Kelli's Visit (Part 4)

Kelli's Visit

This is a follow on fantasy story based on one posted earlier called “Kelli and Bill”.

Part 4

That must be Tina,” Chad exclaimed as they heard the doorbell ring. “Why don't you go get it, Kelli, she said she was bringing something special for one of your last nights here.”

Kelli put down her wine and stood, walking toward the door and pinching her nipples erect as she did so. The tangy taste and musky aroma of Tina's pussy was still fresh in Kelli's mind and she wanted Tina to know it.

Even though she was naked, Kelli opened the door wide, knowing that the entrance way was not visible from the street or the neighbors. She stopped short and her mouth fell open.

Tina stood there grinning brightly, her right hand on the shoulder of a young girl, her left on the shoulder of a young boy. They both smiled warmly, not acting surprised at all seeing Kelli's naked body.

What...who...,” Kelli stammered, looking back and forth from Tina to the two kids.

Hi Kelli, may we come in?” Tina chuckled and gently nudged the two kids into the door.

Do we need to take all our clothes off now, Mommy?” the girl asked, smiling brightly and looking back at Tina over her shoulder.

No, honey, you can wait until we are inside,” Tina laughed as they brushed past the stunned Kelli, stopping long enough to give Kelli a tender kiss.

Kelli just stood there with her mouth open, not sure what was going on or what to say. As soon as the door closed, Tina stripped off her top and jeans, all that she was wearing. The boy and girl followed suit, neatly folding their clothes in a pile on a table near the door.

Chad did tell you I was bringing something special, didn't he?” Tina asked with an evil twinkle in her eye. “Well here they are, my twelve year old son, Sam and my eleven year old daughter, Sadie.”

As Kelli looked back and forth from Tina to the two prepubescent kids, they stood unabashedly checking out the erect nipples on her tits and her mostly bare pussy.

Sadie stood no more than five feet tall, with mid back length chestnut colored hair tied in a pony tail. The light tan nipples on her chest showed just the slightest beginning of the tits still to come. She also had a surprisingly protruding and smooth mound between her legs with no hint of cunt hair. The dark beginning of the gash that split her pussy continued down between her thighs.

Sam was maybe five feet four inches with the same colored hair as his sister as well as the same lithe body. A thin tangle of pubic hair topped his four and a half inch cock and a pair of balls still somewhat drawn up into him. Kelli felt her nipples stiffen even more as she stared at the boy's dick, having never even seen one so young before.

That little dick was already half hard and pointed back at Kelli when Tina stepped behind both her children and hugged them to her. A flash of movement caught Kelli's eye and she looked up to see her step brother and Chad standing in the hall holding each others cocks and grinning brightly.

Come, step a little closer,” Tina murmured, “they don't bite...on the first 'date' anyway...unless you ask, of course.”

Kelli looked up at her grinning step brother as she moved closer to Tina and the two kids. When she was a step or so away, Sadie reached up and twirled one of Kelli's nipples in two fingers.

She has really nice titties, Mommy,” the little girl said softly as Kelli's pussy clenched, “even without the bars like yours.”

The hair on her pussy is soft too,” Sam added, pushing his hand down between Kelli's legs, “even a little wet.”

That touch caused Kelli to moan softly and briefly closed her eyes as she tried to maintain her composure. When she next looked up, her step brother was standing behind Sadie with his arms over her shoulders and tenderly thumbing the little girl's nipples.

You, sis, of all people, should know how much I like little girls,” Bill cooed, pulling Sadie tighter to him as the eleven year old grinned delightedly and squirmed back against him. “and we definitely like each other, don't we, Sadie.”

Oh yeah...a lot,” the eleven year old girl cooed before pulling her step brother's hand down between her legs and over that smooth hairless mound.

Even without being able to see, Kelli knew her step brother's cock was stiffening against the little girl's back. From the shit eating grin on his face, she would not have been surprised if the first droplet of his precum was smearing across Sadie's back.

And given your brother's interest, we thought you might want to turn the tables and try a young boy,” Chad chimed in, cupping Tina's tits in both his hands and pulling on her piercings hard enough that she winced and let out a soft cry without puling away from him.

Kelli looked down as Sam grinned up at her and kept his hand firmly pressed between her legs. He wiggled a finger until the tip split the folds of her pussy, causing her to groan again.

May I suggest we go get more comfortable,” Tina exclaimed, turning to take Chad's dick in her hand and heading directly for their bedroom.

Bill laughed again and picked Sadie up, throwing her over his shoulder and giving her a gentle slap on her bare ass. She squealed in delight and Kelli's pussy clenched again on Sam's finger probing her, remembering when she was that age...the way her step brother carried her...that exact same his bed....for her very first ass fucking.

Hurry up or we'll start without you,” Tina called back with a laugh as she disappeared down the hall leading to the bedroom.

Kelli looked down at Sam with a devilish grin spreading across her face.

Why not?” she thought to herself, “I can play this game as well as my step brother and besides, my pussy is on fire.”

She took Sam's small, hard cock in her hand and followed Bill and the others. They found Tina already on her back on the bed with her legs spread wide, fingering her clit with one hand and Chad's hard cock with the other.

Sadie lay on her back next to her mother with Bill's face already buried in the little girl's smooth, bare crotch. Kelli's pussy twitched and her hand tightened on Sam's dick, remembering how often her step brother pleasured her years before in just the way he was pleasuring the eleven year old girl now.

Kelli turned and pushed Sam down on the bed next to his mother. Tina looked over and grinned brightly as Kelli held up the little boy's dick straight up and flicked her tongue across the tip.

Oh yeah,” Tina murmured, “swallow his cock and balls all the way into your mouth....his watery cum tastes so very good...and his little dick will stay hard for your pussy or ass next.”

With her eyes locked on his mother's, Kelli slowly took Sam's dick into her mouth, feeling it throb against her lips and tongue until her nose pressed into his pubic bone. He twelve year old moaned and thrashed his hips, grabbing Kelli's hair to hold her close. Kelli began rhythmically pumping her head up and down, with her tongue swirling around Sam's cock head before taking him in as deep as she could again.

The boy cried out just before his jism spurted into the back of Kelli's throat. He continued to writhe and groan even when the last of his jism filled her mouth. When he slumped back, Kelli let his deflating dick slide out of her mouth as some of his cum dribbled down her chin.

Don't swallow!” Tina commanded, reaching over to pull Kelli to her, “Let me taste my son's cum while it's still warm in your mouth.”

She pulled Kelli down and rammed her tongue into Kelli's mouth. Sam's semen streamed into Tina's mouth with a fair amount smearing her lips and chin. After a few moments, Tina broke off the kiss and grinned up at Kelli.

Now, it's your turn,” she smiled and pulled on Kelli's nipple with one hand.

Kelli looked back to see Sam crawling up behind her. A few seconds later, the boy split the swollen folds of her pussy lips with his fingers, finding the dripping opening into her cunt and slowly sliding a couple of fingers into her. Kelli tensed and felt the first stirrings of an orgasm as the twelve year old pressed his fingertips against her already sensitive spongy g-spot.

He's really very good at that,” Tina said softly, flicking Kelli's clit with a fingertip, “and a lot more.”

As she said that, Kelli felt the boy's tongue rim her asshole while a third finger stretched her cunt open even more. Her body tensed as the next climax built. She glanced down to see Chad furiously attacking Tina's clit with his tongue and her pussy and asshole with two fingers each.

Next to her, little Sadie sloppily and noisily was licking Bill's cock, taking a surprising amount of its length far enough into her throat that Kelli could see the tip pressing out against the sides of her gullet. Bill pumped two fingers into the eleven year old's pussy, leaving no doubt where he would ram his cock at some point.

After a few minutes, Tina started letting out a low moan that quickly grew to an ear shattering screech. Her hips trashed violently against Chad's face and she pulled Kelli down to suck on her pierced nipples.

For a few moments, Kelli was lost, her face buried in Tina's tits and her pussy erupting in repeated mind numbing orgasms on the twelve year old boy's fist completely embedded in her cunt. She finally looked up as Tina slumped back breathing raggedly.

Next to them, Bill now lay on his back with young Sadie straddling his waist and impaling herself on his rock hard cock. He held the little girl under her arms as she bounced up and down, taking his dick deep into her smooth tight cunt.

Bill tensed and Kelli heard the all so familiar grunt as his cum poured into the little girl, much of it immediately dribbling out of her and back down over her step brother's balls. The eleven year old girl howled in delight. Kelli didn't know if she was old enough to experience an actual orgasm but whatever was happening to and inside her body, Sadie liked it and thrashed about furiously.

As she turned to him, Chad climbed on to his knees, the purplish head of his rigid dick fully pushed out of his foreskin. A string of precum stretched to Tina's right tit. Kelli cupped his balls, pulling him close enough to catch the next droplet on her tongue before swallow that throbbing cock into her mouth.

From the corner of her eye, Kelli saw Tina take her son's again hardened cock into her mouth while she continued to finger Kelli's pulsing clit. As soon as Chad's cum flooded into her mouth, Kelli screeched yet another orgasm, coating Tina's hand and arm with her sticky cunt cream.

They all lay in a tangled heap of arms and legs for several minutes, breathing heavily. The heady aroma of cum and pussy permeated the entire room. Finally, Bill gently rolled little Sadie off his chest and stood.

Give me a couple of minutes and I'll have some refreshments ready,” he said, heading first for the bathroom.

Sadie pushed herself off the bed and padded behind him. Through the open door, Kelli could clearly see the little girl holding her step brother's dick as he pissed into the toilet. Kelli's pussy twitched remembering doing the exact same thing herself at Sadie's age and reveling in Bill's warm piss flowing over her budding nipples and down through her mostly bare pussy.

Tina pinched one of Kelli's nipples, breaking the momentary daydream and bringing her attention back to the bed. Alex lay stroking his deflated dick with one hand and casually fondling one of his mother's tits with the other. In the bathroom, Bill had a hand down between Sadie's legs as she pissed through his finger, a bright smile on her face.

Now that Bill is about done, let's go get a snack and something to eat,” Chad chimed in from the other side of the bed, “I think we all need a break.”

You have some very interesting children,” Kelli murmured to Tina as they sat drinking a beer on the patio a little later.

Oh you don't know the half of it, they are really just getting started,” Tina chuckled, tenderly running her hand through her son's hair where he was sitting between her spread legs, “under my very up close and personal tutelage, of course.”

On another chair, Bill was sitting with Sadie on his lap, tickling her as she squealed delightedly and squirmed on his half hard again dick. Kelli just looked around, marveling, in a bizarre perverted way, at the ordinariness of it all.

Alas,” Tina finally said standing and pulling her son up with her, “we really need to go. Normally I don't take them out on a school night but I didn't want to miss you again before you left.”

With that she pulled Kelli close and gave her a passionate kiss as the others looked on. Sadie and Sam went to find their clothes, returning already dressed when Tina finally broke off the kiss. They each kissed Kelli and Bill and Chad in turn as Tina dressed.

Well, sweetie, I hope your mother will bring you back soon for another visit,” Bill said to Sadie, squatting down to be at the same height as her and tenderly caressing the little girl's ass.

Me too,” Sadie responded, beaming at Bill, “I always like coming over here.”

With their final goodbyes, Tina hustled them out the door and shortly thereafter drove away.

Well, you were right, that was quite the surprise,” Kelli murmured as they had one more glass of wine before bed.

I hope you enjoyed playing with a young boy as much as I do little girls,” her step brother responded while cuddling with his husband.

And I like watching,” Chad chimed in with a wicked grin.

Oh I did...I most certainly did...a lot more than I would have ever thought,” Kelli cooed, standing and extending a hand to each of them to lead them back to their still warm bed.

Bill shot his cum into her ass just before Chad filled her pussy and they all slept.


You're in for a really special treat,” Bill whispered into her ear and nuzzled against her neck as Kelli leaned back against his chest and squirmed against his stiffening dick.

I thought you were the cook around here,” she responded and pulled his hand off her right tit and down between her legs as she spread her thighs enough for his fingers to split the folds of her pussy.

I am,” he answered gently swirling a fingertip around the hard nub of her clit, “but Chad is the master of the grill and you won't believe the steaks he's making right now.”

How long until they are ready?”

I don't know. He just went out so probably ten minutes of so.”

Then hurry the fuck up with your finger so I can suck you off before he gets done!”

Chad walked in with both hands carrying a platter of steaming steaks twelve minutes later. He just shook his head and grinned, put the dish down on the table and gently smacked Kelli's ass just as Bill's cum gushed into her mouth. Kelli turned to look at him, grinning brightly with her step brother's cum drizzling from her lips and down off her chin.

Good timing,” she chuckled, wiping Bill's jism from her face with the back of her hand, “I just finished my appetizer!”

That night, all three of them were more frantic than even that night the day before Bill left for college. She fucked Chad while sucking Bill until Chad shot his cum in her pussy. Then she got on her knees so her step brother could fuck her in the ass while she sucked his husband hard again. By the time they were all completely spent, her ass and pussy both ached and oozed a gummy mixture of cum and pussy juices.

Nor did sleeping interrupt them much. As soon as one of them awoke, the play began again. Her jaw ached...her pussy was sore...her ass burned...and she wanted more and more and more.

Bill and Chad were more than willing to satisfy her. When their cocks were limp, they would use their fingers and tongues, bringing her to such a cascading series of orgasms that she lost count long before she stopped cumming.

In the pale murky light just before dawn, she awoke a final time, her face nuzzled into her brother's shoulder and Chad's fingers splitting the folds of her pussy. Both of them sported throbbing morning woodies and she practically drooled as she slid down her brother's body to take his rigid dick into her mouth.

Bill's eyes blinked open and he grinned down at her. Next to him, Chad stirred and propped himself up on one elbow, smiling at them both.

Mmm, sis, that feels so fucking good,” he moaned and thrust his hips up so his cock bounced against the back of her throat.

Kelli slowly pulled his dick out of her mouth and licked down the shaft to encircle his balls with the tip of her tongue. She looked up at him, quickly flicking a droplet of precum from the slit in his dick before it could trickle away.

There's no fucking way I'm going to waste this awesome hard on by you cumming in my mouth again,” she exclaimed, crawling up until she straddled his waist, “fuck me...fuck me deep in my pussy...and Chad...get that beautiful dick in my deep as you can possibly go!”

Chad climbed up behind her as she settled down on Bill's cock, squirting a generous amount of lube on her asshole and his own shaft as Kelli rubbed her pussy hair against the thick thatch topping her step brother's dick.

Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me...,” she screamed as her first orgasm built as she felt Bill and Chad's cocks rubbing together inside her.

Her step brother pulled her down, taking one nipple into his mouth and biting down hard. Kelli howled, the pain of that bite exponentially increasing the intensity of her ongoing orgasms.

Chad reached around her side and pinched the other nipple, pulling on it as he swirled it in his fingers. She screeched yet another climax, her juices lubricating Bill's cock and coating his balls.

At last, Chad tensed and thrust his cock as deep as he could as his cum gushed into her bowels. A moment later, her step brother's jism filled her pussy.

I hate to be the one who brings this up, but you need to be at the airport in about two hours,” Chad murmured as they all lay breathing raggedly, “and it's a half hour or more drive this time of day.”

Kelli groaned, sat up and kissed them both before climbing off the bed and heading toward her room.

No shower first?” Bill asked in surprise.

Not a chance, I want to feel the cum leaking from my ass and pussy all the while until I get home,” she laughed as she walked out the door.

An hour later, dressed in jeans and a comfortable hoodie, Kelli kissed Chad one last time at the front door and climbed into the car with Bill. She could already feel the sticky jism leaking out around the edges of her panties and just knew she would be fingering herself to at least one orgasm in the restroom of the plane during the long flight.

A few minutes later, Bill drove on to the freeway. As soon as he entered the flow of traffic, Kelli unbuckled her seat belt and leaned over, loosening his belt and unzipping his jeans.

What...what the fuck...?” Bill gasped, trying to look down at her and still drive.

Shut up and drive,” she growled up at him, “I've always wanted to do this!”

With that, she took his quickly hardening cock into her mouth, noisily sucking him. After a few minutes, Bill tensed, moaning lowly with his thighs quivering.

Oh fuck...fuck...fuck...I'm going to cum...oh fuck...NOW!”

Kelli eagerly sucked in every drop of her step brother's sticky sperm. Somehow Bill retained enough presence of mind not to crash the car while he was cumming.

She straightened herself up as they pulled into the airport.

Just drop me at the door, I don't think I could stand saying a long goodbye inside,” Kelli murmured, a tear building in one eye.

As he stopped the car, she leaned over and gave him a passionate kiss, filling his mouth with her tongue and his own cum. Then without another word, she got out of the car, grabbed her bag and turned away to go into the terminal. Bill just watched her go, his flaccid cock still dangling outside his jeans.

They don't know it yet, but I'm either getting a transfer or finding myself a new job out here!” Kelli thought to herself, a small devilish smile growing on her face as the terminal doors closed behind her.


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