Keira, Glenn, and the Nannycams
A Friction Fiction story
This is the sixth in a series of chapters or episodes that tell the love story of a woman of thirty, her ten-year-old son, and a boy of fifteen, and their adventures together. It deals with adult-youth sex, same-gender sex, and incest. Don’t bother if you’re not into that kind of thing. In this chapter, we see Keira and Glenn begin to blossom together, with his parents’ tacit approval — and learn a bit more about Denny.
©2010 Friction Fiction. All characters and situations are made up. Similarity to actual persons or events is coincidental, but fortunate for those who participated.
6 - Decisions
Glenn’s idea was a good one. He’d already established himself as a friend of Keira’s and a babysitter for Denny, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch for him to present himself as being her handyman as well. He explained it to her with a quiet call from his cell early in the morning; a couple hours later, she called his folks’ main line and spoke directly to them.
The story was that she needed him to come by that day to help her clean out her gutters, a claim his mom and dad accepted without batting an eye. He rode his bike there, keeping a steady pace that ate up the miles rapidly, a flaring tingle in his belly driving him along. He’d be cleaning her gutters, all right. He had just what she needed for a nice deep cleansing, with a spit-shine afterward.
Denny answered the door. “Hi, Daddy,” he beamed.
Glenn delivered a hug, followed by a kiss to the boy’s forehead. “Hi, son.” He knew it was — as Denny had put it — for pretends, but he felt his heart open in warmth. Calling him son, hearing the boy call him Daddy, made his chest feel tight with joy. He wanted this to be his reality. “Is your mom around?”
“Yeah, she’s in the shower.” Denny raised his arms. “Can I have a piggyback ride?”
“Sure, son,” Glenn said, and Denny clambered up onto his back. His strong legs locked around the older boy’s waist, his arms over his shoulders, and Glenn carried him inside. “Dang, you’re pretty heavy,” he said. “Must be all that muscle on you.”
Denny giggled. “Let’s see if Mommy’s done.”
“Is that my men?” Keira called from the bedroom.
“Yeah, it’s us,” Glenn said. “You decent?”
“Never,” Keira said. She came out, dressed in a loose tank top and tight cutoffs, no bra on; the old thin cloth of the shirt showed her aureolae and the stiff peaks of her nipples. The shorts were classic Daisy Dukes, riding low on her hips and dipping deeply into the plump groove between her thighs, vanishing into the inch-wide gap she had between her legs. Glenn felt himself heat at the vision of her, this woman who’d made love with him and was now dressing up in a way calculated to turn him on. “You look pretty indecent yourself,” she grinned.
It was true. Glenn had selected a different wardrobe today, choosing snug grey fleece shorts that were really too small for him, to go with his ever-present wifebeater. Just as she wore no bra, he had on no underwear. She saw the shape of his penis clearly, from the ridge around the head to the single large vein that ran along one side of his shaft, down to the full twin mounds of his balls. As she looked on, he twitched and filled a little. Just looking at her was enough to get his motor revving. “So about those gutters…”
She chuckled. “I forgot. The house doesn’t have any. Pretty stupid of me, huh?”
Glenn set Denny down. “Well, I’m sure you’ve got something that needs seeing to.”
She came up to him and slipped her arms around his shoulders, pressing her body close against his. “Oh, I’m sure I do,” she murmured, and felt him grow to full erection as they kissed. “So do you.”
“Mm-hmm.” He rubbed his hips against hers.
“It’s so good to have a man around the house.” She put her lips by his ear. “I missed you last night, lover. I thought about you.”
He nodded. “Me too. Three times. And again this morning.”
She giggled and swatted his butt. “I hope you didn’t run out of anything.”
“Guess we’ll just have to try it and see,” he leered.
Denny murmured jeez, and went to the kitchen. He knew Daddy and Mommy were in love, and he loved them both too. He didn’t mind the way they flirted, but there was only so much a kid could take. He busied himself making lunch, deciding on grilled cheese and tomato soup — one of his personal favorites — while Mommy and Daddy went on smooching and talking sexy.
He knew why Glenn was here today. Mommy wanted to make love with him some more. Rose used to be the same way. As soon as she got to the apartment, she started taking off his clothes, then got naked with him and went crazy for a while. The way she used to touch him, and kiss on him and lick him, would drive him into a frenzy of excitement; the way he did the same to her made her scream sometimes. Sometimes they both screamed.
Being eight at the time, he didn’t understand at all why Rose got so eager sometimes, so frantic, any more than he understood why he did too. He only knew it felt better than anything else in the world to be with her like that, naked and moving his dick in and out of her pussy, eating her out, getting BJs until he was sore. She used to say it was so good with him because he could do it over and over again, and his dick never got soft. He just liked the way she looked, and the way her body felt, and her boobs and her pussy and how she looked at him sometimes when they did the eff-word, with her eyes rolling back and her mouth wide open. She made him feel like a king.
He wondered if Mommy had looked like that with Daddy, if they’d done the same kinds of things. He thought so. Rose had said that what they were doing was what women and men everywhere did, so he figured it was the same for Glenn and Mommy. They probably licked each other, and Glenn probably put his dick into Mommy’s mouth and pussy. He wondered when they were going to make a baby, and hoped it would be soon.
After a little bit Glenn came into the kitchen. “How’s it going, short stack?”
Denny smiled up at him while Glenn ruffled his hair. “Good, Daddy.” He noticed the older boy’s rise then, long and impossible to miss between his legs. Daddy had a boner. Well, so what? So did he.
“Need any help?
“Yeah. Could you get out some plates and bowls?”
“Sure, son,” Glenn said, gave his shoulder a little squeeze, and set the table while Denny finished the cooking. He felt so proud of himself. He’d made lunch for everyone, all on his own. They sat to eat, and both Daddy and Mommy said good things about the food, praising him for doing it just right. Glenn sat back with a satisfied sigh when he was done. “You’re just about the best kid in the world, you know that, Den?”
“Gosh. Thanks.”
“Need any help cleaning up?”
Denny shook his head. “You can go … be with Mommy for a while, if you want.”
Glenn and Keira traded a look. She raised her eyebrows, and her lover stood. He didn’t try to hide the prominence of his erection, and she noticed the way her son stared at it. Well, he knew about the mechanics of it all, and knew what she was about to do with Glenn, so what was there to hide, really? Besides, Glenn didn’t seem to feel he had anything to cover up. He didn’t have any of the body-shyness of most boys his age.
He took her hand and led her down the hall while Denny set to work clearing the table and washing the dishes. In the bedroom he stepped up close to her and put his hands on her breasts while they kissed. “Did you bring condoms?” she said.
His eyes flickered guiltily. “Uh, I didn’t have time to get any.”
“Oh,” she said, and got on her knees before him. “Well, never mind.” She nuzzled his solid cock, breathing the scent of boymusk, relishing the heat of his rigid pole against her face. He put his hands in her hair, running his fingers though her long blonde tresses, while she pulled the waistband down. Glenn’s head popped into view, swollen and purple, and she licked the warm taut skin, tasting the salty beads of precum he was leaking. She moved her head back down and rubbed her face against the warm fulness of his balls, kissing his inner thighs, her hands sliding up and down over his trim, tight ass. She pulled his shorts down to his knees and licked the veiny shaft she’d exposed, kissing the head, kissing his balls, running her lips over his length, then pulled him down toward her mouth and took him in. Two by seven inches was more than she could suck all at once, but she ran her tongue masterfully over his head, around the ridge, up against the frenulum, looking up into his eyes.
Glenn stared down at her, his breathing deep and even. He was still new to getting BJs, and amazed at the magic of it. It didn’t feel the same as her pussy; that was a snug, deep receptacle for every inch of his cock. It didn’t feel like his hand, even with lotion; fingers weren’t the same as lips and a tongue. It felt like nothing he could describe, a sweet oral massage of his most sensitive body-part, gentle but invigorating, soft but insistent. He saw that she was watching him, paying attention to how he responded. Each sigh at a lick brought more licking; each involuntary twitch of his thighs or brief pulse of his cock taught her what worked best. The first time, yesterday morning, had been good. The second time, when they’d 69ed, was better. This was … he’d never known anything could feel this good. His body was slowly transforming into a radiant blaze of heat, centered around his groin and the slow, deliberate bobbing of her head. When she started kneading his balls, he gasped. “Wait. Wait.” He pushed her head back.
“I want you to come,” she murmured. She licked his tip.
“I know. I wanna come. But not yet. Let me do you for a while first, okay?” She backed away and he took off his shirt, stepping out of his shorts at the same time. Keira sat on the edge of the mattress, admiring his body. No matter what he wore, Glenn looked good; but now, naked, the boy was magnificent. His organ was tall and proud before him, his balls drawn snug beneath. His muscles were all on display, the slim build of a teen youth in his prime. He came up to her and knelt, settling in between her legs, and paused to stare at her camel-toe.
The plump groove was wide open. He saw the rises of her labia on either side of the shorts’ seam, her inner thighs taut underneath the cutoff hems. He ran his hands over her mound and smiled at the way she shivered, parting her legs wider. He nestled in and nuzzled her, catching the scent of laundry soap mixed with the moist aroma of an aroused woman. She rode herself up against his face and he let her hump him, reaching up to massage her breasts as she came. He licked her thighs, got his finger up inside the shorts, and felt the slickness of her with his knuckle. She wasn’t wearing panties. He worked his fingertip around and in, and kept at it, fingerfucking her while she ground her crotch against his face. He felt her inner muscles contracting with each spasm, felt her juices begin to run down his finger onto his hand.
He undid the shorts and pulled the zipper down, baring her shaved mound to him. He kissed it, moving aside to let her pull the shorts off, then went back to work in the best place he could possibly imagine being.
Keira’s pussy was warm and juicy, flowing with cum now. He’d got her worked up, and lost himself in her open salty wetness for a while. Her legs were hooked over his shoulders, her heels pressing against his back, and he stroked her labia and licked her cunt and fucked her with his fingers until she went from gasping to little, high shrieks and low moans. He started lapping her clit, and her hips twitched up in time, pulling her open vulva against his lips. He began deep probes with his tongue and swallowed while her cum ran down out of her, drinking her lust and enjoying her pleasure.
At last she pushed his head back and took off her shirt. “Fuck me,” she said, scooting back on the bed. “Fuck me, boy, but don’t come in me.”
Glenn nodded and crawled into position between her legs, his eyes wide on her pussy and tits. Thirty minutes ago they’d been in the kitchen, finishing lunch and talking to Denny. Now they were naked and doing the deed. It was amazing how fast things could happen sometimes.
He glazed his head in her fluids, then pushed into her with a confident stroke. Keira shuddered when she felt him penetrate her, the hard warm length pushing her flesh open and gliding in to the root. Glenn let out a sigh when his rod was buried in her, so slick and inviting, his balls pressed up against her perineum. He settled over her, kissed her, and began moving with her.
It went on longer than she thought it would. Glenn was taking it easy, not wanting to lose it in her; still, he was turned on, and she knew it had to be rough for him to keep himself under control. He did very well, steadily bringing her more and more orgasms, smiling with each groan of ecstasy that escaped her throat. He kept staring down at her breasts, mesmerized by the way they bobbed on her chest with each thrust.
“You like them,” she said. He nodded. “You wanna cum on them?”
“…Yeah,” he said, and withdrew, moving up to straddle her narrow waist. Keira looked on while Glenn masturbated for her, his cock gleaming with her cum, his balls bobbing back and forth between his thighs. She didn’t have long to wait. After about a minute Glenn’s strokes picked up speed and he began working himself with both hands. She watched his testicles retract in his tightening scrotum. “Get … ready,” he said. “Here it … comes…”
She nodded, flushed with excitement. Seeing him on the nannycams was one thing — but this time, it was happening live and in person, a performance just for her. “Do it, lover. Do it all over me.”
Yeah!” he choked, his balls pulled up tight to his crotch, and he jerked, and then—
It started with his head swelling, followed by a twitch in his shaft and a quick clear squirt of precum. It fell on her belly, and was followed immediately by a thick, pearly spurt. That flew farther and splashed onto her skin at her solar plexus. The next pump was his first full surge, the beginning of a serious load. A thick broad stream, pure white, shot out of his reddened tip and spattered in a warm streak between her tits. His hand clenched around the shaft of his cock and he thrust forward, and another ropy jet of cum shot out of his straining penis to fall over her right nipple. He was staring down at her, watching himself cum on her, and he aimed the next shot to cover her other nipple. He went back and forth like that eight more times, coating her breasts, chest, and belly with his sweet young cream. For the last three pulses he aimed right up between her tits, and Keira gasped in surprise and pleasure when his spunk landed on her face. She’d been hoping he would do that. She wanted a cum shower, and Glenn was giving it to her.
The flood slowed and fell back to a trickle, a few more drops falling in a wet patter into the river of semen that ran down her belly, and Glenn gave a last shudder and leaned forward to caress her cunt with his dripping head. He made her come that way, watching with pleasure while she writhed before him, and scooted down to settle his face over her groin.
He started working up her body, eating his own cum from her skin. She dabbed at the thick glaze on her breasts and licked her fingers, helping him clean her up. His warm tongue slid up her belly, lapping away at the tart fluid, and when he got to her tits she ran her hands into his hair and wriggled with delight while he sucked her nipples. His hand was between her legs, his fingers inside her, and she came over and over again while he moved up to clean her throat, then licked himself off her face. When they kissed, all they could taste was his semen for several long, delicious moments.
She felt his still-rigid cock between her thighs and pushed his hips up. He got the message, and slipped down and into her with a happy little sigh. There was still fresh cum on his head and shaft when he entered her pussy, but neither of them cared. His solid mass probed her deep inside, the steely pole getting slick in the well of her womanhood. He smiled down at her and gave her a long, slow fuck, loving her to complete satisfaction, giving her cum after cum on his fifteen-year-old rod.
“You like eating your own, huh?” she panted.
He shrugged, his hips steady over hers. “Why not? It’s all mine anyway.”
“I just … love seeing you do it. It makes me so fuckin’ horny. You did it just right, babe. Perfect.”
He smiled and kissed her, still pumping away at her. Fuck, this boy had serious energy. “I’m gonna do it again soon,” he said.
“Do it in my mouth this time,” Keira begged. “I want it in my mouth.”
He nodded and pulled out, kneeling by her head. She took his hot, gleaming shaft between her lips and sucked him, tasting her juices all over his bare flesh, and he shuddered, drove forward with his fingers clenching in her hair, and gave her what she craved. The abundant flow coursed over her tongue and splashed against her palate, distending her cheeks with eight deep pulses of his very best fluid. When his passion ebbed and he withdrew, he saw the invitation in her eyes, and brought his lips to hers, pushing his tongue in.
Keira hadn’t swallowed. The kiss they shared was rich with his fresh spunk, and he felt it bubbling in his mouth as they exchanged his flavor and the moisture of their saliva. She coated his mouth with it, using her tongue to cover every part she could reach, and he swapped it back with her until they were both evenly filled with his product. She broke the kiss, cum shimmering on her lips, and they looked into one another’s eyes as they swallowed. The heavy warm blob slid thickly down Glenn’s throat even as he heard her gulping her half of his spunk. “Oh fuck yeah,” he panted. “Oh fucking hell yeah, Keira.”
She was flushed, her eyes glowing. She pressed her forehead to his. “You are the very best lover I’ve ever had, Glenn. The very best.”
“Me too,” he nodded. “I mean … I know there’s no way it’ll ever be better than this with anyone else.”
She nestled up to him. “I’ve never had anyone who likes his own cum like you do.”
“Like I said. It’s all mine anyway.” He kissed her. “I like eating it out of you even more.”
“You do, huh? Well … you know what a cream pie is?”
His brow furrowed. “No…”
“It’s where you cum in a woman, but not all the way in. You keep your cock inside her, but only up to the head, and then you cum … and then you eat it back out.”
“Oh fuck,” Glenn said. His eyes were wide.
“You wanna do it sometime?”
Hell yeah,” he said. “Any time.”
She laughed. “All right. Next time you take me, we’ll do it that way.” She sat up. “Feel like a little swim?”
“Yeah, sure.” He watched her go to the door and open it. “Uh…”
She paused. “What? Do I have cum on me?”
“No, but … I mean, ain’t you gonna … put something on?”
“Oh. No, we don’t bother with that. Denny and I, I mean. Usually when we swim, it’s just us, so we…”
“Oh,” he said, blushing a little.
She shrugged. “We’re ten miles out of town. Hell, the mailbox is half a mile up the road. No one ever comes out here. So…” She shrugged. “Denny and I sort of got into the habit of skinny-dipping.”
“Yeah, well, I guess that makes sense.” Glenn let out a nervous chuckle and stood with her. “He ain’t gonna like … freak out or nothin’, is he?”
“No, babe, of course not. He knows you have a penis.”
“That’s not what I meant. I mean, we … you and me…”
“Don’t worry.” She kissed his lips. “He knows what you’ve been doing with it, too.” She hefted his warm package. “Though the size might surprise him a little, if he hasn’t been paying attention to the way you fill out your shorts. But if you’re really going to be his father someday, you’ll both have some things to get used to.” She let go of him. “So are you up for it, or not?”
“Um … well yeah, but what if I … pop one?”
She shrugged. “You probably will. It happens. Denny gets erections all the time. I don’t think it’ll bother him, and you know it doesn’t bother me when you get hard.” She realized something all at once. “You’ve never actually skinny-dipped before, have you?” He shook his head. “Well, look, honey. It’s not all that different from swimming in a suit. It’s sort of like taking a bath in a big tub, the world’s biggest tub. It’s a little sexy, I guess, but just swimming in the water is good, being outside and … and natural, in nature. You get used to it pretty fast.”
“Well … if you’re sure it’s all right…”
She would never be able to tell him how good it felt to know she could trust him like this. By not wanting to parade around naked in front of Denny, it was clear that he had no designs on her son. She’d never have trusted anyone else with her boy, would never have invited any other man to swim nude with them. She took his hand and led him into the hall. “Don’t worry, lover. I’m sure.”
They found Denny on the sofa, leafing through Mad. His eyes widened for only a moment when he caught sight of Glenn. “Going swimming?”
“Yeah,” Keira said. “You coming too?”
“Sure,” Denny grinned, and went into his room to strip. He heard Mommy and Daddy go outside and smiled at the sounds of their laughter and splashing. He dropped his shirt on the bed, followed by his shorts — he wasn’t wearing underwear, because Glenn usually didn’t and he wanted to be more like him — and paused to examine himself in the mirror, eyeing his naked body critically. He studied the smooth lumps of his muscles, the small nipples on his pecs, and his bellybutton — cup-shaped and, according to Rose, cute. His eyes drifted to his dick, hairless, his nuts filling out their wrinkly bag. He thought of Glenn, of what he’d just seen, what he’d be seeing even more of in the next few minutes. He didn’t compare in any way at all to Daddy’s dick. It was so long and real big around, a lot bigger than his own, and Glenn had a patch of deep red hair growing over it too. He figured maybe that was something Mommy liked about him. Rose had told him once that big boys got more girls, and he’d felt a little embarrassed about his own three-inch cock; but she’d told him not to worry. He knew how to use it just fine, and anyway it would get a lot bigger once he was older.
He’d been measuring himself off and on since then, wondering if it was true, and lately it seemed like it was. In the last six months he’d noticed a change from three inches to almost four, and it made him glad. Still, four inches wasn’t that much next to Glenn, who looked like he was that big even without a boner. He fondled himself for a few moments, then went outside to join Mommy and Daddy in the lake.
Glenn was floating on his back, his face and the tip of his dick the only parts above the surface. Mommy was treading water a few feet away, looking at him. She smiled when she caught sight of her son and waved. “It’s a little cool, but come on in,” she said.
Denny grinned and ran along the little dock, cannonballing into the lake. The water splashed all around him and he came up with a gasp. It was always a shock to jump in like that, before he was really ready for the temperature, but he warmed quickly as he dog-paddled over to where Mommy and Daddy were bobbing. “Hey, short stack,” Glenn said.
“Hi, Daddy,” Denny smiled, glancing at Glenn’s penis. Even through the water’s surface, it looked so much larger than his own, and his big balls were floating up between his legs. He turned, paddling awkwardly, and smiled at Mommy, then headed a little farther out into the deeper water.
Glenn studied the boy’s uncertain motions. “He really needs to learn how to do it right,” he said. “He’s safe enough by the shore, but if he ever went out real far, he could get in trouble fast.”
Keira sighed. “I know, but I can’t afford swim lessons, and no one’s ever really showed him anything.”
You could,” Glenn said.
“Yeah, I could … but so could you.” She gave him a little nudge. “Go on … Daddy. Teach your boy a few things.” She felt heat in her chest to speak to him like this, to say outright that she was already thinking of him as Denny’s father.
It wasn’t lost on Glenn. He filled with a deep, sweet warmth, his heart opening in adoration for both Keira and the boy he intended to devote his life to. “God, I love you,” he murmured, then swam after his son. “Hey, Den,” he called. “Let me show you some moves, all right?”
An hour later they were having a little picnic by the shore, just sandwiches and soda, letting the late afternoon sun warm them. They were all still nude, and as Denny chattered on about his new skills in the water, Glenn reflected that Keira had been right. He had got used to it pretty fast. The water had been cool as silk on his skin, and his cock and balls had floated freely. It wasn’t anything like the binding feeling he got from a swimsuit. He was a convert now, a true believer in the pleasures of swimming naked.
Denny’s swim lesson had been a hell of a success. He’d been correct in his belief that the boy just needed a little coaching. It had started with the two of them near the shore, the bottom shallow enough for Glenn to stand and support Denny in his arms while the ten-year-old practiced stroking and kicking. His firm little butt had bobbed up and down, his spine flexing awkwardly, until Glenn stopped him. “All right — you’re doing okay, but you need to do it smoother, like a fish. It’s not like you’re humping the water.” Denny had giggled, but when he tried it again, his motions were gentler and more graceful.
He tried putting his face in next, turning his head to breathe and working his arms and legs in better and better unison, and he was about ten feet away from Glenn before he realized that the older boy had let him go. He paused and turned, treading water, his head bobbing above the surface. His eyes were huge. “I did it!” he cried, his grin wide. “I really did it!”
“Damn right you did, short stack,” Glenn smiled. “You did it perfect.”
“Mommy! Mommy, I swam, I really swam! Watch me!” And he stroked back toward Glenn, his skills increasing quickly.
“Right on, son,” Keira said. “You look great!”
Denny swam around them both in a wide oval, the excitement growing in his chest. He was really swimming, all on his own, and Daddy had showed him how. It was like when they’d gone fishing, when they’d gone shooting — or when he started making love with Rose. He picked it up right away, just like it was the most natural thing in the world, something he’d been doing all his life.
“He really does learn fast,” Glenn said, watching in approval.
“He’s pretty quick with anything new,” Keira agreed. “He’s so goddamned smart, and he’s not afraid to try anything. It scares me sometimes.”
“I know what you mean. Sometimes it’s like — like I ain’t really teaching him, just reminding him of stuff he already knew, but sort of forgot.”
She nodded. “That’s exactly what it’s like.”
He studied her. “Do you think he was like that with … with Rose?”
“I … maybe.” She nodded. “Maybe. I never thought about it like that before.”
“It might explain a lot,” he said, and she nodded again, thoughtfully watching Denny. If he’d learned that quickly with her … it did explain a lot. Maybe what Rose had been unable to say was, simply, that Denny had been one of the best lovers she’d ever had. It seemed unbelievable that an eight-year-old boy could be that captivating … but no other explanation made sense.
“He’s making us look like a couple of fogies,” Glenn smirked, and she laughed with him and followed him to join her — their — son in his newfound confidence in the water.
They all swam together for a while, and when Keira got out to fix the snacks the boys got into a little contest, seeing if they could go fifty strokes from shore, then back again. When Denny did that distance easily, Glenn upped it to seventy-five, then a hundred, and Denny stared in surprise when he saw how far out they were. The house was very far away, maybe a couple hundred feet. He looked down into the water, but all he could see beyond the brightness of his own body was the darkness of the lake’s depths. He knew the bottom was way down, way below his feet, so far that he’d never be able to reach it if he dove under, way too far for him to stand up if he had to all of a sudden. He should probably have been frightened, but Glenn was there, and he knew if he got in any trouble that the older boy would be able to save him from drowning.
Glenn moved up to him. “You all right?”
Denny grinned. “Yeah!” And he splashed back toward shore, leaving Glenn to smile after him for a few moments before following in his wake.
Now Glenn was reclining on the shore, resting on an elbow and facing Keira. His lover was settled on her knees, her legs parted slightly, her groove just visible. Her breasts rose full and ripe on her chest, and her golden hair fell in a cascade over her shoulders. Denny was sitting crosslegged beside her, finishing off his sandwich, his eyes on Glenn’s cock. It was hanging down toward the ground, so long that the tip was almost touching the patchy grass. Glenn felt the boy’s curious stare, but it didn’t trouble him, any more than the way Denny’s dick was standing up proud between his legs. He felt completely at ease and examined the boy in the same way.
Denny had a slender frame, but there were muscles to be seen everywhere on him. Since Keira couldn’t afford a game console, the boy had never spent a lot of time sitting on his ass and playing video games, and it showed. His body sang of hours spent running around in the sun, swimming nude, riding his bike, climbing trees, being active. His skin was a nice even gold, with only a hint of tan line around his butt and hips. He judged Denny spent quite a lot of time wearing little or nothing, and it had worked well for his complexion. Where a lot of other kids might be pasty-white and skinny, Denny was glowing with tone, his muscles small but well-made and surprisingly dense. He didn’t know what most kids that age might weigh, but after that afternoon’s piggyback ride, he knew Denny was heavier than them — and none of it was fat. It didn’t look like Denny had any fat anywhere.
He wondered if he’d looked like that two years ago, and if that was one reason the girl Rose had done him. Girls liked well-made boys, and Denny was definitely well-made. His dick was about what you’d expect on a ten-year-old, though maybe a little longer and thicker than normal. He tried to remember what he’d looked like himself at that age, but it was a little too far away for him to recall clearly, and he hadn’t actually begun measuring until he was thirteen and he noticed just how much things were starting to grow down there. At that time, he’d topped out at a shade under five inches; now he was pushing eight, with no signs of slowing down. So the four or so Denny was sporting now might or might not have been more than usual. If the kid’s growth was anything like his own had been, Glenn figured he’d be in the big-dick crowd before he knew it. As handsome and athletic as he was, girls would be throwing their pussies at him.
Cool. Good for him.
He looked at Keira again and saw the amusement in her face. She knew he’d been looking Denny over, but it didn’t seem to bother her. He raised his eyebrows and shrugged, then rolled onto his back, arms crossed behind his head, to let the sun fall fully across his naked body. He sighed, a little smile on his lips. This was how it must have been, twenty or even ten thousand years ago, to be a human alive and in the world, in the days before civilization and marriage and taboos. Just natural and breathing, with his lover by his side, with a boy they both loved and no one to judge them or their difference in ages.
The heart wanted what it did, it was older than the brain, and it lived in a time far older than any laws, older even than language. When people came together and made families, then as now, all the heart knew was love. Before there was Shakespeare to write of the heartbreaking suicides of lovelorn teenagers — before anyone ever thought of separating two lovers from one another — the hearts of men and women, boys and girls, had beat in time and made their own poetry.
He felt sudden awe as the gulf of years opened beneath him, a vast chasm deeper than every language ever was or would be, consuming rationality and social norms and fears into its depthless, timeless void. Yet that void wasn’t empty; running through its center, like a silken pink thread, was the glowing continuity of passion and love that had kept the human species alive — against all possible odds — for at least a half million years. His joy in Keira’s mind and body, his adoration of Denny, were as natural as the breath in his lungs and the sun on his skin. In loving them, in making love with her, he had joined the vast tapestry of life, following that pink thread to weave himself into the ever-changing picture that was the breathing, living, loving universe.
He stirred when he sensed Keira stretch and stand. She dusted the grass and soil off her butt and bent to pick up the empty soda bottles. It wasn’t quite as prosaic as if she’d been gathering lilacs in a smooth meadow, but the natural beauty of her body, her spine knobbed between her shoulderblades and her breasts swelling on her chest — the golden dust of pubic hair above the sweet groove of her sex — were all as lovely as any woman ever could have been, or ever would be.
They all went back inside, and Denny made a point of parking himself on the sofa while Keira led Glenn down the hall and into her bedroom once more.
Glenn got close, and closer still, moving himself steadily inside Keira. She writhed before him, her back arched, her belly quivering with each ecstatic breath. Her cum was dappled across his belly, beading over his abs; there was a thin slick coating of it on his cock all the way up to his pubes. She was doing something new for him, doing something new with him, and his heartbeat picked up speed as he felt his balls tighten. “Okay,” he gasped. “I think I’m there.”
She smiled at him through half-lidded eyes. “Do it, honey, do it…”
“Oh yeah,” he panted. “Oh yeah.” He eased back, withdrawing most of the way, just two inches of his dick in her pussy. His thick shaft gleamed in the sweet embrace of her open vulva, the inner labia ruddy around his probing flesh, and he stared in bliss at her wonderful, magical sex organ as the throbbing began in his loins. He wrapped his hand around his shaft and squeezed, twitching his head in her, and the spurts became a thick creamy flood. At the fifth pulse it began to backflow, running out of her body, flowing up along his shaft and down her groove. Still the cum pumped out of him, still he kept going, and at the eleventh surge he grunted and pulled away. His cum dripped off his swollen head, and as he watched, a well of it bubbled up and out of her open pussy. It flowed down out of her, thick and milky.
He dove in after it, burying his face in her cunt, licking away at everything he’d just shot. He was eating Keira’s cummy pussy, and groaned in joy at the flavors. The mix of his spunk and her juices was completely beyond his experience, but as he ate the fresh cream pie she was sharing with him, he knew that he loved it, instantly and totally.
Keira was coming fast and hard on Glenn’s face, watching him eat his own spunk out of her body. His cheeks were covered in a thin pearly glaze, his nose painted with it, his eyes closed in rapture as he enjoyed his wet meal of sex. She never knew anyone like him before, anyone willing to drink his own cum like this, so she’d never known what she was missing until this moment. There was something so incredibly hot about it all, about seeing this lovely youth commit himself to such an intimate, fluidful act. He ran his tongue all over her, his lips making a seal against her vulva to trap all the juices, the tip lapping against her clit; he licked and ate and slurped and swallowed; and she came like she never had before under anyone’s mouth. In nearly two decades of receiving oral sex, some of it from very skilled boys — and a few girls — Keira had never experienced anything as thoroughly, fulfillingly orgiastic. It wasn’t just what he did; it was what he was actually doing. He was completely unafraid of being intimate with her, and loved it so much that any hang-ups he might have about drinking his own cum were completely blown away.
So was she. Long after she thought it would end, it was still going on, but just as it got to the point that it was becoming a little too much he backed away and smiled up at her. His face was glazed and his bangs were soaking, plastered to his forehead by the mix of cum he’d been devouring. His eyes glimmered like emeralds, his braces silver on his teeth. “Thanks,” he panted, and kissed her labia. “Keira, oh Keira, thanks.”
She laughed breathlessly, her body utterly drained. “Jesus. Jesus. Fucking. Christ. Glenn. Oh my God, Glenn. Oh my God.”
“Heh,” he said, settling up beside her. When they kissed, she tasted both of them on his lips. “Me too. Oh wow. Oh my God.” He ran his tongue around in his mouth, getting the last of the flavor. “I never knew. I never knew anything could be … so…”
She nodded, woozy, and licked his face clean. The blend of their cum and the taste of his skin was intoxicating. She had always loved the flavor of semen, but this was far beyond anything she’d ever had, and his vigor was stunning. Glenn loved sex; she was having so much sex with this boy, all the sex she wanted. Her pussy was still numb with the memory of his love. “It’s never been like that with anyone before, Glenn. Never.” She kissed his nose. “I am so gonna marry you. And when I do, we’re gonna do this every day.”
He kissed a nipple, beaming. “Good.” He sat up and studied her for a moment, then got up. He pulled his shorts on, his sex a full lump in the taut grey cloth. “Don’t move,” he said, opened the door, and went down the hall. She heard him share a few words with Denny; then he returned to the bedroom with his art gear. He posed her expertly, bidding her to sit up, arranging her hair over her shoulders, pooling the sheet around her waist. He settled back on his haunches, eyed her bare breasts for a moment, and began to draw.
Dinner was a little later than usual, since they’d made love again after Glenn finished his drawing, which had taken almost an hour all by itself. Keira had marveled over it. The boy had talent — she knew that — but she hadn’t expected his first nude to look so lifelike, and so erotic. She was rendered in silky graphite and creamy paper, her body free and sexual, but not wanton. Glenn named it Morning Glory, even though he’d drawn it in the early evening. “It’s not like anyone will know when I drew it anyhow,” he’d shrugged.
That time, when she had him, she didn’t let him pull out at the end.
Glenn felt a little odd about dinner. He was in his shorts and Keira was in underwear, but Denny hadn’t bothered putting any clothes on after their swim. The boy seemed relaxed, not at all uncomfortable about being the only naked one, and after a while Glenn was able to relax too. He and Keira cleaned up the dishes while Denny nuked some popcorn.
They settled on the sofa to watch a movie. Glenn was between Keira and Denny, sandwiched by the people he loved, and it was almost nine before his cell rang and he remembered how late it was. He dug it out of his backpack. “Hey, Dad,” he said. “Yeah. Yeah, I know … I’m sorry. It got a little late, but we’re done now, and I can … huh?” He listened for a moment, then put his hand over the receiver. “Uh, they want to know if I’m … staying. Tonight.”
Denny looked up at his mother. “Mommy? Pleeeease?”
“Do you want to?”
Glenn nodded.
Keira smiled.
“Uh … uh, yeah, Dad, I guess I am. I’ll — huh?” His face turned bright red. “Yeah. Um, all right … uh, I mean, I guess I’ll see you … tomorrow.” He nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, I will. Okay. Thanks. I love you.” He cut the line. “They want me home by noon,” he said. “There’s chores and stuff to do.”
“Noon’s good,” Keira said. “Noon is just fine.” She switched off the TV.
Denny took the hint and went down the hall to his bedroom after hugging them both good-night, leaving them alone on the sofa with nothing ahead of them but another sweet night together.
Glenn was fidgeting. “Keira … I think … I think they know.” He looked into her eyes. “About you and me. At least, I think Dad knows.”
“Oh.” Her heart went from warm anticipation to chilly fear. “Is that … bad?”
Glenn sighed and ran his hands through his hair. “I dunno.”
“Wh-what makes you think they…”
“Something Dad said,” Glenn shrugged. “He said … he said ‘make sure you play safe tonight’. It’s … it’s something he always says about being with girls. He says make sure you play safe.”
Keira thought about that. “Maybe he was joking.”
My daddy?” Glenn said. “You met him.”
She nodded. Carl seemed like a good man, but very down-to-earth. It wasn’t that he lacked a sense of humor, but she got the feeling that there were some things he simply did not joke about. “So are you okay? …Are we?” She hated how selfish that sounded, but she had to know. She’d just become Glenn’s lover. She didn’t want to lose him, especially not so quickly, and never like this.
He pondered that, his eyes on hers. How Dad had sounded just now. Not angry, not upset; just saying what he’d said without any preamble or follow-up. Just the way he always said it, reminding Glenn of what they’d first spoken of when he’d turned thirteen. You’re that age, son, when girls will turn your head and you’ll turn theirs, and you know about pregnancy, and you know about diseases. You probably know about condoms too. Always use them with a girl, son, always, unless you’re ready to be a father. Always play safe. It had been a quick, grave statement, and Glenn had never forgotten it. When he’d been going out with Steph, Dad always said it before he left to be with her. Make sure you play safe. Not that it had mattered — Steph didn’t want to play at all. He thought Dad probably knew it, too. Just like he knew other things now.
Make sure you play safe.
He nodded at Keira. “I … yeah. I think we’re okay.”
“Are you sure, honey?”
“Yeah,” he said, smiling a little. “If Dad wanted us to stop, he’d say so.”
“Okay,” she said, a little uncertain, but she warmed when Glenn pulled her onto his lap, her thighs settling over his hips. She kissed him, her heart speeding. Was it really possible? Did they actually have his parents’ permission to be lovers? “I really don’t want to lose you.”
“Me neither,” he sighed, stroking her firm, fine ass. He kissed her, and let his cock rise to meet the warm moisture in her panties. “I don’t think you’re gonna.”
She shivered at the press of his sex, separated from her own by two thin layers of cloth. “Glenn. Oh Glenn. I want you to put your love in me. All night.”
“But I don’t got protection,” he said.
“I know.”
He shuddered. “If we keep going like that, you’ll get pregnant.”
Her lips were close to his, her breath a moist brush on his face. “I know.”
His heart thumped up in his chest, and he felt heat swell through his body. “I ain’t afraid.”
“I know. Neither am I.” She smiled and ran her fingers through his hair. “You’re such a good father already.”
“But I’m … I’m just a kid. I’m fifteen, and we ain’t even married yet.”
“It doesn’t matter. I love you.” She kissed him again, then sat back to look at him, her hands on his shoulders. She swallowed. “Let’s just … let it happen. I know it’s what you want, more than anything. And I want it too, so much. So … we’ll keep going, we’ll keep loving each other, and when it happens, it does.”
He stared at her, his body turned to sweet fire at what Keira was offering him. His future, his manhood, his completion, all through the gift of her body and her love. “Are you sure?”
“Yeah. Yeah, I am, honey. I want you to make me pregnant.” She kissed him. “Now let’s go to bed and get started.”
Denny got up to pee, and peeked into his mother’s bedroom on the way down the hall. The door was open, but the bed was empty. The clock said it was after midnight.
Through the half-open bathroom window, he heard splashing and low laughter outside. He peered out and saw that someone — probably Daddy — had made a little fire by the lake, the orange and yellow light flickering mellowly in the darkness. He was aware of two shapes beyond its circle, indistinct in the gloom, but in a few moments Glenn came into the light and lay down on his side, gazing out toward the darkness by the shore. He was naked. “Come on over here and warm up a little,” he called softly.
“Again?” Mommy laughed, and appeared. She was naked too. She smiled at Glenn and lay down beside him, facing him, murmuring things too low for Denny to hear. Glenn said something back to her, and she rolled her head back on her shoulders and laughed. It made Denny feel glad to hear that. She sounded so happy. Glenn kissed her neck, then put his hand on her breast. As Denny watched, he slipped his thumb over her nipple, and Mommy sighed.
Denny knew what was happening, and that he shouldn’t watch. Mommy and Daddy were getting ready to make love. It was a private thing, something you shouldn’t spy on, but his dick had other ideas: he had an erection. Despite his experiences with Rose, he’d never actually seen anyone have sex, and it was kind of exciting. Mommy was beautiful, and Glenn had a lot of muscles, and he had a big penis; and Denny was intrigued. Did they really do the same things he used to do with Rose?
It looked like they did. They started kissing with tongues, and Mommy reached down. Denny saw Glenn’s dick in her hand, a lot bigger now because it was hard — just like his own. He reached down on himself and massaged his penis, just like Mommy was doing to Daddy. Glenn put his hand between her legs, and Denny heard her sigh again, her eyes closed, while they went on touching each other’s privates. In a while she went on to feel Glenn’s butt, running her hand over it, and pulled his hips close to hers while he sucked her boobs. Denny wondered if they had started making love, but when she pushed him over onto his back he saw that Glenn wasn’t inside her yet. His dick was just sliding back and forth on the outside of her pussy.
They kept going like that for a while, Mommy smiling down at Glenn, running her hands over his chest and tummy while Glenn massaged her breasts and they rubbed themselves together. Denny remembered how Rose used to do the same thing with him, getting turned on more and more while they got ready. Sometimes she even came from doing that. From the way his mother was moving and the sounds she was making, the same thing was happening to her now. Denny’s cock jumped in his hand when he realized it: he was watching his mother have an orgasm. Glenn was making Mommy come.
He should leave — he knew it would be the best idea for him to go back to bed — but he also knew that he couldn’t now. Having seen what happened so far, he had to see the rest. He didn’t stop watching them, and he didn’t stop masturbating.
He didn’t have to wait long. Mommy shifted up Glenn’s hips, and Denny saw his dark purple head glisten for a second before it disappeared under the groove at her center. She moaned and moved back down, leaning back a little, and Denny could see that Glenn was inside her now. Her legs were spread wide, her knees far apart on either side of him, and her pussy was stretched open. Denny saw the bright pink of her insides and the lighter-colored flesh of Glenn’s shaft, with all the rest of his penis in her vagina. He was surprised that it could all fit in, but it did. Each time she moved down, he pushed up a little, and he saw the red patch of Glenn’s hair touch the outer folds of Mommy’s pussy.
She put her hands on his waist while he squeezed her boobs and played with her nipples, and looked down into his eyes as she continued rocking. Denny could remember just how it felt to be on his back like Glenn, with his dick in a warm wet pussy, with breasts in his hands and a smile on his face. Rose had called it riding cowgirl. He’d been way too young to really know what it all meant, but seeing Mommy and Daddy together now showed him. It wasn’t just sex, not just two people rubbing on each other because it felt good. It was a way for them to be close, to be unafraid and free. Sex with Rose had been good, but watching Glenn make love with Mommy let him see exactly how it really was when people did it for love, not just for fun.
His mother was moaning more loudly now, moving faster and faster, and Denny knew she was coming again. Glenn was moving faster too, his chest heaving, and Denny saw his penis moving in and out of Mommy’s pussy. “Come on,” Mommy said. “Come on and do it, honey, do it, I want it, I want it so bad honey, give me your love … give me a baby…” Denny gasped. Mommy was going to get pregnant! He squeezed his cock and rubbed it fast and hard, and when he heard Glenn moan I’m doin’ it, Keira, I’m doin’ it, Denny did too.
His hips jerked forward and he stopped rubbing the tip because it always felt too strong when he came. Glenn was throwing back his head, his eyes locked on Mommy’s, and she was screaming yeah, yeah, yeah, and as Denny watched, a thick squirt of white flew out of her pussy to smear on Glenn’s belly. It was his sperm. He was seeing Glenn’s sperm. He gasped and arched his back, lifting her up off the ground a little, and Denny heard him shout oh fuck yeah Keira oh fuck yeah. His body twitched and he gasped, then relaxed, his hips dropping to the ground once more. There was a lot of sperm on his belly now.
Mommy slowed down, her breath coming in little sobs, while Glenn smiled up at her and murmured something. She said, “I love you too,” and leaned over him and kissed him.
Denny went back to bed, his dick still hard, the skin a little sore and pink. He’d rubbed it pretty hard at the end. He thought of what he had just witnessed, too excited to feel guilty about spying. He’d seen Mommy come, and he’d seen Glenn come too. His sperm had proved it. He knew a few things about what happened when a boy got older, old enough to make a baby — he’s making a baby with Mommy! — but he’d never known that you could make too much sperm for it to all stay inside the girl.
He rolled over onto his side, and soon he heard them come in. They went down the hall to his mother’s bedroom, and in a while he heard her start to moan again. Soon there was a regular creaking sound coming from her bedsprings, and she kept coming, and then he heard Glenn crying out, and knew he was coming again too. He wondered if even more sperm was squirting out of Mommy.
He listened as they went on together, and he remembered what they had looked like, having sex by the fire outside, remembered how his mother had looked, locked in orgasm with Glenn. He masturbated and came a second time, thinking of the sight of Glenn’s cock in Mommy’s pussy, and how her breasts had bobbed up and down while she rode cowgirl on Glenn, and how much sperm he had made in her.
They were still making love when he drifted off to sleep.
Glenn made it home with half an hour to spare. His back was sore again, and his cock ached again, but he didn’t mind. Keira had given it to him, the best gift any woman could ever give, the chance to be a father with her. She had brought both of them closer to that goal — seven times closer — last night and this morning.
His mother said hello, told him Dad was waiting for him around back, then became conspicuously absent. He went out, apprehensive about a possible confrontation, but Dad greeted him in his usual way, with a nod and a little smile. “Welcome home. You get everything taken care of up at her place?”
“I think so,” Glenn said carefully.
“Good man. I expect she’ll have more to be seen to in a while, but right now it’s my turn. We gotta get the garden tilled, or your mom’ll have our guts for garters.”
“All right,” Glenn said, and went around to the shed, wondering about what his father had said — and what he’d left unspoken. Was this going to turn out all right, or would it be a disaster?
The tiller was parked in the soil, and he got to work mixing the fuel — gasoline and two-cycle oil — while Dad checked the blades. It started right up, chugging and stinking and vibrating, and they took turns doing rows.
The tiller was a bitch to handle. It was heavy, balky, and wanted to either burrow itself into the ground or skate over it with hardly a mark in its wake. Sheer man-mass and man-muscle were the only way to keep it under control. By the time they were finished churning up the quarter-acre plot, man and boy were both sweaty and breathing hard. Glenn passed his arm across his forehead for the millionth time, mopping sweat and tossing back his bangs. His bare chest gleamed with perspiration — he and Dad had both doffed tops after the third row — and he lugged the tiller back to the shed, feeling glad to shut it into its dark little prison for another season. He hated the goddamned thing, and knew his father felt the same. But it was something they had to use, something they had to do; it was part of living life responsibly.
He paused for a moment, his chest tightening. There was another responsibility he had to face, and there was no putting it off any longer.
When he came back to the porch he found Dad sitting there with two beers before him. Glenn paused and blinked. Dad always drank a beer after hard work, but in the past, he’d only brought out a soda for his son to have. He settled in on the other chair and tried not to stare at the cold bottle, beads of condensation running down its chilled glass. “I reckon you’re man enough now,” Dad said.
“Um,” Glenn said. “All right.”
Dad lifted his beer and took a sip, then eyed Glenn.
He raised the bottle, put it to his lips, and tasted it.
It was a little malty, sort of like the breakfast cereal he liked; it was a little fizzy; it was and was not refreshing. It was nothing like soda. He swallowed, set the bottle down, and gazed levelly at his father.
“Do you love the boy?” Dad asked.
Glenn nodded. Dad nodded. He took another drink. Glenn did too.
“Do you love the woman?”
Glenn slipped his fingertips over the cold bottle in front of him. Took a breath. Looked into his father’s eyes. Nodded again.
Dad looked out over the back yard, studying the prepared garden plot. “When I first saw your mother, I knowed it right away. I said to myself, Carl, this is the girl you are going to marry one day. We was both of us fifteen. She didn’t know me but from school. She worked the bait-stand up at Peed’s. You remember that place?” Glenn smiled and nodded. The bait-stand wasn’t in operation any more; it had always been a rusted out little shack by the wharf, selling fresh nightcrawlers and jars of fluorescent garlic to anglers. The last he could remember its being open was when he’d been five or six, going fishing with Dad. They’d bought a bag of worms. Glenn had been fascinated by the wet, slimy way they felt, squirming cold and alive through his fingers. The next year it was shuttered up, and never re-opened since. Mister Peed had died, and that was it.
“Well, I started talking to her, coming up there more and more, and after a while she noticed I weren’t bringing my fishing rod with me no more. She mentioned it, so I asked her to the pictures and she said yes, and I asked her to Sweet’s and she said yes, and in a while we was going steady and one thing led to another, and I became the luckiest man in the world.” He had another pull at his beer. “And then we had you, and I got even luckier.” He shifted a little in his seat. “Sometimes you see, and you just know. Like how you can tell when a buck’s about to flight, and you better take your shot or hold it and wait for the next to come along. Or like how you know, with your drawings. How to get it just right, to put it on the paper just like you see it, but deeper and more alive.
“A boy knows when he’s ready to be a man. And he knows the woman that owns his heart.” He leaned forward. “I know you don’t play games, son. Don’t play games with her. If you do, it’ll break her heart, and the boy’s too. A woman wants a man, but a boy needs a daddy. Be sure about what you’re doing, or be willing to spend the rest of your life knowing you made them both cry.”
Glenn’s eyes were on the bottle, on the amber fluid in the glass, on the tiny ribbons of bubbles flowing up in it. “Yessir.”
“Do you need condoms?”
He looked up. Dad’s eyes were steady on his. “…Yeah,” Glenn said. “I do.” His father had never asked him that when he’d been dating Steph. Sometimes you see, and you just know.
Dad nodded and leaned back, finished his beer, and belched. “Well all right. Let’s get cleaned up and help your mother with supper.”