Kelli and Bill (Part 1)

Kelli and Bill
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story “Best Ever”. That began an ongoing conversation with KT in North Carolina about her experiences.

Part 1

Bill's head shot up at the unexpected sound, not unlike the soft moans coming from the porn video he was watching on his laptop, but also distinctly different...louder...and definitely closer. He slammed the laptop closed to silence it, yet the low groans continued.

He pulled his running shorts up over his rigid dick and climbed off his bed to walk into the hall. Across the way, his recently acquired step sister's door was slightly ajar and the ever louder moaning was definitely coming from there. Staying as quiet as he could, he slowly pushed the door open a little more. His dick throbbed and stiffened again in his shorts.

Kelli lay on the bed, her eyes closed tightly as she pinched her newly budding nipples with one hand and fingered her pussy inside her thin white cotton panties with the other. Her moans grew louder as her fingers moved faster. She even stopped for a moment, long enough to slide her panties down around her knees, giving Bill a quick glimpse of the sparse wisps of cunt hair that matched the color of that on her head, before returning her hand to her pussy and spreading the folds until the little nub of her clit popped up.

As she strummed that moist pink clit, Kelli's legs began to quiver. Bill's cock ached so much he started to rub himself through his shorts, his eyes never leaving his step sister's thrashing pussy. She let out a loud howl then clamped her thighs around her hand as her orgasm surged like a wave through her lithe eleven year old body.

Bill squinted for just a second but when he opened his eyes, his step sister sat propped up on her elbows staring at him in horror. They both froze for a moment looking at each other before Bill regained his composure and walked over toward the bed.

What are you doing home? You're supposed to be at volleyball practice,” he demanded before realizing his step sister was staring directly at his rigid dick tenting the filmy fabric of his shorts.

I suppose I could ask you the same question...aren't you supposed to be at band?” she countered without raising her eyes to his.

They both had a point, since neither one of them, or their parents for that matter, was usually home at that hour, the reason Bill felt he could jerk off watching porn without threat of interruption. Apparently Kelli had a similar idea although this was the first time he even thought about his eleven year old step sister getting herself off.

So what are you doing in my room?” Kelli asked defensively, keeping the sheet held tight over her budding tits.

Bill recognized the underlying curiosity and stepped closer to the bed. His dick still pressed out against his shorts and Kelli's eyes remained locked on that bulge.

I heard a noise and came in to investigate. I didn't mean to embarrass you but honestly, I didn't know a little girl like you even knew about yourself, let alone...actually...touching yourself like...that,” he murmured and eased himself down to sit on the edge of the bed. “I didn't think you knew anything about sex at all at your age.”

Kelli blushed and averted her eyes, staying silent for a few minutes. Bill sat quietly as well then started to stand.

I'm sorry I interrupted,” he said softly, “and I won't bother you any longer.”

No...wait,” she whispered so lowly he wasn't sure at first what she said. “It's just...well I don't know about anything but it feels so good...when I touch myself...down there.”

Bill smiled weakly at her and sat back down on the edge of the bed, absentmindedly massaging her foot gently through the sheet.

Well, I'm not sure I'm the best one to talk too, but it feels good when I touch myself too,” he said, “but guys are really different.”

I know,” she giggled, “I don't get a bump like you do.”

That made Bill blush and look down at his hard on pressing out against his running shorts. Kelli relaxed when she saw his embarrassment, smiling more broadly.

It's just that lately my nipples hurt sometimes and it feels so good to touch them,” she continued, letting the sheet fall to her lap to reveal the little brown nubs that were the beginning of her tits, “and then it itches between my legs too, like I need to pee.”

Your pussy itches, you mean,” he stated flatly.

My what?”

Your pussy, that slit between your legs is called a pussy or cunt or vagina,” Bill explained, trying frantically to recall what he learned about female anatomy from watching porn, “but you might want to ask your mom for the correct term in her mind.”

Does your pussy itch sometimes too?” she asked innocently.

Guys don't have pussies, we have a cock or dick or penis...and it's on the outside.”

Kelli considered this new information for a moment. She and her mother never had a man around until her mother met Bill's father, got married and they all moved into his house. As a result, she really knew approximately the same about a man's body as she did about sex in general...practically nothing at all outside the giggled whispers of her fifth grade classmates.

Is that why I can see a bump?” she finally asked.

Yeah, it can get hard sometimes,” Bill blushed again and squirmed around, making his erection even more obvious. He moved his hands up her leg a little more and massaged her calf.

That feels nice,” Kelli smiled at him and leaned back on her elbows, “makes me itch a little bit again.”

Why don't you roll on your belly and I'll massage your legs and back,” he murmured, as a way of changing the subject and diverting her eyes while feeling his dick twitch even more.

OK,” Kelli immediately responded and threw off the sheet to roll on her stomach, pulling her panties back up from around her knees as she did so.

Bill gulped seeing the flimsy cotton fabric pull up between her ass cheeks and the lips of her pussy. He slowly massaged one leg and then the other, stopping his fingers just a hair's breadth from his step sister's panties. He then went to work on her back and sides, reaching far enough around her that he thought he brushed over one of her stiff nipples.

His dick was throbbing before he finished, her moans of delight adding to his pleasure of touching her soft, warm skin. He finally stopped with his cock aching and, he was sure, dripping some precum into his shorts.

OK, that's enough for now,” he gasped, “I need to get going.”

That was really nice,” she cooed, turning over and not bothering to cover her hard nipples or the slightly protruding mound visibly split by a gash beneath her panties, “let's do it again sometime.”

Sounds good to me,” Bill exclaimed rushing out of the room and across the hall, his throbbing dick already in his hand as he leaned back to shoulder the door to his room closed.

Later that night, Kelli lay in bed with her pussy itching yet again. She kept thinking about how nice her step brother had been to her and how good his hands felt on her legs and back. A tingly warmth spread through her legs and crotch and she kept touching herself down there until she quivered all over and it finally stopped.


A couple of days later, Kelli walked in the kitchen after school to find Bill drinking a soda at the counter. She got one for herself and stood next to him, drinking quietly for a moment before saying anything to him.

Would you do me a favor?” she finally asked nervously.

Sure, what do you need?”

My leg hurts a little from volleyball practice. Can you rub it again like you did the other day?”

OK, go get ready and I'll be there in a minute.”

Kelli was sitting on the edge of the bed wearing only her white cotton panties and training bra when Bill walked into her room. His dick immediately twitched in his running shorts, the only thing he was wearing.

You still have a bump,” she smiled up at him as he stepped in front of her.

Bill blushed and brushed his hand over her hair, across her shoulder and down her arm until he held her hand in his. He reached down with his other hand and lightly caressed her cheek.

Lay on your tummy first,” Bill gasped hoarsely, wanting very much to place her little hand on his throbbing dick. “Which leg is it?”

The right one,” Kelli murmured as she lay on the bed, using her hands as a pillow and spreading her legs wide, pulling the filmy fabric of her panties up between her ass cheeks and pussy lips.

He started rubbing her right leg down near her ankle and slowly worked his hands up to her calf.

Higher,” Kelli mumbled into her hands.

Bill slowly massaged up her thigh as she moaned softly, stopping when his fingers came within an inch or so of her bunched up underwear.

Higher,” Kelli cooed, wiggling her ass around as she ground her groin into the bed.

With his dick now throbbing in his shorts, Bill moved his hands even higher until his knuckles brushed against the soft fabric of her panties. He could feel the warmth of her pussy as she rotated her hips even more, his fingers pushing her panties into her pussy slit.

Oh yeah, right there,” she groaned, her breathing getting ragged, “don't stop...please don't stop.”

He kneaded her upper thigh letting the top of his finger trace from her pussy slit to her asshole. When she relaxed a little, he moved to the other leg, moving up her thigh until his fingers brushed against her panties again. After a moment, he moved his hands on to both her ass cheeks, squeezing and massaging them gently before pushing up toward her back.

Her panties rode even further up into her pussy slit, giving him a brief look at that taut, pink crevice. Kelli moaned again but didn't object. He kept working his way up her back and side until reaching her training bra strap.

Do you mind if I get this out of the way,” he murmured into her ear.

Oh no, not at all, that feels so good,” Kelli cooed, turning to smile up at him as he undid the clasp and let the straps fall to her sides.

Bill rubbed down and around both of her sides, making no effort to avoid her budding nipples. He then continued up and thoroughly massaged her shoulders and neck. When he was done, he draped himself over her, letting her warm soft skin press against him and his throbbing dick press back against her thigh.

He rolled to his side and Kelli snuggled back against him. He put his arm around her and pulled her even closer. Kelli shivered a little, loving the feel of his skin pressing against hers. She also felt the bulge between his legs pushing against her ass.

Do you know what it takes to make a baby?” he murmured into her ear after they lay quietly for a few minutes, followed by a gust of hot breath that sent another shiver through her body.

No, not really, something about a mommy and a daddy making the baby grow in mommy's belly,” she answered.

You have the general idea,” he laughed, “and that's one of the reasons boy and girls are different.”

How's that?” she asked, squirming around to face him and immediately missing the feel of his skin on her back, with the strap of her training bra sliding off her shoulder to fully expose one budding nipple.

You have a pussy and I have a cock,” he said, “when a man and woman make a baby, the man puts his cock into the woman's pussy and shoots his sperm inside her.”

No way!” Kelli exclaimed.

Sure it is, that's why you have that slit between your legs and my cock is on the outside. Want to see?”

Kelli was dubious but her curiosity got the better of her. She got on her knees next to him and nodded her head. Bill grinned back at her and very slowly pushed his shorts down over his thighs until his hard dick lay on his belly.

She had no experience with a man or his privates, but she thought his rigid five and a half inch cock was huge. She just stared as Bill reached down and held it straight up.

You can touch it if you want,” he murmured softly.

She tentatively reached for his dick with one hand, her tiny fingers barely able to wrap completely around.

Wow...that's so soft...and yet so hard,” Kelli said excitedly.

Put both hands on it,” Bill suggested hoarsely.

When she reached forward with her other hand, the straps of her training bra slid down her arms. Without a thought, she shrugged out of the bra and returned her hands to his dick. Bill brought his hand up and gently twirled one of her nipples, causing her entire body to shiver.

Now move your hands up and down, like this,” Bill muttered, putting his other hand on top of hers.

Kelli followed his direction, feeling his dick quiver in her hands. Bill laid back and closed his eyes, moaning lowly.

Keep that up and I'll be cumming all over you,” he gasped a moment later as a droplet of his precum seeped from the head of his dick.

Not knowing what that meant, Kelli instantly pulled her hands away from his dick like it was on fire and it flopped back on to his belly. Bill grinned up at her and played with both of her nipples before speaking. Kelli moaned and trembled even more with his touch.

Why don't you take off your panties,” he suggested.

Kelli quickly slid them off and went back to kneeling next to him. Bill brushed his hand down from her budding tits, across her belly and swirled his finger around in the scraggly thatch of her pussy hair. Then he brought his finger to his mouth, spit on it and brought it up between her legs, gently cupping her protruding mound.

He smiled wider and ever so gently split her tight pussy lips. Her entire body quivered at the touch. Bill rubbed back and forth, the tip of his finger brushing over her asshole and then forward until he found the tiny nub of her clit, ever so softly pressing and rubbing in a tight circle.

She moaned as a tingling warmth spread from her pussy down through her legs and up through her body until her nipples ached. She pushed her hips down, wanting to feel even more of his finger caressing her clit. After a moment, Bill pulled his hand back, suddenly stopping the pleasure engulfing her entire body.

Why did you stop?” she cried out crossly.

You stopped stroking my cock, so I wanted you to know what it feels like for me to stop touching your pussy suddenly.”

Kelli grinned, realizing what he was saying and wrapped her hands around his dick again, stroking it as fast as she could. Bill reached up and fingered her slit, feeling just a hint of moisture when she pushed her hips down to meet him. She began to groan loudly, unable to catch her breath even as wave after wave of pleasure surged from her cunt.

Bill's cum shot up to splash on her chest and dripped from her nipples. Kelli shrieked the most intense orgasm of her life, one that was a different order of magnitude than anything she ever had playing with herself. At last the tsunami of pleasure receded and she collapsed on his chest breathing heavily. They cuddled together for a while until they heard her mother call up to them from the kitchen.


From then on, whenever they had a chance, Kelli would jerk him off until he shot his jism on to her. He would fondle her pussy and ass, never sliding more than the tip of his finger into her vagina.

Why do you stop when you put your finger in me?” she asked him one day, feeling she was missing something she really wanted to try.

Well, there are two reasons,” Bill replied, “first, I believe you should save your cherry for a true love when you are older and second, I really prefer to play with your ass.”

Truth be told, Bill was mostly gay, preferring cocks to pussy in almost every circumstance. Kelli just gave him a willing, readily available pair of hands and a mouth and an ass he had some serious designs on fucking.

They tried all sorts of things. He taught her how to properly kiss, ever so gently parting her lips with his tongue until she learned to lash hers with his in one of their mouths. Kelli found the more kissing she did, the more aroused she got even before Bill caressed her nipples or fingered her clit.

He would often kiss her everywhere on her body, licking the bottom of her feet, sucking each of her toes into his mouth in turn while watching her rub her pussy. He would lick up the inside of her thighs until his tongue split the folds of her cunt, sucking in her little clit while swirling a finger around her asshole.

Kelli earned to use her mouth as well as her hands. One day after he shot a load of his cum on to his belly, he scooped some up on a fingertip and held it out to her.

Here,” he said quietly, “taste it.”

Cautiously, Kelli stuck out her tongue and flicked it over his finger. She was surprised by the somewhat salty but mild taste. Bill just grinned as she cleaned his finger then pulled her down on top of him to lick up the rest of the jism coating his belly. Kelli eagerly did it and loved every drop.

The next day, Bill taught her how to lick his cock and balls, sucking the mushroom head while swirling her tongue around it until his cum exploded into her mouth. Kelli was surprised by the amount of semen and the force with which it shot down her throat. She pulled back with strings of his cum dripping from the corners of her mouth.
Bill just grinned, pulled her close and kissed her passionately, sharing his cum with her until it was all dissolved.

With more practice, she could take his dick deeper into her mouth. As much as she liked the feel and taste when he would let loose his cum, she did have a hard time letting him get too deep, gagging and sputtering whenever the tip of his cock pushed into her throat.


One afternoon, Kelli thought she had gotten home before her step brother. She got herself a snack and drink before heading up to her room. In the hallway, she heard some low groans and grunts coming from Bill's room.

She peeked around the slightly open door to see her step brother and another guy naked on the bed, lying on their sides sucking each others dicks. Kelli felt her pussy clench. She knew he tended to prefer boys and often told her she made a good readily available substitute. This was the first time she actually saw him more than talking with another guy.

Ever so quietly, she pushed the door open a little more so she could get a better look. Bill's back was to her and she could tell the way his ass cheeks were trembling that he was very close to cumming in the other boy's mouth. Suddenly, the other guy looked up and saw her standing there.

What the fuck!” he cried out, spitting Bill's dick out of his mouth and sitting upright on the bed.

Bill rolled on to his back and looked over at her. He smiled and beckoned her to approach the bed while the other guy continued to sputter his surprise and disapproval.

Hi, sis,” he grinned, “when did you get home?”

Just now...I...I don't....mean to...interrupt,” Kelli sputtered, her eyes darting back and forth at the two cocks.

No problem,” Bill said quietly, “want to join us?”

Kelli froze at that, not sure if he was being serious and certainly with no idea how to respond. The other boy solved the dilemma for her.

No fucking way...that's sick,” he shrieked, jumped off the bed and hurriedly got dressed, still complaining loudly as he ran from the house.

She watched him go then turned back to Bill, who had propped himself up on one elbow. He was grinning wickedly, his dick still hard and slick with the other guy's spittle.

I'm...I'm sorry...I didn't...mean...,” she stuttered.

Don't worry about it, sis,” Bill just laughed out loud and swung his legs around to dangle over the edge of the bed, “you give a much better blow job anyway.”

Kelli grinned back at him and stepped between his thighs, pushing them further apart as she dropped to her knees. She cupped his balls in one hand and held his dick with the other, swirled her tongue around the head to lick off the first drop of his precum.

Bill groaned and pushed his hips toward her. Kelli took his cock as deep as she could into her mouth and pushed a finger into his ass, searching for that most sensitive spot that always sent him over the edge. His thighs clamped around her head, muffling the screech of his pleasure as his cum began to gush down her throat.

Can I watch sometime?” she asked after her orgasm faded away and Bill looked up at her from between her legs, his finger still in her asshole up to the first knuckle.

Watch what?” he responded, swirling that finger around to stretch the tight sphincter of her anus and slowly licking her taut slit.

You and another guy...sucking...and...uh...fucking,” she blurted out, embarrassed and excited using such proscribed language.

Another shiver coursed through her body as her step brother lashed her throbbing clit with the tip of his tongue. His kept relentlessly pushing his finger into her ass, seeking her spongy developing g-spot before looking up at her again with a funny look on his face.

I'm not sure that will work. You saw how that one guy reacted. Those who would play with me are put off by girls in general and probably wouldn't want someone watching in any case.”

I wouldn't be a bother,” she whined, “you wouldn't even know I was there. It would be so hot to watch and...and...”

And...what?” Bill grinned and pressed the tip of his finger against her g-spot. with myself,” she groaned, her body tensing with another growing climax.

Oh me how you would play with yourself watching me suck a cock,” he growled, taking his tongue off of her pussy.

Kelli reached a hand down and began rubbing her throbbing clit in circles as Bill gently pushed his finger in and out of her ass. Her legs began to quiver and she moaned louder and louder until she shrieked another orgasm.

After her body relaxed, her step brother knelt between her legs, stroking his rigid dick until his jism shot out on the her belly and pussy. She watched him, smiling and pinching her nipples until the last drops of his cum dribbled down through her pussy slit.

Despite her repeated requests in the ensuing weeks, they never did play together with another guy before he left for college.


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