Kelli's Visit

This is a follow on fantasy story based on one posted earlier called “Kelli and Bill”.

Part 2

“So what else do you want to do today?” Bill whispered softly.

He lay on his back with Kelli sprawled over him, one of her thighs crossed over his with a steady stream of the gooey mixture of his cum and her cream oozing from her pussy. She idly swirled a finger around one of his nipples and flicked the tip of her tongue in his ear.

“Well, I really like doing what we've been doing for the last half hour,” Kelli giggled, reaching for his limp dick.

“I agree but I'm not eighteen years old any longer,” Bill groaned and pinched one of her nipples hard enough for Kelli to wince, “so maybe you might think of a few other alternatives until I can recover.”

Kelli gave him a peck on his lips and rolled off to sit up. She sat next to him with her knees spread wide, close enough to continue fondling his cock and balls.

“If you don't mind,” she said, “I have a few questions.”

“Sure, sis, whatever you want to know.”

“Chad said something to me about he thought he was the kinky one, until he found out about you and me before you went to college. What did he mean by that?”

Bill propped himself up on one elbow and turned to her, absentmindedly twirling one of her nipples in two fingers. Kelli could feel even more of his sticky jism trickling from her gaping slit.

“Chad and I have a pretty average sex life, I would say,” he started to explain, “and we both like it all, sucking and getting sucked, fucking and getting fucked. A couple of years ago, we both started to feel we were getting...I don't know...a little stale. Anyway we were at a party and got a little drunk...or maybe a little high...well actually...both. We were in the hot tub feeling each other up when a man and woman, both naked, climbed in with us. We stop but it's pretty obvious they could see our hard ons.”

'Hmm, that 's starting to sound pretty interesting if you ask me,” Kelli murmured, her hand tightening on Bill's dick.

“Anyway, she doesn't say a word, just grins at the two of us and reaches down to grab the guy's dick. He moans softly and leans forward to take one of her nipples in his mouth and as he does so, she reaches over and take's Chad's cock in her other hand. He looks at me, smiles and starts sucking her other nipple. Meanwhile the other guy reaches over and starts stroking my cock.”

“My, my, big brother, got yourself into an orgy did you?” Kelli laughed and slowly stroked his now rigid dick from the base to the head and back again. “We'll have to compare notes.”

“No, not exactly,” he gasped raising an eyebrow at her comment before continuing. “We groped around in the water for a few minutes and then she stood up and led us all to a nearby bedroom. What she wanted was to watch Chad and me with her man. So Chad laid down on his back with the guy sucking his dick while I mounted the guy from behind and slipped my cock into his ass. I probably hadn't thrust into him more than five or six times when I felt a hard slap on my ass. She knelt next to us, swatting my ass with every thrust. And you know what, It turned me on incredibly.”

“Goddamn, that's fucking hot,” Kelli groaned as she smeared a droplet of precum off the tip of his dick with her thumb.

“No shit,” Bill added with a moan, “that's the hardest I had cum in a long time. As soon as we both shot our loads in him, they left. I told Chad how arousing those slaps were and he admitted watching and hearing them turned him on too. After that we started experimenting with different toys and situations. I really like being restrained, spanked, blindfolded, and otherwise used by Chad in any way he wants...whenever he wants...with whomever he wants.”

“My god, brother, I would never have thought in a million years that you were into that sort of thing,” Kelli exclaimed, her nipples stiff and her pussy leaking even more juices, “but I'll tell you what...that's fucking awesome!”

She crawled up on top of him, leaning down to kiss him passionately while at the same time reaching underneath her crotch to position his cock at her pussy hole. She lowered herself down on him, humping up and down a few times until his dick was thoroughly coated with her cunt cream. Then she pushed herself up far enough to position his dick at her puckered anus and pushed down, taking him all the way into her ass with a single thrust.

“Pinch my tits and cum in my ass, brother,” she gasped, “just the way we did when I was eleven years old...oh god...yes...fill me...fuck me...fuck me hard!”

Kelli rubbed her clit furiously as she bounced up and down on her step brother's dick buried in her bowels. When he started to cum, she could feel his jism shooting into her, leaking out to coat his balls as she shrieked one orgasm after another.


“So what was that about comparing notes on orgies?” Bill asked with a sheepish grin as they lay snuggled together with their ragged breathing returning to normal.

“Not really that much to tell,” she said softly, swirling a fingernail around one of his nipples hard enough to leave a red tracking mark. “My ex and I started swinging almost as soon as we got back from our honeymoon, mostly because he liked cock as much as pussy. Hell maybe that's why I was attracted to him since I was subconsciously always looking for someone to replace you. Anyway, we went to parties and clubs and found others. Since I so like being ass fucked...again thanks to you, brother...there were always guys willing to fuck us both. I tried another woman a few times, but I could take that or leave it. In any case, we divorced when he decided the pretty boy we shared for a few months was more to his liking than me. So what about you and Chad?”

“As I said, we experimented with some toys, did some research online and attended a few events with others. Actually, we are still pretty new to everything but it does get us both going. While we are pretty much equals in bed, he dominates me in that play and I love it.”

“And with others...?” Kelli asked quietly, feeling her nipples stiffen.

“We go to parties once in a while,” Bill continued dreamily. “Interestingly they are usually a mix of men and women, some of each being the dominants. Chad sometimes makes me go down on a woman in front of the crowd as a form of humiliation and spanks me while I do so. Other times, I service all the guys or watch another submissive or three service him. Recently, we have been playing around with restraints and ropes.”

He got off the bed and extended a hand to her, leading her into a large walk in closet. He opened a cabinet with all manner of restraints, paddles and other equipment neatly arranged on hooks and two drawers filled with dildos, vibrators and other items. Bill picked up a wooden paddle, butt plug, nipple clamps and strap-on with dual fake dicks.

“I want you to fuck me with this and spank me at the same time,” he said holding the strap-on and paddle out to her. “You might want to put this butt plug in your ass at the same time. I also have another set of nipple clamps if you want to try those too.”

Kelli shivered slightly as she took the toys from her step brother. The butt plug slipped easily into her ass and one end of the strap-on filled her cunt. Bill attached the clamps and tugged the chain until his nipples stretched.

“Let me try those too,” she grinned at him, wincing slightly as he tightened the clamps on her nipples.

They walked back to the bedroom and Bill lay on his back with his knees pulled up, his asshole open and waiting for the fake dick. Kelli splashed some lube on his anus then slowly pushed the strap-on into him. Bill started stroking his cock with one hand and pulling the chain on his nipple clamps with the other as Kelli slowly thrust in and out of his ass. He stopped stroking himself for a moment to reach toward Kelli, flipping a switch on the strap-on she didn't know was there.

“It vibrates on both ends too,” he exclaimed and went back to jerking himself off as another intense orgasm surged from Kelli's cunt to engulf her entire body.


Kelli was sitting at the end of the kitchen counter drink another glass of wine while Bill got ready to start dinner when Chad walked in. He stepped behind the counter to give Bill a kiss, tenderly fondling his ass at the same time. Kelli just smiled watching them.

“And what is this?” Chad asked with an impish grin noticing the fading welts on Bill's ass before seeing the clamp marks on his nipples.

“Oh, we were just having a little fun,” Bill murmured, pulling Chad's t-shirt over his head before loosening his belt and letting his jeans fall to the floor.

Chad's dick popped out of his jeans right into Bill's waiting hand. He moaned lowly as Bill gave him a few gentle tugs before pulling him closer for another, much deeper kiss. Kelli pinched one of her own nipples as they kissed, giving Chad a clear view of the clamp mark still visible on her tits.

“My, my it seems big bro and little sis have been busy while I was away...very busy and very naughty,” Chad laughed, reaching over to thumb Kelli's other nipple.

“Oh we were just warming up,” Kelli grinned and stepped around the counter to stand behind Chad.

The tip of the strap-on she still wore around her waist and in her pussy brushed against his ass. Kelli fondled his ass cheek with one hand and reached around to join her step brother in stroking Chad's dick with the other. She pressed even closer as Bill and Chad resumed an even more passionate kiss.

By the time they started to move to the bedroom, Chad's dick was rock hard and leaking precum. Chad climbed on the bed on his hands and knees then turned to his husband.

“I want to watch my little sister pump your ass with that fake dick,” Bill murmured kissing Chad again passionately, “up close...very close.”

With that, Bill slipped under Chad's crotch on his back and began sucking his husband's cock. While she watched them get ready, Kelli lubed the strap-on generously then lathered up Chad's asshole. She placed the tip of the fake cock right on his anus then turned the vibration on low.

Chad's entire body shuddered with that touch, his back arching and his dick pressing deep into Bill's throat. He looked back over his shoulder as Kelli grinned wickedly and rammed the strap-on deep onto his ass with a single hard thrust.


Kelli awoke with a start, the dim light from a single nightlight in the bathroom adding to her initial confusion. It took her a moment to remember she was in her step brother and his husband's bed and in fact it was Bill's arm draped across her body with his hand between her legs.

She really needed to pee.

As gently as possible, she untangled herself from her step brother and climbed from the bed. As her eyes became accustomed to the dark, she could see Bill squirm a little before settling back without waking up. Chad lay on his other side on his back, his flaccid uncut dick sprawled across his belly.

Just as Kelli started to piss, she caught a flash of motion in the corner of her eye. She looked up to see Chad leaning against the door frame watching her, a wry smile on his face and the head of his half hard dick peeking out from his foreskin. She just leaned back against the toilet tank and grinned back at him.

“It's been a long time since I watched a girl pee,” he murmured, casually fondling his own cock, “not since I was maybe nine or ten and my little sister was seven or eight.”

“I'm almost done but your welcome to take a closer look,” Kelli answered with a short laugh, spreading her legs as wide as she could while sitting on the commode.

Chad walked over to stand between her knees, looking down as her piss continued to trickle into the water with a soft splash. The tip of his tongue brushed over his lips as he leaned in close enough for Kelli to reach his cock and balls.

“May I?” he asked softly, sliding his hand down between her legs so that her warm piss washed over his fingers.

Kelli gasped lowly and cupped his dangling balls, feeling his dick stiffen as the head pushed almost completely out from the fleshy foreskin. Chad's fingers pressed against her mons as her flow lessened until she stopped pissing with his finger buried between her swollen pussy lips. She pulled him closer until the tip of his dick was just short of touching her erect nipples.

“I really need to piss myself,” he groaned as Kelli flicked her thumb over the head of his dick with one hand and gently squeeze his balls with the other.

“Please do,” she grinned and directed his cock own toward her cunt, taking the hand from his balls to spread her pussy lips wide until her clit popped out.

Chad's piss began as a weak trickle, turning to a heavy torrent washing over her fingers and clit, down through her slit into the water below. When he was finally done, Kelli leaned forward and kissed the tip of his cock, flicking her tongue through the slit to catch the very last drops. She stood and Chad toweled her crotch and legs dried before they turned back to the bed and her still sleeping step brother.

“Maybe tomorrow,” she whispered in his ear as they approached the bed, “you and Bill will do something for me I've wanted for a very long time.”

“What's that?” Chad asked turning to her.

“I want to feel both your cocks in me at the same time...cumming inside me...pissing inside my pussy and my ass...or in my pussy and my mouth...or my ass and my mouth...or all of those well as pissing on my face and tits and pussy...both of you...together.”

“I'm sure we can manage something,” Chad just grinned and pinched one of her nipples hard enough that she winced but didn't pull back.

They crawled back in the bed, this time with Kelli in the middle and both her step brother and his husband's hands down between her legs.


Kelli woke up gasping, practically on the edge of a full blown orgasm. Her step brother was sucking one of her nipples while his husband sucked the other. Bill had a finger inside her cunt caressing her g-spot as Chad furiously fondled her clit. She groaned and let the orgasm wash through her body, her juices spurting on to both their hands before soaking the sheet.

Bill climbed on top of her, easily slipping his rigid dick into her sopping wet pussy. Her step brother pumped his cock in and out of her furiously while Chad kept rubbing her clit.

A second even more intense orgasm surged through her body blotting everything from her awareness but the incredible pleasure. Her step brother groaned and tensed as he shot his cum deep into her pussy. As his cock went limp, he rolled to the side and Chad took his place, fucking her hard and deep as yet another orgasm flooded through her.

Kelli lay with her eyes closed breathing raggedly, her entire body quivering with the after shocks of her multiple orgasms, when Chad pulled his spent dick from her cunt. A veritable river of cum and cunt cream gushed out of her pussy. When she opened her eyes, both guys were propped up on their elbows grinning at her.

“You guys have a real future as alarm clocks,” she laughed when she regained enough breath to speak, “that's one helluva a way to wake up!”

“Only the best for my little sister,” Bill grinned, leaning in to give her a tender kiss while dragging his finger through the gooey mixture seeping out of her cunt. “Besides, after Chad told me about your piss play last night, I couldn't wait to get my cock back inside you.”

Kelli turned to Chad, who just smiled sheepishly before leaning over to kiss her and gently pinching one of her nipples. She rammed her tongue into her brother's husband's mouth as her pussy clenched on Bill's finger, coating his fingers with even more of their cum.


“Ladies first,” Chad grinned, motioning Kelli into the shower and then laying on the tiled floor in front of her. Bill joined him, moving close so their temples were touching.

Kelli smiled down at them as she straddled their heads and spread the folds of her labia with both hands. The first trickle of her piss splattered on her dangling pussy lips before turning into a deluge that splashed across their faces and chests and into their open mouths.

When the last droplets dribbled from her cunt, Kelly flopped down on the built in bench, watching her brother and Chad kissing passionately. They rose and stood inches away from her. She leaned back against the wall, reveling in the building flow of their warm piss washing over her face and tits and pussy. After they both finished, she took their dicks in her hand and licked both tips, splitting their piss slits with her tongue to suck in the very last drops.

“After breakfast, we can decided on what to do for the rest of your visit,” Chad said softly as he dried her back and ass with a fluffy towel and Bill did the same for her tits and groin, “and by then we will both be recovered enough to properly fuck you in your pussy and ass at the same time.”


“Oh my god...I've never...felt so...fucking...full!” Kelli screeched as Chad's balls slapped against her ass and his dick plunged as deep as he could possible go in her bowels.

She was already riding Bill's cock buried in her pussy when Chad pressed the rigid head of his dick against her asshole. He thrust deeply into her, holding still for a moment as she adjusted to cocks in both her pussy and ass at the same time. Then Chad started slowly, rhythmically pumping in and out of her, his dick rubbing against her step brother's.

Beneath her, Bill groaned loudly, the pressure of his husband's cock in Kelli's ass causing her pussy to tighten even more around his dick. Adding the constant friction of Chad's cock rubbing against his brought Bill to the edge of an orgasm almost immediately.

“Fuck...fuck...fuck...oh fuck...I'm so close...fuck...I'M CUMMING!” Bill screamed as he rammed his dick into her even harder, arching his back when his cum exploded deep in Kelli's cunt.

Chad grabbed her hips and pumped her even harder. Kelli pushed down on her step brother's dick, wanting to keep him inside her while his husband's jism filled her ass. The feel of Chad's dick throbbing against her g-spot as his jism exploded into her was all Kelli needed to begin cumming herself. She shrieked her orgasm, her entire body quivering uncontrollably for a few moments until the last vestiges of her climax faded away.

She flopped on Bill's chest as Chad collapsed on top of her. It took her a moment to realize that neither of them had pulled their deflating dicks out of her.

“You wouldn't...not here...on the bed...,” she murmured, looking down at her grinning step brother.

“Why not?” Chad whispered into her ear as Bill just grinned up at her. “There's a plastic cover protesting the mattress under the sheets, so no problem.”

With that, Kelli felt the first warm trickle of Chad's piss gushing into her bowels, followed almost immediately by an even stronger stream as her step brother began pissing into her cunt.

Kelli stayed motionless for a moment, trying to fully enjoy the unusually, erotic and very kinky feeling of two men pissing into her pussy and ass at the same time. Then she grinned down at Bill again and let loose, her own urine gushing out over her step brother's cock and balls to puddle with theirs on the mattress.


After they showered together, Kelli stripped the bed while Chad went to get them all some beers and Chad brought in some fresh bedding. They retired to the patio pretty much totally spent.

“So, Kelli, what else would you like to do while you're here?” Chad asked after bringing them another round of cold beers.

Kelli snuggled back against her step brother's chest, feeling his half hard again dick pressing against her back while he twirled one of her nipples in his free hand. She squirmed around slightly, giving Chad a clearer view of her gaping cunt and slightly puffy pussy lips.

“Well, now that I think about it, two things,” she murmured and rubbed her ass against Bill's dick. “First, I'd like to meet some of your other know...the kinkier ones you mentioned.”

Bill and hand glanced at each other in silence for a moment before Bill leaned forward and nibbled her earlobe while pinching her nipple somewhat harder. Kelli moaned lowly leaning back into him even harder.

“Hmm, I think we might be able to manage something in the next few days,” Chad grinned, stepping close enough to the two of them that Kelli could reach up and cup his balls in one hand, “so what was number two?”

Kelli squeezed his balls hard enough that Chad winced but didn't pull away before answering with a bright smile.

“Second, I want to go to Disneyland.”


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