Kelli's Visit (Part 1)

Kelli's Visit

This is a follow on fantasy story based on one posted earlier called “Kelli and Bill”.

Part 1

Kelli jostled against some of the other passengers trying to reach their bags as they spilled on to the carousel. Finally, managing to pull hers from the growing pile, she turned to the exit, expecting to see her step brother waiting.

Instead, she saw his husband smiling brightly and waving to her.

She didn't know Chad very well, having only met him the one time four weeks before at her stepfather's funeral, but he was perhaps the main reason she was where she was now. She could feel her nipples stiffen as she approached him.

Chad wants to watch too!”

It's nice to see you again, Chad,” she murmured in his ear as he embraced her warmly and took her travel bag from her, “and where's Bill?”

He's back at the house preparing one of his fabulous dinners,” Chad said softly as they walked to the parking garage. “We both thought it might be better if you and I had a chance to chat before you got there.”

Chad wants to watch too!”

Kelli eyed him critically as they climbed into the car and they headed for the freeway. Chad appeared to be in his mid to late thirties, making him a good fifteen years younger than her step brother. He was barely as tall as her, a good six inches shorter than Bill, with a lithe body and closely cropped hair. Not exactly her type, but certainly a good looking man.

So how far is it anyway?” Kelli asked. “I've never been here.”

Oh, twenty minutes or so,” Chad answered breezily, looking over to her for a moment before returning his attention to the road, “and Bill is really anxious to see you again...we both are.”

They chatted amicably briefly, with Chad telling Kelli about his business as a venture capitalist specializing in start up tech firms. After falling into an awkward silence for a few moments, Kelli turned to address him directly.

Why did Bill send me that note and what is your interest?” she asked quietly.

Chad wants to watch too!”

Up until when he told me about you and your...uh...special relationship, I thought I was the kinky and adventurous one,” Chad responded, “always the one pushing the envelope. Then, one night after returning from the funeral, he said something about you that was innocuous enough but it piqued my curiosity. Anyway, I kept pressing him and eventually he told me the whole story.”

The whole story?”

Yeah, everything...from before he left for college and then again after the funeral.”

Kelli sat silently for a minute, not at all sure what to say next. Chad resolved her dilemma.

Chad wants to watch too!”

You know what...I have never been so turned on in my entire life as I was when Bill told me all that,” He murmured. “I couldn't get his cock in my mouth or my dick in his ass fast enough.”

Why's that, after all I'm a woman and you guys...well...are gay?” Kelli asked, genuinely confused by his admission.

Well a couple of reasons, actually,” Chad laughed and gently patted her thigh. “First, I occasionally like relations with women, just prefer men and really do love your step brother. Second, I like kink, as I said, and watching my husband fuck his step sister, fucking his step sister while he watches and having her watch us fuck each other ranks pretty high on the taboo scale.”

Kelli just stared at him for a few seconds then leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. At the same time, she brushed her hand over his crotch, feeling his dick harden slightly.

Well, I'm sure we will do all that and hopefully much, much more,” she cooed and squeezed his dick a little harder.


Before she realized it, they pulled through a gate into very posh, secluded house.

Impressive,” Kelli exclaimed as they pulled to a stop.

Oh we like it,” Chad laughed, “and it is very private...very, very private.”

Kelli felt her nipples stiffen again the way he said that as she followed him into the house.

Bill looked up from behind a kitchen counter as they entered. He broke into a wide grin and rushed over to greet Kelli, hugging her tightly and giving her a passionate, tongue lashing kiss of a lover, not a brother. Her pussy clenched as she melted into his arms and returned the kiss without hesitation. It was only as she reached behind him to pull him even closer that she felt the bare skin of his ass cheek and realized he was naked under his apron.

I'm all for a quick start,” Chad laughed as he stepped up next to them, running his hands down over both of their backs to gently fondle each of their asses, “but don't you think we should give Kelli a chance to freshen up after her long flight?”

They broke off the kiss but maintained the three way hug as Bill turned to his husband with a devilish grin. He bent forward, pulling Chad's head toward him and ramming his tongue into Chad's mouth. Kelli could feel her step brother's dick hardening against her belly, and Chad's against her thigh, as her pussy clenched again.

Yeah, good idea,” Bill said softly, finally breaking off the kiss, “and I need to pay a little more attention to dinner.”

He kissed Kelli again quickly then walked back to the kitchen, his bare ass cheeks swaying with each step. Chad picked up her bag and led her down a hall to a large bedroom, one much more luxuriously appointed than any she ever had.

The bath and shower are in there,” Chad pointed out, putting her bag down on the king sized bed, “there's a closet over there and you'll find a fluffy robe hanging on the bathroom door. We don't dress for dinner, in fact, we are house nudists so we don't usually wear much around here at all.”

He grinned at her a moment and turned to leave before stopping and looking back at her over his shoulder before closing the door.

You have no idea how happy we are...both of us...that you are here.”


Kelli stood in the shower, letting the warm water wash away the last vestiges of her long flight. She couldn't help but picture the way Bill and Chad kissed each other just inches from her face or recall the way both of their hands felt softly caressing her ass together. She had her share of threesomes during her marriage but something about this was so very different and in a way almost intoxicating.

She stepped from the shower and toweled her short hair dry. She kept it that way recently since it was easy to maintain and had the added advantage of reducing the number of visible gray hairs. After that final day with her step brother four weeks before, she trimmed her cunt hair closely too so he wouldn't catch any more than absolutely necessary in his teeth...and she now suspected Chad's teeth as well.

Strumming her nipples erect in front of the mirror, she wondered how the next few hours...days...the entire week would go with her step brother and his husband. When she first read his note a few weeks before....

Chad wants to watch too!”

.her first reaction was disbelief, followed by an almost uncontrollable feeling of lust that she barely took the edge off after masturbating herself to three successive orgasms.

Every day since, every time she thought about this trip, her pussy twitched and oozed her juices. She had masturbated more in those weeks than since...well...since the weeks immediately after Bill left for college.

It was time to find out what they had in mind and how closely it aligned with her own fantasies and desires.

After spraying a little perfume on her neck and crotch, she reached for the robe hanging on the back of the bathroom door. House nudist, Chad had said. Bill was already naked when she arrived, save for the apron that kept him from getting splattered while he cooked. Presumably Chad would be nude as well by the time she joined them.

She put the robe on but didn't tie it closed with the belt and walked back toward the kitchen with her slightly drooping tits swaying freely.

Any reservations she had disappeared as soon as she walked into the living room. Her step brother was seated on a couch with his legs splayed wide and a totally naked Chad down between those thighs sucking Bill's cock. Kelli watched them for a few moments, lightly pulling her erect nipples as her pussy ached.

From the way Bill's eyes rolled back in his head and he grasped the back of Chad's head, Kelli knew he was getting close to cumming. When she let out a low moan and shuffled a couple of steps closer, Bill looked over at her and grinned.

Come, sit here, sis,” he murmured to her, patting the seat on the couch next to him as Chad looked up and smiled with some of his spittle dribbling back to Bill's dick.

Kelli walked over to them, shrugging the robe from her shoulders before sitting next to her step brother.

Don't let me interrupt,” she said huskily, leaning back against the arm rest.

Chad continued slowly stroking Bill's cock and smiling at her as her step brother leaned over and kissed her again. At the same time, he cupped one of her tits in his hand, strumming the nipple with his thumb the way he knew drove her crazy. Kelli's hand fell between her legs, splitting the folds of her already dripping cunt.

Bill leaned back and Chad resumed sucking his dick, keeping his eyes on Kelli as she played with herself next to them. She moaned lowly, extremely turned on watching her step brother's cock disappear deep into Chad's throat again and again.

Just as she thought Bill was about to cum down Chad's throat, Chad pulled the throbbing dick from his mouth and held it upright and grinned evilly at Kelli.

Care to help me...or for a taste?” he asked then licked his way down Bill's dick and sucked one ball into his mouth.

Kelli looked at Bill then got on her knees next to Chad, flicking her tongue out to swirl around the head of Bill's cock. Chad licked his way back up that throbbing shaft and his tongue joined Kelli's lashing Bill's cock head and each others too. They took turns sucking Bill deep, keeping him right on the edge of cumming until he groaned loudly, shooting several strings of his creamy jism into Kelli's mouth and then over both of their faces.

Bill slumped back on the couch as his orgasm faded. Chad looked over at Kelli then leaned forward to lick a droplet of Bill's cum from her nipple. With her pussy on fire, Kelli pulled Chad even closer and reached down to grasp his surprisingly large dick.

She stroked him a couple of times then pushed him on to his back and crawled up between his legs. Bill smiled down at her as she took his husband's cock into her mouth, tasting the first droplets of precum on her tongue before taking him so deep her nose pressed against his thick thatch of pubic hair.

His ass,” Bill whispered down to her as Chad started flailing wildly, “shove a finger or two into his ass.”

Kelli found his anus already lubed up and easily slipped two fingers into Chad as deep as she could go. Her fingertips pushed against his hard walnut sized prostate, causing Chad to thrash even more.

Oh god...yes...right there...don't stop...don't stop now...!” he shrieked and loosed stream after stream of his sticky jism into Kelli's mouth.

When his orgasm finally receded, Chad collapsed as Kelli looked up to her step brother, grinning brightly with his husband's cum drizzling from the corners of her mouth, down her chin and on to both her tits. Bill leaned forward and rammed his tongue into her mouth, sharing Chad's cum with their kiss until it was completely gone.

Wow, you weren't kidding, she does give an amazing blow job,” Chad finally said as his breathing returned to normal. “You certainly taught her well, Bill.”

I'm glad you liked it,” Kelli murmured, “but are you as good at licking pussy as you are at sucking cock? One of you needs to go down on me...right fucking now!”


Oh god, I can't eat another bite,” Kelli groaned and leaned back in her chair and looked at her step brother. “How did you become such a good cook?”

Cooking school,” Chad laughed and poured them all some more wine, “I gave him a 'Cooking Class for Dummies' course at the local culinary institute a few years ago as a birthday present. He ended up being number three dummy.”

Then why the hell did we subsist on pizza and beer when I helped you at Dad's house?” Kelli asked, tossing a crust of bread at her step brother.

I didn't have my stuff or the time,” he laughed ducking out of the way, “besides your pussy tastes way better than anything I could make there.”

I'll second that,” Chad added, tenderly running a hand over Bill's arm while he grinned at Kelli, “the appetizer before dinner was fabulous and I can hardly wait for the next course.”

They cleared the table and moved to the patio with a fresh bottle of wine. The evening was pleasant enough Kelli didn't feel a chill despite being as totally naked as the two guys. She sat opposite them on a plush chair while they shared a settee.

Unabashedly, her step brother and his husband reached for the others dicks, fondling each other as they drank more wine and chatted with her. Kelli felt a warm hazy feeling growing throughout her body, aroused watching them so lovingly touch each other while starting to fade toward sleep as the long day and time changes caught up with her.

She dozed for a few moments, awakening to see Bill and Chad in the midst of a deep passionate kiss. Their cocks were both rock hard in each others hands. Kelli felt her pussy clench watching them. She twirled a nipple in two fingers of one hand and reached down between her legs with the other.

Her pussy slit was already damp and still even a little sticky with Chad's spittle. Kelli couldn't believe how turned on she was watching them kiss, completely lost in their own passion.

Bill pulled his tongue from Chad's mouth and licked his way down over his husbands neck and sucked in one of Chad's nipples. Chad threw his head back and groaned, squeezing Bill's cock even harder.

Kelli bit her lower lip to keep from crying out, pinched one of her own nipples hard and shoved two fingers into her now dripping cunt. She remembered all so vividly the way Bill sucked and licked her budding nipples when she was a little girl, the way her pussy tingled and leaked her juices even before her step brother moved his mouth to her slit and clit.

Chad groaned again, louder and longer, with a droplet of his precum glistening on the tip of his rigid dick. Kelli felt the growing warmth of her own orgasm as she watched her step brother slowly, lovingly caress Chad's throbbing cock.

When Chad's hips began to thrash, Bill pulled one of his nipples hard in his teeth then licked his way down his husbands stomach. He wiggled around until he was kneeling between Chad's knees, holding Chad's throbbing dick in his hand before flicking out his tongue to scoop up the droplets of precum bubbling from the head and starting to ooze down the sides.

Kelli gasped softly watching Chad's cock disappear into her step brother's mouth. She couldn't see directly but knew by the way his elbow was moving that Bill was also fingering Chad's asshole while sucking him.

Chad began to pant heavily and thrust his cock deeper into Bill's throat. Kelli knew from every time in her life that she sucked a man's dick, starting with Bill when she was eleven years old, that Chad was on the brink of cumming in Bill's mouth.

She closed her eyes, feeling her own orgasm surge through her body, while letting the sounds of Chad grunting and moaning his cum into her step brother's mouth and throat wash over her. She bit her lip harder to muffle her moans as she started to cum, her juices gushing on to her fingers and dribbling down her thighs.

When she opened her eyes, Chad and Bill were grinning at her with Bill sitting back between Chad's legs slowly stroking his rigid dick. A few droplets of Chad's drying cum glistened on Bill's chin and chest.

My turn to watch,” Chad murmured, leaning forward to flick his tongue in Bill's ear. “Why don't you come over here and sit on your step brother's dick?”

Kelli grinned devilishly as she rose and stepped closer to them until she stood over Bill. They could both see the drying cream coating her inner thighs and undoubtedly smell the musky aroma of her aroused pussy.

I have a better idea,” she cooed, leaning forward to run her tongue across Chad's lips while pressing her dripping pussy into her step brother's face, “but it will be more comfortable on a bed.”

With that, she straightened up and without another word walked toward her bedroom. It only took a few seconds for them to scramble after her, catching up before she even got to the hallway and fondling her ass and tits until they reached the bed.

I assume you have lots of lube,” Kelli said as she sat down on the bed and stroked her step brother's rigid cock.

But, of course,” Chad grinned, opening a drawer in the bedside night stand and pulling out three different kinds.

Bill, there's one thing you never told me last month at Dad's house,“ she said quietly looking up at him while licking the tip of his rock hard dick.

Oh, and what's that?” he moaned.

Who's ass is the better fuck...mine or Chad's? So let's do a side by side comparison right now!”

Bill looked at her in confusion while Chad instantly got the idea, grinned broadly and handed her a bottle of lube. Kelli lathered up her step brother's dick before turning and getting on her knees with the her legs spread wide.

C'mon big brother, you surely remember how to get my ass ready to enjoy your cock,” she teased and put her head down on her hands.

Next to her, Chad lubed himself up and knelt next to her, close enough that their hips and knees touched. He just grinned at her while Bill spread the lube over her asshole and stretched the tight sphincter with three fingers.

Kelli moaned lowly when Bill surprised her by first ramming his rigid dick into her pussy. He thrust three or four times before pulling out and swirling the head of his dick around her waiting asshole. She pushed her hips back, arching her back as his cock slowly plunged all the way inside her as deep as he could go.

Oh god...yes...fuck Bill...that good,” she moaned as he grabbed her hips and pulled her to him.

Bill pumped her ass a half dozen times then slowly pulled his cock out of her ass. She looked over her shoulder to see him move behind Chad and then thrust his hips forward. Chad let out a low groan as Bill's dick pushed into him.

As Bill plunged in and out of his husband's ass, Kelli could see Chad's dick stiffening as it swayed beneath him. She reached over and took Chad's cock in her hand, stroking him in time with Bill's thrust. Chad groaned louder, a string of precum stretching toward the bed.

Kelli kept stroking Chad even as Bill pushed back into her ass, this time thrusting a little harder and faster at least a dozen times before returning his cock to Chad's asshole. He kept alternating between the two of them for the next few minutes until Chad cried out and his cum gushed over Kelli's hand to puddle on the sheet.

Chad flopped on the bed and Bill returned his cock to his step sister's asshole. This time he just kept pumping her until he tensed, arched his back and filled her bowels with his warm jism. As she felt his spunk spurting into her, Kelli reached back between her legs and furiously rubbed her clit until she sprayed her step brother's legs and balls with her pussy juices.

Guys...this has been a lot of fun, but I am totally beat and need some sleep,” Kelli stated softly when she regained her breath.

Well, you can't sleep here tonight,” Chad said rolling out of a rapidly cooling pool of cum and pussy juices soaking the mattress, “but our bed is more than big enough for three.”

They led her down another hall to a bedroom suite even more luxuriously appointed than hers, taking her into a shower with a dozen heads that could easily fit six people. Bill stood in front of her, with Chad behind, tenderly soaping her entire body before rinsing her off with hand held shower heads. As tired as she was, Kelli felt a twinge of arousal thinking about how good those shower heads would feel pulsing warm water over her clit and into her pussy.

By the time they dried her, both of their cocks were again semi hard. They tucked her in then stood next to the bed, embracing tightly and kissing again passionately. Kelli drifted off to sleep watching her step brother and her husband stoke each others cocks again as they kissed.


Kelli awoke with a start alone in Bill and Chad's bed, bright sunlight streaming in from the doors to the patio and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting in from the kitchen. By the time she got there, the scent of bacon assailed her as well. Chad stood sipping a coffee, dressed in a dark gray t-shirt and jeans. Both he and her apron clad step brother turned and greeted her as she entered.

I didn't know we dressed for breakfast,” she giggled and patted Chad's ass as she walked over to kiss Bill before he poured her a coffee.

I normally don't,” Chad laughed, pinching one of her ass cheeks, “but I have some meetings this morning. I imagine the two of you can keep yourselves occupied for a few hours.”

I think we can manage something,” Bill grinned and wrapped his arms around his step sister, cupping both of her tits as she rubbed her ass back against his now half hard cock.

Chad just laughed again as he leaned forward and kissed Bill. Kelli turned her head enough that she could brush her tongue against theirs in a quick three way kiss. Chad rubbed his hand over her ass as he stepped away from them.

Don't do anything I wouldn't,” he said gaily as he walked out the door, “in fact, don't do half the stuff I would least not until I get back!”

Bill pinched her nipples in the way that made her pussy clench and nuzzled into her neck. Kelli groaned lowly, pulling one of his hands down between her legs as she reached behind her back to take hold of his quickly stiffening dick. Bill slid a finger between the folds of her pussy, pressing a fingertip a little way inside her as she slowly rotated her hips.

Your bacon is burning,” Kelli laughed as she turned around and gave his cock a sharp tug before taking a sip of her coffee.


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