Kelli's Visit

This is a follow on fantasy story based on one posted earlier called “Kelli and Bill”.

Part 3

Disneyland? Why the hell do you want to go to Disneyland?” Bill asked incredulously.

I've never been and since we're in California anyway, I figured we could spend a day there.”

I hate to mention this,” Bill continued with a chuckle, “but we are nowhere near Disneyland. It would take the better part of a day just to drive there.”

Oh, I had no idea,” Kelli responded softly, “I never did have much of a sense of direction.”

Yeah, as I remember, you often had a hard time finding your way home twice in the same day,” Bill laughed, squeezing her erect right nipple and flicking his tongue in her ear.

Chad stood and walked back toward the kitchen as they talked. A moment later they could hear him speaking to someone on the phone before he returned with another round of fresh beers.

Problem solved,” he exclaimed handing them fresh cold bottles of beer.

How's that?” Bill asked.

You remember Tina, don't you?”

How could I forget, she spanked me to an inch of my life at the last party we attended,” Bill answered with a grimace, “I think I still have a few bruises thanks to her.”

Well, I've helped her out a few times over the last few years and she has her own jet,” Chad continued with a grin. “She has graciously agreed to fly us to Disneyland in the morning...oh and she did inquire about the status of your ass, Bill. I told her you were always ready for more.”

Kelli laughed so hard some of her beer snorted out through her nose. She flipped around in her step brother's lap to look at him directly.

I am really looking forward to watching you get a good spanking,” she exclaimed with a hearty laugh before flicking her tongue into his ear and reaching down to grip his hardening dick in her hand.

No need to wait until tomorrow,” Chad said softly, cupping her left tit in one hand and adding his other hand to hers on Bill's dick.


Bill lay panting, tied over a bench with his ass bright red and stinging from the spanking he just received from both his husband and his step sister. He was perfectly positioned to watch Chad alternate sliding his dick in Kelli's pussy and ass while she furiously fingered her clit. His cock was aching but he couldn't reach it with his hands nor could he move enough to hump the bench he was tied to or say anything intelligible with the ball gag stuffed in his mouth.

Kelli kept her eyes locked on Bill's as Chad's cock slid in and out of her pussy and ass. She clamped down on that dick as hard as she could every time Chad bottomed out in her, wanting to see the way her step brother reacted to his husband's dick ravaging her so completely with her absolute and utter cooperation.

Goddamn, Bill, your face is so red you look like you are going to explode,” she teased him, “just like Chad's cum is going to spurt inside me soon. Think it will be my ass or my pussy?”

It won't be either,” Chad groaned, pulling his cock out of her ass just as his cum started to shoot, gushing over her ass cheeks and across her back.

When his dick deflated, Chad sat up and looked at her with an evil grin. Kelli smiled back, stood up and went over to stand right over her step brother's upturned face. She frantically rubbed her clit just inches from his face, quickly bringing herself to another orgasm and squirting her pussy juices on to Bill's face just as Chad started spanking him again.

Kelli pulled off the ball gag, giving Bill the chance to both shriek from the spanking and shout a string of interesting and very explicit expletives at them both. Chad and Kelli just laughed, untied him and led him to the shower, dropping to their knees to lick and suck Bill's cock together until his cum splashed on both their faces.


When they pulled into a parking spot only a few steps from the door to the executive terminal, Kelli felt a shiver run through her body. She had never flown anything but coach before, let alone on a private jet. She hooked her arm in her step brother's and followed Chad inside.

Chad stopped for a moment once inside, looking around before walking to a counter near a door leading out to the tarmac. A woman standing there turned as he called out, smiled brightly and gave him a warm hug. They both turned as Kelli and Bill approached.

Tina, you remember my husband Bill,” Chad said with a grin, “and this is his step sister, Kelli.”

They shook hands all around and exchanged a few pleasantries as Kelli looked Tina over. The woman appeared to be in her mid thirties, standing taller than both Kelli and Chad even in running shoes. Her tight body with a firm low slung ass and small round tits spoke of someone who worked out regularly. She had short black hair and gray piercing eyes that Kelli noted were appraising her in the same manner she was Tina.

So how's you ass feeling?” Tina asked Bill playfully, tenderly running a hand down his back.

He was almost recovered...until yesterday,” Chad chimed in with a chuckle.

Tina raised an eyebrow as she smiled wickedly, looking first at Chad and then to Kelli.

Well, if everyone is ready, let's get going,” Tina exclaimed and led the way out the door and down the tarmac to a waiting jet.

Tina headed to the cockpit as the rest of them took their places in the plush seats. The well appointed interior could easily seat twelve on comfortable chairs or one of two facing couches. Kelli slouched into a chair while Bill and Chad shared one of the couches.

The plane taxied for a few minutes until Kelli was pressed back into the chair by the acceleration. She watched out a window as the ground rapidly fell away until all detail was lost and the aircraft leveled off.

A moment late, Tina walked back into the cabin.

Anyone want a drink or some coffee?” she asked softly. “If you need it, there's a restroom in the rear.”

Uh...if you don't mind me asking,” Bill said looking around a bit nervously, “but if you are standing here, who's flying the plane?”

The APE,” Tina laughed as she sat down on the arm of the sofa and leaned over Bill with one hand behind him.

The what?”

The APE, Automatic Pilot, Executive,” Tina explained with a chuckle. “We have about an hour and a half until I need to do something unless there is an emergency. Flying can be pretty boring except for take offs and landings.

Oh we certainly wouldn't want to get bored,” Chad chimed in, winking at Kelli as he stood and moved to stand next to her chair.

Tina took his seat and put her hand on Bill's thigh. He squirming as her hand tightened. She looked over at Chad and Kelli and smiled wickedly.

You won't mind if I take a look at his ass?” she murmured. “I like to see the remains of my handiwork...and that of others.”

You're the Captain, so I guess you can order us to do anything,” Chad laughed and squeezed Kelli's shoulder.

Kelli saw the evil glint in Tina's eyes and smiled right back at her. Obviously her step brother was about to be used and abused and the idea excited her. She leaned into Chad so her head rested against his hip and he moved his hand to her other shoulder.

Now wait a minute...,” Bill started to protest.

Before he could finish the sentence, Tina reached between his legs and grabbed his cock and balls hard.

Your husband is correct. I'm the Captain and as long as you are on this plane, whatever I says goes,” Tina hissed into his ear as her grip tightened, “so strip and bend over this”

Bill looked over to Kelli and Chad, his eyes pleading for their help. Then his demeanor changed, the growing acceptance clearly visible on his face. He stood, peeled off his shirt and dropped his jeans and briefs to the floor, his half hard cock practically brushing over Tina's face.

That's better, boy,” Tina murmured, “now bend over and let me have a good look.”

Kelli felt her nipples stiffening watching her step brother be dominated by this woman she just met. She pulled Chad's hand down from her shoulder to cup her tit as she watched Tina start to examine the bruises and welts covering Bill's ass and upper thighs.

You sure worked his ass over good,” Tina exclaimed looking back at Chad and Kelli over her shoulder, “most of the bruises I gave him are pretty much gone.”

As she talked, Tina ran her hand down over Bill's ass cheek to his inner thigh almost to the knee then returned her hand up the other leg until his now almost fully erect cock rested in her hand. Bill moaned lowly as Tina casually stroked his cock and squeezed his balls.

Kelli shuddered, her pussy clenching when Chad tenderly pinched her erect nipple. She could feel Chad's cock stiffening against her cheek. Tina turned to look at them both with a devilish grin.

Ever been on a private jet before?” Tina asked.

No, never,” Kelli responded softly.

Then I suppose you are not a member of the Mile High Club either,” Tina cooed, tugging on Bill's dick until he turned and faced her.

I'm...I'm not even sure...what that is,” Kelli stammered, looking up at a grinning Chad.

How about you, Bill, you know what that is?” don't think so,” Bill muttered lowly as Tina brushed a droplet of his precum from the tip of his rigid cock with her thumb.

Well, I do and am,” Chad grinned, sliding a hand under Kelli's shirt and bra to caress her breast, “To put it most simply and crudely, it means you had sex with someone in a flying plane...mine was a blow job in a restroom on a flight to Europe when I was in college.”

Yeah, that's about it, with the minor quibble that we are cruising at around five miles high right now,” Tina chuckled and flicked her tongue over the head of Bill's cock, “and with the three of you, there is the added elements of delicious perversity...a brother and sister...a gay married couple in a threesome with a woman...just totally fucking hot!”

Kelli could feel the heat growing between her legs. She groaned softly as Chad twirled her erect nipple in two fingers. Then Tina licked the head of Bill's cock one more time, stood and stepped in front of Kelli, extending a hand to her.

As she rose, Chad slipped behind her, pulling Kelli's tank top over her head and unclasping her bra. Tina reached over and tugged the bra free before cupping each of Kelli's tits and thumbing the very sensitive nipples. Kelli moaned again.

Tina undid Kelli's belt and unbuttoned her jeans, letting them fall to the floor as she stepped back and pulled off her own shirt. She kept her eyes locked on the mound protruding through Kelli's lacy panties as she shrugged off her own bra. Her tits were perfectly rounded globes, topped with penny sized dark brown aureole. A simple silver bar punctured each nipple.

Didn't that hurt?” Kelli whispered staring at Tina's pierced nipples.

Yeah, but it was a good hurt,” Tina responded, reaching to twirl Kelli's erect nipples between two fingers again, “and my tits were really sensitive before the piercing, now I can cum just rubbing them.”

My nipples get really sensitive too sometimes,” Kelli groaned, the first droplets of her juices soaking into the gusset of her panties.

Maybe you should try getting one pierced,” Tina moaned huskily, leaning in to ram her tongue into Kelli's mouth.

It took Kelli just a second to lustily return the kiss while reaching for Tina's tit with one hand and her pussy with the other. Chad hooked his fingers in the waistband of Kelli's panties and pulled them down to her ankles just before Tina's finger split the folds of her sopping slit.

Then Tina stepped back from the kiss and the touch, grinning devilishly.

As much as I am tempted, I'll wait to enjoy your pussy until after I watch you fuck your step brother and suck his husband's cock,” Tina exclaimed, taking Bill's rigid dick in her hand and pulling him closer to Kelli. “Perversion and breaking taboos really turn me on.”

Tina shooed them to the side and pressed a button on the side of each couch. The cushions folded out to meet and form a padded platform larger than the typical king sized bed.

Custom made,” Tina laughed and beckoned for them to climb on. “Now I want to see Kelli suck Chad while Bill fucks her.”

Kelli felt a chill run through her body as she meekly followed Tina's commands. She couldn't believe how turned on she was being ordered around by the domineering woman and just knew when the time came, she would gladly go down and lick Tina's pussy until the other woman begged for her to stop.

Chad lay on his back, spreading his thighs so Kelly could kneel between them. He reached up and ran his fingers through her hair before gently pulling her down toward his throbbing dick. She felt her brother's hand on one of her ass cheeks as he dragged the head of his cock through her already dripping pussy lips.

Tina stood over them, tugging the silver bar piercing one nipple and fingering her own pussy with a hand tucked into her lacy black panties. Kelli could see a trickle of pussy juices seeping out around the edges of those panties.

Kelli groaned softly and swirled her tongue around Chad's cock head as her step brother's dick slowly plunged into her pussy. She moved down to suck Chad's balls into her mouth as Bill swirled the tip of his thumb around her asshole. Chad took his dick into his hand and slapped it against her face, causing Kelli to groan again as the beginnings of an orgasm surged through her pussy.

Oh yeah...don't stop now...fuck her...fuck your little sister's dripping cunt,” Tina murmured huskily, her own breath become more ragged as she fingered herself even more furiously.

Bill tensed and arched his back, growling unintelligibly as his cum gushed into Kelli's pussy. Kelli looked up to see a constant drip of pussy juices soaking Tina's panties and splashing on Chad's face. He jerked himself off, splattering Kelli's face with his sticky jism right after her own orgasm wracked her body.

While both guys were done for the moment, their dicks quickly deflating, Tina was not. She climbed over Kelli to lay on her back and pulled Kelli down between her legs. Tina was still wearing her now soaking wet panties.

Lick me...suck my clit...finger my cunt,” she commanded.

Kelli hooked her fingers it the waistband of Tina's panties and pulled them down over her knees. She gasped when she saw the ragged lips of other woman's smoothly shaved pussy with three sparkling silver rings neatly piercing her hood and clit.

Without a second thought, Kelli buried her face in Tina's cunt, feeling her inner thighs tremble as her juices coated Kelli's lips and tongue. Until this moment, was never a big fan of other women's pussies but now she couldn't get enough.

Tina's thighs clamped around Kelli's ears as a massive orgasm surged through her body. Kelli rammed two fingers into Tina's cunt, instantly finding the swollen throbbing g-spot. Suddenly, Chad, smacked her right ass cheek and then Bill, her left. The sting went directly to her pussy, starting another orgasm in Kelli's cunt just as Tina flooded her face with her own pussy juices.

Kelli lost all track of time as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body. Finally, Tina's thighs relaxed, freeing Kelli's head as she slumped back on the platform. The warm sting of her orgasm inducing spanking continued to tickle Kelli's cunt even after all their breathing returned to normal.

Back to work,” Tina laughed as an alarm sounded from the cockpit of the plane, “that's our signal to get ready for our approach. There's some towels in the head to clean this mess up before we land.”

With that, she pinched one of Kelli's nipples, tugged both Chad and Bill's cocks and carried her clothes with her into the cockpit.

Damn,I wish I had an ass like that,” Kelli muttered as she watched Tina walk away and disentangled herself from her step brother and his husband.


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