Keira, Glenn, and the Nannycams
A Friction Fiction story
This is the second in a series of chapters or episodes that tell the love story of a woman of thirty, her ten-year-old son, and a boy of fifteen, and their adventures together. It deals with adult-youth sex, same-gender sex, and incest. Don't bother if you're not into that kind of thing. It also takes a little time to get started; this chapter mostly deals with attraction and masturbation. Hang in there while the juices start flowing, spurting, etc. That, or wait for the next chapter, of course.
Copyright 2010 Friction Fiction. All characters and situations are made up. Similarity to actual persons or events is coincidental, but fortunate for those who participated.
2 - Glenn Puts it In
The battery cost like a bitch, but at least she didn't have to pay for its installation.
She shared her woes with Glenn the next afternoon, more than a little worried about the logistics. The Hyundai dealership up in Cliveston could drop the battery into her car any time, so she knew she wouldn't be stuck with a nonfunctioning vehicle for more than an hour or so, but the cost for the work was another tally to be added to her growing list of debts. She wasn't trying for sympathy. She just wanted him to know that her intended payment for his time might have to wait a little longer.
The youth's eyes went wide when she told him about the expense. "They wanna charge you that much to put in a battery? Dang, you could do it yourself for free."
"No, I couldn't," Keira said. She was hopelessly inept in that area.
"Sure you can. It's just pulling off the cables and you take the bolt off, and you're done."
"Well, it might be easy for a man -- uh, someone like you to do, but I don't have any ... it must need tools, at least."
"Couple wrenches," the boy said, and studied her. He seemed to get it all at once. "Don't tell me you got one of those cheesy Wal-Mart toolkits."
"All right. Look, why don't I come by tomorrow and help out? I can do the change real quick. I'll put it right in."
"Oh, thank you, Glenn, I'm sure you can put it in easily, but it's so far to our place..."
"I got a bike, no problem," the teen said. "And it won't cost you anything. Just get the battery, and it's a done deal."
"And you can see my room," Denny offered. He turned his face up to her, his blue eyes very wide. "Can he? Can he really come over? Come on, Mommy."
"He has a life, son," she said. "And I'm sure it doesn't include doting on soon-to-be fifth-graders."
Glenn ignored her son's awww. "Half hour at the most, Keira. It's not hard to do. It'll be done before the morning cartoons."
"Uh ... oh, well, all right, but let me feed you at least. I mean it's probably not much to you, but it means a lot to me."
"Okay," Glenn said. "When's good for you? I usually get up at six..."
"On Saturday?" Keira spent most of her weekend mornings being a slugabout, not getting anything started much before noon. "Um, well, how about ten?"
"Kay. Ten it is." He smiled at Denny. "I'll see you then, okay, kid?"
Denny was bubbling with glee. "Yeah!"
He showed up a few minutes early, leaving his bike on the gravel drive to her door. Keira had never seen Glenn outside the club, so she was a little unprepared for his weekend-casual attire. The boy wore snug denim cutoffs with a tight wifebeater, the clothing doing very little to hide what he was made of. There was a lot to see. Between his nicely developing chest and the large bulge that he carried between his legs, she believed he turned a lot of heads. He really looked good.
Denny danced around him, his sweet face split wide by a smile. "You made it! You're here!"
"Course, kid, it's only a couple of miles." Not true; it was more than ten. Though his skin was glistening with sweat, the shirt wet enough to let his nipples show through it, Keira saw that the youth wasn't breathing hard. He seemed to have a lot of stamina in that lean wiry body. Teen boys always had amazing endurance...
He smiled at her and hefted a little bundle. "Got the stuff. It's all metric. I know Hyundai does it all that way. They all do now." He ambled up to her car. "So did you get the battery?"
"Yeah, it's in the trunk." Keira popped the lid and watched while Glenn lifted it out. It was heavy, at least by her standards, but he didn't show any strain for his efforts. His slim biceps contracted, his shoulders tautened, and he set the cell by the car's hood. Without any more preamble, he went to work.
It really didn't take very long. After no more than ten minutes he'd swapped the old cell out for the new one, Denny solemnly handing him tools on request like an OR nurse, and smiled in satisfaction when the car started immediately. His braces glinted. "See? Easy." She shut the car off, not sure how to thank him -- he'd just saved her quite a lot of money -- but his grin faltered when he pulled out the dipstick and checked the oil. "Uh-oh."
She came up to stand beside him, more aware than she wanted to be of the way he filled his clothes and the faint hint of sweat and musk he bore. The strappy tee was close-fitting on his chest, showing a flat but toned pair of pecs divided by a clear dip along his sternum. It was a very kissable chest. Keira blushed at herself and the way she was thinking. Six years without male companionship had left her vulnerable to masculine charms, and Glenn had them in spades. Fifteen or not, he was an eyeful ... and by the look of things, more than a mouthful too. "Is it low?"
"A little, yeah, but ... here, feel this." Keira suffered a drop to be smeared on her fingers. "See how it feels? It's a little gritty."
"That's bad, isn't it?"
"Not too good, anyway," the boy said. "We should change it. You should every three thousand miles. Five at the most."
She groaned. The car had clocked 7K since the last change. It was overdue, and she knew it. "Can it wait?"
"Not really." Glenn dropped the hood. "It shouldn't, anyway. A battery is important, but if you're using old oil, it'll do some pretty serious damage to the engine. Especially on these little cars, cause they run at a higher RPM. It's like running them with wet sand." He turned to face her, leaning against the fender with his ankles crossed, unconsciously emphasizing his bulge. It stood out in a prominent lump between his taut thighs, the plump curve of his penis pointing to the right over the full mass of his ripe balls. The slimness of his hips only served to make his young manhood more obvious. "I can change it out, and you'll need a filter too, and it will cost something -- just not as much as if you had a mechanic do it."
She furrowed her brow. "And you're sure it needs to happen today?"
"The longer you wait, the more damage gets done, and engine rebuilds cost thousands."
"Ah hell." She closed her eyes. "Well, I didn't need to eat meat this week anyway."
"Jeez, Keira, I didn't know it was--"
"It is that bad, Glenn. I'm living hand to mouth right now." And her face crumpled and she broke into sobs.
"Oh," he said, "oh hey now." He put his arms around her and she clung to him, gasping against his shoulder, wetting his skin with her tears. "There's gotta be something you can do -- do you have a mad money jar? A rainy-day thing? A piggy bank?"
She chuckled wetly. "I think there might be a couple of quarters in the sofa cushions..." She leaned back to look at him. "Sorry for the waterworks."
"It's all right," he said. He was still holding her. Her hips were close to his, and she was aware that his lump was pressed against her groin. It felt good. It felt very good. There was so much lump to feel. "If there's anything I can do..."
"I don't want to take your money, Glenn."
"Good, 'cause I don't got any." They laughed. "No, I was just thinking ... well, me and Dad hunt sometimes, and I got a pretty big elk a while back. We got some steaks still. It's a little different, but you can eat it. And there's fish in the lake. You don't have to ... I dunno..."
"Subsist on ramen?" He nodded. "I hadn't thought of that. But I don't have a fishing pole." She saw the look in his eyes. "Let me guess..."
"Yup. Look, Keira, it's like the other day. You need a little help, it's an emergency, and..."
"And I'd be a damned fool to refuse." She sighed again and backed away, stepping out of the sweet circle of his arms. She could still feel the warm pressure of his sex organ where it had been up against her body, a lingering impression of masculinity. "All right. So do we go to the Auto Zone, or what?" Burlingham was too small to rate a store the size of Wal-Mart.
"Yeah, they'll have what we need." He waited for her to collect Denny, and they drove into town. On the way back they stopped at his place -- no one was home right then -- and he gathered a few additional tools, a fishing rod with tackle, and a bagful of frozen elk meat.
The oil change took far longer than the battery swap. Glenn crawled on his back under the car, once he judged it had time to cool down, and pulled the drain plug while Denny watched. Keira was watching too, but not the same thing. Glenn's upper body was hidden under the car, but from the hips down everything was visible. She felt obscene -- he was just a boy, half her age -- but she couldn't stop staring at him.
His knees were bent, and the thick bundle of flesh between them was fully displayed, pointed a little up and to the right. Nestled deep in his thighs, the snug cutoffs displayed the arch of his perineum and the large sac that grew above it. He had a lot going on between his legs. His quads were a sight to behold, rippling with trim muscle; his calves were well-formed and showed his wiry strength. Keira hadn't felt so completely attracted to someone so young since she'd been his age herself, and his gentle but relentless knight-in-armor act was charming -- the more so because she knew it wasn't an act. He wasn't trying to impress her or show off. He just wanted to help. Still ... if she were ten years younger, she'd be all over him, tonight if possible. And if he were ten years older, he'd probably be expecting it.
Presently he wriggled back out from under the Hyundai, his shirt riding up as high as his nipples and fully exposing his belly. His flat pecs were creased and his abs were a neat, compact six-pack, his waist almost impossibly narrow. He stood and wiped his hands on a rag before tugging the hem down, apparently completely unaware of her gaze on him. "That's that part done. Now we just gotta fill 'er up again."
He set the oil pan aside, propping the old filter on it, then turned to lean over the car and start dumping the fresh oil into the filler. His butt was on display now, the denim cutoffs a little dusty, doing nothing to hide the fact that he was going commando. The sweet, full half-moon was succulent and trim, dimples showing, the shorts riding up the crease a little. Keira shivered to imagine how it would be to run her hands over it. God, she thought, am I really that desperate? Or is he really just that attractive?
She wasn't sure what the answer was, but suspected it was a little of both.
Finished at last, he had her start the car again, then checked the level. "Okay," he said. "I think we're all good now."
"Will the patient live?" He nodded. "Glenn, I really don't know how to thank you for everything you've done for me these last couple of days. You've really been a lifesaver."
"What flavor?" he said. Denny thought it was the funniest thing he'd ever heard.
"I don't know. Something sweet." She saw him blush. "Sorry. Look, at least let me feed you before you leave."
"Yeah!" Denny said. "Stay for lunch, okay? Pleeeease?" He grabbed Glenn's wrist and tugged at it.
Glenn smiled at him, then at her. "If you're sure it's all right..."
Her son's enthusiastic shout was answered by another, quieter echo in her heart.
Lunch wasn't spectacular, just grilled cheese and some tomato soup, but Glenn wolfed it and lavished praise on her efforts, acting as though it was a full-course feast from a master chef. She was unduly flustered by his kindness, enjoying the sight of him as he devoured the simple meal. It had been a long time since she'd fed a man.
It was surprising how such a simple thing could be so gratifying. She had to keep reminding herself that Glenn wasn't a man yet, at least not fully -- he was a youth in his mid-teens, a decade and a half her junior, still in high school. He might even still be a virgin, as unlikely as it seemed.
"Hey, Glenn, you wanna go swimming with me?"
"Sure, Den," the boy said, raising his eyes to hers. "If that's all right."
"Of course it is. You go and have a good time. You earned it. I'll just finish clearing up in here..."
"I can help with that..."
"Glenn," she said firmly, "scoot." He took the hint and left.
She came out back in a while, watching the boys play in the water. Glenn's shirt was off, left by the shore, and Denny was equally bare of chest. The youth's skin was flawless, unmarked even by the growth of hair except for the rusty patches under his arms. His small aureolae surrounded a pair of stiff nipples, his navel a slight whorl in the midst of his youth-sculpted abs. The water glistened on his pale cream complexion, sheeting down over his smooth flesh to coat his dense, well-made pecs. Little beads gathered all along him, glimmering kisses on his skin, and rivulets coursed along his muscular ripples like the caressing trails of fingertips.
He waved to her and she waved back, her thoughts distant and more than a little naughty. Glenn really was quite attractive. He was handsome, had a very good body, and it looked like he was well-hung. She caught herself wondering what he would be like in bed, and decided a dip was just the thing she needed to cool off. She went inside to change and joined the boys in a while, carefully not thinking about the fact that she'd chosen her most revealing bikini. It showed a lot more tit than was really proper, the top little more than a pair of triangles over her aureolae; down below, it plunged well below her navel, the waist riding high along her hips and the front a low thin delta on her mons. Her cleft and labia showed clearly in it, and around back it was virtually a thong. It was far too racy to wear in front of a pubescent boy, and she knew she was pushing a limit by letting him see her like this.
Denny didn't notice, but Glenn sure as hell did. He tried not to make it obvious, but he spent a lot of time staring at her. She liked it. She felt sexy, and knew he thought she was sexy, too. Despite being thirty years old and a mother, Keira knew she had a good body, and she knew she had Glenn's attention. He was quite obviously at half-mast, and he stayed that way, not trying particularly hard to keep her from seeing it. She wondered if he understood just how sexy he was as well, just how much she already wanted him.
After a while Glenn taught Denny how to fish, and the boy was thrilled to get two of his own, slimy and scary-looking little catfish. Glenn got three more, and took them inside and demonstrated how to clean and pan fry them. They tasted a little of mud, but the cornmeal breading and mix of spices helped take the edge off. Denny, who hardly ever ate anything new without a lot of fighting, dug into his portion with delight. He was proud of himself; he'd provided food for his family for the first time in his life, and he liked it.
It was after seven by the time Keira had everything put away. "I guess I should let you get back on home now," she said.
Glenn looked up from his spot on the living room floor. He and Denny were involved in some kind of Tinkertoy engineering project, and they were both still half naked. "Yeah, I suppose so."
"Aww, jeez," her son complained. "Can't you stay a little longer?"
"Not today, Den. It's starting to get dark, and your mom's right. I need to get home, and you probably have stuff to do too, like get ready for bed."
"Oh, all right." Keira nearly gasped at her son's acquiescence. Denny always argued about bedtime. Always. His eyes brightened. "Can you come over again sometime?" He got a brilliant idea. "Hey, Mom, can he ... babysit me?"
"Uh." Glenn's eyes caught hers, and he gave the merest shrug; it was up to her. She wasn't sure about it. She'd never let a boy babysit for her -- she was still worried that Something Bad might happen again, just like two years ago with that girl. It took her a while to trust anyone new with her son. In a moment she recognized the irony; not two hours ago she'd been nurturing a daydream about molesting Glenn. And the youth did seem to have a magical influence on her boy. "I suppose we can give it a shot sometime, if you don't mind."
"All right!" Denny crowed, and leapt into her arms to deliver a sloppy kiss.
"I'm usually graveyard on the weekends," she said. "I know it's short notice, but is tomorrow...?"
"Sure," Glenn said. "What time?"
"Well ... fiveish?"
He pulled on his shirt. "All right. See you then. We'll catch some more fish, okay, Den?"
"Yeah! And swim? And keep building the crane?" So that was what it was.
"Sure, sure," the teenager chuckled. "Sleep well, kay?"
"Kay." Denny clambered down to deliver a departing hug to Glenn, then went down the hall to bathe and change into his PJs.
Keira accompanied the boy outside to his bike. "Thank you again for all your trouble. It really means a lot to me."
"I know." Glenn mounted his ride. With one leg up and the other down, the full size of his penis was obvious, swelling up over his narrow hips. "But it really wasn't any trouble. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"
"Sure," she said, and watched him ride off into the dusk, his lean butt swaying over the saddle as he pumped. A modern knight in denim, riding his steed into the sunset. She went inside, eventually saw her son off to dreamland, and went to bed herself.
She masturbated for a while, imagining the impossible, fantasizing about Glenn's body atop hers, within hers. The warmth of his skin, the heft of his cock buried deep in her flesh. She knew from experience that teen boys were great fucks, full of energy and stamina and cum, but it had been more than ten years since she'd sampled that sort of action. The last boy she'd slept with who was his age had turned out to be Denny's father, impregnating her when he was far too young to be ready for anything like that.
She had taken Eric to bed on the night of his fourteenth birthday, and kept it up with him for a long time after that. She was his first lay, and the first time, he'd cummed in less than thirty seconds -- but three more times after that over the course of two hours, each time in her pussy. She'd been nineteen, and naïvely believed that luck was on her side; she'd had lots of unprotected sex with many boys before him, and never ended up In Trouble.
It was great with him. His cum was delicious and plentiful, but he preferred fucking to oral. She was happy to oblige. He'd still been a growing boy; on their first night together his cock had been five inches long, and on their last night together, it was pushing seven. Six months with Eric, three or four times a week, with a half dozen loads of semen injected well inside her whenever they got together -- he never wore condoms when they made love -- had only reinforced her sense of invulnerability; the pregnancy had shocked them both.
But it wasn't Eric that she was thinking of while she caressed herself. She knew she was repeating a destructive pattern in lusting for Glenn, but she honestly couldn't help it. He really was very sexy, and he'd been so kind to her, and Denny loved him, and she wanted him.
After she came, she almost felt guilty, but not quite. Mostly, she felt lonely. It was a very big bed for one person, and Glenn had reignited an old, deep ache in her for something young and sweet.
The nannycams were a costly indulgence, but a necessary one, at least as far as Keira was concerned. They weren't a guarantee that Something Bad wouldn't happen -- she never told any of the sitters about them -- but they would act as evidence if anything ever did. She'd bought them after Denny's little ... adventure with Rose. Mostly it was for his protection, but she also admitted to herself that she was making sure Denny didn't attempt to get any repeat performances from his caretakers. He was handsome and lithe, a very attractive young boy; and she didn't know for sure, but she imagined he could be fairly seductive if he wanted to be. Rose been complicit with him, at any rate, and that probably meant something. How else could a girl in her mid-teens get that involved with a child just over half her age? Seduction went both ways; it was a dance, not a rape.
He hadn't minded what went on between him and Rose back then, what had been going on between them for months by the time she found out; and while he understood that he was too young for sex, she knew he probably wanted to have it again. He was a ten-year-old boy, still prepubescent -- but he was, after all, a boy; and boys were the same everywhere. Once they'd had their first experience with a girl, they invariably wanted more, and to hell with the rules.
She knew she was being a little hypocritical. She'd started young herself -- actually, she had been started by an older boy -- but no matter how she looked at it, eight years old just seemed too premature for something as significant as sex and everything that went with it. Even now, two years after the fact, she thought he still wasn't really ready to resume his activities.
That was why she always reviewed the recordings after getting home, checking on Denny and whomever had been in charge of him. There was a cam in the living room, another in his bedroom, and a third in her own. She didn't have one in the bathroom -- that would've been over the line, she felt. Everyone needed a little privacy sometimes. So far, nothing bad had ever happened. There hadn't even been shirking on the part of the sitters; they'd all been diligent in looking after her boy, and kind to him even when he got into one of his moods. Nevertheless it was always a rough feeling to have to review the videos on her computer; she felt bad about the voyeurism, and worse that she lived in the sort of world that made it necessary, but what else could she do? Denny was her entire universe, her sole reason for living. She would do anything she had to in order to keep him as safe as possible, even though he wasn't a virgin any more. She didn't want to think of Glenn as being the kind of person to go after a young boy, but you never knew. Denny adored him, and might be prone to manipulation.
She got the cameras ready a little before five, checking that they were working and starting the recording software. She locked out the computer screen to keep everything just that much more secure (hidden, she thought guiltily, hidden and sneaky), and answered Glenn's prompt knock. He had a fishing pole of his own along with his drawing pad, and he was dressed much the same as he had been yesterday, though this time the cutoffs were a little more ragged and much more snug, ending well above his knees, showing a huge distention behind the straining brass zip of his fly. "Hey, Keira," he said, all lean muscle and sex. "How's the car?"
"Just fine, Glenn, thank you," she said. "Come on inside. I'm just getting ready to go. There's food in the fridge, and Denny might try to con you into making Spaghetti-O's, but that one's your call." She stood aside to let him in and got distracted again by the new view. His butt was beautifully showcased as the fine trim curve it was. The cloth was worn to thin ribbons at the pit of his cleft, with soft cotton undies showing through. Lack of money was endemic in Burlingham, with people usually making their clothes last well past their serviceable lifetime; but in his case the results weren't objectionable. "I made one of those elk steaks, by the way, and..."
He turned to face her with a grin. She saw that his cock was soft and pointing to the right, resting along his hip, by the look of the denim's wear-pattern a usual place for it to be. His balls were full and round beneath, filling out the shorts to teen boy-sexy perfection. Jesus Christ, he was hot. "Takes getting used to, I know. Try it with some hot sauce or barbecue."
"Didn't think of that. I just used pepper and salt. It was rather good, though. A little sour, but different. In a good way." She licked her lips. "I always like trying new kinds of meat."
The hint went sailing three miles wide."Oh. Well, I'm glad you liked it. So how late do you need me to stay?"
"Well ... it's a graveyard shift, so I..."
"Thought so. I guess tomorrow then, huh?"
"Yes. I usually get back early, around four. Uh, in the morning. I hope that's not too..."
"It's fine. The folks already know I'd probably be out overnight. I figured I'd be crashing on the couch."
Or someplace else, she wanted to say. I have a perfectly good bed, plenty big enough for two. "Okay. Thanks, Glenn." Denny was on the sofa, his head in a comic, and only half acknowledged her peck to his forehead. "You be on your best behavior tonight for Glenn," she said, standing to heft her purse.
"Kay, Mommy. Jeez. I know." With a final look back and a warm smile for Glenn, she left.
Denny set his comic aside. "Wanna work on the crane again?"
"Sure," Glenn said, and once construction was at last finished they went for a splash in the lake.
Glenn floated on his back a while, letting the cool placid water rise and fall over him as he breathed. The stars were a lot brighter out here, this far from town. He saw Scorpius and Sagittarius, and could clearly make out the fuzzy band of galaxy dusting across the sky. Lower, below the treeline, little green flares spoke of the mating rituals of the fireflies. It was a cobalt and black velvet night littered with glistening jewels.
He reflected on Keira, how lucky she was to live out here. She wasn't rich, but she owned her little home, and had a hell of a view in all directions by day and night. Life could suck sometimes, but if you knew where to look, it also had its little graces.
She was lucky in another way. Denny was a terrific kid, cute and sweet. He'd be cool to have as a little brother, and Glenn -- an only child whose parents were still very married and very much in love -- wondered where his father was, why he was missing out. He couldn't imagine the man just turning his back on the boy, but he didn't know how to ask either him or Keira what had happened.
He wondered a little about her. She was still pretty young, and really good-looking, but he didn't think she had a beau. That might have been why she'd been the way she was yesterday, and this afternoon too. She had been looking him over, checking him out a little -- or anyway, that was how it seemed. It looked like she was interested in his chest, and maybe in his package too. He knew he was in okay shape, and that he had a decent unit for his age, but usually it was the girls at the club that seemed to get all hot and bothered over him.
He'd never fucked any of them, of course -- they were young enough that the idea made him squirm a little; he knew whose kid sisters they were, all of them -- but he'd had more than a few sweaty one-handed guilty pleasures imagining jumping into bed with one of them, or even just nuzzling the lightly cleft mounds they bore. Maybe just a quick lick or two, stolen in the sport gear locker. A lifted skirt, a shucked pair of panties. A brief taste of sweet young oh yeah. If there was time, a fast handjob and a nice cumshot to wrap it all up.
He was pretty sure that June or Amy would be willing, but he'd never asked; and generally speaking, he didn't want to. It wouldn't be illegal, but he'd catch every kind of hell they made on Earth if anyone ever found out. You didn't jump a girl before she turned thirteen, not once your voice had changed, even if she begged you for it.
He'd been doing his own looking as well at Keira, especially when she was wearing that bikini yesterday. It didn't do anything to hide her tits, which were full and firm, a lovely high pair of very kissable rises and much larger than any girl's. He'd never made it that far with anyone, not even Steph; they'd never got past handholding and some smooching. He wondered what it would be like to lay his dick between her breasts, and then his mind turned to what the lower half had looked like.
Her bikini bottom had plunged very low over her mound, low enough that he knew she had to be trimming things down there, or maybe even shaving it. Between her thighs, her groove had been prominent, full and plump. He had a slight fetish for camel-toe, and Keira had plenty of it. He could easily imagine sliding his tool back and forth along that sweet warm cleft, then slipping it all the way on into her. Maybe even cumming inside her. Thinking about that gave him a serious boner, a lot more hard than he usually got from thinking of those tight preteen girls that were just a little too young to play the games he craved.
Keira was hot, a MILF, and while his fantasies last night (and this morning) had left him feeling a little uneasy after he cummed, there was no denying that he was attracted to her. He understood why; he was fifteen and pretty much made of hormones, and she was dead sexy, but what surprised him about it was how intense it was. He knew that if Keira ever came on to him (right, he thought, as if), he'd say yes in a heartbeat. It felt a lot more powerful than his lust for Steph or any other girl he'd ever known.
But it was the same for her as it was for him with Amy and June. He was too young for her. She couldn't take him to bed, even if she wanted to. Even if they did their best to keep it quiet, eventually everyone in Burlingham would know he was screwing her, and in their case it really would be illegal because of his age, and she might even have to go to jail for it.
All those dumbshit little laws, all those moral guardians "protecting the innocence" of the young -- however little they might be desired -- all those people working themselves into a lather, and over what? A little bit of kissing, a little bit of touching, a little bit of rubbing. He could maybe see it if one of the people was a little kid, but he was not. He had a deepening voice, hair, and cum, and it wasn't like he was new to the idea, at least in his mind. Sometimes it seemed like those people obsessed on teenagers having sex even more than the teenagers did. He wondered if that meant there was something wrong with them, like it was all they thought about, all the time, and it made them sweaty in ways they didn't want to admit.
It would probably be better anyway, at least for him, if his First Time happened with someone who really knew what was going on, not another virgin kid like himself who didn't know any better than he did about what to touch or what to put where. He wouldn't mind being taught. He'd do as he was told, and count himself lucky for every wet slippery second of it all.
It was fucking stupid. He had all the equipment, primed and ready to go just like her, but it just wasn't gonna happen. So why did he want her so much all of a sudden?
He glanced over at Denny, dog-paddling away in the lake. The kid needed some real swimming coaching. He had the makings of a really good water athlete, lean and trim and slender, but he had no idea how to do it right.
Maybe he got so hot for Keira because he knew for a certain fact that she Did It -- at least one time, anyway. No ... no, that wasn't it; that wasn't all of it. There was something more about her, something deeper.
He thought again about Denny's sire, and felt as baffled as ever. The boy was made of cute, from head to toes, a sweet little energetic piece of heaven's very best blessings. What kind of man could have a kid like that -- and just walk away? The only reasonable excuse he could imagine was that the guy was dead.
And Denny was a sponge. He soaked up everything around him, watching all the time, learning; you could see the intelligence in his eyes, see the connections being made. He was so bright that it was a little scary sometimes, but Glenn really liked that about him. Plus, the boy worshipped him as some kind of personal god, and that did wonders for his fragile adolescent ego. Good or bad, it was obvious that Denny wanted to be his number-one sidekick. Well, if that was how he really felt, okay then.
Besides, Denny needed someone. He was getting to that age where a boy pulled away from his mother a little, started needing an older guy to be there and show him some things about being a man, such as how to catch a fish, shoot a gun, go frogging at night ... or change the oil and battery on a car. Denny didn't have a dad or even an older brother, and Glenn felt bad for him.
If he was that ... that man, if he was what Denny needed, of course he would be there for him -- and for his mother, as well.
He turned and stroked over to the boy, his erection faded. "Hey, Den, wanna do some night fishing?"
Keira came home to a silent house, the porch light the only source of illumination. All was quiet inside; Glenn was asleep on the couch and Denny was dead to the world in his bed. She went into her room to review her recordings, as always feeling a little guilty about doing it, as always a little apprehensive at what she might see.
It looked like things had gone well. There was no sound recorded with the images, but she knew her boy's moods and watched the silent movie with an expert eye. Glenn and her son had spent some time finishing their Tinkertoy contraption, then gone outside for quite a while. She felt a little uneasy about that, but relaxed somewhat when they reappeared after an hour or so, their shirts in their hands, shorts damp, and four catfish on a line.
Next came a Monopoly game, with Denny ultimately winning. His back had been turned to the camera, but when he pumped his arm in the air she could imagine his gleeful expression. Glenn smiled at him and ruffled his hair, then sent him off to put away the toys and change for bed. The older boy stayed safely on the couch while Denny stripped to the skin in his bedroom and pulled on his PJs. He didn't have an erection. He came back out into the living room, totally at ease.
They sat together on the couch for a while, munching popcorn and watching something on the TV, probably one of the inane cartoon shows you found all over the place. It was far past Denny's bedtime by then, but she didn't feel that it was a gross infraction. She allowed him these little cheats; and besides, he wasn't getting wired up. Quite to the contrary, he seemed to be more relaxed and peaceful than he'd ever been before with any other sitter. He was sitting quietly, calm and mellow, and when he began to nod off on the older boy's shoulder, Glenn lifted him in his arms -- his muscles swelled and filled with the burden, but Glenn didn't show any strain as he lifted the sleepy lad to his bare chest -- carried him down the hall, and tucked him into bed. He sat there for a while, just looking at him, watching him fall asleep with a tender smile on his face. When Denny was out for the night, Glenn got up and left him to his dreams.
What followed that changed her life forever.
Glenn reclined on the sofa, working on a drawing. She couldn't see what it was from this angle, but it looked like he was using his pencils. After an hour or so -- she fast-forwarded through that -- he set the pad aside and yawned, stretching. He was still shirtless, and she took a few guilty moments to pause the playback and go through it frame by frame, relishing the sight of his lithe young body. His muscles in his shoulders and chest stood out clearly, the dark curls of hair under his arms advertising his budding maturity. The fulness between his legs was plainly visible.
Okay, this is getting weird, she thought. I'm just making sure Something Bad didn't happen. I'm not peeking at a fifteen-year-old boy. A half naked fifteen-year-old boy. An extremely handsome half naked fifteen-year-old boy with a big penis, who seems to love my son in all the right ways.
Glenn got up and padded quietly down the hall to Denny's room, and Keira felt her heart stop. Oh Christ. No, oh no. He paused at the boy's door and peered in, seeing he was still asleep. He stepped back and quietly drew the door completely shut, and she wondered why, feeling herself flood with relief at the same time. For a moment she had entertained the worst thoughts imaginable, unworthy thoughts about a youth who had never been anything but kind to everyone he knew.
Glenn went back to the sofa and drew a magazine out of his backpack. Keira didn't have to try hard to make out the word Penthouse that ran across its cover. He sat back, paging through it, and in a little while his hand drifted down to his groin. He played with his balls for a while, then started stroking his erection, which Keira saw was quite prominent. Even with the foreshortened angle, she knew the boy was packing serious heat.
She was sure she knew what would happen next and almost decided to fast forward through it, but curiosity and desire kept her watching. She'd seen boys masturbate before, let them cum on her belly or tits, but not him; and she wanted to know what he would do to himself -- and how he would look while he did it.
He unsnapped and unzipped his shorts and lowered them along with his undies, unknowingly baring his sex to the lens. He wrapped his hand around the shaft -- there was a lot of shaft to grab onto -- his tip a large ruddy knob. He pushed the shorts down to his ankles and started fondling his balls, full and ripe, surrounded by a small red growth of pubic hair. He went back to caressing his penis, just playing with it, tickling it with his fingers, his eyes on the magazine. In a while he took a firmer grip and began stroking with real purpose.
His eyes slipped closed, his lips parted as he rocked back, arching his spine. Keira thought he was about to come, but she was wrong. He went on like that for several minutes, jacking off rapidly to whatever images were running through his horny young mind. His swollen balls bobbed hypnotically under his firm caress. Without realizing it, Keira's hand drifted to her crotch, and she began stroking her fold, watching this sexy young boy pleasure himself.
Glenn reached between his legs with his free hand and rolled his balls around in his fingers. His body shuddered and his hips jerked, and she saw his cock pulse. A thick white blob shot out of the tip to land on his heaving chest, followed by a series of spurts that looked more like a flood than a few drops of cum. His orgasm went on for a while; he ejaculated ten times in all. She counted.
When he was done he relaxed, panting, and stared down at the creamy mess he'd made on himself. He started mopping it up, licking it off his fingers, and put away his magazine and his dick when he was finished. He went back down the hall once more to open Denny's bedroom door a crack, so the boy wouldn't feel alone in the dark if he happened to wake up -- and, she judged, to hide any hint of what he'd been doing in the living room while her young son slept unaware.
After that he lay back on the sofa, and fell asleep. It was a little past midnight when he turned in; now it was nearly five. She shot through the rest of the recording and saw that he'd remained quite solidly in place, not getting up again to steal into her son's bedroom.
Keira had no idea what to say or do. She knew teen boys masturbated; and judging by his choice of stroke magazines, she didn't think Glenn was into underage sex or messing with little boys -- at least, probably not. While that was somewhat relieving, the fact remained that he'd jacked off in her home, in her living room, on the sofa where anyone could have seen him. What if Denny had walked in?
She understood suddenly why he'd latched her son's door shut. Hearing it turn would give him the warning he needed to tuck everything away.
Still, why the sofa? Why not the bathroom, where he could lock the door and be assured of all the privacy he required?
She thought about that for a while before deciding that maybe it was just a question of comfort. A cold, unpadded toilet lid probably wouldn't be very pleasant to sit on for something like that.
But that left her with a larger dilemma. How the hell could she talk to him in the morning, knowing what he had been doing the night before? She'd seen him in a very personal moment -- and she knew it was her own voyeurism that had caused it -- and he would be mortified if he learned about it. How could she ever look him in the eye again? It was probably unethical, or at least shady, to have spied on him in the act, and...
Oh Christ. She hadn't been watching a live event; she'd recorded it. What she had on her hard drive right now fit the legal definition of kiddy porn. Having it was a felony.
That didn't stop her from reviewing the best parts of the movie a second time, this time joining Glenn in his masturbation and his climax.