerable she was. And Becka … Becka was reminded of herself at that age, all porcelain skin and coppery hair, and the deep need to express herself as a fully-realized sexual being. Kaeleigh was a paradox, a mix of strength and delicacy, of resilience and fragility, of uncertainty and bottomless adventurousness, and she stole the breath of everyone in that pause. “Uh, anyone want anything?”

“You,” Travis said, speaking for all.

“To drink.” She collected everyone’s requests, gave Travis another kiss, and bounced into the kitchen. Parts of her bounced more than others, and drew everyone’s attention again. Kaeleigh was slim, but she was absolutely a girl.

“Hoo boy,” Travis said, looking at the board. “Me and Cas, me and Cas.”

“If I could guarantee rolling a one, I would,” Casper said.

“I know. But it’s … I mean, we’re not … I won’t hate you if you make it in first.”

“I didn’t think you would, but it’s not you I’m really worried about.” He nodded toward the kitchen, from which clinks and fizzing sounds were emerging. “It’s her first time we’re talking about, her first time, and she wants you for it. Not me.”

“Maybe, if … you know,” said Sal, “maybe you could do a three-way?”

“She’d have to be okay with it,” Casper said.

“And I don’t think we could anyway,” Travis said. “That’s not what the rules say. They say the first two players of the opposite sex who go all the way have to fuck, if they’re both naked when they win. The first two.”

“We could always say, forget the rules this time,” Tucker said.

“Don’t you dare.” Kaeleigh was standing in the doorway with a tray of glasses in her hands. She started passing drinks around. “I agreed to play. I knew what the rules were. You all said I could be a player even though I was a virgin. If I’m really a player, I follow the same rules as everyone else. If Casper’s next in, well, the rules say him and me have to fuck first. I’m gonna be fucking him no matter what tonight, I hope—”

“I’m good with that,” he said.

“—and I definitely am gonna jump on Travis, and Tucker too if he doesn’t run away—”

“Plus all the pussy you can eat,” Nette said.

“Yeah. And all the pussy I can eat. So no matter what, it’s gonna be a great night. Don’t break any rules for me.” She sat beside Travis. “Have you gone yet?”

“Huh-uh,” he said. “We were … talking.”

“Yeah, well,” she handed him the die. “Enough talk.”

Travis caught her hand and held it. “I don’t know what planet you’re from, but I hope this one is up to your standards, someday.” He tossed the die, and ended up just outside the finish circle. “Damn. One more. One more.”

“It ain’t over yet,” Casper said. “All I gotta do on my turn is not roll a four or more.”

Travis picked up a card. “Jeez, it’s the other hair one. Pubic hair: Trimmed, shaved, or natural? Well, if you didn’t know before, I guess you know now that I trim. On other people, I like trimmed just cause it looks neater. But it’s not a deal-breaker.”

“I prefer trimmed all around,” Sal said. “I like a nice clear view of the equipment, and I like having wild tangles under control for when I have visitors at my glorious assembly hall.”

“Assembly hall?” Casper said.

“Ever since Tuck, I’ve noticed a slight echo.”

“Trimmed and tight is kinda what I do,” Nette said. “Trimmed hair. Trimmed pits. Trimmed bush. One day I guess I’ll be trimming my eyebrows and nostril hairs, too. On a guy, yeah, I like the porn-groomed look. It shows he cares about presentation, and that matters. On a girl, I’ll eat anything, but I’m not a huge fan of picking hairs off my tongue, so I prefer trimmed or shaved.”

“As you’ve seen, I trim,” Seana said. “I don’t mind hair on anyone else, though, however anyone wants to style it. For me, it started when I got a microbikini, and I just got used to it. Plus I like the way it looks.”

“I, also, am among the self-depilated camp,” Casper said. “It keeps … aromas under control, and makes cleanup easier. Plus it makes my dick look a little bigger. For a girl, I’m kinda with Seana. Hair’s not why I’m there, so however she does it is fine, as long as she had it to start with.”

“I shave,” Becka said. “It drives the boys crazy. They can see everything, which they love, and it means they don’t have any excuses; they can’t say they didn’t know where anything was. I prefer trimmed on a boy, but he’s not balling me with his pubes, so it’s really only an issue if there’s too much hair when I’m blowing him. And in case anyone’s wondering, I touch up every Friday afternoon, so no one has to worry about stubble burns tonight.”

Tucker was chuckling. “Yeah, I trim, and I like the look on a girl. Trimmed or shaved. Becka really put her finger on it, uh, so to speak, when she said it makes for a totally clear view. It’s only the prettiest landscape in the world, so why would anyone want to cover it up? But I get there’s a comfort thing with chafing, too, so … it’s not anything like a requirement. More of a bonus.”

“Do I…” Kaeleigh said.

“If you want,” Sal nodded.

“Okay. Well, I don’t trim or anything, since my hair’s really … not … it only started growing in like a year ago.”

“It’s there,” Casper said. “That’s what counts.”

“Yeah. Anyway, there’s not much of it right now. I’ve been looking, um, at everyone tonight…”

“You and all of us,” Travis murmured.

Kaeleigh giggled. “And I don’t see any, you know, hairstyles I don’t like. So I guess trimmed or shaved? I really love the way you did yours, Seana. I think when I start trimming, I’m gonna do the same thing.”

“It’s a great signpost for in case the boy gets lost on his way down.”

“With your boobs, I bet that happens a lot.”

Seana blushed and laughed. “Sometimes, yeah.”

“They are rather distracting,” Tucker said. “I think I’d be pretty likely to wander off the path and take a long detour.”

“Oh, you can explore the peaks as much as you want. As long as you remember the valley, too.”

“Noted. Lemme just go get my GPS.”

“Okay, with Kaeleigh in the winner’s circle, it really doesn’t matter what I roll now,” Sal said. “So it’s probably gonna be a six. And…” The die fell. “Yup.”

“Good,” said Casper. “Use ’em all up before it’s my turn.”

“Oh dear, a penalty square, I have to take something off. Nette, honey, would you be a dear and unzip me? This skin is starting to itch.”

“Not yet, Sister Sally. We don’t reveal our true forms until midnight.”

“Oh, bother. In that case, here is your question. Would you rather have unprotected sex where the risk of pregnancy was 10%, or mutual oral sex with a member of the same sex as you? Oral for me, every time, because I have no intention of stretching out this skin any more than I need to. The replacement costs are ridiculous.”

“This is an easy one in an all-Enfem group,” Nette said, “since it’s completely theoretical. It was more interesting when I didn’t have one and there actually was a risk. People were always trying to figure out ways around the numbers, like you could do it nine times and stop at the tenth, or something like that. Well, I like pussy just fine, and I definitely do not want to catch a case of baby, so it’s oral every time for me, too.”

“I’ve said before,” Seana said, “that I’ll go down on a girl if the circumstances are right for it. Even at ten percent, that counts. Oral for me, too.”

“I’ve heard some of that number-juggling Nette’s talking about,” Casper said. “And it gets right up a body’s nostril, it does, I tell you what. I wouldn’t be the one having the baby or getting an abortion, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have responsibility. Trav, if I ever booty-call you, you’ll know why, because I’ll suck a dick and swallow before I ever knock anyone up by accident.”

“By accident?” Sal said.

“I might want to have kids someday, but there’d have to be certainty it was what we both wanted. Absolutely not before we’re both out of college, no matter what, whoever the poor, deranged girl turns out to be. If we’re gonna have ’em, we gotta be able to take care of ’em.”


“I consider myself straight,” Becka said. “Except in this case.”

“Yup,” Tucker said. “I’ll go down on a guy first too.”

Kaeleigh shrugged. “This one’s easy for me too, but I’m bi. Gobbling a girl’s got to be a lot better than explaining to Mom why I’m getting fat.”

“I don’t know if I ever even want kids,” Travis said. “And definitely not by accident. Cas, if you don’t want to swallow, I’ll take the dose.”

“You’re a good friend, Trav.”

“Reminds me of a joke my uncle told me one time,” Nette said, picking up the die. “What do you call a really good friend?” She looked around. “A guy who goes out for two BJ’s, and brings one back for you. Damn,” she said over the laughter. “Penalty-die.” She rolled again and reversed her course two squares. “And one of the last questions of the night, Goddess willing … Do you prefer mutual oral sex, or fucking? Well, that depends entirely on who is in the room with me, because I think strap-ons are silly. But before I got my Enfem I sixty-nined most of the time, because boys always whine about rubbers, even MascuLines.”

“Fucking,” Seana said. “That’s one reason I wanted an Enfem. I love fucking, and I love even more that I don’t need to worry about anything.”

“It’s pretty much up to her,” Casper said. “I like fucking, but if the girl’s not into it for whatever reason, I am totally okay with mutual oral, since I love the taste anyhow.”

“Mmm,” said Becka. “I look at a sixty-nine as the warmup. Sometimes I’m okay with taking it all the way like that, but I’d rather have a nice long fuck.”

“I have kind of a logistical problem,” Tucker said. “With the artillery I’m packing…”

“Talk about a long fuck,” said Seana.

“Heh. You know it’s not all glamor, appearances on talk shows, and invitations to do porn with three or four hot girls at once. Eight inches scares some girls. Others … their gag reflex can cut in if they’re not paying attention. So basically I’m like Cas. I like sex, and I’m happy to do it whatever way works best for the girl.”

“I never thought of that,” Kaeleigh said. “I guess I figured with a big old dick like that you’d have girls climbing all over you.”

“Oh, some definitely like it,” he said. “But some get a little … intimidated.”

“Yeah, no, I guess I can see that. You’re way bigger than any hairbrush I’ve ever used. I don’t really care what I’m doing, since I haven’t done any of it yet. Both oral and fucking look great to me. I guess if I was a boy, and I was worried about getting the girl pregnant, I’d go for oral. But since I’m a girl and I can’t get pregnant, well, I’m okay with being fucked. I guess I just wanna do it all. Is that selfish?”

“Not on game night,” said Casper. “It’s more like getting into the spirit.”

“Like my soul-sister Nette,” Travis said, “what I prefer depends on who’s in the room. And what the other person wants to do. With a guy I’d rather do mutual oral, so at least we have a chance at coming together. With a girl, I’m fine with a sixty-nine, but to me there’s nothing better than looking her right in the eye, especially during any of the big moments.”

“Here’s to us all getting nice and bug-eyed together,” Seana said, rolled, and landed on Tucker’s square. “Well, boy, take it off.”

“I will if you will,” he said.

“Aha, a stalemate.” She drew. “Oh, this ought to be interesting. What is the shortest amount of time it’s ever taken you to come? Until earlier tonight, that was two minutes, electrically enhanced with my fly ’fly. Then a certain girl I know showed me the true path of righteousness, and I went from idling-but-turned-on to full-on cum in … oh, less than thirty seconds.”

“Oh my God,” Casper said.

“It works, kiddo,” Seana nodded.

“I guess. Thirty seconds was what it used to take me when I was, like, twelve, and I had a couple minutes between classes.”

“You jack off in school?” Kaeleigh said.

“Used to. In the bathroom, couple or three times a day sometimes, I’d pop in and pop off. I was kind of a horndog for a while there. Well, I still am, but back then I didn’t have any … uh … waddayacall it…”

“Class?” said Nette.


“Basic decency?”

“Um … no, never had that either…”

“Sense of shame?”

Casper snorted. “Fuck no. Oh! Patience! I didn’t have any patience. Which is why I was always trying to play doctor.”

“I broke my land speed record tonight too,” Becka said. “Took about fifteen seconds after I found the button. Before that, my G-spot stim got me there in two or three minutes, if I was in a hurry.”

“Somewhere between twenty and thirty seconds,” Tucker said. “During my first time. I look back on it now and I’m kind of embarrassed, you know, but I was thirteen, I was insanely horny for Julie, I was totally turned on … she’d spent the whole day reminding me she was gonna fuck me that night … and it was an experience that was completely outside anything I’d ever had before. It felt too good, and I was too primed, and there really wasn’t any chance I could’ve made it even as far as the one-minute mark.”

Kaeleigh thought for a moment. “When I was timing myself to see how many cums I could get, I had three or four that were … well, they were kinda on top of each other. I mean I’d hit one, take a breath, hit another, let the breath out, hit another … so … I dunno, maybe less than a second? They were kind of overlapping.”

“My goddess,” Nette said. “I mean that to the very depth of my dark and depravéd soul.”

“Just under a minute was my fastest time ever,” Travis said. “It was with a friend. We wanted to see how fast we could get each other off.”

“Were you blowing each other, or what?” Sal said.

“Uh-huh. He went first and I went fast. Then I did it right back to him, and it took about as long.”

“Why go for speed, though? I mean, I don’t get it. Every guy I’ve ever blown likes it to last a while.”

“Oh, yeah, longer is definitely better, in this as in so many other things, mumble mumble Tuck. Our idea was that if we wanted to get off but only had a few minutes to do it, we should know what our minimum required time was.”

“I see. And did you ever need to use your speed-ball technique?”

“That,” Travis said, “is another story for another card.”

“Chicken. Okay, until Kaeleigh’s tutorial, Tucker could sometimes get me off in about a minute. Now I know it only takes me about twenty or thirty seconds.” Tucker let out a low whistle at that.

“I never managed less than five minutes,” Nette said, “until tonight. After she finally found the right spot for me, Kaeleigh got me squealing in … how long would you say, fifteen seconds?”

“Something like that, yeah,” Kaeleigh said.

“Did you do it to each one of them or something?” Casper said.

“No, I just showed everyone, but Nette needed help finding the spot, at first.”

“Oh. Well, as stroke material goes, that’s good too.” He ducked when Kaeleigh threw her shirt at him. “Sorry, that was tasteless,” he said, but she was giggling. He picked up the die and looked over at Travis. “Okay, for my second-to-last roll…” He tossed it. It flew in a perfect arc, hit the table, bounced twice, tumbled, and skidded to a halt. Everyone stared in silence at the pips.

All six of them.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me,” Casper said.

“Oh,” Kaeleigh said, blinking at it. “Oh. Um.”

“You okay, honey?” Sal said.

She looked up at her, over to Casper — who was staring with a look of dismay on his face — then at Travis, who had a little smile for her. “Yeah,” she said. She swallowed and licked her lips, too shocked to feel dismay, or much of anything else right then. “Yeah. Totally. Casper … uh … bring on your balls.”

“Usually when a girls says that I’m totally fine with it,” he said. “But this time…” He picked up the hot pink scrotum and moved it into the finish circle with Kaeleigh’s penis, the piece that had begun as Luke’s. “Uh. Well. I guess the game’s … over.”

“Okay,” Tucker said after a few more moments of silence. “Uh, Cas, why don’t you and Kaeleigh go and, uh, talk about the prize you want, and … how you’re going to … um … the rest of it. I … we’ll take a few minutes, I guess, for drinks and snacks. And stuff.”