This is a work of erotic fantasy, so there’s quite a lot of sex. However, there isn’t sex happening in every chapter. There are many passages that include setup, character development, and all that boring stuff which makes the sex that much more meaningful when it finally happens. I know not everyone cares about backstory or getting to know the characters, so each chapter which does have sex in it also has a heart following its title:

The sex is not intended to be pornographic or paraphilic. It’s just the kind of stuff that happens between people, though sometimes in somewhat unusual situations. This includes threesomes and groups, intimacy taking place among people under the age of eighteen (with no one over eighteen present), same-sex partners, and scenes involving brother-sister incest. If you live in the kind of world where you believe those sorts of things never happen, or should never happen, you’re both (1) welcome to stop reading now; and (2) not even remotely in touch with reality in any way at all.

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Kaeleigh Goes All the Way

Book 1: 2019 • Part V: March: Entering the Magic

1. Truce

For spring break, Mom treated Luke and Kaeleigh to a trip to Orlando. They’d last been to Disney World when Kaeleigh was seven and Luke was ten, just before they became overtly savage to each other. Luke had often wondered about the timing of that; within a year he’d begun ejaculating, Kay had left the Brownies, he hadn’t bothered with the Webelos at all, and while he was almost positive she hadn’t been feeling even the most distant leading edge of puberty, he might have been on the verge. That trip had also been during spring break, and he’d spent most of the time at the park goggling at the older girls in their halter and bikini tops, feeling a tingle in his undies that was both new, and very intriguing.

At that age, he had no idea what he’d have done with an actual pair of boobs in his hands, but he’d spent many happy hours imagining it anyway, and discovered something he could use his hand for, something that made those fantasies a hell of a lot more enjoyable. By the time he was twelve, his theorizing had become a halting and awkward kind of practice, and he’d made it all the way with his first girl. Less than two years after that, he was in the game.

By then, Kay was eleven, and puberty was definitely a part of her life. He still remembered the first night he realized she was looking at porn on her Mini, hearing the tinny warbling grunts and gasps from the computer’s speaker, hearing her own sighs and sharp breaths in response, followed by a rising series of half-muffled cries, then silence. He’d lain there in the night in his room and knew he’d just heard his sister masturbate, heard her have an orgasm. It was horrifying, and it was inescapable thereafter; Kay did it again the following night, the night after that, and virtually every other night too, hardly ever letting up.

That was when the tension between them went from cordial detestation to something like an active loathing.

He didn’t know, now, how much of it she’d picked up from him and was just returning, and how much of it was original to her, part of the general hormone rush that accompanied her development. Kay’s periods had been brutal on her, usually so bad that she couldn’t even keep food down and had a serious need to have instant access to the toilet, and her gyno was clear that she not only had unusually severe cramps, but was probably getting PMS too. After she’d got her Enfem some of the worst moods settled down; he’d known her cycles were bad for her and, even though he’d opposed the Enfem because of what it represented (though at first he wasn’t sure why it should matter so much to him), he conceded Mom was right to get her something to help out.

It wasn’t really the idea of Kay masturbating that bothered him. It wasn’t even the idea of her being able to fuck anyone she wanted, after she got her Enfem, that bothered him. What really bothered him was the undeniable living proof that she was now sexually aware, and he shared a house (and a wall) with her, and there was enough horny teen boy in him to cause him, sometimes, to see her not as his sister, but as a girl. Which she was, of course, a girl who wore nothing but a long tee to bed at night, her developing breasts pushing out in front and her long, lithe legs vanishing under the hem, a girl who didn’t realize she was flashing him when she sat with her legs bent in certain ways.

He was glad he had All The Way to help. Horny as he was, he was able to sublimate all his sex drive into four girls a week, and he flung himself into play with the kind of abandon that only a young teen could muster. He was so horny that he even tried cock one night, and discovered it wasn’t really all that bad. Within six months of his first game, he’d given head to a half dozen boys, become an expert at bringing any girl to orgasm, repeatedly, and had even tried bareback a few times with girls who had an Enfem. Like Kaeleigh did.


He didn’t want to be horny for her, but sometimes … he was. It got worse after she turned twelve because her pubes started coming in, and she still flashed him sometimes in one of her long tees. He’d been having sex on a weekly basis with girls that were no more hairy, sometimes due to trimming and sometimes to differing levels of development. It make him intensely conflicted to realize that if she weren’t his sister — and particularly if he met her in a game — he’d be perfectly happy to fuck her everloving brains out, have her go for a ride on his face, or do anything else she asked. He’d done more for girls who were less attractive than she was, physically.

Kay was a developing young woman, she was beautiful, and she was sexy. It bothered him a lot to know he felt that way about her sometimes.

He knew, from half-guilty explorations online, that he wasn’t alone, that there were other guys out there who sometimes got hardons for their sisters, and even a few who’d done something about it. And … yes, sometimes when he jacked off, he thought about Kay. And he always felt guilty and sick after he came. The trouble was that whenever he had one of those fantasies, he always came harder than when he thought about anyone else.

By the time Kay was in ATW too, he’d come to an uneasy inner peace. He’d grown used to the idea that sometimes he thought with his dick. It didn’t prey on him like it used to when he was thirteen or fourteen. He’d learned he could channel and control his drives, that he didn’t have to be a slave to his own cock. And the conversations he’d had with other players, and that they’d been having with each other since Kay started playing, had helped him in another way; he’d discovered that she was every bit as sexual as he was (more so, actually; she had everyone every time, maintaining her perfect seven-partner score week in and week out), but it didn’t kill him to know it. He supposed that meant they were growing up.

This was on his mind during the drive down the coast to Florida. He spelled Mom at the wheel for part of the trip, which they completed in about ten hours total, with Kay providing the geolocation narrative once they were in range of the city and the park. (She was better than he was at giving driving directions, making sure Mom knew several roads in advance where she needed to turn, what direction, and where to go after that. It made sense; she was expert at telling him where to go, and what to do with himself when he got there.) It was on his mind partly because the echoes of their last trip were still in his head, and partly because — just like last trip — Mom had booked two hotel rooms, one for herself, the other for her kids. He and Kay were going to spend a week sleeping in the same room every night.

But this time around, they were both teenagers, they had very high sex drives, and neither one of them was anywhere near being a virgin any more. Between the two of them they’d had sex with more than 150 people, which was at least ten times what most people managed all their lives, and somewhat desensitized them both to the social significance of it. For them, sex was something you did, readily, with pretty much anyone who felt like it: A lot of fun, but no big deal. There was something both deeply compelling and deeply unsettling about the idea of his sharing a room with Kay now, under these new conditions. Mostly what unsettled him was how compelled he was. He had a suspicion that if she ever lost her mind and asked him for a fuck, he’d be sorely tempted to give it to her.

At least we’ll have something to talk about this time, he thought as they drove up to the hotel, and we aren’t at each other’s throats all the time any more. A year ago, they might have murdered each other on the first night.

Luke’s innermost fear was not of incest, but that the tenuous courtesy they’d forged between them might shatter under the strain of too much exposure. He and Kay would be able to escape on separate vectors at the park if necessary, but they would be crammed into the same space every night for five nights in a row, with nothing to do but gnaw on each other. That was a lot of pressure for them to face, and he knew things tended to change shape under pressure.

Kaeleigh was having similar worries (including dealing with her own awareness of Luke as a sexual and sexually-attractive boy), and resolved that things would be different this time. She just wasn’t sure how, yet.

* * *

They spent the afternoon of their arrival by the pool. Kaeleigh had bought a new bikini just before the trip, and it looked good on her. It was actually fairly conservative, looking more like sleek matching underwear than anything else, no string-straps, not a thong; Luke had seen girls at track meets wearing gear that offered similar coverage. But it highlighted the figure she had, and emphasized the attributes it covered. The thin purple nylon had silvery threads woven through it, and it shimmered in the sun. Just to the left of her mons was the Dolphin Swimwear logo, a leaping porpoise silhouette, also in silver, where a sex tattoo would be if it were on her skin.

It was a working vacation for them both; school was winding down for the year soon, and they’d both brought their pads and Kindles. She was relaxing and reading The Red Badge of Courage when Luke finally made his way outside. (As English assignments went, she’d had to tolerate worse ones.) He was togged for play, just in board shorts. “That thing in its waterproof case?”

“Yeah,” she said, and tapped the screen to the next page. “And don’t even think about it.”

“Why Kaeleigh, dearest sister mine, what could you possibly mean by that?”

“Just that you wouldn’t make it halfway to the pool with me before I scratched your skin off, dearest brother mine.”

“Spoilsport,” he said, and went to swim and splash around a while. Kaeleigh looked at him over her sunglasses. The water burnished his skin, highlighting his shoulders and chest. He was probably the biggest asstard she’d ever known in her life, but Luke did have a good build, and she wasn’t alone in seeing it. There were a couple girls who seemed a little poleaxed by his pecs, reddening when he swam past, giggling at each other. (She had to admit Seana had a point. Good pecs meant a lot of pushups.) Neither girl made any attempt to approach him; they just kept staring and giggling.

“Amateurs,” she murmured to herself, and went back to Stephen Crane.

“Hey,” said a voice from somewhere nearby. She looked up and around. “Hey.”

She located the source. It was a boy, maybe her age or a little older, sitting on a lounger nearby. He was blonde and cute, if wiry, and he was strutting his stuff a little, showing half an erection in his shorts. It wasn’t bad, but she’d seen (and had) bigger. “Yeah?”

“That your boyfriend?”

She snorted. “Not even. My brother. Why?”

“Cool,” the boy nodded. “You, uh, here for Disney too?”

“No, I’m an account executive for an international chain of firearms manufacturers, taking a break between visits to the target-shooting range and incredibly boring PowerPoint meetings about stopping power and headshots.”

It was almost painful to see the glacial thoughts calving behind the boy’s gaze. Here, she thought, was an entirely new definition of dim, a dim so dim it actually drained the light from the surrounding air. Not that it would’ve stopped her, if he showed any competence in his reply. He was dim, but he was still cute enough to fuck. She waited for him to formulate something, during which time she felt every atom in the entire universe age slightly, and he came up with, “Huh?”


Kaeleigh sighed, set her Kindle down, and stood. The boy’s eyes widened and his face turned florid as she walked toward him, deliberately throwing some hip into it (she didn’t have much hip, but she knew how to use what was there). He couldn’t help noticing her tits, such as they were, or the deep cameltoe between her slender thighs. He gave her a half-smile, cringing a little, as she settled onto the lounger beside him. “I’m here for Disney, like everyone else at this hotel. Which, by a strange coincidence, is called Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. What’re the odds?”

“Oh,” he said. “Well … uh, cool. Me too. You want to … uh … like … go somewhere?”

She tipped her sunglasses down to give him the full eye treatment. “And do what?”

“Well, uh,” he shrugged, and tried the goofiest wannabe-sexy grin she’d ever seen in her life. “You know.”

“Enlighten me,” she said.

“Well.” None of this was going to script for him, she saw. Maybe because it wasn’t written phonetically. “I mean, you, you’re a girl, you know, and I’m a boy…”

“Ah,” she said, and nodded.


She put her hand flat on his chest and leaned forward, stopping when her face was just inches from his. “I can suck your cock so hard you’d come in less than a minute. What would you do for me?”

“Buh,” he said, his face as violet as her bikini. “Muh.” His mouth worked, but nothing else came out of it.

She leaned back and smiled. “Why don’t you collect some experience before you try again, hmm?”

“Um,” he said.

She patted his face. “At least you made the attempt. Don’t feel bad. You’re cute, and you’ll get other chances.” She stood and turned away, then stopped and looked back over her shoulder at him. “And the answer, by the way, is you’d spend all afternoon eating my pussy. Remember that, next time a girl asks.” He swallowed, hard, and let out a squeak. Kaeleigh returned to her chair, picked up her Kindle, and forgot about him.

Luke, meanwhile, was doing some fielding of his own. There were a couple of girls — the same ones Kaeleigh had noticed, but he didn’t know that — that kept giving him the eye, but always dissolved into bubbling helplessness when he got anywhere near. He had the feeling they were about where he’d been when he was eleven, eager and hopeful, with no clue how to get started. The sad thing was they were around his age, and even though he made a couple of attempts at conversation, they both just locked up. He knew what it meant; they simply weren’t ready yet. He could spend an hour or two flirting with them, giggling over snacks at the poolside restaurant, but there’d be no point and no progress to show for it. He could maybe push the issue a little, but it probably wouldn’t end well. It was better to get with a girl who was certain about what she wanted, than to be accused of sexual assault.

There were also a couple of boys eyeing Kay, he saw, but keeping their distance. They were both probably thinking too young, and he smiled to himself. If she got them alone for a while, she’d give them a thorough and horizon-broadening education, one they’d remember fondly for the rest of their lives, after they regained consciousness.

His amusement curdled fast when he saw an older man doing the same thing. He looked to be in his fifties or so, salt-and-pepper, and had lecherous creep written all over him. Kay wasn’t the only girl he was checking out, either; he had an eye for all the younger teen girls here, giving them a lascivious T&A assessment, but Kaeleigh was getting a double dose of attention. It was probably the way she was sitting, sprawled casually, knees apart, mound prominent and cleft on display, like the perfect little lady she wasn’t. Without making it obvious, he swam to within a couple yards of the man, then cupped his hands around his mouth. “Hey, sis!”

Kay looked up and around at him. “Yeah?”

“I’m gonna go get a Coke. Want anything?”

“Uh, iced tea would be cool, thanks, bro.”

“Sure.” He waved and smiled and eyed the man, who was eyeing him in turn. Luke wasn’t built like Casper, but he could bench one-eighty without straining. It showed. He was sixteen and healthy, a buck in his prime, and he could reduce this flabby old fuck to a uniform red paste in under two minutes. The man got the message and did a neat little vanishing trick that left a vortex in his wake.

Luke didn’t have a problem with anyone looking; he knew the score. Once your hormones switched on, they stayed on until about ten minutes after the last shovelful fell on your grave. But there was a difference between looking, and outright predatory ogling. This wasn’t a bar, and these girls were still a decade away from their twenties.

(What he didn’t realize, between noticing girls and defenestrating Quiltys, was that there were a couple of women in their thirties who were paying very close attention to him. If he’d known that, the rest of the week might have gone very differently for him and Kaeleigh; in fact, the rest of their lives would have been different. Had he noticed those women, Luke would have spent the night, and the two nights following, having three-way sex with two bisexual cougars. Instead, he and Kaeleigh had an uninterrupted evening of conversation ahead of them. In the end, neither of them ever had any reason to complain about how things went.)

“What’s up with the Gigglemint Twins?” Kaeleigh said as he sat beside her and passed her over a bottle of Nestea. He didn’t bother with a towel; the day was warm and the sun was doing fine on its own, evaporating the water beads off his skin almost as she watched.

“Not much. I think they’re still learning how to fish.”

“No nibbles?”

“Bubbles, but nothing else. They don’t even get as far as yeah when I say this is an awesome resort.”

“Well, you know, with all that chest you’re waving around, they’re probably a little verklempt.” Luke snorted. “But I’ve been enjoying the view. There’s some pretty cute boys here.”

“Yeah, there’s a couple I’d do. And a ton of girls.”

“There’s a couple I’d do.”

“Oh, come on, Kay. The list of names of the girls here you wouldn’t do would be short.”

“No shorter than yours,” she shrugged. He didn’t deny it. She sipped her tea. “This is so totally not like the last time we came.”

Luke blew out a breath. “Tell me. I’m sure a lot of the landscape was basically the same, but I didn’t appreciate the hills near as much.”

“Well, that too,” Kaeleigh said. “I meant, you know, us.”

“Well, we’re both older now, and we’re not virgins any more, so we’ve got more to talk about.”

“I meant,” she said, “that I’m not trying to figure out how to make you pee your bed in the middle of the night.”

“Oh God.” He’d forgotten about that. Last trip, Kay had filled the ice bucket with warm water and dipped his hand in it. He’d woken with a wet hand and dry sheets, and knew right away what she was up to. She’d experienced life in Indian-burn country that night; it turned out to be her first visit of many. And … now that he thought about it, that was when things began to escalate between them, going from annoying but largely harmless pranks (though he still mourned his Iron Man collection) to some fairly painfully physical altercations. It was like he’d upped the ante with that first Indian burn, and she took her gloves off after that, too. “We’ve been pretty fuckin’ awful to each other, haven’t we?”

“Yeah.” She sipped her tea. “This time around, I just want us to have fun. No pranks, no tricks, no trying to fuck it up for each other. Truce?”

He looked at her outstretched hand, took it, shook it. “Truce.” They sat back again and watched the play in the pool. “I’d like it if we could make it last after we got home, too.”

“Mmm,” she said, chewing her lip.

“I mean, I know we’re always gonna spar. It’s kind of … us. But the real physical stuff, the … the warm buckets of water, the tying shoelaces together, the Sharpie drawings on each other’s faces, the toothpaste in the conditioner bottle, the Indian burns … and the, the really mean stuff we say, the stuff when we’re really trying to hurt each other … I kinda wouldn’t mind if that … stopped happening. You know? It’s been really … great for a while now, Kay. We pick on each other, but we’re not out for blood lately. It’s almost like we’re friends, sometimes. I like it. I like how it is now.”

“Yeah,” she said. There were times when deep and savage cruelties had passed between them. And many of them had been her doing. “Yeah, I like it too.”

“So what do you say?”

She eyed him. “A brother, and a friend.” She turned the idea over in her mind. “Yeah. I could probably get my head around it, unless there’s too much warping of the universe involved.”

“Okay.” They watched the pool play some more.

“I’ve been using headphones lately.”

He chuckled. “I figured. Thanks.”

“And you’ve been picking up your socks.”

He shrugged, his face reddening. “You … you know, you stop in and visit sometimes, and I figured … you didn’t want to have to all the time watch your step.”

“I appreciate it. And my toes appreciate it too.”

“You gonna swim at all?”

“Not today,” she said. “I mostly came out to get warm and read. I figured I’d splash around tomorrow night, after we get back.”

“I get it. You’ve gotta introduce your bikini to the world in steps.”

“Well, it’d suck if I got in the water and it shrank.”

“There’s a few guys here who probably wouldn’t mind if that happened. Or if it dissolved.” She snorted. “Seriously, though, Kay, it looks good on you.”


They watched the pool again, both of them pondering this strange new territory of actively being nice to each other. It seemed to be working well so far. At least, the sun hadn’t exploded yet.

“So it’s EPCOT tomorrow, or the park, or what?”

“I loved the rides before,” she said. “But I liked all those little countries too. I don’t remember much from last time. I’d like to see it again.”

“Okay, so how about we do the park tomorrow, maybe the animal thing Tuesday, EPCOT Wednesday, and then do a targeted sweep Thursday? You know, all the rides we loved best.” They were leaving Friday. They weren’t going to make it back to town in time to play that week, which was a little disappointing for them (and somewhere around eleven to fourteen other people), but they’d survive.

“Good plan,” Kaeleigh said.

Luke watched some skinny kid scuttle past his sister without making eye contact. Kaeleigh noticed him in a way that made it clear she wasn’t choosing to notice him. “Who was that?”

“Oh, just some wannabe cowboy that got shot out of the saddle before he was even on the horse.”

“Ohh. Tried to pick you up, huh?”

“He grunted at me a few times, but when it came down to making fire, he couldn’t even figure out which stick to rub.”

Six months ago, she would’ve been giggling as much as those girls, Luke thought. Now, she’s only interested in people who have real experience, or know they’re ready to get some. Just like me. He recognized that they were almost being cynical, but it didn’t bother him, because they were mostly being practical in pursuing only the responsive potential partners, the ones where things were likely to make it well past blushing and awkward silences. The rest all represented a waste of time for everyone, kids who thought they wanted to play adult games, but backed out when the blood pressure got too high. They were best left alone to work things out at their own pace; it was more comfortable for them, and less frustrating for him and Kay. “How would we even work it, though? If one of us actually picked someone up?”

She shrugged. “The other could probably figure out a way to keep out of the room for a couple hours. There’s the pool, there’s that arcade, there’s the nature walk … and then, whenever it was done, you could text me and let me know. Or vice-versa.”

“Yeah. Yeah, that could work.” He finished his Coke and, in deference to their truce, didn’t belch at her. “Well, I’m thinking I’ll go up, hose down, and get changed. Mom was talking about dinner at six.”

“Okay. I’ll be up in a few.” She picked up her Kindle. “I just want to finish this chapter.”

“Cool.” He got up and left her to her book, and the run of her thoughts.

Could they really change how they were with each other? Stop the horseshit, but maybe keep the horseplay? Well … if she were being truly honest, she was the one who goaded and instigated, most of the time; and most of the time she was the one who took it a step too far. So a lot of it was up to her. The trouble was she’d have to change habits she’d been practicing half her life. But Luke was going to be trying to do the same thing, so that might help; and for this good, warm feeling she had now, this sense of camaraderie when she talked to him, maybe it was worth it. One thing she knew for sure was that she was stubborn enough to do anything, once she decided to.

Yeah, she thought. Yeah, why not. Let’s give it a shot. Maybe we’ll both end up living long enough to move out of the house. She sighed and fixed her attention on the book again.