Keira, Glenn, and the Nannycams
A Friction Fiction story
This is the fourth in a series of chapters or episodes that tell the love story of a woman of thirty, her ten-year-old son, and a boy of fifteen, and their adventures together. It deals with adult-youth sex, same-gender sex, and incest. Don’t bother if you’re not into that kind of thing. It also took a little time to get started; in this chapter, Keira and Glenn actually start fucking, and it’s about goddamned time, too.
©2010 Friction Fiction. All characters and situations are made up. Similarity to actual persons or events is coincidental, but fortunate for those who participated.
4 - The Storm Breaks
Glenn’s virginity came to a very satisfying end that weekend. He accepted a ride to Keira’s house again, and before they were halfway there everyone was looking nervously at the massive anvil of blue-black cloud that was building up to the north, over Cliveston. The city regularly got clobbered by the early summer rains, and they knew Burlingham was next in line. The air had a quiet waiting stillness to it, a light fresh breeze betraying the building fury of the storm front. Even the birds had fallen silent, huddling up in their nests.
“Denny’s pretty good with storms,” Keira said before she left. “He can sleep right through anything, and it’s weird how he likes to watch the lightning.”
“What’s weird about that?” Glenn said. “I like it too.”
Keira shook her head. “I mean it’s weird because I’ve never liked storms. You’d think he would have picked that up from me, but he’s just not like that at all.” She ruffled her boy’s hair. “Are you?”
Denny looked solemnly up at her and shook his head, his eyes wide. Glenn wasn’t sure what — if anything — his seriousness meant, not right then, but he was only a couple hours away from finding out. “I’ll be okay, Mommy. Glenn’s here.”
Keira smiled at him. “Yeah, he is, huh?” She bent to kiss his head, then favored Glenn with a long hug. “Thanks, as usual,” she said.
Glenn nodded, blushing. He always blushed now around her. “You’re welcome, Keira. Have a good shift.” His cock was tingling when she let go of him. She had pressed her hips up against his, slowly and very deliberately rubbing herself against his bulge until he was fully stiff. She looked him right in the eye and smiled, and he knew she’d felt his erection.
Jesus. What was going to happen when she got home tomorrow morning?
He didn’t have to wait that long to find out.
He and Denny huddled up together on the sofa, listening to the storm rise. The wind picked up, and they started to hear distant thunder, the rumbles of warning that told everything in range to seek shelter. Lightning began to blink outside, first little spats that became a florid staccato. There was a quick dip in the lighting, the lamps flickering, and then they went dark. In a few moments they came back up again, but only dimly. The salmon light outside the windows was brighter than the bulbs.
“What happened?” Denny said, his wide eyes on the orange-colored bulbs.
“It’s a brownout,” Glenn said, getting up to turn everything off. “Lighting must’ve hit a transformer, and the power lines’re overloading. You got candles?”
“Yeah, Mommy keeps some in the junk drawer.” He showed Glenn, and looked on while the older boy lit two of them. “Are we gonna have a blackout?”
“Maybe,” Glenn said, listening to the wind whip and howl through the trees outside. “Better to not take chances. When there’s a brownout you turn off the lights and stuff so the power lines don’t fry, and so your stuff doesn’t burn out or something if there’s a surge.” He shrugged at the boy. “No TV tonight, Den. Sorry.”
“That’s okay. We can build something or play a game.”
“Cool,” Glenn nodded, and blinked when his cell rang. He pulled it out and recognized the number right away. “Hey, Keira.”
“Hi, Glenn — is everything all right down there?”
“Yeah, course. We got a brownout just now, but I turned the lights off and we have some candles, so…”
“Good,” she said. “There was a hell of a big hit up here a few minutes ago. Most of the whole damn city is dark now. They say it’s the substation. I guess it took a strike dead center.”
“Oh. Wow, that’s pretty bad.”
“Yeah. The factory’s out too. They’re sending everyone home for the night. I guess they don’t think it’ll be fixed any time soon.”
“Oh, so you’re coming back?”
“As soon as I hang up. Be sure to tell Denny not to worry. We’re all okay, and I’ll drive carefully. I plan to get back home to my men in one piece.”
He smiled. “Good.”
“It’s just pouring up here, Glenn. It’s like someone dumped the entire fucking Atlantic ocean on Cliveston.” Her startling profanity told him volumes about how distressed she was, and her voice was trembling. “And they say it’s coming your way.”
“All right, we’ll batten the hatches and put up the periscope. We’ll be fine.” He paused “…Are you okay, Keira?”
She let out a hollow chuckle. “No, I’m not. I’ll fill you in when I get back. Give Denny a hug for me, okay, sweetheart? Tell him I’ll be fine.”
“Uh, sure.” His concern for her was struggling for attention next to what she’d just called him. Sweetheart. She must be very distracted to let something like that slip out — or maybe she really meant it. “So I guess we’ll see you in a bit.”
“Yeah. I lo— uh, Glenn … thank you. I really — thanks.”
“You’re welcome,” he said, not sure what for, not sure what she’d almost said. “Bye.” He pocketed the phone, his hand trembling so much that he almost dropped it. I lo—. Oh God. “They, uh, they had a blackout in Cliveston. Your mom says everything up there is dark, and they’ve closed the factory for the night until they get it fixed. She’s coming back home now.”
“Is she okay?” Denny looked really worried.
“Well, yeah. It’s just a little storm, you know, it happens all the time. It’ll be over in no time, and she can handle it, Den. She’s gonna be just fine.”
Denny shook his head slowly. “Mommy’s real bad scared of storms. When they happen she gets in bed with me so she feels safer.”
Glenn blinked at the boy, not able to believe it. Denny must have his facts backward — Keira probably told him that as a way to cover for him, so he wouldn’t have to feel embarrassed about being frightened of bad weather. “Well, she’ll be home before you know it, so don’t worry.” But, he saw, Denny didn’t relax at all.
Keira ran like a jet-propelled rabbit, launching her little car along the road back to Burlingham. She knew the route very well and opened up the Hyundai on all the straight passes, taking its speedometer past ninety sometimes where the road was dry enough. Her hands were gripping the steering wheel so hard that they were going numb, and cold sweat was beaded across her brow and sheeting down her spine. Any bad storm terrified her, and this one was just awful. Lightning crawled overhead in the fat clouds, running like blue and white lace in their distended billows. Huge drops of rain spattered on the windshield, replaced by torrents, and then she heard the first clatters of hail. Bolts fired down into the woods, and one hit so close that she saw a tree bloat and rupture, red sparks flying out of its shattered trunk. The flare left green spots in her vision. Christ.
Her heart was thudding so fast in her chest that she almost couldn’t tell the beats apart. She knew what was happening — she’d had panic attacks before in weather like this — but until she got back home she refused to let herself go to pieces.
Once she was there, though, she knew nothing would keep away the terror.
She skidded the car to a stop in the driveway and pelted up to the door, slamming it open and shut behind herself so rapidly that the boys both jumped, upsetting their game of checkers. The wind shot in past her and blew out the candles, leaving the house in a deep gloom with eerie, cobalt-blue light coming in through the windows. The lightning was so regular now that it was like a strobe, and she sagged against the door, sobbing, while Glenn relit the tapers. Denny ran up to her and threw his arms around her, nuzzling her belly. “It’s okay, Mommy, it’s all right.”
Glenn stared at her. Every thunderbolt left her quivering, and her face was as pale as chalk. Her eyes were wide and glazed, and she barely acknowledged her son’s touch. He’d never seen her like this before; he’d never seen anyone like this before. He set the candles down and put his hands on her shoulders. “Keira? Keira.” He shook her a little. “Keira, it’s all right. It’s just a thunderstorm…”
Her eyes focused on his for a moment, and then she lunged forward, crushing him against herself in a grasp so tight that Denny had to squirm out from between them or risk suffocation. Her body was shaking so hard that his own muscles were quivering in her grip, and he put his arms around her and held tight while she sobbed helplessly into his shoulder. Denny put his arms around them both and they huddled, the older boy completely bewildered about how to respond. He babbled little inanities to her about everything being okay, the house was strong and stood against storms worse than this, and they were all inside and safe. It wasn’t helping; each raging crash outside brought a breathless little scream from her throat.
In a while the fury from overhead began to relent, the shrieking wind dying down to a constant rush and the hail giving way to a steady, hissing rain. Keira came back to herself slowly and let the boys lead her to the sofa. They sat on either side of her, their arms around her, while she trembled at each flare of lightning. “She hates storms,” Denny said to Glenn.
“I guess so,” Glenn said, and she let out a weak chuckle. He smoothed her hair back, feeling how clammy her brow was. “You all right, Keira?”
“I will be,” she gasped. “Oh, Glenn, oh Denny…” They clung to her while she cried it out, her terror at last ebbing and becoming something more manageable. In a while she was mostly calmed down, and sent Denny off to change into his PJs. The boy seemed relieved at that — with this little assertion of normalcy, he knew his mother was through the worst of it.
She stared at Glenn, whose arms were still around her. She blushed in shame. “I guess I must look like a child to you right about now.”
Glenn shrugged. “Everyone freaks out over something.”
She nodded. “Thunderstorms are my kryptonite.” She studied him. “But it doesn’t seem like anything really ever gets to you.”
“Ha. For you it’s storms. For me, it’s spiders. I know they’re mostly harmless, but those big fat ones that spin those webs, they just … jeez.” He shivered. “Ain’t got no real reason for it, except this one time when I was about five or six I woke up one morning and there was this spider spinning a web right over my bed. It looked big as a puppy, and I screamed and … and I even wet the bed.” He flushed. “A little, anyhow.”
That wasn’t true; he’d pissed in abject terror, practically flooding the sheets. Dad had come running in, saw the spider, and caught it in his bare hand — Glenn still admired him for that one heroic act of courage in the face of his fear — and put it outside. He’d stayed with him for a while to calm him, helped him change the sheets and clean up, and explained about spiders and how they usually didn’t eat little boys, because they tasted worse than bugs. He’d giggled at that. It had helped him get over the worst of his terror of spiders, but Glenn still got the meemies when he met one. They made his back shiver and his skin feel prickly, like they were crawling all over him.
“Spiders, huh?” Keira said. “I guess I can understand that. When I was five I saw The Wizard of Oz for the first time.”
Glenn got it right away. “Oh yeah. The tornado, huh?”
“The tornado,” she nodded. “It was so … so realistic. That’s how they really look, you know, off in the distance like that.” The memory always made her shudder. The image of a serpentine black horror leaving a rutted trail of destruction across the horizon had burned itself into her young mind, and she always felt that childish terror every time the skies decided to bellow. And it was supposed to be a goddamned movie for kids.
“Yeah, I’ve seen a couple myself.” He rubbed her shoulders. “But this storm’s practically over now, and nothing’s gonna take us off to see the Wizard.”
“I know,” she sighed, easing into his embrace, very much like her son did with him. “Thank you for understanding.”
Denny came out, ready for bed, and they snuggled together for a while before she sent him off for the night. When they were alone together again, relaxing in the golden glow of the candles, Keira said, “I suppose I should get you on home now.” Her voice was very small, very still, and Glenn knew a hint when he heard one.
“I don’t gotta go anywhere,” he said. “I can stick around if you want. In case…”
“Oh God thank you, sweetheart,” she gasped, and threw her arms around his neck.
“You’re welcome,” he said, smoothing her hair, filled so suddenly with arousal that it left his head spinning. She’d called him sweetheart again, and he knew now that it wasn’t an accident, just like the way she’d rubbed her hips against his before she left. She really meant it. He couldn’t get over the idea that something was going to happen to him tonight, something good.
She nodded against his shoulder. “I guess maybe I shouldn’t call you that,” she said. Her breath was warm on his neck and her breasts were full on his chest. “Sweetheart, I mean. I’m not your girlfriend, after all.”
“It’s okay,” he said. “Steph never called me that anyhow.”
“Oh? Who’s Steph?”
“This girl I was going out with for a while. But, you know, not any more.”
She leaned back to regard him. “Didn’t work out, huh?”
“Not really. We … I mean, I guess it was mostly me, but…” He looked into her eyes, his cheeks red. “I mean, I wanted to, you know, be with her, but she…”
“Wasn’t ready.”
“Yeah. And I guess I … I didn’t really let up about it for a while, and she kinda got tired of it, so she … you know, said let’s just be friends.”
“Ouch. So you … you didn’t…”
“No. We didn’t. I, uh, I mean I never have. With anyone.”
“Oh? You’re a … uh, you’re…”
“Yeah, I’m a virgin.”
“Wow. That’s … well, sweetheart, it’s a little surprising. I mean you’re a very good-looking boy, and I guess I thought the girls would be all over you.”
“Ha, I wish.” He blushed deeply. “I mean, it’s not all I, you know, think about, but…”
She nodded slowly. “I understand, honey, really I do. You’re at that age. It’s frustrating, I expect.” She let out a sigh. “It’s been a while for me too. A little more than six years, actually.”
“Oh. Uh, sorry.”
“Well, I guess that’s the way it goes sometimes. Still, you’ve been doing without longer than I have.”
He laughed. “Yeah, but at least I don’t know what I’m missing.”
Keira chuckled with him, her heartbeat steadily increasing. She put a hand on his knee, caressing it softly, and studied his lovely green eyes. “It’s not fair, is it, sweetheart? Here we are, both wanting the same thing, and neither of us getting it.”
Glenn licked his lips. “Yeah, well, it’s like you said. That’s just the way it is sometimes.” He could barely hear himself above the pounding in his chest.
She nodded. “Well, maybe we could … help each other out.”
He gulped. “Wh-what do you mean?”
“I think you know what I mean, Glenn.” She got up and settled over him, straddling him where he sat. Her warm thighs closed around his hips. Her breasts brushed against his chest. She put her hands on his shoulders and looked into his eyes. “You’re spending the night, but you don’t have to spend it out here on the sofa.”
He blinked at her. “Oh.”
She leaned in and kissed him. His lips were soft and warm, and when she opened her mouth he responded, tasting her in the same way, and his braces left warm trails of texture against her probing tongue. She settled her groin over his and felt the steel he bore in his shorts. Her fingers tickled the hairs at the nape of his neck, but that wasn’t why he shivered. For a while there was nothing to be heard except the rain outside and the gentle wet sounds of their kisses.
She pressed her forehead to his and smiled softly at him, her palms warm on his chest, then got up to blow out the candles, pausing at the entrance to the hallway. “Are you coming to bed?”
“Oh.” He swallowed. “Yeah.”
She led him by the hand down the hall, keeping herself turned to face him, smiling at him and liking the sight of his risen flesh, standing tall and proud above his taut thighs. She pushed the bedroom door shut and stepped into his embrace, kissing him once more, then lifted his shirt partway up. He got the message and stripped it off with a little sigh, his chest thudding visibly at each throb of his heart. She put her hands flat on his slim pecs, feeling the tight warm muscles, and tickled his nipples while they kissed again. He giggled and shuddered.
She undid her blouse and opened it, showing him her bra, and reached behind to unhook it. When it was loose she took off her blouse and gasped as his cool shaking fingers slid up to cup her breasts, kneading softly at the smooth warm flesh. She took the bra off as well and let him look at her, let him get a good eyeful of what was his to enjoy.
Glenn stared at her tits, large and high, the aureolae big and pink. Her nipples slipped back and forth under his thumbs. It was the first time he’d ever felt anyone’s breasts, and Keira’s were a luscious, warm handful. He squeezed gently, fascinated by their resilience, stunned at how hard it made him to see the way she shivered while he felt her up. He was turning her on, and it turned him on to know it.
She kissed him again, then unsnapped his shorts and unzipped his fly. In his boxers, Glenn was absolutely rigid, and he shivered when her fingers brushed across his column, gasped when she hefted his balls. That one touch had almost done it, almost made him fire his cream right into his underwear. “I … I probably won’t last too long,” he said.
She shook her head and pushed everything down. She drew a breath at the sight of his hard cock, long and thick and warm. So very male, and so very ready. “I won’t either, honey. It’s been so long. So long…” She started undoing her work slacks.
Glenn stared at her body as she undressed, already bare from the waist up. She planned to get right on with it. This was how adults had sex, he realized. No fumbling and no groping and no interminable, awkward conversations — no pleading — just agreeing to it, then stripping down and doing it.
She took off her pants, then skimmed her panties down her thighs, and she bit her lip at the look in his eyes. She’d enjoyed a lot of passion with a lot of partners over the years, but none had ever looked at her in the way Glenn was right now. He wasn’t just lusting for her, or merely in need of the relief of her body; he was swept away, head over heels for her, and she knew that what was happening now meant far more to him than sex for the first time in his life. She gave him a gentle smile. “Don’t worry about a thing, sweetheart, all right? Let’s just go ahead and make love, no matter how long we last the first time. We have all night to do it again.”
The boy nodded. Her pussy’s cleft beckoned for his touch, for his kiss, for his penis. Make love. “But I … I don’t got protection…” Let’s just make love. Oh God, we’re really going to make love. Oh God thank you.
“I don’t either, Glenn, so you’ll … you won’t be able to come inside me.” She licked her lips. “Is that all right? Do you mind … pulling out at the end?”
“Oh God,” he moaned. “I’ll do whatever you want me to.” He kicked his jeans away, stepped out of his boxers, and was naked with her.
“Okay.” She kissed him once more, then sat on the bed, facing him. She was eye-to-eye with his cock, jutting strongly up and out, surrounded by his rust-red pubes, with his heavy full balls drawn taut beneath. She pulled him close and kissed the tip, then nuzzled his belly. His hands went to her hair, and she kissed his skin, stroking his long hard rod, taking it easy so he wouldn’t come too soon.
Glenn was lost in a shuddering world of tingles, tickles, and warm wet lips. It was happening, it was really happening. He was naked, naked with Keira, and they were in her bedroom and she was kissing his penis; and he was going to lay down with her tonight and be inside her and love her while the storm raged away outside. He was going to sleep with a beautiful woman twice his age, a woman who wanted him, a woman he wanted.
From the moment she put her hand on his knee, out in the living room, he knew how it would end; but he didn’t expect the journey to be so sweetly, tantalizingly good. He stared down at her while she fondled and kissed him, awe and gratitude balancing with love and lust. She leaned back to lick the tip of his cock and looked up at him, her hands caressing his butt. “Are you ready? Are you sure about this, Glenn?”
Am I ready? I think I fell in love with you right away, and you’re the most beautiful and sexy and attractive woman I’ve ever known. I can’t believe you’re really willing to do this with me, that my very first time ever will be with you. I love you, Keira, I love you and Denny both, and oh my God yes I’m ready, and oh my God I’m sure. I only hope I don’t disappoint you tonight. Tonight, or ever.
He could only nod. He didn’t know how to say it. He didn’t have the breath for any words.
“All right.” She lay back on the mattress, one knee up, her hands at her sides. She let him look her over, and did the same to him. His wiry slim body was gorgeous in the flickering lightning, his nipples dark little circles of pigment on his elegant chest; and his sex was a living shaft of white burnished steel. The tip rose high enough to hide the cup of his navel, dimpled in the flat washboard of his belly. A drop of precum had grown over the head, and rolled down to slide along his risen penis. He was a beautiful nude boy, about to make love for the first time in his life, and she felt honored to be the one he’d chosen. She didn’t know if he would really be able to pull out at the end, and she wasn’t sure she wanted him to. Letting him cum inside her would be terribly chancy; there was nothing preventing her getting pregnant … but it was his very first time, after all, and experience had proved that she didn’t catch pregnant easily. Getting him most of the way, only to force a stop to it at his best moment, just didn’t seem fair.
Glenn couldn’t take his eyes away from her pussy. It was glistening, very wet, and it was parted to show the inner labia. They were distended and full, bright pink, and at the top there was a little nub nestled away in a fold. Below that was a small dark oval, the opening into her body, where his cock was meant to go. In just a few more moments he would be sliding it into that opening, and while he had every intention of withdrawing before he shot his sauce, he wasn’t sure he could actually do it. His body might just take over. As much as he wanted to honor her request, he also wanted to be inside her while he cummed — at least for his First Time. After that, it probably wouldn’t be as important to him.
“Do you want my pussy?” she said. He gulped and nodded. “Well, come and get it.”
“Oh,” he sighed, “yeah.” He sat beside her and leaned over to suck a nipple. She gasped and pressed his head down, pushing his mouth against her breast, and shuddered in bliss while the boy began learning how to be a man with her. His cock stood tall between his thighs, over half a foot long and two inches thick, and she stroked it, then took his hand in hers to push it down to her groin.
Glenn let out a moan when he felt her; she was so warm and smooth there, so slick and wet. He slipped his finger in and she gasped, arching her back and clutching at his dick while she cummed. He knew it was happening and that he’d caused it, and it nearly made him lose his load. He’d actually done it on his first try — he’d made a woman come. He’d made Keira come.
He followed the route his hand had taken, nuzzling down her belly as her breathing picked up speed. She spread her legs and he lay down between them, his lips just inches away from the sweet gleaming groove at her center. They both knew what he meant to do, and with a glance up into her eyes, he did it.
Glenn’s lips slipped over her labia, the wetness glazing his face, and he tasted her salt in his mouth, and he flicked his tongue out for his first lick. Her fluids tasted like nothing else he’d ever known before, a little tangy and a little buttery, and the soft baroque folds of her inner labia rippled back and forth against the probing tip of his tongue. He kept his finger inside her, the warm walls of her channel soft and yielding, and pushed his face down onto her cunt.
Keira shuddered at the sensation. It had been more than six years since anyone ate her out, and Glenn’s eagerness more than made up for any skills he might have lacked. She stared down at his head as it bobbed and rolled between her thighs, listening to the smacking sounds of his lips on her, hearing his little sighs of pleasure whenever he paused for air or to swallow. Between her fluids and his saliva, things were getting very wet down there, but he didn’t mind. He wasn’t holding back at all. “God yes, boy,” she moaned. “Eat it. Eat my pussy, Glenn, eat my pussy…”
Glenn knew nothing now but the sensation of her open, wet cunt on his face; he tasted nothing but her flavor. She was delicious, and it felt so good to be doing this, to nestle himself between her thighs and eat her out, her warm smooth folds sliding up and down over his mouth, her trimmed blonde patch scratching softly against his nose. He could stay down here forever and never get tired of it.
Keira had never had her pussy so eagerly devoured by anyone doing it for the first time — and only rarely by the ones who claimed to like doing it. She wanted to 69 him, to share the oral pleasure with him, but knew how close he was to blowing his load. She let it go for the moment, knowing there would be lots of opportunities later. Like she’d said, they had all night, and she planned to get thoroughly sexed up with him. She knew that this was just the first night of many for them.
Thinking that, knowing she was at last free to have this boy as often as she wished, she started to come; and she didn’t stop for a long time. The orgasms followed each other rapidly, little flickers that built and built into a steady, constant flare of joy from her clit. With each new blaze of delight the lightning flickered outside, almost like the storm was building up again to match the growing bliss that was consuming her. An enormous bolt struck nearby, followed instantly by a house-shaking crash, and she screamed in terror and passion as the energy shot through her skin to fill her brain with golden sparks.
Glenn eased back to look up at her. “You okay?”
“Oh God,” she moaned. “Oh Christ yes. Oh God I’m just fine. You’re doing just fine, baby, just fine. Come on up here now.” She pulled him up for a kiss, then gently pushed at his shoulders until he was on his back beside her. She tickled his ripe, heavy balls, trailed her fingertips up along the hot raging spike of his need, and listened to him gasp and giggle while she sucked at his nipples and nuzzled his musky armpits. She kissed him and smelled herself on his face, and she knew it was time.
She got on top of him, straddled his warm narrow waist, and sat back to look down at him in the final moments of his innocence. He was panting, his skin glistening with sweat. Everything in his life was about to change — and everything in hers, as well.
Glenn knew it. The moment was upon him. He stared wordlessly up at Keira, his hands on her full warm breasts, his thumbs working slowly over her nipples. She shifted up a little and he felt the silken flesh of her groove slide over his rod, getting him slippery in moments. “Look down, honey,” she murmured. “Look down and see it happen.”
He did, his eyes wide at the sight. Her pussy was open, cradling his dick at the tip, and he saw the way her fluids had glazed the purple skin. She put her hand around the root of his cock and pushed his tip up against herself, and he saw her labia part to accept his steely tool. The light stroke of her cunt on his head was enough to send shivers all along his tight young body. She smiled at him and guided him, and she shifted forward and he felt a sweet rim of warmth close over his tip. “There,” she said, and she moved down. Glenn watched his dick vanish into her, saw her pussy consume his flesh in a single, slow stroke. Her channel parted easily to accept every inch of his proud mass, the walls gliding along the ridge of his head, a warm and slick heaven slowly opening to his raging need. When he was fully engulfed she halted, smiling at him. “All right?”
“Oh yeah,” he managed. “Oh yeah Keira that’s so good…”
“Hell yeah it is, boy,” she sighed, and leaned forward to kiss him, and then she started moving over him, slowly and steadily, taking a long stroke up his length before pausing for him to catch his breath, then working down to accept his cock once more, taking it slowly, taking her time. She knew how close he was to coming, and she understood how important this moment was for him. She wanted him to last for as long as he was able, and his heart swelled with gratitude and awe. “Oh God lover, you’re so fucking big, so fucking hard…”
“Keira,” he moaned. “Oh Keira this is so good, it’s so good … you feel so good…” He was trembling, his balls aching and hot at his crotch, the pressure built up so much in his belly that it hurt. He tried to hold it off but nothing helped. All his thoughts were consumed in the total awareness of their sex. The gentle friction of her body tingled all up and down the length of his penis, centered on the tip but rippling outward to engulf his shaft, tighten his balls, stiffen his nipples. “Wait,” he gasped. “Wait, I can’t hold on…”
She settled over him, his dick rampant and solid in her center. She felt the spastic jerkings and knew their breathing was almost enough to bring it out of him. Glenn was at the very last moment before he came, desperately trying to hold it off. “Don’t,” she whispered. “Don’t pull it out.”
“Buh … but I’m gonna come…”
“I know.” She leaned forward to kiss him. “Do it. It’s okay.” She rocked above him, taking away all trace of his resistance, and shivered at his helpless quivering. “Come on, Glenn. Come on, boy. Be a man with me.”
“God,” he choked. “Oh God Keira, I — I—” He gasped and thrust his hips up, his muscles locking, and she felt him pulse in her and she rode him, and his cock jerked and bucked, and she felt herself go slick as the first spurt of seed burst out of him and into her. She bore down on his shuddering young body, coming on him while he came in her.
Glenn was lost in the fire, his body blazing in every nerve as he pumped his juice. The thick hot froth blasted out of his cock, surging in an unstoppable wave to fill her to the top, then to overflowing. He pumped and pumped, sixteen surges jetting out of his helplessly rigid dick to flood her pussy until the creamy drops became a small flood, running out of her to coat them both in his copious spew.
Keira kept her motions steady on the boy while he had his orgasm, knowing in that moment that she might end up pregnant — even just this once with him was filling her more than she’d ever been before — and knowing too that, if she did find herself filled with a new life, she would do as she had with Denny and take it to term. No matter how things ended up now, if she ended up having his baby, she would always know that their child had been conceived in a true act of passionate love. He went on ejaculating, his back arched and his head thrown back as he completed his manhood in her. He gave a final, titanic thrust, accompanied by a strangled cry of bliss, and then his hips slowed their frantic lunges. At last the white fire in his brain faded, leaving a golden glow in its wake.
Glenn returned slowly to this world, his body warm and relaxed, her pussy containing his very favorite part. He stared up at her, his breath slowly subsiding, aware of the distant ebbing storm outside and the warmth of her bed and the heat of her naked body atop his. He knew that there was no way his first time with anyone else could’ve been better; as much as he’d wanted to lay with Steph, she wouldn’t have known how to do it the way Keira had. She was a fully-grown, experienced woman, and she knew all the right things to do. He’d always hoped his First Time would be good, but he’d never imagined anything this … perfect. “Oh God,” he breathed. “Oh God Keira thank you. Thank you.”
“You’re so welcome, Glenn, so very welcome.” She cradled him, rocking slowly above him, letting the fire ebb into a gentle heat. He was still hard inside her, and she felt the thick pool of cum in her body begin to settle around their joined flesh. The mix of intimate fluids was sweet and completing, the reality of their forbidden desires, their forbidden lovemaking an undeniable fact that neither of them could refuse, a fact that neither of them wanted to refuse. For better or worse, they had done it. It was finished now, no longer a fantasy; it had really happened. They’d had sex, a teen boy and an adult woman; and it was sinful and it was wrong and it was wonderful. “Thank you, honey. That was just what I needed most.” She sat up with a sigh and slipped her hands slowly over his chest and belly, relishing the taut vigor of his fifteen-year-old body. Slender, but muscular, and so very virile. Let this be the first night of many for us, she prayed. Oh dear God, let this be the first night of the rest of my life with him.
Glenn stared at Keira, at the beautiful woman who had so willingly shared her body with him. He was still inside her, swept away by the wonder of the moment. His hands were on her hips, and he saw her labia pressed against the sparse tufts of his pubes. The heat of her vagina wrapped perfectly around the full length of his penis, still sensitive from his first orgasm in her — in anyone. It had happened, it had really happened; this woman who had grown to mean so much to him and dominated his fantasies had done the thing he wanted most. She had taken him All The Way, had brought him into her bed as a boy, and lay with him now as a man. He watched while she eased up and off him, watched his glistening cock come into view, covered with milky thick streaks of spunk. It fell across his belly, still mostly hard, and he saw his cum dribble out of her, dripping over his shaft, running down her thigh. She saw it too and bent down to lick it away from him, then settled up beside him, resting her head on his chest. He caught the scent of sweat and musk, of pussy and cum, the scent of the love they had made together. “Are you all right, honey?”
He nodded woozily, his fingers playing in her hair. “Are you?”
“Oh yes. Oh yes I am, Glenn. I needed to be loved tonight. I needed your love in me. I haven’t been this okay in such a long time.”
“Me too. Not ever.” They chuckled. “But … Keira, I wasn’t … I mean I was inside you when I … what if you…”
“Once is probably safe,” she said. “It usually takes more than that for a woman to get pregnant, and a lot more than that for me to get pregnant.” She caressed his arm, feeling his wiry biceps. “Besides, it was your first, and I wanted it to … I didn’t want to stop.” She kissed the hollow of his throat. “I wanted it to be the best I could make it for you.”
“It was,” he murmured. “It was. Keira, I…”
He swallowed. “I … I think I’m in love with you.”
She nodded, her body filled with sudden warmth, her mind glowing in sudden happiness. “I think you are too. And I think that makes two of us.”
“Really,” she smiled, and kissed him. “Denny will be so happy.”
“You really think so?”
“Of course. He loves you, Glenn. And I … I love you too.”
“Oh.” He wiped at his eyes. Keira let him have his feelings, surprised at how powerful they seemed to be. No one before him had ever wept after making love with her, but she knew it wasn’t sorrow or regret that moved him so. “I love you both. So much. So much.” She said mm and lay her head on his chest, her hand holding his tacky cock. He never wanted it to end. He wanted this moment to go on forever. “Keira, I … it’s … it wasn’t sex. I mean, it was sex, but that’s not all it was. I … I wanna be your boyfriend.”
“I think you’re more than that,” she said. “Boyfriends are nice, but this is so much better. I think … Glenn, I think we’re lovers.”
“Oh. Oh, God, Keira, yes.” His chest hitched. “But I … I wanna be more than that. I wanna be … everything, Keira, everything I can be for you, if you want me to. I’ll always stay with you if you want. I’ll never leave you, or Den.”
“You’re a good big brother to him,” she murmured, her heart pounding.
“I … I wish I was his daddy,” he said. “I want to be his daddy.”
She got up on an elbow to study him, her heart bursting with joy. “What’re you saying?”
He licked his lips. “I wanna marry you. If you’ll have me. I know I’m … just a kid, but you mean so much to me, and so does Den, and if you’re pregnant now I … I’ll be there. Or even if you’re not. No matter what.” He sighed. “P-pretty crazy, huh?”
“Yes,” she said, gently smoothing back his hair. She was breathless. This was it. Her newfound lover had just proposed marriage. “It is crazy. And we’ve broken so many laws tonight. But I don’t think it matters to either one of us. Crazy or not, this is where we are now, and I … Glenn, I’ll make a deal with you.”
“If we’re still lovers when you turn eighteen, I’ll do it. I’ll marry you.”
He caught his breath. “R-really?” His penis went from half-mast to fully erect in less than a second.
“Yes, sweetheart. Really.” She leaned in to kiss him, then settled over him again and took him into herself. He was amazed at how easy it was. One moment they were talking, and the next they were having sex again. “But you have to make me a promise first.”
“What?” He would do anything she asked, no matter what it was.
She went on making love to him as she spoke. “I want you to date some girls, Glenn, and I want you to go to bed with them. I want you to play the field a little and get around. I know you think you’re completely certain right now, and maybe you are, but … I want you to have sex with other girls, so we can both be sure this is right for you. If it’s not, it won’t be right for us. I couldn’t live with thinking I’d trapped you.”
“But … but I love you, Keira. I don’t want to be with anyone else.”
“Maybe not right now,” she said. “But feelings change. Marriage is such a big step, and Denny needs a man in his life. He needs a father. And as willing as you might be now to fill that role for him, you have to be sure you’re ready to make a lifetime commitment to it. To us. I will marry you, Glenn; I love you and I want to be your wife, but only if we both know you’re sure.”
He looked down to watch the sex, his penis sliding in and out of her sweet, deep vagina. “Okay,” he breathed. “Whatever you want. But … I don’t ever want to stop being with you like this.”
She rocked forward, letting her bare breasts slide over his chest while she loved on him. “You don’t have to. Sleep with all the girls you like, but always know that you’re welcome in my bed. I want you, Glenn, and I always will.”
“You promise?”
“I promise.” It felt strange to her to have to work so hard to convince a teenaged boy to sleep around. He was a treasure, a real jewel. “But after tonight, we’re gonna have to use condoms, all right, loverboy?”
“Okay,” he said, and they kept making love until his moment arrived again, and he filled her a second time with his rich semen. Another unprotected orgasm, fully within her body.
She cuddled up with him side by side, face to face, and they kissed and touched and smiled and murmured. In a while she lifted her leg and shifted forward, and guided his half-stiff penis to slide into her flesh. He hardened rapidly and they made love again, taking their time, and it was nearly half an hour of glorious motion before he had his third fulfillment in her. Such a natural, easy thing for them to do, the best thing for them to do.
She held onto him afterward, keeping him inside herself; and thus joined, they settled off toward sleep together, boy and woman one body, one breath, one soothed heartbeat. Neither of them was ready to admit it, but they both hoped she was pregnant now.
Keira woke first and lay there for a while, studying Glenn in the early morning light. The storm had passed, and the sun’s rays broke now over his naked body, casting his alabaster skin in gold. The fine hairs on his arms and legs shimmered in the glow, coppery and delicate; the thicker red pad around his root glistened and lay plastered against his skin by the dried residue of their fluids.
She admired the flat strength in his pecs, the rippling muscles in his belly, his trim body too young for her but more than mature enough for what they had done. His nipples were as russet as his lips; and his face, relaxed in contentment and sleep, was beautiful in its delicacy and handsome in structure. His lips were parted slightly, and she saw the glint of his braces, reminding her all over again that he was just a boy, a mere fifteen years of age. It was the first time since Eric that she’d slept with anyone so young, but the fulfillment and adoration she felt now was far deeper than any experience she’d ever had. The laws just didn’t matter any more. She had given him her body and promised him her heart in the night, just as he had done with her. She was all his, and he was hers.
His well-used penis lay exposed to her eyes, the same penis that had been innocent of sex less than twelve hours ago, that had been inside her three times to fill her with its marvelous potency. He’d lost his virginity with her, given it as willingly as she had accepted it. Now, this morning, she held no regrets. He was so sexy, so attractive. Such a good-looking boy to wake up to.
She examined his boyhood closely. She’d seen it on the nannycams, but they didn’t have the resolution to show him to best advantage, and last night her view had been mostly obscured by her own pussy as he moved inside her, as she took his innocence and he found the beginning of his manhood within her craving flesh. Before, when she’d spied on him, she had felt guilt and shame to be so thrilled at his sheer sexuality. Now, he was her lover, lying naked next to her in the full morning’s light, and she took advantage of the display.
His balls were large and full, his scrotum drawn to his groin like a peach. There was a slight shimmer of hair on them, but he hadn’t developed the full riot of pubic growth that he’d hold in a few more years, when he was eighteen or nineteen or so and her … her… He said he was going to marry me; all right, then, when he’s my husband. I’m looking at the body of my lover and my future husband, the father of my next child. Each testicle was larger than her thumb, and the combined effect was one of sweet, delicious mass. She saw the way his sac had a slight groove to it, his hefty balls filling it out like a pair of ripe juicy plums. She knew that, inside them, his body was busily producing more sperm, more of his male essence to be pumped out of his lovely cock when he enjoyed his next orgasm, one she already knew he would be enjoying with her.
She studied his penis next, the sexy flesh that had been so sweetly within her own last night. It was half-erect and lay along one hip, the skin covered in a delicate tracery of blood vessels, with one thick vein snaking up the side. The shaft, even somewhat soft like now, was impressive; Glenn looked like he toted three or four inches even when he wasn’t aroused. The thickness was hinted at as well, the flesh a wide soft sausage; and his head was a nicely curved crown to match his princely scepter. The coronal ridge ran evenly around the top to curve upward underneath and form a fleshy vee below his glans. The slit was closed now, but she knew it had opened wide last night, the entire organ rigid and pulsing rhythmically, while his fine adolescent loins discharged his most intimate fluid into her most intimate space. His semen had come from that penis, bursting forth from the ruddy tip to fill her in a creamy white surge.
She had sinned with him, but what a sin it was. Maybe if she worshipped him properly — this sweet tender demigod, given to her bed in order to fill her body and her heart — she could find absolution.
She leaned over him and kissed his balls, the skin warm and taut under her lips; she kissed the shaft next, feeling the softness of his sex as he lay in sleep; she kissed his tip, the source of his bliss in her and the place his cum had emerged from. She licked the shaft, tasting the mixed salty flavors of their discharge. She knew the flavor of her pussy, and easily identified its differences from his seed. She was tasting the flesh and essence of an angel.
I love him, she thought. I love his penis. I love his cum. I love his body and his smile and his brain and his tender heart. I love everything about him, and I don’t care how old he is any more. And if I’m pregnant now, I will have his baby. No matter when he makes me pregnant, I will have his baby. May God forgive me for accepting this gift.
She took his flesh into her mouth and felt it thicken on her tongue. She sucked it gently, bringing him to full erection, loving the way it grew and grew until there was too much of him to suck all at once. Glenn was a big boy. She wrapped a hand around the root, massaging his balls with the other, and he woke in a few moments, stretching and rising to consciousness in the middle of being given head.
Glenn sighed and looked down at his new lover, his very first lover, watching what she was doing to him. Keira’s head bobbed slowly over his hips, his dick deep in her mouth and his balls in her hand. He’d never been given a BJ before, so he didn’t have any real basis for comparison; but he knew, somehow, that she was very good at it. Every motion of her lips on him brought out a shiver of pleasure; each stroke of her tongue along his shaft and over his tip made him shudder with joy. It hadn’t been a dream, and it was better than every fantasy. He’d made love with her last night, three times; and now he was getting something else, something different and so very, very good.
He knew they didn’t have to worry about having sex like this; it wasn’t like cumming in her pussy, which brought with it the risk of her getting pregnant. He’d eaten her out the night before and loved every second of it, and by the sound and feel of things, Keira liked doing it to him just as much. They were both into oral, and it delighted him to understand what that meant for his brand-new love life with her.
So he lay there, his hands in her hair, and watched and felt and enjoyed while she gave him head; and she took her time, making it last. She knew he was awake, and looked up at him from time to time, letting him see the way her eyes shone. She loved sucking dick — or at least, she loved sucking his dick. She licked the tip and shaft; she sucked his balls, one at a time; she tongued his perineum and even rimmed him a little. She was having a great time, treating everything down there like some kind of sexy playground; and as her playing went on Glenn felt his fluids swell and rise and fill.
He thought of how she’d looked last night, riding him, taking away his virginity; how her breasts had bobbed steadily in his hands while her sweet, warm pussy slid up and down his cock. His first full-on girlfriend, his first lover, his first woman. He thought of how she’d been so wide open to him, how she had been able to take in every inch, right up to his pubes. He thought of how her pussy had looked and tasted, her flavor light and delicate, her sensitive, soft folds parting to accept his lips and his tongue. He thought of how good it felt to cum in her pussy, damn the risk or maybe because of it. He thought of what he’d said to her, and knew he was lying in bed now with his future wife, with his future son asleep down the hall. He was going to be a father in one way, and maybe he already was in another. She might have a new life growing in her belly right now, a life they made together even as his innocence had come to such a wonderful end. She moved up to take him into her mouth again, her tongue warm and smooth on his frenulum. “Keira,” he sighed, “I’m gonna come.”
“Good.” In her full mouth, it sounded like goob. She felt his hands clench, clutching at her hair. She felt his body begin to tense, his sweet tight muscles preparing to eject another flood of his fluids into her. She felt his dick go rigid, and heard him gasp I’m gonna come again, and her pussy tingled with anticipation and lust when he grunted and she felt him start to pulse. She milked him hard with her hand, her tongue and lips sucking his solid tip, and he pulsed a second time, then a third; and he ejaculated. The surge burst forth from his organ in a hot splash, gushing out into her mouth, and the flavor was exquisite. It was slightly bitter and slightly salty, and she thought of how he looked when he jacked off, and felt that heavy creamy flow jetting over her tongue and spattering on the back of her throat. His pulses continued; he’d built up a mighty load in the night and was pumping it all into her now. She moaned with joy and began counting the spurts, pausing to swallow at seven, his issue thick and rich as it slid down her throat. He went on ejaculating, his orgasm huge in the way that only pubescent boys could manage, his hips lifted off the bed and his balls tight under her caressing palm. He cried out and shuddered, pumping seven more times before he gave a final gasp and fell back to the mattress.
Glenn sighed, warmth filling his body, as Keira kept his penis in her mouth and licked it slowly, gently; she was making the cum last for him, keeping it going for as long as she could. He felt the way he squelched around in there when she moved her tongue, and knew she was holding on to his semen so she could go on tasting it for a while longer before she swallowed it all away. He stared down at her, his body a glowing fire of fulfillment, and smiled to see how much she loved him and his dick and everything that had come out of it.
At last she eased off, her lips letting go of his gleaming sex, and looked him right in the eye. He saw her throat move and heard the gulp, and knew his cum was in her belly now. She had wanted him to see her swallow it. “Oh yeah,” she sighed. “Oh Christ yeah you taste so good boy, so good.” She bent her head once more and licked him like a Popsicle, lapping away the spunk and spit until he was clean. She crawled up to lay beside him and they kissed, and she rested her head on his chest.
“Oh,” he sighed. “Oh Keira. Thank you. That was so nice.”
“Mm,” she nodded, running her tongue around in her mouth. “Me too. It’s the best way to wake up.”
He chuckled, caressing her shoulder. “Sure is.” He snuggled her nearer. “I love you.”
“I love you too, honey. Thank you.”
“For what?”
“For being with me. I needed a man in my life. Denny needs a man in his life. And Glenn … you’re just the man we both need. I don’t care that you’re only fifteen. I don’t care that everything we’ve done is illegal. I just want to be able to lay with you sometimes, and sleep with you and make love to you and wake up next to you. I wanna be able to give you head, and I want you to eat my pussy, and I wanna fuck your brains out. I wish we could do this every day.”
“Me too. Oh Keira. I feel like a man when I’m with you,” he said. “Den … he makes me wish I was his dad, and when I’m with you now, like this, I … I know what it’s like to be a man, in love with a woman.” He kissed her. “You’re the very first.”
“I know.” She put her hand on his cock. “But there will be others.”
“So … you still want me to … be with some other girl?”
“A lot of other girls, Glenn. I want you to get so much pussy that you sprain your dick. I want you to pump yourself dry into them. It’s the only way we’ll ever be sure that this is right for both of us.” She kissed him. “You should never marry the only person you’ve ever had sex with. It’ll make your eye wander later.”
“But … I mean, what if you’re pregnant? You might be.”
“Yes, I might be. It won’t change anything as far as I’m concerned. I’ve had a child outside marriage already, Glenn. I know Denny wouldn’t mind having a little brother or sister to look after, as long as it was yours.” She smiled. “I really think we’re okay, honey, but even if it turns out I’m having your baby in nine months, well, by then you’ll have had a few other girls, I think; and you’ll be in a better place to know for sure about us.” He opened his mouth and she lay her finger across his lips. “I know, lover. You’re sure right now. Well, then, you’ll be even more sure. All right?”
“…Okay,” he said at last. “But … you’d really do it? You’d really have my baby?”
“Yes,” she said. “Of course I’ll have your baby. You don’t imagine Denny’ll be an only child for very long after we get married, do you?” She felt his dick stir. “You like the idea.”
He nodded slowly. “It’s all I ever wanted, really. Even when I was a little kid I’d, you know, play house with some girl, and we’d pretend we were married and we had babies.”
“Hmm,” she said, and arched her eyebrows. “And did you ever pretend you were making babies?”
He chuckled. “Nah. We didn’t know how it was done.”
“Too bad.” She moved into position over him and slid herself along his solid flesh. “Seems like you know all about it now.”
He looked down to watch while she engulfed him, her beautiful magical body taking in every inch of his need, and he knew that even though she’d just sucked his cock he had more to shoot. “You taught me pretty good,” he said. “But … Keira, maybe I should, you know, pull out this time.”
She was rocking steadily over him, her hands sliding up and down his chest and belly, her groin flaring with the joy of having his hard teen boyhood inside it. She shook her head. “Don’t bother. If I’m gonna get pregnant this weekend, then I probably already am. We’ve done it three times already. I’m full of your cum. One time more won’t make any difference now.”
“Are you sure?” His chest was starting to heave, his skin in goosebumps. She might be pregnant right now. She might be pregnant, or maybe I’m about to make her pregnant, right now
“Uh-huh.” She leaned in for a kiss and came up with her tits in his hands. “Let’s just make love, even if we end up making a baby. Don’t worry about a thing, sweetheart. If it’s meant to be right now, it will be. And no matter what, you’ll always be able to remember that the first time you had sex, you didn’t use condoms.”
“It’s better without them, ain’t it?” he panted. His hands were on her ass, squeezing rhythmically. He was very close now.
“Lots,” she smiled, “especially this part,” and his hips jerked up and she bore down, and as she came on him she felt him turn solid, felt the slickness rise in her pussy while he ejaculated and filled her again; and she promised herself, as the fifteen-year-old boy beneath her completed his fourth orgasm in her body, that she would have every child he chose to give her.
He was right. It was better without condoms. It always was.
They made breakfast together, she in a tee and panties, he naked but for boxers. He was so sexy in them, the waistband snug at his slender hips, his butt nice and firm, his penis long even in softness. His economical body was proudly on display, a lovely figure of perfect male virility. She’d often thought, guiltily, that there wasn’t anything on Earth sexier than a horny teen boy; but this time she didn’t feel guilty about thinking it, because this particular teen boy was all hers.
She’d worn clothes like this in the mornings quite a lot with various lovers, but it had never felt the way it did now. She’d never seen such devotion, such adoration, in anyone’s eyes before today. His love for her was his first; it was pure and unsullied by any agenda. He wasn’t seeking anything from her but her affection, and wasn’t out to use her for his own gratification. He was happy just to be her lover, and happy to be a part of Denny’s life as well. The intensity of his first real love affair was amplified the intensity of his youthful emotions.
She found herself falling into it right along with him. No one she’d ever lain with before had made her feel like a giggling schoolgirl, thrilled to have her first boy and knowing she was doing something forbidden and wonderful. She wasn’t just playing grown-up games with him; she was a grown-up, but this was the first time she had ever really known what it was like to be lost in love with a boy. Ever since the age of eleven, she had done a lot of fucking, had a lot of very good sex; but before last night she had never truly made love.
She caught herself daydreaming that it was three years later and they’d actually done it, that she was now making breakfast with him as her husband, and that their son was about to join them at the table. Then Denny would go out hunting or fishing with his dad, and she would settle on the couch to feel the swelling in her belly and think of him and the look in his eyes when she’d told him they were going to have a baby, and how beautifully their child had been conceived.
It was childish, girlish, idealistic. She knew that. But with him standing right beside her, fresh from their first night of sex together, with four full loads of his seed in her womb and a fifth in her stomach, it didn’t feel so unbelievable. It felt more like a prophecy, as though she’d scryed their future in the scrambled eggs.
Their — her son joined them in a while, still in his PJs, his hair a golden crow’s nest. Denny didn’t notice anything was different; he’d seen his mother clad casually before, and wasn’t put out that Glenn was so close to nude. He was still too young to read the signs off the new couple, so he was surprised when, after breakfast, his mother sat down with them on the sofa. Glenn was on one side of him and she was on the other. “Denny, son,” she said. “How would it be if … would you like it if we started seeing a lot more of Glenn?”
Denny’s eyes lit up. “Well yeah, it’d be great. But … why?”
Glenn smiled at him. “Well, Den, your mom and me, we kinda, uh, we’re in … uh, well, we kinda … broke the law last night.”
“Huh?” Denny goggled at him. He blinked. Took in Glenn’s near total nudity with new eyes. He knew that men and women spent time naked together; he’d done it with Rose, and knew what it meant. Had Mommy been naked with Glenn? Is that what they were telling him, that they’d had sex? “Wait … do you mean you and Mommy…” his voice dropped to a whisper. “Is she your girlfriend now?”
“I am,” Keira said. “We … well, we’re in love, and…”
Denny leapt off of the sofa with a shrill cry of joy. Boy and woman smiled at each other, hands joined, and knew that this was the best thing for all three of them. What Denny had needed so much for so long — what Keira had needed — what Glenn had needed — here it was now, a treasure for each and all of them, a vibrant gift of love granted, undeserved, by a cold and uncaring universe. Dreams had come true in the night, dreams shared by all of them.
The boy settled reluctantly when his mother drew him back to the sofa. “I’m glad you’re happy, sweetheart,” she said. “But you have to understand something. What we — Glenn and I, he’s right, son, we broke the law. It’s something we have to … we need to be quiet about it for a while.”
Denny studied her. “You mean like me and—”
He nodded. “Okay.” He turned to Glenn. “I won’t tell anyone.” He fidgeted.
“But you want to, don’t you?” Glenn said.
“I wanna tell the whole eff-word world,” Denny grinned. “Are you gonna be a daddy with Mommy?”
“Maybe someday,” Keira said. She looked into her new lover’s eyes. “Maybe someday.”
“Are you gonna be … my daddy?”
“We’ll see, short stack.” Glenn ruffled the lad’s hair. “I hope so.”
Denny snuggled up against the older youth. “I hope so too. I love you.”
“I love you too, Den,” Glenn said, his eyes glimmering.
The younger boy squirmed. “Can I call you Daddy? For now? Just for pretends?”
Glenn shuddered and swallowed, his eyes brimming to let tears fall down his cheeks. “Yeah, kid, I’d like that.” He pulled the boy against his chest and buried his face in his hair. “For now. Just for pretends.”
Keira wept too, watching them bond, watching their love find its completion. How many times had she wished a man would love her son first, and herself second? How many days and nights had she ached in her need to find a man who understood that Denny was all that mattered to her, that he, the man, must always be subordinate to her total commitment to her boy? And now here was that man, in the very flesh, half her age but better than so many who held thrice his years.
Denny was crying too, but he wasn’t embarrassed. It was okay to cry in front of his mommy, and now he could cry in front of his … his daddy, too. He had never been so happy.
They held one another for a while, letting themselves slip into the new warmth of their new family. Eventually Keira got up to do the dishes, and Glenn joined her at the sink. He stood behind her, his body warmly pressed against hers, and rinsed the dishes as they came out. When they were finished he slipped his arms around her waist and she leaned back into his embrace. It felt so good to be standing there in his arms, to know that she was desired and loved; it felt so good to know that she could desire and love him in turn. His breath was warm against her neck, his lips falling delicately to her throat and ear, depositing soft kisses like gentle summer rain.
She turned to face him and drew him close for a kiss, her hands traveling over the bare skin of his back and shoulders. Between their hips, so close together now, she felt his sex stir. She smiled. “Would you like to go back to bed for a while?”
“Yeah,” he said.
She chuckled, shivering a little at the flare of lust that rose in her. “Well, if you insist. Denny, Glenn and I are going to my room to talk for a while, okay?”
The boy, who understood enough to know what they were really planning to do, nodded. “I’m reading anyhow.” He held up a novel, Abhorsen by Garth Nix. “I won’t bug you or anything.”
Glenn and Keira traded a look. “He knows,” the youth said, a little surprised. “He knows we’re gonna…”
She nodded. “He understands we’re going to make love. He won’t disturb us. He … understands quite a lot about things like that.”
“Oh.” Glenn was obviously puzzled, but he didn’t ask her for details, which she appreciated. “Well, okay then.” She took his hand and led him down the hall. She was delighted all over again at how big and solid his hardon was. In the bedroom they wasted no time; she kissed him and pushed his boxers down while he stripped off her tee. He massaged her breasts and tongued the nipples, then knelt before her to bury his nose in her slit. She’d soaked the panties through, and he sucked at her juices, then slipped her panties down her thighs. He looked up at her, his face flushed. “I love you, Keira,” he murmured, then put his mouth onto her bare sex.
“Oh,” she sighed, running her hands into his thick red hair. “Oh Glenn, I love you too.” His tongue was sliding over her, working at her labia and clit, slipping into her pussy. She pushed her hips forward and he said mm, and he licked her and ate her and tongue-fucked her until she came on his face. He could taste his own cum mixed in with hers, but he didn’t mind. He liked it. He’d eaten his own ever since he started shooting, and the only reason he could taste it at all now was because she’d let him put it into her.
She lay back on the mattress and pulled him atop her. He looked down between her parted thighs, riveted by the vision of her open vulva, ready to accept him for the fifth time. He played for a while, sliding his head up and down in her folds, and when he stroked her long enough she came again. He pushed his tip into her, the tight rim snug around his flesh. He moved forward, penetrating her slowly, watching his cock slide into her pussy. When he was all the way in he leaned forward and kissed her, and began a slow, deliberate stroke.
Keira lay beneath him, watching his slender body move in his beautiful loving of her. Each probe of his rigid penis filled her to the cervix, and each drawing back left his head slipping up against her inner labia. She felt the ring of flesh on him, moving steadily against the warm walls of her channel, and they smiled into one another’s eyes while they went on together. The sex was slow and exquisite, Glenn having acquired a sort of mastery in a very short amount of time. He made love to her steadily, and she began to come steadily. At each orgasm he smiled, proud and thrilled to be giving her these bright drops of joy. He picked up the intensity, increasing his power until he was thrusting himself firmly into her; and after she’d had another dozen lovely climaxes on his cock he rested against her, utterly filling her. He pushed his hips hard and rapidly, working her clit with his pubic mound, and she clutched at his shoulders and came and came and came.
He paused again, then resumed his slow, deep fucking. She writhed beneath him and gasped with each new wave of climax, her thoughts utterly annihilated under his steadily pumping loins. The longest single fuck she’d ever had lasted for about thirty minutes, and he surpassed that record easily. He switched back and forth in his technique, slow and gentle and then hard and fast; and sometime after a half hour had passed he went into a steady, solid rhythm. “Do you want me to come in you again?” he panted.
“Yes,” she moaned. “Oh honey, oh yes, Glenn, oh yes I want you to come in me.”
“All right,” he nodded, sweat breaking over his naked body. He pushed down into her, harder and harder, and she felt each stroke of his solid tip against the base of her channel. He was panting now and he looked into her face. “Here I come,” he gasped.
She nodded and pushed herself up against him, and he growled and his hips ground down, and she felt him pump, and he shot. He kept moving on her, his body shuddering and jerking, his teeth gritted and his breath hissing out. He went on staring into her eyes while he came, and she saw the depth of his pleasure, and as he filled her she screamed her way through the longest, best orgasm she’d ever had in her life.
Glenn’s hips at last came back under his control and he sighed deeply, settling himself atop her. She held him and murmured to him, stroking his shoulders and back, and he stayed inside her. “Am I too heavy?”
“No, lover, no. You’re just right.” Inside her, she felt his fifth delivery begin to settle. She didn’t worry any more if she was pregnant now. She truly hoped that she was. “God, I love you so much, Glenn. If that’s the way you’re gonna make love to me, maybe I should have you on top more often.”
He chuckled. “I’ll do it any way you want. Any time you want.” He kissed her. “From now on.”
“I know you will.” She couldn’t get over it, any of it. Doing without sex for so long had made her inordinately horny — so horny that she’d taken a fifteen-year-old boy to bed. But the way she felt now, completely fulfilled in both body had heart, had nothing to do with horniness and everything to do with the grace and love of that same fifteen-year-old.
He lay atop her, still inside her, and she felt him begin to soften. She didn’t think he was done yet, but right now they were both just relaxing in the sweet afterglow of their forbidden lovemaking. In a while she realized he’d fallen into a doze, and she let herself slip away too, happy to act as his mattress.